ER Episode Scripts


But it could be fun, if we caught our mammoth .
or whatever.
Then, life changed.
In many ways, it got easier.
Nobody had to run around for their food, or anything else much for that matter.
Until one day we woke up and realised that nine out of ten of our kids would grow up to have dangerous amounts of fat built up in their bodies, which meant they could get things like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
And many could have their lives .
cut short.
So we thought that's not more of a life, that's less of a life.
Maybe we should get together with our kids, and .
better, .
more, .
And change for life.
And we all lived happily, not exactly ever after, but more ever after than we had done.
To find out how you can: go online, and: CLATTERING Abby Just a second.
MUMBLING: Crap Crap.
Med staff office says you can't work tonight.
See ya.
I'm serious.
You're banned until you deal with your incomplete charts.
Excuse me, Frank.
I told them I was gonna sling you over my shoulder and carry you down to the office myself.
Sling me over your shoulder? FRANK: You're backed up six months! Oh, good, you're here.
Paramedics are bringing in a guy who's out of his head and combative, we could use the extra set of hands.
Want me to get some Ativan? They gave him ten migs already.
Hasn't touched him.
Abby, don't go out there.
I think Frank has a crush on me.
Oh, would you go see the med staff, please? They're bugging me about your charts.
Nemo lynch, 32.
There's a snake! Ran through the water tower naked Get the snake! .
jumped through a plate glass window and kept running.
Sounds like PCP.
PRATT: All right.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, you need some help here? Moretti's got me triageing.
What am I supposed to do? Don't worry about that.
Just worry about keeping the patients out of the doorway.
Vitals are stable.
Abdomen's non-tender.
Stab wounds look superficial.
So why is the ER calling for a surgeon? Uh, you're a great mentor, Neela.
That was a question.
Why does this guy need an X-lap? Can't trust the exam if the patient's too high.
Are you listening to a word I'm saying? Can I ask a question? It's a little embarrassing Well, it's better to ask a dumb question rather than fake it.
I appreciate your attitude towards that.
I-I really do.
I mean it's reassuring to know that someday Yeah, Harold, sometime today.
Uh, my girlfriend, Lacey her homecoming dance is coming up.
Homecoming dance? Yeah, she's in the court.
Out of my league looks-wise, but I guess there's a certain cache in dating a doctor when you're still in high school.
Your girlfriend's in high school? Yeah, she's a senior at Woodland.
Anyway, there are certain skills, expectations Certain rites of passage that a certain homecoming princess is gonna be counting on, you know? No, I'm not sure I do.
CLEARS THROAT I've never been to the dance.
I don't know how to do the mambo or pin the corsage.
Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? I didn't grow up in this country, so I'm not sure I'm the best person to answer this question Neela.
Help me.
I'm-I'm a virgin.
MOANING You guys all right in here? Get away, you freak! That depends on your definition of "all right".
You wrote the map on the skin We're doing just fine.
I know where you hid it.
I will not be the conduit SIGHS TAGGART: Sedation's kicking in.
Interns, your first quarter evaluations are in your boxes.
Find me if you want to discuss.
Moretti, now's not a good time.
Nobody told us we were being tested.
Every patient is a test.
Of your intellect, of your wit, of your organisational skills.
Whoa! Get the snake! Come on! Shut up! And hold still.
We're gonna get the snake.
See that? Every patient's a test, and Sam just got an "A" this time.
SCREAMS I guess I spoke too soon.
I stole this from the GYN clinic.
What? I didn't steal steal it.
I'll-I'll take it back just as soon you I'm not touching that thing.
Just go over the relevant anatomy.
That's all I ask.
Oh, come on, man.
Put that thing away.
LOCKHART: No free air under the diaphragm.
He's just so smug all the time.
Have you ever met anybody so smug? Let me guess.
Moretti? Every time I come down, you guys are talking about the same thing.
Well, he's an ass, but I can't deny he's a smart guy.
C-spine is fine.
Should I take off his collar? No, we'll do it upstairs.
Well, this one's a lot of fun.
Make sure you get him up before the sedation wears off.
Here's everything you need to know.
Oh, we're good.
He can't hear anything, right? No.
He's had enough sedation to take down an elephant.
Hey! I hope you're on top of your game tonight, Lockhart.
You know I've got the boards tomorrow.
You're gonna be taking all the hard cases.
Why the hell are you working the night before your boards? It was supposed to be Morris's shift, but he's taking them, too.
He couldn't find anybody else? Nope.
And he swore that he would fail if I didn't bail him out.
But I'll do fine.
I test well.
What'd you hear from Luka? Taking longer than he expected.
He has to retrofit his dad's house for a wheelchair, so.
STELLA: This is completely unfair.
Guy's clearly on a power trip.
Abby, check this out.
Four pages of categories - procedures, patient relations, intellectual curiosity - each rated on a one-to-five scale.
He gave us 1s across the board.
Is that good or bad? Bad! No comments, no written feedback, just 1s.
So uncool.
I'm never gonna get a toxicology fellowship with this on my record.
Oh, that's not true.
That's not true.
Are we supposed to learn from this? You have to talk to him.
Yeah, would you? Please? Frank.
What's up with the lab? I've been waiting three hours for a CBC.
Something about a flow cytometer.
It'll be a while.
Oh, your kid's school called twice.
Alex biting off lizard heads again? Shut up, Frank.
He's not a sociopath.
That's right.
Ignore the problem.
It'll go away.
Well, it's too late.
I have to call 'em tomorrow morning.
MORETTI: Hey, er, Sam.
You're supposed to be covering triage right now.
What? Yeah.
Nurses rotate every two hours.
You're up.
Come on.
Excuse me.
Listen, slamming the interns without giving any concrete suggestions isn't helping anybody.
These numeric evaluations are useless.
Don't worry, Abby.
I gave you solid 3s.
Yeah, listen, they're freaking out about the bad evaluation instead of focusing on how to improve.
Illustrating my point.
Which is what, exactly? Are they concerned about giving the patients sub-optimal care? No.
What they're worried about is how it's gonna look on their record.
They need mentors, constructive feedback, guidance No.
You know, they're just kids.
Arrogance and inexperience are a lethal combination.
But there's gotta be a more effective way of teaching them that than completely breaking them Abby, look, I I understand it's your natural instinct to listen, to wanna be supportive and to, you know but in the end with Forget it.
Can't Excuse me.
All right, hang on a bit.
OK, ma'am, why are you here? He's got a cough.
Oh, yeah? let me see.
Let me see.
His breathing's OK.
You know what? I'll try to get you back as soon as I can, all right? But GIRL: Hello.
Uh, sir, let me see your hand.
Let me see.
Come over here.
Sit down.
GIRL: Hey! Hey! Yes? I've been here for three hours.
This guy just walked in.
Yeah, well, this guy's bleeding.
OK, well, my head is exploding.
You look comfortable to me.
Don't tell me what I'm feeling.
SIGHS All right, you get headaches a lot? Never like this.
All right.
Here, grab that.
I'll get back to you in a second.
Follow me.
This place is gross.
Well, you get used to it.
What's your name? Heather.
Heather, I'm Dr Gates.
This is Sam.
Sam, Heather here says she has an exploding headache.
Hmm, let's get you checked out.
Moretti have you working in waiting? Yeah, all day.
Don't take it personally.
He's doing that to all the residents.
I better get back.
Take a seat over here.
On a scale of one to ten, how bad is your headache? Ten.
You're pretty calm for a ten.
Yeah, so, you think I'm lying? I have a high tolerance for pain.
Where are your parents? I don't know.
OK, well, give me their numbers.
We can examine you, but we need their permission for any treatment.
You seen Pratt? He's in exam three reducing a shoulder.
Are you on tonight? You mean on as in lively and invigorated or on as in working? What? Morris.
What are you doing? I'm looking for you.
Why aren't you home studying? No, no, no, I-I got too much nervous energy.
There's no way I'm gonna be able to sleep.
I came in so we could study together.
Wait, wait, the only reason I took over your shift was so that you could stay home.
Come on.
Come on.
We can help each other get psyched, get-get focused Listen, if you're here, I'm out.
Dude, you need to work on your game face.
What? Game face, Greg.
What's wrong with you? Shrug your shoulders.
Can I open my eyes now? Yeah.
OK, the good news is your neuro exam is totally normal, but you have trigger points in your neck.
Which means? It's a tension headache.
You'll feel better with some ibuprofen.
Aren't you gonna do a CAT scan or something? You don't need one.
Well, do one anyway.
We don't do tests just cos patients want them.
Why not? It's a waste of resources.
OK, well, make my dad pay.
Cos he's rich.
That's not really the issue.
You just said it was about resources, so Is this your home phone number? Yeah.
So when I call it, why do I get a video rental store? Video rental? I didn't even know those still existed.
That isn't funny.
My mom is dead and my dad is in New York and he doesn't need you guys bothering him.
So, not that big a deal.
the dad's consent.
And give us his real number.
No more games.
That was so cool, defending us from Moretti like that.
Well, we were just discussing different teaching philosophies.
Well, yours is better.
Which is why there's no way I'm gonna present to him.
You got a minute? You can't boycott an attending.
I can't? Come on.
Just for today.
GATES: My point is, hanging out in the waiting area is inefficient.
Just get back out there, Gates.
I should be here clearing beds, Moretti, and you know it.
Look, last month a woman arrested in an ER waiting room because nobody was paying attention.
Brian? Hey.
What are you doing? in acute respiratory distress.
It's really bad this time.
All right.
I know this kid.
He's got a progressive neuromuscular disorder.
I know him from ICU.
Hey, buddy, how you doing? Pretty good.
Yeah? Did you see D Lee hit for the cycle last night? No, I missed it.
You're gonna have to give me a play-by-play, huh? Pulse ox is only 78.
Let's go.
He needs oxygen.
Sam, you're with me.
Where we going? Uh, Trauma 1.
Brian, wait right here.
I'll be right back.
HEATHER: Hey! Hey! Let's set up a non-rebreather and, er, let's get an ABG going.
Find someone else to cover triage.
I'm staying with this kid.
Goo goo, goo Goo! Goo! Goo! - Goo! Goo! - Ahem! Goo goo, goo, goo, goo, goo, goo, goo, goo.
Goo! (all) Goo, goo, goo, goo! BELL Goo, goo, goo, goo, goo, goo! PAGER BEEPS Omar, we're on! - What? - There's another lot on the loose.
(both) Let's roll! SIREN Just give me the facts.
It was Sharon, she left the fridge doors open.
They're in here.
Be careful, they're juicy little suckers.
(all) Whoo-hoo! MANIC LAUGHTER Capri-Sun juice pouches.
We can enjoy two lives.
Work - good.
Home - good.
Balance - good.
We send, we reply.
From "This meeting today" to "This made me laugh".
We make work friends.
Sometimes they become home friends.
We can always have both.
The Nokia E71.
We all have an amazing natural ability to learn.
Learning new things is part of our DNA.
In challenging times, learning new skills can help you secure your job, get on at work, or get back into work.
And as your skills improve, you could see your options grow and your chances to get on at work flourish.
For real help, whatever your situation, call the Careers Advice Service, or go online.
Is that clear enough for you? Dr Moretti, is there anything special I should know about the Crohn's lady? She's narcissistic.
She's addicted to morphine, and if she says that she's allergic to NSAIDs, she's lying.
Thanks for the warning.
Excuse me.
I'm looking foryou, Dr Moretti.
I'm Skye Wexler, your new attending.
We spoke on the phone.
Oh, yeah.
I didn't realise you were starting already.
Yeah, tonight's the night.
Uh All right.
Uhfollow me.
Will you, um, er, write your initials in this column over here when you pick up a patient, and chart any progress in this column over here.
OK? Frank, sorry, this is Dr Wexler.
She's gonna be taking some shifts with us over the next month or so, and this is one of our lifers, Haleh.
You new to Chicago? Doing locums to make some extra cash.
Locums? Yes.
Like moonlighting, mostly nights.
That's when I work, too.
Oh, yeah.
So much better than being stuck in a hospital all day when it's beautiful outside.
I hear you.
I'm a big hiker myself.
You bump your head? Hang in there, Josh.
You're almost done.
ABG's back.
Co2's 66.
He's retaining.
What's that mean? It means he's tiring out.
You try breathing 50 times a minute.
You're gonna have washboard abs after this.
Heart line's in.
That's so we can check your blood gasses without needles.
You see the shadow? Is that fluid? Yeah, most likely aspiration pneumonia.
His swallowing muscles are weak, it's not protecting his Airway.
I never should have let you go to that Kelly Clarkson concert.
That's not why I have pneumonia.
Did she just say Kelly Clarkson? You have a problem with that? Good thing you're sick, because I'd be giving you so much crap.
Kelly Clarkson? Hey, Sam, gram of Ceftriaxone and a litre of NS.
Which one of you is Pratt? That'd be him.
Hey, I'm Skye Wexler, new attending.
I'm doing the overnights with you.
Oh, nice to meet you.
We should call Hopkins.
We're supposed to report any ER visits to the study coordinator.
SKYE: I heard you have the boards tomorrow.
I'll hang here so you can study.
Gates, you good with this? Yeah.
All right, buddy.
We'll get you feeling better soon, OK? Looks like you're stuck with me, Josh.
SKYE: Let me take a look at the film.
Here you go.
Your feet must be tired.
This hospital bites.
I've been here for hours, and nobody's done anything.
We get busy.
What are you doing? Trying to find someone who gives a crap.
Yeah, well, those computers are for staff only.
Go back to your bed.
HUFFS Hey, did you hear me? I have chest pain and it's really, really bad.
I'll get someone to check you out, OK? How's the boy doing? Struggling, headed for a tube.
So what are you doing out here? The new attending came in.
She said that she'd take over.
Wait, wait, wait.
You left a patient in respiratory failure with an untested attending that you've never met? Oh, well, I I'm kidding.
I sent her in there.
Hey, Doctor.
Check me out.
Hey, what happened? There you are.
You show up out of nowhere and then suddenly you disappear.
LAUGHS How you doing? Good.
You seem busy, so I don't want to Yeah, well I don't want to get in your way.
Is everything all right? You look like hell.
LAUGHS: Oh, I No, I drove all night to get here, so Oh.
Dr Pratt, I'm sorry.
This is, er, Brian, my son.
Oh, really? Hey.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, aren't you in college on the east coast? Yes, he is.
And now this is the part where you tell me why you're not in school LAUGHS .
and you're visiting me at work.
What's that? Happy birthday, Dad.
You drove all night to give me a book? No, it's not just a book.
It's not just a book.
It's not just a book.
It's like a new way of thinking.
Really? All right, well You remember when you were in college and you got so excited about everything that you learned? BOTH CHUCKLE Come on, let's get out of here, um You look like you haven't eaten in a week.
Nice to meet you.
OK, hey, Skye has my sign-out.
All right.
It's the natural course of Fazio-Londe disease.
Eventually, the respiratory muscles aren't strong enough to clear secretions.
So there are no other options.
This is Dr Bazzano from paediatric neurology.
Hi, Joshua.
You're his mom? Yeah.
Acidosis is worse.
Solisten up, buddy.
Your, er, your muscles that help you breathe are starting to get tired.
Tell me something I don't know.
So we're going to have to put a tube down and, um, that will breathe for you.
SERENA: Oh, God.
TAGGART: The ventilator is temporary.
It'll give his muscles a rest so the antibiotics can do their thing.
And after the pneumonia is treated, we can take the tube out? Well, that's the hope.
It's going to be OK.
We talked about this possibility.
BAZZANO: I have to run upstairs.
I'll see you guys up in the ICU.
Thanks, Doctor.
Do you understand everything the doctors are saying? Yeah.
Mom? Yeah, honey? This situation demands a Slushee.
Josh, sorry, but you've got to be NPO.
Ah, come on, let's, let's give the kid a Slushee, huh? We can live with that, huh? Sweet.
Where do I? The Jumbo Mart.
My kid loves 'em, too.
It's across the street.
Come on.
I'll take you.
Be right back.
Good catch.
You're not tubing me.
Headache's gone.
Now it's chest pain.
EKG was fine.
Exam was normal.
Did you do a beta-HCG? Could explain this whole thing.
Keep her on oxygen.
Call if she has any more sustained decels.
Abby, HCG? Oh, yeah.
It was negative.
I have to check on a sick asthmatic.
Oh, that's cool.
I got this.
I'm Dr Wexler.
I'm in charge tonight.
Lucky you.
Deep breath.
I can't.
You can try.
EXHALING QUICKLY Well, your heart and lungs sound good.
Oxygen level is perfect.
Better keep looking then.
You know, your pain can't be that bad if you're able to text your friends all through my exam.
I'm not texting.
I'm trying to get online.
Reception in here sucks.
Look, is there a computer in here that I can use or something? RASGOTRA: Dr Wexler, do you know where Pratt is? I can't find him anywhere.
You could try the break room.
I know he's studying.
Sorry about that.
You were saying? Just forget it.
Never mind.
Of course, we have the grand old dame of cramming - caffeine.
Grand old dame? our engines nice and revved.
Oh, and this.
OK, this this is the silver bullet.
If you get stuck on the test, squeeze this, the answer will come.
Hey, I don't need any good luck charms.
You can't reject a good luck charm.
That's like the opposite of good luck, as in bad luck.
I don't believe in luck.
I believe in preparation, and I'm prepared.
Whoa, what's all this? Well, you know, we got the boards tomorrow.
And, er how exactly does this fit in? Something to perk us up when our stamina flags.
Well, do you guys mind if Harold hangs here for a while? He could benefit from your, er, tutelage.
No, no way, we have too much ground to cover.
Oh, come on, if you don't know it by now, this isn't gonna help.
That's not necessarily true.
Studies have shown that cramming can improve short-term performance.
See? Have a seat, Harold.
Oh, excellent.
Great guys - smart, experienced.
So what topics do you want to cover? Uh, just some basic fundamentals.
No appetite? Dairy is pumped full of hormones and wheat is genetically modified.
Uh, OK, I'll try to find you some organic Jell-o.
Urine aminolevulinic acid is elevated - suggests a problem with porphyrin metabolism.
Hmmshe does seem to have a serious fear of food.
Acute porphyria can be brought on by caloric restriction.
Well, see, it fits.
Hematology said to order an erythrocyte enzyme assay.
Cool case, Grady, but make sure to keep moving the other patients through.
Hey, Abby.
How is everything? It's better.
Much better.
You been going to meetings? Yes.
OK, cos I haven't seen you.
Well, the last couple times, I, um, I worked late, so I couldn't make it to St Mark's.
Oh, I see.
And I kind of wanted to go somewhere wherenobody knew me.
Why is that? I don't know.
Well, look the, um, church on Franklin has got meetings all hours, day and night.
That's good to know.
When your infection clears, your vital capacity will improve and they'll take the tube out.
Be real.
I'll never get off the vent.
Ah, don't say that, Josh.
I've been thinking about this moment pretty much continuously since I got my diagnosis.
No tube.
So that's it? You're just going to give up now? And I need to make it look like it's your decision.
What? It would kill my mom if she knew this was my idea.
I promised her I'd fight.
So fight.
They're doing research on neuromuscular diseases.
It's not going to help me now.
They could come up with a breakthrough tomorrow, Josh.
They're years away from a cure.
Whether we like it or not, this is happening.
My mom can start getting over it now or a year from now when she's given up everything to be by my bedside while I wither away on a ventilator.
Josh Tony, you get me.
I know you understand.
He's a bright kid.
He knows what's in store.
Intellectual understanding isn't the same as emotional maturity.
I know him.
He understands what he's doing.
You absolutely sure about this? Yeah.
Do me a favour and run it by ethics.
You can tell them your attending's on board.
Thank you.
Hey, Sam.
It is Sam, right? Yeah.
Could you give our asthmatic in two Uh I already did.
Part of Moretti's new asthma protocol.
You don't need doctor's orders if the patient meets certain criteria.
I like it.
Could I take a look? Sure.
Hey, Frank, do you have an asthma flowchart? Hey, kid.
This is a hospital, not an internet cafe.
TAGGART: What's wrong with you? What is wrong with you? I called your dad and somebody's on their way to come get you.
You shouldn't have done that.
He didn't want to be bothered.
Of course he does.
How can you possibly say that? You don't know him and you don't know me.
Because I'm a parent and I understand a parent Oh, shut up, you phony.
It's like, um, it's already after 3:00.
I think it's about time we go to bed.
I think it's time we opened another bottle of champagne.
Did I tell you I'm taking a course on the history of wine? No.
I know, I know.
It sounds like, er, major slacker territory, huh? But it's actually this awesome survey of Western civilisation.
I mean there's the last supper, the Spanish Inquisition, the Yalta Conference - you name it, somehow wine was involved.
Yeah, well, wine is Oh! I switched my major to semiotics.
A degree in the meaning of meaning.
I mean, could there be anything cooler than that? No, I don't But Brian I know what you're going to say, I know.
I don't want to be premed though, Dad.
I don't.
I thought you were cool with that.
No, I am.
That's not Whywhy are you here? It's your birthday.
All right, but what's the real reason? It's I remember when I was, er, in fourth grade.
You showed up and you said - it was right before lunch - and you said we were going to go on this secret surprise mission.
That's what you said.
And I remember, I remember looking out the window of the car just, I'm thinking, I'm wondering, "Where are we going to go?" And that, I just - I swear, that was just one of the that was the most exciting moment of my life.
You're talking about the time we went ice fishing? Yeah.
It was you and me and the lake.
And I, I just I just, I wanted to I wanted to to thank you.
For that, thanks.
You're welcome.
CHUCKLES I'll call the school.
They can send the syllabus to the ICU.
Thanks, Mom.
Sat is 81.
You guys ready? Actually, we're going to hold off.
TAGGART: What do you mean, "hold off"? We're not intubating.
What? SERENA: Why? He won't tolerate the pressure generated by the ventilator.
But I thought you said before that he GATES: No, but I have new information now and the clinical picture has changed.
What kind of new information? Are you on board with this? Dr Gates and I have discussed the options at length.
TAGGART: You really think it's such a good idea on your first night attending? I've been attending for ten years.
I don't understand.
This wasn't the plan.
Well, we have a different plan now.
But he's in respiratory failure.
We'll give him medicine to keep him comfortable and we'll take away the air hunger.
Tony, no Trust him, Mom.
How's your new, er, interns doing? Uh, overzealous and inexperienced, but they seem like an OK bunch.
Well, I had to send mine to man camp today.
MORRIS: So I wake up the next morning and I look over, and that best-in-show hottie from the night before? A big, hairy moustache.
MEN LAUGHING And that, my young lads, is why drinking is bad.
GROANS LOCKHART: Looks like you have your noses to the grindstone in here.
Yeah, well, we got a little distracted.
It's only 4:00.
The night is still young, huh? Go! Go! Men CHANTING:: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Harold! Go! Go! Go! Go! GROANS Harold, I need you upstairs, now.
But we were just getting to toys and accessories.
It's not an invitation.
Abby, paranoid chemical lady in two dropped her pressure.
All right.
Come on.
Party's over.
Come on.
Whatever poisonous advice they gave you, you must forget it immediately.
Most of what they said made a lot of sense.
What did they tell you? Well, Morris said the greatest sex happens when you're in love.
He did? Yeah.
And all Pratt talked about was how to keep the lines of communication open.
You're joking.
I do still have some unanswered questions, though.
Pulse ox is 84.
PRATT: All right, Crank up the O2.
It's progressive.
There's no cure.
He has the right to stop.
Oh, what about his mother? doesn't she have any rights? My obligation is to my patient, not to his mother.
Josh doesn't want his mom to know about this.
He's 13! People make bad decisions when they're 13.
Laying in bed being hooked up to a ventilator? It's not a life.
He can still think.
He can communicate.
Maybe he's around when they discover a cure.
He doesn't want to lay around in bed hooked up to a bunch of machines waiting for a miracle.
What part of that do you not understand? We're not intubating, Sam.
What are you doing? Hi, can you tell me who's on call for ethics today, please? It's Larabee.
I've discussed this with him already.
I'm not going to sit All right, stop, Sam! I'm the doctor.
This is my call.
You can either go mix his morphine drip or you can take yourself off this case, because we're done here.
LOCKHART: Suction.
She had headaches, abdominal pain, rash, mood swings.
Porphyria seemed to explain all her unrelated complaints.
I'm in.
Pass me the bag.
Nice job, Abby.
Yeah, Abby.
Real nice job.
You and your intern spent eight hours working up a zebra without ruling out common causes for acute abdominal pain.
X-ray's back.
GROANS I got it.
Free air under the diaphragm - probably a perfed ulcer.
Yeah, which might not be perfed if you had diagnosed this four hours ago.
RASGOTRA: OR three is ready.
Haleh will help you get her upstairs.
All right, that's it, you two.
OK, I got this.
Sat's coming up.
What's her access? Did you guys send coags? I'm sorry.
I went down the wrong path.
You got excited about your hypothesis.
It's fine.
It's good.
This is my fault.
I'm supposed to know better.
Excuse me, I'm here to pick up Heather Baker.
Are you family? I oversee the Chicago property.
I have a letter from her father, which allows you to release her to me.
Well, I don't know where she is, and I'm kind of busy, so you're going to have to wait.
Well, I've been waiting almost an hour.
Sam, I have a kid in four who needs the wax cleaned out of his ear.
I'm a little tied up right now.
And I'd appreciate it if you could pull up the troponins for our rule-out MI.
I don't have a password for the lab computer yet.
Lily? Lily? Take this to Gates.
Heather! Heather, stop! Choosing the right ingredients is the most important part in achieving a perfect recipe.
By knowing what to leave in and what to take away, you create a balance that tastes just right.
So to make their light mayonnaise, Hellmann's kept the free range eggs, vinegar and oil, naturally containing omega-3, but took out half the calories, creating another great-tasting mayonnaise that's just lighter.
Ketchup, fizzy drinks They're drinking a lot of fruit juice.
Our teeth come under attack from the acids in these foods.
You then start brushing away the enamel.
Your dentist will be able to show you that the enamel is getting much thinner.
Some really simple tips - drinking orange juice through a straw or just using an everyday toothpaste, such as Pronamel or Pronamel for Children, to reharden the enamel and help protect from acid erosion.
Go and talk to your dentist.
She was here all alone all night with vague complaints.
None of us wondered why.
She kept changing her story.
She's calming down.
Well, that's the valium overdose.
Next, she's going to stop breathing.
TAGGART: All right, go ahead and give the Flumazenil.
I totally missed it again.
Oh, I saw it, too.
I blew her off.
LOCKHART: Big occipital lac back here.
TAGGART: I knocked her down pretty hard.
She cracked her head on the platform.
Page psych.
They need to come and see her.
NG's in.
Tape? PRATT: Placement's good.
GRADY: Right.
SIGHS PRATT: Here it goes.
I should have seen it.
I thought she was playing games.
I should have seen it.
You saved her life, Sam.
Don't be too hard on yourself.
Thank you.
PRATT SIGHS What can I say? I overreacted about the ulcer.
No, you didn't.
Happens to everyone.
And she did great in the OR.
How do people do this? Working with interns is always tricky.
It's hard to supervise without micromanaging.
It's not just the interns.
It's everything.
Some guy shoved me on the El today, and I lost it.
I followed him off the train screaming, even though it wasn't my stop.
I also fired the nanny, which is totally irrational, because Joe's fall had nothing to do with her, but I couldn't look at her without thinking about it.
Oh, that's understandable.
No, it's not.
It's It's like I'm actually trying to screw things up.
You know, it sounds like you need a day off.
I wishit were that simple.
Is there anything I can do? Do you mind if I sign out a little early? EXHALES LOUDLY Sure.
GRADY: I finished the brow lac on the carpenter.
Wow, that was fast.
Didn't need a two-layer closure? Actually, Dr Morris just had me dermabond it.
Oh, OK.
And how's our gastroenteritis girl doing? Is she keeping Gatorade down? Well, I-I didn't really end up pushing fluids because Dr Morris said to just go ahead with the bolus, so And I saw ortho was down here reducing that shoulder.
How much Ketamine did you need? I ended up using Propofol because Dr Morris Well, he decided that he wasn't KNOCKING SKYE: Morris? What? What? Jeez! I asked for Benadryl - patient gets Atarax.
I order a splint - kid gets an Ace.
What kind of creepy loser hangs out in the break room all night second-guessing other attendings when he's not even on the schedule? I don't know if I'm being punked or if you haze all new attendings this way, but I don't need you double-checking my work.
I-I wasn't.
The only reason I am here is to make some extra cash for a surf trip.
Come December, I am gone.
So you can stop worrying that I'm after your job or your promotion.
Oh! Hi.
Archie Morris.
I have no idea who you are or what you're talking about.
Got to bounce.
You good? TAGGART: Hey.
You're OK.
We got rid of all the pills you took.
Heather, we didn't take very good care of you last night.
I'm sorry for that.
Your dad's on a plane.
He'll be here in about an hour.
Is Eliza coming, too? Who? VOICE BREAKING: His wife.
He married her after my mom died.
Eight months after my mom died.
She convinced him to move to New York and leave me here.
What do you mean, leave you here? INHALES DEEPLY She didn't want a step-kid.
So, he visits takes me out to lunch and buys me things.
But mainly, he just pays people to tend to me, like I am a high-maintenance garden.
Why did you do it? Why did you save me? Heather I wanted to die.
SOFTLY: Things will get better, I swear.
PRATT SIGHS Don't you have to get out of here? Yeah, well, it doesn't start for another hour.
I can't believe you worked the overnight before the boards.
After a few years of getting no sleep, you get used to it.
Uh, not me.
I don't think I'll ever get used to it.
I hate working nights.
Always have.
Good luck today.
SIGHS CHUCKLES SOFTLY He's unconscious and bradycardic, but he's still breathing, so Could be a while before he actually Yeah, I-I I get it.
His mom's in shock.
I don't think she was expecting this.
But she knew that he had a fatal, progressive I mean today.
She wasn't expecting this today.
She thought they had more time.
Of course she did.
INHALES DEEPLY Serena, this is, er, Julia.
She's the chaplain here.
Chaplain? Yeah.
I'm so sorry.
It's not the natural order of things.
Do you want to say a prayer? No.
Do you want me to say a prayer? VOICE BREAKING: No.
LABOURED BREATHING EL SQUEALING AND RUMBLING MUSIC PLAYS SOFTLY # Within us going down # We follow you around # It's how you fight loneliness # You laugh at every joke # Drag your blanket blindly # Fill your heart with smoke # And the first thing that you want # Will be the last thing you'd ever need # That's how you fight it.
# # "I Got Life" by Nina Simone # Got my hair, got my head # Got my brains, got my ears # Got my eyes, got my nose # Got my mouth # I got my smile # I got my arms, got my hands # Got my fingers, got my legs # Got my feet, got my toes # Got my liver Shropshire.
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