The Simpsons Season 20 Episode Guide

Take My Life, Please

Production Code: #LABF01

Featuring brand-new HD titles, Vance Connor is inducted into the Springfield wall of fame, and Homer recalls how he ran against Vance for school president. After discovering that the real ballot box was hidden, Homer searches for it and finds it - only to discover that he should have won. The family go to Luigi's restaurant, and meet a man who can tell people's fates by stirring tomato sauce, and Homer sees what his life would've been like had he been class president.

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Lisa the Drama Queen

Production Code: #KABF22

Lisa meets an equally academic, creative and intelligent girl called Juliet, and they become friends. Together, they create an alternate world, completely fantasy, that takes them a little too far from reality. However, Lisa's new obsession distracts her from her school work, and, thinking that her new friend is troubled, Marge bans the two of them from ever seeing each other again.

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The Burns and the Bees

Production Code: #KABF21

Mr. Burns wins the Boston Celtics in a casual game of poker, and decides to emulate over-the-top crowd pleasing stunts in order to win over the hearts of Springfield's basketball fans. In the midst of his failing endeavor, Mr. Burns decides that the best way to win over the fans is to build a brand new, state-of-the-art sports arena. Unfortunately, the last remaining bee colony in Springfield is located on the proposed stadium site, and Lisa is spearheading a movement to protect them.

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Mypods and Broomsticks

Production Code: #KABF20

While running away from the havoc he created at the local Mapple store, Bart meets a Muslim boy called Bashir. However, Homer becomes suspicious of his son's new friend, and invites his family over to dinner - only to interrogate and offend them. When he goes to their home to apologise, Homer uncovers what he believes to be a terrorist plot to blow up the Springfield Mall. Meanwhile, Lisa has problems paying for her new MiPod.

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Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words

Production Code: #KABF19

Lisa discovers her amazing talent for doing crossword puzzles and becomes an expert cruciverbalist, and she soon enters a citywide crossword puzzle tournament. Homer, short on cash, goes to cheer Lisa on at her tournament and discovers an underground crossword puzzle betting ring. In the ultimate betrayal, Homer profits from betting against Lisa in the championship match.

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Dangerous Curves

Production Code: #KABF18

Homer and Marge recall their first encounter with Flanders and Maude twenty years prior at a cabin in the woods, where Flanders insisted the unmarried Homer and Marge stay in separates rooms. Later, they recall when they each met distracting members of the opposite sex who nearly wooed them away from each other. Bart and Lisa also reflect on happier times from their early childhood.

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Treehouse of Horror XIX

Production Code: #KABF16

In 'How to Get Ahead in Dead-vertising', Homer kills off celebrities so that he can exploit them free-of-charge in advertising. Then, 'Untitled Robot Parody' sees Transformer-like robots battle it out in Springfield. And in 'It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse', Lisa accompanies Milhouse to a pumpkin patch to await the appearance of the Grand Pumpkin, but when he finally appears, the Grand Pumpkin goes on a rampage to avenge all the pumpkins carved and tortured in the name of Halloween

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Double, Double, Boy in Trouble

Production Code: #KABF14

Bart meets a lookalike, Simon Woosterfield, who happens to be a member of the richest family in Springfield. Simon and Bart decide to switch places, but as Simon adjusts to the simple life over at the Simpson household, Bart begins to notice his wealthy new siblings acting strangely towards him. With some frightening words of wisdom from Mr. Burns, Bart realizes his new siblings are plotting his demise so they can inherit the Woosterfield family fortune all for themselves.

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Lost Verizon

Production Code: #KABF15

In order to save up money, Bart takes a job at a country club - and luckily finds a cell phone. Bart decides to keep the cell and makes prank calls to all over the world pretending to be Denis Leary, the owner. When Marge discovers what Bart has been up to, she confiscates the device and tries to return the phone. Leary has a better idea, and instructs Marge to activate the GPS system on the phone so she can track Bart's every move - but he soon catches on.

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Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes

Production Code: #KABF17

After Homer is sent to jail, he meets a bounty hunter when he gets his bail bond. Intrigued, he decides to try his hand at the profession - but is saved by Flanders when it doesn't go quite to plan. Together, they form an unlikely bounty-hunting duo, but when Homer's attitude gets the better of him, Flanders is less than impressed. Meanwhile, Marge unwittingly starts working at an erotic bakery.

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