The Simpsons Season 11 Episode Guide

Behind the Laughter

Production Code: #BABF19

In the style of VH1 show "Behind the Music", this documentary takes us back to the beginning of the show. We see Homer's shoddily directed 'pilot' episode, before Homer becomes addicted to prescription drugs, Marge makes bizarre business investments, and Bart goes to rehab. The show is put on hiatus after the family split up, and Lisa writes a book about her ordeal. A phony awards show manages to reunite the Simpsons.

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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge

Production Code: #BABF18

Otto asks his girlfriend Becky to marry him, and Bart lets him have the ceremony in their back yard. However, at the wedding, Becky gives Otto an ultimatum: her or heavy metal music - leaving her alone. The Simpsons invite her to stay, and she makes everyone happy until Marge becomes paranoid that Becky is trying to kill her. She is arrested and declared insane, but when she returns home, she strangles Becky - until she is drugged.

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Last Tap Dance in Springfield

Production Code: #BABF15

Lisa is inspired by a film to start tap dancing lessons, but it turns out she can't dance, and her teacher, "Little" Vicky Valentine, gives her a backstage part in their recital. However, with Professor Frink's help, she manages to trick people into thinking she can really dance with some mechanical tap shoes. Elsewhere, Bart and Milhouse sneak out of a camping trip so that they can hide out and live in the shopping mall for a whole week.

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Kill the Alligator and Run

Production Code: #BABF16

The power plant psychiatrist suggests Homer go on a long holiday with his family, and they go to Florida - but their trip falls over spring break. Marge wants Homer to stay in the hotel room, but he escapes and goes to a Kid Rock concert. Homer rents an airboat and the family go through a swamp, mistakenly killing the beloved alligator mascot of Florida. They go on the run, but get caught, and are banned from returning to the state.

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Days of Wine and D'oh'ses

Production Code: #BABF14

Barney sees a videotape of his drunken self, and promises to get sober so that he can redeem a helicopter flying voucher he received for his birthday. Elsewhere, Bart and Lisa try to take a picture for the Springfield phone book in a contest. Their quest leads them to the forests of Mt Springfield, but a forest fire sparks and they are left clinging to the top of a tree. Barney manages to fly the helicopter and he returns them to safety.

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Bart to the Future

Production Code: #BABF13

When visiting an Indian casino with his family, Bart encounters a man who can foretell the future. Bart sees that he is an underachieving musician, who is working and living with Ralph. He loses his house, and goes to Lisa to borrow money - who just happens to be president. Lisa has her own problems, facing a tax crisis. Bart becomes a distraction, so she sends him away to do an "important job" for her. He finds out and returns angry.

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Production Code: #BABF12

Moe wins a contest to become the new face of Duff, but his face is covered by stickers in the new calendar. Moe realises how ugly he is, and decides to undergo plastic surgery. Moe's face earns him a role on a hit TV show, It Never Ends. The soap goes well, until Homer learns of a plot to kill Moe's character. Moe refuses to read the lines, and is fired from the role. When exitting the studios, a wall falls on his face, and he is ugly again.

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Missionary: Impossible

Production Code: #BABF11

Homer pledges money to PBS, but later regrets it, and hides out in church to avoid having to pay the money. He gets sent to the South Pacific, where he becomes a missionary on a remote island. Bart replaces Homer at the power plant, and Homer realises that the people of the island are missing one thing - a casino. The casino fails, and an earthquake is triggered, hitting the island, and Homer and a small native girl are at risk of falling into lava.

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Alone Again, Natura-Diddly

Production Code: #BABF10

Maude Flanders is killed in a freak T-shirt related accident at a speedway, and is pronounced dead at the scene by Dr Hibbert. Everyone shows their condolences, but Ned struggles to deal with her death. Homer secretly makes a videotape to appeal to the single ladies, but Ned's dates turn out sour, so Ned loses faith in christianity. Guilt-ridden, he later rushes to church to see a Christian rock-band, led by a singer who Ned starts to like.

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Saddlesore Galactica

Production Code: #BABF09

At a state fair, Bart and Homer see a horse named Duncan, and take him home when his owner abandons him. The horse costs them $500 per week, so they enter him into races to cover the expenses - but Duncan refuses to leave the stalls. Homer gives him a makeover as Furious D, who intimidates the other horses, and Bart wins. Homer is brought to the secret world of the jockeys, who threaten to kill him unless Duncan wins the next race.

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The Mansion Family

Production Code: #BABF08

Burns is announced as the town's oldest man, and he realises he isn't young anymore. He and Smithers go to the Mayo Clinic. He leaves the Simpsons to look after his mansion while he's away. Later, Homer wants a beer, but can't get one as it is 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. Homer organises a trip on Burns' yacht to international waters, where they can dring whenever they want, but are confronted by pirates - and are only saved by a net.

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Faith Off

Production Code: #BABF06

Homer gets a bucket stuck to his head, and, at a faith healing event, Bart manages to pull it off. Bart is convinced that it was the work of God, and so begins to spread the faith by becoming a faith healer in his very own 'church' - until Milhouse is run over without his glasses. Bart questions his ability, but, at a football game, Homer is threatened by Fat Tony that if Bart can't fix the star player's leg, he will kill Homer with an ice pick.

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Little Big Mom

Production Code: #BABF04

The family go on a skiing trip to prove they use their skis, but Marge is injured when a clock falls onto her leg. It is broken, so she asks Lisa to take control of the house until she feels better. The boys do nothing, and, in a dream, Lisa is given an idea to make them think they have leprosy. Lisa says it is caused by dirty conditions, and they run to Flanders' house, who flies them to Hawaii for expert treatment. Marge and Lisa come to get them.

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Grift of the Magi

Production Code: #BABF07

Bart is restricted to a wheelchair, and realises the school has no disabled access. Too many ramps are installed, at a cost of $200,000, but Bart is fully healed, so the school closes until it is bought and funded by Kid First Industries - a toy company. Secretly taking the kids' ideas, they create Funzo, a new toy for the holidays, and Lisa urges the citizens to boycott Funzo. Homer breaks into people's homes to take the toys from under trees.

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Take my Wife, Sleaze

Production Code: #BABF05

Homer and Marge win a motorbike in a dancing contest, and he forms a motorbike gang with Moe, Lenny, Carl and...Ned, called the Hell's Satans. However, a different gang arrive, called the same name, and damage the house. They stay there, and are impressed by the education from Marge, so when they leave, they take Marge with them. Homer goes out to find them, and ends up fighting over who gets to keep his wife.

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Eight Misbehavin'

Production Code: #BABF03

Apu's wife Manjula goes into labour, and gives birth to octuplets. It makes headlines across Springfield, with local companies giving them free gifts. Their feat is forgotten when a Shelbyville woman gives birth to nine children, and they have to deal with raising the eight kids without the gifts. The owner of Springfield Zoo offers to keep the kids in a nursery, and Apu begrudgingly accepts, but manages to work out a better contract.

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Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder

Production Code: #BABF02

Homer goes bowling with Lenny and Carl, and he bowls a perfect game, scoring 300. He makes the news, and becomes a celebrity, but soon, people forget about his achievements. Thinking he is no longer wanted, Homer attempts to commit suicide, but is inspired to dedicate his life to his kids. Bart and Lisa reject him, so he spends time with Maggie, and when they play bowling, she scores 295 - with a 5 point penalty for stepping over the line.

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Production Code: #AABF19

Homer becomes inspired by a western movie, and starts challenging strangers to duels. When Homer's challenge is accepted, the family flee town in fear. They end up at the old Simpson farm, where nothing has grown for years. Homer ends up using plutonium to make the plants grow big and strong, but the end product is tomacco - a mixture of tomatoes and tobacco - and the whole town, including the animals, are addicted.

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Treehouse of Horror X

Production Code: #BABF01

In 'I Know What You Diddly-Iddly Did', Marge accidentally runs over Ned Flanders, so he returns from the grave seeking revenge as a werewolf. In 'Desperately Xeeking Xena', Bart and Lisa's powers as Stretch-Dude and Clobber-Girl try to save Lucy Lawless from the evil Collector. And, in 'Life's a Glitch, Then You Die', a global Y2K meltdown destroys the Earth after Homer fails to debug the power plant's computers.

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Guess Who's Coming to Criticise Dinner?

Production Code: #AABF21

Homer is invited to become the food critic for the Springfield Shopper after impressing with a 500-word review - with a little help from Lisa. Homer's positive reviews lead to Springfielders becoming fatter, so he starts being negative, and is disliked. At the upcoming food festival, the chefs of Springfield plan to kill Homer with a very high-calorie chocolate eclair, but Homer is saved when Lisa tricks him into thinking that it's low-fat.

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Brother's Little Helper

Production Code: #AABF22

Bart is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Skinner suggests a new drug called 'Focusyn'. He tells Bart that he will be expelled if he doesn't go on the medication, but Bart refuses, until he feels guilty towards Marge. He becomes a better student as a result of the drug, but there are some side-effects: mainly paranoia. He overdoses, and goes to a military base to steal an army tank, and he is taken off the drug.

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Beyond Blunderdome

Production Code: #AABF23

Homer and Marge get to go to a preview screening of Mel Gibson's latest film, and everyone but Homer loves it. After reading his response card, Mel lands at the Simpsons house and asks him to help make the movie good. They turn the movie into an extremely violent action movie, but the film studio doesn't like it. They chase Mel and Homer after they steal the reel, but they fail - and the movie is hated by the people at its premiere.

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