Season 13 Episode Guide

Papa's Got a Brand New Badge

Production Code: #DABF17

Homer causes a town-wide blackout, prompting a huge wave of looting, and the police are powerless to stop it. Homer decides to take the law into his own hands, and forms a security company called 'SpringShield' with Lenny and Carl. Homer is then made the police chief, and he rids Springfield of crime. However, Fat Tony tells Homer that he must leave town or die. However, he is saved at the last minute, and reinstates Wiggum.

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The Frying Game

Production Code: #DABF16

While working in a Meals on Wheels program, Homer befriends an elderly old woman. When the woman is thought to be dead, Homer and Marge become murder suspects after being named the sole beneficiaries of her will. Homer is convicted and sentenced to the death penalty, but just before he is scheduled to die in the electric chair, it is revealed that he's a contestant on a new reality show called "Frame Up" and the woman is alive.

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Little Girl in the Big Ten

Production Code: #DABF15

Lisa finds out that she is failing PE, so she takes up gymnastics. She makes two college friends at the class, so Lisa acts like a college student - complete with beret - to keep ther friendship. Lisa keeps up her secret life, until she is tracked down by Milhouse, Martin and Database. Lisa loses all of her school friends. Bart, meanwhile, is put into a bubble to stop him from infecting the town, and he encourages Lisa to pull a prank to get friends back.

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The Sweetest Apu

Production Code: #DABF14

Homer goes to the Kwik-E-Mart, and overhears Apu making love to the woman that delivers Squishee. Marge finds out what Homer saw, and confront Apu, but he cannot help it. Later, Manjula catches the video footage of her husband's affair, and she demands a divorce. Apu moves into a bachelor pad, and the octuplets have their first words - asking Manjula to get Apu back. She takes him back, if he does some tasks for her.

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I Am Furious Yellow

Production Code: #DABF13

The creator of 'Danger Dog' comic comes to school, and encourages the kids to make their own comics. Bart creates 'Angry Dad', which becomes very successful when it sells in the Comic Book Store. become interested in Bart's cartoon, and makes it an Internet cartoon, but when Homer sees it, he angrily flies through a trap that Bart made to get some new material, even though the web company has gone bust.

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Gump Roast

Production Code: #DABF12

Clip show. Homer is roasted at the Springfield Friar's Club, by Krusty the Klown and other famous townspeople. A song apologizes for the clip-show, and insists that despite the long run of The Simpsons the writers have still "got stories for years!" The future story ideas mentioned are Marge becoming a robot, Moe getting a cell phone, Bart owning a pet bear, and "a crazy wedding, where something happens, and do do do do do."

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Weekend at Burnsies

Production Code: #DABF11

Marge decides to grow her own food, and uses a scarecrow. The scarecrow scares Homer, who destroys it, and is idolised by the crows until they turn on each other. Homer goes to see Dr. Hibbert about the ongoing pain in his eyes. Dr. Hibbert suggests that Homer begin smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes. When Homer becomes hooked on the wacky tobaccy, he leads a petition to legalize the drug.

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Blame it on Lisa

Production Code: #DABF10

The Simpsons go to Rio de Janeiro in search of a missing Brazilian orphan boy that Lisa had been secretly sponsoring. Homer is kidnapped and taken to the Amazon and ultimately, is exchanged for ransom at the cable cars on Sugarloaf Mountain in a parody of the James Bond film Moonraker.

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Tales from the Public Domain

Production Code: #DABF08

The Simpsons portray mythical characters. In 'The Odyssey', Homer angers the Gods, and is ordered to go through Hades to see his love, Penelope. In 'Joan of Arc', Lisa leads the French to victory over the English, but is then sentenced to death - until Marge changes the ending. In 'Hamlet', Homer asks Bart to avenge his death, but he kills the wrong man, leading to widespread murder - but Homer would rather think about Ghostbusters.

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The Old Man and the Key

Production Code: #DABF09

A beautiful new woman moves into the retirement home, and Abe wants to impress her, so he renews his driving license. He persuades Homer to let him borrow the car, but, when he crashes it, he loses his license and his son. Bart and Abe go on a road trip to Branson, Missouri, to declare to the woman that she only used him for his car, and tells her that she is dumped, before he settles his differences with Homer.

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The Latest Gun in the West

Production Code: #DABF07

Bart is chased by a dog and winds up in the backyard of a has-been actor named Buck McCoy. Buck was a famous Western star back in the day, and Bart takes the elder on as his hero. Bart gets Buck a job on the "Krusty the Clown" show, but Buck is actually an alcoholic and reverts to his drinking ways while on the air. Homer on the other hand, wants Bart to acknowledge him as his hero. Homer pursues in doing so.

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The Bart Wants What it Wants

Production Code: #DABF06

Bart falls in love with Ranier Wolfcastle's daughter, Greta, and invites her to his house for dinner. Greta asks Bart to go to her school dance together, but he decides to go and watch Skinner humiliate himself. Bart breaks up with Greta, so she goes out with Milhouse instead for revenge. They go to Toronto together, so Bart goes to confront them both - and fights Milhouse for Greta. She says she has no interest in either of them.

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Half-Decent Proposal

Production Code: #DABF04

Marge sends her old flame Artie Ziff an e-mail, which is sexed up by Patty and Selma, and Ziff helicopters in to offer the couple $1million for a weekend with Marge. This would pay for a device to stop Homer's snoring, so she accepts - "no funny business". Homer catches them kissing, so, along with Lenny, they go to West Springfield to work on an oil rig - where they are likely to die. Marge flies in on Artie's helicopter to show she still loves him.

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Jaws Wired Shut

Production Code: #DABF05

The family go the theatre to avoid the Springfield gay pride parade, and Homer ends up getting chased by ushers when he protests about trailers. He runs into a newly-unveiled statue of Drederick Tatum, and breaks his jaw. Homer's jaws are wired shut, and he has to use a chalkboard to talk. He begins to listen, and Marge falls in love with the new Homer. However, when his jaws are unwired, she gets bored, so enters the Demolition Derby.

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Sweets and Sour Marge

Production Code: #DABF03

A world record attempt at the largest human pyramid reveals that Springfield is the world's fattest town. Marge, upset by the obesity, tries to talk to the Motherloving Sugar Corp., but they ignore her, so she decides to sue the sugar company. Marge wins, and sugar is banned in Springfield. Homer joins a secret group to smuggle sugar back to the town, but is caught at the dock by Marge, who asks him to dump the sugar - which he does.

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Brawl in the Family

Production Code: #DABF01

An innocent game of Monopoly descends into a family brawl, so the family decide to bring in a social worker, called Gabriel, to keep the peace. He observes their lives, then takes them to a forest, and they end up having to work together to avoid a pack of wolves. They go home reunited, but Amber and Ginger - their Vegas wives - are waiting for them, and, with the help of Marge, Homer gets Amber drunk and makes her marry Grampa.

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She of Little Faith

Production Code: #DABF02

The church needs money to fix its repairs, so the walls become covered with advertisements, and Lisa loses her faith in the church. On a walk, she passes a buddhist temple, and she declares herself a buddhist. Marge tries to bribe her back to christianity, by offering her Christmas presents, but Lisa is onto her, so she runs back to the temple, where she is told she can celebrate whichever holidays she wants.

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The Blunder Years

Production Code: #CABF21

Marge falls in love with the kitchen towels model, so Bart and Homer pull a prank on her. Homer makes up for it by taking the family out to a hypnotic dinner show, but Homer recalls traumatic childhood memories and can't stop screaming. He remembers the event with some herbal tea, and they head to the old 'water hole', where they find a dead body. They crawl up a pipe to Burns' office, and the body is revealed to be that of Smithers Sr.

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A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love

Production Code: #CABF18

Homer gets a new job writing fortune cookies, and he writes one for Mr Burns that tells him that love is on the cards for him. He meets a woman, named Gloria, and he loves her so much that he wants to marry her. As he proposes, her ex shows up - Snake - and kidnaps Gloria and Homer. Burns thinks they ran off together, but they are in Snake's hideout. He tells Gloria he can change, but Homer sets his house on fire. Gloria and Burns split.

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Homer the Moe

Production Code: #CABF20

Moe decides to return to bartending school for inspiration, and leaves Homer in charge of the bar. The professor suggests that Moe modernise his bar, so Moe's goes post-modern and renames to 'M'. The traditional barflies don't fit in, so they start their own bar in Homer's garage, but when Moe tells him that it is illegal to start un unlicensed bar, Homer calls it a hunting club, and goes to catch a turkey. The bar goes back to normal.

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The Parent Rap

Production Code: #CABF22

Bart is arrested after he and Milhouse take Chief Wiggum's car in a joyride, and in the trial, Milhouse is declared innocent by Judge Snyder. However, when Bart is trialled, he is declared guilty by Judge Harm - and orders that Bart and Homer be tethered together. Marge can't stand it, so she cuts the tether, but she and Homer end up in wooden stocks. They free themselves, and put up a banner on her houseboat. Bart is acquitted by Judge Snyder.

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Treehouse of Horror XII

Production Code: #CABF19

In 'Hex and the City', Homer becomes Death as everybody in his presence either dies or mutates, and he must catch a leprachaun to stop the curse. In 'House of Whacks', the family's new automatic home takes a shining towards Marge, and tries to kill Homer so that it can be alone with her. And, in 'Wiz Kids', the kids are taught the fine arts of magic at the Springfield Elementary School for Wizards, and must escape Lord Montemort.

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