ER Episode Scripts


-The toughest thing about being a doctor isn't the terrible hours.
It isn't the loneliness, the isolation, or the knowledge that, one day, we all lose out to the relentless decay of the human body.
It's something else.
Ray, it's 5:00am.
Yes, I know.
But sometimes we do actually get to sleep on call.
You should be.
You know I have those stupid interviews later today.
No, I didn't forget.
Happy birthday.
Of course I was going to call.
It's 5:00am, man, give me a chance.
It's my intern.
I better answer.
I'll call you later, OK? Bye.
Hey, Ana.
You having a party in here? Something like that.
Tachy all night and then the BP took a dive.
Crackles bilaterally.
I left mine in the ER.
Sensitivities come back on the blood culture? Vanco-resistant enterococcus.
That's what you were worried about, right? Yeah.
Let the picu know we're coming.
Pick a colour and a number between one and ten.
Blue and three.
One, two, three.
Hey, at this point, removing the source of infection is our best option.
You mean taking out my gall bladder? Yeah.
Let's finally get you better, OK? Hurry up.
I'm getting sick of you people.
I'm going to go call your mom.
Hang in there, Ana.
I'll check on you in a little while.
Don't you want to hear your fortune? I'll be back soon, I promise.
Lucien, are you sure about this? No, but the conservative approach doesn't seem to be working out.
She's bacteremic and hypotensive.
If we go in now 'The toughest thing is making the right call when it counts.
' Forget it.
What, you have another idea? No, it's fine.
Neela, you're going to be an attending soon, you better get used to asserting yourself.
No, really, you're probably right.
I'll go let the OR You know what? These sorts of decisions are the hardest part of our job.
You consider the alternatives, follow through in your mind and make a choice.
Can't control what happens after that.
OR in ten minutes.
I'll meet you there.
Yeah, that's totally going to make the elevator come faster.
Sorry, uh Found it.
Dr Rasgotra, perfect timing.
Page the intern, I'm not really here.
Nick Vasquez, 28, fell through a second storey window.
A closed window, unfortunately.
How'd you fall? I was bailing out of a plane.
In my dream.
I'm a dream runner.
"Dream runner"? Most people are paralyzed during REM sleep, so they don't actually do what they're dreaming about doing.
My brain chemistry's off, so that paralysis thing doesn't work right.
So you act things out? Big wave surfing, car chases, dragon slaying I've done it all.
On my count - one, two, three.
All right, vitals stable en route, complaining about abdominal pain.
Well, that's understandable.
Tib-fib displaced.
I'm going to go get a stryker probe.
What? Why? -Gates missed a bad compartment syndrome last week.
Doesn't want to get burned again.
Well, it's a good pedal pulse, no swelling.
I doubt it's compartment syndrome.
I'll be right back.
What's this? Those Blackhawk tickets that we got.
It's, uh, this week.
You take them, Sam.
Take Alex.
No, no-no-no, it was your idea.
You might want to take someone else.
-Gates! You have six patients on the board, including a fresh trauma, so cut the chatter.
Dr Morris Four of your patients bounced back tonight.
It'd be OK if you did.
If I did what? Take someone else.
Sam, will you stop it? There's no-one else I want to take.
Gates, get plain films, then remove shards and then irrigate.
Sam, we could use you in there, too.
Poor guy's IV keeps blowing.
No problem.
Check crit Q 30 What the hell was that? What was what? Banfield, man.
One minute she's kind of loose and cool, and then snap, she's back to piranha queen.
I think she was actually annoyed at me for being short.
She made Frank take off his tie and throw it in the trash.
Dr Morris, come with me, it's important.
Uh, good luck with the interview thing.
Oh, right.
OK, you ready? Uh-huh.
Ta-da! I got under the mud flaps and matched the original colour.
You are kidding! Mm-hmm.
I rebuilt the engine, threw away the amels and installed Mikuni carburators.
My, my dad showed up on this for his first date with my mom.
She was mortified.
Made them walk to the movies.
A month later, she was riding on the back of this thing wearing nothing but a macrame bikini.
Yeah, these have that effect on people.
Go ahead.
Try out your new bike.
No My new? No, Jerry, I said you could have it.
No way.
This belongs with you.
Fire it up.
Keep the shiny side up! -Take a few breaths and when you wake up, we'll be done.
- Dr Rasgotra, you're gonna be here the whole time, right? Whole time.
Did you remember the music? Sure did.
That's nice.
Suite for solo cello number 1 in G.
Dr Rasgotra, you rock.
Let's get started.
Neela needs to get out of here to get to work on her future.
It's OK.
I cancelled my appointments.
What? Why? First litre's up.
I'm post-call and exhausted.
I called in some favours to get you those interviews, you know.
I understand you feel bad about me not having a job here.
Who told you that? All this time you've been acting like you'd never let me leave, but I get it.
Things change.
Where is all this coming from? You and I have never had a serious conversation about the prospect of you staying.
11 blade.
Ooh, it's hot in here.
Is it hot in here? Check this out.
It's fine.
Except for the pelvic fracture, right? Uh, grade two, non-displaced.
Somebody's here to see you.
Hey, honey.
Find someone to take Oliver for the night? Yeah, your mom came over.
Thank God you're OK.
Give us some room.
You know, we've tried everything: sleeping bags, mitts, even handcuffing him to the bed.
Hey, now.
But every few months, he has a crazy dream and ends up back in the hospital.
Oliver's your son? Yeah.
Just turned one.
Crit dropped another two points.
It's dilutional, most likely.
All right, we'll check another hemacue in a half hour.
What, and meanwhile, we just let it keep dropping? I thought you said it was "dilutional"? Recheck it now, Sam.
I already signed out to Suri.
I'll let her know.
What? You're leaving? Yeah, my shift is over.
And they're waiting for me.
Shifts and breaks - such a nurse-y concept.
Always hated them.
Bye, Mr Vasquez.
Damn it, I think I nicked the common bile duct.
You think you did or you did? You did.
There's so much inflamed tissue, I couldn't see.
Well, then you had no business in cutting - ten blade to me.
We're converting to open.
-Systolic's 86.
Everyone knows Samantha Taggart from the ER, right? I'm starting clinicals for my nurse anesthetist program.
Record the vitals Q five minutes.
I'm going to check next door.
You're leaving? I'm precepting another trainee.
I'll be in and out.
Something the matter? It's probably not the best teaching case.
Neela! Counter traction.
Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Don't take it personally.
It's a teaching hospital, Neela.
Yes, I'm aware of that.
Guys But operating on her was dicey to begin with That's your call So at the very least, we should have our A team on the case.
I will throw both of you out of here, I swear to God I will.
Focus on your job, let me do mine.
Oh, my God! I dialed the halothane down when her pressures started getting dicey.
I'm in.
I forgot to tell you to turn it back up after a few minutes.
You forgot? I am so sorry.
Yeah, well, tell it to the girl on the table.
OK, let's clean this mess up and move on.
Run of six, giving lido Right.
Then .
5 per minute.
It's the ER.
They need a surgeon down there.
Surgery's got an unstable kid on the table.
It's going to be a while.
Cordis in.
That wasn't so bad.
He's got a high tolerance for pain.
Hang a unit of type specific.
How's it going in here? He's tachy and crit's down to 29.
All right, let's pack him up and get him to angio.
Angio? You mean CT, right? No, I mean angio.
-He has a pelvic fracture.
-The fracture's non-displaced, unlikely to bleed.
The ultrasound was negative.
Could be retroperitoneal.
-If the angiogram is normal, we'll explore that theory.
Right now, the pelvis is where the money is.
You know in all these dreams, you're always there.
You're always the girl.
Nick? Mac three and an 8-0.
Oh, my God, what's happening? Do you want to give protein C first? It's not standard protocol, but there've been some good outcomes for DIC with sepsis.
Go ahead.
The thing is, you have to give it before you give the heparin or it won't work.
It's something that came up in a class.
OK, protein C, and then heparin.
V tach! I can't believe this.
Point four of epi.
-Going in.
Clear! No change.
Clear! No change.
Clear! Hey.
What happened? What did the angio show? Lost his pulse before we could do the study.
Charged to 360.
Clear! No change.
Give the amiodarone.
I'm sorry to belabour this, but you don't drop your crit ten points from a non-displaced pelvis.
It could happen.
If you'd scanned him, you might've seen what I'm seeing in time to do something about it.
Go find an OR.
The belly is full of blood.
You know where it's coming from? Go! Clear! -Fourth epi's in.
OK, someone needs to update the mother.
I should have fought you on this.
Yes, maybe you should have.
Dream runner's bleeding out in angio.
OK, go, Neela.
I promised I'd stay.
Hold compressions.
-Switch out.
Go, Neela.
Go! Ray, I'll call later.
-Hold compressions.
-Still asystole.
This is over.
Please know that we did everything we could.
Excuse me.
This can't really be happening.
I'm so sorry.
This feels like a dream.
-We can't see the future.
Sometimes we can, actually.
With this handy new technology called the CT.
Have you heard of it? Fine! Do I wish I could do it over? Yeah.
I do.
But there was no way to know that that was the wrong Gates was begging you to get the scan.
Gates is a resident.
Don't make this about hierarchy.
If any of us, even you, refuse to hear another opinion, the system breaks down.
What system? You guys don't have a system.
All I see here is chaos and disorder.
Well, maybe that's the problem.
Maybe that's why, after five months, you still don't get it! You still don't fit in! Fit in? This isn't junior high.
We are a team.
We work together.
But you think that you're so much better than all of us, so much, so much smarter, you will never let yourself be part of it.
That is not If you want to be a queen, go into private practice, go back to Indonesia, leave medicine altogether.
But don't torture us here.
Dr Banfield Jerry, turn this in to human resources, OK? What are you doing? Going home.
This isn't your fault.
If I had come down sooner, I could have prevented It's not about you.
Dr Banfield, what's really going on? Are you sick? I mean, this morning, the injection Please.
Leave me alone.
Hello? Yes, I'll sign the death certificate.
Now what did that phone do to deserve that? Hi, Simon.
Great to see you.
How was Australia? Good.
You OK? It's just been an unbelievably horrible day.
You know what you need? A didgeridoo.
Banfield just quit and I just helped kill two patients.
Ah Neela, I'm sorry.
Neela The care of every patient is a twisty maze that leads to an infinite number of potential outcomes.
We hope that knowledge and experience guide us, but sometimes it becomes obvious a wrong turn was made.
Ray, it's 5:00am.
I know, but sometimes we do actually get to sleep on call.
Pick a colour and a number between one and ten.
Blue and three.
Hey, at this point, One, two, three.
removing the source of infection is our best option.
You mean taking out my gall bladder.
Let's finally get you better OK? Hurry up, I'm getting sick of you people.
I'm going to go call your mom.
Hang in there, Ana, I'll check on you in a little while.
Don't you want to hear your fortune? I'll be back soon, I promise.
If only it were possible to apply the wisdom of our mistakes.
Go back to the fork in the road and this time, be assertive.
Choose the road we think we should take, not the path of least resistance.
Forget it.
No, wait.
Don't forget it.
She could die on the table.
Yeah, well, she could die if we do nothing.
These sorts of decisions are the hardest part of our job.
Well, let's wait one more day.
We'll move her to the picu, I'll get ID to approve the synercid.
If there's no improvement, we'll take her to the OR first thing tomorrow.
OK? Yeah.
You're almost an attending, I need to start listening to you.
Meet me in the unit for rounds in ten.
Yeah, that's totally going to make the elevator come faster.
What, are you like in seventh grade? I look young, I know.
You know, of course I realize that pressing a button ten times is not going to make it come any faster, but sometimes, when you're powerless in a situation, you've got to do something.
That's why you're a surgeon, right? You like to cut, fix, do.
I suppose.
Ah, but to choose inaction is in and of itself action, isn't it? Who are you? Ned Roth.
Patient transport specialist.
Neela Rasgotra.
I know.
Have a nice day, Doctor.
What are you doing? And don't say it's none of my business, because it is.
It is? How's that? Because if you're doing drugs, we need to know.
And if you really wanted to keep it a secret, you wouldn't be shooting up in the break room.
It's 5:30 in the morning.
I didn't think anyone would be in here.
It's recombinant FSH hormone.
We're trying to have a baby.
We're giving in vitro a try.
Well, that's exciting.
Well, we better all hope it works the first time because, I'll tell you, these drugs and doctoring is a dangerous mix.
Why do you say that? I'm erratic, indecisive, and I've been a real bitch to the staff.
Really? Even more than I usually am.
Everyone and everything just seems to get on my nerves.
I don't know, maybe I should quit.
Oh, no.
Don't be silly.
Neela this conversation It never happened.
Dr Rasgotra - perfect timing.
Page the intern.
I'm not really here.
Uh, I got a guy who fell out of a second storey window, they need a surgeon in Trauma One.
All right.
Page Dubenko and let him know, OK? I hear you're interviewing for attending positions at the trauma conference today.
You did? Yeah, Lucien's whining about losing you to another institution.
He was? Don't look so shocked, you gotta know he's been grooming you for a faculty position.
Really? Cos he's the one who set up all the interviews.
Neela, that's the game.
What do you mean, the game? My brain chemistry's off, that paralysis thing doesn't work right.
So you act things out.
Big wave surfing, car chases, dragon-slaying - I've done it all.
On my count - one, two, three.
Mr Vasquez, please meet our esteemed surgical colleague, Dr Neela Rasgotra.
Am I going to need surgery? I hope not.
Well, these seem superficial but let's get an X-ray just to be sure.
What did the ultrasound show? Just called for the machine.
Tib-fib displaced.
I'm going to get a stryker probe.
Good pedal pulse, and no swelling.
He doesn't have compartment syndrome.
Gates missed a compartment syndrome last week, he's got PTSD.
That's ridiculous.
It'll take five minutes.
You can't let a bad case from last week derail your focus on the patient in front of you, got it? Whoa, someone ate their wheaties this morning.
You guys looking for this? Yeah, thanks.
Can we lower the table, please? Hey.
Haven't seen you all week.
I know.
It's weird.
Really weird.
Sam! We need a second line over here.
I have something that I want to give you later, OK? I'm not getting a good look at the spleen, but the belly looks clear.
No sign of internal injuries.
Morris, I'll stay here, you go run the board.
What? I'm already in on this.
I know, but I am in no mood to move the meat.
And I have the authority to do what I want.
"Move the meat"?! hysterical parents-- they're all yours.
Shoo! Okay.
I've gotta run to rounds in the picu.
How's the new digs? Okay, except for no TV.
At least you have your own room up here, right? Her, uh, oxygen level is still a bit low.
So what now? We wait, and hope her own immune system conquers the infection.
She can do it.
She's tough.
I need you to get better so you can help me download Scrabble on my cell, OK? Hey.
How's she doing? On 20 of dopamine.
Sats hanging around 90; lactate's on the edge.
Well, the next 24 hours will give us our answer.
Are you off to your interviews? Actually, I was thinking of cancelling.
What, are you crazy? Well, Ana's my patient.
I should see this through.
No-- go! I'll take care of it.
I'll call you if anything changes.
Trauma programs will be fighting over you.
All right, then.
You know, um, I don't get it.
Get what? You seem to be dying to get rid of me.
You keep mumbling about the hiring freeze at County, pushing me to do interviews all over.
But then, I keep hearing other things.
What other things? If you want me to stay, how come you've never asked? We can't have this discussion until you've seen what else is out there.
I'm serious.
Get out of here.
Wow, look at you.
How's our dream walker guy doing? Runner.
Dream runner.
He's stable, waiting for ortho.
You know, I should be on the el right now, rushing to this interview thing, but instead, I'm here obsessing over cheese or ranch.
Do you know what else I'm thinking about? Twinkies? Sam.
I think I always sort of underestimated her.
I feel bad about that.
And you know, you two should never have broken up.
Yeah, well, it's sort of complicated, and I think it's best if I lay low right now.
Well, inaction is in and of itself action.
What? Don't listen to me.
I'm post call, and you know how I get.
Hey, stranger.
Well, when did you get back? Last night.
I, uh I haven't eaten in, like, 24 hours.
Would you want to go and get a proper lunch? Uh no, I can't.
I've got a bunch of attending interviews.
Is it? I'm not so sure.
I'm supposed to know things and have goals, and how could I have gotten this far in my life and have no idea what I want from my life? Sorry.
I'm rambling.
And self-absorbed.
How was your trip? Neela, you don't have to know exactly where you're going.
You just got to keep moving forward.
That is the key to happiness, really.
Well, you've got it all figured out, don't you? See you later, Simon.
I'm Neela Rasgotra.
I'm so glad you're here.
I thought you were in London all this time.
It was great for a while, but I'd been gone too long, and England just didn't really feel like my home anymore.
Oh, believe me, I know what you mean.
And then I got the call from Duke.
How's Ella doing? Amazing.
Eight, if you can believe it.
Oh, wow.
She's beautiful.
Durham's a great place to raise a kid.
I thought I was gonna miss the city, but I don't.
So, uh, when I left County, you were still doing emergency medicine.
Yeah, well, I saw the light.
Are you looking mainly at academic positions or community hospitals? Uh, uh, I don't know.
Uh, both, I guess.
And are you hoping to focus on trauma surgery, or are you open to elective cases, as well? I'm open.
And, uh, do you have any research areas? I haven't really figured any of that out yet.
Not really the sort of thing one says at a job interview.
But I appreciate the honesty.
So, is Lucien helping you? Helping me with what? Figure things out.
Uh, sort of, but not really.
I-I don't think County's really in my future.
County's an amazing place.
What I learned there It was a very intense period in my life.
But it made me the doctor that I am now, the person that I am now.
Well, did you ever consider coming back? Yes.
But there is something to be said for getting away from the place where you trained.
Oh? They've known you since you were a medical student.
And at some level, the faculty will always see you as little Neela.
You go somewhere new, you'll be taken seriously in a way that will not happen if you stay.
You know, you really should turn that off during interviews.
Got to go back to the hospital.
You don't have someone covering for you? Oh, I am so sorry.
Neela, let's just finish up.
We're almost done.
Thank you so much, Dr.
Maybe you should come by and visit County some time.
Maybe sometime I will.
Sam, there's a bunch of stuff I need to say to you.
Me, too.
I miss our These are yours.
Gates, Morris is intubating your sleepwalker guy.
What happened? Suction.
Crit dropped, and he got altered.
I'm in.
Bag him.
Sam, call angio.
Tell them we're on the way.
Angio? Crit drop, pelvic fracture.
He needs angio.
What's angio? Run of V tach.
hang two units on the rapid infuser.
Somebody please explain.
he's bleeding internally.
We have to find out where fast.
Banfield, can I talk to you outside for a minute? All right, pack him up! Let's get ready to move.
Hey, Ray.
I'll call you back later, OK? We can't wait any longer.
Please I want Neela here.
Sats 87.
I'm sorry, honey.
We need to do this now.
Ana, honey, you can do this.
You've been through worse.
Please Mommy the music.
I love you, sweetie.
Push the etomidate.
He's bleeding from the belly, not the pelvis.
He needs a CT.
And if the angio's negative, he'll get one.
He's about to code.
There's not enough time for two studies.
We got to make the right decision right now.
Clock is ticking.
Neela, dropping crit, status post abdominal trauma and a non-displaced pelvic fracture-- what's first, CT or angiogram? This our dream runner guy? Yeah.
I'd get a CT.
All right, take him to the scanner.
Epi's in.
What happened? Acute chest, sepsis.
She started third spacing everywhere.
Still PEA.
Code team page.
Ana, honey, please, I know you hear me.
Don't do this, OK? This is my fault.
It's the infection's fault.
You wanted to take her to the O.
You knew this was the wrong call.
We could've been screwed either way-- we made a choice.
You can't control what happens after that.
I'll be there when I can.
Full arrest in the scanner; some guy jumped through a window.
Ana, stay with us, OK? please.
Get me the transcutaneous pacer.
Hold compressions.
This is over.
For some patients, there is no road to recovery.
Nothing we do as doctors will alter the outcome.
At least that's what we tell ourselves.
Ray, it's 5:00 a.
One, two, three.
Hey, at this point, removing the source of infection is our best option.
You mean taking out my gall bladder, right? Let's finally get you better, OK? Hurry up, I'm getting sick of you people.
I'm gonna go call your mom.
Hang in there, Ana.
I'll check on you in a little while.
Don't you want to hear your fortune? I'll be back soon, I promise.
When their way doesn't work, and your way doesn't work, you've got to accept defeat.
Or find another way.
What about percutaneous drainage? Maybe the pus re-accumulated or she developed an abscess.
Not likely.
Less anesthesia, lower risk, might still allow us to remove the nidus of infection.
Okay, then what? We switch her to synercid, watch her in the Picu, and Fine.
Set it up.
I'll meet you in the picu in ten.
Really? Yeah, you're almost an attending.
I need to start listening to you.
Ray, happy birthday.
No, I didn't forget.
Geez, man, I've never heard of someone being so psyched to turn 30.
I'll call you back later, OK? Big wave surfing, car chases, dragon slaying-- I've done it all.
Neela, Dr.
Dubenko says hurry.
He's in IR with your girl.
I'm not getting a good look at the spleen.
Sam, will you hand me the DPL kit, please? Are you serious? We don't do DPLs any more.
It will give us a fast answer and spare him the radiation.
Ten blade, betadine, and lido.
Come on.
I'll give you a hand with that.
Here you go.
Hey, listen, you know those Hawks tickets that we bought? Yeah, what about 'em? Well, the game's coming up, and, um, I was thinking maybe I could take Alex, if you were cool with that.
I don't know.
Well, he loves hockey, and it'd give us a little guy time, give you the night off.
I'll think about it.
Fluid's pink.
What's that mean? it means you have internal bleeding and you're going to need an operation to repair the injury.
Well, we got it in time, so we're gonna be able to fix everything up.
Morris, let the O.
know, OK? Dubenko's waiting for me.
NPO and check the crit Q30.
What the hell was that? What was what? Gates following Sam around like a puppy in there.
Guy does not know how to play it cool.
Come with me, it's important.
Sorry, Ana, I got stuck in the ER.
There, that's the liver.
Sats up to 92.
What? A lot of purulent material here.
You should go; I don't want you to be late for your interviews.
I can't leave in the middle of this.
It'll be hours before we know anything here.
Go and mingle.
All the top trauma programs will be there.
If you say so.
And when you've weighed all your options, I hope you decide to stay.
What? Assistant professor-- full benefits, research and admin time.
You'll get an official offer letter in a few weeks.
Whatever happens, you got a backup plan here.
I don't know what to say.
Shut up and go.
Wow, look at you.
Where are you going? Bunch of job interviews.
I'm late.
Good luck.
Hey, um, did our dream runner guy make it to the O.
yet? No, the beds were full; he's next.
Will you do me a favor and repeat the ultrasound, making sure you stay ahead of the blood loss? Yep.
Hello, Neela.
You're back.
I'm, uh, so sorry.
I'm late for these interviews and I have to get the train.
I can't believe this.
Yeah, I had the guy replace all the chrome Do you mind if we borrow your bike? You know, surfing, barbecues, all the usual January stuff.
Still, I missed this dark, cold, miserable place every day.
Really? And what, exactly, did you miss? I don't know.
It wasn't the weather or, uh, my apartment.
It wasn't even the job really, although, there is a certain surgeon-- am I, uh, am I boring you? I couldn't seem to get her out of my head.
You, doctor need to go.
I do? Oh, I do.
You're going to kick ass in there, Neela, I know it.
Simon, I missed you, too.
A little.
is going to be another hour, at least.
All right.
You just did that ten minutes ago.
I know, but I promised Neela I'd check again.
I don't feel so good.
He looks pale.
Don't you think he looks pale? All right, Sam, hang two units on the rapid infuser and please call the O.
What? What is it? So the next thing you need to do is come visit Durham.
Can you really see me living down south? It's a lovely city.
It's much more cultured than you'd think.
How'd it go? Uh very well, I'd say.
Uh, Simon, this is Elizabeth Corday, chief of trauma surgery at Duke; and Simon is an ER attending at County.
Nice to meet you.
Neela, give me a call when you've thought about things and we'll talk details.
Take her out for some champagne.
That sounds like you killed it.
I don't know, you spend all these years scrambling for the privilege of becoming a doctor.
It feels crazy to be, you know, wanted.
Well, get used to it.
What's this? Second unit's up.
I'm in, call for a vent.
till they can give us an O.
That's too long.
We'll never keep up.
Well, what choice do we have? Sam, get a second infuser.
I'll hang an IJ.
I've got the subclavian.
We'll dump in the blood and the FFP until the room is ready.
Nick, hang on, OK? I need you.
Oliver needs you.
V tach, no pulse.
You're charged.
Mig of epi.
All right.
Units 11 and 12 are up.
No change.
Resume compressions.
Please, baby, don't do this.
Okay, enough.
Sterile sevens and a thoracotomy tray.
I cannot bear another one of these right now.
Another what? What are you doing? A room shortage is a stupid reason to die.
I will clamp the aorta and fix this myself, if I have to.
Well, all right.
Where are you going? I have to go to the hospital and check on a patient.
You are kidding.
Have one of the interns do it.
Just stay here; I'll be back in an hour.
And don't say it.
Say what? You know what.
I told you so.
Aah, it keeps slipping.
Try a bigger clamp.
The heart's barely filling.
I got it! All right, run in another litre and shock him again.
All right.
Clear! Sounds like you guys could use a surgeon.
Back in sinus.
Thank you.
After I ran into you, I came back and checked.
He was bleeding out.
Another five minutes, it could have gone the other way.
This isn't a done deal.
Okay, well, let's get him upstairs while he's still got a pulse.
Hey, Tony.
I'm sure Alex would love to go to that Hawks game with you.
Thank you.
Any time.
Get some sleep, Ana.
No more 2:00 a.
Guitar Hero with the clerks.
I'll see you in the morning.
Don't you want to hear your fortune? it can wait, honey.
She's been awake for two days.
Yeah, go home already.
"Your actions are the seeds of fate.
" Not exactly a fortune-- more of a theory, really-- but I'll take it.
hey you never did my fortune.
Pick a colour and a number between one and ten.
Good night, guys.
Rounds are at 7:00.
Okay, green and six.
One, two, three, four, five, six.