ER Episode Scripts


Previously on ER: I was wondering if you found a permanent replacement for the Chief of Emergency Medicine.
Is there someone you want to recommend? Yeah, me.
You're doctors now.
Time to stop thinking like med students and take on a real patient load.
- You like it over there at Luka's? - Guess so.
- You like him, too, right? - Yeah.
Why? You two decide yet? About moving in? Don't.
Not unless you want to kill the romance.
They're on their best behavior at first and then, before you know it, they're farting in the kitchen.
Thanks for your help today.
If you wait for a second, I'll, uh walk out with you.
Lewis phone call.
Tell them I'll be back downstairs in a minute.
Seems kind of persistent.
Someone called Chuck.
Oh, yeah.
Hi, Chuck.
I can't talk right now.
Cosmo ate the yams? Okay.
Yes, sure, of course I'm thrilled.
It's just that I'm late for a meeting with Weaver.
No, no, no, I'm glad you called, just Chuck Chuck.
Chuck, I gotta go.
I'll call you back, okay? Bye.
- How's Chuck? - He's fine.
Thank you.
He's, uh, you know, he's excited 'cause Cosmo ate yams for the first time.
You know how babies are-- they like the bananas or the apples.
Henry loved the yam right from the get-go.
So, as to your one-month performance review Performance review? Now? You've been Emergency Chief for 30 days and I think it's gone well.
Staff feels positive.
"Esprit de corps" is high.
That's good to hear.
Which isn't to say there haven't been a few little glitches.
First, the average wait time to see a physician is almost ten hours.
I think we'd all agree that's a bit excessive.
Second, we had a record number of patients leave without treatment, which resulted in a record number of complaints coming directly to the administration.
- That would be me.
- Yes, Kerry, I've tried Third, the number of bounce-backs in under 48 hours was up 11%, signifying an increased rate of misdiagnoses, improper treatment and really just poor follow-up planning.
Kerry, you can give it to me straight.
- If this isn't working out - Oh, don't be silly.
I think you're doing a great job.
I just wanted to make you aware that there are still many, many, many, many problems for you to work on.
And if there's one word I can't emphasize enough, Susan it's leadership.
That's it.
Carry on.
Still waiting on transport for Mr.
Thanks, Jerry.
From when you were in Africa? No, these are new.
Kem just e-mailed me these.
I was going to print them up.
She looks happy - Uh, which is nice, considering - Yeah, she does.
Oh, very nice.
Anyone I should get to know? You're not her type.
Paramedics at the back door.
Lewis is upstairs with Weaver.
We'll take it, won't we, Doctor? Hey, that's Carter's, uh, whatever, right? Man, I could look at her all day.
injuries, chest wall contusions and deformities to both arms.
What's your name, ma'am? - Ruh-eze.
- Might be Louise.
There's no ID.
She was found in an alley; no purse, wallet, anything.
What happened? She could've fallen out of a window or dumped from a car, I don't know.
BP: 124/74, tachy at 118.
She's going to need an airway.
Let's clear her neck first.
C-spine looks good.
Does that mean I can talk to her? You can take the C-collar off.
Sit her up to 30 degrees.
You need a hand in here? Facial fractures, pulmonary contusions, fractured wrist, fractured hands.
- Name is Louise.
- Hi, Louise.
I'm Sam.
Let us know if this makes you at all dizzy.
- I - Don't talk if it hurts.
Carter, your COPD guy's seizing in Curtain Four.
Okay, go.
- 8-0 ET tube is ready to go.
- Not so fast.
- I - I' sorry I know it hurts.
Pulse ox 82.
I'm moving her up to five liters.
No intubation.
It's a LeFort Two.
She's going to need surgery.
She can't have an oral tube.
Okay, can I crike her? No, you're going to observe quietly.
Louise, you have a broken jaw and broken bones in your face.
Wait Now, we're going to put a breathing tube in your neck.
We'll numb you and sedate you for the procedure.
Wait Wait! I was raped.
Excuse me.
I'll be back, okay? - Are you the one the, uh - We've got the rape kit.
Got 'em done while she was out.
She doesn't need any more trauma.
Well, her full name is Louise Garvin.
We canvassed the neighborhood.
Her apartment's right above the alley where she was found.
Anyone see anything? No.
There were signs of a struggle inside.
It seems like she got away from him, and then maybe took a fall coming down the fire escape.
- Have you found any family? - Not yet.
Detectives are handling the case, and they're going to be here shortly.
They're going to want to talk to her to you and the doc.
Yeah, fine.
Hey, Jerry.
When the detectives get here for Louise Garvin, will you come find me? Okay.
We can't have patients sitting around for ten hours wating to be seen.
You need to adhere to a 15-minute rule.
Even if you're busy, the patient needs to be seen within - Yeah.
- Sure.
And we have a serious issue with bounce-backs.
Oh, man, I was supposed to suture that head lac in Two.
Okay, bounce-backs.
I need you all to provide after-care instructions-- written-- directly to the patient.
Make sure they understand Were you going to take that belly pain in Curtain Three? Yes, I was.
Make sure they understand the plan and that they know to go to their clinic or primary for follow-up.
Did you get the labs back on that renal colic? - Still waiting.
- What do those guys want? I got them a crate of Cracker Jacks.
Uh what's the, um about the follow-ups? Okay.
Mi-Cha Pak? - Mi-Cha, am I saying that correctly? - Yes.
I'm Dr.
Tell me about the pain you're having.
- It hurts here.
- Okay.
And is it constant or does it come and go? Comes and goes.
I think it's a kidney stone.
My father had one.
- Morris! - Sorry, okay.
What about a kidney stone? Her father had one.
- And are you - Sorry.
- What is your problem? - No problem, we're all set here.
Sorry again.
Um vomiting or fever? Any vomiting or fever? I think maybe I'm better.
I could probably go.
No, no, no.
As long as you're here, we'll take a look at you, okay? - We'll get you in a gown, okay? - Okay.
And I'll be back to examine you.
So, you two moving in? Girl, that's getting serious.
With Luka? That's getting lucky.
It just seemed to make more sense, you know? That's what my girlfriend said when she moved in six years ago.
So that's why you two are always coming in together.
No, Jerry, we just moved our stuff over last night.
We haven't even unpacked our boxes.
Living together is for wimps.
Real commitment comes with a ring.
Yeah, my girlfriend's on that one, too.
Excuse me.
I'm Detective Patrie.
I'm here about, uh Louise Garvin.
Yeah, she's over here.
She's in rough shape.
As soon as a bed opens up, we'll send her up to the ICU.
Did she say anything other than that she'd been raped? She could barely get that out.
She's got a crike tube now, can't talk at all, and two broken arms.
Hi, Louise.
This is Detective Patrie.
He's investigaing your case.
May I call you Louise? I'm so sorry about what happened.
I know this is difficult, but I'm going to need to ask you some questions if you're up to it.
Now, the man who raped you; was he someone you knew, a friend or an acquaintance? Anyone you saw around your building or neighborhood? Was he alone? It's just a mucus plug.
Louise, I'm going to have to suction you out since you can't cough this stuff up.
Can I still talk to her? Yeah.
Louise, was he alone? Did you get a good look at him? Would you be able to identify him if you saw him again? You know, I think that's enough for now.
When will she be able to talk? We'll have to ask Dr.
It's a gravid abdomen.
It hurts.
It hurts now.
I need sterile gloves, surgilube and help with a pelvic.
When was your last period? - I don't know.
- You don't know.
Did you have a gush of water today? Maybe, when I was peeing.
Oh, God, she's ten centimeters dilated.
- Oh, God, is right.
Effacement? - 100%.
Station's 2 plus.
- Call OB? - Yeah.
Okay, Mi-Cha, don't push.
All right? Listen to me and focus.
I need you to pant when the pain comes.
And don't push.
Hey, Chuny, can you help me with this gurney? - Is she having a baby? - I'm not pregnant.
- Pulmonary contusions are getting worse.
- That's why she can't talk.
She was punched so hard in the chest that her lungs are bruised-- swelling, fluid, bleeding in the air sacs Sam Her condition is critical.
We'll provide oxygen, wait for the lungs to heal and hope it doesn't get any worse.
- It could get worse? - Yes, much worse.
Doc, I need to talk to her.
I don't think that's going to be possible.
The details she could give us might help solve this case.
This rapist has been assaulting women all over the Northside.
He's violent, angry, and she's the first one who seems like she got a good look at him.
Isn't there something we could do? I think she really wants to help.
How? By blinking in Morse code? We can't miraculously cure her pulmonary edema.
She's being admitted to the ICU and then she'll go for reconstructive surgery on her facial bones.
In a week or so, they may be able to remove the tube and then she can talk.
Don't push.
Don't push.
What's she doing down here? She didn't know she was pregnant till I examined her.
- Her name's Mi-Cha.
- Hi, Mi-Cha.
I'm Dr.
- I'm not pregnant.
- Don't push, okay? Come on.
Come on.
Hey, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe.
- Breathe? - Yeah, breathe.
All right, we're not going to make it.
She's crowning.
- You want to take it? - No, not in the elevator lobby.
Okay, give me a BOA kit and a baby warmer.
Okay, don't push.
Hang in there, Mi-Cha.
You're gonna be okay.
Baby's LOA, normal presentation.
Okay, Mi-Cha, now I want you to push.
So push.
A little bit more.
Head's out.
Good, good.
Bulb suction.
Okay, now, stop pushing.
Stop pushing.
Don't push.
Don't push.
A little bit more.
And there we go.
Cord clamp.
Time of delivery, 11:14.
Oh, ten fingers.
Ten toes.
You have a beautiful, healthy baby boy.
You did great.
That's not my baby.
- What? - I didn't have a baby.
Abby's not making much progress with that Korean girl.
Well, give her a little bit more time.
She was hoping you could come.
If she can't break through that girl's denial, she ought to get Psych down here.
Is that a message you'd like me to give Dr.
Lockhart? All right, Haleh, why don't you tell her I'll check in with her in a few minutes.
Hey, Frank, call a taxi for Mrs.
Hear you're doing the "mi casa es su casa" thing.
- What? - Hell, it's none of my business.
Detective's still here.
You shouldn't have been so dismissive of me in front of him.
You didn't need to discuss the details of Louise's condition.
She deserves some privacy.
Yeah, and she deserves a chance to help.
We have an option we haven't even talked about.
And that is? If we deflate the crike balloon, Louise could whisper.
- You want to take her off the vent? - Just for a few moments at a time.
She's requiring 100% oxygen.
I take her off the vent every time I suction her, and she's fine.
Come on.
We both know it's possible.
Technically, yes, but why risk it? - Because she wants to help.
- She does or you do? What is that supposed to mean? You're sensitive about these kinds of cases.
What? You always want to stand up for women who've been assaulted.
And you don't? Of course I do.
Maybe because of when you were with Steve? Steve never raped me.
Physical abuse, hitting you? Oh, this has nothing to do with that.
- Are you sure? - Yeah! There's a violent rapist out there.
How are you going to feel in two days, two weeks, a month from now when we get another woman like Louise in here? Hey, crit's only 19 on your GI bleeder.
The Korean girl; her mother's in the Family Room, but Mi-Cha is still kind of living on another planet.
She's perfectly reasonable until I mention the baby, then she looks at me like I'm nuts.
Well, teenage denial can be fairly intransigent, can't necessarily attack it head-on.
- I know, that's why I - I'll talk to her.
- Hi, Mi-Cha.
- Hi.
How are you? How you feeling? I feel fine.
It's hard to sleep, though.
That baby cries.
- She said my kidneys are fine.
- Yes they are.
- Then can I go home? - No, no, you can't.
Not yet.
We're still waiting on a few more test results.
How long is that going to take? 'Cause my parents get really mad when I'm not home right after school.
Well, you're not in school today.
I still need to be home by 4:00.
Hey, Mi-Cha, have you checked out this baby over here? He's pretty cute.
Why do people keep asking me about that baby? We're just wondering if you like babies, or if you ever wanted to have a baby.
I don't know.
Maybe when I'm married.
Who cares? Want to try holding him? Why would I do that? I don't get why he's even in here; I mean, shouldn't his mother be dealing with him? Okay, you just take it easy, calm down, and we'll be back in a bit.
- Am I going to get out by 4:00? - Don't know.
Hope so.
So, is she pretending this didn't happen or does she really believe she didn't just give birth? Who knows? Her dissociative denial is pretty strong.
And I have her mother hanging around, and I can't break confidentiality and tell her about the baby.
Let me guess, this is the mother walking towards us? Uh-huh, that's Mrs.
All right, call Social Services and Psych again and get back in there, see if you can keep working on her.
I'm Dr.
Blunt head trauma; GCS: 13; heart rate: 92; BP: 112/72.
Why isn't she wearing a collar? - What collar? - You're not supposed to talk.
Did you just say "43"? Okay, what do we got? to bilateral lower extremities with arterial laceration.
- BP's 72 palp.
- BP's 72 palp.
I don't think she'd be talking on a cell phone, and I don't think she's a male.
Uh, we're here now.
I gotta go.
and abdomen, ST elevations on the strip.
I'm sorry, I know I just got here, but where are the bathrooms? What's going on? - Are you the Incident Commander? - Me? Mixed process chemical explosion at a maraschino cherry factory.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, this is a drill.
- What the hell? - Did you know anything about this? Dr.
Lewis! Uh, Louise is still asleep.
Yeah, I got some background information on her.
She lived alone since her husband died five or six years ago-- neighbor wasn't sure.
No children, haven't located any family yet.
I thought you might want to know.
Yeah, uh thanks.
I should probably get in there and check on her.
Yeah, guy uses a similar pattern each time.
- How many other victims? - Four women in the last 5 weeks.
He poses as a pizza guy, pretends to be confused about the apartment number.
Never open your door to anyone you don't know.
The others, are they okay? Rape isn't quite bad enough for this guy.
He likes to beat them, too, like Louise.
One died, the other three are in pretty bad shape.
I hope she makes it.
Each victim is giving us a clue.
You know, helped us get a little bit closer.
If Louise dies we'll just have to wait for the next one.
- Got a head lac, GCS 15.
- Yeah, she's a green.
Get her in Sutures.
- Suture room's full.
- Okay, then Curtain Four.
I want to stay with Katrin.
They said we could be together.
Sorry, you're a pelvic fracture, , Trauma One.
Guys, guys, you're not babies all right? Yeah, but if they were told they could stay together? - Yeah, they said so.
- Yeah, they said so.
Don't forget to call your consults and support staff.
They're keeping track of the response times.
Abby wanted me to tell you that Social Services is here.
They're in with the Korean virgin birth girl.
Okay, thanks, Haleh.
Frank, where's Jerry? He left on account of the infestation.
He was calling transport for a real patient in Two; going to CT.
I'm on it.
Wow, this is fun.
Oh, damn JCAHO drill.
Explosion at a maraschino cherry factory.
Yeah, that's what I heard.
I mean, come on.
Who makes this stuff up? I don't know.
Does something like this even exist in Chicago? I got rid of two greens and a merit badge holder who was dead.
Is it okay if I help a real person with double vision and vertigo? Susan, do you really want all the red tags parked in Trauma One? - No.
- Hi, I'm Trina.
I'm a Squad Leader.
Do you need any help? You've got a head lac.
You can't talk.
I wasn't asking you.
Phone call for Dr.
It's the lab.
They want to yell at you.
So Freemont has a pretty good football team, don't they? I don't go to that many games.
What kind of stuff do you do with your friends? Mostly we just eat lunch together at school.
What about the weekends? Do you go out as a group or do on dates? Some of my friends have boyfriends so they just go with each other.
- Do you have a boyfriend? - No.
Can I still leave by 4:00? Do your parents get very upset if you're not home on time? I have to be there for my brother.
Why is that? I take care of him.
- How old is he? - Twenty-three.
So you spend a lot of time with your brother? Yeah, of course.
And when you take care of him, what kind of things do you do? I don't know why you keep asking all these questions.
I'm getting tired.
Can I just take a nap in here? Sure, get some rest.
We should check out this brother.
Mom's in the Family Room.
If we have to, we can designate the baby as a Safe Haven.
Safe Haven? This baby's not abandoned.
Well, he kind of is.
He's got a mother right there.
He's got a grandmother down the hall.
Mi-Cha's not acknowledging the baby.
Exactly and in her current station she's not competent to give up the baby.
Yeah, but even if she does acknowledge him, we don't know if Shouldn't we at least try for that before we ship this kid off? We don't know anything about her family circumstances.
- Let's go find out.
- You can't break confidentiality.
Maybe the support of her family is exactly what this girl needs.
Carter I talked to her mother.
She seems very reasonable, very concerned.
This baby has a family.
Yes, Mi-Cha-- can I see her now? Mrs.
Pak, have you noticed any changes in Mi-Cha's condition over the last couple months? No, she's good.
Please tell me what's wrong with her.
So you didn't know that your daughter was pregnant? That's right.
This morning, she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy.
Her father will not have her in the house.
Pak - How long will she stay here? - Maybe a couple days.
Pak? She's awake.
- Did the Unasyn piggyback get here yet? - Yeah, I just hung it.
I'll get back to our little Ranger Scouts.
Yeah, be my guest.
Hey, Louise.
How you doing? Louise, the man that raped you, he raped four other women.
Now there might be a way that we could help you talk to the detective.
The tube that's in your neck has a little balloon on the end of it that we inflate to protect your lungs prevent oxygen from leaking out.
If I deflate the balloon and cover the end of the tube, you would be able to whisper.
Just a few words at a time.
There are some very real risks.
I would be depriving your lungs of supplemental oxygen for a minute.
But if there were a problem, I'd reinflate the balloon and put you back on the vent.
Do you understand what I'm saying? I would need to clear it with Dr.
Kovac, and I also need your consent.
Hey, Jerry, where's that surgical counsel on Rapke in Two? Oh, man, I have called them, like, five times, but they're so jerked around with these Ranger Scouts, they won't come down for something real.
Why don't you go up and physically drag one down here before the guy bleeds out? - As soon as I take these to the - No, Jerry, I said now.
Frank, call the lab, have them come pick that up.
And don't accept any excuses.
Which patient does Kovac have up at CT? You have to check the board, but stay away from Carter.
He's got his panties in a twist.
Just tell Kovac to come find me when he gets back.
Did they call yet about an ICU bed for Louise Garvin? They said maybe an hour.
Oh, uh, just wanted to let you know that I'll be leaving for a while.
- Louise is awake.
- Yeah, I saw her.
I told her I'd see her later in the afternoon.
- Well, she'll be in ICU by then.
- I'll find it.
Thanks for your help.
Detective Patrie, wait.
Uh, there is something else we could try.
You knew the drill was today? Dr.
Lewis? Dr.
Lewis, I'm Trina, remember? - Yes.
- I'd still really like to help.
You know what? You're a yellow tag.
You should be back in your area, okay? Oh, but I feel fine, and I really think I could be useful.
Oh, well, thanks again.
Oh, Malik, could you take Trina to the yellow tags? Yeah, no problem.
Are you sure? I'm good with injuries.
And I'm a people person.
Yes, anyway, I knew it was today because they called to schedule it.
Why you didn't tell the staff? I've got a new-onset scrotal pain, but we haven't got any room.
Can I move the Scouts out of Exam One? - Yeah, but they still need to be seen.
- Yeah, of course.
Well, I thought it was supposed to catch us by surprise.
Technically, but a hint wouldn't hurt.
Susan, you need to learn to take control, despite the rules.
Well, I guess I'm gonna need a little clarification on which ones to follow and which ones to break.
What should I do with the Ranger with the shrapnel injury? The OR won't let me through the door.
I'll call them.
Girls, girls please, stop.
You-You're gonna get hurt for real.
Uh, Morris, what the hell is going on? Oh, a vat of cherry dye blew up on this group.
They needed decon.
I couldn't find the key to the decontamination closet, so I sent them to the shower.
It was supposed to be a pretend shower.
Go round them up.
Okay, get them some scrubs.
Get them out of those wet clothes.
- Oh, my God.
- Susan, this is chaos.
We could use some help on Curtain Area Four with the green tags.
Okay, girls, we're gonna Girls, can I have your attention, please? Yo, scouts! That's much better.
Thank you.
Pulse ox 94.
That's good.
Okay, Louise, I'm going to deflate the balloon now.
You okay, Louise? Okay.
Sam was looking for you.
She went off with that Detective.
Okay, thanks.
Luka, can I give Mr.
Sanchez another four of morphine? Sure.
His chest pain is getting worse? Up to seven out of ten.
- Okay.
Repeat the EKG.
- Already did.
Says the pain radiates to his back.
Oh, could be a dissection.
Well, see if his chest X ray is ready.
Already got it.
It's bedside.
Better be sure this guy doesn't need the OR.
Louise, you said you got a good look at this guy's face? What color was his skin? White.
Was he tall or short? All right, do you want us to stop? Louise, was he tall or short? Kind of medium.
Maybe tall.
Jerry's not back yet? When is Jerry ever back? Is this where we keep the workmen's comp claim forms? No, no.
They're in these bins down here somewhere.
I talked to Mi-Cha's brother.
He's coming in.
Yeah? How's all that working out? Okay.
She's opening up a little bit about her family.
Meaning what? Conservative, traditional, old world, as in, you'd be pretty screwed if you were an unwed teenage mom.
Wendall had to leave on another case, but she's coming back.
- Do you want to talk to her? - To Mi-Cha? Again? Why? I don't know.
I just figured whatever helps.
What are these doing in here? What? Pictures of Kem from the computer.
What are they doing in this drawer? I really don't know.
Well, somebody printed them out.
You don't have any idea who? Well, Morris was looking at them, but Morris? Where is he? Well, he's wheeling one of those Scouts up to CT or something.
Hey, Morris! Morris, what the hell are you doing downloading pictures of my girlfriend? What?! Morris? You should really come and take a look at him.
Who? This beautiful baby.
This beautiful boy.
What are you talking about? You haven't even held him yet, have you? Why are you talking like this? Oh, he is so beautiful.
Look at those eyes.
Look at that face.
And all he wants to do is be held.
All he wants to do is be loved.
Do you know how lucky you are? Do you know what a miracle this is? What are you doing? I just don't understand.
Can't you see him? I mean, look at that.
Here, take him.
- Why are you doing this? - Hold him for a second.
I just thought that maybe if she-she held the baby for They need you down the hall.
- I was trying to, uh - They need you down the hall.
I don't remember.
That's okay.
You're doing great, Louise.
Did he have any tattoos or scars that you saw? All right, Louise, I'm going to blow the balloon back up.
It's okay, Louise.
I got you.
- What? Is she gonna be okay? - Go get Dr.
Kovac now.
Good news Mr.
You won't be needing that surgery after all.
- How are her sats? - 79.
She vomited.
I can see that.
She's aspirated.
Add five of PEEP, hang 3.
375 of Zosyn to cover aspiration.
Chest X ray now, and repeat in an hour.
Is she gonna be okay? She's sucked vomit into her lungs.
I don't think there'll be any more questions today.
- You left her airway vulnerable.
- I didn't expect the vomiting.
Her lungs were already in bad shape from the pulmonary contusions.
I wanted to help.
I explained the risks.
- It's what Louise wanted.
- And what you wanted.
Are you sure no one else knows about what you were doing in there? Just the cop.
Luka, her sats keep dropping.
Down to 72 on 100% oxygen.
Put her up to ten of PEEP.
Repeat chests.
Bilateral white-out.
Is that from the contusion or the aspiration? Does it really matter at this point? - Mi-Cha's brother's here.
- Good.
He's 23, but developmentally delayed.
Wendall's in there with them.
I'm heading in.
Do you want to come along? Nope.
You and Wendall can handle it.
I'm Dr.
So, Yong-Jo, you and Mi-Cha spend a lot of time together? First, we get up, and then, we have breakfast, and then Mi-Cha goes to school, and I go to Sadler's.
Sadler's? It's a supermarket.
I stock shelves.
I bag groceries.
I can lift things.
So, when Mi-Cha comes home from school, what do you do? She she stays home with me.
She doesn't go out ever.
She never leaves.
She stays home with me.
- What are you doing? - I didn't tell anybody.
Tell anybody about what? What are you doing here? I came to see you and the baby.
And the baby? I didn't tell anybody.
You told me not to, and I didn't.
I promise.
You believe me, don't you, Mi-Cha? I didn't do anything wrong.
Please, Mi-Cha Okay, Yong-Jo, let's go outside, okay? I didn't do anything wrong.
I know.
It's okay.
I didn't tell anybody! Mi-Cha? It's a real disaster in here.
Red tag, partially amputated foot.
Another red; unconscious and short of breath.
Uh, Trina Abdominal lac and dizziness.
She's only a yellow, but I think she's taken a turn for the worse.
- I can help.
- Trina, please, I-I think we'll be okay.
- Hey, Malik! - Yeah? Can you dispo all these fake patients? Respiratory distress needs 02, pulse ox, chest x-ray and a possible tube.
- Okay, it's in the works.
- Thanks.
What are you doing? Her foot's amputated.
If we don't put pressure on it, she'll die.
Trina, please.
You want her to bleed to death? You want that on your conscience? Please, please, Trina, please get back to your gurney.
But I can help you.
But you're not.
But I can.
I've earned a lot of badges: - Adventure Club, Adventure Teen - Trina Globe Trekking, Horse Lover, Horse Rider, Horse Grooming, Hiker, Safety Tips, Stress Tips, Sailing, Surfing, Boating, Bow and Arrow Stop it now! I don't care about your damn badges.
Water World? - Weather Watch? - You know what? That's it.
I'm done.
You're all out of here.
Excuse me? Every observers, all the little girls, out now! - This drill is over.
- You can't do that.
I'm the chief of Emergency Medicine here, and I damn well can.
We don't need this drill.
We had a helicopter crash in our ambulance bay, for God's sake.
So you can take your clipboards and little Ranger Scouts and hit some other sucker hospital, because my doctors and my nurses need to get back to treating real patients with real problems; you got it? Back to work.
Hey, I was afraid I was going to miss you.
Uh, yeah, we're just on our way out.
Yeah, just give me one second.
Uh, look, you're going to go up to the third floor.
Just tell 'em you're looking for the OR.
What? You're not coming? Look, just hang out for about 30 minutes or so, then roll yourself back down.
How's your dad? Uh, he came in for a G-tube, ended up with pneumonia, but after two weeks of antibiotics, oxygen, and chest PT, he's back to just being old.
I just fired all the Scouts.
No more fake patients.
Okay, good, but what about the ones that we dealt with? Broom 'em.
All of them.
See real patients only within Susan's seems to take this chief thing kind of seriously.
I don't know if it was the brother wanting to see the baby or us thinking the brother was the father.
Whatever, it got through to her.
So, the father was actually some guy that lives across the street? Yes, her boyfriend and her cover was having Yong-Jo say, "She never goes out.
She always stays home.
She never leaves me.
" - Good work.
- Thank you.
- How are they? - Uh, adjusting, hanging in.
Who knows? - Was that Carter who was just out here? - Yeah.
I thought he might come in.
I think all of this might've been a little bit rough on him.
Why? What do you mean? I don't know if you've heard what he went through last spring.
No, I hadn't.
Are you going to come back to work tomorrow? Well, that's the plan, as long as everything's okay on this end.
Is he okay? He just gets confused and agitated, and being in the hospital for that long didn't help.
Oh, damn it! Son of a bitch! - Son of a bitch! - Bradying down to 42.
Amp of atropine, and open the crash cart.
What about going up on the PEEP? - Pressure's too low.
- What about steroids? V-tach, no pulse.
Starting compressions.
Charge at 200.
Milligram of epi.
Clear! No change.
Check for pneumothorax.
Good breath sounds, bilateraly, no tracheal shift.
The Ativan's in.
You might not need these.
Send a tech to get a 28 French Button.
We'll put in a Foley to keep the tract open.
Shouldn't I register him first? No, don't bother.
I'm just gonna put the G-tube in and get him home.
What are you looking at him for? He's a 3rd year resident, I'm an attending.
I said he doesn't need to be registered.
I'll be back.
He should be in a nursing home.
I'd never do that to him.
Well, at least, you shouldn't have to do this.
- Call GI.
- Watch his hand.
He may react when I put him in the Foley.
Jing-Mei! - Still in fib.
- Charge at 360.
Heard she vomited, you think she aspirated? Clear! Fine V-fib.
Try 360 again! The balloon on the crike must have burst.
It happens.
Clear! Asystole.
- How long have you been at it? - 39 minutes.
What about the dopamine drip? No.
Hold compressions.
Get a strip.
We're done.
I'll clean her up.
She's a coroner's case.
Yeah, I know.
And when they do the autopsy, they'll see that the balloon didn't burst.
They'll see that it did.
So, is she gonna keep the baby? Well, we finally got her hold him.
One miracle at a time.
Look, I just came to appologize.
A few months ago, the woman that I'd been with we lost a baby.
I heard.
You're getting some help with that? I'm working on it.
Good night.
I thought they would've taken her by now.
I thought you were with that intussusception kid? Surgery took him up to the OR.
Sam, you don't need to do this.
I know.
- There are other nurses.
- I know.
I shouldn't have done it.
The contusions were severe, she could have died anyway.
I shouldn't have done it, Luka.
You did what you did to help the patient, Sam.
When I deflated that balloon, Louise was still so traumatized.
The guy kept asking all these questions and the only thing that she could remember was white guy, dark hair.
I did what I did for "white guy, dark hair.
" Come here.