Season 14 Episode Guide

Moe Baby Blues

Production Code: #EABF17

Moe attempts to commit suicide, and stands on the side of Springfield Bridge. A large traffic jam builds up, and Maggie is flung from the car - and Moe saves her. Moe becomes her hero, and the pair spend all their time together - and he ends up as the permanent babysitter. Homer and Marge are disturbed by Moe's fixation, and forbid him from seeing her. The family panic when Maggie disappears, but Moe helps to keep her safe.

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The Bart of War

Production Code: #EABF16

Bart and Milhouse cause damage in the Flanders' house, and so they are forced to join youth groups. Bart joins the 'Pre-Teen Braves', led by Homer, and Milhouse joins the 'Calvary Kids', led by Kirk Van Houten. The Braves try to clear up a field, but find out it has already been cleaned up by the C.Kids, so they go into war. The Braves pretend to be the C.Kids at an Isotope game, and sing an offensive national anthem. They sort things out.

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Brake my Wife, Please

Production Code: #EABF15

Bart is hurt at the aquarium, and is taken to hospital, but they must wait until Homer turns up. Homer purchases a cellphone, but he doesn't pay attention to the road and is banned from driving. Homer develops a love of walking, while Marge develops stress from all of her driving. Homer mistakenly things Marge is trying to run him over, and seeks a marriage counseller, who suggests Homer perform an unselfish act to win her back.

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Old Yeller Belly

Production Code: #EABF14

Bart's treehouse catches on fire, and he looks to Santa's Little Helper to save him - but he just saves himself. Snowball II saves the day, so the family kick SLH out. When they try to find him again, a photographer catches him drinking Duff - and he replaces Duffman as the new mascot of Duff beer. The campaign is a hit, causing SLH's original owner to come forward. The family come up with a plan to get their dog back.

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Dude, Where's my Ranch?

Production Code: #EABF13

Homer writes a song about his hatred for Ned Flanders, and when a producer hears it, he decides to release it. It becomes a huge hit, but the family leave Springfield to avoid it for a while. They go to a dude ranch, where Bart and Homer take apart a beaver dam. Lisa develops a crush, but is heartbroken when she finds out the boy she likes is taking a girl called Clara to a dance. She finds out she's his sister, and saves her from the dam.

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Three Gays of the Condo

Production Code: #EABF12

Homer finds a letter that Marge wrote after their first date saying that things would never work out between them. Two days later, she discovered she was pregnant with Bart, so Homer thinks that's the only reason they're still together. He moves out - into an apartment with a gay couple. Marge asks him out again, but Homer gets too drunk with the gays to remember. He turns up an hour late drunk, and goes to hospital with alcohol poisoning.

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'Scuse Me While I Miss The Sky

Production Code: #EABF11

Declan, a documentary maker, visits Springfield Elementary to capture school life, and Lisa is picked out as a 'typical' student. Declan tells Lisa that she has no aim in life, so she takes up astronomy. However, she can't see anything due to light pollution, so she starts a petition to turn off all of the lights. She succeeds, but there is an increase in crime - even by Bart, who tries to steal a hood ornament to impress the cool kids.

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C. E. D'oh!

Production Code: #EABF10

Homer takes a class at Springfield Extension School on how to be more successful, and it makes an immediate impact. When he makes suggestions to improve the plant, he is laughed off by Burns - until Homer realises the plant is legally owned by a canary. Homer gets rid of the bird, and tells Burns to make him the boss in an inspection - but Homer fires Burns. The workload gets too much for him, so he gives the plant back to Burns.

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Mr Spritz Goes to Washington

Production Code: #EABF09

Springfield's flight path is moved directly over the Simpsons house, so they complain to the airport. They then take it to their congressman, who dies following their visit. Bart suggests that Krusty should run for the position, and he wins it by a landslide. When he suggests moving the flight path back, he is told he hasn't earnt the right to change things, and he realises that he can't make a difference. He passes it by bribing committee members

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A Star is Born - Again

Production Code: #EABF08

Flanders gets lonely at the annual Jellyfish festival, and goes back to the Leftorium. A blonde woman turns up, and immediately likes Ned. She asks him out, and he accepts - and realises that she is a movie star, Sara Sloan. The media find out, and surround Ned's house. Sara asks Ned to live with her in Hollywood, but he refuses, so she stays in town. They have sex at a concert - but Ned scares her away, wanting to marry.

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I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can

Production Code: #EABF07

Skinner wins a school spelling bee, which gives her a place in the state finals. She wins that too, and is entered into the Spellympics. Lisa is placed in the top three to return for the final day, but Homer can't be there - he is following a limited edition 'Ribwich' sandwich around. Lisa is told by the host to throw the contest so that the favourite, a younger boy, can win and keep the interest. She takes a stand, but spells the word wrong and loses.

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Barting Over

Production Code: #EABF05

Bart discovers a tape of him as a baby in a commerical, and questions his parents over where the money went. When he is told the money's been spent, he takes his parents to court in search of emancipation. He goes to live on his own until Homer pays him his share of the earnings, and he meets Blink 182 and Tony Hawk in his apartment block. Homer tries to upstage Tony Hawk to impress Bart, and succeeds. He apologises.

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Pray Anything

Production Code: #EABF06

Homer questions why Ned's life is so perfect, so Homer begins to take Ned's advice and pray to get his own way. The house's plumbing breaks, so they need money to pay for the repair - and when Homer injures himself at the church, he decides to sue them. He wins $1million, which the church don't have, so Homer is given the church instead. However, a storm gathers, and a flood makes everyone gather on the church roof.

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Strong Arms of the Ma

Production Code: #EABF04

Marge gets mugged in an alley when walking home, and she develops a fear of going outside. This descends into her living in the basement, where she uses the weightlifting bench that Homer bought but never used. She grows strong enough to leave the house without being scared, and she meets up with Ruth Powers at a beach gym, who encourages her to use steroids. She starts a fight at Moe's, but she hates what she's become.

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The Dad Who Knew Too Little

Production Code: #EABF03

Lisa's birthday is coming up, and Homer gets her a personalised video tape - but when Lisa watches it, she realises how little her dad knows about her. Homer hires a private detective to find out more about Lisa, which brings them closer together. Homer refuses to pay the $1000 charge for the detective's services, so the detective gets his own back by vandalising an animal research lab and framing Lisa - making her the #1 suspect.

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Special Edna

Production Code: #EABF02

Bart notices how lonely Ms Krabappel is feeling, so he takes her out to the cinema. The two get closer, and Bart nominates Edna for a 'Teacher of the Year' award. She makes the finals, so her and the Simpsons travel to Efcot, Florida. Skinner worries about their relationship, and drives out - with his mother. Edna is annoyed that he brought his mother with him, and they break up. Skinner tries to sabotage her chances, and proposes to Edna.

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The Great Louse Detective

Production Code: #EABF01

On a free weekend break at a health spa, Homer is locked inside the steam room by somebody trying to kill him. The police hire Sideshow Bob to help the investigation, and he stays with the Simpsons and follows Homer around for a day to see who could have been the culprit. Homer is shot at, and then made King of Mardi Gras. The brakes on his float are cut, and Bob saves him - exposing Frank Grimes Jr. Bob tries to kill Bart, but can't.

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Helter Shelter

Production Code: #DABF21

Lisa gets given a hockey stick when she helps a team win a hockey game, but the stick is infested with termites and it ends up affecting the whole house. Without a home for 6 months, the family apply for a reality show where they live in a house based on the year 1895. The show is a hit, but the family can't cope. They improve, so ratings drop. To get viewers, the producers drop the house into a river. The family are then sent home.

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Large Marge

Production Code: #DABF18

Marge thinks that Homer no longer finds her attractive, so, after talking with Manjula, she decides to get liposuction, but at the clinic, she accidentally receives breast implants. Marge's implants impress the whole town, and she is offered a modelling offer and appears at an expo. Elsewhere, Bart plans for Krusty to be the hero at the same expo, by saving Milhouse from an elephant. Marge has to save the day by flashing the elephant.

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Bart vs Lisa vs the Third Grade

Production Code: #DABF20

The Simpsons purchase a satellite dish to get extra channels, but Bart fails to revise for an upcoming test and gets an incredibly low score, and is moved down to third grade. Lisa, on the other hand, gets the highest score, and is moved up to third grade. Bart finds himself the smartest in the class, but Lisa struggles. On a field trip, they fight, and miss their bus back to school. Bart apologises, and the two are moved back to their old classes.

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How I Spent My Strummer Vacation

Production Code: #DABF22

Homer reveals his feelings about his family in a taxi camera trap, and, instead of being angry, the family send him to a rock'n'roll fantasy camp to make him love them again. Run by some of the Rolling Stones, Homer has the time of his life, and doesn't want to leave once the weekend is over. The band allow him to come on stage with them at a benefit gig, but Homer misunderstands - all he has to do is test the microphones.

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Treehouse of Horror XIII

Production Code: #DABF19

In 'Send in the Clones', Homer purchases a magic hammock that creates clones. He uses the clones to do all of his jobs, but then dumps them in the middle of nowhere. In 'The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms', Lisa wants Springfield to ban all guns - until a dead man's gang rise from the dead. In 'The Island of Dr Hibbert', the family travel to an island, run by Dr Hibbert, where all of the inhabitants are turning into animals.

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