ER Episode Scripts


Coming through.
Multiple GSWs to the chest.
Pulseless when we found him.
Two rounds EPI and atrophine.
Move out of the way, please.
Call for O-neg.
Prime the infuser.
Hey, what you guys got? Drug deal turned shootout.
He got it worst.
Need help? No.
Sure, jump on.
All right, he's gonna need a thoracotomy.
He has no vitals - it doesn't really make sense.
All right, let's open him up for MRB.
MRB? Maximum resident benefit.
I know what it is.
It's a good idea.
Grab the interns, assign procedures.
So you're just gonna practise on this guy.
We've done enough thoracotomies.
We'll be ready when it matters.
Besides, we could save his life.
Open up a tray, please.
Central line kit and prep for a chest tube, huh? Coming right up.
Maybe we did the chart wrong.
The timing could be off.
The book said that we Well, it was just a month.
We don't need to do this, you know.
I thought you wanted this.
I mean, we have other options.
There's a lot of kids out there that need good homes.
I want to have our baby.
So do I.
So, what are you saying? Nothing, just trying to be realistic.
So are we crazy even thinking about this? Probably.
Why should we let that stop us? Hmm? Stranger things have happened, right? And you know I so do love trying.
Oh, I bet you do.
Two more litres are in.
We almost done here? We're teaching, Sam.
You're doing procedures on a dead body.
Yeah, well, the interns need practice.
You got a problem with that? No, but I think there are some living patients that could use our help.
Well, feel free to step outside.
Looks like they're bringing in three more GSWs from the shootout.
Why does it feel like we get gunshot victims every day? Because we do.
Guns don't kill people.
People kill people.
Hey, that's great about Alex.
I know it's been hard.
Thank you, Dawn.
What about Alex? He's coming home today.
Discharged him? When did you find out? Couple days ago.
Jermaine Bennett, 17, abdominal GSW at the left costal margin.
Please! It hurts so bad! tachy to 120.
You on any medications? No! Any allergies? No, man, where's my brother? His little brother Quincy - through and through the right thigh.
How you doing, Quincy? I'm all right.
Pedal pulse intact.
Daria, Gates, go with Sam, Trauma Two.
All right, let's start him off on a gram of cefoxitin.
We use cefotetan now.
All right, yeah, well, that will work, too.
Get off of me! Yeah, you're gonna love this one.
She shot the guy they brought in earlier.
I said don't touch me.
Serena Diaz, graze wound to the left triceps, good vitals in the field.
And a real pain in the ass.
Prick! please, you wish you'd get some of this.
Lot of lip on you.
Shut up, bitch! Trauma One's open.
Looks pretty superficial.
Would you take these things off me, cos it's not like I'm going anywhere! Relax! Grady, you should take her.
I cannot feel my arm! Do I have to? Anastasia Johnson, sickle cell disease.
Has had abdominal pain since yesterday.
Any fever? No, uh, her CBC and her chest X-ray are still pending.
OK, um, does this feel like your usual sickle crisis pain? No, this hurts more.
Start with ten IV morphine.
Titrate up from there.
Isn't that kind of a big dosage for a 13-year-old? Not for a sickler with pain.
Aren't you worried about addiction? Would you withhold morphine from a cancer patient? Exactly.
You guys are going to admit me, aren't you? Not sure yet.
I always get admitted.
Does it hurt here? Ow! Yeah! Get a right upper quadrant ultrasound.
Do you think I'll be out by next week? Well, you might not have to stay.
But if I do, do you think I'll be out by next Saturday? Why? What's next Saturday? I'm going to New York to meet Yo-Yo Ma.
The cellist? I baked cupcakes for three days straight and sold every one.
And I haven't touched my allowance in months.
Airfare's expensive.
You're paying your own way? You must be a big fan.
I'm not just a fan.
It's my destiny to meet and someday perform with the great Mr Ma.
Know what? I'm sorry.
Uh, this is new, and I haven't figured out how to mute it yet.
Want me to fix that for you? My dad has the same phone.
Would you? Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
At your age, the chance of conceiving on your own and carrying a pregnancy to term is about 1% per cycle.
It's not great odds.
Um, what about in vitro? It's a long shot.
So is 1% per cycle.
It's an expensive long shot.
But possible? How does your husband feel about this? It's something we both want.
We're in it together.
All right, well I would need an FSH level to look at your ovarian responsiveness, as well as an estradiol OK.
Can you stop by the, uh, outpatient lab today? I'll write up a slip.
Orif you have the time, I could do a quick blood draw right now.
I'm not on for half an hour.
OK, um, any chance you can just hold still while I check you out? All right, so how did this happen, Quincy? I don't know.
The guy just started shooting.
Posterior tibial and DP sound good.
Is my brother OK? Um, let me check on him for you.
A gram of ancef and update his tetanus.
A small amount of fluid in the subdiaphragmatic space.
Morris: Check the spleno-renal recess.
Distal neuro-vascular's intact on the thigh wound.
Vitals are stable.
Get a CT angio.
It's a little close to the femoral artery.
That don't even hurt no more.
That's the morphine.
Systolic's up to 120.
Well, looks like you're not gonna need surgery, Jermaine.
Where is my brother at, man? This room over there.
D-five half at Yo, Quince.
You all right in there, man? Yeah.
Nothing to worry about, little man.
You just chill out, OK? All right.
-He wouldn't be here if you didn't have him out selling drugs.
Did I ask you? Good breath sounds bilaterally.
Sam, how's the hemocue? I'm doing it right now.
You know, you could have told me about Alex.
I was worried - you know that.
How would I know that? Hemocue's 13.
OK, set up the rapid infuser to be safe.
Ours is out being serviced.
I'll go grab it from the OR.
You know what? We need to uncuff him - we got to get some work done here.
That really necessary? Yeah, it's really necessary.
We should have results by the end of the day.
That soon? I have friends in the lab.
Janet, I thank you.
Don't thank me yet.
We'll talk later.
Excuse me.
Oh, hold that.
Oh, hi, Dr Banfield.
Got three GSWs.
Drug deal gone bad.
Just in time to start my shift.
Oh, how is your, uh, boy doing? He's better.
He's coming home today.
You must be relieved.
You can say that again.
I just gave blood.
Get off of me.
I need to examine you.
You're not gonna examine nothing - get off of me! Lady, come on now.
Nobody touches me, you hear me? Hey, Jermaine, you and your stupid-ass little brother better come up with five grand or you're dead! Ma'am, please.
Get the hell away from me.
No rebound or guarding.
All right, repeat CBC in an hour.
Dr Morris, may I please join you? Why, you can't handle your patient? She'sa lot.
One crazy bitch is what she is.
Fine, go clear some patients.
Infuser's primed if you need it.
This one going to the OR? Maybe.
Uh, Dr Rasgotra? Probably doesn't need an ex lap, but we'll wait on the belly CT.
Who's next door? Little brother.
Stable lower extremity wound.
But we have to rule out vascular injury.
Um, do you want me to present the findings? I-I got it.
What's his name? Quincy.
Hi, Quincy.
How are you doing? Fine.
Any pain in this leg? No.
Quincy, we need to call your parents.
Do you know how we can reach them? Are they at home? At work? Is Jermaine all right? Well, we're working hard to make sure that he is.
Look, honey, I know it's really scary, but it's important.
Do you know how we can find your parents? They're dead.
They're both dead.
I'll be right back.
Pressure's down to 60 systolic.
Tachin' away at 120.
Two units on the infuser.
Sonosite again.
He may have opened up his spleen.
CT can take him.
You seeing more blood? Can't tell.
-Bradying down.
-Oh, I'll get the crash cart.
You missed the decreased breath sounds on left.
Bullet went through the chest, not the abdomen.
Tracheal shift and elevated neck veins.
Tension pneumo.
Heart rate's coming up.
So's the BP.
Open up a chest tube tray, You want some help with that? I think I can handle it.
Man, get that off me.
Man, what you doing?! Some pressure here.
-Got your oh-silk.
Trachea's midline.
Good breath sounds on the left.
Where'd Quincy go? He's getting an X-ray to make sure his leg's OK.
Sats are up to 98.
Oh, man, I can't believe this! What, that you got shot doing a drug deal? Occupational hazard.
All right, keep him at five litres.
Ready for dressing.
We're out of xeroform.
I'll be right back.
Is this Jermaine Bennett? I'm Dr Banfield.
Detective Reitz.
I need to ask him a few questions.
I ain't got no answers for you.
Oh, is that right? Probably not a good call, Jermaine.
OK, I guess I'll see you at the arraignment.
How soon till we can move him? He still has to do a C and he may need surgery - I'll let you know.
Have yourself a good day, Jermaine.
Elastoplast and bandage scissors.
And Dr Gates, you should go.
You were off an hour ago.
Oh, thank you.
Another ABG in 20, please.
I'm going to be right back, Dr Banfield.
Uh, hey, Tony.
Huh? Tony, is everything all right? Yeah, why? I don't know, I was just just wondering.
I'm fine.
So, uh, is this how it's going to be from now on? What? You and me, is this how it's going to be? Tony, I really don't want to have this conversation right now, please.
Sam, I apologize.
I take full responsibility.
You taking responsibility now doesn't change anything.
You put my kid in the ICU.
All right, so how long are you planning on being pissed off at me? You know, I don't know.
OK? This is not easy for me.
All right, fine.
I just shouldn't have to put up with this while I'm working.
You see, that's your problem.
What? How is any of this about you? You giving me crap, that makes it about me.
You know, you have no idea what I've been going through That's because you don't tell me, Sam.
the past few weeks.
Why would I tell you? You don't listen! What is that supposed to mean? Never mind.
I am not going to do this right now.
OK? Please? Please.
All right, Sam.
It doesn't have to be like this.
Look, what happened was horrible.
But Sarah and Alex are going to be OK.
A girl died, Tony.
And my kid came pretty close.
That is not OK.
You know what? You do you and I'll do me.
And we'll just go our separate ways, OK? There's risk of a neuro-vascular injury.
She's very intimidating.
Well, you've got to learn how to deal with a difficult patient.
She threatened to kill me, Dr Morris.
My family, my friends, my dog, too.
I don't even have a dog.
How has she been? Pretty quiet.
For a change.
All right, kid, watch and learn.
Ma'am, we need to examine you.
You're not touching me.
You could have an injury to a blood vessel, a nerve in your arm So? So we need to give you full examination.
You touch me without consent, after I beat your ass, I'm-a sue you for assault.
Listen, ma'am Damn it! No! What, I got to spell it out for you jerk-offs? Go away! I am totally learning.
Hey, Tony! Hey! I thought maybe you weren't coming.
Oh, no, sorry - I got stuck at work.
How are the new digs? Oh, it's kind of a dump.
Beats the hell out of sleeping in the park, though.
"Johns Hopkins"? You leaving us? Frank.
This is my turf.
I don't come up to the OR messing around with your stuff.
-Are you going to Johns Hopkins? No.
I'm just looking at a programme.
Johns Hopkins? Who's going to Johns Hopkins? Dr Rasgotra.
I'm just looking.
"Paediatric surgery"? Yeah, I'm thinking about sub-specialties.
Oh, you should talk to Dr Banfield.
I'd rather not.
She went to med school there.
Ultrasound results for Anastasia Johnson.
Oh, gallstones with wall thickening and pericholecystic fluid.
Cholecystitis, I'll talk to her.
Apparently, he jumped the divider.
Hit them head on.
Dr Banfield, Dr Coburn called for you earlier.
How much earlier? Ah, maybe 20 minutes.
Their parents, driver of the other car, killed instantly.
Oh, God So for the last two years, Jermaine's been in a group home and Quincy has been in one, two, three, four different foster homes.
Apparently he keeps running away, travels halfway across the city just to see his brother.
Mm, so what now? Jermaine's in police custody and Quincy's foster mom told me to give him bus fare, send him home.
What? She's got three kids of her own and a full-time job.
I'm going to go find him a ride.
Keep me posted on his brother.
All right.
Uh, Dr Banfield, I need you to sign off on my Bell's palsy.
And my broken ankle lady.
Dr Martin, will there be anything else? Yes, yes, uh Yes, Dr Coburn.
Cate Banfield.
Oh, uh, yes, of course.
Um, the PID patient got cefoxitin and doxycycline.
We sent her up to the GYN floor.
Anything else? Yeah, I understand.
No hurry at all.
How are you feeling? Much better, thanks.
Can I get you anything? You're admitting me, aren't you? Yes, you have an infection in your gall bladder and you'll need IV antibiotics for a while.
I knew it.
I'm sorry about New York.
I'll catch him in San Francisco.
Going to need some new cupcake recipes.
Oh, and I fixed your phone.
Oh, thank you.
I downloaded some ringtones, a couple games, and also this cool koi pond thing.
Koi pond.
Oh, and you got a text from somebody named Ray.
And, girl, he is cute.
Wait, what? I had him send a picture.
Don't worry, I told him it was for whenever he called, it would show up.
I'm sorry.
I hope you're not mad.
I couldn't resist.
What exactly did you text him? I told him I mean, you were thinking about him, too.
He said he was thinking about me? Well, look at you! You clean up nice, man.
Suit's a little big, but, uh, it looks good.
Looks like I'm getting married or something.
Well, let's get you a job first, then we'll get you a girl, huh? Dude in my squad used to carry around a picture of him and his wife on their wedding day.
He was wearing a suit just like this.
you believe that? Carson.
Let's see Teddy Carson.
He used to brag about how he waited to have sex until they got married.
High school sweethearts, the whole nine, you know? But he actually waited.
Guys used to clown on him about that.
Especially Montoya.
God God Used to carry that picture everywhere.
BP 122/77, pulse 90, satting at 98.
Hey, what's, what's all that mean? You're stable.
CT's negative for bleeding in the belly.
Really? I thought it was an abdominal entrance wound.
When he was shot, he must've been taking a breath in.
Only damage to the chest and lungs.
How long y'all keep this old garden hose in me? Two, maybe three days.
Man, when they bringing Quincy back? Oh, he's back.
He's Can I see him? I don't think they let minors visit inmates.
But don't worry, you're teaching him young.
You two might get to share a cell someday.
It's not like that.
He's a good kid.
Looks to me like he takes after his big brother.
He ain't nothing like me.
Except for today.
Look, I do what I do so he don't have to, all right? Well, you could get a real job, you know.
Oh, a real job? Mm-hmm.
What, flipping burgers? Huh? Bussing tables? Why not? Could you make it on that? I'm saving up for a nice place in a nice neighbourhood.
I'm gonna turn 18, file for custody, and make sure he go to a good school.
Custody? Not in prison.
And when you get out, he'll be grown.
You want to do what's best for him? Co-operate with the police and keep your ass out of jail.
Cooperate?! Man, you must be crazy.
You know what would happen to me if I snitch? Oh, you going to give it another try? Part of the job, boys.
Be our guest.
Oh, my God, not again! You need an exam.
I got rights.
Well, technically, you're in police custody, OK? So either consent to an exam or I get ten cops in here and make you consent.
Come on.
You could have long-term damage.
Look down my shirt.
I'm sorry? Underneath my bra, look.
I'm a cop.
Your radial pulse is intact.
Good cap refill.
That means you didn't injure any blood vessels.
You feel that here? Mm-hmm.
How about here? Mm-hmm.
OK, squeeze my fingers.
You know, they should come in and uncuff you.
This is Chicago, sweetie.
You can't trust anyone, especially the cops.
They don't know about you? It's a narcotics assignment.
Just my supervisor, his supervisor and the Chief of Police know.
And, well, now you know.
OK, bend your wrist back for me.
Now push against my hand.
So So you're, like, in deep cover? Mm-hmm.
How long you been under? Wow.
What? Nothing.
OK, let's, uh, let's see how strong you are here.
All right.
There you go.
Hm! How are those kids I came in with? Uh, both OK.
For now.
Jermaine pisses me off.
He's smart, he could be something.
I just can't find a way to get him out of this life without blowing my cover.
You know, those kids - you can't blame yourself for that.
He came out of nowhere.
Me and Jermaine, we're doing this deal.
All of a sudden, a guy pulls a gun on us.
Next thing I know Jermaine's little brother is running up, screaming - and this son of bitch, he shoots at him.
I hit him three times right in the chest, and I don't even remember grabbing my gun.
That was the kid they brought in this morning.
Hey, you know, you did you did what you had to do.
You know, things I've seen doing this job, you wouldn't believe it.
But who shoots a little kid? All for a backpack full of blow.
Must be hard.
Always Always pretending to be somebody else.
Hey, you got a career out in Hollywood if this whole narc thing doesn't work out.
My real name is Claudia.
No pericardial effusion.
Any pain in your belly? No, it's just my chest.
Try a mig of dilaudid.
Your brother's C is negative for any internal damage to his leg.
I think he's going to be fine.
Thank you.
Oh, man.
Little dude was so scared - all that blood, you know? I just hate to see him scared.
I tell him all the time, he he can be brave, not scared.
You know? Heart rate's up.
IV infiltrated.
He hasn't been getting fluids.
All right, what about the other side? Antecubital blew.
OK, I'll do a subclavian.
What's happening to me? What's happening? What's happening? All right, I need to put an IV in the vein under your collarbone.
A little burning here, Jermaine.
Introducer needle.
Am I going to be all right? Huh? Keep still.
BP's 110/70.
Another two of morphine.
Hi, you must be Mom.
I'm Dr Rasgotra.
Sheila Johnson.
How you feeling, Ana? Not too bad.
Except tickets to San Francisco are 600 bucks.
So, she has an infection in her gall bladder and we're admitting her to the surgical service.
She needs surgery? We'll treat with antibiotics for a few days until the infection cools off, and then we'll remove her gall bladder.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I hate this.
I miss everything.
What do we always say? Strongest trees in the forest.
That's right.
The strongest trees in the forest can withstand the strongest winds.
It's one of her grandmother's sayings.
She's got, like, a thousand.
It's nice.
I like it.
So, Mrs Johnson, if you'd like to sign the admission forms now, Dawn can take you.
Sure thing.
Right this way.
I'll be back in a flash.
So, do you have any questions? Yeah.
Why did I have to get sickle cell? I'm sorry.
I just want to see Yo-Yo Ma - is that asking too much? No.
It's not.
He's playing Mozart's cello sonatas.
Mozart barely wrote anything for the cello.
All my friends go see the dumb Jonas brothers and I can't catch a break? You know, you have every right to be upset.
I'd be upset, too.
I wish there was something I could do.
Hmph! Give me a new gall bladder and get me the heck out of here.
I put some more stuff on your phone.
And you got another text.
From Ray? From some other guy named Simon Brenner.
From Australia.
And, girl, he's cute, too! Uh, I thought we agreed no more texts.
We agreed no more texts to Ray.
So, does he have an accent? I knew it.
I love accents.
You're a total player, huh? Catheter's in.
How's the chest tube output? Less than a hundred.
All right, I think we just got behind on the fluids.
Heart rate's down to 90.
Pressure's up to 112/78.
Put a dressing on this.
Uh, repeat CBC and chest.
What happened? What arewhat are you guys doing? You were sick because you weren't getting enough fluids.
We filled up your tank with two litres.
Detective! Yeah, how can I help you, doc? Jermaine Bennett you should try talking to him again.
I got a feeling about him.
A feeling? Yeah.
You mind elaborating? I see a lot of knucklehead kids come through here.
He's, uh, he's different.
No, he's pretty clear, he's got nothing to say.
Uh, just talk to him again.
Waste of time.
Just, just try.
Dr Coburn! Cate, hi.
Glad I caught you.
Yeah We should really talk tomorrow.
I have got an appointment downtown.
I got to be back in one hour.
Janet, please.
Uh all right.
Your labs, they show that your estradiol and prolactin are fine.
But your FSH is 13.
It means your ovaries aren't Yeah, I know what it means.
Yeah, so the chances of IVF being successful are No, not good.
With your own egg, the chances are approaching zero.
But they're not actually zero.
Well, many fertility clinics won't even attempt IVF on someone whose FSH is that high.
It wouldn't be ethical for them to take your money.
Money's not the problem.
OK, but, then consider how you want to spend it.
I mean, adoption, surrogacy, egg donation, those things cost, too.
Yeah, well, what if I wanted to try? Well, I couldn't recommend it.
Would you help me? I wouldn't be comfortable with that.
I am sorry.
I know that it's rough.
But you do have alternatives.
There are other ways to have a family.
Ceftriaxone and metronidazole have been given.
We're headed up.
Not much of a selection at the gift shop.
Oh, my God! Mozart! Thanks, Neela.
No problem.
I'll be up later to check on you.
Another two of morphine when she gets settled.
Hey, you get any texts lately? Uh, she's a handful, this one.
Oh, I see you've met my daughter.
She's taking the bus up next week.
Haven't seen her since before I shipped out.
Three years.
She's going to cry.
Yeah, well, that's what moms do when they're happy.
Hey, remember, Tuesday, Dr Grasso.
That's right.
Second floor.
Yeah, she's great.
If you have any problem with your meds, you need refills, get a hold of me, OK? I don't know how to thank you.
Not necessary.
I need one more favour.
Hm? It's Jake.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I'll drop him off when I have time.
No, they don't allow dogs here.
I was hoping maybe you could hold onto him for a little longer.
Really? If you could.
Yeah, I could.
I'm sort of, uh, I'm sort of getting used to him.
I appreciate it.
It's been weird being alone.
I don't mind being on my own, but totally alone gets hard, you know? Now, this, this is me.
I want you to have this.
Ah, come on, no.
Take it.
You deserve it.
Open it later.
I'll see you around.
I'll see you around.
Hey, make sure you give Jake some bacon.
He loves bacon.
And-and chicken, too.
I'll remember that.
How's he doing? Hungry.
I'm gonna go upstairs and grab him a sandwich.
He keeps asking to see his brother.
Hello, Quincy, how are you? Fine.
Getting the hang of those crutches? Yeah.
It's easy.
You know, we're keeping an eye on your brother.
He seems to be doing OK.
I'm not leaving until I see him.
You miss him pretty bad, huh? You know, I hear you run away a lot.
I ran away once.
You? You're a grown-up.
Well, sometimes we get so sad, we get angry.
We run away, too.
I only do it to see my brother.
Foster home sucks.
What do you guys do together? Everything.
Play ball, video games.
Do homework.
Homework? Jermaine hates it when I don't do my homework.
Quincy, Jermaine broke the law, put you in a very dangerous situation.
It's not like that.
He told me to go home, but I didn't.
That doesn't make what he did OK.
You don't get it.
No, I don't.
Why don't you explain it to me? He doesn't do that stuff.
Well, he did today.
You saw for yourself.
My parents worked all the time.
It was always just him and me.
He picked me up at school, cooked dinner Quincy, you know, sometimes the truth hurts so bad, we don't want to believe certain things.
He's not a drug dealer.
The police say he is.
When do I get to see him? Hi.
How are you feeling? Good.
Why are you whispering? No, no, I'm being inconspicuous.
It's not working.
No? All right.
So you've, uh, you've been cleared.
You're healthy as a horse.
How's Jermaine and his little brother? Jermaine is stable.
He's getting admitted for observation.
Quincy'll be on crutches for a while, but he's going home today.
See? it's all good.
Hey, can I ask you something? Your family - they know about you? They know I'm a cop, but not about this.
My mother would kill me.
She already thinks it's too dangerous.
Andhow about your husband? Does he know? I'm not married.
Boyfriend? I don't have one.
Why do you keep saying that? No reason.
I have to say goodbye to you now.
Really? Mm-hmm.
My supervisor's coming in to take me back into custody.
You know, the show must go on.
Nobody knows you know.
I broke protocol when Shh I'll take it to the grave.
Shut up and stop touching me! Make sure you keep this dry.
Sorry about this one, Doc.
Oh, you know what? Don't sweat it, man, we get this kind all the time.
You got some mouth on you! Little time in the pokey ought to do you some good.
Get her out of my sight.
I appreciate everything you did here.
Oh, it's just another day in the life.
Hey, you be careful out there.
And you - big attitude adjustment! Big one! Punk ass.
Where's the ladies' room? I got to take a piss.
Come on.
Really making headway with that one.
I'm taking notes.
Check with Frank, see if ICU has a bed ready for him.
So how am I doing, Doc? Uh, you don't seem to be bleeding internally.
I guess that's good, right? You're going to the intensive care unit, and while you're up there, you're going to talk to the police.
What is your problem? I already told you I'm not about to go up there and snitch on nobody.
And you are going to tell them everything that you know.
Oh, I, oh, I Boy, you think this is funny? Go ahead and laugh.
Laugh your dumb ass all the way to the penitentiary.
You want to know why you're going to tell them everything? Come on.
Yo, Quince.
What's up? How you doing? I'm all right.
He's why.
You want to raise him, do what's best for him? Then set an example and co-operate.
You know what? It's fine.
Don't worry about me.
I'm good.
No, I'm yeah, I'm sure.
I'm totally sure.
You go have fun with your friends and I'll pick you up in the morning, OK? I promise.
Hey, Sarah.
I love you, OK? I love you more.
I was called down for a consult.
Where's the patient? I'm right here.
I want to try IVF.
What? Will you please help me? All right, you called me down for a consult on yourself? Well, I couldn't leave the floor and I want to try in vitro.
This may be my last chance.
I told you I'm not comfortable with it.
I know.
It's only a small chance, but it's a chance.
Yes, but hormone treatments have risks - polyps, fibroids.
Do you really want to put your body through all that? I have to give it a try.
Even though failure is the most likely outcome? If it doesn't work, I'll move on, but one try.
Let me think about it.
But I'm not promising anything, OK? I'll call you.
'Hi, this is Sam.
'I can't get to my phone, so leave a message.
' Hey, Sam, it's Tony.
Um, I just wanted to say that I'm really happy that Alex is home and that he's OK and, uh, um .
uh, that I want you to tell him that I said hi and, um that I'll see you soon, I hope.
Tony! Hey.
Top of the morning to you.
How are you? Are you working? Top of the evening to you.
Are you working? No, no, no, I have a few days off.
Actually, I'm drinking.
Oh, how's that going? It's good, it's going good.
I'm having a good day.
I I did something good.
Really? Which I thought would make me feel better, but See, I had this, uh my best friend died.
And my kid, she never Never mind.
How are you? I'm fine.
Why are you looking at me like that? And I'm And you know what? I'm trouble.
I'm trouble.
Everything I touch turns to But .
you know, if youif you want to come home with me, no strings attached, just for one night, we could We should have Quincy moved by the end of the week.
That's great.
And Jermaine's still upstairs with the police.
He must be telling 'em something.
It's been a while.
I'll keep you posted.
Good night.
Good night.
Hey, what are you doing here? Taking you on a date.
What?! I have reservations at your favourite - Mia Francesca.
What's the occasion? Pretty soon we may not have time to go out.
And you know, I thought I might get lucky, since we're trying and all.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Come on, let's talk about it at dinner.
I'm starving.