Trolls (2016) Movie Script

Once upon a time,
in a happy forest, in the happiest tree,
They lived the happiest creatures the world has ever seen.
Nothing they liked to sing and dance and embrace.
Dance and hug and sing and dance and sing and hug ...
and embrace and dance and sing and hug and sing and ...
But one day the Trolls discovered ...
Un berteno!
The bertenos not know sing ...
or dance ...
or embrace.
They were the most embittered creatures all over the place.
And when they saw how happy they were trolls ...
They wanted to have some of that happiness.
Ow mom!
Eating trolls made them so happy they began a tradition.
Once a year, every year ...
the berbenos gathered around the tree to test Troll happiness ...
in a holiday they called ...
the Trolsticio.
Good morning, Daddy!
Daddy, wake up!
Daddy, wake up! Awake! Wake up, Dad!
Wake up, Daddy.
Papi! Papi! Papi! Papi!
Grisel! What time is it?
It's the Trolsticio!
The Trolsticio! Our only day to be happy!
Trolls! Trolls! Trolls!
Trolls! Trolls! Trolls!
Loud applause for Cuidadora Trolls ...
his Minister of Happiness ...
his Chef Real ...
It is a very special Trolsticio ...
as there one of us who has ever tasted a troll.
It's me! He's talking about me!
Prncipe Grisel...
the time has wounded.
Quiet, son.
I was also nervous the first time.
Very good.
It's my boy.
It is my sacred duty to get started ...
in the art of true happiness.
I selected a troll extra special just for you.
Happiest troll, more optimistic ...
and sweetest of all.
And since every prince deserves a princess ...
I give they call "Princess Poppy".
Please make me happy, Princess Poppy.
What do you feel?
He's rotten!
It's false?
They left?
Where are they?
Neglect, Highness. We find them.
I think I heard something!
Run! Run!
- We have to Poppy! - Psamela!
- Here comes Poppy! - Here it is!
There's my princess!
Pepe Rey, some can not keep pace.
The book no slouch troll!
Thank you, king, Pepe!
- Thank you, King Pepe! - Thank you!
Thank you, King Pepe.
No troll Left Behind!
Daddy, where are they?
They do not just stand there! Hagan happy my son!
We'll do very happy!
Where is?
I think the King Pepe could not leave.
When I say "no slouch troll" ...
It means: No slouch troll!
King Pepe, where the princess is Poppy?
Neglected. You are safe.
The book no slouch troll!
But we will be better to stay away from Pueblo Berteno.
Go, go. Quick!
But, Daddy ...
I could never eat a troll.
What will make me happy now?
Come here, son.
Absolutely nothing.
You Never, never never never are happy.
Here! just here!
Here we will build our civilization.
It has everything we need.
Fresh air, clear water ...
and acoustics better.
Recalling always
Dancing in September
Always happy in the sun
Today, twenty years ago, King Pepe put us safe ...
and now all the troll can live happily and in perfect ...
And so we hugged each hour.
- Yeah. - I wish it was every half hour.
Me too, but there would be time to sing and dance, do you?
Princess Poppy, the bertenos still want to eat us?
And much!
But because they can only be happy.
Oh no! Yes I have good taste!
Is there anything else to make them happy?
Going to birthday parties?
Or you sleepovers!
Or look at your parents while they sleep.
But I do not want to be eaten.
Calm down! No troll be eaten.
So we celebrate with the biggest party ever.
Everyone will be there.
All the world?
All the world.
Everybody Move that hair
Waving together scalps
If everyone comes to celebrate
I want to see you there, I'm inviting Move manes, party will
Good vibes and friendship
Come to the dance One two three and more
R- I-T-M-O
preprate a
You're a WBC and you will see
Easy as ABC That's what needs to be done
Everything is simple here one condition
Laugh and you will have life troll
My job is to help Chiquilina, you can do it
Your confidence gives me strength!
All right, Mr. Bear.
Say "leaves"!
Something is missing.
It was that!
Genial and more
And I dance more Always more
I'm dancing more more
I go!
Waving together scalps
All day sun are singing
Sunny day
Everybody Move that hair
Amazing, guys.
Seriously, excellent. Well done.
I heard a kilometer away!
All right. I feared that we projected no voice.
Poppy, if I can hear them, also bertenos.
I could not be.
- Here we go again. - Oh, Ramon ...
Always ruin everything.
By warning on bertenos.
Of course not.
Already come bertenos!
Already come bertenos!
Already come bertenos!
Please! We have not seen a single berteno in 20 years.
We were not going to find.
No, I will not find me, because I'll be ...
in my survival bunker camouflaged and fortified antibertenos.
So you will not go to the party today?
But it will be the biggest ...!
Noisy ...
and crazy party ever!
Big? Loud?
They will make bertenos find us!
You sure you want to invite to this party pooper to spoil your party?
Yes. I think we all deserve to be happy.
Being happy is not my thing.
Ramn, I know there happiness within you.
We will help you find it.
Celebrating Freedom from bertenos.
What say you, Ramon?
Ow mom!
Nor dead would your party, because you will end well:
Calm. Ramn. Calm.
Thanks for bringing me safe brother.
First of all, friend, thank you for sharing your particular point of view ...
But for now, why do not you try to be more positive?
Be more positive combine with that vest.
It's okay.
Positively, they are going to eat them all.
- Time to embrace! - It's time to embrace.
Time to embrace!
Hold you forever
Someday, when bertenos find us ...
and the survival of all is in your hands ...
I hope the solution is singing, dancing and hugging. Only that you can do.
It is not true! Poppy also makes cuts.
I can not believe you're going to become queen one day.
Cast off the negative vibes. Poppy. They are toxic.
Some people do not want to be happy.
- I suppose. - You guess right.
I love you all!
Over glitter!
Come up the volume!
I do not hear them!
Attention friends.
I want to take this time ...
to tell you something.
She's my friend! The I know!
I want to take a second to applaud our king ...
my father...
who exactly twenty years ...
He saved us all from those dreaded ...
I got them.
A muffin?
Run! Run!
Poppy, auxilio!
Sr. Plush?
Has anyone seen Mr. Bear?
Camouflage! Camouflage! Camouflage!
Run, Chiquilina!
Ow mom!
- Poppy, help me! - Quick!
Quick! Quick! Quick!
- Cooper! - Minimize your auras!
- Arroyn!
- No! Poppy!
- Sujtate.
- Poppy!
- No!
- Arroyn!
Bert little! Bert little bit!
Bert little bit!
Thank you for making the biggest party ...
noisy ...
and crazy history.
Are they going to return?
What are we going to do?
We must find a new home.
Quick! We must go back before the bertenos!
We must rescue them!
No, Poppy, we must flee. Right now, quick, let's go.
What happened to "no slouch troll"?
I'm sorry, Poppy.
That was a long time ago. I'm not the king of before.
Then I'll go.
I'll save them.
No. Poppy. It's very dangerous.
At least I try.
No. You can not go by yourself to Pueblo Berteno.
It is impossible.
Celebrating Freedom from bertenos
Celebrating Freedom from bertenos
Ramn, you're invited!
Do not! Do not! Do not!
Ramn! Ramn! ! Ramn!
Ramon, are you there?
I will not go to your party!
The party is over. We just attack a berteno.
I knew it.
Ramon ...
I have to tell you something.
I just wanted to...
What? What could be so important that not attract bertenos?
- The berteno already gone! - You do not know. I could go outside.
No. Already went!
It was carried Cooper, to Chiquilina to Fosberto ...!
a Satn, a Seda, A Granduln,
a Diamantino y a Arroyn!
So I have to ask ...
Are you coming with me to Pueblo Berteno to save them?
What? Do not.
Ramn, you can not refuse! They are your friends!
They are your friends.
I was here in my bunker where I'm safe.
How good. Andie knows more than you about bertenos ...
but when we need you, you hide forever?
Forever? Do not.
Actually I have only enough supplies for about ten years ...
eleven if I decide to store and drink my own sweat.
And I will.
They said I was crazy, right?
Who is crazy?
I. Madly prepared.
I am sorry. I should listen to you.
You told me not to do the party, and I did.
And it's my fault that might be taken away. And now I do not know what to do.
And if you try to cut to free?
What sarcastic, Ramon.
Well, thanks anyway.
When you want, Poppy. See you in ten years.
Hey, Ramon.
I want to ask something borrowed.
- What? - Your bunker.
- What? - Come, friends! All in!
Hello Ramon!
Do not! Do not! Do not wait, Poppy! What are you doing?
You say you have provisions for ten, right?
Yes, for me last ten years. To me!
- So, will last two weeks! - Well, I'd better hurry.
High! High! High! You will not last even a day out there.
And you will not last even a day in here.
Bottom, background, background!
Sarcasm returned.
I'm sorry, Ramon!
Poppy, wait.
Please be careful.
Do not worry, Dad. I will achieve it.
I love you, Poppy.
And I you, Dad.
How quickly they grow.
Goodbye everybody! See you soon!
Good luck, Princess Poppy!
And three, two, one.
- Time to embrace! - Do not.
Hug! Hug! Hug!
With his friends hidden and safe ...
the princess Poppy set out to rescue their other friends ...
hoped would come to Pueblo Berteno unassisted.
Convinced that come to Pueblo Berteno.
Very sure Berteno come to Pueblo.
I think I can do
Today all depend on me
I will leave my home because I face today
The forest and all its dangers and avoid being eaten
Anyway, what could happen?
blue sky, see the sun shine There are butterflies around me
Sign of something Superfantstico
It will be a fantastic day.
And swimmingly going to be
I have a bag with songs that sing
And whatever comes encarar
I will do it!
Surprise and fun in every corner
In arcoris I travel.
Everything will be fine.
Hey, today I will not surrender
Obstacles not find
And although you me takedowns
I always lavantar
Oh, I know that if something goes wrong
I'll go ahead to face
And although you me takedowns
Whenever I arise
I will get up
I'm just Confidently I
As long as snow and without fear
And he had not felt this emotion
It is long and
It is an amazing adventure
I travel in arcoris
What if it's a huge mistake?
What if is stronger than me?
No, I do not because I know.
I seriously, seriously sen, seriously I'll be fine
Hey, today I will not surrender
Obstacles not find
And although you me takedowns
Whenever I arise
Oh, I know that if something goes wrong
I keep going, I'm going to face
Although you me takedowns
Whenever I arise
I will get up
I'm fine!
And even if you takedowns me if you knock me down
Whenever I arise
Ay, no! Poppy?
I levanter
Ramn, big boy!
You're just in time.
Vedra did not know.
Yes, I figured that the third embrace, be berteno food would not be so bad.
And I figured I could never do this alone.
Both are right.
Ahead! Let's move on!
Soon we rescue everyone in Berteno Pueblo and go home.
High, high, high. What is your plan?
I already told you. Rescue all and go home.
That's not a plan is a desire.
I guess if you have a plan.
First, we reach the limit of Berteno Village without being seen.
We will infiltrate through the tunnels leading to exhaust its Tree Troll ...
we will discover and suffer a terrible death ...
in the hands of a horrific and callous berteno.
A second, do you make cuts my plan?
Yes, almost...
We did it!
So much for the ...
bobos cuts.
Do you have to sing?
I sing when I'm in a good mood.
Do you have to be in a good mood?
Why not? Tomorrow at this time I am with all my friends!
I wonder what they're doing now.
Insurance digesting.
Ramon are alive. I'm sure!
You're not sure of anything.
And I'm dying to see your face ...
when you realize that not all cupcakes and rainbows.
It is not like this.
Bad things happen, and you can not do anything about it.
I know that not all cupcakes and rainbows.
But I prefer to keep thinking so much ...
instead of being like you.
You do not dance or sing.
You're gray all the time! What happened?
Un berteno?
No berteno, right?
You said to stop talking.
So special ...
Good night, Cooper.
Good night, Chiquilina. Good night, Fosberto.
Good night, Satine. Goodnight, Silk.
Good night, big guy. Good night, DG.
Diamantino good night.
Good night Arroyn.
And good night, Poppy.
Do not even think about it.
I see stars shining
Really? Another time singing?
Yes really! Singing helps me relax.
You should try it.
I do not sing and did not relax me.
So I am, and I do not like.
I also like the silence.
Hello, friend darkness
I come to speak with you
Well, there was a vision that I felt
It was planted in me when I fell asleep
And that vision
Which in my mind was planted
He stayed
surrounded by the
May l?
One of these tunnels leads to the Tree Troll?
- So is. - Too.
I wonder what.
I do not know.
Choose wisely!
Because one leads to Pueblo Berteno ...
and others, to certain death.
Who said that?
Hey, guys, how are you? Welcome to the root tunnels.
I just wanted to warn you.
One of these tunnels leads to the Tree Troll ...
and the other to a new, safe, safe, safe, safe ...
Could you tell us what is right?
Of course.
- Great! - It is not necessary. Thank you.
Try help.
I do not like the facha you have.
Who wear socks without shoes?
It seems to know what he is talking about.
It's okay!
What should we take?
First, you chcalas me and then tell you.
- What? - I love that! I do it.
I know you would.
But what about him?
Come on curmudgeon, chcalas!
No, I do not choco anything.
- Give me five, man. - Do not even dream about it.
- Feast of "Penthouse" - No.
- A pat? Chiquita? - You're weird.
Please! Just give me five.
No thanks. So I'm fine.
Just do this.
But with your hand.
Thank you for the demonstration.
It was very clear that I will not do.
Ramn, only chcalas!
The other leads to certain death. Sopsalo!
A chcalas not tell which tunnel and take, right?
That easy.
Well, all right!
- How slow. - "What I slow"?
It is a classic.
No no. It's okay.
I will let you exchange it for a fist bump.
Sandwitch! Turkey! Snow monkey! Dolphin! Ape at the zoo!
- What? - Speed change!
Ya, ya, ya, ya. Better give me a hug.
- Yes! You make well run, Cloud! - Wait!
I'll rip those little arms cloud cloud your body ...!
I'll do chcalas with your face!
It's just a cloud!
- Come back here! - Ramon! It can help!
- Came back! - Run. Cloud Type!
I am going to kill you!
Ready! It's here!
They are very funny. I have to go.
I have matters to attend to cloud. Do I see her return?
The Tree Troll.
Berteno people.
I am unhappy Contento
In the bag I bring the sun useless
But there is an end I see the future coming
Content'm unhappy
In the bag I bring the sun Intil
But there is an end I see the future coming
I see it coming I see it coming
I see it coming I see it coming
I see it coming I see it coming
Wow! They are as bitter as you.
Which means that not eat any troll!
Quick! Let's save our friends!
- Your friends. - Our friends. Do not deny it.
Ay, Abanabus.
You're my only friend in this whole miserable world.
Dad was right.
Never, never, never ever I'll be happy.
Never say Never.
Chad. Todd.
Chef! Where did you come from?
My father drove you 20 years ago.
You have been behind the plant all the time?
Hopefully. High King.
No. I was hiding in the woods ...
I am thinking about how I cheated.
If only I had way to make him feel better.
That's difficult.
The only thing that could make me happy is to eat a troll.
And that will not happen, thanks to you.
But maybe yes. Thanks to me.
You find trolls.
That means that maybe I can be happy!
So is.
Of course everyone else in Berteno People will still embittered ...
but that does not care.
I am your king, so maybe interested me.
What do you propose, exactly?
Do what again the Trolsticio? For everyone?
Yes! That's exactly what I propose.
Great idea, Your Highness. Completely brilliant. He is very clever!
I suppose.
And I, your loyal chef, I'll be right behind.
- With a knife. - What?
With a knife, a spoon, a ladle. After all, I'm the chef!
Of course you are!
I'm back!
You, dishwasher. What is your name?
Congratulations, Idget. You work for me.
It takes those dishes down and begins to wash.
Yes, Chef. Thank you, Chef.
Do not cry, Mr. Bear.
Friends, Mr. Teddy is very scared!
Hear! Please, we must remain calm.
So, fine. A troll is a delicious calm troll.
And they are the key ingredient in my recipe for success.
You see, he who controls the trolls controls the kingdom.
And I am "that"!
You are a man?
For this time tomorrow I'll be the queen ...
and all the Berteno People have just what you deserve.
True Happiness!
- Chad.
- Todd.
Where do you think they are our friends?
If I had to guess, I'd say in the stomach of some berteno.
Try to be positive.
Just once. Maybe you like it.
All right. I'm sure they are alive ...
and we will be handed over on a silver platter.
Thank you. It was not so hard, right?
- Ramon! - Time to embrace? Really?
Listen out!
It will be the best Trolsticio history!
What an excellent idea I had!
Yes. Tomorrow is the Trolsticio, friends.
- And must be perfect! - Yes, Chef!
How good it feels to give orders to all again!
- Ramon, look! - They are alive?
And on a silver platter. You both were right!
To celebrate the occasion, Highness, look.
I found his old bib troll.
I bet I still have.
As glove!
Is it funny?
Let's see who laughs when you bite the head.
When you bite your head at all!
Just a moment.
Chef, not enough to feed all heads Berteno Pueblo.
How will Trolsticio without sufficient trolls?
There are many more where these came out, Highness.
Safe? I promised everyone a troll.
No, no, Your Highness. Everything will be fine.
If you were worried ...
Would you be willing to do this?
My first troll!
Go ahead, eat, Grisel king.
Enjoy the taste of true happiness.
Should not we wait to Trolsticio?
Highness, every day is Trolsticio when you have trolls.
I suppose.
Dad said the first should be special.
Now you are my king.
Yes, I am the king.
But should share this moment with all the kingdom.
Do it!
- Ow mom! - Do not!
Idget! Enclose these trolls in your room and resgurdalos with your life!
Yes, Chef.
Yes, yes, I know.
- Ramon, we must save him! - From your stomach?
Do not chew or swallow we saw!
Face it, Poppy, sometimes a person enters the mouth of another and never comes out.
If we go after Arroyn, we eat both.
Sorry, it's too late for him.
Lava these pots and pans for Trolsticio!
The king invited them all.
Save yourself!
In complete solitude I carry you in me
Dreaming kiss you so
And be on you
Watch when you spend with fervor
It's me
which awaits you?
the truth is in your eyes
Your smile is the truth
There is no one who most wanted
And I want to hug
You always know what to say
All are inept!
Perfect your attitude
I have to dress myself ...
You are why I love
Always you.
He's in love with the king!
What are you talking about? The bertenos not have feelings.
Maybe you do not know everything about the bertenos!
Come on!
- Boys! - Poppy!
Celebrating always
together celebrating
Today there partying and going on here
Do not! Here there is no party!
The sooner out of here ...
Before we save Arroyn!
It's me
who are looking for love?
I know you are looking pastries and rainbow ...
but face it, ate Arroyo.
- They put on a taco! - It was horrible!
I'm sorry, Poppy. Arroyn is gone.
Poppy, how can you believe that Arroyn is alive?
I do not think he's alive.
I hope he is alive, and that is enough.
Why do you always see the bright side?
Here there is no good side! Zero!
There is always a good side!
Hear! Where do believe that they?
Do not! Get back to the box!
The Chef will be furious!
Bridget, detente!
You are in love with the king Grisel.
I do not know what are you talking about.
That's not mine.
Anyway it does not matter.
He does not even know I'm alive.
Bridget, I can help!
There is a way to have what we want both.
Do you also love Grisel?
You'd better swerve, friend!
No. Bridget, no.
The troll king Grisel got to the mouth is Arroyn.
And he would do anything to save him.
The only problem is ...
we can not approach the king without eat us.
But you if you can.
You can approach him and tell him how you feel.
Of course not.
I can not get anything like the king.
His Genialeza Real never speak with a dishwasher like me.
And if you do not know you're a dishwasher?
And if you think you are a complete dreamboat?
What kind of chocolate would dress as a dishwasher?
I smell sausage.
- What if we make a new outfit? - It occurs to me...
A overol!
What would coveralls with this hair?
That is arranged.
What good is a new outfit and a new hairstyle ...?
if I do not know what to say a complete dreamboat?
You'd also help you with that!
- Seriously? - What say you, Bridget?
Help with Arroyn and get you an appointment with the king.
- It must be done. - Five six seven,. eight!
When you see the mirror
If your whole vanished insecurity
Why is this not sing?
Come on, Ramon! Sing with us!
Yes Ramn! Sing with us!
No, I'm fine like this.
Do not you think this will work?
No no no. Is not that. It's because I do not sing.
- Ramon! - No reason. It is a silly idea.
King Grisel ever love me.
Quiet. Hey hey. What is this?
So, Bridget, pluck it out.
Pour over Bridget. mourn It will do you good.
So, my friend!
Well, now reverse.
Ramon, what are you doing? You need to sing!
- I told you, do not sing. - You need to sing!
- I am sorry. I can not. - Yes you can, but do not want.
- Well, I do not. - You have to do it!
- Do not! - Yes!
- Do not! - Why do not you sing?
Because sing killed my grandmother!
Leave me alone.
Once my uncle broke his neck tap dancing.
How to sing killed your grandmother?
What song to sing?
The singing was me.
Today I need to see
I will always want to see
That day was so absorbed singing ...
I did not hear my grandmother's warning.
Ramn! Watch out!
Everything will be fine, I know
Beware, Ramon!
Once her life was full of light
And today only see shadows
Nothing to say
Eclipse of love for him
I have not sung since.
I am so sorry. Ramn. I had no idea.
I assumed you had a horrible voice.
No, no, she sang like angels.
So said my grandmother.
Hey hey! What do you do? It is time to embrace.
I thought you could use one.
Agree! I'll help!
But I will not sing.
Ready, guys? Let go hair!
you you
You have to leave
I show
I am like
I show
I am like
I show
I'll shine like the sun after rain
Going out, my fears are finished
I'm great, everything, everything I want and I want and
I'm I'm more
Look at me now, high confidence
I'm going to impact them with my plays, yes
We love
I will not give
You bowled the move will see the king, insurance
It's like it
It shows
He will say at last
- And to prove that I am as I am - It's like it
No no no! Everything is wrong!
I'll get back to Trolsticio! I need a bib combine!
- Yes, Your Highness! - I look like a child with this!
- Oh, Your Highness! - I need something elegant, sophisticated ...
A man bib!
Oh, it's so beautiful ...!
You are too.
- You'll know I'm a dishwasher! - No no no!
- I need to get out of here! - I'm here for you, Bridget.
We all are.
- You tell me what to say? - Of course.
Of course.
Wait till we come.
High King! I think I have the perfect bib!
You better! The Trolsticio is tomorrow night!
I look good, but I have to see me incredible.
You got a little picture!
Your Majesty! Look no more! It's a child very, very big!
I love!
I think it is obese.
"That kiss! And then pose.
That I kiss.
Complete honesty of a full chocolate.
And who are you?
Your name is...
- Lady! - Pomade!
Is seriously?
My name is Lady Brillantina, it's serious.
Well, mi Lady Brillantina.
You want to go with me to the rink and video games Captain Starfunkie?
Yes, I want?
I want?
Yes! You would love it.
Yes! You would love it.
Yes, I `d love to.
When are you going to ask Arroyn?
Before must prepare. You do not know anything about romance?
Clear! The romance excites me!
- Seriously? - Do not you know anything about sarcasm?
I think once gave me a "sarcasm".
I'll take one of each, babern.
We will make a mess.
Enjoy your pizza. Here are their chips.
How elegant!
Good thing I brought my appetite.
You are fantastic!
Bridge! Give back the compliment!
You are met.
Do not! I mean you to say something nice.
But I think it is fulfilled.
Poppy, aydala!
Your eyes are...
Your ears ...
- Your eyes ... ... ears - nose!
- Skin! - Neck!
Skin, neck, ears ...
- Nose, face. - You're good?
Your teeth
What's up? Do you're making fun of me?
Your eyes!
They are like two pools ...
so deep that fear that if I dive ...
I can never come up for air.
I can never come up for air.
And your smile...
The same sun is jealous ...
and if he refuses to leave behind the clouds ...
knowing that it can not shine even half.
Yes I have a nice smile, right?
If you have.
I can not believe I'm saying this ...
Guys acting on your own!
But to be with you today ...
It makes me realize that true happiness is possible.
It is!
True happiness is much closer than you imagine.
It's right here.
I guess it's cute.
What do you think now?
- Arroyn? - I knew I was alive!
Mr. Teddy is alive!
What a surprise!
Did you say something!
- I've been keeping this little guy ... - Help!
Tell me, my Lady, I'll see you at the banquet of Trolsticio?
Well of course. I'll be washing.
Praising. I will praise you. You know...
Yes! Of course.
Because you'll be there as my companion.
- Seriously? - Assuming say yes.
- Yes! - Yes!
Meanwhile, we should find another way ...
whet our appetite.
Yes? What do you have in mind?
Your Majesty.
Apparently, it is ...
having fun.
It is true!
I introduce you to the beautiful Lady Brillantina.
You remind me of someone.
She will be my companion.
Oh I see.
For a moment I was afraid to think change plans.
Not be a problem, Your Highness.
I will make no use of my dishwasher set another place at the table ...
for the beautiful Lady Brillantina.
Put place next to mine.
I want you to be by my side ...
Hears! Lady Brillantina!
Lady Brillantina!
See you at the Trolsticio, right?
I miss you already.
I think he likes us very much the king!
Is that right?
It was the best day of my life!
Thank you, Poppy.
Thank you all!
Even you, I think.
I never thought it would happen something like that!
And it happened to me!
I'm so excited I could scream.
I could also scream! Arroyn is alive!
Ramon, what happens?
Nothing. I thought we were celebrating.
Is that a cry of joy?
It is the lack of practice.
Soon you will practice a lot. Arroyn will save ...
and life will be cupcakes and rainbows.
Give me five!
What slow.
- Yes! - I knew it!
Well, let's save Arroyn.
Do not! Do not! They can not leave.
Lady Brillantina accompany the king to dinner.
Did you eat dinner in trolls? I think we will not attend.
Do not! They have to help me be Lady Brillantina.
I need them.
You can not pretend you're someone else forever.
Can it be only tomorrow?
Bridget, we no longer need.
The king and you can be happy.
That's impossible! Just eat a troll can make you happy!
Everyone knows it!
I would never have gone to that silly quote!
Then go away! Get out of my room. Leave me alone.
- Please listen. - Bridget!
- We have to go. - Bridget ...
What's going on down there?
Bridget, lava that dish!
The king will bring a companion.
Yes. Chef.
We did it, Barnabus.
I have only to lose 15 kilos in the next eight hours.
There it is!
I feel good I feel good
I feel good I feel good
I feel good
Arroyn, we will draw you in a second.
- Quick! - It's stuck!
I feel love
Hear! Here!
- All in! - Let's move on!
- Ramon, give it to me! - Already!
Sujtense well!
Contrlenlo, friends!
Satin! Silk! On the right!
Diamantino, brillantnalo!
As pomade!
We got you!
Te atrap!
Can not be.
I'm sorry, Poppy. We arrived late.
In fact...
They arrived just in time.
Sorry, I will not let them go before dinner tomorrow.
Dinner to which everyone is invited.
And I mean all trolls Villa Troll.
You never will find them where they hide!
You're right. I would not find them.
But I could find with someone they know.
Someone they trust.
as this little one.
Arroyn! Are you alive!
- How good! - Yes!
We will betray!
Ramn! Wait!
There must be an explanation. At least give it a chance.
Thank you, Poppy.
I will not betray.
No wait! Stop!
You'd better give us an explanation!
When I was about to accept my fate ...
I had what I can only call ...
a spiritual awakening.
I do not want to die!
Do not eat me!
Gobble someone else! Whoever! To all, but not me!
But the king wants to be happy now.
High! High! There must be another way.
I will do anything.
Do not! Arroyn, please do not.
Trust me.
I wish there was another way not to eat me.
But there is not.
And now I have to live with this for the rest of my life.
At least you will die with a clear conscience.
Then, somehow ...
I do this for you.
Listen. It's the cowbell Poppy!
My baby did it!
Poppy did it!
Trolsticio! Trolsticio! Trolsticio!
Prepare the main dish.
Poppy! Thank goodness you're okay.
I'm great.
I put all my loved ones to a pot. Thanks for asking.
Poppy? That was...
Ow mom!
I am sorry.
I do not know why I thought I could save them.
I just wanted to make everyone safe, like you, Dad.
But I could not.
I let everybody down.
But Poppy ...
You were right, Ramon.
Not everything in the world are cupcakes and rainbows.
You who are sad
in lose heart
I understand you
It is not easy to be strong
All people
You think not succeed
And doubt tells you
You will fail
What do you do? The king wait! Bring those trolls there!
- Sorry, Chef. - Of course you feel.
laugh with me
No more sadness
I've forgotten already
Your sweet smile
If the world overwhelms you
And not take it more
And, Buscema
I'll be always there
Your true colors
I see shine
Seeing your colors
I know you love
No issues at last
The see show
your colors
Actual colors are beautiful
true colors
- I see shine - Colors
Seeing your colors
I know I love you
No issues at last
The see show
your colors
How beautiful
Thank you!
Not thanks to you.
For teaching me to be happy.
Really? You finally are you happy?
I think so.
Happiness is within us, right?
Sometimes we need someone to help us find her.
What will happen now, Princess Poppy?
I do not know.
But I know we will not surrender.
The time has come. Mr. Bear.
Trolls! Trolls! Trolls!
What do you do?
I can not let them eat them.
- But quickly!
They must go!
Quick! Get out! Get out of here!
Do not! If you go in there without us, you know what they will do.
I know.
- But. Bridget ... - Never mind.
Does not matter. Poppy.
You showed me what it feels like to be happy.
I never would have felt if not for you.
And I love you for that.
I love you, Bridget.
Vyanse of, Aprense!
Come with us!
For they find easily?
Forget this! They must go. Now!
Goodbye, Poppy.
Trolls! Trolls! Trolls!
Chef, should not wait for the Lady Brillantina?
You are absolutely right.
Listen everyone.
No one will eat trolls until you get the companion of the king.
Already we expect much!
Unless what?
Unless she does not arrive.
But that's crazy. Who would not want to be with you?
We should begin.
Trolls! Trolls! Trolls!
Trolls! Trolls! Trolls!
Trolls! Trolls! Trolls! Yes!
Come on! Quick! All the world! Come on!
The book no slouch troll!
Bridget ruined their lives to save ours. Not well.
He deserves to be happy as we are.
We all deserve it!
Okay, who's ready to eat trolls?
King Grisel, there is only one thing that can make him happy ...
and there is only one that can give berteno.
Enjoy your meal!
They are not!
They are not?
They are not?
Idget, what did you do?
You'd ate them!
Tragona egosta and greedy.
Do not! I...
He spoiled the Trolsticio!
Guards, Lock her up!
To her!
Lady Brillantina?
But how? Why?
Why did you do this?
He thought you would not be with someone like her.
Please. It's me...?
Who are you looking for love?
I do not think so.
Guards, acbenla!
Grisel king, when he was with Bridget, he felt something, right?
Yes, but I thought it was from eating too much pizza.
I also.
That feeling ... That was happiness.
But you have to eat a troll to be happy.
Everyone knows it.
You do not?
But the king Grisel has ever eaten a troll, is not it?
And yet, look at me.
My empty stomach ...
and my heart full.
Ignore him!
There's only one way to be happy! Mine!
With me in charge ...!
I will serve Trolls every day of the year!
With me as queen ...!
Life will be a feast intermediable happiness!
Coma! Already!
Happiness is not something that can be introduced, because it is already there.
Sometimes we need someone to help us find her.
Really I can be happy?
- I want to be happy! - I also!
And me?
Do you really think I can be happy?
It is within you! Of all!
And do not think ...
it feels!
A feeling that vibrates in me
It is electricity Fluyendo to leave
And if you want in your inside
Feel the music Opening the Heart
I bring the sun here in my bag
The cadence on my feet
I feel the blood in my veins When running
I can not help looking at it
phenomenal movement
It is the extraordinary attraction
Give me more
Under the light The action is there.
No where to run When I come to you
As we move You can feel
And you imagine I imagine
You imagine
I do not see anything else if you dance, you dance
And I slip to see you dance Dancing, we
That's what would I do if you dance, you dance.
No one should go still dancing
This rhythm flows
A dance, dance
This rhythm flows
A dance, dance
This rhythm flows
A dance, dance
This rhythm flows, yeah
Let the dance continues
Yes This rate
My eyes!
We must do it!
this rhythm
this rhythm
This rate this pace
This rhythm flows
I do not see anything else if you dance, you dance
This rhythm flows
I slide to see you dance Dancing, we
This rhythm flows
That's what I do not do if you dance, you dance
The rhythm flows
No one should go still dancing
This rhythm flows
I feel the rhythm in my body
This rhythm flows
I feel the rhythm in my body
This rhythm flows
Come and moves and your body
This rhythm flows
I feel the rhythm in my body
Our new queen!
- Long live the queen! - Well, poppy!
You did!
Okay, Poppy Queen!
She's my friend! The I know!
A dance, dance
This rhythm flows
A dance, dance
This rhythm flows
Let the dance continues
I know it's not yet time to officially embrace, but ...
Now that I'm queen, decree that the time to embrace ...
It is all the time.
this rhythm
this rhythm
Give me five!
This rhythm flows
Very good!
I feel the rhythm in my body
This rhythm flows
I feel the rhythm in my body Come