ER Episode Scripts


-Lucky bastards.
Who? You didn't hear? Five workers at Jumbo Mart won the lottery.
$90 million.
That's $18 million apiece before taxes, the lucky bastards.
I heard they all quit their jobs.
Can you blame them? No, but there was something about starting my shift with a coffee, a Slim Jim and a smile from Babu behind the register.
Frank, where's Dr Banfield? I need her to sign the December QI reports.
She's and the other muckety-mucks are at a department chairs meeting.
She's leaving at two o'clock.
Two?! That's mid-shift.
Boss lady never leaves early.
What gives? -I'm not her social secretary.
Minivans? Mm-hm.
Seriously? If I drive it, they will come.
Who will come? My future wife, kids and our dog Buster.
You already named the dog? Yeah, I'm putting it out there to the universe.
I always dreamed of a house in the 'burbs with a picket fence, big backyard.
Why tie yourself down? You got it all.
A great job, money, not to mention that cool motorcycle.
No wife is gonna let you ride that thing, trust me.
You know what you're having? A "thrisis.
" A what? A midlife crisis for thirtysomethings.
Are you looking at your life, wondering what it's all about? Yeah.
Questioning your values and what you're doing? Totally.
You gals watch too much Oprah.
Auto versus bicycle, three minutes out.
OK, how do you spell "thrisis"? Jody Nugent, 16, hit by a car while on her bike.
Wearing a helmet? Where's my stuff? Repetitive questioning, abdominal pain, shoulder contusion and forearm lac.
How fast was the car going? Don't know.
My bag? Where's my bag? Happened on Halstead.
Speed limit's 30.
Like drivers obey the signs.
My bag! I need my bag! Do you know where it is? Must have left it on the rig.
Can you get it? I need it.
Don't worry.
I'll go get it right now.
Get the scanner ready - trauma one.
Hey, do you need me on this? No, no, we're good.
How about me? Join us when you get in.
Listen, about the other night, I should apologise.
For what? I was drinking I was drunk, and if I did anything Tony, we had sex.
So I did something.
I had a good time.
From what I remember, I did, too.
Oh, and then you asked me to marry you.
So, we're cool? Yes, we're cool.
Good, because sometimes people in this kind of situation get weird and things get messy and You mean Sam? And work.
-I got it.
No drama.
I don't see any rash.
Look at the base of the hairs.
I see these little white things.
Something's moving.
Moving? He's got lice.
Uh, we could treat with permethrin? No, that's not good enough.
We gotta get rid of all the nits.
How? Pick 'em off? He's got to be shaved.
How am I supposed to shave my own back? Don't worry, Dr Martin will do it for you.
I will? Mm-hm.
Get a prep razor and a can of - two cans - of shaving cream.
Relax, buddy; don't scratch so much.
Dawn, you got this, right? Oh, hell no! -I got one over here.
What do you got? Barbara Feingold.
Ground-level fall, good vitals, chest wall pain on the left.
I'm Dr Gates.
You have any pain? When I breathe.
She hit the edge of the bathtub.
Ow! Are you OK? Strained my back trying to pick her up.
Too much dead weight.
Did you just call me fat? Get a chest X-ray, CBC and a pulse ox.
Didn't call you fat.
I'm still a size 8.
If you're using the metric system.
I just want to thank you so much for everything you've done.
No need; I'm just glad we avoided surgery.
You're not the only one.
Hey, I'm, erthank you for sorting my phone out.
I told you it was easy.
Hey, no offence, but I don't want to see you in here again anytime soon, OK? Hi, Dr Brenner.
I hope you had fun in Australia.
Do I know her? Back from your holidays? Yeah, three days ago.
I I called you when I first got back, and I thought we could just go out and have some dinner and catch up.
Yeah, sorry, I was busy.
Frank, is the PNB back on exam two? I mean, the BNP? Right here.
I got you a souvenir.
It's in my locker.
You didn't have to go to any special bother for me.
He didn't; he got something for everybody.
Watch this.
Dr Brenner, can you help me out with a vadge bleed? Yeah.
Did you get a narc on it? .
-Welcome back, Dr Brenner.
Thank you.
Uh, it's good to be here.
Put it away, Crocodile Dundee.
Uh, Neela, have you heard anything from Hopkins? Uh, not yet, but thanks for putting in the call.
Yeah, well, chief of surgery was a med school classmate.
I understand you're also interviewing at Yale and Duke.
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, well, all good choices.
Frank, I will be unreachable for the rest of the day.
Dr Banfield, um, is everything OK? Yes.
Why? I-I don't know.
I just I'm fine.
Yeah, everything's fine.
I guess my bike skidded on some ice.
Kind of cold to be biking anywhere.
Still need a pulse ox.
Not getting any good waves.
Ah! A finger probe is loose.
There you go.
Thank you.
-I should get that.
Five-centimetre forearm lac.
Distal neuro-circ intact.
Pupils equal and reactive.
Can I get that? What labs do you want? Uh, trauma panel, ETOH levels, cam seven Dr Morris? What she said and a urine tox.
Sam, I can do the foley, if you want.
She's not gonna need it once she gets off the backboard.
Is this our driver? Not exactly.
She was on a bicycle.
I don't have my licence yet.
I thought they said MVC.
How's the belly? Some pressure over the liver.
-OK, I'll take the ultrasound.
Hey, Morris, the driver of the car that hit your patient is here.
Alert - open fibula fracture in curtain two.
How is he? Is he OK? The guy hit you.
-He's the one that should be worried.
OK, er, whose phone is that? It's mine.
I should answer it.
Don't worry.
We already called your parents.
Why did you do that?! I don't want them here.
Archie, please.
That's my boyfriend! That's his ring! -You can call him later.
Let's get her upstairs for a head and belly CT.
Sam, curtain two when you're done.
Ultrasound looks good.
You need help? Labelling the bloods? Yeah.
How's anaesthetist training going? Fine.
It's really cool that you're doing that.
The word is you're really kicking ass up in the OR.
Yeah, it's great.
That's really great.
It must be really tough juggling every You want to help me, Daria? Would you see that these get to the lab? I gotta help Dr Morris.
Deep breath, Mrs Feingold.
I can't.
It hurts.
All right, titrate four of morphine.
This the fall? She slipped getting out of the tub.
I grabbed the towel bar, but it was loose.
Someone didn't fix it like he promised.
I told you to call the super.
That's what he gets paid for.
Blunt left chest with dyspnoea.
Well, it was a good thing you were there to help.
I wasn't exactly there.
All right, so tell me, where does it hurt? Here? Ow! No crepitus.
Harry lives in the apartment next door.
He heard me yelling for help.
Not hard not to hear.
She's got a voice that cuts through steel.
Took your damn sweet time! -I thought you two were married.
Three times.
What? You've been married and divorced three times to each other? What can I tell ya? I'm a glutton for punishment.
All right, any pain in the stomach? Not really.
But I do have a pain in my ass, and he's standing two feet away.
Hey, Chuny, you got any Ancef? Yeah.
Try the cart, first drawer.
How's Alex? Good.
It's getting better every day.
That's great to know.
Yep, it is.
-Hemocue 12.
OK, call X-ray, see if they're free.
Any of you married? No.
Not yet.
What are you, a bunch of losers? Now, with all due respect, you've been divorced three times.
It's complicated.
Ow! All right, Mr Feingold, let me check you out.
I am fine.
I'm fine.
X-ray's ready to take her.
OK, she'll gonna be upstairs for a while.
So now's a good time.
Stop playing the martyr.
Go to the doctor, already.
You see that? she still bosses me around.
Hollers - that's her middle name.
Holler! Holler! Holler! Holler.
Call me with the lactate.
Well, if it isn't Chicago's latest millionaire.
Yes, yes, hi, Frank.
Babu, congratulations.
I think I'm having a heart attack.
A heart attack? Yeah, my heart is going boom-boom-boom-boom Are you having any shortness of breath, pain radiating down your arm, tightness in your chest? Oh, no, no, no, nothing like that.
OK, when did it start? Just now, when the lottery people handed me the cheque.
And it was a very big cheque.
Oh, Dr Grady, Daria needs help suturing bike girl in Trauma One.
I'll be right there.
I think you're excited and your adrenaline's kicked in, making your heart beat fast.
SoI'll be OK? It's a big day.
Enjoy it.
Thank you, Dr Grady.
Hey, come by later.
Doughnuts are free all day.
I'm taking my break now.
Babs, wait up! OK, you've got four healthy-looking follicles here.
Only four? Only takes one.
Right you are.
OK, I don't know if Cate has explained all of this to you, but using ultrasound guidance, I am going to aspirate the fluid from each of those follicles, and then our embryologists will isolate the eggs for fertilization.
All right, let's get this over with.
She's going to be out for this, right? Well, that's up to you.
Knock me out.
I want to be totally out.
-All right.
Do you have any other questions? No.
You want some Valium, so you can relax a bit? No.
I do.
We'll get started shortly.
The labs on your bicycle girl.
Here's a shocker: no drugs or alcohol in her system.
Are her parents on their way in? They're over in Rogers Park with traffic that'll be awhile.
Frank, you don't have lice.
They can't pole-vault over from curtain three.
I need some help.
What's up? The driver who hit Jody, I gave him Ancef.
Yeah, and? I think he's having an allergic reaction.
Diffuse urticaria.
Are you having trouble breathing? A little.
BP - 85/60.
Ever been allergic to medicines before? -Let go of me! -Jody, you need to calm down.
I want my phone! Give me my phone! What the hell's going in there? You have to stay still.
I want my phone! OK, point-three epi sub-cu albuterol if his lungs don't clear.
I got it all right here.
Be right back.
You have to stay still Guys, what's going on? What's going on? We're trying to suture the forearm lac.
-Give it to me! She will not sit still! Get off me! You said I could have it later! Grady, curtain two, go! Jody, stop it, OK? We don't have time for this nonsense! Get off of me! Let me go! Daria, two of versed, soft restraint.
It's mine! I want it now! Oh! God! Are you OK? God! Hi.
I'm sorry.
I know.
I'm OK.
Ow I love you.
Thank you, Sam.
The girl totally freaked out.
Over a cell phone? My fault - I should learn to duck, right? Wouldn't hurt.
You think this is gonna leave a mark? No, not at all.
Thanks for doing this.
Yeah, you already said that.
Yeah, but, I mean, I-I know how busy you nurses are.
You know, the last thing you need is a doctor as a patient.
You know what, Daria? What? Can I ask you something? It's kind of awkward.
Are you seeing somebody? No.
Huh! Wow, I could've sworn that you were.
You have that glow.
Anyway, there's this guy who works in the hospital, and I think the two of you would really hit it off.
Oh, noit's it's so nice of you, but Oh, he's really cool.
I'm gonna give him your number.
I am.
You know, as long as you're free and everything.
Can I think about it? Sure, sure.
But don't wait too long.
You don't want to change your mind.
-We were only trying to help you.
I I got scared.
I mean I don't like being here, and then I saw the driver, and I guess I just freaked out.
I'm so sorry.
We're finished here.
I'll get the sling for your arm.
Is the driver still here? We're keeping an eye on him upstairs.
Is he gonna be OK? He should be.
Dr Morris, the girl's boyfriend.
I couldn't get him to wait.
Oh, it's OK, Frank.
Hey, baby, you OK? Mm-hm.
I didn't know where you were - I was so worried when you didn't answer my calls, my texts.
Her phone was getting quite a workout.
I guess that was you.
Tommy Cole.
Dr Morris.
What were you doing on a bike? I could give you a ride anywhere you want, anytime.
I didn't want to bother you.
Baby, you could never do that.
She gonna be OK? Well, could've been worse.
I'm a little thirsty - can I get something to drink? Is it OK if I get her a pop? Cafeteria's on the third floor.
I'll be right back.
You take off your bracelet? Um No, they -It probably it came off when she got hit.
Oh, well, I'll get you another one.
Or maybe I should buy a dozen, huh? My klutzy girl.
Seems like a nice guy.
He's the best.
I'm really lucky.
-Any pain right on the bone? Not so bad.
How about here on the sides? Bingo.
Valentine's Day, 1959.
Barbara and I got married for the first time.
She was a looker.
I don't know what she saw in me.
Kind of unusual marrying and divorcing the same woman over and over and over.
Well, it takes a lot of passion to keep making up and breaking up and making up and I'll bet.
So, er, what's with you and this pretty nurse you were trying to make nice with? Sam.
We were together, but, er, it's been over a while now - seven weeks.
You sure? You're still counting weeks.
-I spent half a century with Harry Feingold.
What's four weeks of rib pain compared to that? And you kept taking him back? The heart wants what the heart wants - even though your head screams, "Don't do it!" You girls must know what I mean.
Kind of.
-Stubborn, hot-headed, and she has this way of pushing all my buttons.
I know the kind.
Though I must admit, I have made my share of mistakes.
I caught him with his secretary.
Such a cliche.
I'd stopped by his office one day, and the way she handed him his coffee at that moment, I knew.
I just knew.
The problem is, I can't live without her.
But the problem with that is, I can't live with her, either.
So, this is it, we are done.
Sometimes it's impossible for two people who love each other to be together.
This is it.
We're done for good.
I keep trying to get it right, but I keep screwing it up.
You want my advice, > to avoid 50 years of agita? Walk away.
CT results on Morris's bike girl.
Alex, I heard you.
Four days at Sugarbush.
Cos I'm not sure I want you shushing down mountains after all you've been through.
I'll be home later, you can argue with me then.
Alex wants to go snowboarding? Sorry.
Hard not to overhear.
A school trip - he's not gonna go.
Hey, do you have a minute? I was hoping we could talk.
Uh, I can't right now - maybe, er, maybe later.
Simon, thank you so much for that boomerang - Alex is gonna love it.
Thought he might.
Hey, er, how's Mr Feingold? Muscle strain.
He's back in two bickering with his ex.
That is one strange pair.
Please, Malik - you're my last hope.
No way, no how.
Last hope for what? To shave hairy-lice guy.
He's still here? Come on, Dawn, you've seen worse.
The thought of touching him makes my skin crawl.
Grady, shave hairy-lice guy.
Yes! But he's not my patient.
He is now.
This is so unfair.
What's his problem? Lice.
Oh, lovely.
Is my abdominal series back on decker? Do you realise that if you were still at Jumbo Mart you'd be a millionaire right now.
You worked at the Jumbo Mart? Uh, yeah, a few years ago.
I was sorting things out, wanted to make sure medicine was right for me.
Thank God she came back.
Thanks, frank, that's sweet.
You never made the right change.
You know, if I won the lottery, this is the last place I'd be.
You wouldn't stay here for the work or the people? I'd be off travelling around the world.
First stop, the seven wonders of the modern and ancient world.
And then, it's off to a secluded island where you can stay in huts right over the water.
There is nothing like being lulled to sleep by the sound of the sea.
Well, personally, I think pyramids are overrated, and I get seasick.
Well, wh-what would you do if you won? Invest in a high-yield interest-bearing account at an Fdic-insured bank.
Wow, that's really thinking out of the box.
Well, don't come crying to me for a loan when you've blown through your millions.
Jody's CT results.
Daria! Did you think about what I asked you? Not yet.
Well, I hope you don't hate me for this, but I gave him your number.
You did? Yeah, I justhave a feeling about you two.
Yep, he's gonna call.
You OK? We're friends, so I'm just gonna ask you.
It's about Tony.
Oh, yeah? What about him? I have a feeling that he's dating someone else.
Have you heard anything? Nothing.
Oh, good.
I mean, could you imagine if it was somebody here at the hospital? That would be too cruel.
Right? Shut up and stop touching me, Opie! Hello, Dr Morris.
How you doing? Officer Diaz, look at you.
Back in uniform.
Well, we caught the big fish in that drug case I was working.
So it's back on the beat until I start the detectives' academy.
Oh, great.
So, maybe you can help me- I'm taking statements in an auto-versus- bicycle case.
Yeah, on Halstead.
I treated the driver and the girl who got hit.
I've been talking to the driver upstairs, and I'd like to see the girl Jody Nugent, if I could.
She's in trauma one.
Come on.
You have any drugs or alcohol involved? No.
No, it sounds like he was speeding, ran a light.
I don't think so.
It doesn't look like it was his fault.
Really? What, do you think I'm stupid? No, I I know Matt Zullo lives near there! Hey.
Is there a problem here? Oh, hi.
No, we were just, you know, talking.
And you are? Uh, Tommy Cole, ma'am.
My boyfriend.
Well, all your scans and tests were good.
Which means you can go home as soon as your parents arrive.
All right! In the meantime, this is Officer Diaz.
She wants to ask you a few questions about what happened today.
I don't remember much.
That's OK.
Tell me what you do.
Yeah, just tell them what happened.
Actually, Tommy, it would be best if you stepped out of the room.
But he's not leaving.
Dr Morris is Jody's doctor, and I invited him to stay.
OK, yeah, I'll be right outside.
Well, it's like I said.
I was riding my bike, and I must have skidded on some ice.
Sounds scary.
The driver said it seemed like you deliberately rode into traffic.
He's wrong.
Two eyewitnesses said you rode your bike into the middle of the street, then stopped, and there was no way for the driver to slow down in time.
Is that true? No.
Maybe you were distracted? > Something on your mind? Having any problems at home or school? Everything's good.
How about with Tommy? -Jody what really happened today? Were you trying to hurt yourself? Hey, so you guys done or what? Yeah, we're done.
Soyou think we can handle triplets? It's a non-issue.
Twins, OK, but triplets? Even if all four follicles produce eggs, the chance of three of them becoming high-grade embryos is next to zero.
One step at a time.
We've made it this far.
Yeah, well, this is the hard part.
We have to be realistic.
Who says I'm not? Don't be disappointed if it doesn't work out.
Of course I'll be disappointed.
But I'll be OK.
Cate, what we have now, especially these last few months, I already feel pretty damn lucky.
Sure you do.
No,I'm serious.
You and me it's enough.
You know that, right? So, you don't think it's going to work out? I didn't say that.
If you didn't want me to do IVF, you should've said something way before now.
I can't win here.
No No, you can't.
I'm sorry.
Baby, I'm already rearranging furniture in my mind, thinking about where to put a crib, but you you're the most pragmatic person I know.
So the fact that we're here, in the face of all kind of discouraging evidence, means that, deep down you believe we have a chance, too.
I don't know what made me think this could work.
You don't have to understand it.
Just hold onto it.
Triplets would kill us.
You, not me.
Jody's not telling the whole story.
And she probably won't with her boyfriend around.
Coffee? Can't vouch for how long it's been sitting here.
You know, maybe I should go back in there, try again.
Or maybe when Jody's parents get here, she'll say- What? bad idea? When I was 16, if there was something I didn't want my parents to know You exercised your right to remain silent.
My father says me interrogating suspects as a detective will be karmic payback.
You're getting really good at that.
Much better than the other interns.
Forget it.
Hairy lice guy? Very lame trying to butter me up.
What? I wasn't doing that.
It was pretty obvious.
How am I gonna get out of this? Oh, I don't know.
Be resourceful.
Joey, let me help you with that.
This is so frustrating.
Can't do much if she won't talk.
Maybe psych can get it out of her.
I'm sorry, I have to roll.
If anything changes with Jody, call me.
Or just call me.
I will.
-Excuse me.
We're here for our daughter Jody Nugent.
Dr Morris? There are Jody's parents.
Oh, hi.
I treated Jody.
-How is she? Well, she has a separated shoulder and a minor concussion.
But you should be able to take her home, if our psychiatrist clears her.
Psychiatrist? I have some concerns about what happened today.
What kind of concerns? Our daughter's not nuts.
Honey, calm down.
No, I didn't say that.
But her story doesn't fit- Her story? Now she's a liar? No, that's not what I'm saying.
Now, look, our daughter got hit by a car and we want to see her now.
Of course.
You want to talk? Yes.
I've been thinking.
I don't want to give up on us.
Tony Sam, I don't want to be one of those couples who never get it right, and they never work through the tough times.
I realise that we have something worth saving.
I'd be an idiot if I didn't try to convince you of that.
Did you realise that before or after you had sex with Daria? It was one time, Sam, and it didn't feel right.
It just it made me miss you more.
Oh, flattering, really.
It was a mistake.
The mistake is thinking that we can put the past behind us and start fresh.
We can.
No! we can't! Because you're never going to change.
You just proved that.
You're the one who broke up with me, remember? You couldn't move out of my place fast enough.
Lucky for you I did.
Sam, I told you, it didn't mean anything Tony Sorry.
Oh, God.
Don't be.
We're done.
He's all yours.
Cefazolin's in.
OK, chase it with 50 of fentanyl.
I'm gonna need some saline for the cervical wash.
Ready? Ready.
Starting the propofol infusion.
How long before we know something? Oh, by the time she's waking up from the anaesthesia, we'll be able to say how many eggs we have to work with.
If it's bad news, I want to hear it from you, OK? It won't be bad news.
Pressure's down to 70/30.
Barb, doll, I'm here.
What's wrong? I'm not sure.
Spleen looks good.
No tension pneumo.
What happened? Hypotensive, we're not sure why.
-You check the belly? Yeah, we already did.
-No cardiac tamponade.
-Think it's an MI? A heart attack? Could be.
12 lead Ekg.
The o-neg's here.
Should I hang it? No, start the dopamine.
She's not bleeding.
Yes, she is.
There's an echo-free area posterior to the spleen.
It's a haematoma you missed from the anterior approach.
Hang some blood, prep for intubation.
Surgery's here.
-She needs surgery? Her broken rib may have ruptured her spleen.
Central line and then the OR Push etomidate and sux.
That's a nice catch, Tony.
Yeah, nice.
All right, we're going to give her some medicine so she'll go to sleep while we put in a breathing tube.
Don't leave me, you hear? I'm sorry for everything.
I need you.
-I love you.
I know.
Me, too, my love.
-Betadine and steri drapes.
So, Jody's leaving.
What?! You cleared her medically and Psych gave her the OK.
Why didn't you find me? Her parents were anxious to get her home.
I didn't know what else to do.
How about a nice hot bath? That'll make everything better.
You know, we might want to keep Jody here overnight.
You said she was OK to go.
I was going to have ortho see her, get her plugged in to physical therapy for her shoulder.
-Is that necessary? It'll be more convenient than having to come back.
-We'd really like her home with us.
I understand.
You'll have to sign discharge papers at the front desk.
I'm sorry you had to go through this all alone.
I was here.
When aren't you around? -Yes, thank you for coming.
Mr Nugent? Yeah.
Could I have a moment? I'm sorry, but I can't help but think there's something going on.
Like what? she's a good girl.
She never gives us any trouble.
Would she confide in you or your wife, if she had a problem? Yes.
I mean, well She used to.
Ever since she's been going with Tommy, she doesn't talk to us much.
It's important to stay in your daughter's life.
My wife says if I complain, it'll just push them together even more.
Tells me that I forget how all-consuming first love can be.
Honey, I need you over here.
Excuse me.
-Hey, so, how about I bring over some Dvds? We can just hang out, chill.
OK, I'll tell your folks.
You take care of yourself, Jody.
This is my card.
My cell number's right there on the back.
If you have any problems, day or night, call me, all right? I was thinking, what you said.
Traffic was going really fast.
I saw the red light.
The red light? I wanted to- -Not tonight, son! I could just follow you home in my car I said no! -She needs to rest.
Jody, what were you gonna say? Never mind.
What? OK, so, maybe tonight's not the best movie night.
But, um, I'll see you tomorrow.
OK? I love you.
OK, sweetheart, let's get you out of here.
Mr Nugent We got it from here.
-Stats down to 72.
Elevated neck veins.
Open up a chest tube tray.
-Positive pressure can exacerbate a pneumo.
What the hell are you doing to her? The broken rib may have collapsed her lung.
-End tidal co2 is good.
Two units in the central line.
OK, here we go.
I need a Run a v tach.
Get the crash cart.
O silk.
All right.
Pulse ox up to the 90s.
Strong carotid pulse.
That's good.
Yes, it is.
Thank you.
Frank, you paged me? Morris wants you to take the ankle sprain in three and your buddy's waiting for you in Curtain one.
Really? who? Hello, my friend.
Babu, are you having more heart palpitations? Oh, no, it is my hand.
I think it's broken.
What happened? People have been shaking my hand all day.
They're happy for you.
But they squeeze so hard.
Your hand's not broken.
It is not? No, and you know what I think? I think you're nervous about winning all that money, and your anxiety is presenting as physical pain.
I am overwhelmed.
My life is good.
I have the store, my family, my bookclub, now everything has to change.
I hate change.
Take your time.
You don't have to decide anything today.
You are right.
I sleep on it.
She denied suicidal ideation.
She's got no history of depression.
No vegetative symptoms.
No anorexia, anhedonia or insomnia.
What about the stress with her boyfriend? Yeah, they both acknowledged that they hit a rough patch, but they're working it out.
And she seems to have good family support.
I talked to her again, before she left.
Did she say something? Not exactly.
Not exactly.
No, well, she started to, but- this is a hunch, OK? I gave her numbers for outpatient counselling if she feels like she needs it.
No, I'm telling you, we need to intervene.
You want to send the police to her house? No, but we've got to do something.
Like what? I don't know! I mean, she was trying to tell me something.
If I had another five minutes with her- Look, I know you're frustrated - our hands are tied.
What's the matter? Headshrinker can't help you with your thrisis? It's not that.
You know what, Frank? I'm going out for a while.
For how long? I'm not sure.
Let Brenner know.
-Yeah, you said it.
What a gross job.
Poor Grady.
Better him than me.
What about Grady? He's giving hairy-lice guy a shave.
-Well, no, he's not.
I just saw him with an ankle sprain in three.
Then who's in there? Joey? How'd you get roped into this? Grady gave me a hundred bucks.
Oh, man.
Hey, sir, you'll have to turn back.
I'm a doctor, maybe I can help.
Please, you don't understand.
You're making a mistake! I need to be with my daughter! Reidy, what the hell happened? Repetitive blunt trauma to head, neck and chest.
Is he gonna make it? He's pulseless and apnic.
He's had one round of epi and atropine.
Jody? Archie, what are you doing here? I couldn't just let it go.
I was gonna call you - there was no time.
-Did Jody do that? No, her father.
Tommy showed up at the house.
I guess things escalated.
The dad heard a commotion outside, and saw Tommy attack her.
It's going to be OK.
He said he'd love me forever.
How could he do that to me? I think he did it to Daria.
Ugh! I know.
You know what? I'm being stupid.
No, no, no, don't say that, come on.
I mean, hello, I broke up with him, I don't have a right to feel like this.
Didn't I mean anything to him? Of course you did.
You have every right to feel whatever you want to feel.
Daria? Really? I mean, OK, she's cute and she's smart, or whatever, but, God, really? Say the word, me and the other nurses will take her out back and rough her up.
I already kinda did.
I had a guy cheat on me.
What'd you do? Cried a lot.
Hated the other woman until I realised that I should be mad at my boyfriend, not her.
And when I really thought about it, he did me a favour.
We weren't right for each other.
I never realised that you were so zen.
They ended up getting married.
OK, you're not helping.
I'm sorry.
Oh, you still love him? What are you gonna do? I plan on being irrationally hurt and angry for as long as I like.
Sounds good.
Can we go inside now? I can't feel my toes.
I think I slipped a disk.
Babu, we talked about this.
Oh, just kidding.
I came to tell you I figured it out.
You did? I bought a yacht.
I fly to Greece tomorrow to pick it up.
Are you serious? Yes, but don't worry.
I'm investing the rest in a high-yield mutual fund.
And this is for you.
I'm really going to miss you.
Likewise, my friend.
Hello? How many? Hey.
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry about? You were hoping that there wasn't gonna be any drama and It was bound to happen.
You want to go get a drink and we can talk about it? Or maybe we could, you know, go get some dinner at Ike's.
Thanks, you know, it's been a long day.
I'm gonna get home.
Sarah's waiting for me.
I can just call you later.
I don't think that would be good.
Look, I had a great time.
It was fun.
But? But it's not going to happen.
Maybe if it was another time, but it's not over with Sam- not for me, anyway.
I'd be lying if I didn't say I was disappointed.
But I get it.
Hope it works out.
Me, too.
Chuny, the ABG on the firefighter in two came back negative for carbon monoxide.
You can, er, send him home.
You got it.
You out of here? Oh, yes, I am.
Thanks, you two, for your help today.
Yeah, have a good one.
Night, Neela.
Neela, hold up.
The drama never ends around here.
Neela! Neela, what was that? What was what? That, back there, at the desk.
You were deliberately avoiding me.
I didn't even see you.
What, you didn't, you didn't just look right at me, and then take off like a bat out of hell.
Well, it's been a long day, and I'm bleary-eyed.
By the way, Mrs Feingold's surgery went really well.
That's, that's good.
Well, her and her ex were so grateful, he proposed to her again.
She said yes.
And, I mean, what does a bride wear on her fourth wedding? Red or black? I don't know.
I don't know- you OK? Do they register gifts? I mean, that, yeah, that would be gauche.
Neela, you've been acting really weird around me all day.
Have I, have I done something wrong? Yes.
Which one is it? Neela, ifif you're angry with me You know, why do you have to be so damn What, er? Charming? Sexy? Kind of good at maths Uh, OK, yes, I did think about you the whole time you were away.
You happy now? Yes.
But why are you so mad? Because I like you.
I don't want to, but I do.
And Iwant to be with you.
There, I said it.
You can go ahead and gloat now.
Gloat? Why would I gloat? Because you predicted it, so, go ahead - I know you want to.
I'd rather do something else.