Season 16 Episode Guide

The Father, The Son, And The Holy Guest Star

Production Code: #GABF09

Bart is expelled, and Marge enrols him in a Catholic school, where he has to put up with a tough nun and Father Sean. Bart starts to like Father Sean, so he converts to a catholic. Concerned about his new religion, Homer goes to speak to Father, but ends up converting himself. Marge and the other churchgoers go to the pair's first communion to sabotage their religion, and take Bart paintballing - until the Catholics arrive to take him back.

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Home Away From Homer

Production Code: #GABF15

Flanders rents out his spare room to two college girls, who operate their webcam in there behind Ned's back. When the whole town finds out, he becomes a laughing stock, and moves to Humbleton, PA, the home of his figurine collection. Homer's new neighbour is hated by Homer, so he goes to beg Ned to come home. Ned loves his new life, until they ask him to shave off his moustache. He moves back.

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Thank God It's Doomsday

Production Code: #GABF14

Homer watches a film about the apocalypse, and fears that it is going to happen. He calculates that the world is going to end in 7 days, and, worrying that Homer's predicitions are true, the town gather - but the time comes and goes. He later realises that he made a mistake when calculating, and that the apocalypse is only 30 minutes away. He goes alone, and is taken up to heaven, but is sent back to earth when he causes havoc.

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A Star is Torn

Production Code: #GABF13

Lisa enters the 'L'il Starmaker' singing contest, but when an opponent, sings the same song that Lisa was going to sing, Homer writes her a song and she gets through, and with more Homer songs, she goes straight to the final. It's Lisa versus Cameron, but Lisa fires Homer; so he goes to help Cameron to spite her. Lisa sings a song about her dad, and Homer tells her that he wrote a bad song for Cameron so that she could win.

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The Heartbroke Kid

Production Code: #GABF11

Vending machines are installed at Springfield Elementary, and when Bart takes all his meals from them, he becomes unhealthily overweight and is diagnosed with heart problems. Bart doesn't stop, so the family send him to a high-security fat camp. Marge can't pay for the membership, so she opens the house up to German tourists. Bart's instructor eventually gets it through to him, and he goes to the school to destroy the machines.

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Don't Fear The Roofer

Production Code: #GABF10

When a thunderstorm destroys the roof, Homer goes to Moe's but is kicked out for ruining Lenny's birthday. He goes to a bar called Knockers, and meets a roofer named Ray. He helps Homer to fix the roof when the family are out, but they never finish. When Ray never comes back, Marge sends him to a mental institute because she thinks Ray doesn't exist. Six weeks later, he is cured, and the family celebrate - and Ray turns up, too.

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Production Code: #GABF12

Bart and Lisa look at Frink's latest invention, a future-reader. In eight years, Maggie is in Alaska, Homer and Marge are separated and Bart and Lisa are preparing for the prom. They are dating a girl called Jenda and Milhouse respectively, but when Bart proposes, he is turned down. When Bart saves Burns' life, he is awarded with Lisa's scholarship, but he gives her back the scholarship when he realises she could marry Milhouse.

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The Seven Beer Snitch

Production Code: #GABF08

When the Simpsons are treated as lower-class citizens in Shelbyville, Marge asks architect Frank Gehry to design a concert hall. However, the building is left unused, so Burns buys it and turns it into the state prison. Burns wants convicts, so Homer is arrested for kicking a can on the street. In prison, Homer becomes the snitch, and when he is noticed, the other cellmates feed him false information and set out to kill him.

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Mobile Homer

Production Code: #GABF07

When Homer's poor health record leaves the family insurance under threat, Marge starts cost-cutting. Homer gets annoyed with this, and uses their savings as a downpayment on a new mobile home. Homer opens up the backyard for other motor homes, until Marge cuts the power, and Bart and Lisa decide to drive the vehicle back to the dealer when they see it as the cause of their parents' arguments - but it crashes onto a container ship.

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Goo Goo Gai Pan

Production Code: #GABF06

Selma is going through the menopause, and when she realises that she'll never be able to have kids, she decides to adopt a Chinese baby. However, she requires a husband for the adoption, so she writes Homer's name on the form. They keep up the act when they go to China to collect the baby, but the adoption officer finds out and takes Ling Bouvier back. Homer breaks into the orphanage, but Selma is allowed to keep the baby.

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On A Clear Day I Can't See My Sister

Production Code: #GABF05

At a school trip to the glacier, Lisa is humiliated by Bart over and over again, so she decides to get a restraining order - he must keep 20ft away from her. Homer constructs a 20ft pole to enforce the order, and Bart is forced to live in the backyard until Lisa comes to apologise to him. Elsewhere, Homer takes over Abe's job as Sprawl Mart greeter, and finds out that all of the employees steal from the store every night.

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There's Something About Marrying

Production Code: #GABF04

The town gets a bad reputation, and Quimby asks for ideas to boost the town's appeal. They decide to legalise same-sex marriage, but when Reverend Lovejoy refuses to perform ceremonies, Homer becomes a certified minister and performs ceremonies in his garage. Patty comes out, and asks for Homer to perform her marriage to Veronica. Marge discovers that Veronica is actually a man, and stops the wedding, revealling all.

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Pranksta Rap

Production Code: #GABF03

Bart gets Homer's permission to go to a rap concert, but Marge intervenes. Bart sneaks off to perform at the concert, and when he returns home, Marge and Homer are angry; so he fakes his own kidnapping. Bart stays with Kirk Van Houten, and when he is caught, Kirk is arrested. Bart tells Wiggum the truth, feeling guilty. Lisa discovers that Bart was at the concert, but Bart, Homer and Wiggum convince her that she should just leave it.

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Homer & Ned's Hail Mary Pass

Production Code: #GABF02

At a carnival, Homer beats Bart and his victory dance is caught on camera and put on the net. An NFL player buys the rights to the dance, and soon, loads of players are wanting Homer's showboating assistance. Elsewhere, Ned tries to remake Bible stories, but Marge dislikes their violence. When Homer is approached to choreograph the Super Bowl half time show, he gets Ned's help, and they deliver the story of Noah - and are booed off.

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Mommie Beerest

Production Code: #GABF01

Homer has finally paid off his mortgage. When celebrating at Moe's, the health inspector is killed, so Moe's is shut down by the next health inspector. Homer gives Moe all of his money, so Marge decides to take an interest in their investment. She and Moe form a tight relationship, when Marge suggests turning the bar into a British pub. On their way to a convention, Moe tries to seduce Marge into a happy life with him - until Homer appears.

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Midnight RX

Production Code: #FABF16

Mr Burns breaks the news that the employee prescription drug programme is to be scrapped, and other major companies follow suit. When the retirement castle can't afford medication, Homer and Abe go to Canada, and bring drugs back with them. When they return with Apu and Flanders, they are all caught and jailed. Smithers' thyroid flares up, so Burns takes the foursome to get some drugs to save him. They avoid getting arrested.

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Fat Man and Little Boy

Production Code: #FABF21

Bart plunges into a mid-life crisis, and chooses to to put his life feelings on t-shirts as slogans. Goose Gladwell sees the slogans, and he decides to form a partnership with Bart to mass-produce them, and Bart begins to make a lot of money. Homer quits his job to live on Bart's money, and gets closer to Lisa, helping her to make a "more realistic" nuclear plant model. Goose sells the rights to the t-shirts, and Bart gets no money from the deal.

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She Used To Be My Girl

Production Code: #FABF22

Famous journalist Chloe Talbot comes to Springfield, and Marge and her were journalism students together in high school. Lisa begins to idolise Chloe, and Marge becomes jealous when she loses Lisa's attention. Marge gets into a fight with Chloe, and Lisa sneaks into Chloe's trunk so that she too can go to a news conference. However, Chloe gets diverted to cover the eruption of a volcano, but they get into some difficulty.

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Sleeping with the Enemy

Production Code: #FABF19

Marge feels unloved by her kids, so she decides to take lonely Nelson under her wing. After a few outings, Nelson's mum kicks him out, so he stays with the Simpsons - much to Bart's horror. Bart sets out to find Nelson's estranged father to avoid the round-the-clock bullying, finds him at a freak show, and the Muntzes go home as a family. Meanwhile, Lisa is teased about her weight and develops a weight obsession.

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All's Fair in Oven War

Production Code: #FABF20

Marge persuades Homer to redecorate the kitchen, and the new surroundings inspire Marge to cook more. She enters her 'Desert Dogs' into a contest to become the new mascot of Aunty Ovenfresh, but she is undermined by the fellow entrants - so she spikes their food with ear medicine, to Lisa's disappointment. Elsewhere, Bart and Milhouse find some old Playdude magazines and transform the treehouse into the Playdude mansion.

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Treehouse of Horror XV

Production Code: #FABF23

In 'The Ned Zone', Ned is knocked unconcious, and when he wakes up, he has the ability to see people's deaths. He sees himself killing Homer. In 'Four Beheadings and a Funeral', The Mutton Chop Murderer has taken another victim and it's up to Eliza Simpson and Dr Bartley to find the culprit. And, in 'In the Belly of the Boss', Maggie ends up being shrinked in a pill that Mr Burns eats. The family travel in Burns' body to find her.

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