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Previously on E.
: I saw Charlie Pratt at "Ceasefire".
He said he stopped by here last week.
- How'd it go? - Quick.
Did the oncologist you spoke with mention anything about prophylactic surgery? You mean having my breasts removed? There have been a lot of advances in reconstructive surgery and you need to protect yourself.
Can you promise me that giving up my breasts would protect me? I had my annual PSA screening.
Needle biopsy showed a moderately differentiated prostate cancer.
I'm so sorry.
Does this hurt, Blaire? - She's in a coma, Inez.
- Not anymore.
What's the last thing you remember? Were we in an accident? The reason I'm calling, Dr.
Clemente, is that, according to my notes, you were supposed to start today.
So unless your plane went down or you got hit by a bus, you'd better get in here as soon as you get this message.
Hey Luka, I need you to wait.
Pratt's running behind; the new attending's a no-show.
It's his first day.
You'd think he'd want to make a good impression.
You never did.
I have to go.
Page me if he doesn't show up.
- Whoa.
Where are you rushing off to? - I have to go upstairs.
Why? Uh, never mind.
Last time I reached out to someone, Dubenko tried to make me his concubine.
- Ah, hello, my people.
- You're late.
- Not according to me.
- Yeah, according to me-- I got 20 patients on the rack.
Chest pain, I need a monitored bed! We don't have one.
Do a - Is Dr.
Lewis coming in? - Dr.
Lewis is never coming in again.
She took a tenure track position in Iowa City.
- Just like that? - Just like that.
That's why Dr.
Clemente is supposed to be here now.
Who's this Clemente guy, anyway? He was Residency Director at Jacobi in the Bronx, then did a stint in Newark.
Is he gonna be the new department chief? We're forming a search committee.
The guy wouldn't be here if he wasn't angling for it, right? - Hey Abby, vomiting blood.
- My favorite.
Ray, nosebleed Sorry, I'm on my tox elective.
I was just rolling down here to remind everybody about my gig tonight.
The Pogo Lounge? Isn't that a strip club? It's behind the Lava Lounge, which used to be called the Aqua Lounge.
Roomie, you gonna come? It's why I wake up in the morning.
Okay, med students.
Burning urination.
- Seafood allergy.
- We're not really doctors.
That never stopped Morris.
Roswell and Marshall are pre-med.
They're collecting data for my grant, tracking patient through-put time.
Well, if we don't start moving the meat, they're gonna be unemployed.
You want me to supervise everyone else and take on three new patients? You're an R-4, stop whining.
- And where you going? - The Weaver Lounge, to work on my presentation.
Anything short of a meteor crash, don't bug me.
Pratt, EKG looks good.
All right.
Where's your pain, sir? It's not a pain.
I I just feel something right here.
- BP 124 over 78.
- What's it feel like? Just feels really heavy, like a boulder.
I can't breathe, Doc.
Say no more.
Sir, would you do me a favor and open up? Yo yo, I did two lines of coke last night.
- What?! - And a bottle of tequila.
- You did?! - Not to mention three Viagra.
Why didn't you say something? Aren't you supposed to take my history? Who are you? Victor Clemente, your new attending.
And congratulations, Doc, you just killed me.
Usually, Dr.
Pratt is very thorough.
Look, we're getting slammed.
It's okay; death becomes me.
I've got a Q-and-A upstairs, but maybe I should stay down here.
No, no, go ahead.
Take it.
Kevorkian and I-- we'll hold down the fort.
Hey, Jerry, you know where to find me, right? Mm-hmm.
You know, you sure know how to make an entrance.
Just trying to get the lay of the land, that's all.
Yeah, but I think you took it too far.
You should've seen me at St.
Mary's, I took it all the way to a rectal.
She was cuter than you, though.
Oh, look at that.
Look at that.
You guys still using X-ray film? I thought everybody was digital by now.
- Oh, hey, nice job shaving my chest hair.
- No problem.
Now, it took 24 minutes to get my vitals-- 24 minutes! Now, come on, I know we can all do better than that.
Yes, we can.
Yes, we can.
That's totally what I think.
Archie Morris, chief resident.
You know, usually, it takes me about ten minutes to figure out who the kiss-ass is, but, hey, at least we're breaking records somewhere, huh? Now, the EKG was prompt but the resident's evaluation was sloppy.
- Come on, you know we were busy.
- It's always busy, it's always chaos, it's always out of control.
Look, I know you people don't have enough hours to spend with every patient, but our job is efficiency and excellence.
We're marksmen-- we hone in on what's important, we hit our target with one shot and we move on.
We should call psych on this guy.
And who are you? Abby Lockhart, R-2.
Oh, yeah; Weaver was talking to me about you.
I'd like to say it was all good, but it wasn't.
Can we start by clearing this stuff? - Okay, in Trauma One, we have - A grease board! God, I haven't seen one of these since the '80s.
That's pretty cool.
Look, unless anybody has any objections, I prefer walking rounds.
We all learn, okay? Let's go.
He's kinda hot.
I thought you had a boyfriend.
He's at war and so are my hormones.
Come in.
How are you? This toothbrush feels like a hundred-pound weight.
Well, it's normal, after such prolonged bed rest.
Please tell me you brought some Rocky Road and a cheeseburger.
Just came by to test your muscle tone again.
So, no fries? Well, at least you're not Dr.
He brings tours in here like I'm some freak at the Wild Animal Park.
He's excited that you're awake.
"She's alive.
" "She's alive.
" Squeeze my hand.
Okay, that feels a little stronger than last week.
Try to lift up your leg.
That's good.
Very good.
Well, it's more than you could do the last time.
That's thanks to three hours a day with Helga, the therapist from hell.
Oh, I see you had some visitors.
Yeah, that was my best friend from college.
I haven't seen her since graduation.
I asked her for a joint and she brought me a teddy bear.
Well, that's good for her.
The last thing you need is to take anything that will interfere with your recovery.
I need to take the edge off.
Waking up and finding out that your mom's dead and your fiance's MIA and you've literally slept through your 20s is just a little stressful.
Has Dr.
Shulansky said anything about the accident? All I know is you and your mom were driving, and it was some kind of traffic collision.
Yeah, that much I remember.
We were on our way for my final fitting for my wedding dress.
It was strapless with a tulle skirt.
I wouldn't even let Jason see it.
Your fiance? You spoken to him? Oh, that would fall under the heading of "Scared as hell, don't know how to do that one.
" A lowered tidal volume of 6CC per kilo decreased mortality from 40% to 31%.
You twirl a knob, you're gonna save a life.
Okay? All right, let's go.
Gracias, Doctor.
- De nada, mami.
- Those a cool shoes, man.
Adidas? Get laid, Morris.
Boris Nadinovitz, presenting with fever, lymphadenopathy and night sweats-- no obvious source.
So what's your diagnostic approach? Uh, skin test for TB and Cocci, histo.
Good, good, good.
Dorsey Watson.
Greg Pratt! What's up, man? Man, what's it been, like, five years? Uh, six.
I was a second-year when you graduated.
- Wow.
So what are you doing here? - I work here.
What's your excuse? You know, last I heard, you were in Winnetka, doing lipo on rich chicks.
Still am, man.
Still am.
One of my patients just got a half-price tummy tuck from some hack, landed upstairs.
Hey, killer, killer, come on, come on! We got patients to clear! Let's go! - I gotta roll, man.
- Hey, do your thing.
- I'll holla at you before I go.
- Definitely.
All right.
Okay, be relaxed, try to sound calm.
It'll be weird for him at first.
You think? - It's ringing.
- Okay, take a deep breath.
What's going on? Oh hi, uh Is this Jason Clark's house? She's calling her fiance.
Um, Blaire Collins.
I'm an old friend of his from the Art Institute.
- She's doing great.
- I'm amazed by her progress.
I been trying to help her for over four years and, all of a sudden, this.
Hi Yeah, it's really me.
What were you treating her with? Most recently, an experimental cocktail: Fluoxitine, sinemet and dextroamphetamine.
- She still on them? - Not anymore.
She's asked me about what happened.
You know, how she got hurt.
Um I think it's better not to talk to her about it yet.
Is there something she should know? The accident was violent, to say the least.
Blaire and her mother were carjacked; her mom was raped.
And shot? Blaire tried to fight them off and was pistol-whipped.
They would've killed her, too, but someone pulled up.
But still, uh, she has a right to know.
She's in a fragile state.
Telling her could set her back.
Let's get her healthy first.
She needs to hear this at the right time, from someone close to her.
She has no family.
She'll be told, Doctor.
All in good time.
with recurring headaches.
- No history of migraine - Right, right-- but there is a history of ideopathic intracranial hypertension.
When I get headaches, they usually just take out a bunch of spinal fluid.
- Yeah, well, we don't do that anymore.
- We don't? No.
Now that we know that IIH is caused by sagittal sinus thrombosis, resulting in a decreased CSF reabsoroption - at the arachnoid sinuses.
- I didn't know that.
- Heparin is the treatment of choice.
- Here you go, Doc.
I'm just going to place a drop in your eye, all right? Lean back.
Well, she still needs an LP for diagnosis.
Hey, hey, not so fast, no so fast.
Annals of Emergency Medicine, May 2000 - 2000 ? - Five? Nope.
Three? Nope.
- Four? - Ten points for the winner.
Intraocular pressure correlates with intracranial pressure.
don't get a spinal tap.
Abby Oncology's on the phone.
You say he's hot again, I'll knee-cap you.
- Some patient of yours is freaking out.
- In Oncology? - Who is it? - Stephanie Lowenstein.
Double mastectomy.
She's upset because we couldn't - do the reconstruction.
- Why not? They found an enlarged lymph node.
We told her pathology isn't back, but she won't listen.
She's says it's all your fault.
- She smashed a mirror.
- Stephanie - I don't want you here.
- I just want to help.
You call this helping? This is not helping.
Okay, I understand how you feel.
- You have no idea how I feel! - Please wait, Ms.
Lowenstein-- wait.
We'll just have to let the doctors get the results back from the tests, and then we'll figure out how to proceed.
To do what? To do what? To cut me up some more? To hell with your damn tests! Okay, Stephanie, listen to me, please.
Just listen.
- You ruined me! - I know you're scared.
Is that what I am? Just because they found a node doesn't mean you have cancer.
I need a cab! Where's a cab?! You need to come inside and let us treat you, Stephanie.
I had money.
Where's my stupid money? Ow! Listen to me: everything you're feeling right now is normal.
It's just gonna take some time.
I don't have time.
That's not true.
Who's going to marry someone who could need chemo for the next ten years? Who's gonna have a kid with someone who could die before the kid goes to high school? If they had trouble making a diagnosis, it may not be cancer, and if it is, if it is, because you had the surgery, - they caught it earlier.
- I don't believe you! It's the truth.
You did what you had to do, and it was incredibly brave.
- Then why do I feel like this? - Because it's scary.
It's scary and it's unexpected.
But you don't have to go through this alone.
Get the hell away from me.
Stephanie, please, please.
Just-just let me take care of those cuts.
Just come inside with me and I tried all the Internet dating sites.
I rewrote my profile so many times, you would have thought it was my thesis.
Uh, what happened to Lou? I liked Lou.
I don't think he could handle this.
He said he would come back after the surgery, but I never liked Lou.
Guy's a jerk.
It's a good thing you found out early.
I don't want to freeze my eggs or buy milk on the Internet.
I wanted to breast feed.
This is a little bit of Neosporin.
Aren't you afraid you'll wind up the auntie? Be forced to adopt some kid from Cambodia? I think Cambodian kids are cute.
You know what I meant.
Stephanie, if all goes well, you'll get the reconstruction, you'll have an uneventful recovery and lead a perfectly normal life.
That's doctor talk.
You don't get it.
My mother's sister died of breast cancer.
So did my grandmother.
And you? And I have never even had a mammogram.
Tony DeJesus, single stab wound to the neck.
Vitals stable.
Good airway.
- Hey, Tony, you having any trouble breathing? - Nah.
- Time of arrival-- 14:42.
- Was this gang-related? - No, my old lady stabbed me.
- Why'd she do that?! 'Cause she's a psycho bitch.
- Where are my residents? Where are my residents? - Time in treatment room 14:43.
Got it! Who are these clowns? You're not coming in.
We're not putting on a show for you.
What the hell's wrong with you? Get the hell out of here.
The woman who answered Jason's phone was his wife.
Eh, six years is a long time.
You know the thing that's so hard about all of this is that everything has just gone on, and I still feel like Jason had I were just finalizing our wedding list yesterday.
I'm sure he stayed by you as long as he could.
He came by twice.
Shulansky told me.
No wonder he wanted us to write our own vows.
He probably planned on omitting the whole "in sickness and in health" part.
Did you want him to spend the rest of his life hoping for something everyone said wouldn't happen? Maybe I can be his mistress.
Which anatomic landmarks define zone two of the neck? The cricoid cartilage to the angle of the mandible.
Very, very, very good.
Because management of zone two injuries is very controversial.
Actually, some people advocate surgical exploration for everything.
I'm pretty sure our surgeons would not want to explore an asymptomatic patient with a superficial wound.
Could you guys hurry up? My old lady's going to burn my truck.
Well, homes, maybe next time you won't double dip with your moms-in-law.
You see my wife's mother? - Then don't criticize.
- My bad.
Now, I'm sure you guys are aware of all the indications for immediate exploration, right, Dr.
Morris? Uh airway compromise, severe hemorrhage or expanding hematoma.
- But he has none of those.
- Good, so then let me go.
Right, but we can always learn from every case.
Pratt talk to me about selective management with neck injuries.
What? Brother, keep it short.
Don't go Al Sharpton on his ass.
Duplex scan endoscopy and gastrograffin swallow.
Which you would only do if he had symptoms.
Well, slow your roll, bro, because what proportion of zone two vascular injuries are asymptomatic Dr Rasgotra? With a significant injury, he might have signs of bleeding or hematoma.
The guy is stable.
Maybe, but nine out of a hundred times, asymptomatic patients have lesions that require surgical repair.
How about that, Dr.
Pratt? How about that? Talk to me now.
You know what? How about I go check on my asthma patient in Curtain Two? There's no asthma patient in Curtain Two.
Yeah, well, uh, maybe he went out for a smoke.
I'll go find him.
Yes, Eve.
I did.
I put up the sanitizers.
No, I didn't hand out the pins.
I am putting up the poster as we speak.
That special tape that won't ruin the walls.
Okay, bye-bye.
Don't tell me-- Eve.
It's her day off, and she still calls in.
She wants everyone's hands to be sanitized before they touch a patient.
"Scrub or Rub"? - Yep.
Sounds kinky.
- We should be so lucky.
No, I was thinking we could get something to eat.
You know, maybe catch a movie or something.
Nah, I haven't seen that one yet.
All right, cool.
I'll meet you out front.
Hey how you doing, Greg? What? You stalking me now? No, I'm here for a sick friend.
You sure you don't have another illegitimate kid up in there? We need to talk.
- What are you doing after work? - I've got a date.
With Olivia Evans? Nice girl.
I've known her since she was in high school.
Oh, that's great.
What about tomorrow? Maybe we could have dinner.
You like gumbo? I know a great place over at King Drive.
Then down the street, there's a cat with a pool hall, and Listen, we're not eating any gumbo together or playing pool, all right? Then what would you like to do? I would like for you to leave me alone.
For real.
We're done.
You don't want to have anything to do with me.
What about your little brother? Whoa, don't use him like that.
He'd like to get to know you, Greg.
He just met me.
I don't know what your mother told you about me.
But I have an idea it wasn't everything.
- Come on, man.
- I could explain, but only if you give me the time.
I do not have the time.
I'm trying here.
Then stop.
If you want to drop it forever, that's your call.
But you'll have to live with it.
Your choice.
I never got the whole marriage talk from my mom.
But you know what? The moment that I told her that Jason proposed, she pulled out this trunk.
She had every detail of my wedding planned.
It was crazy.
Oh, my God.
She wasn't going to pressure you, huh? Yeah.
She wanted it to be special.
- Which way is Lake Michigan? - That way.
You can see it from the other side of the hospital.
Can we go? I shouldn't even have you out of your room.
Please? No.
Come on.
What does a girl have to do to get a break with you? Hope this Clemente doesn't become chief of the department.
- I thought you liked him.
- I did, until I had to present to him.
"Sure, the patient doesn't have flesh-eating bacteria right now, but if he did, what signs or symptoms might he have?" "Is that muscle spasm in the jaw any chance it could be acute tetanus?" You know, I'm all for teaching, but this guy doesn't know when to stop.
Yeah, he's annoying.
You just said you liked his bloody shoes, you wanker.
Just because he's annoying doesn't mean I can't like his shoes.
- You going to Ray's gig tonight? - Oh, the hell with Ray.
He's probably upstairs having a blast.
Jerry, it's Ray.
Save me.
I'm bored stiff.
Try picturing every woman up there naked.
That always works for me.
Come on! Are there any drug cases down there? - Couple of traumas rolling in.
- Lola Simon, seven-year-old with crush injury.
70 palp.
- What crushed her? - Your next patient.
Lola, move your legs for me.
Seven-year-old girl.
No sign of drugs.
Yeah, I'm king of the world! Whoo-hoo! King of the world.
Looks like you forgot how to fly, King.
Tommy Bonetti, stood up on the tilt-a-whirl at the Saint Ignatius Fair.
- Is he on drugs? - Aw, he might have just hit his head.
Sounds like drugs.
I'm on my way down.
Move away from the light! - Okay, we're trying to take care of you, man! - You-You look like an alien! Don't probe me! Please sedate him! I have to assess his neuro status first.
Taking the hemocue.
Process the spinal films before you take the rest.
Here you go.
- Hey, I'm rolling out, man.
- What, you scared of a little blood? - Hey, squeeze my hand.
- Systolic's 65.
All right, no fluid in the abdomen, pericardium is clear.
Looks like spinal shock with a high thoracic injury.
Am I right? I'm way out of my league, man.
Don't you remember Bartlett's lecture on blunt trauma? All right, sweetie, listen up.
I'm gonna poke you, okay? Tell me when you feel this.
Okay, start dopamine at five mikes.
Sensory level at T-four.
How you doing, Lola? - That's a big bug.
- Man, you just killed our mascot.
Oh, here she goes.
Log roll.
Keep her on the backboard.
Come on.
Look, uh, you know, some of the older U of I crews are hooking up at Cherry Red tonight.
You got plans? Pratt, we need you in here.
- Yeah, I'll try to roll through.
- Pratt, now! Go see what's up.
I'll intubate.
Dude, I swear, if you don't stay still, I'm going to put this needle through your heart.
Morris Shouldn't we sedate and paralyze? I would if I had a line.
He took his I.
Since when did Alfred E.
Newman become a doctor? Ha-ha-ha! What about I.
versed? Gave five.
It's not touching him.
- Okay, what did he take? - Maybe ice, coke.
- Pupils are dilated.
- Tachy at 140.
- Dude, what the hell are you on? - Her in a minute.
- I can't find the vein.
- How about Haldol? No, he could seize.
Morris, let me try the line.
Pratt! Go ahead and push the sux.
This guy's unstable as hell, and we can't get a line.
- I'm tied up.
- We need help.
You got to get Clemente.
- Is there another attending on? - Clemente's the only one.
We're never gonna handle this ourselves.
I'm gonna do a femoral cutdown.
- Are you serious? - He needs access.
- Pulse keeps going up.
- Mix up esmolol.
- We need to slow down his rate.
- Ten blade.
Hey, we got sugar in here? Oh, wow, we got a trauma.
I didn't know.
Pager's probably not working.
No, my pager's working.
by unknown intoxication.
- What? What are you guys doing? - A femoral cutdown.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Everybody take a deep breath.
Take a deep breath.
Get my briefcase under admit.
- Banana cheese! - Yeah, banana cheese.
What'd he take? Won't say.
Tachy with mydriasis.
My guess is a sympathomimetic.
Bad, bad guess.
Skin and membranes are dry.
It's an anticholinergic.
Electrolytes are back yet? Uh, right here.
Hyperchloremia, anion gap is minus four.
How could that be? Skittles, people.
Very popular with the kids these days.
It's cold pills with dextromethorphan hydrogen bromide.
The lab analyzer thinks bromide is chloride, you get a reversal of the gap.
Anything to calm him down? - Two migs of I.
- He still needs access.
- Here you go.
- I'm Rick James, bitch! Close your eyes.
Go to your happy place, son.
Now, what time did the chem panel come back? He's got weird anatomy.
We couldn't find the subclavian.
There it is, right there.
See, the probe allows us to cannulate the vein under direct visualization.
That's very cool.
You carry that around with you all the time? It's just a demo.
I ran the phase three trials.
Beautiful, beautiful.
It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
Heart rate's down to 80.
I guess we didn't need the beta-blockers, did we? - I trust you guys can finish without me? - No problem, boss.
Hey, even if you think I'm a pain in the ass, it should never get in the way of the patient care.
You with me? Good.
? Hey.
What's up? Well, everything.
And almost twice a day.
Hear you're getting out of here today.
You thought it stunk to work here.
Try being a patient.
By the way, thanks for the date.
- She told you? - Someone had to pay her.
- Well, it was supposed to be a freebee.
- It was the first time.
Look, initially, it kind of turned me off when I learned that she was a professional.
Then when I thought about it, it, uh, it turned me on.
We're both professionals.
So you didn't need me, after all.
Well, I guess not.
- Hey, I don't remember your name.
- Abby.
And, uh, you're a little late, Lou.
I came to see how Stephanie was doing.
She had her breasts removed.
Why don't you pick up a pink ribbon on your way out? - What? She did? - Yeah, she did.
What are you talking about? Stephanie says you disappeared on her.
She told the nurse not to let me in.
And every time I called, she wouldn't say why she was here and kept going on about how she couldn't handle dating anyone right now.
- Why would she do that? - I don't know.
All I know is I can't stop thinking about her and I'm a little worried.
Come on.
Come on.
Do it, do it, do it, do it.
Oh, Dr.
- Aw, damn it! - Do you have a moment? You know, you should really consider getting one of these.
It might keep you from hacking up the patients.
I'm sorry I didn't call you in earlier.
Bonetti's gone up to the ICU.
We got to really consider preemptive orders.
That was really unprofessional of me.
Nurses transporting patients; - what a waste of resources.
- Dr.
Clemente, are you listening to me? Actually, no.
I lost.
Okay, look, a femoral cutdown has to be a last-ditch effort in a peri-arrest patient.
Okay, and Skittles boy wasn't quite there yet.
Well, I thought he was.
Oh, you thought he was.
Look, look, I know, I know.
I was a resident, too, and I thought I had the keys to the kingdom, but the great thing is that we can always learn.
That's why I'm here.
Sometimes you want to do it yourself.
Sometimes your ego does, but the patient would rather that I do it, believe me.
- You're right.
- No, it's not about being right.
It's Okay, look.
I consider you, Pratt, Morris, every resident and every student here an investment in the future.
My dividend comes when something that I've taught you saves a life.
That's it.
And you should really consider surgery as an elective.
Well, why do you say that? Because you're quick to cut and you like to use a scalpel more than your brain.
Come in.
I brought you some company.
I heard what happened.
Come in.
Sit down.
I'd like to schedule an outpatient mammogram.
Patient's name? Abby Lockhart.
First, you miss morning rounds, and now they tell me you're avoiding Poison Control.
No, I got stuck with a consult.
Look, a bunch of Zen monks made tea from this plant in their garden.
Now they have vomiting, diarrhea.
Some are tachycardic, some bradycardic, some hypotensive, some hypertensive.
Not a clear-cut toxidrome.
I haven't been able to identify this plant on the Internet.
I even sent digital photos to the botany department, but It's not jimson weed, not foxglove, not oleander.
Well, maybe, uh, it's tabaco gigante.
You know something? You may be right.
I saw this once in Mexico.
It's a tobacco plant.
Your patients have nicotine toxicity.
Good call.
Clemente, why are my research assistants sitting in the waiting area? I don't know.
Parking garage was too cold? They're collecting data for me.
Okay, all right.
The looky-loos were getting in the way of the work.
Then you just tell them to step back.
Yeah, well, you know, I didn't want to overstep.
I thought maybe it should just come from you.
Overstep? You pulled the plug on my study.
Look, I meant that more as a time-out kind of thing.
You told them that my study was useless.
Look, I know what happened in Newark, and I really do not want a repeat here, okay? All right, look, bottom line: You hired me to make this place more efficient, and that's what I'm trying to do.
And if and when we start bedside registration, šit's going to make your study, I don't know, not so relevant? Yeah, I've got a $100,000 grant that says that it won't.
You got $100,000? Why don't we just go digital? Listen, I run this hospital! We start bedside registration, that goes through me.
If you put my students on a time-out, that goes through me.
If you want to wash the floors differently, that goes through me.
Do I make myself clear? Yeah, I got one more question for you.
Does my answer go through you? My mom loved seeing the lake.
Look at the water.
At least some things stay the same.
We should really get back.
You always been such a worrier? I've always had things to worry about.
- Do you think this was God? - What? Me waking up.
I don't know.
You think it was science, don't you? I've seen deeply religious people come to the hospital.
Prayer did nothing for them.
And then I've seen plenty of skeptics experience miraculous recoveries.
So you think it was fate? I think I'm glad we're both here, able to wonder about it.
- Yeah.
Man, how you gonna punk me like that? - Hey, what's up, little man? You know where Olivia is? - Yeah, she's down the hall.
- Thanks.
I hear you fellas.
But you sound like a bunch of knuckleheads.
Hey, all I'm saying is, you can't feel nothin' with no jimmy on.
Get used to 'em.
There's no alternative.
Getting a girl pregnant is 18 years of lock-down.
Half your check going to Uncle Sam, the other half going to your kids and The baby mama.
And what happen if you miss a child-support payment? Who's going to be blowing up your pager? My baby mama.
Having a kid at your age ain't what you want to do.
Trust me.
- Do you miss Croatia? - I have family there but there are more opportunites for me here.
I like Chicago.
Except the winter sucks.
You can always go inside and warm up.
You know how I keep asking you about the, um accident? It's because I keep having these flashes that don't add up.
What kind of flashes? I remember being scared.
We'd had just gotten coffee and I remember seeing my mom's face Her eyes were petrified.
And I hear her screams, but her screams are muffled by the radio and there's blood and laughter there's lots of laughter.
And at first I thought it was just a dream, but the images are so vivid they're so clear Come and sit down.
Sit down.
Something else happened that night and not knowing what it is, is killing me.
But I need the t-truth.
I want to be out figure it Blaire! Come on, Blaire, stay with me.
- Hey, I need a monitored bed.
- Trauma One.
What's going on? Page Shulansky in Neurology! Hey, I'm Dr.
So, what's the problem? She's not talking.
All right, get me an accu-check, a hemocue and a pulse ox.
She doesn't need that.
And can we have her friend wait outside, please? I'm not her friend! Uh, this is Dr.
He's one of our attendings.
Hey, Doc, sorry.
I had no clue.
Ma'am? - Can you hear me? - Her name's Blaire.
- Can you hear me? - Shulansky's at the V.
Damn it.
Gaze is fixed to the right.
Need a CBC, chem panel, and a head CT.
She need fluoxitine, sinemet and dextro-amphetamine.
Excuse me, Doc, but I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Abby, run to the pharmacy and get the meds.
There is a standardized approach to dealing with a patient with altered mental status.
This not a standard patient.
She's been on an experimental cocktail.
Hey Abby, Fluoxitine, sinement and dextroamphetamine.
Abby, please go! Hey! Hey, need some help! Hey! What's up? Fluoxitine, sinement, - dextro-amphetamine.
- Write it up.
Hey, hey, what are you doing? Are you crazy? You can't go back here! Crit's fine.
Sodium, potassium are normal.
Told you that.
CT is ready.
Okay, let's move her now.
She needs the meds.
Weaver, we could be missing a brain bleed, a mass effect.
- I know.
- So we don't have time to screw around.
The meds woke her up from a coma.
If they did, we'd have coma patients waking up all over the country.
- All I know is they worked for her.
- Got 'em.
You're not gonna actually let him go through this, are you? Are you confident these meds are gonna work? Because, if not, there's going to be a tall guy in a cheap suit from the state asking questions.
It's worth a try, Kerry.
All right, hold this scanner.
I'll give him five minutes.
You know what? Don't sweat it.
Kovac, you're the physician of record now, cause I'm not gonna be on the chart when the family sues.
Well, I'm in luck-- there is no family.
- And fluoxitine in at 20:19.
- Let's get up to CT.
As soon as I get a portable monitor.
Eyes opening to pain.
Incomprehensible verbal activity.
- I got a GCS of 2-2-4.
- Check her gag.
Whoa! Two of Ativan, now.
Does she have a history of seizures? No! Well, any of the meds you pushed could have caused this.
So could falling drug levels.
So could withdrawal.
Another round of Ativan.
I really liked that last one.
Is it new? - Yeah, it's call "Blood Wine.
" - Oh, Blood Wine.
How'd you think of that? I cut my finger opening a bottle of merlot.
So, um, you and your friend headed home? Uh I don't know what she's doing.
Do you know what you're doing? Yeah, I know what I'd like to do.
Hold that thought.
I'm gonna to settle up with the boys, and I'll be right back.
Hey, you guys are late.
We were the opening act.
Clemente had us pull current journal articles to justify the treatment of every patient.
You want to get something to eat? - I have plans.
- Your plans have friends? Let's see.
- Zoe.
- Yes? - That's my boy, Archie.
- What up, ladies? You guys hungry? We want to meet the band.
I play drums.
Yeah, no, I'm serious.
Like It's my marching band.
We won the nationals.
Turning and the-- boom, boom, and then the boom.
And then we did like a Guys? Ray! Blaire? Blaire, open your eyes.
Maybe she's post-ictal.
Or the Ativan didn't wear off.
I shouldn't have pushed the meds.
You don't know why she had a seizure.
Maybe we overloaded her synapses.
Luka, there is no way to know why she fell back into this.
I have to go.
Are you okay? The state conservator agreed to admit Blaire to the hospital for two days to see if there's any improvement.
If not, she'll go back to the nursing home.
I could have been a doctor, but why poetry? Why I? Why me? Why I? I could have been a lawyer, but why poetry? Poetry.
Why poetry? Thank you.
Where's the waitress? You know, to hell with her.
What do you want? Uh light beer.
Don't tell me the lipo doctor's scared of getting handles.
Don't hate I look good.
I'll be back.
Hey, what's up, bro? Can I get two beers, one light? - What, you want something? - A conversation would be cool.
You haven't said anything to me all night.
- Can barely hear in this place.
- You could hear everyone just fine.
What did I do, Greg? Just tell me what I did.
You should have told me he was in there.
You want me to survey the building every time you come? Yes! Look, he's the one down there helping those kids.
Who sews up those kids once they leave your place? Well, your father tries to help them before they get to you.
Listen, Charlie Pratt may be a lot of things, but he's not my father, my dad, or my pops.
He's just some guy who got my mom pregnant.
So, basically, he made the same mistake he's warning those kids about.
Greg, wait You want to hate him, I can't stop you, but Charlie's a good guy.
runs a basketball league, rehab houses or poor people! Yeah, see, that's the problem.
I've waited my whole life to spit in my old man's face.
And not only is he not laying face down in the gutter People change but he's building houses for people for free! No.
Blaire, I hope you can hear me.
On that night you and your mom were driving, you stopped at the red light.
Another car pulled up next to you.
There were three men inside.
They, uh pulled a gun.
They dragged your mom outside of the car.
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