Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e28 Episode Script

Episode 28

It's over? What do you mean by "it's over", Mr.
Schubert? It means the investigation I hired you for is now over.
Wait a minute It's true that the investigation on Karl Neuman is over.
He was your son.
I thank you for your work.
W-Wait a minute, that doesn't mean that the matter is settled.
It's still possible that Edmond Fahren's death was not a suicide.
We also don't know the identity of the person who was behind Fahren either.
Everything has been settled.
The tea is ready, Dad.
Oh, is that so? Hello.
Would you like to join us? No.
I'm fine, thanks.
Well, thank you for your work.
Please send us your bill.
It's nice weather outside, isn't it? Yes Johan is here, too.
Is that so? Johan is here, too? How can that icy man, who's never trusted anyone or let anyone get close, become such a softy because of his son? That smile I can't believe that's the same man that was called "the Vampire of Bayern.
" "Is that so? Johan is here, too?", huh? So you're currently trying to find this puppy, right? Just One Case Yes.
It seems that my client's ex-husband took it away after the divorce.
That's a difficult situation a custody battle over a puppy.
Excuse me, but I'll be having some wine.
It's fine, go ahead.
I'm okay with just water.
Even though you say that you're free from your job, it doesn't seem like you're interested in drinking.
That's right.
I'm fine in that respect.
"In that respect"? Is there something else that you're worried about? Well, because I've got some free time, I'm doing some silly things.
Oh? I've been flipping though a scrapbook I made when I was a detective.
It's full of all my unsolved cases.
I see.
And when you look at that, what do you feel? Frustrated That homicide, this homicide When I think about how the perpetrators are living comfortably outside of prison, I just can't take it I feel frustrated at my lack of ability.
You had the ability.
Richard, you tried so hard and became too attached to your cases.
You became frustrated at your inability to read the perpetrator's mind and And I turned to alcohol That's right.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Oh, the food's here.
But I don't necessarily think that that's a bad thing.
I mean, the fact that you're flipping through your scrapbook of past cases.
I'll just get frustrated again.
No, you should be fine now.
I'd like you to tell me what you think of the cases when you look over them now.
You got drunk and killed that young boy who was a serial killer.
You are now prepared to face that fact head on, yet you're still trying not to remember what went through your mind when you pulled the trigger.
You still see that young boy's ghost, don't you? Yes When everything is clear, and when it comes into broad daylight, that ghost will go away too.
When everything comes into broad daylight, huh? The homicide of Holmar the accountant The victim, Joakim Holmar, had been steadily building up his career.
He wasn't the type of person who people would resent.
There was no indication that it was a robbery.
The "Voice of God" homicide.
The victims were an ex-housekeeper and a driver At both crime scenes, a mysterious message proclaiming that the killer had heard the voice of God was written on the wall.
The homicide of the Dornah Company CEO One of the leading investigators in Bayern, Ruto Gakushi, was found dead in the Hartoholtz forest.
The Spiras homicide A middle-aged couple drowned and was found upstream in the Izar River.
The case was grouped with the serial homicides of middle-aged couples.
The primary suspect, a Japanese doctor, is still on the run.
Man I started drinking more as the number of unsolved cases rose.
But now, things are different.
I see.
It's just like the doctor said.
So this is what it's like to think while sober What? W-Wait a minute.
Thi And? What were you thinking about at that time? Well, the thing is I was thinking about something but Your flash of insight disappeared when you saw that young boy's ghost? Yes There's no need to be impatient.
Your flash of insight will come back to you someday.
What was my realization? I felt as though it was an important key to solving one of those unsolved cases Must have been my imagination.
Who is it? Who is it? Who's following me? It's just like that one time That time, I was also I was also running through this hallway Chasing him Sorry for bothering you this late at night, doctor.
It's fine.
It seems like you finally feel like telling me the entire story.
I'll listen to it.
That time, I saw it in the young boy.
I realized that it did exist in this world, that true evil existed.
That's why That's why I shot the young boy dead.
Good job telling me that.
You've finally been able to get back on your feet.
There's more I see now That flash of insight I had Out of the many unsolved cases that bothered me There was one case.
Dear Dr.
Gillen, I had the pleasure of reading your work that you sent to me, "A Summary of Transcendental Criminal Psychology.
" I'm pleased that one of my students from my days of teaching at the University of Düsseldorf is having such success.
By the way, Dr.
Gillen, you told me before that during your interview with the serial killer Peter Jurgens, he told you that he'd committed the murders because one of his friends had ordered him to.
Since my memory isn't certain, could you tell me again what the name of Jurgen's friend was? P.
You were a very good student in college, but there was another who could compete with you for the top rank.
He chose the path of neurosurgery, but he is now the primary suspect in a serial homicide case.
If you know anything about him, please let me know.
What kind of man was he, and where is he now? The man called Dr.
Tenma Ah, you're that detective.
Now I'm just a private investigator who barely scrapes by.
Forgive me for bringing up a hard subject, but may I ask you questions regarding the "Voice of God" homicide in which your mother was a victim? Of course.
After four years, the police no longer put any effort into the investigation.
Schubert? If I remember correctly, your mother was a housekeeper, right? Yes, but that was over 20 years ago.
What was the reason that she stopped working for him? Her health had declined, so she stuck to working around the neighborhood.
Could it be possible that she didn't get along with Mr.
Schubert? No! On the contrary, my mother loved poetry, and while Mr.
Schubert could still see, she and he used to read poetry to each other.
Oh, yes Please come this way.
Here, take a look.
I've kept these through the years because mother thought much of them.
All these poetry books were presents from Mr.
Schubert to my mother.
Who would have thought that the detective who investigated the Dornah CEO homicide would now be a private investigator? As the CEO's secretary, I'd like to ask you some questions again regarding the people who hated the CEO.
The CEO's enemies? I told you before that there was an endless number of them.
The police should have finished the analysis of the list of companies that went bankrupt because of CEO Gauk.
There is another notable investigator in Bayern, right? What was his relationship with him? You're talking about Mr.
Schubert, right? Well, those two were lifelong rivals.
Did you know about that? Huh? Schubert went bankrupt twice in the past.
His second bankruptcy was a direct result of fierce competition with CEO Gauk.
In other words, Schubert was crushed because of the CEO.
But the CEO had also been hit by Mr.
They hated each other? Of course.
Whenever they met at a party, there would always be a big ruckus.
They would argue passionately.
Those two would? Yes, those two cold people would.
They were the only ones who could argue with each other on par.
Rather than being rivals, They were actually friends.
Hey! Watch it! Oh, Hans? I knew him well.
He was one of the two victims in the "Voice of God" homicides.
It's too bad.
He was a good guy.
Was Mr.
Hans really such a good person? Yeah, he would often buy me drinks.
He was Mr.
Schubert's driver, right? I think so, but that was over 30 years ago.
Do you know why he was fired? It's because Mr.
Schubert went bankrupt around then.
Oh, I see.
So it wasn't because of any trouble Listen up! I'm telling you this to defend Hans's honor.
He was a good guy who could get along with everyone, be they rich people or poor people like us.
He used to often say that he taught the rich guy how to enjoy bird watching.
Bird watching? Yeah, he said that when he took him to the forests, that vampire would be as happy as a little kid.
It's already been two years, but I still remember my husband.
My husband was a very serious man, and no one had any real reason to dislike him.
I still can't believe someone would want to murder him.
My sympathies.
Pardon me, but your husband was a He spent his childhood in an orphanage and lived with several foster parents.
After much difficulty, he became an accountant.
Your husband was asked by Mr.
Schubert to be his personal accountant, right? Yes, many times.
He refused him every time, though.
There was the fact that he was busy with what was then his job, but he said that their philosophies on money were different.
My husband was very strict with money, so Thank you for your cooperation.
Do you think the perpetrator will be caught? I'll work hard on it.
He will definitely be caught.
Oh, by the way Do you know how your husband and Mr.
Schubert met? Oh, he said they met in the forest.
In the forest? It was back when Mr.
Schubert could still see.
They happened to run across each other in the forest.
Why in a place like that? They were bird watching.
After that, he would go with Mr.
Schubert many times.
Bird watching Happy like a kid Read poetry to each other Friends A-Are you okay? Y-Yes, I'm fine.
Thank you.
What a horrible driver.
Or rather, it seemed as though he was targeting you.
Reichwein, I've done my research.
It was just like I told you the other day.
The unsolved cases that bothered me when I was a detective were all pointing in the same direction.
The "Voice of God" homicides, the Dornah CEO homicide, the accountant homicide At first glance, they seem totally unrelated.
The modus operandi of each murder was completely different.
The victims were not related to each other.
In addition, there was no cash flow linking them to each other Their connections did not go into the records at all.
Even so, they were all connected by one point.
All of these murders were committed to isolate Mr.
Also, there's another curious common point.
In the Dornah CEO homicide, CEO Gauk left right before the crime, saying that he had an important meeting.
The name of the person he went to see The name of the "God" that was written on the wall in the "Voice of God" homicide And in the only one of my cases that seemed unrelated, the serial murder of the middle-aged couples in which the prime suspect was that Japanese doctor, the name that he mentioned during his interrogation All of the names are the same.
" A former student of mine, a criminal psychologist, researched a killer who murdered because a friend ordered him to He told me by mail.
The name of the friend was also Johan.
It is a common name.
The connection between the cases could just be coincidental.
However, if this were true, then it means that someone named Johan has committed these murders in the span of four years to completely isolate Mr.
And the prostitute, Margot Langer, who gave birth to Mr.
Schubert's son, also conveniently died.
Fahren, the student who claimed he was Mr.
Schubert's son also conveniently committed suicide once the real son appeared.
If this man, Johan, does exist Where is he now? This Johan Is that so? Johan is here, too? Hello, Johan.
It's nice weather outside, isn't it? Yes, very.
He's right beside Mr.