Season 15 Episode Guide

Fraudcast News

Production Code: #FABF18

Homer defaces a public landmark, and deprives Lisa of a chance to read her poetry in front of a crowd. Lisa decides to publish her writing in her own newsletter, which becomes under threat of corporate takeover after Mr. Burns buys all the media outlets in town. Lisa prints in her garage, but when Mr. Burns pays Homer to spill dirt on Lisa and undermine her enterprise, Lisa becomes disillusioned and gives up. Homer apologises.

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Bart Mangled Banner

Production Code: #FABF17

Bart suffers a temporary loss of hearing at the hospital, and he takes advantage of his situation. During the national anthem at a donkey basketball game, Bart lets a donkey eat his shorts - and there he is, bare-assed in front of the American flag. The family get portrayed as unpatriotic and unamerican, so they migrate to France after escaping a 're-education clinic'. They move back to America again as illegal immigrants.

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The Way We Weren't

Production Code: #FABF13

During a "family court" session, Homer and Marge recall the story of Homer and Marge's first kiss while the two were at separate summer camps. Marge never knew the identity of her first kiss until now, but however, the story reveals how Homer broke Marge's heart. If she knew that was him, she never would've married him. Why? Because Homer drifted to a weightloss camp and couldn't escape to see Marge again.

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Simple Simpson

Production Code: #FABF15

Homer sees someone mocking Lisa's entry at the county fair, and dons a disguise before throwing a pie in the Texan's face. He disguises himself as 'Pie Man', and he helps people get their just desserts. The police decide that Pie Man needs to be stopped, and shoot him at his next appearance. Lisa finds out that it's Homer, but Pie Man is tricked into becoming Burns' personal hitman - whose target is Lisa's buddhist hero, the Dalai Lama.

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Catch 'Em if you Can

Production Code: #FABF14

Marge and Homer look forward to taking a vacation away from the kids and going to see Uncle Tyrone. But on a whim, Marge and Homer decide to go elsewhere. When Uncle Tyrone's town is wiped out by a tornado, Bart and Lisa get Grandpa to take them there, only to find out their parents were in Miami instead. Chaos ensues as Grandpa and the kids then chase Homer and Marge around the country who try to avoid being caught.

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My Big Fat Geek Wedding

Production Code: #FABF12

The Skinner-Krabappel wedding! Seymour confesses to Homer that he's getting cold feet, and on the wedding day, Edna has second thoughts, and she runs from the ceremony. Unknowingly, both Homer and Marge are trying to separately get the couple back together, but Edna hooks up with Comic Book Guy. The family go to a Sci-Fi convention to stop Edna, and find CBG proposing to her. She refuses, saying she's not ready for marriage.

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The Wandering Juvie

Production Code: #FABF11

Bart cons the town into thinking he is marrying a girl called Lotta Cooties, and wants to return the gifts for store credit. However, he is arrested, and sentenced to six months in juvenile detention. Homer becomes a guard, but this doesn't help him. He meets a girl called Gina, who takes him along when she escapes. They get their cuffs removed, but Bart realises that Gina has no family. When found, Gina confesses it was her, and Bart's released.

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Co-Dependent's Day

Production Code: #FABF10

Homer, Lisa and Bart are disappointed by a film, and send a complaint. They are asked to complain in person, and go to North California. Marge and Homer go on a winery tour, and get drunk on free samples. When they get home, they make wine-drinking a regular event, until Marge gets a hangover. When Marge is caught drink-driving home from Oktoberfest, she is arrested - and Homer finds out she has to be in rehab for one month.

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The Ziff Who Came to Dinner

Production Code: #FABF09

Homer takes the kids to see a horror film, leaving them scared of everything. When they hear noises in the attic, they go up there and find Artie Ziff. When his internet business failed, he lost all his money, and he asks to stay with the Simpsons. Marge finds out that the SEC are looking for Artie, and in a game of poker, he puts 98% of his business at stake. Homer wins, and is arrested as he is the major shareholder. Artie eventually comes clean.

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Smart and Smarter

Production Code: #FABF09

The family try to enrol Maggie into a pre-nursery school, but they're rejected because she can't speak yet. Lisa knows that Maggie is smart, and an IQ test proves that she has a score of 167 - smarter than Lisa. Lisa is jealous, and tries to get a new identity, but she runs away to the Natural History Museum. When the family get trapped in a model human body, Maggie has to save the day. Lisa subconciously helped Maggie in the IQ test.

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Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Production Code: #FABF07

Milhouse starts acting differently, and tells Bart that he and his mother are moving to Capitol City. Bart is upset, and he takes a plane to see him in his new surroundings - except he's now sporting a blond, spikey hairstyle and cool friends. Bart fills the void by hanging out with Lisa, and they have much in common. Milhouse returns when Kirk wins a court order, but Bart hugs Lisa. Elsewhere, Homer starts busking to pay for an anniversary gift.

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Margical History Tour

Production Code: #FABF06

Marge is left to tell the kids stories when all of the books at the library are removed. In 'Henry VIII', Homer plays the king, who marries and impregnates six women in search of a son. In 'Lewis and Clark', Lenny and Carl make their way across the Pacific Ocean in search of land. And, in 'Mozart', Bart plays a young arrogant musician, who's sister is setting out to destroy his popularity and make herself famous, but it comes at a cost.

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Diatribe of a Mad Housewife

Production Code: #FABF05

Homer is fired from two successive jobs, and purchases an old ambulance. Marge hears an author at the bookstore and convinces herself to write a novel, and it is about a lonely housewife stuck in a marriage with a brute husband. The woman is impressed by a visitor to the island - and it is largely based on her, Homer and Flanders. People notice the similarities, and when Homer hears it, he tries to become a better husband.

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I, D'ohbot

Production Code: #FABF04

When Bart wants a new bike, he throws his old bike in front of a car. Homer builds his new bike, but it falls apart, so, to gain his son's respect back, Homer builds a robot for a TV show. His robot impresses Bart, even though it's only Homer inside a mailbox, but it manages to get through to the finals against Professor Frink's far-superior machine. Meanwhile, Lisa has trouble finding a replacement for the deceased Snowball II.

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Marge Vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples And Teens And Gays

Production Code: #FABF03

Maggie becomes obsessed with a Roofi CD, and, along with everyone else in Springfield, they go to a Roofi concert. The event is overbooked, and the babies riot, so Lindsay Naegle starts a group to revolt against children. Everyone with no children jump on board, so Marge forms a rival group, that tries to get a new initiative 'Families Come First' pushed through. Lisa organises for the kids of Springfield to hug people before the ballot.

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'Tis the Fifteenth Season

Production Code: #FABF02

Homer makes money from a rare baseball card, but is branded selfish when he spends the money on a useless talking clock, and the family are left with no money for a christmas tree. Homer begins to be kind to other people, and his generosity makes Ned jealous. Ned buys everyone in Springfield a present - but Homer thinks that everyone would be happier without presents, so Homer breaks into houses and steals their gifts.

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Today I am a Clown

Production Code: #FABF01

Krusty notices that his name doesn't appear on the Jewish Walk of Fame, and finds out that he never had a Bar Mitzvah, so he isn't officially Jewish. Krusty's father tells him that he didn't want a mockery made out of the occassion, so with his father's help, Krusty prepares for his live TV Bar Mitzvah. Homer is Krusty's fill-in, but his show is cancelled. Krusty's father is disappointed, so instead, Krusty has a private, small-scale Bar Mitzvah.

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The Fat and the Furriest

Production Code: #EABF19

Homer buys Marge a 'Kitchen Carnival' for mothers day, and makes himself a massive ball of sugar. He is eventually forced by Marge to take it to the dump, but when there, he is confronted by a bear. He is caught on camera, and humiliated on TV. He returns to find the bear, and when he finds out that the bear is tagged, he throws away the tag and helps it to get to an animal reserve - but a ranger is out wanting to kill the bear.

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The Regina Monologues

Production Code: #EABF22

Bart ends up with a $1000 bill, and sets up a museum for people to see it. When Mr Burns turns up wanting it back, he gives it away, but with the money made from the museum, Bart takes the family on a holiday. Abe tells a story about meeting somebody in England, so the family head there. They meet celebrities, but Homer is jailed in the Tower of London for rear-ending the Queen's carriage. He escapes with Lisa's help, and goes home.

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The President Wore Pearls

Production Code: #EABF20

Martin is forced out of his position as student body president, and Lisa and Nelson emerge as candidate favourites. Realising she has no hope, Lisa breaks into song, and wins over the students. The teachers give her a makeover, but Skinner worries that she is too smart for the role. She is tricked into a deal which takes art, music and gym off the curriculum, and requests a student strike. The school reinstates them, and Lisa resigns.

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My Mother the Carjacker

Production Code: #EABF18

While looking through the papers, Homer uncovers a secret message for him to meet someone at midnight - and it's none other than his mother, Mona. When the car ploughs into the police station, she is put on trial for her 60s fraud, but is cleared, so she lives with the family. Mr Burns wants her behind bars, and she is found guilty for a different offence. She is sent to prison, but a prison bus falls off a cliff. She is assumed dead, except by Homer.

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Treehouse of Horror XIV

Production Code: #EABF21

In 'Reaper Madness', Homer kills Death, but has to take up his position. Homer has fun killing people, until he is asked to kill his wife - Marge. In 'Frinkenstein', Professor Frink is disappointed when his father can't see him winning the Nobel Prize, so he reanimates him a la Frankenstein. And, in 'Stop the World I Want to Goof Off', Bart and Milhouse have fun with a watch that stops time until it breaks while in freeze mode.

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