ER Episode Scripts


- Previously on ER - We're closing down.
- It's only temporary.
- How do you know? Old boys running around here checking for cracks in the ceiling, and now we're having some dinner.
Kovac probably just wants to boost morale.
How are we affording such a fancy place? It's not Ladokern, is it? - Finally get things sorted out with Neela? - There's nothing to sort out, man.
Neela, I want you to say hi to Mae Lee Park.
She's our new surgical med student.
- Hi! Nice to meet you.
- Heard a lot about you.
I can smell a wedding a mile away, Archie.
It's like a sixth sense.
It's in your eyes.
You have the glow.
I can't wait for the glow.
- It's the only on thing that he asked me.
- I can't wait to try on wedding dresses If you tell anyone, I'll kill you.
Man, what you swinging at? We're closed.
Yeah, uh, I work here.
Then you oughta know the ER's shut down until further notice.
I'm an R3.
I left something in my locker, do you mind? Go on.
You might need this.
Just a second.
Come on, Mayday, we're gonna miss the canapes.
- What are you doing here? - I thought we'd go to this, uh - ER shindig together.
- Oh.
Or not.
You look, uh wow.
Listen, I know things have been a bit crazy with me and our relationship is undefined but Yeah, uh we should talk.
Yeah, maybe, um I don't know maybe we can talk at dinner.
Yeah, um let me just get my stuff.
Why are we here so early? Well, I'm the chief, I thought I should be here first.
You were the chief.
Well, consider this my last official act.
- The department dinner is here? - Yep.
Haven't been in a neighborhood like this since the last time I tried to score some crack.
- Budget cuts are getting serious, huh? - Come on.
It's different.
- That's for sure.
- See this? Pretty cool, huh? - Is this a restaurant? - No, no, it's a it's a rental space.
- A patient told me about it.
- Oh.
And was she by any chance a porn star? - He is a music producer.
- Oh, so it is a drug den.
And since when did these things get so formal? It's fun -- people like to dress up.
And - you know - Good evening.
Doctor Kovac, Doctor Bobek's in back, and she needs you to make a decision about the centerpieces.
Big night, huh? - What's he talking about? - Uh, Hope is here.
She helped set everything up.
What do you mean helped set everything up? What do you think? Yay! Yay! Yay! - A wedding.
- No.
- Are you the bride? - Nope.
This is Sophie, her dad's the caterer, Abby, she's gonna be your flower girl.
- Like hell she is.
- Abby! You're sure kidding me, right? I mean you've got to be kidding me.
- Can we just please talk about this? - How do I get out of here? You're just nervous, that's why I did it this way.
It saves you the stress.
Really? Do you think I look particularly un-stressed right now? The cake's coming up, where do you want it, doc? Check, check with Hope.
How could you have ever imagined I'd want to do it like this? Planning it was freaking you out, this way, it's like ripping off a Band-Aid.
Oh, man, you really know how to melt a girl's heart.
This is something we both want.
Luka, it's crazy.
We can do something for our families later, tonight is for us.
Yeah, what and a bunch of people from work? - Our friends.
- And look, what about the food, and what about the music and look at this place it's like getting married - in a Meat Loaf video.
- I took care of everything.
- Hope helped me.
- It's a labyrinth in here.
Hey, hey, hey.
I love you.
You love me.
Let's make it forever.
Let's get married.
ER rocks! We're gonna party like it's New Year's in Mozambique.
- Looks like somebody already started.
- Which way's the bar? - Uh, back there.
- I hope they got margaritas.
Uh this is nice.
- Luka, look, I - Just give me ten minutes.
Hey, hey, ten, ten minutes.
Let me show you what I've done.
If if you don't like it, I'll take you home.
I promise.
Come on.
One foot after the other.
Kinda looks like a Victoria's Secret ad.
Oh, it's so pretty.
I love the way ER people do things.
Is there something going on here we don't know about? Uh, no, you guy hi.
Not, not over there.
- I'm gonna set you up back here.
- Wait, Morris, what's the deal, man? - What's going on? - Well - tonight is the night.
- What are you talking about? - Abby and Luka, they're getting married.
- You were right! I told you: Abby and Luka are getting married.
Seriously? Doctor Kovac and Doctor Lockhart? - Yes siree.
- That is so dope.
A surprise wedding.
How novel.
That doesn't sound like Lockhart's style.
Does Abby even know? It's gonna be awesome! Isn't it? We're just running a tad bit behind.
We've hit an itty bitty snag.
- Do you need help with anything? - Small case of cold feet.
It's a logistical issue.
We will be sealing the deal within the hour.
Excuse me.
- I know what you think.
- Oh, really? That this is a paternalistic, controlling manipulation that makes me question our entire relationship? Maybe it's a symbol of how much I love you, how well I know you, how deeply we're meant to be together.
Oh, jeez.
- What kind of ring do you think I got? - I I-I have no idea what kind of - It's not bad.
- Okay, the music.
I don't want to ruin the surprise, but there will be no Celine Dion, - no Air Supply, and no boy bands.
- Really, not even a little bit of Menudo? The food is international.
You name the country, we got it.
Okay, so, what am I gonna wear-- this? I'm supposed to wear this? You mentioned it one morning.
I was half-asleep and you were flipping through the magazine.
You thought I wasn't paying any attention.
- That's not going to fit.
- Hope sized it off some of your other things.
- Hope, Hope, Hope, Hope, Hope - Her cousin's a tailor.
She's got him on standby if it needs any adjustments.
Croatian tentation pulls a rabbit out of the hat.
I just wanted to make the wedding that I thought is going to make you happy.
- Luka - Oh, no, don't say no, not now-- - not after everything.
- It's too weird.
It's too sudden.
You just want to just do it on the spur of the moment like this? If there was ever anything that was not rushed into, it's you and me promising to be together forever.
You know, Ray, thank you, weddings are great opportunities for guys like us.
- Weakens a woman's defenses, you know? - Sure.
- You ever think about settling down? - Sometimes, I guess.
- You? - Me? No.
- If I did, I would never admit it.
- All right.
Well, the bar's right there.
Bartender give my friend another.
The energy is sagging, Archie, you have to do something! Here, have a drink.
Timing, momentum, flow-- they're, they're crucial to an event like this Hope, calm down.
Everybody's having a good time.
It is sagging, damn it, don't tell me to calm down! Thank you, okay, okay, this is easy, this is easy.
Excuse me.
Do you have a playlist that I can see? Look, it's sweet, it really is.
And I, I love that you did it.
But this should be something that we plan together, something we both want.
What else do you want? I'll get it.
Luka We could put this off forever.
There's always gonna be some reason not to do it, but we want it, we deserve it-- so let's stop stalling and dive in the ocean.
'Jump into the pool.
' - It's been seven years, Abby.
- I know how long it's been.
- Let's just do this one thing.
- I never It's fast and easy and right.
Let's get married, right here, right now.
What about Joe? We can't get married without Joe.
My secret weapon.
Saved the best for last, huh? That's Pretty kooky, huh? Them getting married, like this.
Yeah, it's pretty kooky.
- How's it going down there? - Oh, they're getting ready.
What's this? It's for you.
I started doing a little bit of recording again, on my own.
And it's got some songs I've been working on.
Really? That's great.
There's one about you-- but you'll have to figure it out-- plus a few others I burned.
You know, some songs we used to listen to when we were roommates.
- I'm sorry, Ray.
- About what? I thought I was coming alone, and he just turned up.
I didn't know what to do.
No offense, but, um not knowing what to do has become your baseline.
This isn't easy for me, Ray.
I've had a pretty hard time, ever since losing Michael; I still haven't quite - Yeah, I know.
- I mean, Tony was new.
There was no history.
He didn't make me think about things from before.
Maybe I rushed into it because it made moving on easier.
So I feel like history to you? I couldn't separate you from Michael.
I couldn't be with you and not feel guilty.
What about now? Now? I'm not sure all that matters anymore.
Meaning? Ah! There you guys are.
Neela, Abby needs to see you before the ceremony.
Come on.
- I got to go.
- Okay.
- This is so nutty.
- Tell me about it.
- It's great; everyone's so excited! - Listen, I have to ask you a question.
What do you need? Something borrowed, something blue? I mean, Chuny has a scarf.
It's kind of aqua in color, but it might do the trick.
Yeah, can you just sit down for a second? Sit down.
You know, first of all, I know this has been a really rough year for you, and I don't think I have been around as much as I should, - and I feel bad about that.
- Oh, you don't have to.
But you've always been a great friend to me.
So So I was wondering, if you didn't mind too much, do you think you could lead the way and stand up there with me when we do this? You mean, uh like, be your maid of honor? Well, I hate to put that kind of conventional term on it but yes.
I'd be honored.
Thank you.
Okay, well, your first job is figure out how I put these in my hair.
- Hair? - Yeah.
It's a Croatian thing.
I don't know-- they belonged to Luka's mother.
Okay, stop it.
Don't start now.
- Oh, God.
- I know.
Come in.
There he is.
Dead man walking.
Very funny.
What, what, you're not getting cold feet, are you? 'Cause you know, I could find a back way out of here.
I'll have you at a gentlemen's club across town in under 20 minutes.
I'm just teasing you, man.
So, um Hope said you wanted to talk to me, said it was important.
We've had our moments, Pratt.
And I haven't always liked the things you've done or the way you've done them, but I've always respected your reasons.
I had to supervise you, which wasn't always easy for either of us, but, uh I think we've managed to reach a place where, at the end of the day, we're also friends.
Yeah, I feel the same way.
Would you stand up for me? What, you mean like? Be my best man.
Anytime, anyplace.
- Don't lose that.
- No, I won't.
It's go time, my brother.
Are you ready? 'Cause it's go time.
Let's do it.
- Oh, your tie's crooked; let me fix that.
- I'm fine, Morris.
- All right, there you go.
- Morris, Morris, leave me alone.
- Okay, okay, sorry.
- Stop pointing that thing at me.
- I'm emotional.
- Okay, everything's good, everything's under control, there's just been one minor change.
The justice of the peace couldn't make it, so he sent a replacement.
- Someone else is doing the ceremony? - He's very experienced.
- It will be lovely.
- Okay, go.
Go, go, go.
Go, go.
- Ready? - No.
- She'll be fine.
- Here, take this.
- I don't want that.
Abby, do you want to make Sophie cry again? Sophie, I'm sorry, but I'm really not ready.
- Why do you have to be such a whiner? - Why do you have to be such a crybaby? Yeah, okay, Sophie.
Come on, honey.
I understand from my notes - Luka and Abigail - Um, it's Abby.
have no patience for the normal rituals-- which I find a little meshuggeh, but, hey, if that's how you want it, we'll get right to it.
"Today, you become a man.
" No, sorry.
Bar Mitzvah this morning.
Kid was such a schnook.
"Marriage is an important step, a great responsibility," "coming together of souls" Yada-yada, yada-yada.
- Any readings? - Uh, no, no.
No readings? Oh, come on, readings are a nice touch, classy.
- I've got one.
- You do? Yeah, it's a Punjabi tradition.
That's beautiful.
What is it? It's about love, faith and devotion.
It's kind of a blessing.
All righty.
Next thing: any jilted ex-lovers out there want to say something about why these two shouldn't be married? - Okay, moving on.
- Okay.
No vows.
Can you just skip ahead to the "I now pronounce you" thing? No vows? You have vows? Be my wife.
I offer myself, with all my faults and strengths.
We'll help each other when we need help and work together to raise our son.
I choose you as the person I will love and honor for the rest of my days.
Well, it's not really fair, because you got to practice.
Yeah, it's not fair because he had time to practice.
- Abigail.
- It's Abby.
Um, well, okay.
Uh, okay, um First of all First of all, I love you.
I do.
And you've helped me through a lot.
And we got here together with a beautiful little boy.
And, uh, I-I was thinking of a poem a poem for, actually, um, before when I was getting ready, and I think I think it starts "I carry your heart in my heart.
"I am never without it.
Anywhere I go, you go.
" I'm probably messing the whole thing up, but I think, uh I think the end goes "And this is the wonder that keeps the stars apart.
"I carry your heart.
I carry it in my heart.
" So, I guess what I'm saying is, let's just try to love each other, and persevere.
For two people who want to cut to the chase, you sure know how to go on.
Rings? Humor me.
By the power vested in me by Cook County and the State of Illinois, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife.
Step on the glass and kiss that girl.
Mazel tov! Attention.
Attention, please.
Quiet! Shut up! Uh, I have been asked to kick off the party portion of tonight's festivities.
Thank you, thank you.
Uh, and, you know, I'd just like to say that this is, uh This is clearly a marriage made at County.
'Cause if we worked at Northwestern or Rush, there'd be better food and a lot more booze.
The top shelf stuff, right, Lucien? Relax, big guy.
Hey, you know, I'm not I'm not saying that-that Kovac is cheap, but he did try to get Murray the Roach Coach guy to cater this thing.
Anyway, the kids have rested up and are ready for their first dance, so I give you Abby Lockhart, Luka Kovac, married couple.
It was so beautiful what you said.
It really - added an ethnic spice to the ceremony.
- I was just trying to do my part.
What did it mean? - I wasn't really prepared.
- Oh, don't be so modest.
You were great! Well, it meant, um "I went to the market to buy some meat, but the butcher wasn't there, so I got fish instead.
" It was the only Punjabi I could come up with in a pinch.
Let's just keep that between ourselves.
- Stevie Wonder, huh? - I told you-- I hear everything you say.
I-I know, sweetheart.
You know what? Just try to go to sleep, and if you need me, or you just want to talk to me, you call me, okay? It doesn't matter what time-- just call me, and I'll be here, all right? Okay.
I love you, too.
Missing the first dance.
Sarah called.
She's having a rough night.
She all right? She's a tough kid.
Sometimes, she's just a kid.
- Are you all right? - Yeah, yeah.
I'm happy for them.
This is good.
This is a beautiful night.
I'm fine.
I just I just don't get it sometimes.
You know, I don't Why did she do this? I mean, I think, you know, I'm handling it fine most of the time, but then other times, I get so damn angry at her.
I mean, how could she leave a beautiful kid like this? How could she How could she mess with our minds like this? - How could she lie to us? - It's okay.
- It's not okay, it's not okay! - It's okay to be angry.
It is? She's dead.
I'm angry at Michael.
I'm not sure I'll ever get over it.
I I haven't been a good friend.
I know that.
I screwed up, and I want to make it right, I want to make it better.
Can I have another chance? Tony I don't think this is the time or the place for this.
- It seems perfect to me.
- I, uh Maybe we should talk about this another time.
Uh, maybe we can go for coffee or something this weekend.
Coffee ? People get back together over dinner.
They break up over coffee.
I just need to get back inside.
All right, all right, all right.
Please just give me a few minutes.
I know you're having a good time.
You were lovely.
Pardon me, twinkle toes.
You did a great job out there.
All right.
Just give me a few seconds, a few seconds.
Listen, first and foremost, I have to, uh, thank Luka for inviting us all here today.
It's not like we had a choice.
And I think I speak for everyone, including Frank, when I say that it is an honor and a privilege to be here on your special day.
Hear! Hear! Now, I mean, you guys know me-- I've never been married before, so But he's dated women who were.
Leave your mom out of it, Morris.
Okay, okay, what's the difference between an ER nurse and a Porsche, Sam? Okay, okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, all right, listen, listen.
I can't believe you guys save lives for a living.
No, but really, I've had the great pleasure of working with Abby and Luka, both of whom I consider friends.
And I see them working together, sharing a life, sharing a family.
You know, tonight's been a great night.
And I know, we all know, that this can't last forever, but I think that we all do agree that the love between you two will.
And I know it will.
And hopefully, with some luck, maybe some of that love will rub off on all of us here, and help us find someone as special as you two have.
Someone to spend the rest of your lives with, as friends and as lovers.
To Abby and Luka.
And love and friendship.
Hear! Hear! D.
, you know what to do.
Come on, now.
Oh, here we go.
Marquez? - Hey, baby.
- Who are you talking to? The hottest nurse in the ER.
Don't take a plate away without making sure that the guest is finished eating, and make sure that there are no empties, and-and don't forget to crumb the tables.
And you, button your vest up, please! - Hope.
- What are you doing here? No, you should be out there.
No, the bride cannot be back here with the hoi-polloi.
I want to thank you for all of this.
- You do? - Yes.
- You're not going to hurt me? - No.
What's wrong? You just look so beautiful.
Hey, you seen Abby? Congratulations, Luka, you're a lucky guy.
- No, really, Abby's great.
- I know.
- Don't ever hurt her.
- Excuse me? - I mean it.
- Okay.
Anybody ever told you you was the hottest nurse in the ER? Yeah.
No, no, no, seriously, I'm sorry, you're great.
You'd never hurt her.
I know that.
What was I thinking? But if you did, I would hunt you down like a cheetah.
- Lucien, having fun? - Yeah, it's fun, it's a lot of fun.
I went to a surgery wedding once.
It was such a bore.
All they did was talk, talk, talk.
ER weddings have you know, spunk.
Yeah, um, you know, they're serving coffee right now if you What about you? You having fun? - Yeah.
- It is fun, isn't it? It's just a lot of Fun.
Uh, I have to go to the bathroom.
Um, I'm looking for Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
Has everyone gone bonkers? - You all right? - I always cry at weddings.
I'm alone.
Oh, well, um, that's all right.
I just want to say I appreciate all the mentoring you've done.
Have I done that? And I totally admire you a lot.
And I just really wanted you to know that.
Really, really know it.
Yo, there's some freaky stuff going on in here, man.
Yeah, probably something in the water.
Timmy told me I was the hottest nurse in the ER.
What do you want from me, a second opinion? Hi.
I'd like a, uh, dry dirty martini and a tequila sunrise, please.
Hey, Ray, what's shakin'? Dry and dirty? I should have figured that one out.
Actually, I, uh, I prefer the tequila sunrise because of all the pretty colors.
Gates, what are you doing, man? Save some liquor for everybody else, all right? Bartender, another one, please, vodka and cranberry.
Hey, Ray, I don't know if you noticed, but there's a party going on here.
Everybody's having a good time, dancing, so any time you feel like, you know, jumping in, you know, just get off your little stool and, uh Bartender, uh, hot coffee for him.
Keep it coming, fast and black, won't you? You're a real prick, you know that? - Problem? - Not yet, but soon.
What's, uh, what's your damage, Ray? My damage is you walked into our ER like you owned the place.
I don't appreciate that.
Nobody else does.
Ray, I realize that you don't like me, but sooner or later, you're going to have to get used to living with me 'cause I ain't going nowhere.
You want to leave a mess wherever you go, that's up to you.
But there are two things I will not let you screw around with.
That is patients' lives and - And what, Ray? - And her.
Hey, I care about her, you sulky little pissant.
I bet you almost have yourself convinced about that.
But the problem is you're the only one that buys it.
- Come on, Ray, let's go for a walk.
- W-Wait, l-l-let me just say, Ray, Ray.
You know that thing you guys had in the past? - It's over, finished, done.
- Tony.
- You don't know how to take care of her.
- Ray, please.
- Well, Ray, at least I'm trying, huh? - That's right, that's right.
- Like you took care of Meg, huh? - Okay.
Hey, hey, let it - Come on, man.
You've had enough.
- Let it go, he's drunk.
That's it, it's fine.
Stop it! All right, let's go.
Hey, come on.
What's wrong with you? Okay, I'm good, get off me.
What are you trying to do? You trying to ruin it for Abby and Luka? Just get the hell off of me, man! Hey, Ray, what's going on with you, man? I think you get it, Greg.
You know? Every time I think I'm turning a corner and I feel like I know what I'm doing, I end up falling backwards again.
Look, it's a wedding, you're drunk, and you're hooked on a girl.
Just go home.
You'll feel better about it in the morning.
- I don't want to go home.
- Well, you're done here, okay? - So just catch a cab.
- Pratt.
Go home, Ray.
I'm not kidding.
Go home.
You know what I love about you, Gates? Just when I get worried that maybe I'm being a little tough on you, you do something to prove what an ass you are.
Me? I was being perfectly civil until that alcoholic O.
reject went off on me.
You should have kept walking.
Morris, as my role model Kenny Rogers once said, sometimes you have to fight when you're a man.
Oh that's deep, that's Gates.
Don't worry, I'm not going back in.
I just want to talk to her.
- Neela.
- Not right now, Tony.
- Can't you see she's upset? - Chuny, I just want to talk to her, okay? Uh, it's all right, I'm fine, Chuny.
Thank you so much.
I'm sorry that happened.
You know, Abby and Luka were in the other room, thank God.
- They don't even know about it.
- There's no excuse.
- No, Tony, there isn't.
- I wasn't looking for trouble.
The guy - he just wouldn't back down.
- Oh, right, and there was no other way for that conversation to end without him backing down.
What do you mean? Well with men, you have to win, and with women well with women, you have to feel like you've done right by them, even if all you're doing is causing them pain or, at best, wasting their time.
Is that what you think I'm doing, wasting your time? You know, I think we both got into this because we knew it had no future.
It was just a bridge from one part of our life into another.
- I think it's a lot more than that.
- I don't love you.
And I don't think you love me and I don't see much chance of that changing any time soon.
So that's it? We're done? Yeah.
- Because Ray couldn't get over you? - No.
Because you can stand there as if you're listening to what I'm saying and still believe that none of this is your fault.
Got any bourbon? Can you make it a double? - You okay? - Yeah, yeah, I just wish that hadn't happened though.
- You did a really good job tonight.
- No, no, no, no.
You did an awesome job.
Aw, they look so happy.
I got them the honeymoon suite at the Ritz for a few nights, but they say they can't use it on account of Joe and everything.
Yeah, I can see that.
It's too bad.
I really don't want the room to go to waste.
I don't either.
- Really, y-you don't? - No, of course not.
Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting? - Oh, it's go time.
- It's C-Can I get that on record, please? Say, say that again.
So you quit your job and get married in the same week? - I'm a new guy now.
- Is that so? Being chief was going just me spending less time with my wife and baby.
Well, I have to admit I don't think I could have planned a better wedding.
- You don't? - I don't.
Uh Abby, it was a really nice wedding.
Luka, what I said before about hurting Abby I meant it.
I'm not really sure why I'm here, but I'm very happy to be invited.
- I don't really know these people.
- Okay, let me just put this down.
- Oh, there's Morris with the thing.
- Yep.
- Come over here, Morris.
- Shh-shh-shh, here we go, here we go.
Hey, we just want to say, uh, congrats to our fearless leader here.
Yes, yeah, a-and we wish him a life of, of contentment and joy.
- And love.
- Yes, yes, uh, what else? Oh, oh, uh, sleeping with only one woman.
- Ever again.
- Forever.
Without end.
Everybody's real nice.
I hope they'll be real happy together.
I do.
Even the bride.
Uh, Ray.
Can you call me when you get this? Uh, I thought maybe we could go out for breakfast or coffee or something.
Uh, listen, I'm sorry about tonight.
It's a pretty amazing night.
Uh, I guess it just makes you look forward to a time when you get to be as happy as Abby and Luka are right now, so Good, good job.
Okay, Ray, we got to go.
Hey, dude, dude, can you, uh, can you get this for us?