ER Episode Scripts


Previously on ER I need to loosen up a bit.
I have a tendency to micromanage.
Yeah, Cate mentioned that.
I don't want to be here.
I don't like it here.
I know how it is to come back from a war and feel adrift.
Saying it fancy doesn't make you seem smarter, Andrew.
It makes you seem insecure.
Could you get me a death kit, please? It's your job to decide what needs to be considered and when to speak up.
If you're submissive at all, you're not ready for this.
I tried to speak up, and nobody listened! You can't be a great doctor until you've killed a patient.
So, that Brenner guy Mm-hmm? Kind of seems like a dick.
"Because of the ongoing chaos, there has been "a depletion of resources, including water, "which continues to divide the area.
" What are you doing? "Water resources are at such a low, "scholars are projecting "that by 2025, Syria (LAUGHING) OK, put that down.
"Oman, Libya, and Ethiopia "will also be struggling for a larger supply.
" That's my thesis.
It's rough.
That is not rough.
That is scholarly.
I haven't even rewritten that page.
But youyou you misspelled, um, irrigation.
No, I didn't.
Yeah, you did.
It's "I-G," not "A-G.
" Look, I can't type.
"One of the most efficient resources "is drip irrigation.
" You're torturing me.
"Butbutas, er as more countries "gain the use of this "this technology, thethe areas ".
the areas will become" When was Kennedy assassinated? John or Robert? No, I haven't heard a thing.
I was hoping you had.
Do I look fat? No, sit down.
Uh, when was Bobby killed? '73.
Does your son have any friends that may have called? '65.
'68, Alex! You got to learn these.
I knew that one.
You don't even know how to choose clothes that fit you.
I'm changing.
No, you look great.
Sit down.
No, I hear you, I'll call you if I know anything, Mrs Gonzalez.
Thank you.
No news? Maybe this guy wants to be homeless.
Nobody wants to be homeless, Sarah.
How do you know? You know everyone in the world? No, smart Alex.
Do you know every one of those flashcards? Let me see.
When was the war of 1812? Look, he's thinking of it.
All right, hi.
Yeah, this is him.
Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, it's the shelter on Third.
Hi, yes.
You haven't heard from him, OK.
No, thank you.
I appreciate you calling back.
I was thinking of, er, staying put.
I was gonna go back home, but the airfare is so bloody expensive.
What about you? What are your plans? Oh, that's great, Ray.
Where's she from? Oh, I've heard, er, Georgia is beautiful.
Well, that should be fun.
Yeah, well, I guess I'll talk to you when you get back.
Yeah, you, too.
You don't have to do that.
I don't work on Tuesday.
It's no big deal.
Well, don't worry about it.
My brother's friends will help me move.
Uh, Neela, this is, er, Leanne.
Leanne, Neela.
I hate moving.
It's hard to concentrate on my dissertation when my roommate's screwing in the next room.
What's your focus? Middle Eastern politics.
Speaking of which, Samir Khalaf's giving a lecture in an hour.
I got to go.
OKwell, I'll see you tonight.
She seems impressive.
She's got a full scholarship to the University of Chicago, and she speaks five languages.
She twirl around in phone booths and fight crime, too? I'm surprised.
She doesn't seem like your type.
Why is that? I don't know, figured you with someone a little less intellectually stimulating.
Well, now, that is rude.
No, you've got me all wrong.
In fact, it's evolving into quite a thing.
What about you? You, eryou No, riding solo.
Well, I can always set you up with one of my rugby mates.
Yeah, I'd rather be boiled and laid in a bed of cat litter.
Well, I can arrange that, too.
Bug off.
This is Beth, 46, fell down a flight of stairs trying to escape a house fire.
I'm Dr Brenner.
Do you know where you are? Hospital.
Shallow resps, tachy to 125.
Bp's 100/58.
My leg! It's a closed deformity on the left.
Looks like a tib-fib.
We'll get you something for the pain.
How is she? I told you, you were supposed to obey the traffic lights.
She's my wife.
Mr Lotery pulled her from the fire.
I tried to have him looked over, but he wouldn't listen.
How are you feeling? I'm fine.
Trauma room.
Let's go.
Bolus 5,000 units heparin, then 900 an hour.
Hey, do you have a second? What's up? I'm late for a perf diverticulum.
I wanted to talk to you about the Mendenhall case.
Oh, come on, let's all try to move on from that, shall we? If you pull into the slow lane every time there's an accident, Neela, you're gonna have a problem.
Well, I was thinking of a way to ensure that never happens again.
Really? Well, I hope you plan to patent that idea, cos if you have the ability to control the future, you might really be on to something.
Lucien, I'm not joking.
You know what? let's just use this as an opportunity to examine and assess your management style.
My management style is not the problem.
How am I supposed to delegate work to an intern I can't trust? Why don't you just make him into one that you can? Well, frankly, I wish I didn't have to supervise anyone at all.
I'd be better off.
Really? That's really how you feel? Yeah, it is.
OK, fine, then.
Permission granted.
You are free of having to supervise.
No more interns for you.
Well, he's not capable, he's not competent, and I can't have him killing another patient.
I'm moving him.
He's gone.
You made a decision.
Stick by it.
They have me in the surgical clinic.
You're gonna have to do it sometime anyway.
Yeah, I was planning on the end of the year when I was tired.
You'll be fine.
You know, what if Dr Rasgotra tries to cockblock me in the whole department? She's not even thinking about you.
Andrew thinks everyone is thinking about him.
Do not entertain his neuroses.
She told Dubenko she doesn't want me to work with her.
OK, so give her a few weeks.
She's gonna get over it.
And if she doesn't? You'll be looking at ass Ditzels on old women for ever.
Hey, just because Banfield's on vacation doesn't mean you guys can slack off.
Tracy, Grady, Brenner just got a trauma, and Daria, Gates is doing a central line in Curtains.
And Andrew, you shouldn't even be down here.
OK, you see, even the nurses don't want me here.
God, I am gonna strangle you.
He like this at home? Uh-huh, all the time.
All right, clearly, you need some love.
Hands in.
Intern power.
(ALL) Break.
(SIGHS) Thank God I'm a resident.
Maybe I should call the VA hospital again or Voices For Veterans.
You've done enough.
Could also check the alleys around the hospital.
I haven't done that yet.
Sorry, I got stuck splinting a three-year-old.
Ten of Lido.
Now, sir, you're gonna feel a little stick.
This is the numbing medicine.
Ceftriaxone's ready to hang.
What's the name of that shelter on Michigan near the El? Saint Mary's.
My neighbour volunteers there.
All right, angle that up a little bit.
How many rounds of epi? < Three, and three of atropine.
< He was out Lily, what's going on? Homeless man found down.
All right, you guys got this, right? Line is primed.
Only 80 systolic.
OK, wait, wait, wait.
I can't thread the guide wire.
Don't pull back.
Try rotating the bevel.
Maybe that's not him.
That's his duffel.
It's not going.
He needs volume and pressors.
All right, give me gloves.
Open a new tray.
That's it.
What labs do you want? CBC, trauma panel, type and cross.
Why won't they leave us alone? Chest is stable.
It's OK, honey.
We'll move.
Right upper quadrant's tender.
We're not going anywhere.
This is our home.
We'll talk about it later.
Let's just get you well first.
IV's in.
Your interns do know how to hold a scalpel, right? Excuse me? Why was surgery called down for a simple buttock abscess? I was late for a trauma because I was tied up doing an I&D that an ER intern could have been doing.
Or a surgical intern - where are your underlings? That's really not the point.
What have you got? Beth Lotery, blunt trauma to the belly and legs, er, minor burns.
How's the ultrasound? We were just getting to that.
What's happening? Mrs Lotery, open your eyes.
She's not breathing.
OK, we're intubating.
Tracy, you up for this? Totally.
Mac two and 70.
Hey, Morris.
Can you sew this and check the chest x-ray? Let your intern do it.
He's still hypotensive.
Two litres, and start Levophed.
Morris, come on.
He's septic.
Help me get his pressure up.
What are you doing? Have to take care of something.
Hey, Dr Gates.
Hey, Sully, how are you? Hey, I need some more of them coloured condoms.
More? I gave you a bunch last week.
What are you, jealous? I'm scared.
I'll hook you up later.
Tony, I'm sorry.
It's not him.
It's not Max.
Pericardium looks good.
Systolic's only 79.
Could be the anaesthesia.
OK, hang another litre of NS.
Do we have a repeat crit? Running it now.
You guys need any help? We're fine, Andrew.
Sorry, clinic's not for another hour.
I thought maybe More gel, please.
Thank you.
What was that about? This is the patient's brother.
Hey, Beth, it's Richie.
I'm right here.
She's been sedated.
We're helping her breathe while her body heals.
I told you something like this was gonna happen.
Richie, I didn't burn down the house.
And I wasn't the one who threw rocks at our car, either.
RICHIE: But this is because of you.
My sister shouldn't have to live like this.
Morris, what do you think that is? Could be a subcapsular haematoma.
Crit is down to 31.
All right, let's get her to CT.
She might need surgery.
Whoa, wait a minute.
Surgery? She's got to have surgery now? Possibly, the fall may have caused injury to her liver.
You son of a bitch.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, I told her to leave you like a year-and-a-half ago.
You're a freak and a pervert.
that kid was.
I didn't do it, Richie.
I didn't touch that girl.
How do you think that guy get Max's bag? Probably ripped it off at a homeless shelter or something.
That's pretty lame.
Look at this.
Is that Max? Yeah, looks like a couple years ago up in Tal Afar.
Wow, you'd hardly recognise him.
You know what, I'm gonna put this up at some of the firehouses.
Maybe it will make someone give a damn.
Well, that's a good idea and after that, you're gonna let it go, right? I'm gonna try.
Hey, Daria, did you, er, look at the X-ray from our pneumonia guy? Yeah, line's in the SVC near the atrium.
Start him on antibiotics and move him upstairs, OK? OK.
All right, now, show me the look.
It was like this.
(MIMICKING RASGOTRA) "We're fine, Andrew.
" She's probably having a bad day.
Daria, did you see the stink-eye? Look again.
"We're fine, Andrew.
" Dude, you're cool.
I promise.
Did you see the stink-eye? Hello, Dr Rasgotra.
Hi there.
OK, I take it back.
You're dead.
Whoa, little Miss Sunshine's mad.
I'm sick of interns.
Is this about that old lady last week? Yeah, it is.
Come on.
It was a mistake.
It was a mistake that cost someone their life.
You know what you need? A vacation.
What are you doing for the holidays? Well, I was thinking of going to visit Ray, but he's going away with his girlfriend.
His girlfriend? Morris, that storage locker in Indiana called again.
They said if you don't pay up, they're going to sell off your dad's stuff.
Even dead, my dad's driving me crazy.
Ray has a girlfriend? Yeah, he just met her at the gym.
Are you OK? Yeah.
I'm fine.
I'm happy for him.
This is wonderful.
Are you Neela Rasgotra? Yeah, how can I help you? You've been served.
Is that a subpoena? Yeah, it's a medical malpractice suit.
She's going for a CAT scan of her abdomen and pelvis.
Yeah, but that could give her cancer, right? Unlikely.
We have to have it to see if she needs surgery.
You coming up, Dr Brenner? Yeah.
Did you bring the O-neg? Right here.
How long does this does this take? Not very long.
Dr Morris, can you check his oxygen levels while we go upstairs? I want to stay with her.
We should listen to your lungs.
You can't be with her in the scanner anyway.
I'll let you know your wife's results.
I'm OK, really.
You're short of breath.
Let me check you out.
Goodbye, sweetie.
Why don't you come with us? This way.
It's not true what he's saying about me.
None of my business.
I mean I teach music.
How am I supposed to show a kid how to play clarinet without touching their arm, their back? What school are you at? Oak Hill Elementary.
Lily, can you give me a hand, please? No problem.
One of my students came forward about a year ago.
I thought it would all be settled by a quick conversation with her and her parents, but then the next thing I know, I'msuspended without pay, facing a lawsuit.
Her word against yours? Then the whole neighbourhood .
went on a witch hunt.
Everyone we knew .
they just .
turned against us.
Can you open your mouth for me, please? Say "ah".
Ah She said I did stuff .
made her do stuff.
I have a daughter.
I would never hurt a kid.
I thought it would all be over when they found me not guilty, but they just kept harassing us.
Now they try to burn down our house.
I-I'm sure the cops will find out who did it.
The cops don't care.
To them, I'm guilty.
OK, I've got eight clinic patients waiting, so this better be Wow, is that your hand? OK, can you forget that? I was hoping you could do a quick skin biopsy.
You've got to do something.
Can't you just send him to derm clinic? They don't have an opening until February.
How long have you had this? Don't know, for a while.
Please, I'm getting married in a month.
I can't have my body looking like this.
Dr Wade, do you have a minute? Asymmetrical, irregular borders.
He can't wait three months for a biopsy.
Yeah, er, give me a sec.
Did you get one of these? No, what is it? Bertha's family is suing.
You're kidding.
They said they wouldn't do that.
You talked to them? Yeah, I felt like I had to tell them the truth.
You told them what happened? My brother's very ethical.
Daria, I can handle it.
I'm just saying Daria.
I can handle it.
It was my mistake.
I needed to own up to it.
This is not just about you.
What about the department? You're an intern, you'll be protected.
It's the rest of us who are going to fry.
Dr Rasgotra? Dr Rasgotra, please.
< Dr Rasgotra! How'd my diverticulitis guy do? Sepsis resolved.
Was it peritonitis? Nope, just a walled-off abscess.
Hey, Mr Lotery is wheezing clear, no carbon monoxide on his ABG.
That's too bad.
OK, thanks.
Your wife's still in radiology.
I thought it was a rush CT.
They're backed up.
She's still in the hallway.
Why don't you go sit back down? As soon as I get an update, I'll let you know.
I had a rough night.
My friend Mary Ann read my blog and went ballistic.
What did you write about her? I just said how a certain tall boy in gym class, who she thought liked her Mm-hmm.
really doesn't like her, and in fact likes Jean.
I see.
And then when I woke up, my head was killing me.
That's when you took Acetaminophen? When I went into the bathroom, I saw the bottle open.
How many did you take? Six? You did the right thing by bringing her in.
This way, we'll be able to catch it in time to give you the antidote.
Thank you.
It's not going to hurt, is it? You'll be fine.
Lean forward.
Take a deep breath.
GI consult, LFTs, and four-hour Tylenol level? Yeah, and start with mucomyst.
We can't be sure until we get the labs back.
How long is this going to take? I just need to go call my job and tell them I won't be in.
Phone's at the desk or you can use your cell outside.
OK, I'll be right back, sweetie.
So tell me more about this blog.
Why would Andrew do that? All the research says when you're honest with patient families about your mistakes, they are less likely to sue.
Look, I'll speak to Anspaugh and I bet it'll get tossed out.
Yeah, it'd better, or else I'll be doing the Ho stroll down on Division street.
The what? Forget it.
Oh, hey.
I've only been here a month, and I already have an enemy.
I don't get enemies.
Jeff Davis hates you.
Fourth grade - you stepped on his frog.
It jumped under my shoe.
Remember? Hey, what's up, guys? Hey.
We're having a pity party.
More attending problems? Andrew told the family he made a mistake.
Now they're suing.
Do you think what you did was right? I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Well, then, man up, go in there, and kick ass.
Yeah? Yeah, the more you rock it, the less likely they are to remember last week.
She's got a point.
Damn right I do.
If you keep acting all soft and wimpy, we'll throw you out of the crew.
We have a crew? I can't find your mom and we need to draw your blood level now.
Just get it over with.
(CHUCKLING) Relax, I haven't done anything yet.
I hate needles.
Can't you wait till her mom comes back? The blood has to be drawn four hours after ingestion.
She took the pills at 9.
00, so now is the time.
I'll go find her mom.
No, please! Just stay here.
I can do it.
(GASPS) Oh, whoa, whoa.
You're OK.
What school do you go to? Claflin Elementary, over on Lincoln.
Ah (MOUTHS) I'm friends with your principal.
He's really nice.
He's a great guy.
We used to be in a band together.
Would you do me a favour? Would you tell him the next time you see him that Henry Lotery says hello? DOOR BUZZER Sir, what are you doing?! Step back.
Are you crazy? It's not what you think.
You need to move.
You piece of crap.
(GRUNTS) Twisted bastard.
I'll kill you.
He was helping me.
Security! OK, OK, OK.
That's enough! that's enough! All right, all right, all right, I'm good.
I didn't do anything.
I need some help here! (GRUNTS) (MUMBLES) I didn't do it.
Scalp bleeder.
I need a Raney clip.
No-one wants to believe me.
Brisk epistaxis.
Going to put some pressure on your nose, sir.
What's the point of going through the system? Tachy at 120.
You need help in here? We're fine.
I'll give you a hand with the access.
Hey, I don't want him working on me! Go.
When the cops are done with the brother-in-law, they may need to talk to you, too.
Dr Brenner, Dr Brenner, I've got a complex lip laceration.
Align the vermilion border with six-oh.
But I haven't done it before.
Well, you should have.
Simon, I could use your help.
Just get Dr Gates to help you.
Looks like a flail chest with diminished breath sounds bilaterally.
This the chopper run? Tasha Overbrook, auto versus pedestrian.
Pulse weak and thready.
She needs bilateral chest tubes ASAP.
I was on my way to my first date with this guy I met on Facebook.
Open an intubation tray while you're at it.
And a car came out of nowhere and hit me.
Trauma panel.
Get two of O-neg.
If I die on the day I'm supposed to meet my husband One, two, three.
(GROANS) You know when the last time I got kissed was? Let's concentrate on getting you better.
Neela, we need you in here - possible orbital blowout.
It's going to have to wait.
Check an intraocular pressure.
It could be worse.
Maybe a surgical eye.
I was in there.
He was awake and alert.
This lady's more critical.
Did you try Dubenko or Crenshaw? They're both in the OR.
Where's your intern? One percent with Lido, 32 French.
Neela, I need a hand.
Ten blade.
Neela! Call Andrew.
Tell him I need him right now.
Mitch Kellems - twisted his ankle after getting into a fight.
Hi, I'm Dr Gates.
I was just passing out my coupons and some vegans came up and started talking smack.
Can you wiggle your toes? I can wiggle my toes, but my giblets kind of hurt.
Neurovascularly intact.
Curtain four's open.
All right, good, give him ten of morphine and a knee series with a sunrise view.
I saw that picture you had posted in the station.
Max Gonzalez? I think I might have seen him a couple nights ago in front of Benny's Liquor over on Halsted.
He had passed out, but when we got there, he didn't want to come in.
All he kept yapping about was how he lost his bag or something.
I still don't have a BP on this girl.
Two units are up.
What are you doing? I'm hooking up my central line.
Don't you want blood from the infuser? Right.
You all right? Yeah.
I'm fine.
They said you wanted me in here.
Go in next door and see if he needs the OR.
Me? Yes.
Sure, no problem.
Get the T-pod.
It's a bad pelvic fracture.
Large haematoma behind the eye.
I can't see a thing.
I'm going blind.
Your optic nerve is getting compressed.
The anterior packing's not helping.
He lost a couple of units.
Uh, Neela, vision loss from a retrobulbar haematoma.
He's bleeding out from posterior epistaxis.
The blood is going down my throat.
Frazier tip suction.
OK, Gottschalk the nose and do a lateral canthotomy.
(GASPS) OK, er, you sure you don't want to switch? Come on.
Somebody do something.
(HALEH) Systolic's down to 60.
You're going to have to do it.
Heart rate's 42.
Amp of atropine.
OK, let's go to Angio before she arrests.
Please don't make me drink more of that stuff.
Well, hopefully, you won't have to.
If your Acetaminophen level is low enough, you'll be able to go home.
Is that man OK? They're still working on him.
Don't worry.
When are those results going to be back? Soon.
I'm going to go call the lab.
Where are you going? To find his mind.
Clearly, he's lost it.
Zadro saw Max on Halsted.
Are you kidding? No.
Tony, I'm working, and so are you.
Take a half hour.
What are you doing? You didn't go chasing after the diabetic patient who left last week or the AIDS patient who went AMA this morning.
This is different.
Why, cos he's military? You know what? You don't understand.
No, I don't.
Cos you won't let me in.
All night long, you're tossing and turning.
Every morning you're calling veteran advocacy groups and homeless shelters.
It's not like you served with this guy Sam, either you're going with me or not.
T-pod's tightened as far as it goes.
OK, ask the blood bank to stay ahead eight units.
I passed the Gottschalk.
Now what? I can't breathe.
Pulse ox 97.
Inflate the posterior balloon with eight cc's of water.
Ten-cc syringe.
Here you go.
Chest tube bandage is loose.
Oh, God.
We're getting an air leak.
OK, just keep a hand on it.
I'll go and get some elastoplast.
< It's going in.
Then 20cc anterior.
(GASPS) Both balloons are up.
Oropharynx looks dry.
I think you got it.
RUMBLING I need to get this girl to Angio.
I could use some help with the canthotomy.
Lost the pulse.
I'll bag.
Starting compressions.
Thoracotomy tray.
Can we wait for Neela to assist? No.
You can do it.
Come on.
Help me.
Another five minutes, we're looking at permanent blindness.
Lidos ready.
Sir, I need to numb up the side of your eye.
Two units type specific.
Neela, major haematemesis.
You think it's just swallowed blood? It's a good possibility.
Maybe it's from the increased intraocular pressure.
Or he's exsanguinating from a GI bleed.
Only one way to tell.
Haemostat and iris scissors.
I'm gonna open the eye socket.
Lotto just closed.
You seen this guy? Nah, can't say I have.
I heard he fell asleep out on your sidewalk, and you called the paramedics.
You know where he is? I don't follow 'em with GPS.
I just try to keep 'em away from the front door.
Oh, yeah.
How about this guy? Does he look familiar? That the same guy? I wish I could help you.
ANDREW: He's numb.
TRACY: And he's out with four of versed.
Crimp the skin at the lateral corner.
You're prepped and ready.
You feeling OK? Yeah, I'm good.
We can get someone to cover for you.
I'm fine.
What's next? Iris scissors.
Two-centimetre cut.
GRADY: Ten blade's ready.
Hold on.
I've got a femoral pulse.
That feels pretty strong.
Maybe we got ahead of the bleeding.
Try for a BP.
Incision's done, but the eye pressure's still way up.
Cut the inferior crux of the lateral canthus tendon.
You're going to have to dissect down a bit.
Neela, if you have a minute, I think we could use your help in here.
I can't.
Keep the blood pouring in with platelets and Factor 7a.
Let's get her to Angio and bring a thoracotomy tray.
I still may have to open her up.
Retract the inferior lid downward.
MORRIS: Got it.
That's either a tendon or an arteriole.
You better be sure it's a tendon.
Well, should I? I'm cutting.
Did he bag the artery? The bleeding stops, we're out of the woods.
Haematoma's drained.
We did it, Neela.
RASGOTRA: Congratulations.
Get him to CT.
We're off to Angio.
I've got the infuser.
Why don't you stay here.
We got it.
Hey! You want a ride? So I'm doing my show, laying down my normal knowledge, and this guy calls in and says, "Shut up.
The economy's fine!" I say, "Come on, now.
You know the economy's not fine.
" And then he breaks into this long monologue about how we're really the ones that are screwing everything up.
And I said, "Seriously, dude, have you been living "under a rock for the last eight years?" Andoh, God, my left arm's hurting again.
OK, just take a deep breath.
I can't stay here long.
I got to tape some commercials tonight.
I need to check some labs.
This whole political season's been way too stressful.
Well, thank goodness it's over.
It's not over.
I'm on five days a week.
Well, you might need to take a break.
That is unless you want to be doing a radio show up there.
You have a recording studio upstairs? What? You mean I could die? Well, we're all dying.
Stress just gets you there faster.
Let me get a nurse to draw your blood.
You all right? They moved Henry's wife out of recovery.
That's good.
And into the ICU.
She needed another two units.
Oh, OK.
Well, I got to finish up with this patient, but maybe we can talk? About what? You're kidding me, right? It's not my fault.
The street sign says no parking.
Well, what'd she think, I made the sign? It's my job.
Gary Jones.
Punched in the face during an altercation.
Tender and swollen over the zygoma.
Once I start the ticket, I can't stop it.
It's in the system.
OK, why don't we, er, take him to, er, Curtain 2.
We'll do a facial series.
I'm pregnant and this jerk won't let me get my vitamins in peace! She's the one that got into it with the parking guy.
Fell with a knee abrasion.
All right, let's move her to exam 3.
What does he want me to do? Park around the corner? I don't make the rules! What type of man writes parking tickets anyway, you wuss! Get a real job! I'll catch up with you later.
If my kid grows up to be like him, I am dropping him off in Omaha.
You hear me? I will disown him! (SIGHS) What are you starting? Abdominal aortic aneurysm.
Ah, with an endovascular stent? That's the plan.
Well, if you need an extra set of hands, I'm free.
I'll be fine.
I should be in and out in an hour or so.
So rumour has it that, er, Andrew did a lateral canthotomy.
He did.
By himself? Well, actually, I walked him through it.
Oh, you taught him.
I thought Mighty Mouse worked alone.
Well, I was with an unstable patient.
There was no way I could do it.
So I assisted him through the other room.
So he was receptive to your knowledge.
He was, um, a little nervous, but he was able to incise the canthus tendon and relieve the pressure.
I'm surprised the patient isn't blind.
What? Well, yeah.
An inexperienced surgeon can rupture the globe.
OK, you've made your point.
I'm sorry.
I probably didn't react very well earlier.
Good, because I was beginning to wonder why I'd waste all my time teaching you all these years.
I was never like that.
I seem to remember a blown triple-a you almost sent home.
Yeah, and then there was the phrenic nerve I stopped you from cutting.
And let's not forget the case where you cross-clamped the oesophagus What, are you keeping score? I get it! Who do you think you are? Dr Dubenko, er, we're ready.
The reason they call this a teaching hospital is because this is where doctors give back.
If you're only interested in becoming a rock star, Dr Rasgotra, I suggest you look elsewhere.
We don't need you here.
We're driving around in circles.
I know.
Make a right up here, at this next street.
Tony, this is getting absurd.
You know, if you didn't want to help, then why did you come? Because I'm worried about you.
Don't worry about me.
Just drive me.
I'm sorry, Sam.
I'm sorry.
(SIGHS) I told you about Keith, right? Sarah's dad? Yeah.
When we got back from the Gulf, we were so messed up.
Nobody cared about us.
Nobody gave a damn.
We had no plans.
We had no goals, so we justwe cut loose.
We got high all the time and drank like crazy.
You were young, it happens.
Keith started having these nightmares, you know.
Alcohol would make them go away.
He'd get aggressive and angry, and then, one night, he just snapped.
He punched Meg so hard in the face, she flew across the room.
Was Sarah there? Yeah.
She saw everything.
Instead of asking him what's wrong, or, you know, finding out if I could help him, I just, I said, "Get the hell out.
You're not my problem any more.
" And although, I was trying to protect Meg and Sarah, I I turned my back on my best friend.
And then two days later, he OD'd.
So, I'd really like to try to find this guy.
Well, we got good news - no brain bleed, and the eye surgery took all the pressure off the optic nerve.
My vision's better.
That's what I like to hear.
How's my wife? Uh, they repaired injuries to the liver and spleen.
She's doing well in recovery.
Good, that's good.
That doctor had no right to touch me.
I was helping that girl.
I'll speak to him.
(SCOFFS) You gonna speak to the jerks who hurt my wife, too? You know, you guys got lucky today.
It could've been far worse.
And it might be next time.
I'd leave here in a minute, move someplace else but my wife grew up in that house.
Her parents are in a nursing home three miles away.
I know, I understand She owns a card shop around the corner.
She's not gonna go.
Umbrella girl tolerated fluids, going home with PMD follow-up.
That's great.
I didn't think she was going to make it.
You all right? what happened in there? I'm just having a bad day.
I'm the one who's getting served.
Want to talk about it? No, it's OK.
Oh, and Crohn's CT is negative for abscess.
Pulse with steroids and have GI see him next week.
I'll talk to you later.
He's acting strange.
Kind of.
I don't know You kicked ass in there.
I rocked it, huh? Yeah.
Neela can't say Jack now.
Excuse me, Dr Martin.
Oh, Dr Rasgotra.
Uh, we were about to go get drinks to celebrate the team's victory, and we were hoping you'd join us.
I'll pass.
Andrew, do you have a second? Yeah.
Thank you for trusting me in there, Doctor .
and for guiding me and teaching me.
That's what I'm supposed to do.
And about last week, I I thought I was doing the right thing.
I didn't realise that what's right for me may not be right for the team.
Look, I admire your empathy for Bertha's family.
Your emotional impulse was correct, but next time, talk to me or Dubenko before you approach the family.
That's why we're here.
I got it.
Now go have yourself a drink.
You did kind of rock it today.
Thank you.
Hey, I was looking for you.
What was up with you today? You know that guy could throw a lawsuit at us.
You Americans sure love to sue.
You think this is funny? He was proven innocent.
So what? what does that mean? It means he has the right to get treatment at a hospital without getting roughed up by doctors.
What if he goes to Anspaugh or the Board? What then? You don't know what you're dealing with.
What are you talking about? That guy's guilty.
We don't know that.
I know what he is.
What? What do you? What do you know? Did something happen to you? I was ten the first time.
My mother was wild, you know the type everyone wants to be around and she'd throw thesethese parties.
They'd start on a Friday, and they'd last till the Sunday.
There, there was this one guy Bobby.
He was older grey moustache.
He'd always buy my mom this cheap wine, and he'd give me those little candies that were stuck on the paper.
And when the parties were going on, he'd sometimes hang out in my room.
Did you tell anybody about this? No.
My dad was long gone, and my mom she was unconscious half the time, so They appear to be nice, Archie.
That's what they do.
I just wanted to make sure you were all right.
That's very sweet of you.
How are you? Good.
How are you? I've been better.
They buddy up to you.
HENRY: I hear you have a blog.
What's it called? Meredithsmemories.
I'm going to send you an e-mail as soon as I get home.
They act interested in everything you've got to say.
HENRY: Do you like movies? I like animation movies.
I love all the Shreks.
I love the Shreks too.
BRENNER: And then you let your guard down just for one second, and that's when they make their move.
Come here.
Let me give you a hug.
And it feelsit feels normal.
It feels normal at first, like like your secret and his.
We'll be special friends.
Let's not tell anyone, OK? OK.
You better go back to your mom.
She's going to be worried about you.
(GROANS) But then it it festers in you, cos you know, you know it's wrong.
Like it's your fault, like you've actually brought this on.
You feelyou feel guilty.
I mean, I could have screamed.
I could have screamed.
I mean, my mum was in the next room.
(SOBS) Simon Simon, youyou need to talk to somebody about this.
It doesn't just go away.
I need to get back to work.
You It's still affecting you.
You have to deal with it.
I am dealing with it in my own way.
We know you don't really want to beat the system, just want it to work.
We know you don't really enjoy complaining.
We too believe the most important part of a home is the people inside.
Make a stand with AXA's home insurance, and get your own dedicated claim handler if your home is damaged by water.
My people If our enemy wishes to bring us war, then let us give him a war.
Let us strike without warning, without mercy, in every city and every direction.
Let us unleash the whirlwind of our wrath! May our guns never tire.
Let them suffer the full force of our fury and curse the day they stepped foot onto this, our home.
Killzone 2 - their home, your hell.
Only on: THUD! Sorry, I was trying to be quiet, but there's not enough room in here to swing a cat.
Did you just say "swing a cat"? Where I come from, cats sometimes get swung.
But now that you're up, can I tell you about my day? No, you can't, because I have a little something for you.
Just for being one of LA's top and up-and-coming chefs.
Oh, my God.
Thank you.
I have the perfect place to put it, too.
Where? My office.
The kitchen? I mean my office.
I've been promoted to head chef.
(gasps) On probation, of course.
I still have a lot to prove.
But, Kevin, head chef.