1 Buck (2017) Movie Script

(ominous music)
(frog croaking)
(wood creaking)
(dramatic music)
(water bubbling)
- Jesus.
- Yeah.
Swamp will eat a body up.
When we found her,
we advised dispatch
and we took a few
pictures before we left.
- Good.
I gotta get closer.
(metal clinking)
Oh, shit.
Get a dive team in here.
Get a list with all
females gone missing
since this shit started.
(somber music)
All right, I'm done.
- Detective.
Detective, is there
any information
you could share with
us at this time?
- No.
All right, you
guys can go ahead.
- Detective, isn't this the
second body in the bayou
in the last two months?
Do you have any
leads at this time?
- Back off, please.
This is a crime scene.
- Headquarters, we're gonna need
a dive team at our location.
Copy that?
(police radio mumbling)
- Captain Lopez, is
there any information
that you could share with us?
- The body of woman
has been found
and removed from the water.
(muffled police radio message)
- [Female Journalist] Should
our citizens be concerned
at this time?
Do we need a neighborhood
watch, a curfew,
or should the FBI be involved?
- We are doing our job.
- As you've just heard,
a female body has been
found in Black Bayou.
We will give you more
updates on this scene
as soon as it arrives.
I'm Kelly with Channel 6.
- [Woman's Voiceover]
I love you, Harry.
There's gonna be
three of us now.
(ominous music)
- [Radio Dispatch]
Headquarters to 207.
Be on route to River and Garden
in reference to a
possible homicide.
207, caller states that he's
out with an unresponsive
white female with an
apparent gunshot wound.
- [Woman's Voiceover] I've got
an important question for you.
- [Man's Voiceover]
Oh, I'm so happy.
- [Radio Dispatch] 207,
the female is going to be
in her mid-30's.
201, 203, 212 be
on route with 207.
(dramatic music)
- [Man's Voiceover] Oh my god.
- [Woman's Voiceover]
You're gonna be a daddy.
- [Man's Voiceover]
I'm gonna be a daddy.
- [Woman's Voiceover]
You're gonna be a great dad.
- [Man's Voiceover]
I'm gonna be...
(woman laughing)
I love you.
- [Radio Dispatch]
Harry, don't go over there.
You don't want to see this.
It's Allison.
(dramatic music)
(somber radio music)
- Thank you.
(bell ringing)
- [Cashier] Hey, honey.
- How you doing, dad?
- [Dad] Good, what a surprise.
- I'm gonna get some stuff
in the back. I'll be back.
- Sure, help yourself.
And I hear your voice
Echoing through the night
You need any help?
- No, I'm good.
- I miss you.
I wanna see you more.
- Marry me.
Go ahead.
I'm not in a rush.
- How you doing, Christian?
- [Christian] Good,
Jake. How are you?
- Doing good, thanks.
- [Christian] That'll be $4.50.
So how's things at work?
- Thinks are good.
- [Christian]
How's my boy doing?
- He's doing good.
- [Christian] Is he?
Be careful.
You good?
- I'm good. Have a good evening.
- [Christian] All right.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Hey, dad.
- I haven't seen you in awhile.
- Yeah, I just been, you know, going
from work to home. And, you know...
- Busy.
- Yeah.
- Met anybody?
- No.
Been downtown a lot.
- Lucian's okay?
- He's good.
He's really good.
(phone ringing)
- Answer your phone.
Answer your phone.
- All right, what'd
you do this time?
- Nothing.
- Hey!
Good to see you.
- Pop?
- What's up with you?
Haven't seen you for weeks
and you show up
looking like this?
- Thanks, Pop.
(somber radio music)
- All right, you GUYS-
That's enough of that.
Dad, I love you, okay?
- Love you too, sweetie.
- Bye.
Let's go.
- Why don't you
help him clean up?
- All right, Dad.
- Good to see you, Pop.
- Yeah, son, good
to see you too.
(foreboding music)
(muffled police radio)
- [Boy] Mom, I need five
dollars for tomorrow.
- Five dollars.
- Mom?
Did God invent money?
- [Mother] No, sweetie.
- So why does it say,
"In God we trust"
on the dollar bill?
- Sweetie, God has
nothing to do with money.
(somber music)
- Here.
Check it out.
- Cool.
- Keep it.
For a good luck charm.
- What do I need a
good luck charm for?
- To protect you.
- All right.
Gotta go.
Bad guys to catch, man.
See you around, man?
- Mhmm.
. HEY-
Make sure you call
dad later, okay?
He needs to hear from you often.
I'll walk you out.
Stay put, Luce.
(somber music)
Hey, wait.
Are you okay?
- What?
- You don't look so good.
- Thanks.
I got stress at work.
I'm fine.
- Any news on the case?
I know it's hard.
I miss 'em too.
(dog barking)
- I gotta go to work, all right?
. Okay-
- Thanks for dinner.
- At least change your
clothes sometimes.
- I love you too, sis.
- [Radio Dispatch]
Headquarters to 601.
Headquarters to 601.
- This is 601. Go ahead.
- [Radio Dispatch] 601, be en
route to 1618 Market Street,
Coyote's Bar and Grill,
in reference to
an investigation.
(somber music)
Contact your callers,
a white female and a black
female in front of the bar.
Callers state that they are
going to have information
regarding the homicide
of Debbie Teague.
- You better be here
looking for Debbie.
- You don't look a kind of cop
to give us working
girls a hard time.
- Fair enough.
Let me make it up to you.
You girls work on
commission, right?
- That's right.
- I'll get us some
drinks, anything you want.
I'd like a whisky.
- Thank you.
- Sit down?
What can you tell me
about Ms. Hassell?
- Debbie?
She was a good girl.
- Why you say "was?"
- You hear about all
these girls going missing,
but don't ever hear about
anybody finding them.
- Yeah, we're working on that.
- We know how dangerous
it is out there.
Even without the serial killers.
We always tell each
other where we're going.
- All right, so when the
last time you saw her?
- Last night,
around 11.
She left with some guy.
- Did you get a look at him?
- No, not really.
- And you wonder why we have
trouble catching the guy.
You know if she has
any regular hang outs,
friends she might be with?
- I said we looked
out for one another.
Didn't say nothing about
being best friends.
- So what kind of
cop do I look like?
- You don't look like a cop.
You look like trouble.
That's all right though.
I like bad boys.
(smooth blues music)
. Woo!
- You look a little
drowsy, honey.
I say you and me step outside
for a breath of fresh air.
- It'll cost you 50.
(smooth blues music)
- Me and my buddy, here,
we like to shoot
at the same hole.
- Got that right.
- Oh, show me how
you like it, big boy.
(smooth blues music)
- I'll take care of
both y'all real fine.
But it'll cost your double
for double the trouble.
- It ain't gonna be no trouble.
Just double.
- Fuck me, cowboy, come on!
Come on, cowboy.
- [Allison Voiceover] There's
gonna be three of us now.
- [Harry Voiceover]
I'm gonna be...
(Allison laughing)
Oh my god, how long?
(Harry laughing)
(girl moaning)
Oh, I'm so happy-
- [Allison Voiceover]
I'm glad you're happy.
- [Harry Voiceover]
Oh, I'm so happy.
- [Allison Voiceover]
I love you, Harry.
- [Harry Voiceover]
I love you girls too.
(intense music)
- What the fuck?
Are you serious?
I was just about to come.
Oh, you fucking loser.
God, fuck, damn it.
- Where's the cop?
- Mean the loser?
He's still in the bathroom.
- Damn.
- [Dan] You up for
some fun tonight, babe?
- Sorry, boys.
The sign says closed.
- What we waiting for?
Let's roll.
- So this is your love nest?
- That's right.
Just had the carpet redone.
- Did you?
- Now the curtains
match the carpet.
- I'm so impressed.
Now it gonna be 50 dollars.
- Don't make a sound!
Don't make a sound!
Don't you say a word.
Don't make a sound.
Do you understand?
Now you get on your
knees bitch, right now.
Get up.
Get down there.
- Suck it, bitch.
- Get down on your knees.
- Come here.
Suck it.
- Think she likes it.
- Suck it.
Use a rubber.
I don't want you getting my
gun no herpes, you whore.
Suck it. You like
that, don't you?
You like a shaft
that big, right?
(ominous music)
- Give me the purse.
- Come on, bitch.
(woman crying)
Put a rubber on it.
- This all you got, bitch?
That's it?
That's all you got?
- Put it on.
Put it on.
Put it in your mouth.
Come on. All of it.
Suck all of it.
All of it.
Oh yeah.
All of it. All of it.
All of it.
- [Dan] All the way.
- All of it.
No teeth.
Look at that. You
like that, don't you?
You like that?
- Go ahead, give it to her.
She likes it, man.
- Suck it.
(ominous music)
Suck it.
Darker the berry
the sweeter the
juice, right Dan?
- [Dan] That's right.
- You get the fuck
away from her!
- Ow, bitch!
- [Woman] You sick bastard!
- Get the fuck away from her!
- No trouble.
What? You gonna shoot me
for getting a blow job, ho?
Man, so you get off
in the bathroom?
I'll get you off.
- I will shoot you.
- Yeah?
Want me to suck you off?
You want me to suck you off?
- I will fucking shoot you.
- I been waiting to do that.
(ominous music)
- Fucking go home and shower.
- [Dan] Hey, what if
she goes to the cops?
- [Rex] Hooker ain't
going to no cops.
- [Dan] Yeah, but what if, man?
- [Rex] Will you shut up?
- [Dan] All right then,
here's to the whores.
- How much you get?
- Bitch only had
40 dollars, man.
- Cheap ass ho.
- Man, you gotta
turn right up here.
- Give me the money.
(upbeat radio music)
That's it?
- That's it.
- Get out.
(ominous music)
(change rattling)
(somber music)
(birds chirping)
- I think I hear somebody coming
down the drive way now.
- Is it mom?
- I don't know.
- I'll go check.
It's her.
- Oh, Jesus.
. Hey, baby.
Goodness, look at you.
Oh my goodness.
God, Dan.
Just look at this mess.
You gotta be kidding me.
- I had to work late last night.
. Oh yeah?
Do you even plan on
paying child support
one of these days?
Do you even know what shared
custody means, asshole?
- What time is it?
I haven't got paid yet.
- Bullshit.
I've got the court order.
Your ass is going to jail, Dan.
I can't stand your shit.
- We don't have to do this
in front of the kid, Janet.
- Don't touch me.
Come here, baby.
Listen, okay?
I want you to go change
and we can get ready
for our day, all right?
I can't believe your ass.
Oh my god, I can't
even believe this shit.
- Here that's it.
Don't take it all.
- Oh my god.
This is it?
- That's it.
- This is it? This is all I get?
This is all you give
for you daughter?
- That's it.
- Here you go, keep it.
Hey, baby.
- Here you go.
- Thank you, baby.
- Have a nice day, daddy.
- You too baby,
I'll see you later.
- I'll bring her
by in the morning.
That's if you're awake.
(flies buzzing)
(foreboding music)
(crowd cheering)
(ominous music)
(intense music)
(crowd cheering)
(ominous music)
- I need some.
- I got you, man.
- Give it to me!
- How much you want?
- All of it!
- Fuck this shit.
Fuck off!
(intense music)
Go fuck him up.
Fuck yeah!
(intense music)
(crowd cheering)
(somber music)
- Thanks for the medicine, doc.
- What is that? My tip?
I got your tip.
I got you a tip-
- Yeah?
- Mhmm.
- You sure you don't
wanna stay tonight?
- Yeah, what you got for me?
- I'll make it worth
your while, baby.
- Really?
- Yeah.
(somber guitar music)
- Keep it wet for me.
I'll be back later.
(somber rock music)
(rain beating)
(somber music)
(ominous music)
(ominous music)
- Charlie?
(phone chiming)
(phone chiming)
Who is this?
Make it short, I'm
really not in the mood.
- Is Maria there?
- Yeah, what do
you want her for?
(ominous music)
- A friend said I
could call you in case.
- In case of what?
- [Man] Just in case.
- I'm really tired.
I'm not in the mood.
- Anyway, I needed a
little help with something.
- What friend?
- I think it's best if I
pay you a little visit.
- Fucking asshole.
(foreboding music)
What the fuck is going on?
(ominous music)
What the fuck is going on?
(intense music)
(somber guitar radio music)
(radio buzzing)
- Be right there.
- [Boy] Hey, Mr. Cain.
I got some cans for you.
- Good work, kid.
Be right back.
(ominous music)
Say hi to your family for me.
- Thanks.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Keep up the good work.
- Will do.
- I sure do appreciate you.
- Appreciate you.
Hey, mom.
. HEY-
How'd it go?
- Really good.
- How'd it go?
- I made 25 bucks in 20 minutes.
- [Amara] Wow.
- [Old Woman] I am proud
of you. That is great.
- That is amazing.
- [Amara] Hey, Jeremy.
- How are you?
- Good.
God, you're getting so tall.
- You're getting
shorter, I think.
Hi, how's it going?
- It's fine.
So good to see you.
- Me too.
- That's my seat.
- Okay, I guess I'll
just go to my room.
- [Old Woman] You work
hard, you need your rest.
He's such a sweetheart.
- Yes.
- Goodness.
- Hey, someone's here.
- What the hell is this?
Ain't serious, are you?
- I didn't have
a choice, Thomas.
- So you're dragging
me in front of a judge
like some fucking criminal?
- You owe me money.
- What do you want me to do?
I'm trying to get
myself together here.
- I don't believe you anymore.
All you been doing
is lying to me
for the last couple of months.
Spending all our money on poker.
- Where you going?
(phone beeping)
Like I'm done with you, bitch?
What you think you gonna
get away with this?
- Hey, Harry, are
you free right now?
Yeah, I'm over at Sam's house
and Thomas just got here
and he's raging angry.
Can you please come over?
- Loser.
- Hey!
Get out of here.
I just called the cops.
- Good for you.
You ain't seeing a fucking
dime from me, how bout that?
Why don't you go
back to sucking dick?
- Fuck you.
- He's such a fucking asshole.
- Sam?
You all right?
(clock ticking)
Look, I see this all the time.
If you don't do something,
it never ends good.
- It'll be fine.
Thank you.
Can I get you something?
A drink?
- No, I'm good.
I gotta go-
Can I drop you somewhere?
- Yeah, home.
- You call me anytime.
- When you gonna pitch a tent?
- Mom.
- What?
I'm old, not dead.
Need have a man
around the house.
- I love you.
(foreboding music)
(police radio mumbling)
(car engine starting)
(cash register ringing)
(ominous music)
- Hey, did you hear
what the town's
doing to the school kids?
Making them wear
the same uniforms.
- Oh, I know.
You know what, I think
it's a good idea.
Who knows, they might
even study a little more.
You know what,
I gotta get going.
My mom's at home.
- All right, see you, Sam.
' [Sam] See you.
(door ringing)
(foreboding music)
(intense music)
- Honestly, Jay, I'm
just so sick and tired
of sneaking around like this.
It's been two years now.
I mean, how much more
time do you need?
- I just need a
little more time.
Listen, your brother's not
in a good place right now.
I just have to be
careful with him.
- I understand that my brother
is not doing well right now,
but what does that have to do
with us and our relationship?
- Amara, your brother
is addicted to drugs.
gambling, everything.
The Feds are on to him.
They're probably out there
following him right now.
I don't think I can
protect him anymore.
- How long did you
know about this?
Why didn't you say
anything to me about this?
I mean, he's my brother.
I need to do something
about this, okay?
- I know. I know.
- I can't just let...
I can't just watch him
fall apart like this.
- Listen, I just need
you to be prepared
if shit hits the fan.
Look, let's just
hope for the best,
but we need to
prepare for the worst.
I love you.
You know that, right?
- Yeah.
- I'll do the best for us.
(somber music)
Come here.
I think the pizza's here.
Go pay for it.
- Hi.
- $9.75, ma'am.
- How did you get here?
- Oh, I'm just two blocks away.
It's not a big deal.
- You know what, here you go.
- Okay, thank you.
- Thank you.
- All right, have a good night.
(food sizzling)
- Where you been at?
Don't take no hour
to do one delivery.
Been out getting
some air, Jordan?
You do that ghetto shit
on your time, okay?
Your job is simple.
I give you food and
you give me money.
Simple shit, boy.
- So you think it's ghetto
that I just did 27
deliveries today?
You know, yesterday
I was this close
to doubling that amount?
But I guess that shit's
ghetto two, right?
- You want a fucking medal?
- Yeah, I do.
- You know how much
this place costs me?
Now I gotta do
twice as much work,
doing damage control on
everything you fuck up.
I'm supposed to clean
up after your shit?
I don't think so.
- Fuck that shit, man.
Now you can cleanup
after my shit.
. Okay-
Obama's America.
- Yeah.
- See,
y'all don't wanna work.
Now pick that up
and do your job!
- This ain't slavery days, man.
And you don't pay me enough to put up
with your racist, redneck bullshit.
So you can kiss my
motherfucking black ass.
- I ain't kissing
your black nothing.
You just a lazy ass nigger.
He hit me!
- You piece of shit nigger.
I'm calling the cops.
- What the fuck you say to me, white boy?
Call the cops.
You better run.
- Give me my money.
- Oh, you want your money?
This little lousy ass
fucking chump change?
Take that fucking money.
Shove it up the pasty
white ass of yours.
- Yo, that nigger hit me.
(somber music)
(police sirens)
- [Cop] See those hands!
See your hands! Hands up!
Keep them up!
- Okay, okay! Just don't shoot.
- [Cop] Turn around and
get against the wall!
- Okay, okay!
- [Cop] Put your
hands on the wall.
- Just please, don't shoot me.
- You have any guns on you?
- Please, can you tell
me what this is about?
(dramatic music)
- Stop resisting.
Stop resisting.
Don't you resist.
Stand up.
(dramatic music)
In route to the jail.
- [Female Dispatcher]
Detective Magio.
Be advised,
suspect Jordan Cox,
booked on battery charges.
Matches prints from two
of your recent homicides.
Be advised.
Suspect Jordan Cox is known
to have had a relationship
with recent homicide
victim, Maria Cooper.
- Look at these pictures.
You recognize those girls?
(distant police sirens)
- I don't know them people.
- Maybe you oughta
take another look.
- I just looked at it.
Like I told you
before, I don't know.
- You're the prime suspect.
- Really?
- Yeah.
We know you did it.
What I wanna know is why.
- Why what?
- Why did you kill these girls?
- I didn't kill nobody, man!
Look, I swear to God...
- Don't you swear.
- Oh, okay.
I promise to God.
- Let me help you out.
- Oh, you wanna
help me out again.
- Yeah, I'll help you out.
- What you got for me this time?
- You go over to her house
because you wanna fuck her.
You ring the doorbell.
She answers and she says no.
Who knows why.
Maybe you do.
She says no.
You get mad, lose your temper.
Next thing you know, she's dead.
- What do you want me to say?
I don't even know what
you're talking about!
God damn.
- We know you were fucking
at least one of these girls.
And the sooner you admit it
sign a confession!
You admit you did it.
We'll be able to plea bargain.
We can help you out.
Now you keep this shit up,
get dragged in front
of a jury for murder,
they will chew you up and
spit your black ass out.
You'll be lucky to get life.
- Like I told you before,
I didn't have shit
to do with these
white women getting killed.
How many goddamn ways
I can tell you that?
(ominous music)
The only suspect you can
find was my black ass,
because of a fingerprint?
Give me a break, man.
(ominous music)
- Harry.
- You need to think
about your attitude.
- What the hell is
going on with you?
- What?
- This.
- I got an admitted
violent offender
with prints all over my case.
- Really? Prints? Prints?
He's a fucking delivery boy.
His prints are on
every doorknob.
You know, I can't
deal with you anymore.
I am so tired of picking up
your reckless detective work.
Picking up the pieces.
You're a mess out there.
I'm just so done
with you, Harry.
You need to take some time off.
- Fuck you.
- You're free to go.
Harry, take time off.
- You don't tell me what to do.
- Harry.
- Stay the fuck
out of my business.
- [Officer] Come with
me and get your stuff.
(somber music)
- Hey, come here.
Come on.
I know we said some
shitty things before,
but we're always
gonna love each other,
- Yeah.
- Sign here.
- I get harassed and now I
gotta sign for my own stuff?
- I got him.
Sorry about the mix up.
(foreboding music)
(electric buzzing)
- Now you have a problem.
- Don't change the
fucking topic, Andreas.
You gonna do what I asked
you to do or what, man?
Get the fuck out of here.
- [Andreas] Look dude.
I don't think you fucking
understand, my man.
If I don't get what I want,
I'm gonna fucking smoke you.
(engine rumbling)
- I know he's cruising
the streets right now,
looking for his next victim.
- Finally decided to...
- Good evening, ma'am.
I'm in charge of
maintenance around here.
Seems there might be a
plumbing problem in your room.
Water's leaking in next door
and we think it might be
coming from your bathroom.
- [Man On TV] I know you're
doing business on Facebook, bro.
I'm not fucking stupid. Okay?
- You mind if I take a look?
- I haven't heard anything
or seen any water.
Maybe somebody came by
already and fixed it.
- They would've told me.
Seeing as I only live
a few miles from here.
(ominous music)
You work around these parts?
- Yeah.
I work at the mini-mart in town.
I'm a cashier.
- Nice to meet you.
My name's Bill.
And you?
- I'm Janet.
(beat music)
Just give them what they need
Just take heed
I got my mind right
My money next
And when the time right
- Can this wait 'til tomorrow?
My ex is supposed to be
coming by any minute.
- I think it's best
if I take a look.
(ominous music)
. okay-
Come on in.
You could just make it quick.
Where do you think
it might be leaking?
(foreboding music)
(muffled beat music)
(Janet's muffled screaming)
(ominous music)
(muffled beat music)
(ominous music)
- Good morning?
- Don't shoot!
- You want me to
come back later?
- Just give me a minute.
- All right.
(muffled TV talk show)
- Hey, don't you
owe me some money?
- A man of my word.
Now I know that's
not payment in full,
but hopefully that'll do
until I can get a job.
- This is it?
This is all you can give me?
- That's all I got right now.
Yes, I'm calling about the ad.
Yes, Jordan.
Address please?
Thank you. Thank you.
- [Maid] Oh my god!
(maid screaming)
Oh my god, help!
Oh my god! Oh my god!
Somebody call the police.
There's blood everywhere!
(ominous music)
- [Male Dispatcher] 911,
what's your emergency?
- Get the police here!
My maid saw a lot of
blood in one of the rooms.
- [Male Dispatcher] Yes, ma'am.
- [Desk Clerk]
Send them quickly.
- [Male Dispatcher] Ma'am,
can you give me your address?
- Town and Country Motel,
on Texas Street.
(police siren alarming)
- [Male Dispatcher]
Headquarters to Detective Magio
and all units in the area of
the Town and Country Motel.
Units, be in route to the
Town and Country Hotel
in reference to a 911 call.
(intense music)
(police sirens alarming)
- Oh, I'm so glad to see you.
My cleaning lady
saw a lot of blood.
It's in room 124.
- We'll take a look.
(intense music)
(dramatic music)
Tape it off, guys.
(dramatic music)
- This god damn nigger stole
five grand from me, man.
I know exactly
where he keeps it.
You kill his black ass,
you keep that five grand.
- Now you make me work twice
my own motherfucking money.
Alright, fine.
I'mma do this.
But let's set an example
what happens the next time
you don't have my
motherfucking money.
- Yo, here he comes, man.
Kick his ass.
Kick his ass.
- Excuse me. Hey.
Hey partner, you got a light?
(ominous music)
- As long as you promise
not to run off with it.
- Oh man, it's your lighter.
Thank you. Thank you, really.
You usually run off
with people's money?
- Do I know you?
(foreboding music)
- It don't matter, man.
- Son of a bitch.
(dramatic music)
- Are you okay, sweetie?
- What?
- Do you need me to get
you something to drink?
- No, I'm good. Thanks.
So did you hear anything?
See anything?
- No, nothing.
The first thing we heard
was when the maid screamed.
. Okay'
I'm going need a complete
list of all your guests.
Names, contact information.
- All of them?
- All of them.
- Everybody?
- Please, get it printed out
and give it to the one
officer that will be here.
Tell him I asked for it.
Now if you think anything
else, call me all right?
- [Desk Clerk] Okay. Thank you.
- Ma'am, could you
spare few dollars?
Kind of hungry you know?
Appreciate it.
Thank you so much.
(car engine starting)
- [Female Journalist] ls there
any other characteristics
that you can expand
on that you have found
that is common amongst
serial killers?
Can you give us any picture
of what this guy looks like?
What he's thinking?
- [Man] A lot of times
you might think he's
some scruffy looking character.
He doesn't rob them,
so it's not the money.
Money is not the
object of this thing
and really it's just the way
that he gets his jollies.
(heavy metal music)
- What's up, man?
You got some stuff?
All right, cool.
(heavy metal music)
(bottles clanking)
(woman crying)
(woman yelling)
(car engine running)
(somber music)
(police siren honking)
- We won't be long.
This car is badass.
- I got to tell you, detective,
I've been a real bad girl.
(somber music)
- [Harry] I'll give
you a ride home.
- I don't want to
go home, Harry.
I want to talk.
- Talk about what?
- About us. You and me.
Sit down.
Still nothing to say?
Dammit, I need more, Harry.
You want to be with
me or you don't?
- Where you going?
- What the fuck do
you care, Harry?
- Come on, you can't
walk out from here.
- Get the fuck off me.
What are you doing?
- Christ, look where you are.
You won't make it three blocks.
- Fuck you, Harry.
- I'll give you a ride.
- Let me go! Let me go!
- I'm gonna give
you a ride home.
- Harry, put me down.
Fucking asshole.
Put me down!
Fuck! Put me down!
Put me down.
- Oh, shit.
What is you doing?
- Sorry man, that's my bad.
You all right?
- Yeah.
- You got a buck in there?
- What do I owe you?
- Just give me,
like, four bucks.
- Here's five.
Thanks, man.
Stay out of trouble, all right?
- All right.
(police sirens)
Damn, he tried to kill me, man.
(engine revving)
- Can I get a whisky?
- There you go.
- Thanks.
(Allison laughing)
- [Harry Voiceover] You
girls be careful out there.
- [Allison Voiceover]
We'll be fine, daddy.
(dramatic music)
I love you.
- [Harry Voiceover]
Love you too.
- Allison?
(dramatic music)
(foreboding music)
Attention all units,
this is Detective Maggio.
(intense music)
- You know what
Harry? I am done.
Hell, everyone is done with you.
You know what? I shouldn't
even tell you this
but the FBI has been
investigating you.
And I am glad because
for the past two years
everyone that loves you
has been watching you
fuck your life up!
So go ahead,
drink up, party away!
Have fun.
- You think I'm having fun?!
In the last year,
I've seen eleven murdered women.
Eleven women I didn't save,
just like I didn't save Allison.
' [Jay] Harry.
- And every time I see one.
I see Allison.
And poof!
She's gone.
She's everywhere. She's nowhere.
- Harry.
- I lose Allison
and my child.
My fucking unborn daughter.
(dramatic music)
Ten times a day!
I lose her ten times a day!
And that ain't fun!
That ain't fucking fun!
- Harry.
(dramatic music)
(ominous music)
(flies buzzing)
I set you free
I set you free
I set you free
set you free
I set you free
I set you free
(somber music)
(flies buzzing)
- Be right there.
(ominous music)
- [Jeremy] Hey, Mr. Cain.
Got some more bags for you.
- Good work, kid.
Be right back.
. Okay-
Might wanna clean up in here.
Smells pretty bad.
- Yeah, I know.
Must be a dead rat.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Keep up the good work.
- Will do.
(phone chiming)
- Hey, bud.
- [Jeremy] Hey
Harry, it's Jeremy.
I'm really sorry to bother you,
but I was just over at Caine's
garage on Airline drive
and I saw some
blood on the ground
and it smelled extremely bad.
I just wanted to
let you know that.
- All right, look,
I gotta get cleaned up.
Thanks for the tip.
I'll check it out.
- Okay. See you soon.
(ominous music)
(woman crying)
- [Woman] I can pay you.
I can pay you. I have money.
I have money. I can
pay you, please.
(chains rattling)
- Come on.
(woman crying)
I'm not going to hurt you.
(whistling radio music)
I'm not gonna hurt you.
My little kitty cat.
Come up here.
Come up here.
(police radio mumbling)
[Female Dispatcher]
Headquarters to 601.
Detective Maggie?
Headquarters to Detective
Maggio across all channels.
- Wanna go for a walk?
You wanna go for a walk?
Is that what you want?
I know what you want.
Is this what you want?
(woman groaning)
Feels good, my little kitty cat.
Feels good. Come here.
Come here.
Is that what you want?
(whistling radio music)
Do you want a drink, sweetie?
(eerie music)
(woman crying)
I'm not gonna hurt you.
(woman crying)
- [Woman] No.
- Easy, easy.
My little kitty cat.
(cage rattling)
I think it's your
bedtime. Isn't it?
You have been a bad girl.
I think it's your bed time.
(woman screaming)
(Bill groaning)
- [Female Dispatch] Headquarters
to Detective Maggio.
Are you 1092?
(eerie music)
(somber radio music)
(foreboding music)
(woman screaming)
- Shit.
(woman yelling)
(intense music)
(police sirens)
(birds chirping)
- [News Reporter] Bossier
City Police are reporting
the capture of long
sought after bayou killer
believed responsible for as
many as 11 grizzly murders
in the last year.
The suspected serial
killer has been identified
as Bill Cain, the 37 years
old owner of Cain's Garage
in Bossier City.
Little was known about
the suspect other than
he was an only child who
grew up in Bossier City
and inherited the
garage from his father.
The suspect was identified
by the lead investigator
in the case, Detective
Harry Maggio,
who suffered a
severe head injury
during the dramatic rescue
of a potential 12th victim
at Cain's Garage.
We are happy to say that he
is expected to fully recover
with no lasting effects
from the injury.
However, sources tell us
an internal investigation
has been launched
involving Detective Maggio.
While we don't know the
specifics of this investigation,
rumors state that
the investigation may
of serious misconduct,
including narcotics
and prostitution.
We have also been
informed that due to
the serious nature of
this investigation,
the Bossier City Police
have involved the FBI
in their investigation
of Detective Maggio.
(somber music)
(grill sizzling)
- I hope you like charburgers.
- I love charburgers.
Come on, eat.
Here you go, dad.
- Thank you, Amara.
- You're welcome.
- Hey mom.
. Hey, baby.
- How you doing, son?
- I'm good.
- You okay?
- I'm all right.
One day at a time.
- [Christian] One day at a time.
- Hey, Uncle Harry.
- Hey man.
- Can I have a couple dollars?
- Why?
Gonna buy another video game?
- Ice cream.
- That's a good idea.
- Hey, you still got it.
- Yeah.
That's the lucky dollar.
You should hang on to that one.
- Sweet.
Thank you.
- [Female Dispatcher]
Headquarters to 207 and 201.
The suspect, Harry Maggio,
is at that location.
(foreboding music)
Units, the suspect is to be
considered armed and dangerous.
(police sirens)
Be in route with 209.
(police sirens)
(somber music)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(somber music)
(dramatic music)
(exciting electric guitar music)