ER Episode Scripts


Previously on ER Sleeping with you, it counts as poor judgment.
I thought we fit well together.
Bertha's family is suing.
You're kidding.
They said they wouldn't do that.
You're an intern, you'll be protected.
It's the rest of us who are going to fry.
It was a kid, right? Patient you should have saved? He was my son.
Your son died in this ER? I'm not sure why I've done anything I've done since that day.
The Gates-Taggart merger's in full swing.
You mean the Brady Bunch from hell? No, actually, it's going great, but she'll never admit it.
He's never been happier, he just loves to complain.
Oh, your lasagne was amazing.
Really good, yeah.
In fact, we all had seconds.
Yeah, they're hitting the books.
You make it there OK? I don't have to send a rescue party? No, but I could use a yak with a cask of brandy.
'I'll see what I can do.
' Did you get any sleep? Maybe three hours.
'Yeah, well, go to bed early,' and give Alex a big hug and kiss from me.
Hey, Alex, your mom says good night.
That's the best you're going to get.
All right, have a good shift.
The contractile vacuole of the paramecium excretes excess water regulating osmotic pressure.
I knew that once.
How's the English paper? "In spite of terminal illness, "Johnny Gunther lives with passion, "emphasising the author's theme "of living like there is no tomorrow.
" I hope you can back that up with specifics.
If we do our homework, will you to let us go to that party? Didn't we talk about this? Come on, it's Friday night.
Yeah, and tomorrow you want to go to Alpine valley cos you want to go snowboarding for the weekend.
Besides, it's a blizzard out there.
It's only five blocks away.
We'll walk, and we'll be home by 10:00.
No, we all made a deal.
Migraine headache? Just got Imitrex.
Slip and fall? Broken coccyx, his wife's coming to pick him up.
Yeah, don't count on it.
Already a foot on the ground.
Jumbo Mart's closing early.
You are a snow angel.
And that, my friends, is the board.
Wow, your day was pretty qu Hey! Do not say the "q" word.
You can think it, but you never say it.
OK, well, if it stays, uh, not busy, we'll do a suture lab with pigs' feet.
Hmm, guess I'll have to miss that one.
No, you don't.
Kaya's snowed in, you get to stay.
I was up till 2:00 last night.
Good for you.
Here, I got an extra one.
Can't we get somebody else to? Take it like a man, Grady.
Oh, uh, Banfield is stuck in Omaha at that ACEP conference.
She wants you to cover her day shift tomorrow.
Oh, n-n-n-no.
She's got, like, Take it like a man, Brenner.
Were you aware that Mrs Mendenhall complained of red stools? It wasn't discussed.
Your intern Dr Wade tried to bring it up, but you told him to "stick to the thyroid.
" Do you recall that? The patient was here for routine elective surgery.
But didn't Dr Wade have important information to share? In retrospect, yes.
Is it your standard practice to cut off an intern's presentation? It is when you have an hour to round on 50 patients.
So you're saying being busy is an excuse for negligence? Objection.
Lacks foundation.
Doctor, did you know that your intern went to the family and admitted fault? Assumes facts not in evidence.
Dr Wade had the moral fortitude to be honest with the family.
Why can't you? Objection.
Dr Wade lacks experience I advise my client not to answer.
it takes years to understand the system.
How long does it take to lose your integrity? This is a public teaching hospital.
We are overwhelmed with patients and we have the added burden of training young doctors.
To get through the day, we rely on our interns.
It's not the perfect system, but it's the best we have, things can fall through the cracks! I said we need a recess.
You are not following my instructions.
I need to explain what happened.
No, you need to keep your mouth shut.
Answer "yes," "no," or "I don't know.
" Be a good girl, and you won't lose your medical licence.
There you go.
Oh, I-I'm sorry.
I didn't order a A Bahama Mama.
Courtesy of the gentleman at the end of the bar.
Could you just take the drink back, thank the gentleman, and ask him to leave me alone, please? Now, I can't do that.
Why not? He was very insistent.
I was in there four hours.
That is a long time in the hot seat.
Yeah, it was ridiculous.
I came across like a fool.
Well, that's to be expected.
I mean, their job is to discredit you.
Well, they're good at it, after that grilling, even I think I'm incompetent.
Well, you're not, so just take a break and I'll keep the surgical consults to a minimum.
I don't know if you're being nice or if you don't want me touching your patients.
Hey, Simon, can you reassess our fever girl? Yeah, no problem.
Uh, if you don't mind, could you check on the interns in the break room? Temp's down, no source.
She needs a catheterized urine.
That can be a little traumatic.
How about conscious sedation? She might stop breathing or drop her BP.
It's too risky for such a simple procedure.
You sure? Sam, Tony called.
I couldn't find you.
and with two feet of snow predicted, 'authorities say to stay indoors and off the roads' Chicago, I hope you're listening.
Hey, Chaz.
Hey, Neela, Frank.
Surprised you made it in.
I'm dedicated.
I'm supposed to observe every Friday night.
Well, you can observe a drunk sleeping it off in Exam Three, or you can help me with the Christmas decorations.
There's nothing going on.
You might as well go home.
Now that I'm here? I was lucky to make it this far.
Good point.
'Stay subcuticular through the flap but distal to the tip.
Half-buried vertical mattress? Yeah.
Looks good.
So, dude, what was up with you and Dawn last night? Nothing.
Nothing? you were slow dancing.
If you can call that dancing.
Where was your wife? We couldn't get a baby-sitter.
Look, Dawn got drunk and You guys go to Ike's last night? There was a party.
Oh, really? I didn't hear about it.
At Tracy's, just for the interns.
And the nurses.
And a couple of residents.
Sure you don't want some? Positive.
Last time I saw you was at registration.
I thought we were in the same classes.
It's like you've been avoiding me for three days.
I changed my schedule.
Can you believe every flight's been cancelled? And now, of course, every hotel room in town is booked.
Yes, I know.
Listen, what we talked about that time in the break room Yeah, I had a very bad day that day.
You know, if there's .
ever anything more you want to discuss I-I'm a very private person.
I understand that.
It would be between you and me.
I have a lot of reading to do.
They say the storm will pass by morning.
Figure the airports will open up by noon.
You know, folks, it might be a little cold outside, but we are going to warm it up with a trip to a little place I like to call Kokomo.
# Aruba, Jamaica, # Ooh, I wanna take you # Bermuda, Bahama come on, pretty mama # He's not too bad.
Hey, you know what? Good music, good company, good booze.
# .
Off the Florida keys# This could be an OK night.
Things were slow in the OR so I borrowed a nitrous set up.
Are you sure it's safe? Very.
Sam, are we authorised to use this? Come on, dental assistants use this stuff like water and they don't have our monitoring capabilities.
Is there a problem? No.
All right, we're good to go.
Very cool.
Why don't you use it down here all the time? Good question.
All done.
She didn't even flinch.
I'll go run it to the lab.
She'll be awake in five minutes.
Thank you.
Nice work.
I'll, uh, get ready for the traumas.
How you doing? can I have your attention, please, for a second? Ah Is there a doctor in the house? I know you're all doctors.
Uh, well, you know, we're going to be here all night.
Might as well, might as well get to know each other.
Right? I'm Archie Morris from County General in Chicago.
And, uh, you know what? Why don't we, why, why don't we go around? OK, we'll go around.
Tell us your name, where you're from, maybe, maybe a story of your funniest ER patient, whatever you want.
Who wants to go first? OK.
I'll start.
I'll start by introducing my colleague, the chair of our department, the very beautiful and talented Dr Catherine Banfield.
Anything you want to share, Cate? Not really.
I'll be honest.
She has a reputation as a bit of a hard-ass.
Does your boyfriend need another beer? He is not my boyfrie Right, Dr Cole? > Give me a refill, please.
Make it a double.
But, you know, deep down inside, she really, really, really cares.
Ah Did you ever call Gates back? Oh, man.
Good thing I'm here.
Teenage girl, full arrest.
Hey, what took you guys so long? Waiting on the damn snowploughs.
Her name's Ashley.
Backseat passenger, car versus utility pole.
She was ejected through the rear window.
Very drunk.
Did she ever have a pulse? No.
Is that gray matter? Looks like an open skull fracture.
One, two, three.
Asystole on the monitor.
Resume compressions.
What do you guys want? Blunt trauma, no vitals.
Not an indication for thoracotomy.
She's so young.
OK, let's try and fix anything reversible.
Pneumothorax, tamponade Bilateral chest tubes, pericardial tap, and four units of O-neg.
Sounds like a plan.
Patient number two is here.
At least they're not doing CPR.
Grady wants another nurse.
Well, we're a little busy.
We've got this, Sam.
Go check it out.
Tell us what you need.
What's the story? Driver with altered mental status, chest trauma and a really bad shoulder dislocation.
What's your name? Come on, tell us your name.
Portable c-spine, chest, pelvis and left shoulder.
Alex? Alex? Mom.
Did you call her parents? I left a voicemail.
The cops should go to her house.
I could use a second THORA-SEAL.
Be right back.
I'm in, bag him.
Tony, wake up.
Alex snuck out of the house.
He was in a car crash.
You need to check on Sarah.
There's not much blood in the chest.
Let's get O-neg and a vent.
Are you ready for the reduction? Soon as we tape this in.
Sam, I can take over.
No, I'm OK.
Suri can do it.
No, she's got another trauma out there.
Look, I'm not going anywhere, OK? Let's fix this shoulder before the paralytics wear off.
OK, come back as soon as you're done in there.
Ready, steady, pulling.
The humeral head is stuck.
Let's try again, I'll give you direct pressure.
Go for it.
No, it won't budge.
I'll get the skin hooks.
Labs are ready.
Trauma panel, type and cross four? And blood alcohol level.
No, he doesn't drink.
I need you to keep still Doc, is the girl gonna make it? Pretty unlikely.
Well, how about the boy? It's too soon to tell.
Backseat passenger head trauma or drugs and alcohol.
OK, titrate ativan and get him a head CT.
Also has a sternal contusion.
KKG and a chest X-ray.
Where did you put her? Leo, try to relax.
I'm right here, Ashley! No, no, that is not a good answer.
I want to talk to your supervisor.
Skin hooks.
The blood bank is out of O-neg, and Red Cross can't deliver because of the snow.
He's got a good crit.
Yeah, for now.
< Hello, what is up with the O-neg? < We have multiple trauma victims here.
We should get Dawn in here.
< Uh, send O-positive.
The patient is a male.
That'll work until we get the cross match.
There you go.
Get a pulse back at the wrist.
OK, shoulder immobiliser and right to CT.
All right.
I got the life-pack.
The O2 tank is full.
The chest tube is on water seal.
I'll go check on Grady.
I'll help you with the sling.
I think I've got it.
'I got a little musical game' that we're gonna have some fun with, OK? And the hotel has generously donated prizes to all the winners.
Stuffed mushrooms and, uh, potato skins.
Your choice.
You guys ready? < OK.
# Oh, the weather outside is # Frightful # But the fire is so No winners yet.
# Delightful # And since we've no place to go # Let it Stop.
Let it stop.
Make it stop.
Whoo! Stranded in Omaha in the dead of winter, listening to lame-ass music.
Does this suck or what? You know what, Dermatology gets to go to Maui.
Radiology to Acapulco? I mean, just like always, ER gets no respect.
I mean, we bust our asses taking care of people that no-one else wants to touch24-7.
We deserve better.
Got any Foreigner? Do you think we deserve better? Yeah! Ready, andswitch.
No tension pneumo, no effusion.
Did they ever find the parents? Two more units, and then call it.
Faster and deeper, Ryan.
How is the CT? Abdomen's benign, no brain bleed.
But he won't wake up.
Oh, my God.
Front seat passenger You OK? Broken wrist on the right.
I need to get back out there.
Prep a subclavian on the right.
How is he? How does he look, huh? Were you drinking? No.
A little, but he wasn't.
You were supposed to be home studying you knew that.
We were.
You snuck out.
It wasn't like that.
He has a learner's permit, Sarah.
He needs an adult in that car.
Ashley was too drunk to drive.
He was just trying to help.
You can't call Tony or you can't call me or a cab? What the hell is wrong with you, Sarah? What's wrong with you? Introducer needle.
Uh, I need a thin wall, not a 25, Sam.
You got this? Yeah.
Let's check you over, Sarah.
I want to stay here.
Back in a few minutes, OK? # Said can I take you home where we can be alone? # Next we were movin' on and he was with me, yeah, me # We were movin' on and singin' that same old song # Yeah, with me singin' # I love rock and roll # Put another dime in the jukebox, baby # I love rock and roll # So come and take your time and dance with me.
# Dude, you have got the coolest boss in the whole world.
Whoo! How y'all doing? All right Uh, why don't we get Archie up here, so we can do a duet.
Give him some love! come on! Archie! Archie! Archie! Archie! Archie! Archie! Archie! All right, ooh What do we want to sing, huh? I don't, I don't White Christmas? < Yeah.
I don't think so.
Freebird! Do you know Walk This Way"? You know Walk This Way? Whoo! Tell you what, guys.
Uh, we, we are going to Walk This Way, .
because I think the show is over.
I'm sorry.
Let's get you some coffee.
Let's get you some coffee.
However, ACEP rocks, I mean it.
It's, uh, you OK? Whoo! Good night, Omaha! Hold compressions.
That's it.
I'll clean her up.
Let's move her to the suture room.
Tidal volume 500, AC 14.
Turn him down to 80 percent.
You called it? Crit's good, 41.
Blood alcohol level is zero.
He wasn't drinking.
< Sam.
CT's all good.
Small hemothorax and a bad concussion.
Dawn, this ET tube can use a little suctioning.
You want to step out? Sarah's here.
She's getting a cast.
Yeah, I know.
Things seem stable in there.
How are you doing? He was driving some drunk girl's car.
She just died.
And I don't know if he's going to wake up.
I'm sorry, I I shouldn't have given in to them.
What are you talking about? I let them go to the party.
You what? I tried to call you.
No-no, no, no.
We are not doing this now.
All right, all right.
There you go.
Now you're going to feel a whole lot better.
All right? You know I hate to say this, but there's a lesson here.
Red wine and scotch don't mix.
Gotta remember that.
You OK? Mm.
Want to take a little rest? Mm.
Let me know when you're ready.
You know, my dad was born in Lincoln, not too far from here.
When I was little, he used to drive us to my grandma's house.
I remember the ride took forever.
He'd, he'd yell at me for kicking the back of his seat, or getting crumbs on the floor, or breathing too loud.
That was my dad.
You know, he, uh, he died last year.
We hadn't spoken in years.
He's got this storage locker in Indiana.
They can either trash it or I can go deal with his stuff.
It could be a complete waste of time.
Or maybe I'd learn something about a father I didn't really know.
Ortho can take Alex in an hour.
No problem.
His vitals are stable.
Dr Brenner, Leo's positive on opiates, benzos and marijuana.
How about, um, aspirin and Tylenol? We sent them.
None detected.
See that? I get attitude from all the interns.
Well, maybe they don't like you picking on one of them.
You mean Andrew? We've worked through that.
When I was an intern, I was friends with all my residents.
Well, you're more like an attending.
I don't feel that way.
Well, you make them nervous.
You showed them some teeth.
Man, no-one's delivering pizza in this snow.
How can you be hungry at a time like this? You still got to eat? I may have to nuke the pigs' feet.
Has anyone seen trauma two's chart? Right here, Dr Rasgotra.
Oh, Brenner, I got family in here from Gilda I need some help here! Wait a minute, Chaz.
Weren't you with that Ashley girl? Yeah.
Somebody has to talk to her brother.
No, I'm supposed to observe.
I've been stalling for an hour.
You're all I've got.
This is Chaz Pratt, he's one of our student doctors.
Where's Ashley? You two are the brothers? No, just Tyler.
And you are? The baby-sitter, I guess.
Tyler's supposed to hang out at my place till midnight.
That was two hours ago.
Picked up the message and the little guy was freaking out, so I brought him in.
Can I see my sister? Her doctors are working on her.
Where are their parents? In Europe for a couple of weeks.
You got it from here? I gotta get my truck towed or dug out or something.
Satting well at 50%.
Less than a 100 cc's from the chest.
Sam, I let them go to the party as a reward because they busted their ass on their homework.
We all agreed no party tonight.
I quizzed him, he knew it all.
I tried to call you.
They walked to the party.
I don't know what to do.
I'm trying to be his friend, I'm trying to be a good father.
Tony? Did Ashley really die? Yeah.
I can't believe it.
That is awful.
It is.
I'm sorry.
Alex, is doing better.
Come on, let's go get you some Kleenex.
Head CT was negative? No fracture, no bleed.
Is that Leo? Leo the kid that calls you every night? What's going on? Looks like a bad drug OD.
He's had eight of Ativan.
I told him not to take that crap.
What crap? It's called trail mix.
Kids steal prescription pills from their parents, and everyone throws it into a big bowl.
Sat's are down, intubation tray.
You know what? It could be antidepressants.
Push bicarb.
OK, 100 milli-equivalents over two minutes.
Come on.
Nothing but news and infomercials.
When can I see Ashley? In a little bit.
We've got some magazines.
Eh, I know where they have some video games.
I want to see my sister.
I'll go check with her doctors.
Hey, Frank, I need Brenner to talk to the little brother.
He's all tied up.
Well, how about a social worker? At 3:00 in the morning? Is there an on-call chaplain or something? Trauma two's open.
Grab a cut down tray, he's in tamponade.
Chaz, find me an ultrasound.
Table for two? Some, uh, coffee for you folks? Definitely.
I'll have some hot tea.
We've got a couple of night owl specials.
A, um, apple pancakes and a spicy breakfast burrito.
Ooh, what's in the burrito? Uh, eggs, onions, bell peppers, uh, chorizo, jalapeno jack cheese and chunky salsa.
One of those and a large OJ.
I'll have some dry toast.
And some napkins when you get a chance.
Oh, you need silverware.
I completely forgot to set your table.
Pregnancy brain.
I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.
It's called a pericardial window.
They're removing blood clots from around Leo's heart so it can beat stronger.
I can't watch this.
All right.
No problem.
Come on, Sarah.
I'll let you know how it's goes.
-Heart rate's up to 120.
Run another litre of saline.
What for? In case we're behind on fluids.
What if he's bleeding in the belly? CT was negative.
Yeah, well, things change.
I want to get Neela in here.
All right, let's run another crit and Fast exam.
That's what she would do.
Maybe Grady can break out and reassess him.
Blood loss is unlikely.
I think it's hypoxia, dehydration, pain.
What do you know? I want a surgeon in here.
How's he doing? OK.
Have you guys seen a little boy? I left him in the break room.
He's not in here.
All right.
Why won't she wake up? Why won't she wake up? Pressure's up to 110.
That's a hell of a lot better than 60.
Cardiac team's waiting in the OR.
Let's go.
Nice work, doctor.
He's in sinus tach.
His crit went from 41 to 38.
Could be just dilutional from all the fluids.
That's what I said.
Or it could be pain.
We could dial up the sedation.
You'd miss an abdominal bleed.
Ultrasound's still negative.
He's not bleeding in the belly.
Or the chest.
Well, you can't be sure of that without a repeat CT.
You know what? I really think that my kid deserves a surgical attending.
Where's Dubenko? Or where's Crenshaw? Not available.
What? Dawn's here.
Alex is in good hands.
Let's take a break.
I don't need a break! You want a cup of coffee or something to eat? You never listen to me.
I'm checking for blood loss, I ordered a third CBC.
Neela and Brenner agree with my plan.
You've got to trust us, Sam.
Trust you? why would I trust you? I wanted Alex to stay home and study.
You knew that! Sam What?! You'd rather be his friend than an adult.
Come here.
I know how to be a parent.
Oh, really? Mm-hmm.
Why would I believe that? You don't know anything about their friends, you let them do whatever they want.
You've made mistake after mistake with your kid, and now you want to do the same with mine.
Yeah, right! Go ahead and keep screwing up Sarah, but I am sure as hell not going to let you near Alex again.
I know you're upset and I know you don't mean that.
Don't! OK.
It's OK.
I need to be with him.
I saw my classmates were doing it in our med school and during residency, but I wasn't going there, you know.
I mean, every other night on call.
That's no way to raise a kid.
You know, so I put it off.
Oh, nothing wrong with that.
I mean, by the time I was pregnant, I had a good salary, a good schedule.
I was secure.
I was older.
A lot of people prefer it that way.
When we lost Daryl, I was 40.
But we tried, you know.
You know, eventually it worked out.
I mean, everything looked pretty great.
The baby looked perfect on the ultrasound.
And then at three months You had a miscarriage? I'm sorry.
I just took it as a sign it wasn't supposed to be.
Look, I made a choice.
I devoted myself to my training, to my profession.
And now, I'm Chief of an academic department.
That is a huge accomplishment.
I invested in my career, I've been a great success.
You can't have everything.
I thought you were sleeping.
Leo's surgery went well.
They fixed his heart.
And, uh, Alex is going up for shoulder surgery.
Want to go see him? I hate that room.
Later, then, huh? Yeah.
You OK in here? OK.
Why don't you lie down and get some sleep? I heard Sam yelling.
Yeah, she's mad at me.
She's right to be.
It'll be OK.
His third crit went up.
That's good.
How's he doing? Better with fluids and versed.
Brought you a water.
Would you just put that on the desk, please? Heart rate's 160.
Pressure's down to 80 systolic.
Get Neela back in here.
He needs blood.
Sam, you don't know that.
Yeah, well, it's my best guess, OK? There are two units in the cooler.
Where do you think he's bleeding? It doesn't matter where.
We need to transfuse.
Give me the ultrasound.
Stat portable chest.
Repeat the hemocue.
Simon, you see any P waves? What? They're there.
You just can't see them.
Excuse me.
Hey, I can't get to the subclavian.
Breath sounds a bit down here.
All right.
Place another chest tube.
Tony, I need to prep.
What are you doing? Everybody back off.
I'm gonna run the EKG at twice the speed.
It'll spread out the complexes.
I need to ultrasound.
There might be hemothorax.
All right.
Shut up and look.
No P waves.
It's not sinus tack.
It's SVT.
We need to cardiovert.
He's not bleeding.
He's got an arrhythmia from a bruised heart.
Let's get them on there, Sam.
Hold on.
Heart rate's 82.
Looks like normal sinus.
BP's 110/74.
Thank you.
Dr Brenner? Yeah? You got a minute? Looks like I do now.
Let's run a 12 lead.
CK, troponin and cardiac echo.
The girl who died her little brother's here by himself.
What about the parents? They're out of town, and he saw her body.
I don't really think he gets it, but I don't know what to do.
OK, well, come on.
I'll talk to him.
More coffee? No.
Just the check, please.
Okey dokey.
I'll be right back.
Hold on.
Just a minute.
A room just opened up at the hotel.
Just one room.
Yeah, go ahead.
Hmm Go ahead.
I can hang out here.
You sure? Yeah.
All right, I'll take it.
Thank you.
Uh, here you go.
You folks have a Oh.
I think my baby just kicked first time.
That's wonderful.
Uh, can you feel it? It's like popcorn popping.
Yes, it is.
I got to go call my husband.
Whoosh! Hey, Tyler.
This is Dr Brenner.
Nice to meet you, Tyler.
Is Ashley awake yet? Tyler Your sister was in a car crash.
She flew out the window.
And she hit the ground very hard.
And it made her stop breathing, andand then, her heart stopped beating.
We did everything we could for her, and we we gave her medicine and oxygen and blood.
But sometimes Sometimes people are injured so bad that we can't save them.
And that's what happened to your sister.
We did everything we could for her but we couldn't help her.
And she died.
Maybe you can try some more.
Maybe she needs another operation.
That wouldn't work.
Are you sure? I'm sorry.
Your mom and dad are going to come back to town tomorrow.
In the meantime, we're gonna keep an eye on you.
Can you stay with me now? I'm not going anywhere.
Hey, Dr Brenner, Alex is going up to surgery.
Everyone else is tucked in.
OK if we send the interns home a little early? Fine by me.
I was going to catch some z's up in the call room.
But I think I'll go home, see my kids.
I thought this shift would never end.
You know when I was an intern, after a rough night, my resident would take us all out for breakfast.
It's my treat.
What do you say? I'm pretty sure everything's closed.
But thank you, Dr Rasgotra.
Maybe next time.
They all hate me.
You're just their boss.
It's not fun hanging out with the boss.
Well, if I hurry, I can pre-round before I sign out.
You did a fantastic job on the traumas.
Everyone pitched in.
Incredible saves.
I wouldn't want to be stuck in here all night with anyone but you.
Oh, that's enough.
No, I'm serious.
And forget about the deposition.
If the case goes to court, I'll testify on your behalf.
You'll be golden.
And for what it's worth, you can ask me out to breakfast any morning.
Except this morning.
I've got to cover for Banfield.
Oh! Good night, Dr Banfield.
Good night, Dr Morris.
Just for the record, tonight never happened.
Since Sarah finally fell asleep, when Alex goes to surgery, I'm gonna take her home.
You want me to pick you up a change of clothes? Yeah, sure.
Uh, sorry about your son.
I was out at the investigation.
He swerved to avoid a minivan that skidded through a red light.
Missed 'em completely.
Could have been a lot worse.
Ortho wants a couple more films before they take him up.
Alex, your mom's back.
Did he just open his eyes? I think so.
Alex? Hey, over here.
It's OK.
It's OK to sleep.
I'm right here, OK? I got to take these to the lab.
I was really mad.
I am Those things that I said, Tony I What I said about Sarah I didn't mean that.
I know you try, and that we all make mistakes.
It's just this is a pretty big mistake.
Cos he's everything to me.
And I'm still just trying to deal with it.
What the hell? Oh, God! Pressure's down.
Lost the pulse.
We got to open up his chest.
Oh, God.
PEA arrest! I'll bag him.
Four units packed cells, four FFP.
Tony Two litres gushed out.
Delayed aortic rupture.
We need to get a side clamp on it.
I've got it.
Hold CPR.
Get ready for internal compressions.
Two units hanging.
Chest incision right now.
Rib spreader, please.