ER Episode Scripts


Previously on ER Alex? Ma? He was driving some drunk girl's car.
She justdied.
I let him go to the party.
Forget about the deposition.
If the case goes to court, I'll testify on your behalf.
You seen this guy? Morris, that storage locker in Indiana called again.
They said if you don't pay up, they're going to sell off your dad's stuff.
Hold CPR.
Get ready for internal compressions.
You can't just show up at my work and drop this off.
You wouldn't go to the storage unit, so I brought it to you.
I was going to deal with it.
What is this? It's my dad's way of aggravating me from the grave.
This is my cousin.
Simon Brenner.
Nice to meet you.
Look, I did you a favour.
This here, it's only the good stuff.
I find that hard to believe.
Well, have fun.
Oh, and Aunt Ethel says thanks for the birthday card.
I didn't send her a birthday card.
What am I supposed to do with all this junk? I'm sure there's a logical explanation here.
Hey, Archie, Dr Banfield's looking for you.
Great, she's gonna love this.
How about a peace offering? Somehow I don't see her really appreciating a cheese head.
Eager for a case? Someone says "abdominal trauma," I come running.
EGA 36 weeks.
Tripped and fell during an immigration raid at a tie factory down on North Orleans.
OK, vitals? Stable, but contracting five minutes.
I'm Dr Brenner.
What's your name? Gloria.
Is there any bleeding? Unh-uh, BP's Where are you going? This is a case for OB.
Yeah, but she still needs a trauma assessment.
We're gonna help you.
I'll give you my blessing, but she's an OB patient.
I'm gonna page Coburn.
Hang in there, Gloria.
Please! My baby.
Oh, Dr Banfield.
I need to skedaddle just a little early today to get in, er, character for the Christmas party.
Never met a costume you didn't like, huh, Frank? No, ma'am.
Oh, and your other half called.
Wanted to know what time to be here for said party.
You're going to the party? You say that like I don't know how to have a good time.
That's not at all what I meant.
-Is there anyone you want us to call? What's open? My husband.
But he doesn't need to come.
-Trauma one.
Meed a hand? We got it.
-Here you go, jock itch.
Oh, you sweet talker, you.
Oh, oh, hang on.
You're not seeing patients today.
I need you to do the intern mid-year reviews.
I'd rather do the jock itch.
Too bad.
But, but, er, Dr Brenner is great at paperwork.
Terrific penmanship.
Yoo-hoo, Dr Morris.
Hello, Mrs Gaines.
I need refills for my cholesterol and blood pressure pills, and I also need Well, you know what, I would love to help you, Mrs Gaines, but I'm not seeing patients today.
Dr Morris, you can go ahead No, rules are rules.
However, Dr Sanchez here would love to help you.
OK, my work here is done.
I brought you folks some brownies.
I made them myself.
Hey, Frank, did psych come down on my hair puller? Not yet.
Ooh! Don't eat at the desk.
I will go.
-Right this way.
Oh, well, thank you.
Brownies? No, I'm good.
Dr Gates, any word on your homeless vet? Nah, I seem to have hit a dead end.
All right, well, I'll put call a call in to a friend of mine at Midnight Ministries, so maybe she'll know something.
Thanks, I appreciate that.
I gotta run upstairs for a minute.
Is Sam coming in today? Should be.
Heard she wanted to get back to work.
They're getting ready to extubate Alex.
He's fighting the vent.
Sats are dropping.
He's biting the tube.
He wants off.
He's agitated, Sam.
Hang on, hang on.
Mm-mm, 40 milligrams propofol IV push.
No, no, no, please, don't give up! Sorry, we can't extubate like this, Sam.
He's right.
Well, he'll calm down.
Just give him a minute.
Restart the drip at six milligrams a minute.
-Sedation's in.
Sorry, Sam.
We'll see where we are again tomorrow, OK? -Um, excuse me.
Is Dr Morris working today? Uhyeah, he's, he's somewhere.
-Jerry?! What brings you to our neck of the woods? I thought you were up in Alaska.
Yeah, I got tired of slinging beers, so I moved back.
Hey, Archie! Look what the world's largest cat dragged in.
Jerry, my man! Hey.
How you doing, brother? Fine, how are you? Good.
Dr Morris, do you realise there's a large storage unit in the bay with your name on it? I'm trying to get rid of it.
Burn it, donate it - I don't care - I want it out of here.
Sell everything.
You know, one man's trash is another man's cash.
When do I have time for that? I'll do it.
You will? seriously? Yeah, I love a good fire sale.
You know, I'll tell you what.
I will give you ten percent Ten? Fifteen.
Man, it's cold outside.
OK, fine.
you bring in.
You can't miss it, OK? And paper money only, none of this "I want everything for a quarter" crap.
You don't even want to look through it? I made it this far without that junk.
I don't need to weigh myself down now.
Oh, welcome back.
How's Alex doing? Well, he's still sedated.
You know, they tried to extubate him this morning, but He'll be off the vent soon.
You don't know that.
I mean, I thought he would be talking by now.
But he was hypotensive for so long.
You know, what if he has brain damage? Or what if he just never gets off the vent? It's Look, Sam, if you need to take a little more time No, no.
I really should keep busy, you know? I can't just keep sitting there, staring at Alex's monitors.
But thank you for the offer.
Come on, let's get some coffee first.
Chest is clear.
How are you feeling, Gloria? OK.
Did you reach my husband? He's on his way.
He doesn't have to come.
I can call him later.
Cap refill's good.
You know, he's probably worried about you.
How long have you two been together? We met at the aquarium.
I was 15.
Can't imagine being married to my high school boyfriend.
We were both new to America.
How's the crit? Stable at 39.
So everyone going to the Christmas party? Not a chance.
Yeah, but surgery's hosting it this year.
You have to go.
Belly's benign.
Archie pinched my butt last year, and Frank nearly threw up on me.
That sounds like fun.
Can't imagine why anyone would want to miss that.
Fetal heart rate's at 145.
You're not into the party? A work party? At work? Yeah, no, thanks.
I got a hot date with a stock broker.
So while you losers are drinking virgin eggnog, I'm going to be sipping Veuve Clicquot.
It's OK.
They're every three minutes now.
Breathe, Gloria.
-She's on mag? Yeah, but it's not doing much.
OB can take it from here.
She's clear surgically.
All right, Coburn's on her way.
This is Mrs Ortiz' husband.
Mi amor.
Mi amor, todo esta bien? Roberto, que haces aqui? No debiste haber venido.
Is the baby OK? We're just checking to make sure.
Do you know if it's a girl or a boy, Mrs Ortiz? At my last ultrasound, it was too soon to tell.
What are we looking at? Something wrong? Is that a twin, maybe? I'm not sure.
Getting back to work will probably be good for you, right? A little distraction? Yeah, I could use the money.
Oh, excuse me.
Hey, excuse me, sir! Your kids need to be buckled up.
Sorry, what? Your kids need to be wearing seat belts.
OK, lady, whatever you say.
She's just saying it's probably better if the kids had their seatbelts on, that's all.
You know what, it's the law, and it's common sense.
Who the hell asked you? She's saying it'd be better Hey! if the kids were buckled up.
That's all.
Hey, screw off! Hey, watch it.
All right? How are you gonna feel, huh? If one comes through that windshield, and ends up in the ER with brains coming out of his skull, huh? You're an idiot! You know that? It's idiots like you Get out of the way! that keep our hospital from shutting down, so thank you very much! Sam, Sam, Sam Let it go.
Let it go.
How long do I have to wait for my refills? Uh, check with Dr Sanchez.
I did.
He said something about spiders and wandered away.
Well, if I see him, I will send him your way.
Thank you.
Did you have that necklace on earlier? I got it from that big man outside.
He wouldn't know a Hattie Carnegie piece if it bit him in the ass.
I know, because I was a buyer for Marshall Field for 40 years.
Well, you wear it well.
Thank you.
Oh, and you should know, the original owner of that necklace? Mm-hm? She was a saint.
Aw Ooh! Frank, have you seen the intern evaluation forms? Hello? Let's see, the last I looked, they were right here.
Thank you.
I got myself a little something from the Morris family estate.
Let me guess, a nice broach? A baseball signed by joltin' Joe Dimaggio and some no-name Yankee.
Yeah, no, that was me.
"Archie Morris.
" My dad was pissed.
I couldn't sit down for a week.
Listen, um, that was my friend Ida.
I-I-I need to find Dr Sanchez.
If I see him, you will be the first to know.
Oh, no, no, no.
No, this is really important.
What do we have? Renee Weber-stewart, 39.
She passed out at the mall.
All right, let's take her to exam three.
We were waiting for Santa.
-She has a six-month-old, Lola.
Mom broke her fall, but you might want to check on the baby, too.
Belly's distended, systolic's only My wife, Nicole We'll call her for you, ma'am.
I have the number.
Could be vagal, but she's still pretty out of it.
Have social services watch the baby until we can get a family member here.
Oh, that's OK.
I'll look after her.
Ah Hi, you little reindeer.
It's OK, we're going to get you right back to Rudolph.
Oh, hi.
Aren't you a cute baby? Oh, Frank? Frank, still no psych? I'll call again.
Hey, I'm saving that for later.
OK, you still have one left.
I'm sorry, I'm hungry.
We're from immigration.
We're looking for a patient - Gloria ortiz.
Mom's five centimeters dilated and maxed out on terb and mag.
Can you tell if it's a boy or a girl? It's a boy.
We're having a boy.
Second IV is in.
We're having a boy.
Did you hear that, Roberto? A boy.
That's great.
This is what we were looking at.
We thought it might be a multiple gestation There's only one heartbeat.
Yeah, it's not a twin.
Are you sure? What's wrong? All right, Mr and Mrs Ortiz, the ultrasound shows that your baby has a large mass involving the lower face and neck.
A mass? What does that mean? Does my baby have cancer? The ultrasound doesn't tell us if it's cancerous.
Right now, the most pressing issue is that the medications aren't stopping your contractions.
What are you saying? -We're gonna do everything we can for your baby.
There are two Immigration agents at the desk who want to talk to your patient.
We're kind of busy.
They don't seem like the type to wait.
Well, they're gonna have to.
What do we do now? All right, your baby needs to be delivered.
Por favour.
Tienes que irte, por favour.
No te voy a dejar.
Mi amor Si.
Is this Gloria Ortiz? We're doing an exam in here.
What do you need? We're here to take Mrs Ortiz into custody.
What for? She's a fugitive alien.
She's being deported.
This yarn is so soft.
Yeah, my mom spent the '70s obsessed with macrame.
Vests? Yeah.
My first grade class picture rocking a blue macrame vest.
It's like no matter where it is, it's staring at me.
Oh, hey, come to the OR.
Dr Brenner's letting us watch an exit procedure.
What? You know, it's when they section the mom to get an airway on the baby before the delivery.
I mean, can you imagine? Hey, did you hear me? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Airways, airways, baby.
Noer, no.
Uh, listen, have either of you seen Dr Sanchez? Oh, he's over there.
Ohoh, er, that's not one of my brownies, is it? Why, is it bad? I ate two.
How are you feeling, dear? Hey, that's my jell-o.
You shouldn't be eating my food.
It's OK, I'm a doctor.
Dr Sanchez.
What are you doing? Wiggling and jiggling.
Put that back.
Oh, doctor, doctor, he's high as a kite.
The brownies have cannabis in them.
You gave pot brownies to my staff? Do you know how dangerous that is? They could have mistreated a patient.
I know, it was a mistake.
You see, my friend Ida had cancer, and I made special brownies for her.
Now she's in remission, thank the Lord, but she still likes them, and I mixed up the batches.
You two are done for the day.
Drink some water, take a nap.
Whatever you do, do not drive home till you're clean and sober.
Pick any three eight-track tapes for the price of two.
Mr Ortiz? How is Gloria? Is she OK? She's fine, but we're worried the tumour on your son's neck could prevent him from breathing normally.
So, fix it.
Can you fix it? Well, we're gonna do a Cesarean section so we can insert a breathing tube while he's still attached to the placenta.
I don't understand Well, that way, Gloria's body can supply him with oxygen until he can breathe on his own.
Wait, she's having the baby today? We're prepping her for surgery.
No, I can't.
No, not like this.
But we have to.
Are they still there? Did you know immigration was after her? We're undocumented.
Two years ago, they scheduled her for deportation, but she didn't show up.
I couldn't let her go.
Our life is here.
I'm so sorry - I have to get back.
I'll call you when we're out of surgery.
We're not bad people.
We never harmed anyone.
We only want to be happy.
Frank gave this to me.
Oh, that was my mom's.
That's your story, huh? You want it back? No, I'd break it.
When I was nine, I juggled the holy family set.
And? -I'm not sure what upset my mom more, that I broke her hummels or I tossed around the baby Jesus.
Only time she ever raised her voice at me.
Well, I don't juggle, so I think this one's safe.
Dr Banfield, this is, er, Nicole, Renee's partner.
Is she OK? She's doing better.
Can I see her? Right this way.
Uh, where's Lola? Oh, one of our nurses is baby-sitting.
I'll go get her.
Now, she's still a little sedated from the cat scan.
What's wrong? We're not sure yet, but we noticed the surgical scar on her abdomen.
Do you know what it's from? She had cancer of the small bowel, but she's been in remission for three years.
What does this have to do with her passing out? Her belly is distended, and we're concerned.
Oh, God.
Is that what you think, that the cancer's back? We'll know more when we get the CT results.
-This one is mine.
I got this when Alex and I lived in Albuquerque.
He was just a baby then.
And this one's Haleh's.
It was a gift from her grandma.
And look, look.
There's Frank.
That one's his, obviously.
It's pretty silly, huh? Sam, you can take Lola back to her mom now.
Bye, little reindeer.
You OK? No, not even a little bit.
I remember this one Christmas, Alex begged me for a skateboard.
When I gave it to him, he was so excited.
And then I made him wear a helmet.
You were looking out for him.
Do everything you can to keep them safe, and thenhe ends up on a ventilator.
He's been tubed for almost a week.
What's next? He's gonna be on a trake his whole life? Come on, let's not jump the gun.
They're gonna extubate tomorrow.
Yeah, I asked Dubenko if they could try again tonight, but he said they only do it before noon.
Well, he's just following the rules.
Why do you do that? What? Why do you always take the other side? I'm just trying to help.
Yeah, well, then, take my side.
All right, well, then, let's tell Dubenko that his rules are stupid and maybe he'll make an exception.
You never know.
Where did you get that? Surgical lounge.
Want some? Ew, no, thanks.
-Amnio infusion's underway.
-OK, people, here we go.
Hey, you guyslook.
-Watch the head.
-50 atropine, 30 of fentanyl IM.
OK, vecuronium's in.
Clock is ticking.
OK, miller zero and three-five - let's go.
-The scan shows some abnormal tissue wrapped around part of the liver.
The cancer is back.
Most likely.
What's next? We'll talk to a surgeon and find out what the options are.
Uh, run the scan by Dr Dubenko.
It was in the lymph nodes.
We knew a recurrence was likely.
I convinced myself that I was gonna be lucky, that I could dodge the bullet.
Well, that's a great attitude to have.
She doesn't understand the concept of, "the glass is half empty.
" I finally met someone that I couldn't live without, and that's no time to give up.
A week before the surgery, we flew to Boston and got married.
And we ran off like a couple of teenagers.
That's quite a leap of faith.
It's not hard when you have someone to hang on to.
So, what is going to happen once she's out of surgery? She'll be detained by immigration till they deport her.
What about her recovery? Let's try Miller one.
Detention facilities have doctors.
Not good ones.
I can't get a good view.
Can't we keep her until the baby's DC'd? Wee can't justify that - baby needs to be in the nicu for at least three weeks.
Well, if people knew Fetal heart rate's 138.
And by "people," you mean the 10:00 news? Couldn't hurt.
Put a magnifying glass on our hospital like that, public perception will be, "Go to county, get deported.
" How's the sat? -Holding at 52.
Nothing we can do? We're doing it.
No, it's too distorted.
Uterine bleeding! Switch with me, Neela.
Rigid bronch! I can't get on it Step aside.
You're taking too long.
Mom's systolic's only 84.
OK, guys, time's up.
we gotta clamp, whether you got the airway in or not.
Just hold on.
This is a mess.
If we don't get a handle on this, Mom is gonna bleed out and we're gonna lose the baby, too.
Damn it! OK, type specific and point 25 methergine now! I have to cut the cord.
Not without an airway.
We have no choice! The baby's not getting enough oxygen, he can't tolerate We bail out now or lose 'em both.
How about a tracheotomy? Not yet.
Dr Dubenko, I've got a woman Find Anspaugh.
Dr Banfield Find Anspaugh! Got it.
Screw it.
We'll do the trake.
Five minutes is all you've got.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Nicole? What's the word from the surgeon? Uh, none yet.
How are you doing? Mmm.
what if this is it? Lola won't remember her.
You will.
And you'll make sure your baby does, too.
I feel like I might forget.
Just the little things.
Just the little things.
Uh, how she burns the roof of her mouth on pizza - every time.
Or how she slaps my arm when she laughs and.
You won't forget those things.
You won't.
Jerry couldn't get rid of this stuff? What do you want to do with it? Hey, thanks for the crock-pot.
No problem.
Uh, if it's the one with the blue flowers on the side, it has a short! Almost burnt the house down.
Son of a bitch! What is it? I made this in the third grade.
Yeah, it's milk and cookies.
For Santa.
My teacher, Miss Durbin, said that wherever we are, if we set this out, Santa would find us.
That's sweet.
My dad didn't think so.
Yeah, he said Santa wasn't stupid.
He'd know it wasn't real.
That was my dad.
Yeah, but he kept it.
I guess he did.
The anatomy's so distorted.
I can't feel the tracheal rings.
Focus on your landmarks.
Crit's down to 26.
I'm pulling the plug.
Wait! Guidewire.
Systolic's only 68.
Either you have it or not! I'm in.
Throw me the bag.
and start the drip.
OK, we've got chest rise.
You can clamp.
Get the carboprost on board.
Don't ever worry that you don't do enough for your patients, all right? Lucien, can you stay? I need the hands.
Uterine tone seems better.
BP's coming up.
-Nice and pink.
Umbilical line tray.
Good luck, Mr Mosely.
It's a little late for that, isn't it? I'm sorry they couldn't extubate Alex today.
Hopefully soon.
I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Copy, er, the discharge summary, will ya? I'll be right back.
Hey! Max? Hey, Max! Hey.
I've been looking for you, man.
You all right? Yeah, I'm OK.
Jake has a hard time when it gets cold, though.
Well, come inside.
Warm up a bit.
Jake can come, too.
Let's start with a cup of coffee.
You want some coffee? Yeah.
Yeah, coffee's good.
This wasn't your average C-section.
As long as she's stable, we have to take her into custody.
You know, she hasn't even seen her baby yet.
I mean, give her a few days Look.
We don't like this either, separating a mom from her kid.
But we can't make an exception here.
Well, why not? You should be able to spend I'm sorry.
We'll see you tomorrow.
I'll show you out.
You got them to leave? They're coming back tomorrow.
They're going to transfer you to a detention facility.
But my baby He's doing very well.
He's still on a ventilator, but mostly breathing on his own.
I should call my husband.
I told him the surgery went well.
And that he'll be able to take your baby home in a few weeks.
Immigration won't get involved in custody.
A mother is supposed to protect her child.
Keep him safe.
He's in good hands.
We're taking care of him.
I need to see him.
I need to see my baby.
Dr Dubenko.
I'm really swamped right now, Sam.
Yeah, I need you to try to extubate Alex again.
We will.
No, today.
Please? Oh, we talked about this.
First thing in the morning.
I promise.
I've been studying to become a nurse anaesthetist and I think there are some tricks that we can use.
Tricks? Yeah.
We can give an anxiolytic before shutting off the propofol, right? That may cut the agitation we see during emergence.
Two of versed would be calming and not too sedating.
OK, then we sit him up and we give him something familiar to focus on.
It's a Blackhawks' game from last night.
Well, what if it doesn't work? No, it'll work.
I will talk him through it.
I will stay there all night.
I will make sure he uses the incentive spirometer.
Whatever it takes.
He's so little.
We'll, er, do an MRI to figure out exactly what we need to do to remove the tumour.
Hola, mi hijo.
Had you two picked names out? For a boy, we liked Pablo.
After my grandfather.
He was a strong man.
That's perfect.
How long will he be here? Well, if all goes well, only a few weeks.
We're pretty sure he won't need chemotherapy or radiation.
All alone.
Hola, Pablo.
Soy tu mami.
No estare aqui, pero.
entonces regresare.
I'll come back.
They took a risk staying here.
So what? It's still inhumane to separate them.
Yeah, but there is nothing that we can do, is there? Not right now.
It's not a good time to rock the boat.
Why, because you're at the centre of a malpractice suit? Something like that, yeah.
I could've sworn that Neela Rasgotra was a boat-rocker.
Like a champion-grade, professional one at that.
But I guess - I don't know - I was, I was wrong.
No, you're not wrong, but What? I just don't want to take any unnecessary chances with my career.
Good things happen when you take a chance.
You ready? OK, kiddo, I'm gonna take that tube out now.
OK? I know you can do this.
Try, try again, remember? Like when we took the training wheels off your bike.
The first time you fell off, but then you got right back on and you rode like the wind.
Remember that? OK, balloon's down.
Relax and take some deep breaths, OK? Second time's the charm.
You want to do the honours? Me? Yeah, you know what you're doing.
Yeah, OK.
All right, you ready? Here we go.
Come on.
Give it a moment.
Alex? Hey, Alex.
Hey, sweetie, how you feeling? Did I Did I miss Christmas? No.
Jake's in the break room eating pot roast courtesy of our clerk Frank's wife.
I'm not sure who's happier - Jake or Frank.
After I got back, nothing went right.
Those people who used to care were gone, or I scared them off.
Or the ones I thought I could rely on from the army said I wasn't their problem any more.
Then you came along and I figured you were more of the same.
But these past few days, I heard you were looking for me.
I saw the fliers.
I was worried about you.
That means something, you know.
That makes a difference.
I don't, I don't want to die on the streets.
Oncology says if we do nothing, she has a couple of months, tops.
The best thing we can do is urge her to spend the time well.
She has a six-month-old child.
All the more reason for her to enjoy the time she has left.
Look, if I take her to the OR, there's a very good chance that I'll cut into that thing and she'll bleed to death.
Or you could debulk it and give her more time.
Slim chance, slim chance.
They've only had three years together -I know this isn't what you wanted.
You could give Renee time to create real memories Christmas really brings out the tenacity in you ER people.
Doesn't it? Doesn't it? Fine, make her NPO after midnight.
I'll try to get her on the schedule for the morning.
Hey, I heard the good news.
How you feeling? I'm all right.
You don't have to talk.
I brought you some entertainment.
There's enough movies in here to tide you over until you go home.
All right, I'm going to run out and get you that ice cream you've been craving.
Rocky road? Cookie dough.
Ice cream for dinner, huh, big shot? Not bad.
Sarah wanted to be here, but she, ershe's at her grandparents.
Although she did send this tiny little card.
How is she? She's good.
Said her arms itches from the cast.
I thought I was doing the right thing, you know.
I didn't I No, Alex, this wasn't your fault.
I should have never let you and Sarah go out that night.
No, you were being cool.
Well Yeah.
That was the problem.
Here's your half.
Three dollars and a Canadian quarter? Ah, most of my customers were patients.
I mean, come on, I'm not going to charge some kid with the chicken pox for his first ever pair of roller blades.
There were roller blades in there? Don't worry I saved the best for last.
You know what that is, don't you? A really old motorcycle? It's a 1966 Triumph.
Marlon Brando rode a Triumph in The Wild One.
Never saw it, don't care.
Oh! It's only the greatest rebel movie ever with the most awesomest bike.
You know what? If you love it so much, keep it.
What? No, no, I-I can't I can't take this.
Fix it up, sell it, whatever.
I don't I don't get you.
All the great stuff in there, and there was nothing in there you wanted? No.
It's just It's just stuff.
Anyway, thanks for taking care of this.
I'm sure you had something better to do.
Actually, I didn't.
Since I moved back, work's been tough to come by.
I'm sorry, man.
Anything I can do? How can I get my old job back? Fell asleep five minutes ago.
The extubation must have worn him out.
I'll put this in the freezer.
He seems like his old self again, you know? He wanted me to remind you that he wants a PS3 for Christmas.
Lucien said he could be out in a week.
We should have a party for him when he comes home.
Oh, you know what? I forgot to tell you the other good news.
Max showed up.
Can you believe that? Oh, yeah? Yeah, I got him admitted, and don't get mad, but I said that we could watch his dog while he was in the hospital.
Tony I know, I know, but you know what? Alex always wanted a dog, and so I thought it'd be cool, like, when he gets out, a dog would be there at the house.
Tony, listen.
Uh I'm going to stay at Chuny's for a while until, er until I can find a new place for me and Alex.
You're moving out? It's just It's just not working.
Sam, I know I know this has been rough, but it'll get better.
We were doing fine before.
What, you just think things can go back to normal? I-I made a mistake.
I shouldn't have let them go out Yeah, I know.
You keep saying that, but it doesn't make me feel better.
Well, I don't know what else to tell you! Sam? We can work past this.
I can't.
I can't.
So you're just going to run away? I'm not running away.
I'm just telling you it's over.
How's it look? It's like locusts got to this.
Oh, hey.
How was the hot date? Oh, he was a douche.
You know, who lies about their age? First he was 34, then he was 37, now he's 42.
Maybe he was afraid you wouldn't date a 42-year-old.
Well, of course I wouldn't.
And, besides, he was a stockbroker, so it's been a bad year for him anyway.
This has been fun.
I'm gonna get a drink.
I'm gonna get more food.
She hired you on the spot? Yeah.
She wanted a Santa who wasn't stoned.
You think you know someone.
Ho, ho, ho, Dr Banfield.
And who might this young fellow be? Russell Banfield, the husband.
Ho, ho, ho.
This is Jerry.
He's filling in for Frank.
You can call me Kringle, Kris Kringle.
Mr Kringle.
And this is Dr Morris.
So, you must be the guy that slept with my wife.
What?! No, no, no, no.
Just kidding.
Nice to meet you.
Ho, ho.
Yes? Er, Santa.
Yes? Listen, I need you to do me a favour.
All right, now Don't worry.
It's a virgin.
I'll be ready for Renee's surgery in the morning.
We got news on the Bertha Mendenhall malpractice suit.
What is it? Well, I don't know if I should tell you.
Well, is it bad? It's bad.
Depends on whose side you were on.
Just spill it, OK? Motion for summary judgment.
The judge threw the case out.
You're kidding.
Merry Christmas, Neela.
Gloria left? Oh, yeah.
Looks that way.
And you're not upset? Well, people do crazy things when they're desperate.
Eggnog? Well, wait.
You're not even the slightest bit worried? She'll be OK.
I'm starving.
What's going on? Nothing.
It's nothing.
Wait - your patient leaves hours after surgery, .
and you're not concerned? She needs to be under a doctor's care.
It is possible that someone put her in a cab to another hospital.
Good luck with everything! So she's just gonna show up and ask for a bed? And it's also possible that someone wrote down a few instructions.
Neela Rasgotra, rocking the boat.
Archie! .
Will you just hold this? I'll be right back.
Hey! Where are you going? Archie Morris never leaves a party early.
In fact, more often than not, he's the last man standing.
Well, there's a first time for everything, right? Oh, come on.
Who's going to pinch my butt later? Frank? He's far too stoned.
Not in the party mood, I guess.
Well, we can change that.
You're like Happy Holly over here.
I should be asking if you're OK.
I'm just saying, there are always things to celebrate.
Come with me.
It's pretty amazing, huh? Some days, our job really does matter.
Today I did paperwork and saw my childhood parade around the ER.
Oh, yeah, Jerry gave me the Burl Ives Christmas Favourites on reel-to-reel.
Oh, OK.
I kept acting like I didn't care.
But, you know, I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a part of me that hoped Jerry might find something that would, I don't know, help me understand my dad.
Something more than crock pots and cheese hats.
So I was thinking about us having a family.
Starting again.
That's a pretty big leap of faith.
Not so hard when you got someone to hold onto.