009-1: The End of the Beginning (2013) Movie Script

The world was divided
into the East and the West.
This is a cold war of the 2 sides.
A military boundary
located in the Pacific,
Country J,
which used to be a economic giant,
now is troubled by polarization
and lack of resources.
And there're complicated
deals in the dark,
taking aim at politics,
religions or racism.
This kind of countries
are vulnerable to spies
who hold the destiny of both sides.
Natural and unprocessed steak.
It's scorched!
I want it to be halfraw and bloody.
You're right.
The blood is not enough.
I'll get you another one.
It's not necessary.
Now the problem has been solved.
Fetch that girl.
You are always wound up like this...
No weapon, right?
Come here.
A new face, hmm?
I've just come to this street.
Then let me teach you something.
go to the morgue.
Don't be angry.
You are my only love.
I know...
I've tried many kinds of women...
But none of them is like you.
You got me high.
I don't mind anyway.
What's the whole "morgue" thing?
A place where there're
people in pieces.
Refugees from the East are
increasing these years.
They steal money on the
pretext of life saving,
biochemical companies use them
as materials of human experiment.
They kill two birds with one stone.
Who the hell are you?
A spy from the West?
Or the East...?
No point in pretending.
What a pity.
Where did you hide the weapon
is your name
Rank B.
Rank B.
Rank A.
Kids' organs always sell well.
Rank B.
Rank D.
You've been discarded.
Keep quiet!
Keep quiet!
You are late...
What have you done to Stinger?
You'll go to the hell after him!
Be quick!
Just run!
Go to the hell!
What's your name?
00 Department, the J branch.
I remember nothing.
I just know that when I
escaped from the East,
I lost my brother and mother before
being taken to the facilities here.
Chosen by 00 Department,
a secret service of the government,
I was trained to become a spy.
To make me a perfect one
they put 7 secret tools in my body
then I became a mechanical
spy beyond humanity.
9-1, 020 wants to see you.
Your next mission
is to rescue our head of the
West, Dr.Clyne.
43 minutes ago, spies from the East got
in a biochemical research facility.
Failing to kidnap the doctor,
they got trapped there.
Clyne is in charge of Project
Faust, a top secret.
She must be saved.
I have a question.
What's Project Faust?
It's about the mass
production of super humans
and you are part of this plan.
In other words...
Dr.Clyne is like your mother.
My mother?
What's wrong, 9-1?
It's quiet for now.
Got it, keep supervising.
Center, please answer me...
haven't they come?
Why don't they just
send someone to get us?
I think you are abandoned.
Shut the fuck up.
We fight for the great motherland
and our intimate comrades.
Our motherland will
never abandon us.
Here you are,
Miss Spy from 00 Department.
How are things going here?
Clyne and the spies are in the room
on the right side of the second floor
but the security system of
the institute is still on.
It's very hard to get in.
I know.
Are you going alone?
What's the problem?
You are too confident.
The rumour seems to be true...
You are not a simple human,
but a monster.
What about this rumour?
A man will be with her forever
once he has slept with her.
She can possibly be a monster.
She's faster than us
as we've been trained!
Mechanical spy from the West...
I thought they didn't even exist.
This is the center.
This is Shadow.
Mayday mayday,
we're fighting against the enemy!
The mission is over,
no rescue, that's all.
Our motherland has abandoned us.
It can't be!
It can't be!
It can't be!
It can't be!
At your service, Dr.Clyne.
I heard from 020 that...
Dr.Clyne is like your mother.
You are my You are so late.
What are you doing?
Do not waste any life.
Our lives never belong to ourselves.
We get abandoned once we're useless.
This is the destiny of spies.
You're the same!
It's a waste of time.
Don't show me a facial expression
like that, you just a tool.
Destroy the lab. It has been known
by our enemy, though it's good.
Keep the backup of our data,
and deal with the rest.
Yes, madam, give me 2 hours...
Just one hour.
Let's start with the sample,
it needs to be transported.
So this is the sample?
He's a Eastern refugee
whom I rescued last night.
I know.
So with whom did
Stinger do business?
He had unreasonable demands and
took advantage of our difficulties
so he got taken down.
Scientists are so cruel.
Leave this to me.
Sure, Miss Agent.
Could you tell me your name?
My name...
I remember nothing.
Is this my name?
I just made it up.
Because your eyes are
as beautiful as crystal.
I have a request.
Let me listen to that song again.
Which can calm me down...
Of course.
Where are you going?
It's alright, I'll be back.
Don't fear, nothing to fear.
Stay still!
Another monster?
Nothing to fear, good
night, sweet dreams.
We're the same?
Don't fear, nothing to fear.
Let me go!
My sister!
No, please don't take him.
The bullet went through,
but did not hit vital parts.
What are you doing? Let me go!
The roof...
Stop moving around this time.
It's dangerous!
Are you hurt?
Koto! Koto! Koto!
I'm a... monster.
What is this place?
My room, don't worry.
You saved me?
Tell me your name.
Mirine, what a nice name.
Are you sad?
Your heart is crying.
I lost my memories too.
I don't even know how my
family members look like.
Not to mention myself.
So we suffered the same fate.
Let's find the them together!
Our lost memories.
The real ourselves.
We get them back together, Mirine.
You promise?
I promise!
Why didn't you report
to me immediately?
The reason why I'm so disappointed.
You're supposed to know it.
Why didn't you go
after the enemy then?
If you did,
the doctor would not
have been taken away.
He was wounded.
I'm really serious.
You will be deprived
of your 00 number.
Mirine Hoffman.
The other eight 00 agents
will take over your mission.
You're not one of us anymore.
What a pity...
Bye, monster.
We get abandoned once we're useless.
This is the destiny of spies.
You are the same!
I'm not a tool that you can
abandon whenever you want.
The traitor is still
running, everyone, find her!
Yes yes.
Everything is going as planned.
That's it.
Don't show me a facial expression
like that, you just a tool.
You're not just a human...
but a monster.
Bye, monster.
Monster! Monster!
Tell me...
Who am I?
Let's find them together.
Our lost memories.
The real ourselves.
We get them back together, Mirine.
You promise?
I promise!
Let me tell you where the
one you're looking for is.
Sorry for keeping you waiting.
What would you like?
Dry Martiny.
Anything else?
The map of area D is really here?
Don't worry.
The host of the party,
Alan Lau, owns the map.
How to get it?
By playing chess with Lau.
And your body will be the bet.
So it is.
I get it, Sherry.
Don't underestimate your
opponent, Mirine.
It has been a long time since the
last opponent made me so serious.
Even if a little, I want to
taste the thrilling moment.
We're running out of time.
My victory.
Now give me the thing.
This it is.
This military facility
used to be funded a lot.
Profits were good
but now it has become ruins.
Totally useless.
Why are you so interested in this?
To be honest, I'm crazy about ruins.
The game is over, give it to me.
Smell it.
It smells so good.
Smells like money.
Tell me the truth.
Who are you?
None of your business.
I want the Blondie over there.
You can never fool my eyes.
Get the fuck up!
You killed Stinger!
So you understand the feeling of
losing the most important person?
Of course I do.
You're lying!
How can such a monster understand?
What's wrong?
It's unusual.
It's usual.
This is my home.
Please come.
00 Department is tracking me.
It'll be dangerous to you, too.
What are you talking about?
I should thank you for making
me alive like this now.
I wanna repay.
I'll try my best.
Welcome back, Sherry!
Kai, you still a good boy
today, right?
We have a guest.
Nice to meet you. I'm Mirine.
Hi, Mirine.
Hey, head down!
It hurts.
Oh no, what're you doing?
Don't touch me.
I'm gonna eat!
It's scalding, be careful.
Oh my god!
Hey, are you alright?
Your hand?
You're fooled.
Your hand?
You're fooled.
How dare you to fool your sister!
Why you needed to do that?
Or me?
Blow before eating it.
Listen, take my fist next time.
Mirine, why do you think
Dr.Clyne is in Area D?
That's where the signal of
her was located last time.
So it is.
Then the reason why are you trying to
find her even though 00 is tracking you?
She may know something
about my past.
Your past?
I must find myself back.
I made a promise.
Thank you to make him asleep.
I'm going out.
After this finishes
I'll resign from the
intelligence department
and live a normal life with Kai.
So must get back here alive.
Together with you.
This is... Area D.
This way.
What's wrong?
Where are you going?
Sherry! Sherry?
The room...
In my dreams...
Hey, mama!
Are you awake?
Your chest gun has been locked.
Slack the enemy unarmedly, then win.
That's your ace.
Who's it, show up...
Don't fear.
Nothing to fear.
Good night, sweet dreams.
Good night, sweet dreams.
Milliam was made from the
prototype of your mama.
Who is it?
Show up!
I thought you're dead.
I pretended to be.
This is the drama that I edited.
To get your memories back.
My... memories?
I've always been believing that.
Old and depressing emotions
can make you recall something.
So I got close to you
then helped you recall things
with extreme anger and hatred.
You should have jumped on
those who mechanized you.
Let's change the world together.
My sister.
Mirine, you such a cheater.
Finally, my sister.
You are still alive?
The same as you.
Raised in the East as an agent,
then I used my hands to
bring my family back to life.
It is my hatred that has
been supporting me a lot
to revenge on those who
took my family away.
That's why I made this plan
to revenge on the whole world.
Kidnapping Dr.Clyne is
also part of the plan.
Setting up a powerful rocket force,
sending them to both the East and West...
Then a full-scale war will begin.
A new world will arise
in the ash of the old.
It's wrong!
Where's Dr.Clyne? Let her go.
I refuse.
Wake up, Paul.
A full-scale war will send
many people to the hell.
Many will lose their love like us.
You're right.
But, this is the only way.
The world is ready to be destroyed.
Then you and me
should share one body.
One body?
Of course, a perfect organism.
We share the same body,
then become an ultimate family
in order to combine us forever.
Paul, you're nuts!
Why can't you just understand?
Nobody will stop this plan.
I will!
You still insist even
if you know this?
The orphans,
after being trained to be an agent
with knowledge,
will power and sound judgement
they got mechanized.
This is all about 00 number
but they died one by one
because of reject reaction.
My sister,
you're the only successful one.
There're 9 mechanical agents.
Everyone's working
for 00 Department.
Have you actually seen them before?
Your kind.
Mirine, you are the only
monster in this world.
Then projects about robots were stopped.
They spent a lot, but gained little
so they turned to undead soldiers
made by controlling gene.
Is that it?
You are right.
Why did you sell
your research to him?
Meeting my curiosity is the
most important thing to me.
That's all.
Don't show me a facial expression
like that, you just a tool.
Antiques like you should
all have been eliminated.
What about shutting you down again?
These are my new
tools, Undead Mutants.
She's a nice lab mouse.
What have you done?!
This is unforgivable, Dr.Clyne.
So rampant? Kill her!
So my sister is really awesome!
Undead Mutants can do more!
No matter how these
tools get damaged,
they will always get up again!
But they feel painful.
I'm suffering, help!
Kill me, release me!
So what?
They can go on fighting even
they're in pieces or shot.
Such tools.
I wanna go home.
I wanna get back to Kai.
How ugly.
Your enemy is over there.
It's me who made you!
I'm like your mother!
Now Mirine's mission has finished.
Dr.Clyne is dead.
Then she gets her lost past
and the real herself back.
To meet our promise,
I ask you again.
Share your body with me
to become a perfect organism
and an eternal life.
You'll only get the same answer.
Paul, you're wrong.
I'll stop you!
Then I have to force you.
Kill me.
It hurts.
Release me!
Oh my god.
Are you alright?
After this finishes
I'll resign from the
intelligence department
and live a normal life with Kai.
Kill me.
Kill me!
Thank you.
Take care of Kai for me.
I finally get it.
The reason why I became a monster
is to finish the crazy world.
So I'll never be at a loss.
It seems that your
heart is out of control.
at least, I want your body.
Mama, go after me.
So slow.
Great, you can really deal with such
a strong enemy like mama till now.
My sister.
Why are you going against me?
I love you.
It's like...
The past
Our family...
I love you too.
Don't fear, nothing to fear.
as you said,
those who start conflicts
should be hated.
I'll fight against them.
You've really done it,
you deserve to be called a monster.
I've fetched Dr.Clyne.
A life-saving device
keeps all her brain cells.
All the data of Project
Faust is in this.
My mission is to fetch
the "head" of the West.
Isn't it?
I'll report to the
commission of investigation
but there're still rules.
At least prepare to be punished.
it's about Sherry's brother
that you took back here.
He's been accepted by the
facility and taken good care of.
To train him as a future spy?
Anything wrong?
It has nothing to do with me.
She finished the mission as planned
and became a perfect
mechanical agent.
Someday she might change the world
as you planned.
Number Zero.