ER Episode Scripts


Previously, on E.
: I don't know if I want to be a doctor.
- I'll have a job soon and I'll send some money.
- What job? Where? Give me a position.
- A job, any kind of job, just until I get myself refocused.
- I'm sorry, I can't I can't really help you.
I've been having trouble sleeping.
What are you doing? Couldn't sleep.
Thought I'd get a jump on the day.
- How's the night shift going? - Ugly, but it's been quiet for the last hour or so.
Well, that won't last.
Sunburns, blown-off fingers, potluck food poisoning-- nothing like the ER on the 4th of July.
You sound like you're looking forward to it.
Anytime you mix alcohol, gunpowder and the great outdoors, you're in for a good time.
You talked to Kem? Uh yeah.
A couple days ago.
The time change makes it hard, so we e-mail.
She doing okay? Yeah.
You know, these things take time.
How about you? I'm here, aren't I? So much for quiet.
See you inside.
We're out of milk.
- Do you need me to give you a ride anywhere today? - No, thanks.
- You sure? I really don't mind.
- No, I'm okay.
You know, you should watch this.
There's a woman coming on next who fought a mountain lion that was trying to steal her baby.
I have to go to work.
Listen, if you want, I can take another run at Weaver.
Maybe something's opened up at the hospital.
I don't want to work in the hospital.
I have a couple of job interviews today.
You do? Where are they? I don't want to jinx anything.
Okay, um, well, I'll just see you, uh, when I get back from work.
I can pick up groceries today if you'd like.
That would be great.
Thank you.
I'll just need to borrow some money.
Just until I get my first paycheck.
with shortness of breath Harris can go home with a knee immobilizer.
Hey, Frank, it's a very nice touch.
You look, um, very, um - Gay? - Patriotic.
Granger and Granger both waiting on rapid streps.
Come find me if they're positive.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- You forgot about Hennesey in the Suture Room.
- I already did a two-layer repair.
Neosporin, after-care instructions and send her out the door.
You're on fire, dude.
How many Red Bulls you have today? Hey, Morris.
Can you take care of Delacourt in Three? - Just a back strain.
- Don't forget about femoral and pedal pulses.
I never do.
Why is it important to check leg pulses in this patient? Arterial embolus? Penny, to you.
- Peripheral vascular disease? - Ooh, close, but no cigar.
Maybe a little more studying, a little less time at the hair salon.
Next contestant? Back pain can be either presenting symptom in abdominal aortic dissection.
Can I get some fries with that? I guess it's true what they say, "Those who can't do-- teach.
" Yeah, but what is he teaching them? Yesterday I caught him injecting lido with epi into a toe.
Oh, I'm not kidding.
Hey, Morris! Wait up.
And she's still hypoxic and tachypnic.
Uh, EKG's normal, no cough.
Nothing showed up on the X ray.
So, should I order a spiral CT? You think I should? Yeah, I should order the CT to rule out PE.
Of course.
I knew that.
All right, what else we got? Mr.
Day Three, post-op hernia repair.
We call surgery.
They like to know when their patients come in.
This is Dr.
He's one of our residents.
You present to him.
He presents to me.
Pratt, you can instruct our med students on the initial management of chest pain? Yeah.
All chest pain consistent with ACS gets 02, IV, aspirin, betablocker and nitro.
- Well, what if the EKG is normal? - I repeat.
02, IV, aspirin, betablocker and nitro.
All right.
Fall to outstretched arm, earache, belly pain and vomiting Go, go, make me proud.
First one to kill a patient buys me lunch.
- I didn't expect you back so soon.
- A guy can't only play so much X-box.
- How's the head? - Hard as a rock.
- Yeah? No headaches? No dizziness? - No, man.
I'm cool.
Besides, I wouldn't miss this for the world.
July is my favorite month new interns, new med students I know more than any of the newbies this time of year.
It's not necessarily a good thing.
- Hey, how's Deb? - I think she's good.
Yeah, you talked to her? Carter! Pratt! - 24-year-old male stabbing victim.
- I ain't no victim.
The other guy's the victim.
- Do I look like a victim? - Settle down.
- You settle down and let me the hell up! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You could be seriousley injured here.
I've been shot six times before, man! I'm bulletproof! - Sats 94 on two liters.
- I got the bulletproof monk here.
- You sure? - Yes.
Trauma panel, hemocue, type and cross for two, start with an upright chest.
That's my last patient.
I couldn't get rid of him.
- You're leaving me with Mr.
Body Fluids? - Sorry.
- Hey, you going home to crash? - Yeah.
You want to get together later? Uh maybe.
Alex has a soccer game.
course he never stuck around long enough to see any of his games.
- I'll call you.
- Okay.
Carter, what's the special of the day? with a blood alcohol of 500 and a footdrop.
Neurology won't take him till Neurosurg has cleared him, and they won't come down until he sobers up.
- What about an MRI to rule out cord compression? - They're gridlocked upstairs.
What am I supposed to do? Baby-sit, hang a banana bag and I would hunt around for a mop and bucket.
All right, 40 bucks says I get that guy upstairs in 20 minutes.
You're on, hotshot, starting now.
All right.
this is Dr.
Barnett from the ER.
Ye-Yeah, I have a patient who needs an L-spine with gadolineum today.
Well, when, then? I'll need to take a look at your MRI schedule.
I gotta get a patients in there pronto.
It's a holiday.
They're booked solid.
Yo, Lockhart, I need to borrow a couple of your students.
They're not my students.
That's good.
Come on, kiddies.
It's teaching time.
We heard you had a good one up here in the ICU for my students.
Patient named Robinson.
So, he's scheduled for an MRI on his knee? Yeah, but that's the least of his problems.
Guy needs a huge workup before surgery will take him for the aortic valve replacement.
It's a scheduling nightmare.
I'm sure it is.
Pay up, Uncle Cracker.
Six and 30 makes ten.
May I help you? - Can I get a job application? - You need to speak to the manager.
- Is he here? - Unfortunately.
Yale, University of Chicago Med School-- interesting.
This is all very impressive, but what's the extent of your barrista experience? - Excuse me? - Starbucks? Diedrich's? Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? I've never actually worked in a cafe.
I see.
But I'm used to working in a very busy hospital, so I'm sure I can handle a few coffee orders.
Oh, really? How do you prepare a Vente triple skinny, no-foam caramel machiatto? That intern, Abby-- do you know if she's seeing anybody? Just me.
It's a casual sexual relationship, but we're always looking for a third.
Abby, what would you do if the UA's normal on a two-year-old with fever, no source? Call it viral syndrome, have them follow up with their PMD.
What if the kid just vomited all the Tylenol he got in Triage? Uh, give him a rectal dose and explain to the parents that the fever won't hurt him.
And what would you do if a med student asked you out? Call for a psych consult.
- Hold up.
- No LOC, GCS 15.
Vitals stable, complains of some knee pain.
Oh, what is this? - Bike versus bike.
- Abdomen soft.
Pelvis stable.
Don't move your neck, okay? - What? - Nah, don't do that.
- Funky Monks is a Chili Pepper tribute band, right? - We were till our lead singer found Jesus.
That's a bummer.
I was actually thinking about putting a new band together.
Abrasions and ecchymosis to the right hip, Dr.
Bon Jovi.
You on any medications? No.
I don't take medicines.
- I need to make a statement to the police.
- That's the other guy.
That idiot rode right out in front of me.
- I didn't see him, man.
- That's 'cause he was riding like a maniac! Hey! I got this guy.
Road rash over left chest, arm and face.
Complains of shoulder pain.
I ride over 200 miles a week.
Irrigate the abrasions and apply Neosporin.
Were you wearing that helmet? Of course.
- When can I see a cop? He ruined my bike.
- I think you did a little more damage to him than he did to your bike.
It's a six-thousand-dollar Serotta Legend.
You paid six grand for a bike? for pilgrim feet.
Hey, Mr.
Zeller, please.
Whose stern impass I need this to examine you.
Oh, my God! A thoroughfare For free Across the wilderss!" I'm fine.
I keep telling you that! - How you doing, Mr.
Hanson? - It don't even hurt! - There's a little blood in Morrison's.
- That's bull.
- Do you know what Morrison's is? - Do you? Chest is clear.
I don't think it crossed the diaphragm.
Hemoglobin is 13.
All right, give him a gram of cefotetan just in case he nicked the bowel.
You heard the man.
Give me some medicine, let me get the hell up out of here.
You're not going anywhere.
You need surgery.
For what? He didn't shoot me.
He stabbed me.
There ain't no bullets in there.
I don't know what y'all looking for.
You're bleeding inside your belly.
Plus, your intestines can get an infection.
You could die.
Forget that! I need to call my brother to get me up out of here.
Well, man, I know you're supposed to be tough and all that, but what part of "you could die" don't you understand? I ain't dying.
I'm walking.
Man, get me a damn phone! Dr.
Give me a phone, man! Let the fool go, he deserves to die.
Yeah, that's what you want.
Yeah, at this point, I really don't care.
'Cause you're not the attending.
But since my name's on the chart, I think we should call Psych.
He's not crazy, he's stupid.
Okay, hey, whatever, I'll call them down for an idiot consult.
Look, he's not drunk, he's not on drugs.
And if he leaves AMA and goes home and dies, you better believe his family's going to sue us.
All right, I'll call his brother.
Maybe a family member can talk some sense into him.
patriot dreams.
Sir? That sees beyond the years.
Hey, I've been here for four hours-- still haven't had a doctor check my foot.
You seem to be walking on it all right.
That's not the point.
Well, you see all these patients? Chances are we're not going to get to you until most of them go home.
So you why don't you find a magazine and make yourself comfortable.
How's he doing? Crepitance bilaterally, decreased range of motion with the effusion.
How's the other guy? Obnoxious.
So how many miles do you ride a week? Lots.
Lots and lots of riding.
I ride here, I ride there.
I'm like the wind.
Hey, man! I told you that they hurt.
What's the matter? Sorry, man, I'm just checking your reflexes.
But there's nothing wrong with my reflexes.
I got good re cat-like reflexes.
I'm like a cat.
Really? Which is it, a cat or the wind? I'm like a cat in the wind.
I got nine lives and I always land on my feet.
- Hey.
- Um Did you order a head CT? Low-speed mechanism.
Didn't indicate.
Yeah, but he wasn't wearing a helmet, and he seems a little altered to me.
Look, it's just a mild concussion.
We'll just observe him for a bit.
- What happened to the drunk with the foot drop? - MRI.
I thought they were booked.
I pulled a few strings.
- Maybe you should pull a few more and get this guy one.
- What's his problem? Nothing.
He collided with another cyclist, but his neuro's nonfocal, and he responds to commands well.
He seems altered to me.
Did he get knocked out? - He said he didn't hit his head.
- Carter.
following a liquor store hold up.
- Is this the perp? - No, he got away.
This guy's the hero.
Derek tried to help the store owner.
- You the wife? - Girlfriend.
Okay, B.
100/60, tachy to 115 - Abby, you want to run this? - Sure.
Barnett, get that head CT just to be safe.
- Lungs are clear.
- Dolle eyes.
What's that mean? B.
108/80, sinus tach 110.
Can I get an otoscope? Who are you? Dubenko.
Surgical attending.
I'm covering trauma today.
- His limbs are flaccid.
- CSF in the ears.
Oh, would someone tell me what's happening? We're doing everything that we can for him, ma'am, but his injuries are very severe.
Derek's tough.
He's a fighter.
No corneal reflexes.
He's not breathing over the vent.
It's been 40 minutes.
He's tough.
I'm sorry, ma'am, but every indication suggests that your boyfriend has no brain activity.
So that's it? There's nothing else we can do for him.
I'm very sorry.
Do you think that you can help us get in touch with his family? Uh I'm the closest thing he has to a family.
Screen him.
CBC, chem panel, ABG, type and Rh, cultures, UA, HIV, Hep B and C.
Did I forget anything? VDRL, RPR.
I'm very sorry.
If you have time to sit, you have time to treat patients.
Start him on dopamine if his diastolic's below 80.
Unless he signs a consent form for drug testing, we can't do that.
No, that's not the same as consent.
Really? Same to you.
Calling your mom? Bike courier's boss wants us to drug test him.
- So did you? - There's no need.
Oh, and his head CT was negative, thank you very much.
Tunny, do you remember your doctor's name? Yeah, it was him.
Do you know where you are? No place I want to be.
Dude, what are the first three chords of the Chili Peppers' Californication? - A-minor, F-major seventh, A-minor.
- Thank you.
- That means nothing to me.
- Well, I guess you're just going to have to trust me.
Trust you to what? The guy still seems altered.
A positive drug screen for opiates, benzos or even cannabis will at least give us an answer, and then we don't have to keep looking.
Won't change our management.
We're still going to observe him.
Tox screens can stay positive for days.
- He could lose his job for smoking a little bit of pot last week.
- It's a confidential test.
Not if it becomes a worker's comp case, then it's on his record.
What is he, your dealer? Maybe we should tox screen you.
Hey, Sam Yeah? Do you have a UA for Tunny in there? - Uh yeah.
- Add a tox screen.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- Is your supervisor here? - That would be me.
I'd like to apply for a job.
- You've worked in one of our stores? - No.
But I like the clothes.
Really? That looks more like Old Navy.
- Have you ever worked retail? - No, but I'm a quick study.
Unfortunately, I'm looking for experienced help right now.
Well, I can work a cash register and I'm a real people person.
I worked in my parents' restaurant for years.
I'm sorry, but I really need people with a strong fashion sense and a personal style statement.
Why don't you leave your name and number and I'll get back to you? - What are you doing? - I like them to be the same length.
- Hey, Malik, where's the fire? - Exam Three.
- Oh! What happened? - Somebody set off a stink bomb.
Let's hope there's no asthmatics around.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, come here.
- Is that the Colles fracture? - Yup.
The wrist has to be flexed for proper alignment.
What do I do now? - You cut it off, and you start again.
- What do I tell her? We're going to leave that on for about 20 minutes until the mold is ready and then we're gonna put on a fiberglass cast.
Okay, dear? Is this gonna hurt? Nah, I'll knock you out putiing a little incision by your belly button and take a look around.
- That's it? - Hold on, Mr.
You hear that? My man says he can fix me up, have me outta here tomorrow.
You're going to do exploratory laparoscopy on a penetrating trauma? - Yup.
- No, he's not.
You guys down here don't know what the hell y'all doing.
It's a piece of cake.
- What if there's a liver lac? - I'll buzz it with cautery.
What if it's too big to "buzz"? If it were large, he'd already have clinical evidence of extensive intra- abdominal hemorrhage.
Ha! You better ask to see a specialist you want to get out of here without dying.
What if the knife nicked the colon? I'll run the bowel.
Nobody can do that with the scope.
Um I can.
Welcome to the world of modern medicine.
Let's go.
So long, suckas! Well, don't look at me; I didn't hire him.
Okay, Mrs.
Isley, all your blood tests came back normal.
Yes, well, I'd like to see a specialist.
Hey, Ray, how about clearing out a few of these beds? What are you talking about, boss? I'm taking 'em through here like fast food orders.
It's the back door that's plugging us up.
You got rid of that drunk pretty quick when you wanted to.
Let me see some more of that.
Hey, Sam, I need McCarthy out of here, and why hasn't Tunny been discharged? We're still waiting on his tox screen.
- I didn't order a tox screen.
- Abby did.
- Whoa what are you doing? - He presented with chest pain.
- How old are you? - Seventeen.
Pratt said that all chest pain gets O-2, IV, aspirin, beta blocker and nitro.
What kind of physical activity have you been doing? Nothing, I was just watching TV.
- What about yesterday? - Yeah, I worked out a little.
Weight lifting? Bench press? I almost lifted 200.
Agh! Where's Dr.
Pratt? Comfortable? I just prevented one of your med students from giving nitroglycerin to a 17-year-old, on your recommendation.
- I didn't tell them to do that.
- You have to be very specific with these kids.
You all right? Just a headache.
I thought you said you weren't having those.
Only when I'm working here.
Okay, go home.
- Oh, come on, no harm, no foul.
Look, I'll keep an eye on them.
- You have been dragging your ass all day.
- I've had some time-consuming cases.
- And maybe you came back too soon.
So, go home.
Get yourself into shape before you come back and try to fix anybody else.
You can't afford to send me home-- I'm worth two other doctors and three interns.
Not today you're not.
Go home, I'll find somebody else to cover the end of your shift.
The biker's blood work came back-- HIV positive.
He's no good for organ donation.
Too bad.
Frank, can you call Kovac? I need him to come in and finish up the rest of Pratt's shift.
Sure, make me the holiday hatchet man.
Do you have any special plans for this evening? Take-out and the Cubs-White Sox game on TiVo.
I was think about maybe going to a meeting, and then getting something to eat.
You interested? My treat.
You're buying? Did you order a tox screen on my patient? Which one? You know which one, Tunny.
The altered bike courier.
You can't order tests on my patients behind my back.
Urinalysis was negative for opiates, benzos, PCP, cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, you name it.
Okay, so now we know.
No, what we know is that this is the second time you've been wrong about one of my patients today.
And you know what, it's the last.
You treat your cases, and I'll treat mine.
Can you believe this guy? If you have a problem with another resident's work-up, take it up with the attending.
It's easier just to fix it.
That's what the nurses do.
You're going to have to work with this guy for the next four years.
Carter I suggest that you figure out a way of getting along with him.
This is Douglas James.
He's a friend of Derek and me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Douglas is waiting for a liver.
And him and Derek have the same blood type.
I'm sorry.
We, uh, we screened Derek, and we found that he is not eligible as a donor.
- Because of his HIV? - Yes.
I'm HIV positive, too.
I-I've been taking Interferon for hepatitis C, but they've given me three months without a transplant.
Well, direct donations are not encouraged.
I'm HIV positive.
You really think anyone's ever gonna give me a liver? Can you get serum organic acids, lactate and a VBG? On Mulhoney? Throw in a free T4 and TSH while you're at it.
Are you kidding? Did I miss something? No.
The kid's got a tiny second degree burn on two fingers.
He doesn't need any of this.
Oh, so you only like to do unnecessary tests on my patients when Abby asks for them.
I thought you were working together.
He's my patient, Sam.
I'm the only one who can write If you want to Hey, Luka? What are you doing here? Hey.
Carter needed me to cover for Pratt.
Why didn't you say no? Labs are back on Tunny.
- Did you get any sleep? - A little.
Jane Doe, 23, found down in the park by some kids.
Breathing's labored, sats 92, pulse 111, systolic 93.
Ma'am, wake up.
Inspiratory stridor.
Ma'am, can you hear me? Aeration is terrible.
Sub-Q epi and get her in a trauma room.
Howard! Could be an allergic reaction.
Was there any food on the scene? - You see any bee stings? - No.
Hurry up, Howard.
Okay, okay.
- Sub-q epi's in.
- Finally.
- Any MedicAlert bracelet? Asthma inhaler? - Didn't see any.
- Periorbital petechiae.
- Luka.
Ecchymosis on the neck.
Oh, what's that mean? It means someone tried to strangle her.
God bless America.
- Kerry! - Uh, Elzabeth.
I've been calling you all day.
Yeah, I've been in meetings.
And I've got another one-- Three minutes ago.
Call my office.
Tell them I said to fit you in tomorrow.
I need to talk to you about Dr.
Dubenko today.
- How's he working out? - Well, he's not, to be quite frank.
- I haven't received any complaint.
- Well, consider this your first.
You know, no one even bothered to tell me you'd hired him.
That's what search committees do.
Perhaps as head of Surgery, you should have attended more meetings.
Kerry! I missed one meeting.
What did you do, wait until I wasn't there to hire the only candidate I didn't endorse? Why are you taking this so personally, Elizabeth? I've got to go.
I'm sure you two of you can work this out.
- Oh, hey, um Doctor? - Dubenko.
Oh, right, sorry, John Carter.
You remember the GSW from this morning? Yes.
Brain-dead biker.
His girlfriend says that he wanted to be an organ donor.
- But he's HIV positive.
- No can do.
Well, his buddy needs a liver ASAP and he's the same tissue type.
It's against the law to harvest an organ from an HIV positive patient.
You know that.
The recipient is also HIV positive.
It doesn't matter.
UNOS won't approve and no surgeon's gonna perform the operation.
What's that smell? Stink Stink bomb.
- Frank! - Got it! They warned me about this place.
They weren't kidding.
- Uh, Dr.
- Carter.
Maybe you could help me.
I need some help with a patient.
I believe Dr.
Dubenko is covering the E.
Well, I don't think that he wanted to take the case.
What, is it too mundane for our new superstar? I think it may be too illegal.
Oh! So he's cowardly and cocky.
You know, he's the perfect complement to Weaver's treachery and ambition.
I'm sorry, Carter.
If I have to deal with him, so do you.
Good luck.
Stridor seems to be improving.
Keep an eye on her pulse ox.
Come and get me if she de-sats.
I'll notify the police.
What happened to her? - Hey, Luka.
- Hey.
Alex what are you doing here? You're supposed to be with Steven and Monique at the soccer game.
Did Dad call? No.
Okay, I gotta find someone to cover for me.
Don't bother.
It's probably gonna suck anyway.
- You are going to that game.
- I can take him.
I'm off in 20.
I was just filling in until the end of Pratt's shift.
You can pick him up at my place after work.
Are you busy? I need your expertise.
- Have Alex meet me in the lounge.
- Thanks.
You worked at a restaurant from the time you were six until 16? - It was a family restaurant.
- What kind? Indian.
And I never want to work in a restaurant again.
I don't even like eating in them.
And you haven't worked since then? - I've been in school.
- Studying Medicine.
Oh, wow.
I'll be honest, we don't get many doctors looking for jobs.
So you placed very high on your placement test, but you haven't got a lot of experience in any other service industry.
No retail, no sales.
- Secretarial? - No.
- Uh Bokeeping? - Not really.
Horticulture? Mechanics? Electrical? Perhaps we'd have better luck if you told us what sort of things you can do.
Well, let's see: I can crack open your chest, reinflate your lung and squeeze your heart back to life.
Dubenko was right to pass.
Why are you pushing so hard for this? 'Cause we're this guy's last hope.
'Cause I couldn't save his friend.
Because some good should come out of all this.
And what if they sue? Who? His buddy wants the liver He's not gonna live long without it.
The hospital could fire me.
Look, the guy's gonna die without the liver and he's never gonna get another one any other way.
- They could pull my license.
- Unlikely.
- You're acting in your patient's best interest.
- Or jail.
There's already legislation that's been passed allowing this.
It's just waiting for the governor's signature.
It'll still violate federal transplant regulations.
I know but it's absolutely ridiculous to let a perfectly good organ go to waste.
Look, the donor liver's not gonna affect the recipient.
The recipient's already got the virus.
He's got a good heart, he's got good lungs.
Low viral load, 320 CD4 count.
How do you think Weaver's gonna react? Well, she yeah, she might have a little issue with this.
She'll have a bloody conniption fit.
Which in itself is almost worth the risk.
Screw it Screw it.
Prep him.
I'll mobilize the team.
Sneaking tests on other doctors' patients? Ray? - You totally boned me.
I felt like an idiot.
- Sorry.
- Well, you were right.
- Really? Mm-hmm.
Check out the serum salicylates.
- Ah.
I'll let you know next time.
- Don't do it next time.
- Where's he going? - To the O.
Corday agreed to do the surgery.
You talked her into it? No.
Maybe a little.
- So you never responded to my offer? - Uh Right.
I think I'll take a rain check on dinner.
What about the meeting? - You still go to meetings? - I'll go if you go.
Um I'm good.
I see how hard you're throwing yourself into the job, Carter.
- It's a hard job.
- So's sobriety and so's losing a child.
- Hey, where's Dr.
Kovac? - I don't know.
What's wrong? - I think his Jane Doe is having trouble breathing.
- Call Respiratory Therapy.
Hey, I need to talk to you.
Talk to your patient, and while you're at it, you might want to add an amp of bicarb to his IV.
- You need to alkalinize his urine.
- What? He's got a toxic aspirin level.
- Hey.
- Hey, what are you doing here? Oh, pediatrician visit.
Somebody was being checked for pyloric stenosis.
Hi, Cosmo.
How's he doing? - Oh, good.
Just reflux.
Oh, hi, Frank.
- Hi.
- So, wow, you look great.
- Oh, thanks.
How's it going? - Is, uh, Chuny or Haleh around? - Yeah, uh, Chuny's around.
Why, you need a nurse? Well, I just need somebody to watch him before my bladder bursts.
I could do it.
Uh Well, are you sure? 'Cause, he-he can be really cranky.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yes, of course.
- Um, okay.
Well You'll need this, because he spits up.
That's what he does.
Basically spit, poop, eat, sleep, repeat.
Yeah, just like his daddy.
- How is Chuck taking to fatherhood? - You mean motherhood? Swear to God, he's more maternal than I am.
I'll be right back.
She'll be right back.
All right, the IV's blown.
I need to start another line.
Okay, seven P's.
Paralysis and sedation.
Protecting the airway.
Passing the tube.
Proof of placement.
Post-intubation management.
Okay, Preparation-- Suction.
Yankhauer's ready.
Preoxygenation O-2 100% non-rebreather.
- You got this, Howard? - Yup.
Six-five is ready if cords are tight.
Laryngoscope bulb is good.
- I can't believe how big he is.
- Oh, he should be-- he doesn't stop eating.
Where have you been? I was parked in the red zone.
Oh, I had to pee and everybody wanted to see Cosmo.
Okay, what's wrong with you people? You've never seen a baby before? Can we give him some room, please? What? No one's wearing masks or gloves.
- There's germs everywhere, babe.
- It's good for his immunity.
Carter, I called for a consult and I don't think I should have.
What patient? Which of you is Carter? I'm Dr.
- Do you know what otitis media looks like? - Yes I do.
Then maybe you should teach it to your med students so they don't call me down for a damn ENT consult every time a kid comes in with an earache.
She's closing off.
You're not gonna get any size tube in if you don't move.
Find Kovac? Couldn't find him.
Sats are down to 79.
CO2 monitor's ready, purple.
Paralysis and sedation 82.
5 of sux and 17 of etomidate.
Heart rate's 66.
- What are you doing? - Checking the doses.
- You've done that three times already.
- She's gonna end up criked if you don't move now.
Oh, God! Now, look what you've done.
You've ruined everything.
Howard-- Get it together! You can do this.
- She messed it all up.
- She's bradying down.
- Suction.
Laryngoscope - and have a 7-0 ready to go.
I got this.
She's my patient.
Pulse ox 72.
Suction! - Sux is in.
- Tube.
- It-it was on the floor.
- Give it to me.
Bradycardic, 55.
- Cords are so tight.
- 54, 52.
All right, have epi and atropine ready.
Howard, stand by with a six-five.
I al I always check four times.
I'm in.
Good color change.
Heart rate's coming up.
Sats 88.
Call for an X ray.
See if CT is ready to take her.
Pupils are nonreactive.
Were they nonreactive before? Uh, I don't remember.
I'll go check the chart.
Nice pass.
- He's good.
- Thanks.
Come on, come on.
Here we go! Shoot! Shoot! Tough break.
Played a good game.
- My team blows.
- Every team has good and bad days.
The most important thing is to try your best.
- Want to grab a pizza on the way home? - Sure.
I can help you practice some day if you want to kick the ball around.
- No thanks.
- I don't mind.
I played football in school.
I mean, "soccer.
" I was pretty good.
We could go, uh, to the park Look, Luka, I'm glad we're friends, but I've got a dad, and he's coming back.
- What happened? - Abby saved Kovac's patient.
From what? - Delayed laryngeal edema.
- And a freaking intern.
- Have you seen Howard? - Nope.
- Hey, Abby - Yeah, just a minute - Could you show me how to use - Not now.
You need something? Think you could get me her phone number? What's going on, Howard? Just, uh, needed some air.
- Sometimes it's olfactory overload.
- I was talking about the trauma.
You were looping in there.
Checking things three or four times, repeating your actions.
I like to be thorough.
Come on.
What is it? Sometimes I get nervous.
- Didn't seem like nerves to me.
Do you have OCD? - I've got to get back to work.
Yo, doc, the freak in the cape just put his hand through the window to Exam Two.
All right, set him up for sutures in Curtain One.
Carter, I think I gave Mr.
Ogilvie too much oral contrast-- he's vomiting everywhere.
- Doc, can I ask you a question? - No.
My patient in Exam Three has a two-inch head lac.
Should I use 3-0 Prolene or 4-0 to suture? Doesn't anyone knock anymore? Chuck? What are you doing? Oh, it's a supplemental nursing device.
What, you've never seen a father east feed his kid before? - I can't say that I have.
- These things are amazing.
You know, it allows the father to bond with the child in the same way the mother does, if you can get past the sore nipples.
- Wanna give it a shot? - No.
Doc, my patient in Exam Three has a two-inch head lac.
Should I use 3-0 Prolene or 4-0 to suture? Hey, Rockheart.
- What'd you call me? - Lockhart.
You heading home? That's what most of us do at the end of our shift.
Yeah, well, I'm sort of in between places right now.
I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot.
- Can I buy you dinner-- make it up to you? - No thanks.
Look, you were right about the bike courier.
He was altered from an aspirin overdose.
The more he popped, you know, the more his knee hurt.
He was popping them like M&M's.
You might want to suggest endoscopy.
It probably ate out his stomach lining.
Listen, can I ask you a question? - How well do you know Howard? - Not very, why? - He doesn't seem a little strange to you? - How so? Maybe a little obsessive or compulsive? He totally froze in a trauma today.
Abby, you've been in thousands of codes.
He's probably seen six.
Ought to cut the guy some slack.
You don't think I should mention it to an attending? What are you, the hall monitor? - Brats? - I like to live dangerously.
Come on, you got to wolf down a few dogs on the Fourth, it's tradition.
Didn't she used to work in the hospital? Neela? Hello and welcome to Jumbo Mart.
Can I help you? What are you doing? - Working.
- Here? We have a special on Fourth of July cupcakes.
Buy two and get one free.
Oh, sweet.
When you said you were looking for a job I thought you meant at another hospital or a clinic maybe.
I didn't have much luck.
You only looked for one day.
This is the only job I can get because I'm a loser.
You are not a loser.
At least you're close to the hospital.
Which is as close as I'm ever going to get.
- That's not true.
- Yes it is.
I blew it.
I blew everything.
I've got no job, no apartment, no money.
I mean, look at me.
I'm not even American.
- Oh, you're going down, you little freak.
- You suck.
- You're worse at this than at soccer.
- Bite me, you Slav bastard! Alex! - What did you just say? - What? - What did you say? - Nothing.
- I heard you.
You heard him.
What did he say? - I didn't hear anything.
It might have been the game.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure you heard the game, Mom.
Yeah, well, I don't want to hear that kind of talk out of you.
Or you.
- Hey, how was the game? - We lost.
- Yeah, but he played well.
- We still lost.
Well, maybe next time.
- Come on, grab your stuff.
- After this game.
Oh, Alex, please, now.
Or else I'm going to fall asleep right here on this couch.
You can stay here for tonight.
Plenty of room.
Actually, you can stay as long as you like.
Well, that's something that me and Alex would have to talk about first.
Talk about what? Talk about you getting your butt in gear.
Kramer can go home.
Balmore's waiting for a transfer to the jail ward, Henderson needs a monitored bed or the morgue, if he doesn't get admitted soon.
- Where is Ray? - Try the roof.
- What's he doing up there? - I think he lives there.
He lives in a call room.
He just cooks on the roof.
What are you doing? Just chillin'.
Looks like you're all moved in up here.
Yeah, well, the rent's right, and, hey, you can't beat the view.
Well, while you've been up here on your little coockout, your patient Mr.
Henderson has been circling the drain.
- He needs dopamine and a trip to the ICU.
- He's a DNR.
His daughter's bringing in the paperwork from Milwaukee.
Oh Want a beer? No, thank you.
I could throw on a dog.
No I'm good.
I heard about your son.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
That's got to be hard.
So you aren't really living in the hospital, are you? Why, would that be a problem? Might be a problem for Dr.
She has the place sprayed for interns.
Hey, dude, check it out.
Happy Fourth of July.
Yeah, you too.