Season 5 Episode Guide

Secrets of a Successful Marriage

Production Code: #1F20

Marge gets Homer to enrol in an adult education course, but he requests a teaching position instead. He is hired to teach a course on marriage, but he soon realises that he doesn't know how to run the class, so instead he spills secrets about Marge and him. Marge finds out about this, and kicks him out of the house. Reverend Lovejoy encourages Marge to divorce, but Homer apologises on his knees, and he is forgiven.

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Lady Bouvier's Lover

Production Code: #1F21

Marge tells Homer that his father and her mother are lonely, and take the pair to dinner to get to know each other better. Grampa falls in love with Jacqueline, and takes her to a senior swing dance, only to be interrupted by Burns, who also has an eye for her. Abe is heartbroken, and even moreso the next day when Burns proposes to her. She leaves Burns at the altar though, when Burns kicks Bart for messing up.

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The Boy Who Knew Too Much

Production Code: #1F19

Bart skips school, and witnesses a bust-up between Mayor Quimby's nephew Freddy and a waiter. Freddy gets charged for beating up the waiter, but Bart saw what really happened. He is faced with a dilemma - own up to flunking school and save Freddy, or pretend he's none the wiser. Bart states that the waiter slipped and injured himself, and Freddy's charges are dropped. Skinner praises Bart, and sentences him to 4 months detention.

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Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadassss Song

Production Code: #1F18

Bart brings the dog into school for show and tell, but the dog manages to get into the vents, having to be rescued by the fire department. Superintendent Chalmers witnesses the havoc, and fires Skinner, replacing him with head of the PTA, Ned Flanders. Skinner re-enlists for the army, and Bart plots to have Flanders fired and Skinner rehired by exploiting Ned's weaknesses. Ned is fired for introducing prayer to the school, and Skinner is rehired.

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Burns' Heir

Production Code: #1F16

When he nearly drowns, Mr Burns sparks a search for a man to inherit his wealth and power. When rejected, Bart vandalises the mansion, and Burns is impressed by his attitude and chooses him. Bart spends time at the mansion, and returns home spoilt, therefore punished by Homer. Bart decides he wants to live with Burns, and he tries to convince him that his family don't miss him, but Bart can't do it and returns home.

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Bart Gets an Elephant

Production Code: #1F15

In a radio promotion, Bart is offered $10,000 or an elephant - and Bart goes for the elephant. He creates a fuss when it is revealed that KBBL never even had an elephant, but Bart demands the animal. A full-grown elephant arrives at their house, named Stampy, but they realise the backyard is unsuitable for it. Homer sells it to an ivory dealer, but before the deal is made, Bart sets him free. Bart then convinces Homer to cough up for a refuge.

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Homer Loves Flanders

Production Code: #1F14

Ned wins two tickets to a football game, and invites Homer to go with him. Homer is embaressed to be seen by him, until he realises that Flanders isn't actually that bad. Homer becomes his best friend, and they arrange a camping trip for both families. When Homer starts a food fight, Ned realises how much he hates Homer. When they get back to town, Ned can't do anything right, and people start to like Homer more than him.

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Deep Space Homer

Production Code: #1F13

NASA's ratings decline, so they decide to send an idiot into orbit. Homer calls the company to complain about the boring TV company, and he fits the image perfectly, so they invite him and Barney. Only one of them will get the opportunity, and Barney is crowned winner, until his true colours are revealed in a celebratory drink. Homer is sent into space, but he breaks a critical door handle, and the crew are saved by an inanimate carbon rod.

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Lisa vs Malibu Stacy

Production Code: #1F12

Lisa buys the new talking Malibu Stacy doll, but is disgusted when all she can say are sexist stereotypes. Marge takes Lisa to the factory, but they get a standard response, so with the help of Smithers, she manages to track down inventor Stacy Lovell. Lisa convinces her to make a new doll, that stands for good values and morals, and they call it 'Lisa Lionheart'. On launch day, attentions are diverted by the new Malibu Stacy doll, now with a hat.

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Homer and Apu

Production Code: #1F10

Homer passes out after eating some rancid meat from the Kwik-E-Mart, and he is sent to spy on Apu - causing him to be fired due to violations. Apu becomes Homer's valet as payback, and he convinces everyone 'who needs the Kwik-E-Mart?'. However, he asks Homer to go to India with him to the company headquarters to try and get his job back, but fails. On his return, he saves the new klerk from being robbed, and gets his job back.

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Bart Gets Famous

Production Code: #1F11

While on a field trip to a box factory, Bart sneaks across the road into the Krustylu Studios, where filming is underway. Bart gets Krusty a danish, and so he hires him as an assistant. Just as he is about to quit after too much work, Krusty tells him that he needs him to be an extra in a sketch, but Bart knocks over the set live on TV, responding by saying "I Didn't Do It". The audience laugh, and he becomes an instant celebrity.

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Homer the Vigilante

Production Code: #1F09

A cat burglar hits Springfield, stealing Lisa's saxophone, Marge's pearls and the whole towns belongings. The Neighbourhood Watch elects Homer as their leader, and they parade the street looking for the culprit. They receive word that he is going to hit the museum, but, despite 24-7 guards, he manages to steal the world's largest cubic zirconia. Abe runs to the rescue, telling them that Molloy from the retirement home is the burglar.

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$pringfield (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love Legalized...)

Production Code: #1F08

The economy in Springfield has stalled, and the whole town, including Marge, approve a plan to legalise gambling. Burns builds a casino on the Springfield boardwark, and Homer is employed as a blackjack dealer. Marge becomes addicted to the slot machines, and forgets about her family - crucially, Lisa's Geography pagaent, where she needs to dress as Florida. Homer gets her to admit she has a gambling problem.

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The Last Temptation of Homer

Production Code: #1F07

There's a new employee at the power plant, Mindy, and she gains Homer's attention by sharing his passion for beer and TV. Burns chooses them to go away to an energy convention together, and they have a great time, until Homer thinks that Mindy wants to sleep with him. He calls Marge, and asks her to take Mindy's place. Meanwhile, Bart needs glasses and orthopedic shoes, which leave him looking like a nerd.

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Boy-Scoutz N The Hood

Production Code: #1F06

Bart and Milhouse indulge in an all-syrup squishee when they find some money, and Bart signs up to the Junior Campers in his sugar rush. He immediately wants to quit, until he realises they get to miss lessons to do activities. The father-son camping weekend arrives, and Homer goes with Bart. They end up in a boat with the Flanderses, and they get horribly lost. Just as they are about to starve, they find a Krusty Burger on an oil rig.

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Bart's Inner Child

Production Code: #1F05

Homer acquires a free trampoline, and charges kids to use it - but it turns out to be lethal. Marge purchases a self-help video for the family, and when the presenter, Brad Goodman, comes to Springfield, they all decide to go. Bart goes on stage, and Brad tells everybody to follow Bart's example, and the people let their repressive selves free. At the annual 'Do What You Feel' festival, the town riot, and they all blame Bart for the disaster.

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Marge on the Lam

Production Code: #1F03

Marge invites her neighbour, Ruth Powers, out to the ballet, and they have a great time together. The next night, Ruth pulls up in a convertable, and takes Marge to several nightclubs. Wiggum catches the car speeding, but Ruth doesn't pull over because she stole the car from her ex-husband. Ruth wants to give herself up when several more cars join the chase, but Marge talks her out of it, but the car eventually stops near a cliff.

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Treehouse of Horror IV

Production Code: #1F04

In 'The Devil and Homer Simpson', Homer sells his soul for a donut, but when he eats the donut, the devil - our very own Ned Flanders - sends him to hell. In 'Nightmare at 5-1/2 Feet', Bart sees a gremlin on the side of the bus that noone else can see, and it is tearing the bus apart. And, in 'Bart Simpson's Dracula', the family visit Burns' Pennsylvania mansion, but when they become vampires, they set out to kill the head vampire - Burns.

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Production Code: #1F01

It's Mr Burns' birthday, and he wishes that he had his teddy bear Bobo back. We learn the history of the bear, and we find out that the owner of the teddy is now Maggie Simpson. Burns' financial reward makes Homer want to give the bear away, but he stands up for his daughter and turns down the offer. Burns and Smithers try to steal Bobo, but it doesn't work, and eventually Burns gives up - until Maggie gives the bear back to him, free of charge.

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Homer Goes to College

Production Code: #1F02

Inspectors make a surprise visit to the power plant, and Homer accidentally causes a meltdown in a simulation test. It is discovered that he never went to college to get the course required for his job, so he is sent there by Burns. He shares a room with three nerds, and they organise a prank that sees them get expelled by the dean. Homer manages to get them readmitted, flunks the course, but gets the grade changed on a computer.

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Cape Feare

Production Code: #9F22

Somebody is sending Bart death threats through the post, and he soon realises it was the recently-paroled Sideshow Bob. So, the family join a witness relocation programme when Bart thinks he is plotting revenge. Bob follows them to their new houseboat at Terror Lake, unties the boat and gags the family, except for Bart. Just as he is about to kill him, Bart manages to hold him off until they reach Springfield, where he is arrested.

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Homer's Barbershop Quartet

Production Code: #9F21

At a swapmeet, Bart and Lisa find old records with Homer's face on the cover. We flashback to the summer of 1985, where he, Apu, Chief Wiggum and Skinner were in a group. Chief Wiggum was replaced by Barney, and they performed with the name 'the Be Sharps'. Wiggum was replaced by Barney, and Homer's song 'Baby on Board' became a massive hit. The success doesn't last long, and the group realise the band is too much work.

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