Season 12 Episode Guide

Simpsons Tall Tales

Production Code: #CABF17

The Simpsons win a trip to Delaware but, refusing to pay freight tax, the family jump on a train headed that way. They meet a hobo who tells tall tales. In 'Paul Bunyan', Homer plays the godzilla-like man who's only friend is a lightning-struck piece of rock shaped like an ox. Lisa plays 'Connie Appleseed', a girl who is against the killing of buffalo, and in 'Tom and Huck', Bart and Nelson are Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

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Children of a Lesser Clod

Production Code: #CABF16

Homer injures his knee, and is told by Dr Hibbert to stay at home. Becoming increasingly bored, he accepts Ned's offer to babysit Rod and Todd, and the kids love him. Homer establishes 'Uncle Homer's Day Care Center' and makes Bart and Lisa feel like outcasts when he pays more attention to his other children. When Homer is nominated for a Good Guy Award, Bart and Lisa sabotage his entry, so Homer runs off with the kids in his van.

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I'm Goin' to Praiseland

Production Code: #CABF15

Ned realises how obsessed with Maude he still is, and discovers plans of hers to build 'Praiseland', a religion-based theme park. Ned decides to make her dream a reality, and with the help of townspeople, Praiseland opens. However, it isnt very successful, until a mask of Maude floats above her statue, and it is called a miracle, as everybody who stands in front of 'Miracle Maude' has a vision. Ned discovers that it is actually a gas leak.

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Trilogy of Error

Production Code: #CABF14

Three intertwining tales offer a day's events from different perspectives. Firstly, Marge accidentally cuts off Homer's thumb, and tells the police she lives at 123, Fake Street. They race to the hospital, forcing Lisa to walk to school on science project day - but she ends up at the wrong school. She catches a ride with Marge when Homer goes to Moe's, and almost run over Bart, who has uncovered a secret stash of fireworks.

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Simpson Safari

Production Code: #CABF13

The supermarket staff go on strike, so Homer goes in search of food, and uncovers a 30-year-old box of crackers. He bites into a golden giraffe, which entitles him to a free trip to Africa. The makers of the crackers, who are now out of business, eventually decide to finance his trip, but, when they arrive, they are chased by a hippo, and discover a woman that is using monkeys to mine diamonds. They stay silent when offered diamonds.

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Bye Bye Nerdie

Production Code: #CABF11

Lisa attempts to make friends with the new girl, Francine, but gets beaten up by her, so she decides to investigate why. She conducts scientific research on nerds, and discovers that the odour of nerds makes Francine angry. She creates an antidote, which is displayed at a science show, and wins a prize for her research. Elsewhere, Homer decides to help make peoples houses safe for babies.

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Hungry Hungry Homer

Production Code: #CABF09

Homer decides to stand up for the little guy, and when trying to help Lenny get tickets to the Isotopes game, he discovers a secret plan to move the team to Albuquerque. Homer goes to the media, but they dismiss his views, so he stages a hunger strike near the stadium. He gains public interest, so the owners decide to move him inside the ballpark. He becomes sickly, and is unchained and given a hot dog which sparks his memory.

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New Kids on the Blecch

Production Code: #CABF12

Bart, Nelson, Ralph and Milhouse are scouted by a talent agencies and form the 'Party Posse'. They become famous using voice enhancers, and they release a single called 'Drop Da Bomb', complete with a subliminal message - Yvan Eht Noij. Lisa grows suspicious, and finds out that this message is 'Join the Navy', and discovers that the band's manager is a lieutenant in the Navy, with a crazy plan to blow up Mad Magazine HQ.

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Day of the Jackanapes

Production Code: #CABF10

Krusty announces his retirement, and in a TV interview, he admits he has taped over all of the Sideshow Bob-era editions. Sideshow Bob plans revenge, is released from prison and gets a job as Springfield Elementary morning announcer. He meets Bart in the tool shed, and hypnotises him to kill Krusty. At the clown's farewell special, Bob straps Bart with explosives and makes him walk up and hug Krusty - but stops at the last minute.

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Tennis the Menace

Production Code: #CABF07

Instead of buying a casket that Abe won for free in a retirement home contest, Homer buys a completely unrelated tennis court for his house, despite him never having played tennis. They become popular with the neighbours, but only because Marge and Homer are easy to beat. Marge enters a tennis tournament with Bart instead, so Homer enters with Lisa. When they play each other, their places are one by one replaced by pros.

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Worst Episode Ever

Production Code: #CABF08

Bart and Milhouse are banned for life at the comic book store, however, when Comic Book Guy suffers a heart attack, the kids are allowed to run the store since he doesn't have any real friends. The store becomes wildly successful, and they discover CBG's secret illegal video stash, and charge kids to see them. Their plan is rumbled by Chief Wiggum. Elsewhere, CBG falls in love with Agnes Skinner while recovering - but gets arrested.

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Pokey Mom

Production Code: #CABF05

Marge meets Jack, a convict who has great artistic ability. Marge goes to the prison to teach an art class, and helps Jack get parole. Jack looks for a job, and Marge suggests Springfield Elementary to help paint a new mural. Jack paints an amazing mural, but Skinner tells him to tone it down - and everybody thinks it is terrible. Jack goes crazy and commits arson, and is sent back to jail. Homer comes up with new back therapy.

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Production Code: #BABF22

Homer invests in Animotion, but it falls into super-duper bankruptcy. To make money, Homer goes to a medical research centre, and during a brain scan, they find out that Homer has a crayon lodged in his brain. When the crayon is removed, Homer's IQ goes up 105 points, and he bonds with Lisa, and together they shut down the power plant. His friends dislike him, so, with the unlicensed help of Moe, another crayon is lodged in his brain.

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Skinner's Sense of Snow

Production Code: #CABF06

A blizzard hits Springfield, but Springfield Elementary is the only school to declare 'open as normal'. Only a handful of students turn up, and Skinner and Willie are the only staff, but the snow piles up and they get trapped inside the school. The kids get sick of Skinner, so they tie him up in a bag, but he manages to send the school hamster with a message. Homer and Ned set off to rescue the kids, receive the message and save the day.

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The Great Money Caper

Production Code: #CABF03

Bart becomes amazed by magic, and buys a magic set. When the car is badly damaged, Bart tries to raise money by performing magic, but the act is a failure. Bart develops a knack for grifting, and, with the help of Grampa, the three start a grifting business. However, Bart and Homer are arrested and use Willie as a scapegoat, but the people of Springfield reveal that they staged the trial to teach the boys a lesson.

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The Computer Wore Menace Shoes

Production Code: #CABF02

Homer decides to buy a computer, and becomes interested in the Internet. Lisa tells him that people like to read dirt online. So, Homer becomes 'Mr X', who tells rumours, and when his rumour becomes true, Mr X is given a Pulitzer Prize. Homer reveals his identity to get the prize, but can't make any rumours. He makes things up completely, and gets ends up on a strange island when he reveals that our minds are controlled with flu jabs.

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Homer vs Dignity

Production Code: #CABF04

Homer's credit card is rejected at a restaurant, and they realise they are in financial trouble, so they see Lindsay Neagle, who suggests Homer ask Burns for a raise. Homer is promoted to the 'prank monkey' job, and is paid whenever he entertains Burns. Burns insists that Homer dress in a panda suit and stay with the panda at the zoo, but the real panda starts to become interested in him, so Homer quits his job, and becomes a Santa actor.

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Lisa the Tree Hugger

Production Code: #CABF01

Lisa joins 'Dirt First', a pro-vegetarianism group she first sees at Krusty Burger. Lisa starts to like the leader so she volunteers to scale Springfield's oldest redwood tree to stop it being cut down so that she can impress him. The tree is struck by lightning, and everyone thinks Lisa is dead, so plans are made to build 'Lisa Land' in her memory, until Lisa returns to knock down the tree being used to promote the park, and send it through town.

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Insane Clown Poppy

Production Code: #BABF17

Krusty meets a girl called Sophie who says she is his daughter, and he recalls a one night stand. He asks Homer for parenting help, and he finds out that Sophie's mum absolutely hates clowns. Krusty becomes a good father, until he plays poker with Fat Tony and the mafia, and bets Sophie's beloved violin - which he loses. He breaks into Fat Tony's mansion with Homer to get it back for her when she realises he is just a stupid clown.

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A Tale of Two Springfields

Production Code: #BABF20

When trying to get rid of a badger, Homer finds out that Springfield has been split into two area codes. Homer is outraged, and proposes that the poor people who have been left with the new code should go and form their own town, which Homer names 'New Springfield'. Homer's ability as mayor is brought into question, and people abandon his town, so Homer persuades The Who to play in New Springfield instead of Old Springfield.

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Treehouse of Horror XI

Production Code: #BABF21

In 'G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad', Homer chokes to death on a piece of brocolli, and he must perform a good deed before he can get into heaven. In 'Scary Tales Can Come True', in a tale based on Hansel and Gretel, Bart and Lisa discover the dark side of fairy tales. And, in 'Night of the Dolphin', Lisa frees a dolphin, who turns out to be their leader, and dolphins take over the world, forcing humans to live in the water.

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