Season 2 Episode Guide

Blood Feud

Production Code: #7F22

Mr Burns is ill, and needs a blood transplant - but nobody has his blood group, apart from Bart Simpson, of all people. Homer sees this an opportunity to get on his good side, so Bart donates blood, but gets no thank you in return. Homer writes an angry letter to Burns, and sends it by accident, and they then receive a large, redundant Indian head for the blood. Homer isn't best pleased.

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Three Men and a Comic Book

Production Code: #7F21

Bart finds Radioactive Man issue 1 at the Android's dungeon, but can't find the money. He does chores for local old lady Mrs Glick, but gets nowhere near enough. When he goes to the store, he finds Milhouse and Martin with a similar dilemma, so they pitch their money together and buy the comic. However, it drives them to the brink of paranoia, and the comic eventually flies out of the treehouse and is destroyed.

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The War of the Simpsons

Production Code: #7F20

Homer embaresses Marge when they hold a dinner party, and so she signs the couple up for a retreat at Catfish Lake, home of the mythical fish General Sherman. Homer is determined to catch it, and tries to sneak out in the morning instead of save their marriage. He catches it, but when confronted by Homer about what matters more, her or the fish, he lets it go.

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Lisa's Substitute

Production Code: #7F19

Ms Hoover falls sick, and so is replaced by a witty substitute teacher who Lisa develops a crush on. She runs into him at a museum, and is embaressed by Homer, but she still wants to ask him for dinner. The next day, Ms Hoover's back, and Mr Bergstrom's off to a different city. Lisa finds him at the train station, and says goodbye, but she takes her anger out on Homer, branding him a baboon, making Homer reevaluate his fatherhood ability.

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Brush With Greatness

Production Code: #7F18

The kids encourage the family to go to Mount Splashmore, but Homer gets stuck in one of the rides and decides to go on a diet. While looking for the weights in the attic, he finds paintings by Marge, and the family urge her to take up her hobby again. After doing well in competitions, Mr Burns approaches her to do a painting of him, and she ends up painting him in the nude to the dismay of the man himself.

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Old Money

Production Code: #7F17

Grampa inherits one thousand dollars from his new love interest when she unexpectedly dies when he's at the Discount Lion Safari. After originally splashing out on unneeded things, he sees Bea's ghost on a rollercoaster, and she tells him to spend it on people who need it. So, he decides to fund a refurbishment of the Retirement Castle.

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Bart's Dog Gets an F

Production Code: #7F14

Santa's Little Helper destroys new trainers, a family heirloom and Homer's cookie in a day, so the family send him off to an obediance school, led by a woman who swears by the choke chain. The dog shows no sign of improvement, so the family say they will sell him if he doesn't pass his obediance test. In one final attempt, Bart asks him to sit, and he does it. He passes, and the family keep him. Don't you just love it.

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Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Production Code: #7F16

When Grampa suffers a mild heart attack, he reveals to Homer that he has a half-brother. Homer tracks him down from the orphanage, and finds out he lives in Detroit. When he arrives, he discovers he is a rich owner of a car company, and Herb asks Homer to design a car for the modern man. Homer designs the ugliest car you've ever seen, and Herb loses all his money, declaring he has no brother.

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Principal Charming

Production Code: #7F15

Selma decides that she wants a husband, after she feels lonely, and so Marge asks Homer if he knows anybody that's suitable. When Bart gets into trouble at school, Homer is called to see Skinner, who he thinks would be perfect for her. So, he asks him round, but he is only interested in Patty, who shows no love for him whatsoever. He asks her to marry him, but she explains her feelings.

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Homer vs Lisa and the Eighth Commandment

Production Code: #7F13

Homer gets the television hooked up to illegal cable, just in time for a big boxing match. Lisa learns the eighth commandment, 'Thou Shalt Not Steal', and refuses to watch the cable TV so that she can keep her soul. Homer invites friends round to watch the big fight, but the rest of his family sit outside and support Lisa, and Homer eventually decides not to watch the fight, and to cut the cable when everyone leaves.

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The Way We Was

Production Code: #7F12

When the Simpsons' TV breaks, Marge and Homer recall the time of their high school prom in 1974. Homer fakes a difficulty with French to woo Marge, and he asks her to the prom. However, he reveals his lie and she tells him she hates him. However, Homer turns up to Marge's house on prom night, as does Artie Ziff, and he is left to go alone when Marge chooses Artie. Later, Marge comes to her senses and drives to see Homer.

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One Fish, Two Fish, Blow Fish, Blue Fish

Production Code: #7F11

While eating out at a Japanese seafood restaurant, Homer orders a delicacy that is poisonous if prepared incorrectly. And, it's prepared incorrectly. Homer goes to the hospital, where he is told he has 24 hours to live, and Homer then makes a list of all the things he wants to do. Homer falls asleep on a chair in the front room, and expects never to wake, but he is woken the next morning by Marge, alive and well.

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Bart Gets Hit by a Car

Production Code: #7F10

Surprisingly, Bart gets hit by a car. The car is driven by Mr Burns while Bart rides his skateboard, and Homer sues him with Lionel Hutz as a lawyer. Bart must then lie in court in order to get a million dollar settlement, as Dr Nick Riviera has exaggerated his injuries. When Burns realises he might not win, he offers Homer half a million - but he rejects it. Burns' lawyer calls Marge to the stand, and she tells the truth, making Homer depressed.

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Itchy and Scratchy and Marge

Production Code: #7F09

When Maggie watches a violent episode of Itchy and Scratchy, she hits Homer over the head with a mallet. Marge then writes a letter to the company, and asks them to stop being so violent, but she gets no reply. She decides to protest in front of the company, and soon gains national support, resulting in a tame cartoon. She is then caught in a dilemma when Michelangelo's 'David' visits Springfield, and the show is restored.

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Bart the Daredevil

Production Code: #7F06

Bart is inspired by Lance Murdock, a stunt man at a monster truck rally, and decides to emulate his stunts on a skateboard. He hurts himself, and is sent to hospital where he sees Lance, who encourages him. Bart then decides to try and jump Springfield Gorge, and invites schoolfriends to watch him. Homer pretends to Bart that he will perform the stunt to show how dangerous it is, but falls and ends up doing the stunt accidentally.

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Bart vs Thanksgiving

Production Code: #7F07

The Simpsons and the Bouviers come over for Thanksgiving dinner, and Lisa unveils a handmade centrepiece to everyone. When Bart brings in the turkey, he throws the centrepiece onto the fire, and he gets into trouble with the whole family. Annoyed, he runs away, and ends up at a homeless shelter offering Thanksgiving food. He appears on TV, returns home, but sits on the roof until he hears Lisa's crying through the vent.

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Dead Putting Society

Production Code: #7F08

When Homer and Bart bump into Ned and Todd Flanders at the mini golf course, Homer is convinced that his son could beat Todd in the upcoming miniature golf tournament. They both enter, and they place a bet on who will win - the loser having to mow the lawn in his wife's Sunday dress. Lisa researches and helps Bart, but when it comes down to the final, the pair give up and split the prize in half.

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Dancin' Homer

Production Code: #7F05

Homer recalls his brush with fame at Moe's. The family attend a baseball game, held by the power plant, and Mr Burns sits next to Homer. Homer gets drunk with him, and then excites the crowd by dancing at the front of the stand. The Isotopes then hire Homer as an official mascot, and he is then offered a job as the Capital City mascot - where his routine is a failure and the family move back to Springfield.

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Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish

Production Code: #7F01

Bart catches a three-eyed fish - named Blinky - in the river by the power plant, and it makes headlines. A health and safety inspector orders Burns to clean up the plant or face having it closed down, and so he decides to run for governor so that he can pass a law to keep it open. In a publicity stunt, he visits the Simpson house for a meal, but it backfires when he is presented with Blinky, and he throws it up.

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Treehouse of Horror

Production Code: #7F04

The first of the annual Halloween spook-fest. In 'Bad Dream House', the family move into an old haunted house, and are posessed to kill each other. In 'Hungry are the Damned', the family are abducted by Kang and Kodos, and fattened up to the extent that Lisa questions their motive. Her nosiness ends up in the Simpsons being dropped off home again. In 'The Raven', a poem by Edgar Allan Poe is recited with the family as characters.

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Simpson and Delilah

Production Code: #7F02

Homer tries a new hair growth formula - Dimoxinil - and charges it to the power plant. He wakes up with a head full of hair, and he gets noticed around town - even by Mr Burns, who promotes him and gives him a male secretary, Karl. Smithers becomes jealous, and finds out that Homer charged Dimoxinil to the company, and confronts him - except Karl takes the blame, and Homer is left to go bald again when Bart breaks the bottle.

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Bart Gets an F

Production Code: #7F03

When Bart fails another test, Mrs Krabappel warns him that he could fail history. Bart enlists Martin Prince's help, but, still none the wiser, the night before the test he prays to ask if there was any way he could put off the test. He wakes up the next morning to a blizzard, and he finds out that the school is closed. Instead of going outside, he sits in and revises. He still fails, but his mark is upgraded when he recites an historic fact.

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