Season 17 Episode Guide

Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play

Production Code: #HABF16

The Springfield Isotopes are in first place thanks to their new star player, Buck Mitchell. However, Buck is dejected by his girlfriend Tabitha's performance of the national anthem, and plays badly. When he sees Marge and Homer kissing on the Jumbotron, he asks for their help. However, when Homer is caught giving Tabitha a neck massage, so Homer fakes a message on the Jumbotron saying that Tabitha loves him, but it crashes.

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The Monkey Suit

Production Code: #HABF14

When Ned Flanders sees an exhibit at the Springfield Natural History Museum portraying evolution as absolute truth, he and Reverend Lovejoy form a plan to teach creationism in school and discourage evolution. Soon Lisa is the only one left in town who has the courage to teach her fellow students about the works of Charles Darwin, and she's soon arrested and put on trial for doing so. The court sees Homer as the "missing link".

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Regarding Margie

Production Code: #HABF13

After a spring-cleaning frenzy and inhaling too many fumes, Marge suffers from retrograde amnesia. In an effort to bring back her memory, Homer takes her around town to re-familiarize her with her surroundings. Marge still has no recollection of who Homer is and puts herself back on the singles market. Not until she realizes that Homer is truly genuine at heart will she remember who he is and why she loves him.

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Girls Just Want to Have Sums

Production Code: #HABF12

The family attend the Itchy and Scratchy Musical, directed by a former student of Springfield Elementary. Skinner makes a sexist remark in front of the audience, and is replaced by a woman, whose first act is to split up the boys and the girls. Lisa is upset when the girls school only asks them how numbers make them feel, so she acts as a boy and goes to the boys school. She reveals her real identity when she receives an award.

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The Wettest Stories Ever Told

Production Code: #HABF11

While waiting for their dinner at a seafood restaurant, the family tell three tales of the sea. First Lisa talks about the voyage of the Mayflower, where Homer and Marge grow closer, making Moe jealous. Then, Bart tells the tale of The Bounty, commanded by Skinner. Finally, Homer dramatically retells the Neptune Adventure, where the survivors, led by Selma, are led to the engine room, and are eventually saved.

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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore

Production Code: #HABF10

Homer learns that the nuclear power plant is being shut down and outsourced to India. After Homer is sent to train the new employees, he becomes power mad in his new position of authority. Meanwhile, Selma and Patty meet their Hollywood love, MacGyver, and kidnap him for their own obsessive worship. When he discovers how exciting real-life drama can be, he refuses to leave and they have to devise their own plan to get him out.

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Million Dollar Abie

Production Code: #HABF09

Abe ruins Homer's plans to make Springfield the new home of a pro football franchise when he mistakes the Commissioner of Football for a burglar and the football stadium is transformed into a bull fighting arena. Abe wants to commit suicide using the DiePod suicide machine, but his plan fails at the last minute. Abe gets a new outlook on life and decides to become Springfield's very own matador, but he releases all the bulls.

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Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife

Production Code: #HABF08

Homer is impressed by Lenny's new HDTV, so he enters into a Wife Swap reality show to win a widescreen TV. The other contestant, Charles (Ricky Gervais) goes on to escape his wife, and she thinks that Homer and the kids are monsters. At Charles' house, he falls in love with Marge and sings her a love song. However, Marge stays loyal, and Charles decides to take Marge back and then get rid of his wife, who's now in love with Patty.

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Bart Has Two Mommies

Production Code: #HABF07

Ned offers Marge his new computer, in return for her babysitting Rod and Todd while he is at a left-handed convention. As Marge is spending so much time at the Flanders' house, Homer is left to look after Bart and Lisa. He takes them to an animal retirement home, but Toot Toot the monkey grabs Bart and keeps him in her cage. Marge sees the kidnapping on a breaking news report, and has to figure out a way to save Bart.

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The Seemingly Never-Ending Story

Production Code: #HABF06

Homer finds himself stuck upside down in a cave, and while Marge and Bart go to find help, Lisa recalls a story. She is forced to take refuge in Burns' house when she is chased by a mad goat, and, when talking with Burns, he reveals a chain of narrated tales. Homer falls out of the hole, and reveals he came to the caves to find some gold coins. But so was the Texan, Snake and Moe, ending in a traditional Mexican stand-off.

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My Fair Laddy

Production Code: #HABF05

When Bart accidentally destroys Groundskeeper Willie's shack with a game of solid ice dodge ball, Marge takes in the homeless janitor. Lisa decides to offer Willie a better life by refining him for her upcoming science fair, and struggles until the groundskeeper finally starts trying - but he misses his old life after the fair. Meanwhile, Homer rips his pants, and finds out that the factory that makes his classic blue pants is going out of business.

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We're on the Road to D'ohwhere

Production Code: #HABF04

Bart steals the key for the school's steam tunnels and triggers an explosion that destroys Principal Skinner's car, so Marge and Homer send him to a "behavior modification camp". When they realise that he isn't allowed to fly alone anymore, Homer has to cancel his trip to Vegas to take him. On the way there, he attempts to bond with Bart, and after dropping him off, he turns back to pick him up. Elsewhere, Marge starts a drug trade.

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Homer's Paternity Coot

Production Code: #HABF03

Marge's rage against the new toll road system somehow leads to the discovery of a frozen mailman and his 40-year-old mail. One of the letters is delivered to Grandpa Simpson's deceased wife, revealing the real father of Homer. Confused and emotional, Homer finds Mason Fairbanks, his wealthy and much improved paternal dad, and happily establishes a father-son relationship with him while rejecting his surrogate father of 40 years.

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Simpsons Christmas Stories

Production Code: #HABF01

In 'The First D'oh-el', Homer leads a sermon telling the story of how Mary - Marge - gave birth to Jesus - Bart. In 'I Saw Grampa Cussing Santa Claus', Abe recalls the time when he and Burns were stranded on an island, shot down Santa Claus, and Burns takes his place, much to Abe's dismay. But is it just another far-fetched tale? In 'The Nutcracker...Sweet', the townspeople of Springfield parody the Nutcracker.

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The Italian Bob

Production Code: #HABF02

Burns gets Homer and his family to collect his new car from Italy, but the car ends up damaged by cheese. When they look for repair, they see Sideshow Bob, the mayor of the town they stay in. He is married, and has a son, and, in return for fixing their car, they must keep his past a secret. At their farewell party, Lisa drinks wine and reveals Bob's secret, leading to them being chased around Italy by Sideshow Bob and his family.

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The Last of the Red Hat Mamas

Production Code: #GABF22

Homer embaresses Marge in front of some potential friends, and Homer tries and fails to make up for it. Marge finds some friends of her own, Tammy and the Cheery Red Tomatoes. As a fund raiser, they plan on stealing from Mr Burns. Marge plays along, but when Homer finds out, he rushes out to save her from doing something she'll regret. Meanwhile, Lisa looks for an Italian tutor - and Milhouse is the perfect guy for the job.

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See Homer Run

Production Code: #GABF21

Lisa decides to make a personal father's day present for Homer, but he doesn't appreciate it, so she goes in a rage. He is called into school to calm her down, and becomes the school's Safety Salamander. Meanwhile, Bart steals a street sign and causes a pile-up, until Homer saves the day. People scrutinise Quimby, and a recall election is ordered. Most townspeople stand, including Homer in his salamander suit, with Lisa's help.

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Marge's Son Poisoning

Production Code: #GABF20

Marge buys a tandem bicycle, but she realises that nobody wants to ride it with her. Bart feels sorry for her, so rides with her. The two go to a teahouse, which closes the following day, so Bart decides to open one up in the treehouse. Marge helps him decorate, until he is called a Mama's boy, when he destroys the decorated treehouse. Bart feels guilty, so suggests singing together at the school karaoke - until Marge objects.

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Treehouse of Horror XVI

Production Code: #GABF17

In 'BI: Bartificial Intelligence', Bart is put in a coma and replaced by a robot. When Bart wakes up, he is left to compete with the robot for his parents' love. In 'Survival of the Fattest', Homer and friends go to Burns' mansion for hunting - but the men themselves are the ones being hunted by Burns. In 'I've Grown a Costume To Your Face', a witch turns everyone into their costumes, and it is up to Maggie - as a witch - to reverse the spell.

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Milhouse of Sand and Fog

Production Code: #GABF19

Maggie has chicken pox, so, inspired by Flanders, they hold a pox party to infect other children. Kirk and Luanne Van Houten meet up again at the party, and they rekindle their love. Milhouse is initially thrilled, until he realises that his parents won't be fighting over his love anymore. They place one of Marge's bras on their bed to split them up, but it backfires when Luanne tells Homer, who accuses Marge of sleeping with Kirk.

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The Girl Who Slept Too Little

Production Code: #GABF16

When the family learn that a stamp museum is planned next door to the Simpsons, they protest, and it is built on the graveyard instead. As a result, the entire cemetery is relocated to next to the Simpsons house. Lisa has sleepless nights looking out on it, and decides to spend a night alone in the cemetery to conquer her fears. She is knocked unconcious, and has a hallucination with storybook characters to deal with her fear.

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Bonfire of the Manatees

Production Code: #GABF18

Homer builds up gambling debts, so he lets Fat Tony use the Simpsons house to shoot an adult film. When Marge comes home, she leaves Homer and the kids, and encounters Caleb, whose passion is saving the manatees. Homer decides to save a herd of manatees to get Marge back, but he gets beaten up, and has to be saved by his cousins. Marge tends to the injured Homer, and decides that she wants to stay with him.

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