Season 10 Episode Guide

Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo

Production Code: #AABF20

The Simpsons are going to Japan, after waiting at the airport to claim tickets for unsold seats when Homer's money is stolen. To get home, the family go to the US embassy, who suggest the family get jobs. While working at a fish-gutting plant, they see a gameshow on TV that gives the winner whatever they want, so they go on in an attempt to win tickets home. They have to go through a rough and physical game, but they end up winning.

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They Saved Lisa's Brain

Production Code: #AABF18

Lisa denounces Springfield for its lack of intelligence, and is invited to join the local Mensa group. They go to confront Mayor Quimby, who flees the town after a misinterpretation, and the rules state that the smartest people should run the town, so Mensa are convinced they can do the best job. The power goes to their heads, and Stephen Hawking has to come in to calm the situation. The townspeople vote to bring an end to Mensa's rule.

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Monty Can't Buy Me Love

Production Code: #AABF17

A new shopping mall opens in Springfield, and the owner, Arthur Fortune, manages to impress by giving away money at the opening ceremony. Burns enlists Homer's help in making him popular again, and, after several failed attempts, they decide to find the Loch Ness Monster by draining the loch, and fly it back to Springfield for everyone to see. The monster gets angry with the camera flashes, and it gets a job at Burns' casino.

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The Old Man and the "C" Student

Production Code: #AABF16

Springfield is in line to host the Olympic games, but when the IOC come to visit, Bart manages to offend them in a comedy routine, and loses the town the opportunity. As punishment, Bart is forced to slave away helping the elderly residents at the retirement home, and he hijacks a boat so that they can have more fun - but it starts to sink. Homer flushes useless Olympics 'Springy' mascots down the toilet, and saves the boat.

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Mom and Pop Art

Production Code: #AABF15

Homer sees a DIY barbeque set at a hardware store, and buys it. When he tries to set it up, he fails, and so takes out his anger at the barbeque. He tries to get rid of it, but it catches the eye of an artist who sees it as a work of art, and Homer's work goes on show at an exhibit. He tries to make new masterpieces, but they are rejected by the art community, so he tries conceptual art, by flooding Springfield - and everyone's impressed.

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Simpsons Bible Stories

Production Code: #AABF14

Reverend Lovejoy's distinctly uninteresting sermon makes the Simpsons fall asleep, dreaming about different bible stories. Marge dreams that Homer and her are Adam and Eve, living in the garden of Eden. Lisa dreams of the story of Moses, with Milhouse as the lead. Homer dreams of a King Solomon style story, and Bart dreams of a battle between David - himself - and Goliath II, Nelson, who killed Bart's oldest friend - Grampa Simpson.

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Maximum Homerdrive

Production Code: #AABF13

Homer challenges a truck-driver in a meateating contest at the new restaurant, the Slaughter House. However, the trucker dies when trying to out-eat Homer, so Homer decides to finish the guy's last delivery, taking Bart along, too. Homer discovers the auto-drive system, and tells passers-by, causing an angry mob of truckers to confront the pair. Elsewhere, Marge and Lisa get a new doorbell that won't ever stop ringing.

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Make Room for Lisa

Production Code: #AABF12

The family go to an exhibit sponsored by mobile phone company OmniTouch, but when Homer accidentally destroys the bill of rights, he is left to either pay $10,000 or install a signal transmitter in Lisa's room. Unable to afford the first option, he opts for the second, letting Lisa share Bart's room. Lisa is outraged, and becomes ill, and when they go to a karma store to cure her, they end up moving around town in sensory deprivation tanks.

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Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"

Production Code: #AABF10

Homer buys a new car, but realises that it is meant for women. So, he offers the car to Marge, and she loves it. But, when she uses it, she develops road rage, and is sent to road school. When leaving the school, she gets angry again, and so her license is teared up. However, Marge's car is needed when rhinos escape from the zoo and circle Homer, Bart and Lisa, and she saves the day by flipping over the car, which sets it on fire.

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I'm With Cupid

Production Code: #AABF11

Apu and Manjula get into a fight over Apu's work, so Apu decides to shower Manjula with gifts for the week before Valentine's Day. This succeeds, but almost ruins other people's marriages, as regular wives are discontent with their gifts. The men decide to sabotage Apu's last gift, an airwriter, and Homer gets on the plane to stop the pilot. Homer ends up falling from the plane with a rose in front of Marge, and their marriage is saved.

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Homer to the Max

Production Code: #AABF09

A new television show launches, 'Police Cops', and a character is called Homer Simpson. Our Homer enjoys stardom from impressed townspeople, but when the show changes, Homer Simpson becomes an idiotic slob who can't do anything right. Homer decides to change his name to Max Power, to avoid people's laughing, and his name improves his image. He is even invited to an A-list party, where their sole aim is to save trees.

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Sunday, Cruddy Sunday

Production Code: #AABF08

Homer meets a man named Wally, a travel agent, who suggests that Homer can fill a bus with his friends and go to the Superbowl for free. Virtually all the men in Springfield agree to go, but when they arrive, they find out that their tickets are in fact printed on crackers. They get locked up in the stadium jail, but are freed by Dolly Parton and run into a skybox. The group end in the players dressing room. Lisa and Marge do an activity at home.

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Wild Barts Can't Be Broken

Production Code: #AABF07

Homer and his friends celebrate a Springfield Isotopes victory by trashing Springfield Elementary. Chief Wiggum decides that children did it, and sets a sunset curfew for all children in the townHowever, after they see an advert on the TV for a scary movie, they sneak out to watch it, but get caught, and, as punishment, have to clean a sign emphasising the curfew. The seniors suggest a curfew for under 70s, which is passed by a single vote.

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Viva Ned Flanders

Production Code: #AABF06

Homer finds out that Flanders is sixty years old, and Ned tells him that he has never lived impulsively or had fun in life. So, Homer decides to take his neighbour on a gambling trip to Las Vegas, but, after getting drunk at a casino bar, they marry two cocktail waitresses, Amber and Ginger. The men try to escape from them by running through the casino, and get kicked out, telling them that they are never welcome in Las Vegas ever again.

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Mayored to the Mob

Production Code: #AABF05

Mayor Quimby and Mark Hamill are in danger of being trampled by a crowd of angry sci-fi fans, and Homer comes to the rescue, and is made Quimby's permanent body guard. After graduating from the academy, Homer finds out that Quimby willingly lets Fat Tony sell rats milk to the school. Quimby puts the mafia in jail, but Fat Tony threatens to kill him, and, while at the theatre with Homer, Quimby is hit violently with a baseball bat.

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Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"

Production Code: #AABF04

Abe needs to go to the toilet on a car trip, but Homer refuses to let him, so when they return home they realise that his kidneys have burst. Dr Hibbert suggests that Homer donate a kidney to Abe, but Homer bottles out at the last minute after hearing the consequences. He joins up with a boat trip, but gets thrown overboard, and as he goes back to the hospital, he is knocked unconcious. Hibbert takes out when of his kidneys when he is out cold.

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Lisa Gets an "A"

Production Code: #AABF03

Lisa stays off school, and gets addicted to one of Bart's video games, forgetting to study for a test on the Wind in the Willows. She resorts to cheating by getting the answers off Nelson, and her resulting grade raises the school's average and gives the school more funding. Lisa comes clean to a fake comptroller, and the school receives the money from the real comptroller. Elsewhere, Homer gets a pet lobster to fatten it up.

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D'oh-in in the Wind

Production Code: #AABF02

Homer realises that he has no idea what his middle initial 'J' stands for, so he sets out to find out - it stands for ' Jay'. Being around his mother's old hippy lifestyle makes Homer want to become a hippy, but he accidentally destroys a profitable organic juice company, so he is kicked out. By raiding their crops, Homer inadvertently sends the whole town marujuana, and the police turn up to catch his hippy friends.

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When You Dish Upon a Star

Production Code: #5F19

Homer crashes into the house of celebrities living on the outskirts of Springfield, and they hire him to be their personal assistant - as long as he doesn't tell anyone they live there. However, Homer gives it away, and gets fired, so he starts a mobile 'Museum of Hollywood Jerks', insulting his former celebrity friends just as they are about to forgive him. They confront him, and Homer gets a restraining order against all celebrities.

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Treehouse of Horror IX

Production Code: #AABF01

In 'Hell Toup´┐Że', Homer gets a hair transplant, but the hair belonged to Snake, the jailbird. Snake has inhabited the hair, and controls Homer's mind by killing people. In 'The Terror of Tiny Toon', Bart and Lisa are transported into an episode of Itchy and Scratchy, to play a deadly game of cat and mouse. In 'Starship Poopers', Maggie's actual father is revealed to be Kang, and they go onto the Jerry Springer Show to decide who should have her.

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Bart the Mother

Production Code: #5F22

Bart kills a mother bird when having a go with Nelson's new BB gun. He instantly feels guilty, and decides to take the eggs from the nest and raise them himself. When they hatch, they turn out to be two destructive lizards, that take over bird eggs. The town worries for its bird population, and want the lizards to be killed, but Bart runs away with them and they end up destroying the entire pigeon population - much to everybody's delight.

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The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace

Production Code: #5F21

Homer falls into depression when he realises he has already lived half of his life. Homer is fascinated by Thomas Edison, and he decides to become an inventor. He struggles to come up with anything, except a chair with 2 fold-out legs at the back in case you fall over. He tries to patent it, but it turns out Edison has already come up with the idea, so Homer goes to the Edison museum to destroy the chair so that Homer can gain full credit.

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Lard of the Dance

Production Code: #5F20

A new girl, Alex, starts at school, and Lisa is asked to show her around. Alex wears make-up, perfume, and goes shopping, and wins over Lisa's friends. She wants the school to have a dance, so Lisa organises it, but ends up going without a date - when even Milhouse has found someone. Elsewhere, Homer finds out the business in grease, but ends up filling the school hall with it when he fights Willie in the vents on the night of the dance.

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