Season 8 Episode Guide

The Secret War of Lisa Simpson

Production Code: #4F21

Bart sneaks away from the group at a field trip, and causes chaos in the town. Homer and Marge enrol him to a military school as punishment, and Lisa decides that she wants to join, too, as the first female cadet. The male cadets immediately dislike her, and Bart refuses to speak to her. Lisa is convinced she will not pass a physical test comprising a 150-foot rope over thorns, but, with Bart's help, she makes it and graduates.

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The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase

Production Code: #4F20

A collection of spin-offs. In 'Chief Wiggum, PI', Wiggum is a detective in New Orleans with his sidekick, Skinny Boy. A criminal named Big Daddy kidnaps Ralph, so he sets out to find him. In 'The Love-Matic Grampa', Abe's spirit inhabits the love tester at Moe's and gives him advice with the ladies. And, in 'The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour', the family - complete with fake Lisa - perform a variety of musical comedy skits.

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Homer's Enemy

Production Code: #4F19

A new guy starts at the plant, called Frank Grimes. A hard worker, he has earned everything in his life himself. He instantly dislikes Homer's attitude and personality, and he declares himself Homer's enemy. Grimes goes insane, and imitating Homer, he electrocutes himself at the plant and dies. Meanwhile, Bart purchases an old factory in an auction for a dollar, and hires Milhouse. They spend their time causing havoc until it collapses.

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In Marge We Trust

Production Code: #4F18

Marge volunteers to help Reverend Lovejoy by giving people advice. She gains a loyal following as the 'Listen Lady'. However, after giving Ned advice, he is chased by the school bullies to a den of angry baboons at the zoo, where he is rescued by Lovejoy on the miniature train. Meanwhile, Homer sees his face on the cover of a Japanese dishwasher powder, contacts the company, and finds out more about 'Mr Sparkle'.

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The Old Man and the Lisa

Production Code: #4F17

Burns releases an unsuccessful autobiography, and notices that his value has dropped. He invests, but loses everything. While shopping, he is committed to the retirement home, but he vows to regain his fortune - with the help of Lisa. She introduces him to recycling, and soon Burns has enough money to make a recycling plant. He shows her how he captures water life and processes it to form L'il Lisa's Slurry - much to her disapproval.

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The Canine Mutiny

Production Code: #4F16

Bart fills out an application for a credit card, and buys lots of cool stuff. He purchases a dog named Laddie, who is much better than Santa's Little Helper, so when the repo men come to take the dog, Bart pretends that SLH is Laddie. He quickly realises his mistake, and tries to get him back. He finds out that he is now an old blind man's dog, so he breaks in to take him back. When the police show up, Bart explains what has happened.

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Grade School Confidential

Production Code: #4F09

Edna and Seymour start going out, but Bart sees them kiss. In exchange for silence, Skinner arranges for Bart and Milhouse's permanent records to be switched. Bart becomes the pair's messenger boy, so he leads everybody to the janitors closet where they both are. Chalmers threatens Skinner with the sack unless he ends his relationship, but he refuses, and they are both fired. They stage a protest, and get their jobs back.

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Homer vs the Eighteenth Amendment

Production Code: #4F15

During St Patricks Day, alcohol sprays into Bart's mouth and he gets drunk. People call for alcohol to be banned in Springfield as a result, and an old prohibition law is reinforced with the help of Rex Banner, Chief Wiggum's replacement. Homer steals beer from the city dump, and sells it on to people under the guise of the 'Beer Baron'. He then goes on to make his own beer in the basement, until he is caught and catapulted out of town.

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My Sister, My Sitter

Production Code: #4F13

Lisa begins babysitting, and after successfully looking after the Flanders, she is wanted all over town. Homer and Marge are so impressed that they ask her to take care of Bart while they go to the Squidport - much to Bart's disgust. He tries to be as difficult as possible, and ends up hitting his head. Lisa wants to take him to hospital, but instead carries him around on a wheelbarrow - catching the attention of everyone at the squidport.

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Brother from Another Series

Production Code: #4F14

Guess what! Sideshow Bob is released from prison, and his brother Cecil keeps him in his house and offers him a job on the construction of Springfield Dam. Bart suspects Bob, and when he finds a suitcase full of money, Bob is left to explain that he has nothing planned. Cecil enters, and holds them at gunpoint, and explains his plot to blow up the dam with Bob, Bart and Lisa in it. Bob helps the children escape, but is sent back to jail.

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Homer's Phobia

Production Code: #4F11

The Simpsons have a hefty gas bill to pay, so they sell a family heirloom. The family meet John, who Homer starts to like, until Marge informs him that he's gay. He notices Bart's change in behaviour, so tries to make him manlier. He takes him to a steel mill, where everyone is gay, so Homer resorts to deer hunting with the barflies. They persuade Bart to kill one, until the family turn up - and John saves Homer from a rogue reindeer.

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The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show

Production Code: #4F12

When ratings decline, Roger Meyers Jr listens to kids ideas to improve the show - and he introduces a new character, Poochie the dog. Auditions are held for the voice, and Homer gets the part. Poochie makes his debut on the show - and everybody hates him. Homer then discovers that his character is going to be killed off, so he refuses to read lines from the script. He creates his own dialogue, which gets cut as Poochie dies.

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Production Code: #3G03

Marge's hair starts to fall out with stress, so the family decide to hire a nanny to help her around the house. They meet an English woman who floats down to the ground with an umbrella - a la Mary Poppins - who is called Shary Bobbins. She makes everybody happy, and Marge's hair starts to grow back. When she realises that she has taught them nothing, she leaves - but gets sucked into an aeroplane jet.

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Mountain of Madness

Production Code: #4F10

After an awful fire drill, Burns holds a teambuilding exercise for his employees. They are all paired up, and must make it to a shack on top of a mountain together - the last pair there will be fired. Homer is paired with Burns, and Smithers is alone, and Homer and Burns get there first, with the help of a snowmobile. However, an avalanche causes them to be buried beneath metres of snow, with no way out.

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The Twisted World of Marge Simpson

Production Code: #4F08

Marge buys into a pretzel franchise after being booted out of the Springfield Investorettes. They try to sabotise her business, by parking their pita van next to Marge. Homer asks Fat Tony to help her, and the food businesses in Springfield quickly vanish, while Marge is busier than ever. Fat Tony turns up to collect his share of the profits, but Marge refuses, and they prepare for a showdown, until the Japanese mafia turn up to rub out Fat Tony.

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The Springfield Files

Production Code: #4G01

Homer drinks too much at Moe's, and walks home. On his way, he sees something mysterious walking through the woods - an alien. Homer's sighting is laughed off by others as he was drinking, but this makes its way to Mulder and Scully of X-Files fame, who visit the site with Homer - but they quickly leave. Bart manages to capture the alien on camera, and the whole town go to the woods - only to find out that the 'alien' is Mr Burns.

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El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage Of Homer)

Production Code: #3F24

Marge lets Homer go to the Springfield Chili Cook-Off. After eating a dish filled with some strange peppers, he begins to halucinate, and he fantasises about a talking coyote, which tells him that he must find his soulmate. When he returns home, Marge is angry for embaressing her, so Homer leaves and roams the town, convinced she isn't his soulmate. He goes to the lighthouse, hoping to see the keeper, and Marge comes and apologises.

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Hurricane Neddy

Production Code: #4F07

A hurricane hits Springfield, and destroys the well-prepared Flanders' house. The family are forced to move into the church basement, as they have no insurance, but the townspeople gather together to rebuild their house. Ned lashes out at everybody when he sees what a poor job they did, and admits himself into a mental institution. The doctor teaches him to unleash his angry feelings, like Homer, and Ned is cured and returns home.

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Lisa's Date with Density

Production Code: #4F01

Skinner finds out that Nelson vandalised Chalmers' car, and he is forced to help Willie around the yard. Lisa develops a crush on him while watching him work, and she decides to transform Nelson into a better person. They kiss on a date, but afterwards, Nelson goes to throw expired coleslaw at Skinner's house, and runs to Lisa's house for refuge when Skinner sees them. He insists he was framed, but reveals the truth, and they split.

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A Milhouse Divided

Production Code: #4F04

The Simpsons hold a dinner party, and invite all of their friends. In front of everybody, Luann Van Houten announces she wants to divorce Kirk. Homer is convinced that this won't happen to him, until Kirk tells him how quickly things change. He realises that he takes his marriage for granted, so he goes and files for divorce - only to get remarried in a proper, second wedding at their house. Kirk tries to sort his failed marriage out, but fails.

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Bart After Dark

Production Code: #4F06

Marge and Lisa go to help clean up after an oil spill, and the house becomes a mess when left with Homer and Bart. Bart ends up damaging a spooky house, and a woman called Belle comes out and leads him home by the ear. Homer promises he will make him regret it, so he makes Bart go and do chores for Belle. It turns out she is the owner of a burlesque house, but when Marge gets back, she disapproves, and tries to get it demolished.

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Burns, Baby Burns

Production Code: #4F05

A souvenier man called Larry notices Mr Burns on a train, and hitches a ride to Springfield. He goes up to his mansion, and reveals that he is his long, lost son, Larry Burns. At first, Burns accepts that he is his son, but when he becomes increasingly annoying and embaressing, he tires of him. With the help of Homer, they stage a fake kidnapping to make Burns realise how much he loves his son, but the pair are caught by the police.

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The Homer They Fall

Production Code: #4F03

Homer is beaten up by the school bullies' parents, and Moe notices that Homer can take a punch to the head. He talks Homer into boxing, and Moe is is his manager due to his long history in the sport. Homer simply takes the punches until the opponent is worn out, and it works - until Moe accepts a challenge against Drederick Tatum. It becomes clear that Homer won't last the required three rounds, so Moe airlifts him to safety.

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You Only Move Twice

Production Code: #3F23

The Simpsons move to Cypress Creek when Homer accepts a new job at Globex. He enjoys work, and likes the boss, but the rest of the family aren't as happy - Marge starts drinking in the day, Lisa is allergic to everything and Bart is stuck in the remedial class. Homer's boss, Hank Scorpio, is actually a terrorist, who wants to take over the East Coast. Homer ends up quitting, and he is given the Denver Broncos as a parting gift.

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Treehouse of Horror VII

Production Code: #4F02

In 'The Thing and I', Bart discovers he has an evil siamese twin brother called Hugo who lives in their attic, where he can't cause any harm. In 'The Genesis Tub', Lisa creates a tiny society when a tooth is combined with soda for a science project. And, in 'Citizen Kang', Kang and Kodos interrogate Homer about the Earth's leaders, kidnap the election candidates and pose as them until they can take over the Earth.

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