Season 6 Episode Guide

Who Shot Mr Burns? (Part One)

Production Code: #2F16

Groundskeeper Willie finds an oil supply underneath the school, so they build an oil rig to reap the benefits. However, Burns builds a new rig, that has tapped into their supply. A burst of oil destroys Bart's treehouse, injures Santa's Little Helper and cheats the school. He plans a new scheme, to block out natural sunlight from Springfield so that he could make more money. When the light disappears, Burns is shot. Whodunnit?

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Lemon of Troy

Production Code: #2F22

The kids from Shelbyville have stolen Springfield's lemon tree! Bart and his friends go into Shelbyville to try and get the tree back, even by disguising himself, but he fails. They discover that it is in an impound lot, but Homer and other fathers come looking for them. Together, they go to the lot, but are refused entry, so they illegally park their car and they are towed inside. They manage to escape, with half of the tree still intact.

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The Springfield Connection

Production Code: #2F21

Marge brings down a con artist, so she decides to become a police officer. She notices that people start treating her differently, even whe she's off duty, and one day she notices Homer parking across three spaces. She warns him to move the car, but he laughs at her, so he is arrested, but later released from jail. Later, Homer is playing poker, and he discovers that Herman has a counterfeit jeans business, and Marge returns just in time.

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'Round Springfield

Production Code: #2F32

Bart swallows a jagged metal Krusty-O, and is rushed to hospital, where he has to get his appendix removed. Lisa finds Bleeding Gums Murphy in the hospital, and he offers her his saxophone to use at a school recital. The recital goes fantastically, but when Lisa gets back, she finds out that Bleeding Gums died. She attends his funeral, and uses Bart's $500 compensation to play one of his albums on the radio for the town to hear.

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The PTA Disbands

Production Code: #2F19

Skinner cuts back on school spending, so the outraged teachers decide to go on strike, rallied by Ms Krabappel. Bart manipulates each side to get the school closed down, and he succeeds. Lisa shows withdrawal symptoms, and even Bart starts to act strangely. So, the PTA step in to try and calm the situation, and Flanders takes over the school temporarily, with the locals taking classes - and Marge ends up teaching Bart's class!

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Two Dozen and One Greyhounds

Production Code: #2F18

The family notice that Santa's Little Helper is acting strange, and realise he is in love with another greyhound. They take in the dog, but, before long, she gives birth to 25 puppies, which cause havoc around the house. They realise that they can't keep them, so they offer them to members of the public. Burns' steals all 25, so that he can make a greyhound tuxedo. The kids go to Burns' mansion to rescue the dogs, but are they too late?

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Lisa's Wedding

Production Code: #2F15

Lisa gets her fortune read, and we fast forward to the year 2010. She meets Hugh Parkfield, an English student who she absolutely hates. They find they have a lot in common, and Hugh invites Lisa to his English mansion, where he proposes. She accepts, and phones home to tell her mum the good news. Hugh begins to dislike Homer, and on the wedding day, Hugh tells Lisa he wants to move to England - so she stops the wedding.

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A Star is Burns

Production Code: #2F31

Marge suggests that Springfield should hold a film festival to improve their image, and the town agree, so Marge assembles a panel including Jay Sherman, film critic. Sherman stays with the Simpsons, but Homer gets jealous, so asks Marge if he can be on the panel too. When the film festival arrives, the judges all want Barney Gumble's emotional film to win - except for Homer, who's more interested in a man getting hit in the groin.

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Homer vs Patty and Selma

Production Code: #2F14

Homer invests in selling pumpkins, but fails to clear his stock before Halloween, losing his life savings. He turns to Patty and Selma when his loan applications are refused, and they write him a cheque. But, in return, they must not tell Marge and he must do whatever they say. Homer kicks out the sisters when they tell Marge, but he needs a license for his new job as a limo driver - from them, at the DMV. Meanwhile, Bart has to take up ballet.

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Bart vs Australia

Production Code: #2F13

Bart tries to prove Lisa wrong, and phones Australia to find out which way the water drains. He gets distracted, and leaves the phone on for hours. The Australian boy's father receives a hefty bill, and contacts Bart to get him to pay. Bart ignores him, and he creates a major international crisis. The family go to Australia so that Bart can apologise, but he also must have a 'booting'. Bart refuses, and the family run from the angry Aussies.

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Homie the Clown

Production Code: #2F12

Krusty opens a clown college, and when Homer graduates, he appears as Krusty at various events in town. Homer starts to hate the job, but he reaps the benefits when people think he is the real Krusty. However, when Fat Tony and the mafia try to contact Krusty about his outstanding debt, they capture Homer, and plan to kill him, unless he can perform the mini-bike trick. The real Krusty turns up, and they are forced to do the trick together.

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Bart's Comet

Production Code: #2F11

Bart is sentenced to wake up at 4.30 every morning to help Skinner with an astronomy project. While on lookout, Bart spots a comet and reports it to an observatory. The 'Bart Simpson Comet' appears to be on a collision course with Springfield, so scientists launch a rocket to destroy it, but it ends up blowing up the bridge, the only way out of town. Springfield take refuge in Flanders' bomb shelter, and kick Ned out when it gets too full.

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And Maggie Makes Three

Production Code: #2F10

Lisa finds no photos of Maggie in the family albums, and Marge and Homer explain the story. Homer quit his job and worked at a bowling alley. On his first night, Maggie was conceived, but Marge tries to keep it a secret so that Homer can keep his dream job. Patty and Selma ensure the whole town find out, and pass the news along to him, and Homer is devastated. It is revealed that all of Maggie's photos are at Homer's workstation.

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Homer the Great

Production Code: #2F09

Homer follows Lenny and Carl to a suspicious looking building, and discovers that they are members of a secret society called the Stonecutters. Abe is a member, which allows Homer to join too after an initiation. At his first dinner with the group, he is stripped of his membership - and his clothes - until they find a birthmark on his back that makes him the leader. The members dislike his reign, and form the 'Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers'.

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Fear of Flying

Production Code: #2F08

Homer is banned from Moe's Tavern after he pulls a prank, and comes across a pilots-only bar. He is mistaken for a pilot, and damages a cockpit of an aeroplane. The company give Homer free plane tickets to keep the company image, but Marge has a panic attack on the plane and has to get off. She goes to a pyschiatrist, and remembers a time when she found out that her father was a stewardess, not a pilot, and her fear is conquered.

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Grampa vs Sexual Inadaquacy

Production Code: #2F07

Grampa suspects that Homer and Marge's marriage is in trouble, and he brews a home remedy to put a spark back into their sex life. Homer is surprised when it works, and goes into business with his dad selling the tonic from town to town. The two have an argument, and Abe tells his son that he was an accident, so Homer kicks him out of the car. The pair separately go to their old farmhouse, and Homer realises what a good father Abe is.

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Homer Bad Man

Production Code: #2F06

A feminist graduate minds the kids when Homer and Marge go to the Candy Industry Trade Show. At the show, Homer steals a rare gummy bear, called Venus de Milo. When he drops off the babysitter at her house, he notices that Venis is on her ass, so he reaches out to grab it - but she thinks he is trying to sexually harass her. Angry protesters surround the house, until Willie reveals he has a tape of what happened on the night.

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Lisa on Ice

Production Code: #2F05

Lisa finds out that she is failing gym class, and is told to sign up for a sport if she wants to pass. After watching Bart play ice hockey, she manages to catch a puck that is thrown towards her, and Apu, coach of the opposing team, is so impressed that he makes her his new goalkeeper. This leads them to their best season ever, and when both of the teams are set to play, Homer tells them that whoever wins will gain his respect.

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Bart's Girlfriend

Production Code: #2F04

Bart falls in love with Jesicca Lovejoy, and enrols in Sunday School. He tries to play the nice guy, but this doesn't impress her, and she doesn't notice him until he is put in detention. She likes Bart's bad side, and they cause trouble across the town. Jesicca steals money from the church collection plate, and Bart thinks that's wrong - so she takes the money, and Bart takes the blame for the empty dish, until he can prove Jesicca was the culprit.

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Treehouse of Horror V

Production Code: #2F03

In 'The Shinning', Homer goes insane when his beer and TV are taken away from him when he works for Burns' remote estate. In 'Time and Punishment', while fixing a broken toaster, Homer creates a time machine, but when he returns, things have always changed. In 'Nightmare Cafeteria', the detention rooms are full, so Skinner and Lunchlady Doris decide to cook the naughty students instead, until only a handful remain.

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Sideshow Bob Roberts

Production Code: #2F02

Sideshow Bob is released from prison...again, and announces he is going to run for mayor. Bob and Quimby have many debates and one-on-one talks, and, after mistakes by Quimby, the people of Springfield start to think that Bob would be a better mayor. Bob's first priority is to demolish the Simpsons house in favour of a new expressway, so Lisa and Bart investigate the election and find out that many voters who chose Bob are dead.

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Itchy and Scratchy Land

Production Code: #2F01

Homer and Marge take the kids to the new Itchy and Scratchy Land theme park. When there, Marge is shocked when she sees the violence, but she finds a relaxing experience at Parents Island. Bart and Homer end up in the theme park jail for attacking on the employees, but Marge bails them out. When they try and leave, robots from the parade turn on them and try to kill them, until Lisa uses bright flashes from cameras to confuse them.

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Another Simpsons Clip Show

Production Code: #2F33

Guess what this episode is - yes, you're right, it's a clip show, this time focused on love and relationships after Marge is inspired by a new romantic novel. Marge tells the kids about her near-affair with bowling instructor Jacques, Homer tells them about his attraction to Mindy at work, Lisa talks about her relationship with Ralph and Bart tells the family about his heartbreaking crush on Laura Powers.

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Lisa's Rival

Production Code: #1F17

A new student joins Lisa's class, called Alison, and she finds herself competing with her to become the best in the class. Bart offers to ruin Alison's diorama contest entry, by replacing the Telltale Heart with a real cow heart. Lisa feels guilty at the contest, and rescues the new girl's entry to avoid her from embaressment - but Ralph wins the contest. Meanwhile, Homer sells sugar from an overturned truck door-to-door.

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Bart of Darkness

Production Code: #1F22

Bart and Lisa persuade Homer to purchase a pool for the back yard, and when Homer gives in, the children of Springfield descend on their house. Bart tries to impress everyone by diving from the treehouse, but he falls and breaks his leg. He takes refuge inside his room, with only a telescope for company. He spies at the neighbours' houses, and sees Flanders acting suspiciously, and Bart thinks that he has murdered his wife, Maude!

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