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Previously, on E.
R I don't know what else to do.
Go to your car and follow me back to Chicago.
Welcome to County, Dr.
Eight years of school, you're so close to the finish line.
What are you gonna do, just throw away your future? I'm not sure if it's the future I want.
You don't work here anymore.
- When are you coming back? - I'm not sure.
I've got to rest get back into work.
John! Kem?! Kem?! Can't sleep? You'll get cold like that.
He'll come back.
We won't have any idea when.
We'll be sleeping in one morning, or on our way home from a movie, and he'll just show up.
Well, we'll deal with that.
I don't know why you'd want to.
I can think of a reason.
This place is too small.
Maybe you should both come live with me.
What? My apartment has two floors.
Alex can sleep downstairs.
Luka if we all move in together, it's gonna be because it's something we all want, not because you think we need to be protected.
Hey - I need to take a shower.
- Hey.
Scrambled or fried? Poached.
Hello? What? Hello? This is Neela's mother.
We are on our way in from the airport.
Hold on a second.
It's for you.
Hello, Neela? - You didn't tell your parents? - I was waiting for the right time.
- When? - My wedding day.
Hey, you know, you could just put those anywhere.
They phoned Michigan.
The department head told them I wasn't there.
- Those are still dirty.
- I'm totally screwed.
- What are you doing? - I'm getting out of your way.
- No, please don't leave me.
- Oh, Neela, they're just your parents.
You think you've seen trauma at work? You don't know the Rasgotras.
I know this may not be the best time to ask, but how long do you think you'll be needing my couch? Damn it.
Mom, Dad.
You remember Abby.
You look like hell.
Yeah, The Searchers was on channel nine last night.
It's tough to sleep in the middle of a John Ford movie.
Talked to Jing Mei? Yeah, she's in a cast.
She's gonna start seeing a physical therapist.
Pratt keeps calling.
Wants Weaver to put him back on the schedule.
The guy doesn't even have his stitches out yet.
Kyle Skinner, 23 years old, was found altered by his mom.
He's had some skin grafts.
His headache's getting worse.
Looks like dehiscence with cellulitis.
What happened to him? Iraq.
He was a hemmit driver in the Sunni triangle near Fallouja.
- Any meds? Allergies? - Just Vicodin when he hurts.
Lungs are clear.
What's the differential for altered mental status with fever and headache? Well, this guy's a setup for all kinds of stuff, but I'd have to go with meningitis all the way.
Uh, Dr.
Carter? Take me home, Ma.
All right, CBC, uh blood and wound cultures, LP, ceftriaxone, and a head CT.
Easy, man, we're gonna fix you right up, okay? No, you won't.
Dislocated shoulder in three, Harold.
- Herman.
- Howard.
Ha! There is a god.
It took me five minutes just to track down a strep culture.
What are you waiting for on this ankle sprain in two? Needs an ace wrap and a crutch lesson.
I'll do it as soon as I swab my football player's throat.
- Abby, how many patients do you have on the board? - Ten? you get hung up doing jobs other people can do.
Yes, well, sometimes it's easier Your job is to move patients, not wrap bad ankles or go on treasure hunts for strep cultures.
You need to learn to delegate to nurses and med students.
Go see the migraine in one.
Abby your med student ordered a bolus on the dehydrated kid.
My med student? Penny Nicholson.
Weaver told me I'd be shadowing you today.
I need you to cosign the order.
Last week someone was cosigning for me.
Nice to be the boss, huh? - Sam, can you prep and drape my forehead lac in two? - Yeah, I'm on my way.
And can you do a throat swab for the guy in sutures? Fine! Something the matter? I'm getting slammed here.
In the time it took you to wait and ask me to do it, you could have swabbed him yourself.
- Oh, but you can do a setup for Dr.
Tiger Beat over there? - That's my patient.
It's okay, Sam, I'll do it.
- Thanks, Haleh.
- No problem.
Listen, Haleh, I, uh, I think you might have been off a decimal point ony pylo m patient's dopamine.
Excuse me? I just noticed it was running at three cc's instead of 30.
I caught it early, but next time, maybe you could double-check.
You need to double-check the concentration before you start messing with the I.
I mixed it ten to one.
Don't we always mix it one to one? No, you always mix it one to one.
I always mix it ten to one.
- I didn't realize - If you concentrate the drip, the bag will last longer.
- Sorry - I'll go turn down her rate, make sure her B.
doesn't hit the roof.
Um you know, nurses really are the backbone of a place like this.
It's good to get on their good side.
I'll keep that in mind.
So, when are you going to tell us what's going on? Ajay, relax.
I don't know if I want to be a doctor.
What?! I'm not sure I'm good at it.
Of course you're good at it.
You're good at everything.
Some people send their children to medical school, they get a Nobel Prize on the mantle.
- Ajay, please! - Why does she want to punish us? I'm not trying to punish you.
I'm just trying to figure some things out.
- What's there to figure out? - Like what I want to do, how I want my life to be.
- Neela, you're not a child anymore! - Then stop treating me like one.
And what about your brothers and sisters? Don't you think they want to go to university, too? We don't make enough at the restaurant to pay for all that.
And, Neela, you promised to help out once you began your residency.
I'll help soon enough.
You'll just have to wait a little.
Is that what you're going to tell them? That their futures have to wait because their sister is not sure what she wants her life to be?! I'll have a job soon, and I'll send some money.
- What job? Where? - Here at the hospital, I hope.
That's possible? I've talked to my supervisor; she's trying to arrange it.
Starting when? I'm supposed to discuss it with her today! If the third neb doesn't break her, it's time to call her up.
- Call her up? - To medicine, to be admitted.
- Call the resident.
- Should I write this down? What year did you say you were? Labs are back on your Crohn's guy, Dr.
Something wrong? Yeah, I heard what you did.
Um, excuse me? Changed the bedpan in two and dug out the earwax in one.
Et tu Chuni? Acetaminophen level on pharmacy girl.
Okay, what, so now I'm the bane of all nurses? Anything else? - Yeah, you can stop the mucomyst.
- Yes Doctor.
- Abby? - What?! Anterior glenohumeral dislocation.
I was hoping you could take a look.
Did you try to reduce it? The girl won't let me tape the weight to her hand-- she's crying a lot.
- Hi.
I'm Dr.
Are you the mom? - I'm her aunt.
She cannot move it.
I tried to fix at home but - Okay.
What's her name? - Marta.
Marta, I'm gonna show you a trick with a sheet, and it's gonna make your arm feel much better, okay? She doesn't speak much English.
Quiero ayudarte.
Three of versed and 50 of fent.
- You sure you want to use both? - Yes, I am.
- Can you hook up some blow-by.
- Blow-by? I'll get it.
You don't think the versed will be enough? No, I think it'll be too painful.
Marta, es sola una uh uh sheet, okay? No dolor nada.
Here you go.
Versed's in.
Penny, come here.
- Um, I'm not really familiar with his technique.
- It's okay.
All right, go ahead with the fent.
O2's not ready.
That's what I was saying.
Listen, team, we're shoving a bone back into its socket.
If it were you, you'd want all the pain meds in the hospital.
- It could suppress her respiratory drive.
- I'm aware of that, Howard.
That's why I asked for oxygen.
Okay on the count of three, I want you to lean back as hard as you can.
All right, this is gonna go fast.
Muy rapido.
Okay, one, two three.
We can go now? Um there's a cut here, too.
We should clean that out.
Ceftriaxone's in.
CT shows a sinus infection that's spread to his brain.
We can isolate it with a tap down here, but he's going to have to go up to the O.
for drainage.
Hold still, Kyle, little pinch.
- When was he wounded? - In February.
Okay, one more minute.
I've been with him the whole way.
Finally got him home on Tuesday, and now this.
Yeah, fluid's cloudy.
That means an infection, right? - Almost done.
You okay, Kyle? - Yeah.
Okay, we are done.
You want me to run those to the lab? Yeah, but I want you to stay with them while they do the gram stain.
They like to lose things up there.
Okay, you can sit up now.
Why don't you try and get some sleep, and I will be back in a little bit.
Can't sleep.
- Well, I will see what I can do about moving you into a quiet room.
- Doesn't matter.
Try and get some rest, huh? In my dreams, I'm still the guy I used to be but I always wake up.
Did you get a history? No hablo, and they didn't have any paperwork, so And no address and no phone number.
- She better now.
We go.
- Get a guard over here, okay? Hi.
Feels good.
Okay, but, uh, I'm going to give you a complete exam.
What for? ¿Hermanos? Sisters.
See there? ¿Que pasó? The-the girls play crazy sometimes.
Los pantalones, can you take them off? - Why you look at her legs? - Because everybody gets a full exam.
We don't have time.
Marta, vamonos.
Ma'am, you can't leave.
Ma'am, you don't want to do that.
Stop them! Dejanos! - Calm down, ma'am.
- What are you doing? - Dejanos! - Calm down.
Get away from me.
No me toques! - Take her to the conference room.
I'll get the girl.
- No me toques! Marta! Marta! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
No quiero que me toques! Slut.
Okay, listen, listen Uh, tranquila, tranquila, okay? I'm not going to hurt you.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Okay? Okay.
I wasn't aware that there was a dress code here.
I just don't want you to create any discomfort for the patients.
The patients or the other doctors? - It's the jewelry, isn't it? - No Hmm, the fingernails? Tattoo? The hair? It's the whole package.
Okay, well, I'll talk to my band mates and see if I can't pull it back a little.
Band mates? It appears we've hired the love child of Ozzy Osbourne.
- So, did Kem get back okay? - Yep.
- Have you heard from her yet? - Yep, she sent me an e-mail.
Weaver? She and I are just sort of taking a little time to How's Henry? He's pretty great, thanks.
So, your folks are back in Chicago? That's great, but where are they? - They're across the street.
Is Dr.
Weaver in? - Yes, she is.
She's just down the hall there.
- Hi, Dr.
How is everything? - Um nice to see you, Neela.
- Wait, what's she doing here? - I'm not really sure.
I am not an animal! - Whose patient is that? - I did the H and P, was waiting on a doctor.
I am not a victim! Okay, ma'am? You need to settle down.
I am the solution to the problem - I am not the problem! - Actually, right now, you are.
- He forgot to write it down.
- He's lying.
He wouldn't even let me take it.
- You're a liar! - You're a liar! You are! Dr.
Weaver, do you have a minute? Malik, try to take his temperature again, okay? I've decided not to do my internship at Ann Arbor.
I know.
Your department head called me.
He wanted to know if we detected any psychiatric problems during your rotation.
- What did you tell him? - I lied.
I didn't want to be there.
I'm not even sure I want to be a doctor.
So what can I do for you? Give me a position.
A job-- any kind of job-- just until I get myself refocused.
But you don't want to be a doctor? No, what I meant I have no idea what I meant.
I just I need some work.
Uh I'm sorry.
I can't-can't really help you.
- Look, I'll take anything.
I-I can stock supplies or be a candy striper - Neela, can I give you some advice? Go back to Michigan, before it's too late.
¿Esta bien? Does it hurt? Donde esta Mamacita? Quiero Mamacita.
Well your aunt has to answer some questions.
Why do you call her "mamacita"? Is she your mother? You said she was your aunt, right? No es.
What? No es mi tia.
She she keeps us.
She keeps who? You and your sisters? Not sisters.
Only girls.
Is Mamacita the one that's been hurting you? - You can tell me.
- No mas.
It's okay.
You're safe here.
Who's hurting you? Marta, who hurts you? Los hombres.
Military medical record on Kyle Skinner.
His mom had someone drop them off.
Okay, thanks.
- Coffee break? - Nah, I put vodka in here on special days.
I wasn't trying to be a hero this morning.
I asked you to move in, because I I love you.
I'm in love with you, and I I thought, I don't know, maybe you feel the same.
Did you just say that? I've spent too much time wasting time.
So, whenever you're ready, just let me know.
You guys doctors? My buddy needs some help.
Herm Bullard.
I'm a marine biologist over at the aquarium.
Hey, over here! There's been a small incident during a tank cleaning.
What the hell is that? Ginglymostoma cirratum-- a nurse shark.
Damn fish just latched onto me.
- We need to get them disconnected.
- Gee, you think? But it's important that neither Mr.
Fahey nor the shark be damaged in any way.
- I'll get a gurney.
- Uh, wheelchair, too.
Keep pouring water on him, Mort.
He's suffocating.
Chuny, I have a patient in Sutures.
I need you to help me get a history.
- Last time I checked, an H and P was a doctor's job.
- Yeah, she's in trouble, and my Spanish is not very good.
- The one who came in with her aunt? - It's not her aunt.
Chuny, can you change the pressure dressing on my pumper in one? - Security has her in custody right now.
- I'll be over there in a minute.
Thank you.
- He'll only live for 30 minutes or so like this.
- What? Not you, Mort, the shark.
You're just making it worse.
Need three grams of Unasyn I.
- Can you feel this? - Yeah.
Clem, go get the tank from the truck.
Fish got a mouthful of subq fat.
SubQ fat! Is that something I can live without? - Is that my subQ fat - Hey, watch it! Okay, you don't have a job here, so we are taking you to Michigan.
No, Dad.
It's a good hospital.
Dermatology is a lucrative field.
- It's not what I want.
- What do you want? - To be like this man here? - Ajay - I don't know, that's what I'm trying to tell you.
- I have heard enough.
Ajay, will you go get us a cab? Excuse me? We are getting your things, we'll rent a car and then we'll go.
And that's final! He doesn't get it, Mum.
You think he doesn't get it? We get it.
- You're the one that doesn't get it.
- Oh, don't you start in on me now.
Neela, when I married your father, I was younger than you are.
Sure, I loved him, but do you think I didn't have grander ideas for my life than running a curry house in Southall? Well, then let me find my own path.
Passing up the opportunity that you have been given is not the way to do it.
- I've worked hard for it.
- So have we all.
All those years at the restaurant, saving, planning for your future.
I just need some time.
Sorry, love.
Time's up.
I've always done everything you've asked, everything.
Even the damn viola.
When I was a girl, I had to learn to play the sheet music and play it perfectly.
I was never allowed to play what I wanted.
- You wanted to play rock music! - Or to improvise or be creative - You can't improvise the viola.
- You can try.
- So, you want to be a musician now? - No Mum I want to improvise.
A man abducted her from a bus stop in Mexico.
When did this happen? You were 12? How old are you now? So, what happened after the man took you? "Damage girl.
" What is "damage girl"? The men, they hit her, or do what they want.
Anything they want.
When was the last time you spoke to your family? Once, a long time ago, she snuck off and called her parents.
She told them she didn't know when she'd be home.
She told them not to cry.
Okay, Marta, we're going to help you now.
All right? Okay? My name's not Marta.
My real name is Tesoro.
- We're going, Ajay.
- Good.
- Home.
Neela's staying here.
- What?! I love you, Mum.
Get in the car, Ajay.
I hope you know that we can't help you anymore.
I'll find a job.
I'll send something for Rajiv when I can.
When you were little, you used to tell me that you always dreamed of being a bird so that you could fly far, far away.
Well, you've finally done it, haven't you? I called the factory where Tesoro said her parents worked.
- Did you talk to somebody? - Through the translator.
A secretary gave us this number.
Okay, great.
Get Chuny for me, will you? She's a real piece of work.
Asking for asylum, saying she's as much a victim of the Lenones as the girls are.
The Lenones? Organizations of traffickers and pimps that bring these girls in and set them up in houses.
- You've seen this before? - A bit.
- She'll be placed into custody and we'll search the apartment.
- What about the girl? All the girls will be put into foster care.
Children's Services and the INS will get into it.
She needs to go home to her parents.
- Hey, where are your folks? - Gone.
- You crying? - No.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm off at 8:00, we can talk then.
I'll wait around.
You're gonna wait around for three hours? I got nothing better to do.
Hey, you don't speak Spanish, do you? Punjabi, French, bit of Farsi, smattering of German, some All right, all right, all right.
How's your shoulder? What happens now? Maybe you can go home to Mexico.
They don't love me.
They don't want me.
Of course they do.
No more.
Want to call them? I have a phone number where I think they'll be.
Maybe we should try.
Too long now.
I've gone too long.
Let's try it.
It's ringing.
Did you get any sleep? - What do you think? - So, your mom says that you don't want the surgery.
It's relatively minor.
They're just going to touch up your cheek implant.
A drop in the ocean, right? Whatever.
You a Democrat? Yeah, most of the time.
People rag on this war.
I say it was a good thing.
Gave a lot of people their freedom.
It's good that you feel that way.
Where the hell would I be if I didn't? I heard you got engaged.
I was.
Her name's Karen.
What happened? She tried to come see me at Bethesda.
I wouldn't let her.
You think she would've given up on you that easy? Karen's a good girl, she's the best.
But sometimes things happen that even the best people can't get past.
Maybe in a few years, I won't think about her anymore.
- What kind of shark was it? - A nurse shark.
We got a few of those working here.
Says here they "adapt well to captivity.
" Sounds like a nurse to me.
Not all of us.
"They tend to move slowly within a relatively small range during the day.
" Watch it.
Nobody has any work to do today, huh? Need me to take a look at that? This? It's nothing.
Why don't you take off early? We have things under control here.
I got some follow-ups to do, and my vet guy in curtain two I'll take care of it.
Thank you.
multiple contusions, complains of belly pain.
Hi, I'm Dr.
Lockhart, can you tell me your name? Good airway, sats 98.
Pulse 133, B.
They hit us Who hit you, honey? They hit us with a tire jack.
Initial GCS 15, but mental status is waning.
- Help my boyfriend.
Help Zack first.
- Wait here, I'll check the other one.
Agonal on the scene, L.
placed, sats 78/100 percent.
Pulse thready and irregular, 120s.
Flail chest.
- Oh, God, are they going to be okay? - Give us room to work.
Pupils are fixed and dilated.
We were sitting in the grove, a bunch of us.
I'd never been there before.
Belly's tense.
They just started beating them.
It's because they were kissing.
I'll take this in T-2, you and Haleh with the other guy in trauma one.
- This guy's less critical, shouldn't I stay - Just go.
- Curved kelly.
- Sats are 72, heart rate's dropping.
- Sure the ET's in good position? - I put it through the cords.
36 French.
- What do you hear? - Uh, distant breath sounds.
- Okay, I'll tighten up the clamp.
- All right, hook him up, get the cell saver.
Hemocue's 5.
2 after two units of O-neg.
Okay, hang another two on the rapid infuser.
Start another P.
He's too clamped down.
Well, set me up for a subclavian, ll do it right after this.
Ten blade.
Sats down to 68.
It's getting harder to bag.
Bradycardia's 47.
Mig of atropine, amp of epi.
- Uh, there's blood in the ET tube.
- Well, suction it.
Call for platelets and FFP.
I'm in.
Any blankets in here? Check in the warmer.
You guys okay? - Lost the pulse.
- P.
Starting compressions.
Sam, get Kovac in here.
Sats are down to 82.
I got a good look at those guys.
I can tell the police.
The grove always seemed safe.
Tom, we're going to put a tube in your airway to help you breathe.
- Abby's asking for you.
- This guy needs to be tubed right now.
- Where's Howard? See if he can help.
- He's stuck in CT with a kid in status.
Meds are ready.
We're going to send you to the O.
so surgeons can stop the bleeding, okay? Zack how is he? His belly's blowing up.
He's going to need another crit.
Okay, he's out.
They'll be able to fix it, right? The surgeons.
They'll stop the bleeding.
That's what you said.
They're going to do everything they can.
What's that mean? Tube.
- He's really tachy, 145.
- What do you mean "everything they can"? He was just talking to me.
Okay, page Corday again.
You can't just kill people for kissing in the park.
Robert! Don't go in there.
Hold compressions.
Still P.
Rate 38.
What's happening? - You need to let them work.
- Resume compression.
Atropine? Just pushed it.
How much fluid? Liter of L.
, seven units O-neg, and another two going in.
Um, can I switch out? My arms are getting tired.
Check the I.
Maybe the meds aren't getting in.
We got good flow through all the lines.
Okay; no pneumo, not tamponade, temp's okay, tube's good, got bicarb.
The obvious cause is hypovolemia.
We're slamming fluids in.
Can you check the pupils again? Tox screen's back, negative.
Thoracotomy? Not with blunt trauma.
Fixed and dilated.
Should I put in a central line? You think that would make a difference at this point? Haleh? You have three large-bore I.
s with good flow.
But if we had central access, maybe we could get the blood in faster.
- Sam? - Maybe, I don't know.
Okay, two liters out of the chest.
If anybody has any opinion about this, please speak up.
It's your call, Abby.
You're the doctor.
Hey, Dr.
I get you an iced coffee and a BLT right away.
Maybe something else today.
- Holding compression.
- Junctional rhythm, 24.
No pulse.
- What's our time? - 42 minutes.
Is there anything you want to say to him? Thank you.
You made me strong.
You let me see who I was.
And to know that it was okay.
Come on, Robert.
Let's go talk to the police now, okay? I didn't know I was gay until they became my friends.
Guide wire back.
Run the FFP and platelets up here.
My guy died.
Can you throw in a femoral line? Tell the O.
if Corday isn't here soon, I'll bring him up myself.
- Hematoma on the left, try the right.
- Could have used a little help in there.
- B.
's dropping, 55 over 44.
- Narrowed pulse pressure.
Muffled heart sounds.
Pericardiocentesis needle to Abby.
Raise the head of the bed.
- Lost the pulse.
- Mig of epi, have atropine ready.
- Angle the needle.
- I know.
Ectopy on the monitor.
I need another syringe, quick! Carotid's back.
Good job Abby.
I'm sorry.
I was on my way to grand rounds.
- Blunt trauma, bleeding out into the belly.
- Complicated by a bloody pericardial effusion and tamponade.
Yeah, set up room five for an emergent ex-lap.
And tell Doctor Edson he's going to have to do it.
Let's get him upstairs.
Systolic's up to 88.
- Nicely done.
- You left me alone in there.
We had two traumas.
Yeah, and last week, I had to get approval for everything I do and now all of a sudden I'm supposed to run a code by myself.
- Welcome to internship.
- I was tentative, I was unsure.
I was asking the nurses for advice.
They respect that openness.
They respond to being treated like members of a team.
- No, they don't.
- You laways did.
Luka, the boy is dead, and I don't think he got the best possible care.
You're right, we gave the best possible care to the one I thought we could save.
And we gave the next best to your guy.
What? He had coded when they brought him in, Abby.
He had barely any vitals and was fixed and dilated.
He was already gone.
- So, what? I never had a chance? - No, he never had a chance.
You'll have another one sooner than you want.
You're still here? Jerry's got me addicted to this game where you zap zombies.
Oh, you missed that guy! - Which one's that? Pain Killer? - Yeah.
Hello again.
I thought you went home.
Just something I meant to do.
- You okay, John? - Yeah, I just got to talk to this guy for one second.
- Can we talk? - Just one minute.
Thought you were gone.
Call Karen, okay? Bad things happen to everybody, but you two have to at least take a shot at getting through this.
So call her, okay? You can live through this, you can live through all of this.
But you may never get over losing her.
Let's take a walk, John.
Call her.
You hear me? Yeah, he heard you.
Call her! - Is he all right? - Yeah, he's fine.
- The lady from CPS is here.
- Thank you.
- Hi, I'm Dr.
You're from Children's Services? - Marie Barclay.
I'm here for Marta Delgado.
- Her name's Tesoro.
- They told me Marta.
So when can she go home? We'll be in touch with the Mexican consulate, they'll locate the family and then we'll send someone to pick her up.
The family's very poor.
We'll figure it out.
And how long will that take? Well, she'll be placed in foster care until the INS clears her.
Once that happens, should be a few months.
Like, two? - Six, eight months at the most.
- Of getting bounced around from one foster family to another? I don't think this girl can take that.
We'll do our best to look after her.
I'll go get her.
Just wait here.
- I have a family conference in an hour.
Will it be long? - No, I'll make it quick.
- The train station? - She'd need I.
at an airport.
Do you have any money? I'll pay you back.
Do you know what you're doing? Yeah.
I'm going to call her parents and tell she'll be there in two days.
Here, here's all my cash.
Take this cred No, take that one.
Take this one.
- I can't just hop in a cab and whisk her away.
- What, do you have something better to do? - Uh, I go? - Yeah, honey.
You go now, ok? - Your name? - Abby.
Okay, you got to run.
And don't take her through the bay.
Take her out the front.
I don't know what happened.
You've had a rough time.
It's not hard to understand.
I guess I just thought it would help somehow.
Help what? What else is going on? Nothing.
I'm fine.
You looked bad all day.
I wasn't the only one who noticed.
Well, I did get hit in the head by a psycho patient.
You can talk to me, John.
I've been having trouble sleeping.
I keep having these dreams.
I miss her.
And I miss the baby.
And I miss all the stuff I thought we were going to have.
And I don't know how to get any of it back.
Here's your ticket: Chicago to LA, LA to San Diego, then a bus to Tijuana.
This envelope has $200 in it.
It's yours.
Keep it safe.
The train leaves from track 11 in five minutes, okay? Okay, good luck.
You need to get on that train now.
It's, it's all right, you can do it.
It's simple; tickets, money.
Lockhart, I'm still waiting.
Oh, yeah.
I'm sorry.
I feel terrible, but when I went to get Tesoro, she wasn't there.
I think she ran off.
- Did you have someone watching her? - A med student.
And I have a nurse looking for her now.
I have to call my office.
You people need better security.
We say that every year.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I lost my cell phone.
- There's a meeting over at St.
John's if you want me to go with you.
- Yeah.
No, that's all right.
I'm okay.
I just a little slip.
- After all the crap I used to give you.
I'm kind of a hypocrite.
- No.
We're all hypocrites.
- You need a ride home? - No, I'll take the train.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
Hey, what do you want me to do with the med records on the vet guy? Um, I'll take 'em.
I'll have them sent up to the O.
Luka! - I thought you're still on.
- For awhile, yeah.
Uh, you know what you said earlier over on the steps? Me, too.
So come on by later, and I'll make you some eggs.
Hey! Hey, Kem, it's John.
I know that you're sleeping.
I just, um, wanted to hear your voice.
No family? College student from Milwaukee.
You know, Haleh, if there's ever anything you think I'm doing wrong You did everything you could, Abby.
It was a good code.