The Simpsons Season 7 Episode Guide

Summer of 4ft2

Production Code: #3F22

Nobody signs Lisa's yearbook, so she decides to change her image. The family go on a summer vacation to Flanders' beach house, and she aspires to start a new life when they arrive. She buys new clothes and starts acting cool, and she catches the attention of a group of beach kids. Bart becomes jealous, and shows them her yearbook, with no signatures. She is furious, but returns to the house to find them writing 'Lisa Rules' on the car.

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Production Code: #3F21

Bart and Lisa don't think Homer's cool, so he takes them to see the Hullabalooza concert to try and convince them. At the festival, something is fired at Homer's stomach but he is unaffected. He is asked to join the Hullabalooza freak show, and he goes on tour. Homer's stomach weakens after one too many cannon balls, and he is warned that he will die if it happens again. But with the next show at Springfield, can he afford not to?

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Much Apu About Nothing

Production Code: #3F20

When a bear wanders down Evergreen Terrace, Quimby proposes tax rises to fund a new bear patrol. To distract people, he blames the taxes on illegal immigrants, and calls for the deportation of all illegal immigrants from Springfield. Apu realises that he will have to be deported, as his visa is expired, and gets a fake ID off Fat Tony. Lisa realises that he can apply for amnesty, he takes a test and is allowed to stay in the country.

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The Curse Of The Flying Hellfish

Production Code: #3F19

Abe learns that a member of his army group has died, and it is now between him and Mr Burns that will inherit the 'Flying Hellfish' treasure. Burns plans to have Abe killed, but when he turns up, Bart manages to steal the key to the tombstone off him. The stone shines a light on the mark of the treasure, on the sea, and Bart manages to get it onto a boat. Burns steals them from Abe and Bart, but the State Department ends up with the portraits.

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22 Short Films About Springfield

Production Code: #3F18

Bart and Milhouse wonder whether anything interesting happens in Springfield, and we go for a trip around town. Sanjay and Apu go to a 5 minute party; Marge tries to get chewing gum out of Lisa's hair; Smithers is sent to hospital with a bee sting; Barney pays a $2000 bar tab, which Snake steals; Skinner invites Chalmers to his home; Homer locks Maggie in a newspaper box; a tall man gets revenge on Nelson...and many more.

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Bart on the Road

Production Code: #3F17

Lisa goes to the plant with Homer for a day, while Bart spends time at the DMV with P&S, and gets himself a fake drivers licence. With the licence, he rents a car and organises a road trip for himself, Milhouse, Nelson and Martin, while telling their parents they are at a grammar rodeo. They go to Knoxville hoping to see the world fair which finished 14 years ago, the car is destroyed and they are stranded, until Lisa manages to get them back.

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A Fish Called Selma

Production Code: #3F15

Troy McClure exchanges Selma a drivers licence for a dinner date, and she accepts. The two are snapped by paparazzi, and Troy's advisers tell him if he can keep it up, he'll get work again. He proposes to Selma, but he admits to Homer the real reason for the marriage. Homer tells Marge after the wedding, this reaches Selma, who asks Troy. He says it will be fun, she goes along with it but walks out on him when he wants a child.

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The Day the Violence Died

Production Code: #3F16

Bart meets a man called Chester J Lampwick who claimed that he created the original Itchy cartoon. Chester provides proof, but the film melts, so Bart takes him to see Royer Meyers Jr in order to get $800million in damages, but he refuses, so they take him to court. Just as Chester is about to lose, Bart finds crucial evidence, and the studios are shut down. In a strange twist, two children called Lester and Eliza save the day.

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Homer the Smithers

Production Code: #3F14

Burns tells Smithers to take a holiday, as long as he finds someone to do his job...Homer. He can't do any of Burns' jobs, and Homer punches him in the face. Burns becomes scared of him, and begins doing things himself. When Smithers returns, he too is fired. The two come up with a scheme to get Smithers his job back, but it fails, and the pair fight. Burns falls out of a window, and Smithers is hired again to get him back to health.

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Lisa the Iconoclast

Production Code: #3F13

Lisa wins the role of the towncrier in Springfield's bicentenarial celebrations, and she writes an essay on the life of Jebediah Springfield. She finds out that he was actually a murderous, silver-tongued pirate, but nobody in the history society believes her. They persuade the officials to dig up his grave, but no silver tongue is found. Lisa finds out that the president of the history society stole the tongue, and she decides not to tell the public.

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Bart the Fink

Production Code: #3F12

Bart opens a checking account and tries to get Krusty's autograph by slipping a cheque into his back pocket. When it returns, it is signed with a stamp instead of a signature, and this reveals that Krusty is one of the biggest tax cheats in history. The IRS take everything Krusty owns, and he pilots his aeroplane into a mountainside, pronounced dead. However, Bart sees him at the port, and persuades him to return to showbusiness.

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Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield

Production Code: #3F11

Marge buys a Chanel suit for $90, but doesn't know where to wear it. While wearing it in town, she meets an old schoolfriend who invites her family to a country club. It's a success, and they're invited back. Homer discovers that Burns gets Smithers to cheat for him, so Burns approves Marge's membership if he keeps it a secret. The suit is ruined when Marge tries to change it, and she realises she was happier as her old self.

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Two Bad Neighbors

Production Code: #3F09

Homer is the star of the street rummage sale, but he is upstaged when former president George Bush Sr turns up to live in the house opposite the Simpsons. Bart goes over, and is a general annoyance, so George decides to spank him. Homer finds out, and goes over in anger, vowing trouble for his new neighbour. The war ends when Homer unleashes locusts on the house, and the Bushes give up and move away due to the stress.

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Team Homer

Production Code: #3F10

Homer asks Mr Burns for $500 to start a bowling team, and Burns mistakenly agrees. The Pin Pals - Homer, Apu, Otto and Moe - go on a winning streak until Burns realises what he did. He goes down to the Bowlarama, and insists on joining the team - in place of Otto. They reluctantly accept, and their results slide. Burns gets them their own team shirts, and Burns wins them the trophy - with a little help from Otto.

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Marge Be Not Proud

Production Code: #3F07

A new videogame, Bonestorm, is advertised on TV, so Bart goes to the local Try'N'Save. He notices the bullies stealing things, so he takes a copy - but gets caught by the security guard, and is told never to step foot in the store again. The next day, the whole family go to the Try'N'Save to get their family portrait taken - but the security guard catches him, and Marge is embaressed. Bart makes it up to her by getting a personal portrait taken.

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The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular

Production Code: #3F31

Troy McClure hosts this behind the scenes style show. We start with a brief history, showing some classic Tracey Ullman clips, and then Troy goes on to answer viewers' questions about Smithers sexuality and Homer's stupidity. We then see never-before-seen deleted scenes from various episodes up to this point, and we are shown an alternate ending to 'Who Shot Mr Burns?' where Smithers actually is the culprit.

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Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming

Production Code: #3F08

Sideshow Bob becomes annoyed with TV, so he escapes and steals a nuclear bomb from an army base. Meanwhile, the Simpsons go to the base for an air show, and they see Bob on a giant monitor - saying that he will detonate the bomb unless all TV transmissions end in Springfield. Bart and Lisa look for him, and find he is in a blimp - but Bob takes Bart and finds Krusty - the only transmission - broadcasting from a secret location.

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Mother Simpson

Production Code: #3F06

Homer fakes his death to get a Saturday at home, but people believe he is really dead, so he goes to change the records. In the record, he sees his mother is still alive, and goes to the graveyard to find that the grave isn't actually hers. He finds her there, and she recounts leaving Springfield. FBI agents begin a hunt for her because of a crime she committed years ago, but she flees the place thanks to an anonymous tipster.

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King Size Homer

Production Code: #3F05

Homer decides that he wants to work at home, and if he weighs 300pounds, he can qualify as disabled and do just that. He achieves this, and a workstation is installed in his home. While on a break, a novelty nodding duck causes a crisis at the nuclear plant, that only he can save. So, he runs to the power plant, and tries to get to the lever, but the catwalk buckles beneath him - but his fat saves the day when it acts as a plug.

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Treehouse of Horror VI

Production Code: #3F04

In 'Attack of the 50ft Eyesores', the popular advertising mascot statues come to life and destroy Springfield. In 'Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace', Bart and the other schoolkids have nightmares about Groundskeeper Willie killing people. And, in 'Homer 3', Homer travels to a parellel universe which has three dimensions, and he can't get out, causing a giant vortex when Bart comes to rescue him - he ends up in the real world.

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Lisa the Vegetarian

Production Code: #3F03

Lisa sees a cute lamb at the zoo, and decides to become a vegetarian. Despite several attempts to stop her new found beliefs, she doesn't buy any of them. Meanwhile, Homer decides to host a neighbourhood barbeque - and Lisa tries to serve soup, to everyone's laughter. Lisa gets her revenge by stealing the main course - a pig - and rolling it down a hill. She goes off to the Kwik-E-Mart, and finds out that Apu, too, is a vegetarian.

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Bart Sells His Soul

Production Code: #3F02

Bart sells his soul to Milhouse for $5, because he thinks it doesn't exist. Soon, he loses his sense of humour, and Lisa suspects this and thinks that his soul really did exist. When Bart tries to buy it back, he charges $50, which he can't afford. Lisa taunts him about it, and he goes to Milhouse again - only to find he traded it for pogs. At the comic book store, it has already been bought - by Lisa, who gives it back to him.

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Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily

Production Code: #3F01

Homer and Marge go on a 3-hour trip, leaving Grampa in charge of Maggie. At school, Bart is discovered to have headlice, and Lisa loses her shoes and is hit in the head by a ball. Social services descend on the house, and discover an unsuitable environment, so they take the kids away from them. The Flanders are the new foster parents, but Ned is shocked when he learns that the kids aren't baptised, so he decides to baptise them.

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Radioactive Man

Production Code: #2F17

Springfield is the location of the new Radioactive Man movie, and auditions are held at the school for the role of Fallout Boy, who will play alongside Ranier Wolfcastle. Milhouse is the one they want, despite Bart's impressive attempt, and filming begins - but Milhouse runs away due to the pressure, sparking a manhunt. Bart finds him in the treehouse, and tries to persuade him, but he refuses. The film is cancelled and the company is shut down.

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Who Shot Mr Burns? (Part Two)

Production Code: #2F20

Smithers is convinced that he was the one who pulled the trigger while drunk, so he confesses to a priest who turns out to be a police officer, and he is arrested, then released when he recalls more. The Simpsons car is searched, and find a gun covered with fingerprints, and Homer is made the prime suspect. He escapes from the prison van, and advances on Burns. The suspect is revealed to be...Maggie, in an incident involving a lollipop.

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