1 (2009) Movie Script

To consider to laugh off
this book as a prohibited.
We may be indignant about him,
we may regard it as a libel, which
hurts the humanity.
It may be our consolation that
nobody may make a film of him.
Everybody would like to know
who wrote the book.
Man or woman?
Or more there were persons?
Strange, that nobody gave a thought to
this, the occasion offered itself after
the book of the world records though.
There was a big bestseller.
Nowadays it lures the publishers and the
authors better, which everybody buys,
but nobody has to read it.
The idea was lying on the street
after the appearance.
It was necessary to bend
down for him only.
The wax-works of the records
had a big deficiency.
It became obsolete quickly.
This lord rolled a billiard ball up
under 7 days with his nose,
on top of a mountain serpentine.
Somebody came then, who did
it with a nutmeg under 3 days.
But he died of septicemia onto
the bloody one wounded onto a nose.
This provided a spicy smack
to the record.
The thing is slightly obscure.
The intellectuals' majority did not like
the records, the sensation, the tarp.
And taking the majorities' reading
habits into consideration, some people
an elite opened a bookshop.
-Do not wrap the story-book!
-I would like Valerij to read out
from him in the evening today.
-I'm afraid of the storm.
-Thank you, Maya.
-We thank you for having
honoured, Mrs.Keylock
-You go to let the door
open, I'll do it...
-You are bored?
Book just like that was needed to idea,
what is similar to the book of
the records, but serious.
What it is not possible to
settle with a shrug.
The book publishers are afraid
of the expense of the books.
Because the "law" prevail on
this area, that nobody reads.
He does not understand it if he reads.
He forgets it promptly
if he understands it.
Because of this everybody desired a
book that wrote about all men what
do in at the same time.
Like this would not cripple the
consciousness that it is with
stupid things stuff our head.
While the essential things
happen somewhere else.
But a book like this did not exist, which
is about everything simultaneously,
and obscures everything else.
Until now.
-What the eye sees and what
I see in the eye, identical.
-Sir, can I help you?
-Really you want to help?
-No. Generally not, but... it was
said, the question suits me well.
-Anybody said it, you were right.
-He said it.
-Excuse me.
-Mrs. Satin did not notice that you
are it in shop and she closed the door.
-Of course not we keep it locking our
customers, I let you out promptly,
come this.
-Vitrubius's book was here to the left.
Did you sell it?
-No. I don't know about that.
-Though it was here, I remember.
-We transferred it between
the curios, before 90 days.
After they decided so, that not
let it be printed out again.
-The man visited us already?
-Oh, only my dream.
-In my dream I had been on very
beautiful places, this place I love it.
-Thank you.
-We may provide something?
-I don't know.
Where do you keep the curios?
Did not get used to let in the customers
You are the first one.
The exception weakens the rule.
Only is where the border is rigid.
-Something's wrong.
We this shit?
-What are they here?
-Who brought it here?
-What are you doing?
-You would tell it, what this shit?
-What are they here?
-But, but...
-Who you let here in?
-Who brought this here?
-What this "1"?
-How "1"?
-All "1".
-Maya, call the police!
-I'm warning you, do not
pester it the evidences!
-The evidence! I forgot it already.
-It is necessary to prove everything,
which there is not.
-Because what there is is unprovable,.
-I have you manacled.
Does not show so, as if onto each
other's helping you would be.
-Maybe because we are not.
-When you release us?
-The medical expert does away
with the boy immediately.
-I would like to make a phonecall!
When is it possible to make a phonecall?
-I told you, not yet.
-No yet!
-I can see it you did not manage to
understand what happened here
it reality defense case.
According to the law, while we may not
talk about a definitive situation,
you are secretals.
I mean I tell it while there is not a
trace, for who to what has the right,
got it?
You may not make even a complaint.
-May occur.
-May not occur.
I am here in order that a
panic does not break out.
We now have coffee until a time.
My colleagues though soon...
You wait, instead that you would
accept it, it that yes.
Do not cheat yourself.
Do not be worried about me, I
cleared bigger "garbage" already.
You have to feel the difference then.
-Everything hangs down from above
and leans on it, what there is under it
There is not an exception.
Mrs. Satin calm down!
Nobody will be in problem and you
are in security already.
We were not till now in danger.
We wait the results, okay?
-This ridiculous.
Not, your tale ridiculous.
-Nobody not seen knows nothing, nobody
nothing, and these are here after all.
Will weigh down on us if we do not raise it.
For what this clown is not checked?
We know our thing, Mr.Eveson.
We check everybody, you.
Not nothing to check, only ourselves.
Mr. Tamel, let him fly back get down, okay?
-Your dreams do not interest me.
You tell it to our psychiatrists.
Maybe look into the book.
-This only a book
Was written on a human language
and implies data.
Till tomorrow I tell it, that from
where the data are,
and from where the books are.
We get to those who brough
t it here after it,
and they show it where
what was stolen is,
and we make them relate how it was done.
And nicely may surprise
yourselves in your cell.
I will not ask them why it was made.
-Who knows what will
happen investigates badly.
Do not allow them to handle the books.
Quick I say it because I see it so unple-
asantly you are doing with the thing.
There is a trace indicating a penet-
ration nowhere, we looked at the roof.
Let the being ventilated
system come next then.
There are not eyewitnesses,
All 4 safety cameras were
pointed at the counter.
But their picture floats in light
from p.m. 8 hours.
The pedestrians saw the single
car that left at p.m. 7.50.
Mrs. Emillie Keylock a posh old woman.
She employs colour-leather employees.
We know him, old tribe customer.
The rest of the shop's salesmen were
released at the p.m. 7.30,
perfect their alibi.
But I may make changes in
this if you want it.
There are two persons yet,
who did not work.
No, no.
-On the first 57 books nothing.
This will be hard.
I selected them unintentionally.
But there are more thousand
different ones on the shelves.
We was find hair, strengthening
into the lab.
Does not go fast, may last for weeks.
What is with Al F. Eveson?
-Clear. A millionaire's smallest son,
moves in a an elite community only.
His has good contacts, no
corruption. Respected man.
The patron of the art.
His enemy may be his wife, who
asked us to meet personally.
Al F. Eveson does not care
about his wife and his children.
There is a tiny interest.
They opened the shop on this
day 1 year ago to a day.
Who does not count upon
was everybody here.
-I ask a accurate list with
accurate alibis.
-Maya Satin. He works here because of the
beginnings. Al F. Eveson's right hand.
He has sexual intercourse with
him in Mrs.Eveson's opinion.
-The girl famous aristocrat.
The Satin dynasty's last offspring.
Hers parents and his younger sister
died in an elevator accident
An elevator came off with them.
-An elevator?
-Claude! The footprints?
-Nothing. The boy cleaned up. Their and
the policemen's footprints are only.
I did not see one like this.
Sure, that they do not lie?
And the boy?
-Agnus Andersen. Grew up in the eastern
guardian institute, and lives there now
I spoke with the institute's
leader on the phone...
...and in his opinion it the boy not
dumb, but does not talk to everybody.
On who he insisted very
much was a caretaker of his.
But this man disappeared tracklessly
and since then... I quote it.
"Verbally not communicative."
-Sherlock Holmes would be happy.
-What the doc says?
-The boy is not game for the thing.
-I don't know what may have
seen, but caught a shock.
-Injected, sleeps.
-Let us take it in me opinion,
I have some ideas.
Doctor Anselmi, I'm warning you,
prohibited the smoking, while
the trace readers work.
You know something already?
Yes, I like better to be victim.
-You saw it new Jimmy Palmer-film?
-A bank is robbed with a chimpanzee.
-See you tomorrow.
-And more.
-From Swan Tamel we found out little.
Really Vatican citizen.
But not yet clear, what deals with how.
A diplomat's status is, enjoys
right of immunity according to me.
He did not mention it.
His past is shrouded in mystery, it was
over on all 8 continents roamed in
8 months though.
Said that he makes research work.
Yeah, but we don't know yet, that
what kind of research work.
-Till tomorrow you find it out.
He arrived from Sri Lanka, the
plane landed at the p.m. 6.51.
The customs officers noticed that he is
not neither his accompaniment,
neither his packet.
-On a unknown manner, had to come here.
Something whispers that he is our man.
The analyst and the behaviour researcher
wait for you in the depository.
But they want to ask time.
-Sir the journalists arrived.
What there should be? You go out?
You go out and you will lie. A lot.
What do you think, what's this?
-Panfret. As always.
Where is he?
In lavatory going.
Why you are here then?
Why we were protected?
What are you doing? Open it!
What are you doing? Open it!
-I did say that, open it!
-Immediately open it!
The electrons arriving into the
television every night bundle into
the world into the last news.
Because of this we think that the short
in 15 minute we found everything out,
what happened in the world.
This is not true of course.
The reporters' cameras scan
our globe randomly only,
and an important politician gets out
from the airplane there if
they stop somewhere,
and with a liar cordiality handshaking
with other important politicians.
Only the extraordinary one where the
cars broke into pieces, from where
the people are taken out in pieces,
because more are from
the tinier accidents.
The question to be raised
because of this:
Good evening.
An yesterday evening disappeared between
mysterious circumstances the full stock of
Al F. Eveson's in Europe known bookshop.
They was found a unknown author and
without unknown a publisher books on
the place of the lost books.
We know that a unknown phoning one
invited the journalists to the special
book show of the century...
... in identical time with the crime to
the bookshop onto a.m. 1 hour.
The media and the police on Richard Lance
detective's press conference they
surprised each other mutually.
Under the time of the crime some members
of the staff they were in the depository
but they nothing do not
observe suspicious.
Personal injury did not happen.
A value did not disappear from the site.
I can inform you about this.
You give up the site now.
Please, take action!
-Mr. Lance, please! And the book?
-From the book something!
The book?
-What book?
-Excuse me!
You are an actor?
-I do not want to statement
about the book.
-Why we were called here then?
The police ordered an immediate news
blackout in the interest of the
They closed the neighbourhood.
In the time of the crime the shop's
leader: F. Eveson and Maya Satin...
It already sure, that two unknown
person stayed in the shop.
The police refutes it that personal
injury would have happened,
a boy was brought out on a
stretcher from the shop.
-The question: who wrote the book.
This stirs the imagination of
Reality Defense Institute.
You remembered yet Phil Pitch
onto a special agent?
He deciphered the Kennedy-
twins' secret language.
And her who revealed the
judging church's riddle was.
From of old we did not hear about him.
I managed to face him on
the site yesterday.
Only I check the investigation.
Many children were born
between two respirations.
Many men died in the same way.
I am aware of it, that the knowledge
like this is equal to the zero.
Maybe that with words explicable,
but cannot be experienced.
The author of the book so undertook
a task looking inextricable.
To whomsoever it was not the book
yet in his hand only so much can,...
... that implies few words,
but many numbers the book.
May think about the undertaking
being missed, indeed craziness.
Because what it is possible to do with
more hundred sides of column of numbers?
The book would not exist if
I would not catch it in my hand.
I would consider the idea one which
cannot be accomplished possibly.
Since the phone directory not reading.
And reveals nothing
about the cities' inhabitants.
The genious not knowing the borders,
of which we boast worthily,...
...we believe it so distinguishes
us from the animals.
However our consciousness finite,
while we have more serious troubles,
than for the dog.
The ability of the reflection
is missing from the dog.
Knows nothing quasi, as opposed
to us, who we know this.
Lie some to do, as if would not be so.
Because may feel pity one or some man.
But it is not possible to sympathize
with eight hundred thousand.
What shall we do with this limited
consciousness of ours in order for what
it is unable to absorb to absorb it?
What would it be necessary to do it
that us to reveal single minute
of the humanity's life?
The answer came into existence
and here yes.
-I thought, you never arrive over here!
-Me, too. Obtain a coffee.
The pressure is big!
-We live with coffee.
-They how feel themselves?
-The dumb yet always dumb.
But in the environment poor stimulus
will be useful in doc's opinion.
-The girl is shaping well.
-She soon will speak.
-She spoke till now, or you silenced it?
-She went into her tantrums,was not able
to stop the crying, because of this
And it was promised that Al F. Eveson
by evening it is interviewed.
-He is uttering threats?
-Not yet.
-He what doing?
-He very got frightened.
Would like to meet the girl.
Offered even money for him.
-How much?
-I don't know.
Would like a apartments?
-They are tested rudely?
-This thing of theirs.
-Yeah, but from this not
will trouble, because...
-No "maybe", and no "if".
-Even for me not.
-For what you left the old man
for last one?
-They do not manage the old man
Tamel, above everybody yes.
-What I asked of you?
I am only a policeman, the doc is
enthusiastic about the old man.
Vatican too noticed, you do
not look at the telly?
Makes exceptions with me, we...
You do not do shit.
I asked a rim if this is not a big task.
I can see it, you are easily.
-Pitch, they tell the truth.
-Somebody lies.
-Not they.
-Not they?
A week of his I live in a car, I eat on
the way, I sleep in a car park,...
...I am getting washed at a petrol
station, I get dressed
I heard more than a hundred men through,
I lie to the media, the pope bugs
not on a cordial sound
And you you watch television here
and you say that they do not lie.
-Yes, it.
-But we worked.
I carried through all of the tests
of the psychotropic permutation.
Though they were left over only,
there is not other person.
-All inefficient, what us was test.
-I claims that one do not lie by
on the neuropsychology map.
The natrium-pentotal (truthserum)
would have brought it out already from him
if the boy would have seen something.
I took ideas even from Ricardo S.'s
inquisitor at the others.
And I did it one examiningseria,
what made them unstable.
The old man feels well it.
-He not from this feels well.
But because he never lies.
-The person who Vatican conceals
does not have to lie.
The God does not know the person to
conceal at who they do the inquisition
factor analysis .
Until 4 years I quizzed it with
this method cosmonauts.
-And they did not harbour souvenir.
-Forget that they lie.
Will be illegal one, which we
make with them,.
-You may bring a cheque onto me if
you want it, I do not take offence.
-But you know it accurately,
that for what you work with me.
-Yeah, I know.
-I am surprised at the fact
that you do not believe me.
I look at the news and i can see
it that how long reach the shit.
-Where is my clock?
-These the girl's stuffs.
-That clock, very expensive.
There would be no problem here if
everybody could keep it for himself
what necessary.
-This burned tiny piece of paper,
which we found in the toilet,...
... like that his substance,than
that of the books.
Was it not missing
from the inventory?
Was missing, but we believed it,
you read it.
A sample was allowed to take
from him only for us.
Big the secrectiveness around the
book, from what they shit themselves so?
Be listening because what I will say is
inside the frameworks of the paranorma-
lity only difficultly can be understood.
We are nowhere in the.
But we presuppose that the more thousand
data are based on accurate calculations
did not manage to check
it even the simplests.
We have to take the content of the
book seriously because of this,
than we believed it.
A book which can be taken
seriously according to you,...
...which grants it in figures, how many
husbands cheat on his wife on the
world under a minute how?
I am afraid of him, that in
this case, yes.
On all of them, which there
are in this book, original.
So it was never published
till now nowhere.
The statistics work with
average numbers.
This book but on basis of arithmetic
presents the wide scale of the man's
living conditions.
The quantity of the numbers
hides qualities, ...
... which statement diversity of the
human fates are on a fascinating manner.
-I see that this fascinates you,...
...but I did not ask a
literary proposer,...
...but a meaning, that who and why
may have unleashed it on us.
I could find it out, that for what the
assessment is not beginning punctually?
Punctually was beginning, you were late.
I am not given that way,
the punctually...
The punctually time as much
as my clock shows.
Let us continue.
So much are sure that who stands
behind the book is not alone.
This I was known already
on the first day.
The emergence of the book special.
Invited the journalists.
-Ballyho was wanted.
They was play it safe
and this they succeeded.
Really? I work to make it unsuccessful.
An apparatus drew up this book,
through more years.
To the compilation of the information
announced here there is need...
...for very modern and very
expensive data handling computers.
Erudites, who who systematize, reckon.
So may have lasted for long time
contentwise to manufacture.
Likewise typographic work.
Did make in not a registered press.
The font type perfectly unique,
they had it drawn up possibly.
In the lab since a week the components
of the paper try to be identified.
Claude asked time yet.
Go on.
What is the most alarming, that there
is something personal in the book:
its title, its absurdity, its humour.
And then a lot everything.
These the messages of a
strong intellect.
Who not only wants self to feel in
superiority, but who there is in
superiority really now.
I cannot send strengthening.
There is a problem in the dining room.
You solve it, take it back somehow.
I ask a nurse in the dolphinarium.
He's gone the from telekinezis.
What there is today here?
Who may become in the
interest of him and why?
Vatican come into question?
We don't know.
Evidently, the motivation indicates
a strong interest.
But there is need for additional experts.
Pick up the contact with the
national security ones.
The book very dangerous.
Are you kidding me?
Three people we started reading the book
Todd, the lexicographer, on the fourth
floor rest tied to a bed and talks
hooey about the Satan.
It may have consequences which
cannot be realised for it if this book
gets out to the people.
-Got out.
You love everybody.
But not me.
I do not love you.
I do not love you.
This better if you do not forget it.
You remind of this then, you could
look after yourself though better.
The love the measure of the normality.
-You believe it you may experiment with
us, because the priests your protection
You feel oneself for power one, right?
I'll do it I wake you up to
who reigns here.
Let it be anybody if the psyche
does not rule: it only usurps.
What this idiot does?
I pressed you because of this.
Soon you will plead.
You do not get lunch started from today.
We'll see till when you smile.
I'm going in.
Sends here the others.
I fast gladly.
Pitch, good how you come.
Precisely we talked over
the old lord's diet.
I go away because I have to
report it and is what.
-I do not remember that you would
have been granted permission
to the interrogation.
Maybe because you forgot
to come in on the past week.
You should sleep.
-Without dreams it gets tired man.
You dream a lot always then.
Not much, but always important.
Is needed how I shall awaken you.
You are a suspect officially from today.
Our exhibit too yes.
How you believed in the fact
that I do not realise it?
I would not have believed it,
but I started
being worried already after a week.
Do not blame yourself.
Sometimes the appearance
the little suspicious.
I may consider this as confession?
Why I would deny what occurred?
Because it is punishable by the law.
What I call a law, that alertness.
Why you smuggled the book out?
Because the people have
to confront themselves.
They have to confront the reality.
For reality suffice it to
say that ,that is. (exists)
Why you want to protect it?
That's my job.
I make my thing.
And the miracle disturbs
it during the work?
I ask now here.
-The reality is in the subjectivity.
You'll see.
Tell a story about Vatican.
-Of two different kinds
man lives on the Earth.
The sinner, who believes it, that right.
And the true one,
who knows it, that guilty.
So good.
For who you are looking, it is here
so much that it is outside
your perceptibility.
Listen! I am bored with you.
But a certain: if you are in the thing,
then you choke, because I in stifle you
-Mr. Lance, I guess your pupil.
Give you it his magnetic card.
Because cannot lose the building.
-You saw one like this already once?
-Sit down!
Look, the law it law.
There is need for the examinations
in the interest of you.
Although your statements are
alike, but those against reality .
What you allege may not have occurred.
What happens,it always right.
-You would stop your mouth up?
I was liked this man.
Tell me, how did it go?
-In my dream sent me a message.
-You start it?
-In the best time.
This place, your methods,
maybe, that I need him.
I maintain my statement, I don't care,
what may have happened according to
you how and what may not have happened.
I was there.
I be a witness to for the miracle.
-For the miracle?
Not anymore it disturbs you
that your books disappeared?
Those did not disappear,
those were transformed.
Those were transformed?!
The situation begets himself.
You fell into your own trap.
Than me.
We fall for it, but we do not remember
who we intended it for already.
We build with traps.
To F. Eveson questions.(?)
That's me.
Give it to me!
Why is there a question mark here?
-Tell it you!
Much of my money yes.
One which cannot be caught a lot.
Would get into a phone call of mine and
a smaller sum in order for you not to
be allowed to ask stupidities.
I have a bookshop, which
is world-famous.
I don't know from what world-famous,
I hated to read it in my whole life.
I have two children, whose
birthdays I do not know.
I have an ex wife, hers name not know.
I travel with a vehicle rented only.
It may be a bus, or an
airplane or a ship.
My older brother hates me.
In my brother's opinion I waste our
father's property, and I live freely.
And since 2 years I have it for supper
eating alone, without that
I would feel flavours.
And now here I am locked?!
I could get out though.
I could get out, but I do not
make it, i willn't do it.
Slightly too it was overdose.
-Yes, overdose.
-Take it easy, sit down!
I would pay any amount...
Because he adores the books,
and the books like it him.
The books do not love me,
neither the book never loved.
They are overdosed! Unusable!
What you made with him?
Bring everybody here.
-He is needed?
Idiot! Idiot!
-Sir, the chaos increases.
The suspicion of mine that Pitch agent
his investigation role not unambiguous.
Yes. Wants to do everything alone,
it is not possible to work so.
My duty to inform, that Pitch on a
wrong way is due or conceals something.
Causing important damages the...
Sir, than I mentioned it if
professionally inform, this would
not have occurred then.
Yeah, me too I believe it so, I do
anything for the official authority.
Sir, I understand.
-This in a case, I visit you today yet.
At me are 4 hours and
7 minutes, in as much...
A professional.
-Doc, come because he is raging.
Don't you get it?
From Al you know nothing.
Or I missed something?
Mr. Pitch.
Why are you sad?
Everything moves
according to the plans, right?
Or I mistake?
-I not make a mistake.
-But you?
Smart boys.
You will succeed.
They abdicate easily.
-I not will abdicate, don't
worry, Mrs. Satin.
The women love you sure.
The women run after you.
Am I right?
You have a wife?
Yes or rather yet no.
Maya stop it.
And your money?
You have money?
Buy a woman as yourself.
May not cost so much,than a bookshop.
Buy a prison as him, or you could
bring it here that see it every day.
Entertainer like that here.
Great. Everybody feels magnificently.
This is development.
I don't care.
I don't care.
You asked a week.
I don't know what you did,
but they are better, than once.
I don't understand. To be due yet
in the morning neither they could.
Our cheek they guffaw.
Let the medicines be checked.
The synthetic cheer-repairing.
The pear where did you get it?
We don't know.
Where did you get it?
Pear not contain in their diet.
I asked a daylong custody.
Look for it on the kitchen, go!
I would not like me to find it out,
that from the outside come.
You may go away, guys.
They communicated together, it sure.
-That's impossible.
Only onto the time of the
tests their room was lost.
Apart they were in a room
and they were preserved.
-With camera it is record everything.
You may look at it.
Something else happened here.
You have to accept it, Pitch!
Accept it! What? This, this?
You do to dream, doc?
In your dream did not meet with Tamel?
Lance is on you!
(He is against you!)
I suspected it!
And maybe how he succeeds!
The paper totally unknown.
Component on one of the
continents which cannot be found.
Even not in time.
The tetralon name mucilage it was
used until the past century's end.
With manual work can be manufactured,
but this does not carry us near.
The pear where did you get it?
I hit it on my table. Yours?
Hey, hey, you little shit!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Hey, stop it!
The idea that 60 seconds of its
presentation from the life of all of the
living persons it was necessary
to draw it up similarly,...
...than the plan of a big campaign.
The original concept if important,
does not guarantee the success merely.
No the better strategy, who knows it that
to the victory it is necessary to
surprise the adversary.
But who knows it, how can be surprised.
Well people, we crown you now.
You may not take these thingamies
off, you do not know it.
But not uncomfortable one
like that than a cap.
-Our brain you want to see?
This not dangerous.
Unless you do not conceal something.
Is due to Mr. Tamel one book
got out onto the street.
Soon a half world reads this.
I believed it, why you
would be left who from this.
The reader may not find
everything out simultaneously.
But who glances into the chapters
it may find out breathtaking things.
As if we would see the
landscape on a snapshot,...
...but not mountain,river,field,
but the human bodies a billion.
When on a stormy night the
is lightning rips on the sky...
... and onto the fraction of a second
we see endless space in all directions.
The darkness enfolds onto the landscape
next, but the picture is engraved on
our recollection for ever.
Good evening. 9 men died.
Good evening. 90 men died.
Good evening. 900 men died.
The humanity reaches 6 billion people,and
in all minutes people's a thousand die.
I clashed with inflexible consciousness
into a numeral data like this, ...
... I was not able to sympathize with
him in his drawn meaning, ...
...till then the numeral data
not put a concrete form.
In this chapter through a microscope
with a weak magnification first
the death to see ...
...whole one's, using a stronger
lentil then, we approach the details.
The enumeration begins with the natural
death in the chapter of the death.
The calamities, manners of death
caused by an other man follow.
We may hear of the distribution of the
tortures falling to the single minute
and its geographical distribution.
While you talk to your wife, while you
your dog for a walk, you read
newspaper, you fall asleep, ...
..you find it out the wail of people and
theirs agony what happened in its every
single minute of the every 24 hours of
the every daytime and every night of
the every weeks of the every months of
the every years.
Hello, are you still there?
The cancer and the heart attack
may not have been left out from list.
The AIDS and innumerable modern plagues.
Much of the victim of the therapy and
some 400 most important ones
are illnesses.
And those people, who the fate strikes
onto a death in shape of scooter car or
wall tumbling down, or falling tiled roof.
-Great. Everybody arrived.
Please, sith down!
Soon I introduce him to you.
But we see the film out before.
All right?
The book delineate in a separate
chapter with the various methods
of getting rid of the death.
Many new-born manage to get into the
stomach of rats in the poorer worlds.
The data concerning this already
on an other page can be found.
But a footnote indicates them in
order for the reader not to escape
his attention.
Because of the more accurate
containment of the district of the
death it diagonal method it was applied.
In one of the tables the
group of the causes of death,
the death is his actual
reason in the other table.
It is electric electric
shock for example.
It is due for a procedure for this that
the unusual richness of the manners
of death opens up in front of us.
From the postscript, which
the sect's members signed,...
...shows that the chapter dealing with
the death induced them toward the
collective suicide unambiguously.
Whirl of suicide may increase by the
dissemination of the book in parallel
with according to experts, ...
...more humanistic world organisations
call upon the world's folk for boycott
because of this.
Doc, doc, come on, hurry up.
-What? Blackout?
Bring them back!
-But that's impossible. It it is
necessary to wake them up.
# Chew the bite, #
# not ask for if you want it, #
# let there be trim if you go home, #
# then says sufficient, if sufficient #
# do not speak if they
are not watching, #
# be glad about it if the winter comes #
# preserve what was given, #
# lift your hat if it is, #
# you wake up once, #
# you fall asleep many times, #
# you wake up many times, #
# you fall asleep once, #
We are in it.
In for it.
What do you think, they suspect it?
We was got a day off.
-Slowly everybody comes.
-You want to get out?
I do not want to fall asleep again.
-Though we have to.
This only chance of mine,
that let me find you.
I want to see you yet.
To see?
You see only a bookshop.
You only books.
No. There are not books, only
a bookshop already.
Never there was a bookshop.
Only you and me.
We are two people only.
We are two people?
Okay, people. We start it immediately.
The program may start if Pitch arrives.
Now p.m. 10.30 hours.
F. Eveson and Maya fall asleep until
p.m. 11.30, the boy may be that
after midnight.
Tamel before a.m.1.00 hour never.
We begin to measure it elongation
afferents if all four reach the
paradoxical sleep; 5-minute intervals.
I can't believe it.
This impossibility.
Excuse me guys, that its end I held it
back, those for are glad about Oscar
only who is not yet.
You took a bath here and you did not go home?!
They laugh at me.
Make ready!
You have a little time yet to test.
Let him deceive nobody if
somebody neotaxia sees.
Your dinner we have included
What there was in their dinner?
A concoction, from which their dream
backwards know to say the alphabet.
We spend much money today away.
The headband measures it
yet the bulbus olfactorius.
What's that?
Olfactory bulb.
For nothing we are many if everybody
feels himself little from among us.
And not to know about compared to
what we may think that we are many.
From the chapter of the life can be
discovered, how many human bodies
exist in the 525600 minutes of the year.
How many bodies, that is how many
are muscles, bone, bile, blood,
spinal fluid, faeces.
From the humanity to drain
24.9 billion litre of blood could be.
This is a lot apparently.
But if the blood we pour out into ocean,
its water level did not rise with
hundredths of millimetre.
Worthy to reflect it, what we would
disappear from the scene tracklessly
with this minute splash.
They are in deep sleep.
Show a thalamus.
At Satin 5.7, 5.6, 5.5.
At F. Eveson 5.6
34.2 million men and a woman have
sexual intercourse in all of the
minutes of the day.
It is the turn of fertilisation in the
5.7 percentages of the cases simply.
But the semen quantity 43 tons per
minute its contain 1 billion 990 million
gamete with a negligible difference.
They do not want to have a bad dream.
There it is.
Here the fifth.
This comes from the outside.
We try to localize it.
What's this, doc?
I cannot define the numbers!
Metaxasis. At all.
Let us save the single
definitive frequency.
Got it.
Is looking for it.
Comes from the bookshop.
What's going on, Pitch?
Now no, very much disturb!
Started because of this moment,
you disturb me already.
You are smart. If this our end,
congratulations Lance special agent.
Doctor Anselmi I ask reporting promptly.
We are in him in a very
expensive measurement.
I disregard the leave then.
# you wake up once, #
# you fall asleep many times, #
# you wake up many times, #
# you fall asleep once, #
Let us not waste the current, my lords.
Because there may be need for him in
order for us to find the way out
of the darkness for our seed.
The investigation henceforth plain
and will be understandable.
If we are together so a little
riddle fits into it yet.
You are responsible for this wasting.
The journalists inviting, we did not
manage to find out more to unknown
one making a phonecall .
May not have turned out because a
resistant filter was on the call and
the data got lost forever.
This means that I could
have made a phonecall me, too.
If soon appoint agent.
For me the attention of media
never missed.
You are insane
Your first good decision.
And unfortunately the last one
Your first bad decision,
but unfortunately no last.
Here now are a reality defense case.
The situation not definitive,
I segregate you!
You do not have to get changed
I'm sorry Pitch agent, the law it law.
To search and it is possible
to carry it already
Sir, this is for you.
Material evidence.
-Thanks, how you help.
Is there anything else?
Let us not take away
his afternoon snack.
And the intellectual food may be
left over, worked a lot with him.
Carry it!
Good appetite!
Give a cigarette!
Give a cigarette!
For man to be not only anatomy, that can
be added together, can be multipliable
and divisible, but intellectual life.
The intellectual existence cannot
be measured, statistically cannot be
processed could thwart that intention
of the author,...
...that it drew a picture from humanity
comely from among the thousands of
catchword of the index...
...we would earn one like that
vainly like what human dignity.
Sit down, Pitch special agent!
I hope for it you will be able to eat.
This our farewell dinner.
Experiment with it only!
Will succeed!
I am glad that you slept a little!
To the eyesight you have
to close your eye!
May give yet?
He spoke up! He spoke up!
Eat because it gets cold!
We get nowhere with him!
You are unjust, was not
an easy matter for you!
More easily, than for you!
Really? Never seemed
me so you ripen over here!
I'm here.
Or no?
All precedes the details.
We came through other chapters,
but we arrived to the same place.
We're here, and this counts only.
If there will be everybody brave
we manage to get onto his end only.
I don't understand.
We got back
And now depends on you only
already, that circulate, or we get out.
Stop it!
Try it! Eat a bite.
Imagine it!
Imagine it anything, which
you want to eat!
We write a meaning about
this, doctor Anselmi.
I may call you doc?
Have you finished?
I do.
You have a little thing after your
room appears on the monitor.
This here the Reality Defense Institute's
research centre and not a trashy cinema.
I would like everything, which is the
product of the imagination, to
disappear in 10 minutes.
Good, I help this much
I want it if somebody comes in here, let
him understand it promptly,
what that reality.
What we hope between the
much vague one remains only.
-I want to wake up.
Go ahead.
Now you are afraid
because you were left alone.
Hard not to fear me.
Difficult everything is
what simple and natural.
The uniform is compulsory
for them hence, and no smoking.
Starting after a hour.
To prepare truth serum
and electroshock is needed.
I hate him if a woman is crying.
The book original work,
because not statistics.
The chronicle of events
did not close down.
This book is in synch
with the human world.
The majority of the votes
does not decide the truth.
The majority meant altogether so much,
that the slammed there are more people.
And the book?
-You asked us this now?
May convince the strength yet,
the weakness but never.
I asked all for one.
We try to wake up them.
It is simply impossible.
Sir, we tried everything.
Maybe that you are inappropriate?
Maybe, that the doc
would be needed for this.
-You had a rest?
Better you look out.
Better too I am.
In my life myself did not feel so well.
I hope for it yet can be
increased your mood.
Since weeks the world not
anymore place, but state.
A book, a case keep us on a unusual
manner in terror, it Al F. Eveson's
book scandal.
An one which can be put up company
with an ill state of mind all of the
moments of our life,...
...because of the birth until the death,
was watching it treacherously and
degrades it statistically.
They transformed us into numbers.
Our human relations,
our thoughts, our acts.
Who are doing behind the book if we do
not manage to get an answer to it, then
it's possible that they worm their way
in into our dreams tomorrow.
Good evening! I am Sondra Dolphin.
Today and always on
the side of the truth.
The soul of the things is
on the surface of the things.
The Reality Defense Institute announced
it meanwhile, that their custody being
apart from 4 segregated ones...
...one fifth person thoroughly open to
suspicion with the formation of the book
Phil Pitch who is today at dusk...
Well that i like it Phil Pitch?
...first No. was promoted suspect.
-We work go ahead long time.
We act and we move in the relativity.
We do not can...
... only know.
We do not achieve results,
we are searching only
We are witnesses only.
The witnesses always interpret.
It is necessary to go onto
the site again and again.
Did they not teach it to you?
What are you talking about?
Wait its end out!
You will experience a special
evening if you accompany us!
Richard Lance the special agent is in
the studio already from the
Reality Defense Institute.
Who made a promise, that he to
put a point to end of the case in live.
Live broadcast?
But the real surprise follows this only.
Let them go nowhere.
Are you you recorded now?
I welcome you. Congratulations
your appointment!
Please summarize it, where the case is.
We knew it, that Al F. Eveson, Maya
Satin and Agnus Andersen are
responsible for that hysteria,...
...what the appearance of their
book took out in the world.
The evidences from national
security reasons not public.
How long want to keep things?
We tried to solve the case based on their
confessions in the past weeks, but we
met with continuous internal resistance.
It was necessary to order a
news blackout because of this.
You were worth it so inside
the Reality Defense Intitute?
Phil Pitch I fired a special agent
because he was disappearing so does
not see it from the map the landscape.
You would explain it? We the map
neither we do not see the landscape!
For Pitch is not significance since
years. F. Eveson is very rich.
The others are very psychic patients.
What is the context?
-You ask me it?
Such advertising is profitable
for a long time for all of them
What there could be need for
an advertisement like this?
And a yes went off badly only
if this is an advertisement.
The people are furious rather.
They demand the responsible.
-Well yeah!
They tried to apply intellectual terror.
What could have turned out easily
because the world acknowledged
performance of the creation of the book
Pitch took advantage of the Reality
Defense Institute's capacity, its secret
investigative methods and his official
He wanted to build up a series of terror
acts what would have made the world
come to doubt the faith of truth in the
Understand it. They are criminals, who
crossed the border of the legality with
their thoughts mostly.
Our civilisation, that measures
everything, counts out,
appreciates, respects,...
...but everything ignores a command,
a prohibition and wants
to know everything,..
...himself will be unseen for
him while it suffers increasingly.
Not surprising that wanted a
self-portrait from himself, which is
realistic until the final, and objective
But obtained what it wanted?
Is it possible to see it impersonally?
My conscience says it:
What the eye sees...
...and what I see in the eye...
We start the interrogation.
We finish it rather.
I was me, I did it.
How's that everything?
I don't know. Everything.
How's that you don't know?
Some, how I do not know it.
It no is it possible!
But possible.
How's that possible?
Some, how possible.
Some, how possible?
Not possible?
Not possible.
Not possible?
Not possible.
Not possible.
-Not possible?
What imagine, what's going on?
Everything, which we experience here...
...or what we see outside ...
...it comes into existence here.
Merely all questions, onto which the
on all of them together the answer.
Well i can't believe it.
Is disappearing so, but yours may be.
Very affecctionate. Since
yesterday it follow everywhere.
If yours, then it is yours.
# Chew the bite, #
# not ask for if you want it, #
# let there be trim if you go home, #
# then says sufficient, if sufficient #
# do not speak if they are not watching, #
# be glad about it if the winter comes, #
# preserve what was given, #
# lift your hat if it is, #
# Chew the bite, #
# not ask for if you want it, #
# let there be trim if you go home, #
# then says sufficient, if sufficient #
# do not speak if they are not watching, #
# be glad about it if the winter comes,#
# preserve what was given, #
# lift your hat if it is, #
# you wake up once, #
# you fall asleep many times, #
# you wake up many times, #
# you fall asleep once, #
We waited for you.