ER Episode Scripts


Previously on E.
: Officer on deck! - Me.
I'm the chief.
- Yeah, Chief Pain-In-The-Ass.
- Welcome to County, Inez.
- Thank you.
I don't need anything from you.
I never have.
Don't come back anymore.
But I couldn't leave without seeing you.
- I need to think things out by myself.
- Where are you going now? I'm going to look at an apartment before work.
So what? That's it? We don't talk about this? Sam's moving out.
Why? I got a feeling it's our communication problem.
You're watching "The Sunrise" movie on WMAQ-TV, Chicago's Channel 5.
What did you say your name was again? I didn't.
I guess you didn't at that, did you? - Ay, Dios mio.
- Morning, Zoila.
I think you at work.
First Thursday of the month is when Samantha told me to come.
I'm running a little bit late.
You don't have to clean up today.
- But Samantha say - Samantha doesn't live here anymore.
I'll have her call you.
All these was at the lobby.
The dishes You're going to get cucarachas.
Currently, patient throughput is 8.
7 Now the problem is - Dr.
Weaver, can we - Not a good time, Morris.
If they need to be admitted to the hospital, that goes up to over 19 hours.
Certainly room for improvement.
That's where Caduceus Systematics come into the picture.
- Houston, we have a problem! - Okay, one moment.
Why don't you, um here.
Take a look at these.
Keep it down, Doctor.
I've got grant officers with me.
Grant officers? Ka-ching.
All right.
They're considering funding a pilot study here at County.
Kudos to you.
Now, what do we do about this new nurse czar, Eve something or other? Peyton.
She came in to meet with the Emergency Services Committee and we all loved her.
Is it her job to slow the floor down to a crawl? - I thought that was your job.
- My point being.
All the nurses, they're all in there just yakking away.
They're entitled to a staff meeting, Morris.
Not unless I say so.
We say so.
Not unless Dr.
Weaver says so.
Who's the attending on today? Supposed to be Susan.
- Well, that's not going to happen.
- So, it's true? She's leaving for a tenure position? Not yet.
She's just interviewing.
- Isn't Kovac coming in? - He's running a little late.
So, what else is new? Dr.
Weaver? Hold down the fort.
When's the last time anybody even saw a nurse? Oh Malik did an EKG for me six minutes ago.
Just let them have their powwow.
Chief say powwow over.
Guess he hasn't met the new nurse manager yet.
As part of the upcoming JCAHO site visit, any individual practitioners - I need you to step out.
- What? can and will be asked specific questions by the surveyor.
So, I need you to become very familiar with this booklet Shut up.
- I need a nurse, okay? - I'm sorry.
Dr Morris, is it? Yeah, I, uh have a patient with an abscessed tooth.
Needs I.
You need one of us to administer I.
antibiotics for you? That's what nurses do.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I wasn't aware of any literature on the benefits of I.
antibiotics in dental infections.
Literature? And as far as I know, oral antibiotics are still the standard of care.
Yeah, I know that.
Oh, good.
Then maybe you can educate the nurses about inferior alveolar dental blocks.
What? Doing a study to track patients is the best way to determine how to improve Hey.
Tony, can you give my friends here a tour of the rig? Sure thing, Dr.
Your shift started 40 minutes ago.
- Morning, Kerry.
- There's no attending on the floor.
Well, we seem to have a shortage.
Then don't make me come looking for you.
- Can we talk about this later please? - Okay.
No, I need to know that I need a gurney here! So, did you straighten those nurses out, Chief? Uh, they are autonomous professionals.
If they want to have a meeting, we're in no position to question that.
- She spanked you raw, huh? - It was all a blur.
Can't find a femoral pulse through the eschar.
- He's got a carotid of two plus.
- Need a hand with that? We got this, but can you check on my guests? They looked a little freaked.
Sam, we need a nurse here.
Inez, you go, too.
Unidentified burn victim.
No history, walked himself in.
Do you want me to start an I.
or check the B.
? Yeah, fine.
Access, vitals, fluids.
Let's go! - What's up with the camera? - Sending Michael a care package.
To Iraq? Figured I'd include photos of everyone.
Is there anything you want to send? Sure.
Like what? Well, something you think he'd miss.
Something he can't get there.
Oh, a movie, huh? It's not a bad idea.
Let me put it this way: it ain't Disney.
I know you're not sending him porn.
Just a little three-way, nothing dirty.
- Oh, I like the way you think, Frank.
- I'm not mailing this.
He'll get in trouble and I'll get arrested.
No, no.
I buried it inside some nature snoozefest about snow leopards.
That'll get it past those Army hounds.
This cannot be a good idea.
Listen, dear, I've been to war.
I know how horny a guy can get.
Yeah, thanksFrank.
That'll do.
KJ, I need you to make a run for me, man.
Again? I just got back from getting her that camera.
Hey, hey, hey.
No slouching, right? Like a shark.
Now, take this $20.
The generous Dr.
Catch me in a minute-- and help restock that cart.
What are you doing here? - Aren't we still getting together later? - Yeah, but I had a case upstairs, - so I thought I'd stop by.
- Oh.
What case? recovering from a stab wound.
The knife missed her heart by an inch.
How's she doing? Tells me she made one mistake.
She should have stabbed the bitch first.
Aren't they so cute at that age? You got anything for me? I always got something for you.
I meant work.
No GSWs yet, but the day is still young.
I saw Charlie Pratt at Ceasefire.
He said he stopped by here last week.
- How'd it go? - Quick.
It was quick.
I mean, we really have nothing to talk about.
- I'll see you for lunch then? - Definitely.
Lungs are wet! He's very tachy.
- I need that line, please.
- I'm working on it.
Tranquilo, seņor.
Como se llama? Ayudeme! Que paso? No se.
Morphine and fluids.
We need access, Sam.
- I know.
- No I.
, and he doesn't know what happened.
Worry about I.
after you've got him on a monitor.
And start a foley to document renal function.
Got it! 18 gauge in the left antecube.
A liter wide open! Feet and perineum are clear of burns.
Sam, what are you doing? - I'm gonna hang saline.
- I can see that.
Why? Because, uh, fluid requirements are 4 cc's per kilo.
Good, so you're familiar with the Parkland formula? Well then, you must know that lactated ringers is the preferred crystalloid.
Excuse me? - Oh, Dr.
Ko-vak, I'm Eve Peyton.
- Our new nurse manager.
It's "Kovach.
" Sats are down to 78.
This is a bad time to start pimping the nursing staff.
The worst times are usually the best times to learn.
Didn't Yoda say that? Suction.
All right.
You've got this.
Eve, why don't you come with me and I'll introduce you to the bean-counters.
All right.
- Did you call that woman? - Yes.
Your daughter's on her way.
You might want to check in on Penny.
Penny Nicholson? If at first you don't succeed Believe that would be my kidney? -Hi, Penny.
- Hi.
Nice to see you again.
- I'm Dr.
Rasgotra, Mr? - Trimbody.
It's my stage name.
How apt Do elementary school health shows.
"The Respiratory Rumba," "Hi-Gene, Good-bye B.
," "The Heart Is a Lonely Beater.
" We get it.
Discomfort after a fall.
Slipped on a puddle of Jell-O in the cafetorium right in the middle of my musical number on the reproductive system, "Ova Here, Ova There.
" Breath sounds are equal.
Check for splenic tenderness.
All right.
Take a deep breath, sir.
She was about to feel my liver, wasn't she? I mean, come on, you're not in the fifth grade.
My spleen is right here.
- There's no need to get excited.
- Should I draw you a picture? Oh, look! I already have.
The entire human anatomy! Actually, sir, it's not! You have no genitalia.
Ready? - You blocked it.
- What's that for? Michael's care package.
I'm getting photos of everyone, plus anything people want to send him.
Frank's giving him porn.
The gift that keeps on giving.
What are you going to send? Well, I made this mix CD, but I don't know.
"Weekend In New England".
Michael's got a weak spot for Barry Manilow.
Very weak.
I could send him a menu from Gibson's or a Cubs program, or I've got some pressed flowers I could You'll figure it out.
Here, sign this for him.
The lighting in here is brutal.
That's all you got from him? No family, no address? The guy was in pain, okay? Well, I'll go up with you in case he wakes up.
Uh, maintain the PEEP around ten and tell the unit they'll need central monitoring on this guy.
You didn't even get a name? He really wasn't up for an interview.
Nice way to start the day, huh? How's the new place? Uh, it's okay.
- You know, we're getting used to it.
- Oh, here.
Some of it's a few days old.
Oh, thank you.
Are you gonna take Alex to that soccer game on Saturday? - Oh, if you still want me to - Yeah.
No, I think that - No, I mean I wasn't sure that - No, I think, I mean You should.
That could be good for everybody.
I was thinking I've been thinking We let things get away from us, but we don't have to We don't have to leave it like that.
A lot happened fast.
Too fast.
Maybe we should just take our time, make sure we know what we're doing.
I don't want this to be one more thing I messed up.
We're pretending, Luka.
I don't want to pretend anymore.
Sam, do you have that Uh, your piggyback.
Right here.
How much did you take? I'm fine! Let me out of here! Sit down and relax, okay? - How old are you? - Sixteen.
Pretty stupid.
I got a 2,200 on my SATs.
You work for the county.
Who's stupid? Two liters of saline, send off a B.
and don't light a match around our little genius here.
That's why they call me the "Whiz Kid.
" Go with God.
Oh, yeah! Look at that.
This is an 18 french foley catheter, Erik.
What's it for? I'll need you to remove your pants.
Labs are back on your U.
- How's your burn guy? - In I.
Any leads? Cops are looking into it.
And he just walked in here like that? High tolerance for pain, I guess.
Let me know if you hear anything.
Robbie Beckwith, 11, blunt face and head.
He was on one of those motorized scooters, hit some lady on skates.
- They're unloading her right now.
- I'll get that one.
Robbie, can you squeeze my hand, please? Okay, Pratt should take this.
He's altered and he had no helmet.
CT? - Chuny, where's Pratt? - With a new onset seizure in Two.
Guess it's you and me.
Trauma panel, C-spine, chest and pelvis.
-Head and facial CT? - After the plain films.
- My mom.
I want my mom - They called her.
She's on her way.
You lost a couple of teeth, Robbie.
Wear a helmet from now on, okay? I promise.
Need anything here? No, we're probably just going to tube him and get him to CT.
I'll call for a vent.
We may not need it.
- You're not going to tube him? - I don't know yet.
I've got three nurses here for the traumas.
I can float in a fourth, if you want.
There's a lot of bleeding from the nasopharynx.
- I can't visualize the source.
- He's getting wheezy.
He's going to need help breathing.
That's all I was saying.
I'm going in with Abby on a diffuse abdominal pain.
Why don't you show her how to secure the airway? Really? Yeah.
I'll be next door.
Seven O E.
Sux is on board.
- Pulse ox 99 on two liters.
- Pupils equal and reactive.
- What happened? - We were rollerblading by the lake.
My first time.
She got dizzy and rammed into some kid on a scooter.
- No breakfast.
- I tried to catch her, but I Why are you wearing those in here? We left our shoes at the rental place.
Good breath sounds bilaterally.
Have you ever had any seizures? - Any heart problems? - No, I'm healthy.
- You on any medications? - Nothing.
Just multivitamins.
Hemocue's low-- 6.
- You ever been anemic before? - No.
Is that a burn? It's probably from the scooter's tailpipe.
Okay, belly CT, ultrasound, two units of O-neg.
Call surgery and hold an O.
- What's happening? - She's losing blood somewhere.
- But I'm not even cut.
- No, it's internal.
You guys good in here? - He needs that lac looked at.
- Yes, he does.
I'll be back soon, Stephanie.
Hey, how do you like those things? They they hurt your knees at all? - That Morris guy-- what's he do? - He's chief resident.
No, seriously.
Damn it.
There's a ton of blood.
The cords are swollen.
What if you can't get through? - Then we move on to Plan B.
- What's Plan B? Sam, set up the fiberoptic.
How long will the paralytics last? Look it up in the P.
, you'll remember it better.
I got the scope, but the light source, got to find one.
Morrison's is clear, no free fluid.
Fiberoptic light source in here? Uh, I saw it in Exam Three.
How's it going in there? It's going.
- First unit of O-neg is up.
- No hemothorax.
- Is that good? - Yes, it is good, but it still doesn't explain the blood loss.
I'm here.
Blunt abdomen, severe anemia.
FAST is negative.
? Uh, hasn't dropped yet.
She's tachy, but maintaining systolic of 110.
- Any pain there? - Not really.
- Extra red top, please.
- Here you go.
Microscope? Obviously, there is an occult bleeding source.
Well, Dr.
Kovac, normally this might be the part where we'd argue over whether you were hasty in calling me down.
I'd question the accuracy and thoroughness of your assessment and we'd play mind games in a futile attempt to one-up each other.
But you know what? I'm just not in the mood today.
Why? I don't know.
Lack of sleep, stress.
Maybe you people have just worn me out.
And yet, even then Dr.
Lockhart, what do you see? Microcytic hypochromic anemia.
And is that an acute condition? No, it is not.
It is a chronic condition, the differential of which includes Iron deficiency, thalassemia, sideroblastosis, lead poisoning.
Are any of those surgical? Anybody? New nurse? Next time, please consider the innate skills and abilities that I suspect led us all to be doctors.
Dust them off and put them to use before you summon me.
Good luck, dear.
Was it something you said? - Light source is on high.
- Sats are 92.
All right, here we go.
This is Mrs.
Beckwith, Robbie's mom.
I've explained the situation.
- Is he in a coma? - No, ma'am.
He's just sedated.
Oh, I told him to be careful on that thing, to wear a helmet.
- Turn up the suction.
- Has Dr.
Kovac been in here? He left to work on that lady.
- Sam, crichoid pressure.
- Got it.
Is he coming back? I'll go update him.
Here, Penny.
You're sure you've never been anemic? - Positive.
- Ever had an ulcer? What is it? - You might want to look in on this.
- Not right now.
's on the monitor.
- Okay, is the first unit in? - No, I.
's infiltrated.
She's only got 50 c.
She needs some blood.
Is there anything from your medical history that we need to know about? Anything else you can think of? Nothing important.
I mean, I tested positive for BRCA-one last year, but I'm tumor-free.
BRCA-one? It's a genetic mutation that indicates an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.
Try an 85% chance, but I know I don't have cancer yet.
- Man, I cannot get an I.
! - Neither can I.
Okay, set me up for a central line.
Betadine and sterile gloves.
Sats are in the low 80's.
Did Dr.
Kovac say how long? - Damn it! - Actually, he didn't say much.
- Let's get those sats up.
- Is he not breathing right? - Maybe you should crike him? - Too young.
It's not indicated in children under 12.
Line is primed and ready.
- Dr.
Kovac - Guidewire.
Cordis introducer.
Pratt needs a more experienced physician - to help him get the fiberoptic.
- Okay, wire's passing, 100 of lidocaine.
Pratt is very experienced with the airways.
He'll get it.
Stephanie, is there anything unusual you might have ingested? - He needs you in there.
- Multifocal P.
This woman is decompensating.
- And that child is hypoxic.
- Run of four.
Because to fix it, we have to know what it is.
I didn't take anything.
There should be an attending in there.
I'll be in as soon as I can.
Okay, then.
Where's your difficult airway box? It's over there.
Do you work with pottery or stained glass? - Those have heavy metals in them.
- Excuse me, Miss Peyton I have a Ph.
, so if you'd like to get formal, call me "Doctor.
" Open the crash cart.
Stephanie, what is it? I've been going to Mexico for treatments.
To prevent cancer? A three-day juice fast with herbal enemas, and some natural medicine to boost my immune system.
Lead poisoning.
Send a level.
Okay, B.
35 milligram I.
for chelation.
Why didn't you say something sooner? I was scared.
I didn't know what it would do to my coverage.
What's going on? Laryngeal mask airway.
Tip of the cuff on the palate and guide with your index finger until you feel the resistance of the hypopharynx.
And inflate.
And bag.
You might want to educate your residents about the L.
as a rescue device in "can't intubate, can't ventilate" patients.
Sats are coming up.
It's working.
Thank you.
Take it from here, Doctor.
I'm going to go find a bedpan that needs emptying.
I didn't even know we had LMAs on the floor.
Been on order since July, arrived last Friday.
As part of my orientation, I went through the supply lists, item by item.
Oh, sounds like something Weaver would make you do.
Actually, I did it on my own.
Is there some sort of history between you and Dr.
Kovac? Uh, nothing to worry about.
It's a nurse-doctor issue.
If I don't worry about it, who will? It's a personal thing.
Won't come up again.
Sam, is our kid up in CT? Yeah, he's with his mom.
Hey, and since when do we have LMAs? Since last Friday, from what I'm told.
- I hope I didn't blow it.
- Kovac shouldn't have left you.
Yeah, but I told him I had it.
- Hey, Dr.
Got it.
- We all set up? Let's go find Neela.
If I wasn't a feminist, I'd call that new manager a bitch.
She's all up in my stuff, writing everything down.
- Are we getting evaluated, Sam? - I guess so.
Beware the Blood Countess.
A pizza? You want to send a pizza to Iraq? It's a deep dish.
Mikey loves it.
- I understand that.
Look, We got the dry ice, we got the waterproof shroud, so - It's going to be a week in transit.
- It will? I I could look into flash-freezing.
It's all good.
Just, you know, take the picture.
All right.
Say "cheese.
" Cheddar.
- So, should I -No, don't worry about it.
I'll take care of everything.
I got this.
What's the matter with you, man? This thing won't make it to Baghdad.
What were you thinking? Hey.
CT's on the line.
Your scooter boy's heart rate dropped.
Is Stephanie okay? They said that I still can't talk to her yet.
How, uh how deep into this thing are you? What? Oh, we only met a few nights ago at a, uh, J speed-date.
- But we really hit it off.
- J what? Oh, it's for Jewish singles.
You go around to each table, chatting for a few minutes with each person.
See who responds to whom.
Are you Jewish? No, no.
I had a crush on a Semitic girl once.
That's a, um that's a holy prayer that you just said.
Yeah, yeah.
I spent a lot of time at synagogue, guess you could say stalking her.
Those rabbis, man-- they hit hard.
I think I I really like her.
Sorry about that.
Diffuse brain edema.
Facial CT shows a LeFort Two fracture.
What does that mean? He's going to need surgeries to fix the bones in his face.
I'll put him back on monitors.
- And set up for a formal trake.
- What's that-- trake? We need to put a surgical airway in his neck.
All right, we're going to need 12 of decadron I.
push and 60 of mannitol.
Number eight sterile gloves.
Betadine and steri-drape.
One per cent with epi.
CT report.
Norma, you need anything? Um, my husband we're separated.
- Uh, did anybody - Yes, he's been called.
Do you, uh do you have a washroom? Chuny, I'll get that.
Why don't you show Mrs.
Beckwith where that is, okay? - Vertical incision? - Come with me, ma'am.
I'll bring you back when they're done, okay? Three centimeters from the cricoid cartilage to sternal notch.
I'm glad you found time to supervise your resident.
Cauterize here for the hemostasis.
There's no excuse for what happened earlier.
I was with another patient.
- That woman was less critical.
- Not by my assessment.
Then your assessment was wrong.
- Ready to divide the thyroid isthmus.
- Two kellys.
A kid with severe head trauma takes priority.
You shouldn't need a nurse to tell you that.
And you shouldn't need a doctor to explain to you that it's not always clear who the most critical is.
Then I suggest next time you call in a second attending or you get a more senior resident.
Hey, I'm an R4, all right? I thought I had it.
Perhaps you and I need to have a talk in private about which nurses you're willing to work with and which ones you're not.
That way, this won't have to happen again.
Number six shiley.
It's hard to come up with the right thing.
Are people sending Michael loser presents? Well, Pratt thinks he can send him a pizza.
And Chuny got him these.
But I meant from me.
Well, what's your current plan? Well, I wrote him a poem.
Are you sure you want me to Scented.
It rhymes.
- Is it too high school? - Yeah, it's kind of cheesy.
- I'm an idiot.
- No, you're not.
Look you're his girlfriend, right? Well, I I guess.
Well, Neela, a man at war has certain needs.
You're beginning to sound like Frank.
I get that a lot.
Meet me in the family room in ten minutes.
I'm tired of fighting with you.
Give it a rest today.
Look, if there's an issue between you and that nurse It's my job to assess where I'm needed.
I understand that.
Yeah, and as for me and Sam, we're a couple.
I mean, it's it's not a problem.
All right, then.
Look, normally, I try to resolve internal issues as as calmly, as civilly as possible.
And you probably don't understand that because in this case well, I didn't.
Look, from now on, I'm just going to focus my attention on determining how the nurses should be utilized.
That sounds good.
Don't be so serious.
Try to relax a little bit.
- Have some fun.
- This feels too weird.
It's okay, it'll be fine.
Come on.
Oh, grab those lollipops.
You're kidding, right? No.
Come on.
This guy's asking for you again.
Secret of my success, Chuny-- always leave them wanting more.
And done.
You don't need a bra.
Take it off.
I can't.
It'll be fine.
Like this? Nice.
Do my legs look okay? Yes.
You have the gams of a patriot.
Now make love to the camera.
That's great.
Thank you.
Where's your roller-date? Lou? He said he'd come back with pizza and Snickers.
Seems like a sweet guy.
So, your lead levels came back critical.
Is that from my treatments? It's probably from the herbs you were taking.
You're going to need a series of injections, but the anemia should resolve.
More importantly is what you're doing about the BRCA.
What I'm doing? Yeah.
Can you hold onto this for a minute? If you like, I could get an oncologist to come down here and talk to you.
I don't want that.
You okay? I saw an oncologist when I first found out.
What made you get tested? My doctor recommended it, on account of my mother.
Is she positive, too? She beat cancer once when I was little, but it came back to get her.
I watched her getting smaller and smaller all winter.
And then, as soon as the leaves began to go green, she passed away.
It was right before my senior prom.
She was 44 years old.
I'm sorry.
Did the oncologist you spoke with mention anything about prophylactic surgery? - You mean having my breasts removed? - And an oophorectomy.
I'd never do that.
That's why I tried Mexico.
I want to I want to fall in love.
I want to have a child, a family while there's still time.
Well, then, you might want to consider just the mastectomies - and wait for the ovarian - "Just the mastectomies"? Would a man even want to look at me then? There have been a lot of advances in reconstructive surgery and you need to protect yourself.
Can you promise me that giving up my breasts would protect me? It would decrease your chance of getting cancer by 90%.
And I would lose months of my life to recovery with no guarantees.
And the clock is ticking, you know.
I'm not getting any younger.
Tell me which poison to pick .
the cancer risk or the surgery.
Well, I can't.
But maybe an oncologist could.
- Mr.
Beckwith? - Are you Doctor, uh - Kovac.
Please, come with me.
- Where is he? Can I see him now? Uh, I'd like to talk to you about his condition first.
- Is my wife here? - She's in with Robbie now.
- Oh, is he awake? I want to see him.
- You will, soon.
I told her not to get him that thing.
She's always making me out to be the bad guy, spoiling that kid rotten.
Why don't we go inside so I can explain to you where we are at with Robbie now.
I'm not going in there.
I know why you take people in there.
- Sir, please - No, my boy is not dead! Mr.
Beckwith ? - Where is he? - Sir, can you just calm down? - Sir - Robbie! Robbie! There's a swelling in his brain.
We hope it's going to go down soon.
We had to put an emergency airway in his neck.
What did you do? I'm sorry, Jack.
I'm sorry.
Security! I didn't want that floor to be without an attending.
It's all right.
My shift starts in 35 minutes, anyway.
Your shift? Yep.
Until we get new faculty, it's just you, me and the moonlighters.
Hey, Doc.
Wife doesn't want to press charges.
How about you? No.
When she leaves the room, let him go inside, see his son.
Hey, uh, the burn victim who went up to ICU, how's he doing? He's hanging in there, last I checked.
The guy's such a mess, he can't even tell us his name.
How you doing? -That floor came out of nowhere.
- Hey, I signed out to Morris.
- He's our mini-chief, right? - Just go.
- Neela, you el-train-bound? - In a minute.
All right.
I'll walk out with you.
What are you doing? Found it in sutures.
It was wrapped in a death kit shroud.
- It's kind of soggy.
- Frank, that was for Gallant.
Hey, try Lou Malnati's.
They overnight.
So, uh, Neela I feel you should know that I minored in photography.
So, if there's anything you ever need a hand with Shut up, Morris.
- What's he talking about? - Nothing.
Okay, different tack: As chief resident, I think I need to know what you and Abby were doing in that room on company time.
- And by "know," I mean see.
- You know what, Morris? Just because you're so cute.
- Sebaceous cyst abscess.
- On somebody's ass.
- Oh, it's my fat guy in Curtain Two.
- Weighing in at an easy 400 pounds.
Looks like it's leaking, Morris.
You might want to check that out.
I won't have to sleep up here, will I? No.
We have a bed for you on the third floor.
We both know what they're going to say.
The safest thing would be for me to have the double mastectomy.
Well, I know it's a sacrifice, but it's not as though you'd have to live without breasts forever.
It won't be the same.
It won't feel like my body.
Well, the things you want you can't have if you get cancer.
So, if you were me, you'd do it.
Well, sometimes, we want life to stay the same, but it doesn't-- it changes.
And if I were you, I hope I would be brave enough to change.
- Hi, Abby.
Is this Miss Lowenstein? - Yes, it is.
Geary can see you now.
I'll check on you tomorrow.
Someone picking you up? Erica's dropping off Alex.
Heard you had a little throw-down with a patient.
Uh, not a patient.
The scooter kid's father.
Oh, Robbie.
He's having some purposeful movements.
More than I can say for myself today.
I shouldn't have left him.
It was the wrong thing for the wrong reason.
We'll figure it out.
Let's start again tomorrow, huh? Tell Alex I'll be seeing him for that soccer game tomorrow.
He's going to be real happy.
- Hey.
So, you off? - No, coffee.
I got six more hours.
Hey, walk with me.
Something wrong? You're sleeping with him.
I was.
It's over.
It's never over, hon.
Trust me.
So I don't think it's appropriate for the two of you to work together.
What? And since I can't control physician shifts, - I guess I got to rejigger yours.
- Rejigger? - I took a look at the schedule, and - Whoa, come on.
Wait a minute.
It seems to work out if you work Tuesday and Friday nights and pick up a third shift Saturday or Sunday.
That's two less than I'm already doing, which I can't afford and I'll never see my kid.
- I'm doing you a favor.
- It doesn't sound like it.
Well, I could do what any other manager would do.
How do you feel about I.
or Recovery? Geriatrics always has openings.
- You're threatening to transfer me? - I am giving you a choice.
Well, I'm an E.
So be here Friday, 8:00 p.
, ready to work.
- Don't you have work? - Nope.
48 hours off.
Oh, lucky you.
Oh, there's more in the fridge.
Well, who's the other one for? Having a sleep-over.
I ordered a Caesar salad and a root beer.
It should be right out.
Hey, sailor.
New in town? - Have a seat.
- No, I have to get going.
I took our BRCA lady up to oncology.
It was sad.
She was telling me how she's at this point in her life where she's worried that some of things she wants she's never going to have.
She could never imagine feeling that way Sad.
You must miss it.
- You'd be a terrible sponsor.
- Yeah, I could never give up.
I'd miss it too much.
Well, you might want to think about suspending it for the evening.
Need a ride home? - No, but I think you do.
- I do? - You're not driving like this.
- I'm not? I can't concentrate! Help yourself to something.
Didn't take you long to embrace the bachelor lifestyle.
It's like riding a horse.
Or living in a barn.
Can't get him out of my head.
Who? That guy.
What a mess.
All melted flesh.
But even so, enough will to keep walking.
Body ruined, but still, desperate to live.
And he's alive.
Yeah, I wonder, if I If I were hurt like that If you'd keep on walking? If if anyone would know who I was.
I would.
You know You might want to think about getting a housekeeper.
'Cause it's really disgusting in here.
In a charming sort of way, of course.
You want a coffee? Probably don't want a coffee, but I got you black coffee.
He'll be here any damn minute.
I think Sam's right.
We ought to.
What about after? What about after we do it? What do we do then? Then you live with it.