10.0 Earthquake (2014) Movie Script

Come on, Hicks.
This is for your
all-time best.
I'm the champion,
the champion!
I gotta call Margaret.
Come on!
Hey, hey, hey.
What's going...
What's going on?
The pressure's
through the roof.
We've got
elevated methane.
We've got to go down
and vent the pumps.
-Give me a boost.
-Yeah, yeah.
You okay? You okay?
Empty out the pipes.
Turn off the lights!
The lights!
we punctured the crust.
We drilled way too deep!
What is that?
-What is that?
-Look out!
Well, I'd say
I owe you one.
We're going to have to
turn off the valve
on the pressure
relief valve.
Come on!
Holy crap!
Come on, come on,
come on!
Move it, move it,
move it!
Come on, move it.
Go! Go!
Forget it, man.
Come on!
Come on!
Don't give up, buddy!
Come on!
No word yet from the USGS,
but we've had three calls
from Long Beach
about a little shake tonight.
Come on, kids.
This is L.A.
Get used to it.
Now back to your daily run
of your favorite
L.A. music.
All right,
now look to your left.
My left or yours?
I don't know
which way you're facing!
I don't see anything.
I don't see
any camping stuff.
It's, it's behind the box
marked Christmas.
-There's Christmas stuff, behind it.
Hey. I thought you weren't picking
her up until later this evening.
I just wanted to see if she wanted
to hang out with the old man.
Mom, I don't see any...
-I found it.
-Okay, good.
-What's she looking for?
-Heads up!
Wait! Going camping?
Me, with Cindy. Crap.
She's gonna be here any minute.
Hey, I thought
we had plans for tonight.
Do you really think Pizza and
Redbox qualifies as plans?
Sorry, Dad. We'll do something
next week, okay?
No, no, it's not okay.
You can't just, you know,
cancel on someone
at the last minute.
Hey, just tell
Cindy's parents
that you've made a commitment
and that we are...
Her parents aren't going!
Ma, I can't find the tent.
Well, it's up there...
Wait. Hang on a second. There's no
chaperone, did you know about this?
What do you want her to do? Sit around and
pray that you don't stand her up again?
She's got her own life,
you know.
Yeah and I would appreciate not
being cut out of it completely.
It's three days in a national park.
They'll be fine.
Hey, you want to go camping?
Hey, that's great.
You know,
I'm going to be up there.
I'm breaking ground
at Station Five.
You can hang out
with your old man.
Look, it is dangerous up there
in the woods, you know.
What would you do
if you ran into bears?
Never sleep in their beds,
sit in their chairs,
or eat their porridge.
Look, I'm not
comfortable with this.
Two girls alone
in the woods...
Derrick and his friends
will be there.
Hang on. There's boys?
That is worse than bears.
You, you knew about this?
You have to trust me.
You know I can
take care of myself.
Thanks, Dad.
Just promise me...
If you run into your grandmother
wearing a nightie,
just double check...
Might be a wolf.
Sure thing, Dad.
Plus, grandma's way furrier,
and she has thumbs!
All right.
Do you have your checklist?
Could be nothing.
Probably nothing.
And now it's something.
Dr. Gladstone,
a delightful surprise.
How many calls
have we had this morning?
Just eight.
No, I haven't seen
last night's seismographs.
I haven't even had
a cup of cof...
it's my first day.
Can't we just...
The L.A. basin
always shows signs
of deep crust activity
Intensifying aftershocks?
Don't you think
that's a little farfetched?
Okay, I'll...
I'll look into it.
Doc, I'll look into it.
I promise.
Drunk as could be.
Looks the broad
right in the face and says,
"If that's not a banana,
What's it doing
in my cornflakes?"
Who wants more champagne?
We're out!
Don't start without me!
I've got the bubbles.
Who's ready
for the...?
-Nice car.
you checked the fluids?
Yep, changed the oil
this week.
What about these? When's the
last time you had them rotated?
I think
three months ago.
You think,
or you know?
I know.
The receipts are in
the glove compartment.
What's in the cooler?
Just food and soda, sir.
Better be!
Damn, Nicki.
Your dad is way protective.
Well, this weekend
he might have a reason to be.
-What, what are you planning?
Mind your business.
Is it something dangerous?
My God!
If, if it is, then we should
all be informed of it.
Do you have firearms?
-Of course not!
Fireworks? They can be lethal...
Especially in the forest.
You know, Southern California
has very dry summers.
Shut it, Toblosky,
or we're leaving you behind.
You better not be blabbing the
whole way or so help me, God,
I will just dump your ass
in the middle of the desert,
and I don't care
if you're paying for gas.
-I'm not putting up with it.
-Okay, Warner.
-This is ridiculous!
Your dad is a mammoth
pain in the ass.
What is he like...
A Scottish Mountie or something?
He's an engineer
for a fracking company.
What the frack is fracking?
It's actually very cool...
And very controversial.
You know,
what they do is they...
They drill like a mile down
into the earth's crust
looking for, you know,
natural gases and oil.
Then when they find it,
they drill sideways
and let off
a series of explosions
and finally
they force it out
with millions of gallons
of pressurized water.
What did I just say?
Well, we're not driving!
Okay. Calm down.
Jeez, Warner.
Ok, I think
we're ready to go.
I will be right up there
if you want to see the rig...
7 p.m.-that's when
we're turning all the pumps on.
It's going to be
quite a sight.
Yeah, we'll be sure
to stop by.
Can we please go now?
One last question...
How many beers before
it's no longer safe to drive?
Dad! Derrick,
don't answer that question.
Well, actually
it's the blood alcohol...
Hey, I'm asking him,
not you.
Come on, tough guy.
-One beer.
You're under 21.
That's it, young lady.
Out of the car!
Come on. No.
Dad, stop it!
All right. You just...
You call me if there's
any problems, okay?
No trouble, you hear?
Yes, sir.
Thanks, Dad.
Too possessive Jack.
You keep it up,
you're going to
push her away even more.
It's just the dysfunctional stuff.
Am I too involved or not enough?
Being overprotective isn't
the same as being supportive.
You've got to start
trusting her.
What about that GPS tracking
app that you put in her cell?
Yeah, but that's different.
Hey, yeah.
Hey, boss. Yeah.
I'm I'm running
a little bit late.
I've just got to pick up Hector
and I'll be on my way.
Before you head there,
I need you to stop by
Pump Station Three.
We've got a little spike,
then the station went dead.
We lost all our readings.
Come on, move it!
Let's go!
Come on, move it!
Okay, yeah,
wha-what about Paxton?
Yeah, I haven't heard back.
He pulled an all-nighter
so he's probably crashed out.
What is your problem?
Today, please!
Yeah, and security?
That drunk is probably
passed out, too.
He's as big of an idiot
as this moron
in front of me.
Move it, toots!
It's not like Paxton
not to check in, though.
This is L.A., 55 means 70.
Pick it up, Grandma!
Ho, nice!
Hey, Jack, I'll see you
this afternoon.
It's a big day, man.
I can't wait
'til we turn on...
Would you
look at this guy?
Stay in your lane, idiot!
Listen, I've,
I've got to go.
Sounds like it's going to be
one of those days.
Yeah, sorry to pile it on,
but could you just sign this
and mail it in
whenever you can?
Hi. I'm looking
for Dr. Booker.
Could you, point me
in the right direction?
Hi there.
Dr. Schiffman.
Not Dr. Schiffman.
Yes. It's the second time
I've been called doctor today.
I'm not quite used to it.
Emily's fine, sir.
I will show you
around here.
Am I early?
What time does
everyone show up?
I'm afraid this is it.
Budget cuts, you know?
I'm actually a little surprised
they hired you,
although I can use the company
and the help, especially today.
This has been
a very funny morning.
We've had 15 reports
since last night
and I can't make
a lick of sense of it.
So I've heard.
I met him last year
at a paleo-earthquake
seminar at Berkley
and somehow I became
his new best friend.
Yeah, that guy...
He's like a mutt...
You pet him once,
he never leaves your lap.
He heard my thesis
and he had to meet me!
Yes, I read that thesis.
It was on containment...
Epicenter containment, yeah.
-Yeah, it was quite...
No, I wasn't
going to say that.
No, it's okay,
my, my professors
thought the same thing.
However, that ingenious theory
did earn me a strong C minus.
And a job
at the glorious USGS.
Yeah, you know,
you would think the state
would make this place
more of a priority.
Well, I do have a 24-hour
hotline to the governor
anytime I need it.
What's he like?
I've never met him, so...
Also, there is the sign-up sheet
for the company softball league.
So far it's just me.
I play first base.
Here's the rules for using
the kitchen microwave,
dah-dah, dah, dah.
And over here
is your workstation.
Now, we have been getting
calls all morning
about tremor activity, okay?
Nothing major,
no major damage...
Just broken glass,
things flying off the shelves.
The thing is,
the major scales...
They haven't registered anything
above a semi passing by.
so what can I do?
Well, we have 300 sensors
in the L.A. river basin.
These reports are from
the last 12 hours.
I'm gonna need you
to look through there,
see if there's
any unusual peaks.
Is this some sort of
new-guy hazing?
Don't you have some intern
or a computer
equipped to do this?
We barely have enough money
for staples for this stapler.
I shouldn't
have used that one.
Sorry, kid.
Just you and me, honey.
Nate down in Palms.
Callers told us a big sinkhole
just opened up
right in the middle of
Check this out, though.
Got a call from a guy dining
across the street
who says
he didn't feel a thing.
-That's the third one today.
We've got
the Twiggies coming up next.
So stick around.
You got your release
Give me that.
The final nail
in the coffin.
so what's the plan?
We hitting the strip clubs
or you surfing online?
More women?
God, no.
No, I've got my hands
full as it is anyway.
The little one's
on your ass, too?
Yeah, not so little anymore.
So she's in that
get-away-from-me stage.
Pretty much.
"I hate you, Dad!
Get out of my room!"
You know it.
"I hope you die
so I could take my inheritance,
move to Vegas
and start whoring on a strip."
Went too far with that?
What is wrong with you?
Still, not too far
off the truth, you know?
I remember when
I used to be a hero,
and now I'm just this
annoying embarrassment.
You know, women.
You can't live with them...
Still, the lady
who's really busting my balls
isn't Steph or Nicole.
I hear you, man.
This job is the worst bitch
I've ever known.
Been my wife
for over two years now...
Two long, miserable years
of ruthless spousal abuse, man.
Look, look,
look at these bruises.
Well, hopefully today this
marriage pays off for both of us.
It better.
It will.
I have a very good feeling.
Next in line, fast!
Go, go.
Spin around.
No, no, no, Gladstone.
We don't have that information,
but we're trying.
You don't even know
my mother!
There are some
serious anomalies
in the deep crust strata.
Okay, hold on, hold on.
What did you find?
At 2:17 this morning,
a 2.1 with an epicenter
south of the city...
That's just the beginning.
Do you hear that, Marcus?
What, no speakerphone?
No money.
2:41, 3:05, 3:56.
They're escalating
on a graduating curve,
radiating out
from the epicenter.
The last one was 12 miles away
and twice the force.
Marcus, how reliable
is this data?
Well, we're going to need
especially if we're doing
what you're suggesting.
-What, what is...
-I'm sending Emily down there.
Take her to the epicenter,
collect the data,
compare it against
the Mercalli scale.
But we're going to need
an eyewitness account
if you expect me to pull
the trigger on this thing.
What's he want you to do?
Evacuate Los Angeles.
Yo, where you at?
What is that, sulphur?
Paxton, Hicks?
Hey, Hector.
Check it out.
That don't look good, Chief.
Man, we are
bringing up all kinds of stuff
that we shouldn't be
anywhere near drilling.
Paxton, Hicks?
Sure is humid down there.
You know, humidity can
trigger an asthma attack.
You don't have asthma.
It does make my hair
really frizzy.
You get down there!
All right.
I'll check it out.
That can't be right.
Glorious morning to you.
I'm sorry.
I have the wrong...
You're here for Marcus.
Come in. Come in.
I'll take you to him.
Can I get you an Evian?
No. I'm fine.
My husband's been
working away all night.
He's in a heckuva tizzy.
Who's your husband?
This makes no sense.
your visitor's here.
Dr. Schiffman.
Thank heavens!
This makes sense.
Off to save the city.
Will you be back for dinner?
Don't know.
Well, stop and get
cupcakes on your way home.
What's wrong with you, woman?
I just said I'm off
to save Los Angeles.
So, what?
Yes, cheesecake.
L.A., man...
55 means 70!
Stupid foreigners!
I don't think that Wisconsin's
a foreign territory.
Yeah, well, who asked you?
Racist and rude.
Can't he just focus on
one blatant stereotype?
I choose to be
unnecessarily violent.
Stop it, Warner.
You're such a jerk!
I'm a jerk?
Bud, put on your seatbelt,
will you?
I can't. I need easy access
to dork kid over there.
You knew he was gonna
pick on the whole time.
Why'd you even come?
Entomology Club.
The California National Forest
is crawling with, like,
10,000 species in
the formicidae family.
I'm just saying I'm a geek
who gets off on bugs, yuk-yuk.
Leave him alone!
Why you sticking up
for him?
What, you got the hots
for this tool?
She's has her eyes
on somebody else.
Well, call me flattered.
Shut up, Warner!
Hey, easy.
Not in the car.
I'm driving.
They better not
jump out and scare us.
I've got a weak heart.
This is Paxton's phone.
There's something
not right here.
Who's the idiot...
Is that...
Is that...
Yeah, that's...
Go, go, go, go, go!
Go, come on.
Get up!
I can't move it, Chief.
That's the only way
out of here
because this tunnel's
Anyone, we're
trapped down here!
Hey, conserve...
Conserve your oxygen.
There's no one out there.
The only people
who worked here
are buried under
50 tons of concrete.
Hail Mary,
full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou
amongst women.
Blessed is...
That's a great prayer.
That's a great way
to conserve oxygen.
What the...
You guys really screwed
the pooch, didn't you?
That's weird.
Is your sleeping bag
up there?
What about it?
I don't know. The material
looks a little thin.
It could get cold inside.
You think so?
I, might know a way
to make it a little warmer.
Guess that's settled.
Looks like we're
hooking up this weekend.
It's possible,
but I think there's
a better chance
of you getting
your face smashed in.
But can't we do both?
Teddy, let's go!
Come on, dude. I want to stop
and get something to eat.
All these small earthquakes,
that was you.
You fractured a fault.
You know what?
We have followed regulation
to the letter.
Who the hell
are you guys anyway?
Them boots
Tom Brady wears?
United States
Geological Survey.
Look, there's not been
one recorded seismic incident
linked to fracking.
The only thing
that's going on here
is an outflow valve
Most likely.
All this is from today.
Starting here... here.
And following these lines
radiating around
from this point here
and here, flowing out.
It's epicenter dispersal.
In the worst
possible way.
You see, the entire
Los Angeles basin
is a network
of deep faults...
The San Andreas system.
Ever heard of it?
This data suggests
the fluids
being forced at
high pressure
underneath this station
produced these microfissures
which reach all the way down
to the primary fault lines.
Causing this ripple effect.
And now all these new
cracks are popping up
all along the deeper
fault lines
which makes the entire
L.A. basin unstable.
-What do you mean, unstable?
You're predicting
a massive earthquake?
At first,
the city will suffer
hundreds of highly localized
mini earthquakes.
The scope of impact
can range from the size
of a small house
to an entire city block.
Unless you were standing
right on top of a fissure,
you probably
wouldn't even know it.
And when enough of these
microfissures branch out
and cut back to their original
primary fault lines...
The basin will collapse.
That, that is ridiculous!
Can I borrow this?
This is going to be great.
Hey, what are you...
Hey, what's wrong with you?
You see, when these
microfissures come together,
the upper strata
gets weaker and weaker until...
The L.A. basin caves in.
It's a virtual 10.0.
The big one!
Dios mio!
Well, I'm going to jump
at the opportunity
to use indoor plumbing
for the last time this weekend.
Excuse me.
I like your shirt, Derrick.
Looks soft.
Is it cotton?
a cotton/polyester blend.
Hey, check this out.
This is interesting.
Redwood ants
have chemo receptors
for carbon dioxide gradients
and magnetic receptors
for electromagnetic fields.
Okay, researchers found
that before an earthquake,
ants stay awake
all throughout the night,
outside their mound,
vulnerable to predators,
and they'll stay that way,
doing nothing until a day
after the quake.
I think that's what
these guys are doing.
You're saying
ants can sense
when an earthquake
is about to strike?
Well, the University
Duisberg-Essen in Germany is.
I think they're right.
It's a big one.
Stop that!
You're going to...
Put it down,
put it down.
Stop that!
I've got to
take a leak, too.
Teddy, take care of that,
all right?
What are you doing in here?
What do you think?
I don't know.
Okay. Just slow down.
Maybe not in here.
What's your problem?
We're in a bathroom.
Aw, come on. You know you
want it just as bad as I do.
No, Derrick.
Let's go back out there.
What, if you want
some privacy,
-we can just go in a stall.
-No, I don't want privacy.
I don't want privacy, Derrick.
Let me out.
Let me out!
Stop being such a prude.
I said stop, Derrick!
I guess the ants were right.
Look, unless
you've got a subpoena,
I can't show you
the operating logs.
Look, I'm just the engineer.
I don't have the authority.
This is the owner's
direct number.
I'm sure he'll be happy
to cooperate.
that'll happen.
Here is my number.
Call me
if you need anything.
I'm just really sorry
about your people.
If there's anything you think
we should do on our side...
Well, if I were you,
I'd hire a lawyer
and prepare
for 20 years in prison.
Of course, you might luck out
and die in the earthquake.
Sorry. Hope the rest
of your day goes better.
You think they're right
that we caused this?
I don't know.
Come on,
damn it.
Why don't you answer?
She and her friends...
They're headed
straight for the...
Hey. Yeah,
listen, it's me.
are you sitting down?
Paxton and Hicks are dead.
The access tunnel collapsed,
and guess who I just had
a very long and frightening
conversation with?
Yeah, the f'ing USGS.
Jack, listen to me.
They're just looking
for someone to blame, okay.
Calm down, calm down.
Listen to me.
Once we go live,
we'll scale back for a few days.
Everything will be cool.
All right?
But these aren't regulators.
These are scientists
who are sure
that we are responsible
for every single sinkhole
that is happening
across the city.
Hold on, hold on.
Slow your horses.
What's going on?
You follow protocol, right?
I mean, my schematics to a T,
because if I find out
that you drilled too deep...
We are not opening
Station Five tonight.
Why? Because we have
two employees
who died a heluva gruesome...
this is a PR nightmare.
And if you want to
escalate the problem...
Look, Ritter,
my daughter is up there.
Now just promise me
that you will shut down
every single station
until we can find out
exactly what went wrong.
You have my word.
Just take care
of your family,
and I'll take care
of things up here, okay?
God damn it!
Hey Hector,
call your family.
Send them south.
Then head to five,
make sure Ritter doesn't do
anything stupid.
-I don't trust that guy.
-Who does?
What about the bodies?
I'll call the police
on the way.
I'm going to get my family, and I'll
meet you up there as soon as possible.
First of all,
it's the zone...
The Alquist Priolo zone
which as Dr. Parrish mentioned,
has the greatest potential
for surface fault rupture
which is much more likely
to cause damage
and, and death and injury.
It's limited to an area
around the base
of the Hollywood Hills.
Much of Hollywood
is not affected by this map.
It's an earthquake.
My God!
My God!
Where's your phone?
Where's your phone?
In the kitchen,
in the kitchen.
What are you doing?
Come on.
Come on! Let's go!
-Let's go!
My God!
Okay, all right.
Come on. Let's go!
Go? Go where?
What do you mean?
We have to find
our daughter. Come on.
Be aware of wolves.
-You say something?
Guys, maybe, maybe
we should just go back.
Why? Because of
that little tremble?
Those aftershocks are
happening all over the place.
Everybody's Twitter
on Twitter.
That's funny.
What is?
Your Twit...
Never mind.
Look, I think Nicole's right.
I was reading about these
really intense sinkholes
before I ran out of juice.
By the way, can I,
can I use your phone charger?
No, I'm using it
and we're not turning around.
You guys are worried
about sinkholes.
Yeah, come on.
We're already here anyway.
What's the matter, boy?
Relax, relax.
I felt that, too.
That can't be right.
It's right here.
Hey, hey, hey, baby.
I just want to tell you
that I love you
and you mean
absolutely the world to me
and I just wanted you to know
that time in Cabo
when you were
passed out, yes,
I-I did hook up with the concierge,
but it didn't mean anything.
If you can just find it
in your heart to just for...
Hey, baby, if you could just
disregard that message.
I'll see you
when you get home.
Love you, Dennis.
That was close.
He's still
not answering.
Well, then
try someone else.
There must be 100 bureaucrats
at the USGS
who'll take your call.
I bet he's just buried
in paperwork.
If the evacuation
doesn't begin soon,
the consequences
will be catastrophic.
There must be someone
in authority we can call.
I don't know who.
It's, it's my first day,
and they sure as heck
won't listen to me.
What do you mean,
it's your fault?
Look, it might be.
Look, the tremors might...
might have been caused by
one of our fracking stations.
Jack, this is
so like you.
Yeah, that's right.
So like me because
I've got a long history
of starting earthquakes.
Let's see, now, Northridge,
yeah, that was me.
Philippines, yeah,
that was me again.
You know,
you put our family last
and that's pretty much
the same.
-That is...
You know, that is
unbelievable because...
Ok, hang on...
-I think I found her.
What is it?
You found Nicole?
Send her a text
and just keep an eye
on where she is.
Come on, move it, people.
Come on, Nicole.
Just show us where you are.
Just let us know
you're okay.
guys, we need
to go back, like, now.
What? Why?
I'm serious.
We're in real danger here.
All right, here we go.
Why, what did you read?
Seriously, Nicole.
I'm tired of it.
Stop being
such a bitch, okay?
This isn't your truck
and you're not...
She stopped moving.
she stopped moving!
That's good.
It means she set up camp.
Okay, so it's a good thing.
All right.
-Where are you going?
-What are you doing?
-Taking a shortcut.
Taking a shortcut
to the Ronald Reagan.
There'll be a little bit
more traffic on the five,
but after that it should be
smooth sailing until the forest.
Let's hope so.
Don't worry.
The worst is behind us.
Dr. Booker!
Dr. Booker!
Help me get this
off of him!
There's no point in
digging him out.
We need to get going.
We can't just leave him.
Yes, we can.
If you want to fish him out
and take him with us,
I call shotgun.
How could you be so callous?
Years of practice.
Fudge nuggets!
What? How bad is it?
Horrible for everyone
in Los Angeles except you.
Why not me?
You just got a promotion.
Let's go!
Do you think she's okay?
Yeah, don't worry.
You know, the cell service
is one of the first things
to always go down.
Trust me.
Nicole's much safer
out of the city anyway.
I mean, how do you know?
Are you just saying that?
-Are you sure...
-No, look.
-To make me feel better?
-Just, just imagine
That the earth's crust over L.A.
is like a broken windshield.
I don't understand.
Like the crust
is like a windshield.
I don't understand
what you're saying.
I really need
a hammer to explain.
-I see it.
Hold on!
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Holy Mary, Mother of God.
Pray for us sinners now...
Are you praying?
When did you start praying?
I just picked it up!
Jack, Jack, I-I...
I lost the phone.
What? What?
-We need that to find Nicole.
-I know. I'm sorry.
It just slipped out
of my hands into nothing.
Look,just, here,
just take the wheel.
-Take the wheel.
And don't stop driving.
Come on, take it!
-Take it!
I got it!
I got it!
-You got it?
Be careful!
Steph, steady!
I'm trying!
I got it!
I got it,
I got it, Steph.
Steph, what are you doing?
Hold on!
My God!
Steph, geez!
I think
this is a bigger problem
than a broken windshield.
Guys, help!
Guys! Come help!
Hey, Teddy,
are you okay?
Where are we?
I can not hold on much longer.
Please, please. Help me!
My God!
Derrick, Cindy!
You guys, help!
Jesus, fuck, that's...
That's high!
-We have to get out of here.
-Guys, the windshield.
-My God!
-Where's Warner?
Guys, the windshield.
No, no, no.
God damn it!
We're coming, Warner.
I don't want to die!
What do we do? What do we do?
Should we put it in reverse?
I don't know,
but we've got to do something!
Keep your weight on the car.
Hey, hey, hey.
That's not such a wise idea.
Nobody asked you!
Guys, come on, come on.
We're coming!
Damn it!
We're gonna keep holding.
You're gonna make your way
over to Warner
and give him this strap.
You'll pull him up?
Once he's got the strap...
We let go of the car?
We grab the strap and we all
pull him in together.
What the hell
is taking you so long?
We're gonna do this, Cindy.
Mother of... wait!
We're coming.
I'm gonna hand you
the end, okay?
Okay, please hurry.
Okay, ready?
Yeah, I'm ready.
-Come on.
You've got to get it closer,
-You got it?
What is going on
up there, guys?
Cindy, come on!
I'm trying, I'm trying!
Cindy, come on.
We can't hold it!
Teddy, you moth...
On the count of three.
-All right, let's go!
Yeah, I'm ready.
Goddamn it!
No! No!
Damn it!
Nobody's picking up
at L.A. Emergency either.
What are you doing?
Don't stop!
We're in a code red here.
We got carte blanche!
I already have two points
on my license!
Who cares?
You're the new commanding
head of the USGS.
Embrace the power.
Just let me
do the talking.
License, registration,
proof of insurance,
please, ma'am.
Officer, you see
those fires downtown?
That's just the beginning.
Sir, I'm not
addressing you.
Marcus, please.
License and registration,
please, ma'am.
Yes. Just a moment.
Show him your badge.
Sorry. It... I'm sure
it's in here somewhere.
This is ridiculous.
Officer, we're in a hurry.
Sir, I'm not addressing you.
I'll be with you soon.
Ma'am, license
and registration, please.
Just, it's in here
I can't...
I'm sure you have
a quota and all,
but I highly recommend
you let this little fish go.
Sir, this is
your last warning.
Isn't that convenient?
Michael T. Booker,
United States Geological Survey.
You've just pulled over
two genius scientists
whose data can prove
we're about to have
the biggest earthquake ever,
and this lovely doctor here
is the sole individual
who can convince the governor
to evacuate the city.
So unless
you want to be known
as the cop who let 3.8 million
Angelinos die a tragic death,
I suggest you get
on your bike and escort us
to the L.A. Emergency
Management Center, pronto!
Now, Ponch!
You just stay
off your cell phone.
Are you serious?
Will do, officer.
Follow me!
And we're coming up
on the Capital Records Tower...
opened in 1956.
Folks, calm down.
It's just a tremble.
So she isn't
safer out there.
Only if Ritter returns on 5, and
he assured me that he wouldn't.
He assured you.
The man is a known scumbag.
You should have
left that job...
Look, are we going to have
this tired argument again?
I feel like you chose this jerk
over your own family.
No, you were the one
who left me, okay?
I recall giving you
several opportunities...
Why, why are you turning?
'Cause I need gas.
There's, there's plenty of gas
in the tank.
What we need to do
is get to our daughter.
I don't know how long we'll be driving
around in this wilderness for.
Nicole must be
terrified out there.
But there's no station
out there.
I think you're right.
Best not to stop.
These localized earthquakes
have yet to be confirmed
by the US Geological Survey
at CalTech
which couldn't be reached...
I should have never let him
touch my hammer.
They sure don't look
shut down.
Yeah, I know.
I need a haircut.
Okay. Follow me.
A haircut?
You need to show
confidence and grit
if you want these guys
to listen to you.
You know what you're doing,
so now convince them.
Then re-route the buses.
Come on, people.
Use your head.
Where the hell is Booker?
We're getting tremors
all through the city
and I'm flying blind here.
He's Booker, sir.
I just sent two uniforms
down to CTech.
Why the hell
hasn't he called in?
Are either of you
even with USGS?
Yes, I am.
Emily Schiffman.
I used to work
under Dr. Booker
and this is our colleague,
Dr. Gladstone.
Gladstone, the crank?
Dr. Crank, if you must
go there, Lieutenant.
You two know each other?
Every other month, I get a warning
from the good doctor here.
Bird flu epidemic, deadly pollen
virus... what was the last one?
Shark hurricane?
You have no idea how close that
came to actually happening.
Now you said "worked."
What did Booker fire you for,
being a crackpot, too?
Dr. Booker is dead.
We just came from USGS
with this data
that we were planning
to show him, Lieutenant.
No, no, no. I want
the Red Cross at the Bowl.
Look, I don't give two craps
if Neil Diamond is sold out.
Just get it done!
You need to evacuate
Los Angeles.
the entire city?
You're both nutbags.
everything that's happened...
The sinkholes are modest
seismic disturbances,
and there'll be more.
Next there'll be power surges
across the city.
I didn't save!
And all of this
is nothing...
Just little problems,
small potatoes.
How are they just
little problems?
What he's trying to say, sir,
is that the faults underneath
the L.A. basin are cracking.
Hey, small words.
Which one was too big
for you... fault, basin, the?
The lithosphere,
the crust of earth beneath us.
South of the Sierra Madres
and west of Pasadena,
it's breaking
into little pieces,
and everything on top of it
is gonna crumble
and fall into the ocean.
Sir, what do you
want to do about the SDFD?
Do I really have to do
everything around here?
Put the SDFD on standby.
And how do you suggest
we stop it?
You can't control
an earthquake.
Not true!
What are you
talking about, Marcus?
Epicenter containment.
Where did you get that?
Here's what
we're gonna do...
We're gonna blow up
the original epicenter
and create one ginormous
localized catastrophe.
-Say, what?
-It's Emily's dissertation.
It's her theory,
it's our plan.
-It's a good plan.
-It's a C minus plan.
You're suggesting that we
purposely destroy Long Beach.
You'll have a good
7/8s of Los Angeles left.
Is he serious?
You're right,
he is a nutbag!
People, it's Long Beach...
Who's gonna miss it?
Okay, it looks like
we cross a stream
and the ranger station's
one mile north.
We should've
stayed on the road.
I have no idea...
Do we even know
that way's north?
Cindy, is there any service
on that phone?
Maybe we should just
retrace our steps and head back.
Forget that.
The road is about
three miles back
and the ranger station's
one mile ahead.
It's getting dark.
That's right, and unless
you want to end up like Warner,
stop bitching
and start moving.
Let's go, people.
Cindy, make sure
not to get your phone wet.
It's two feet deep,
I think I can handle it.
Let's go, people!
I'm stuck.
My God!
It won't budge.
Relax, it's over.
I was kind of scared.
Careful, I don't
want to lose my shoe.
My God!
Is that another earthquake?
My God!
Get me out!
Get me out!
Get me out!
I told you
to move faster.
At least someone
enjoyed the show.
My God!
She's down there?
My God!
That's their car,
isn't it?
Please, God.
Please let Nicole be okay.
Here, hold this.
Be careful!
Please, God, let her be okay,
let her be okay.
If the dog has a tag on,
maybe we can look call the...
Shut up about the dog!
Teddy, what's going on
with the phone?
Can we fix it?
Eyes, focus, man.
Yeah, yeah.
It's trashed.
Guys, I don't know.
It's so dark.
I say we head
for those caves back there.
Wait, wait.
What if there's another quake.
I don't want to get stuck
in a cave-in.
Those caves
look pretty safe.
I mean, that mountain's been
there for hundreds of years.
I, I say we stick
to the ranger station plan.
-It'll, it'll...
-No! Okay, I'm freezing,
And I'd rather not get
eaten alive by a wild animal.
If we hoof it now, we can make
it back in an hour easy.
No. No.
I'm not going into a dark
cave with you, Derrick.
What, are you serious?
What is your problem?
Why are you attacking me?
You know exactly
what my problem is.
Are you serious?
You're the one
leading me on
for, like, months.
-Leading you on?
-To that, really?
Look, I think we just found
our salvation.
-That's disgusting.
-You're a sicko, dude.
Look, dogs have this sense.
This team
of Czechs and Germans
recently discovered
that dogs align themselves
with the earth's magnetic fields
when they poop.
So, that way is north.
Are you... My God!
You're a sicko.
Nicole, you can join us,
or you can be a stupid bitch
and follow the crap compass.
It's your choice.
Follow a piece
of dog crap or you...
Hard to see the difference.
Good luck not dying.
Teddy, you have fun
with Queen Blueballs.
Let's go, Cindy.
-Derrick's right.
Fine, let's go, Teddy.
Let's go.
Jack, Jack,
do you see her?
She's not here.
No, he... hold on,
hold on one second.
It's Hector!
Tell him
I'll call him back.
I lost him.
Wait, I have Paxton's and...
What is this?
Damn you, Ritter!
That's affirmative.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
I pray so.
Gladstone, Schiffman...
The governor is sending everyone
below the 10 South
above the 10 North.
You have your evacuation.
Now if there's anything
that we can do,
I need you to tell me
that right now.
Excuse me for one second.
I just have to grab this.
We're not
going to be able to stop
all of the looting.
-National Guard...
Yes. What is it now?
I'm afraid you're going to
have to ask everyone
to turn around.
It's too unstable.
We're looking at
millions of lawsuits.
Stop being Jack's
little lackey.
At this depth, we're gonna
strike so much oil,
we can pay off any
government agency or whoever.
I'm not worried.
You're the only one
in L.A. who isn't.
One more detonation, sir,
then we'll turn on the pump.
One hour.
Sir, please don't do this.
Hector, relax,
my man, all right?
Grab yourself
a glass of champagne
and enjoy the show.
We know
the Long Beach station
set off the first set
of fissures,
but Ritter's station
in the National Forest
looks to be much deeper.
There's a chance
we could crack the mantle.
That will set off even more
dramatic quakes north of the city.
That's right
in the direction
we're sending half the people
we're evacuating.
You're focusing on
the little problems again.
How is falling into the ocean
a little problem?
Falling into
a lake of fire it is...
At that depth, we're getting
into pyroclastic flow.
Pyro what?
Super-heated gas pushes
molten rock to the surface.
Fissures that deep
could expel magma
at 450 miles per hour.
You telling me
L.A. is about to become
a goddamn volcano?
Well, I wouldn't phrase it
exactly like that, but yes.
Either way, we cannot let
that station come online.
I can't believe
she took that dork's side.
How stupid can one girl be?
I don't know. How?
I mean, yeah,
Nicole's totally stupid.
They both are.
I think my nose is broken.
So, what are you going to do
if there's bears in here?
I'm gonna
trip you and run.
You better protect me.
We'll see.
Keep it charged.
Carry a spare battery.
Blah, blah, blah.
If my dad had just
nagged me a little more.
I, I have a thought.
I read online that you can
charge a cell battery
with your body heat.
How's that
going to work, Teddy?
We're both freezing.
Well, if we put the battery
between us
and then warm
each other up, then...
Nice try, perv.
I said warm up,
not feel up.
Come on.
It might work.
All right. I can't believe
I'm going to do this.
Hands above the equator.
Just, yeah, yeah.
Wiggle a bit.
The '89 San Francisco quake
was caused by a split
along the San Andreas fault.
Coincidentally, that epicenter
was in a state park forest, too.
That one was caused
by the MLB.
Major League Baseball?
Just the Oakland A's
versus the Giants.
Battle in the Bay.
No East Coast viewership,
worst television ratings ever,
so the commissioner
of baseball devised 12...
Just shut up!
I've had just about enough
of you running your mouth.
The Bash Brothers...
Conseco and McGuire...
Were genetically engineered
super soldiers...
Just shut it!
You are playing the quiet game
for the rest of the flight.
Let me check it.
I hope this worked.
Come on!
You like to play rough?
Yeah, I do.
What's the dog doing?
My God!
Did you feel that?
Yeah, yeah.
Come on.
No, get off.
Yeah, almost.
Derrick, Derrick,
get off of me!
Not you, too.
There's no way.
Come on!
Wait, look, it's on!
My God, yes.
Nicole, are you out there?
Look, Steph,
I know I always blamed you.
I blamed Ritter,
I blamed the job,
but it was me.
I'm the one who put
our family at risk.
We'll find her.
Our daughter
is quite resourceful.
I'm sure we will.
I know we will,
but that's not
what I'm trying to say.
But I, I always hoped
for a big payday,
that that would solve
all of our problems...
Jack, we never asked you to.
Listen, I... I take
some of the blame.
I mean, I hammered
you pretty hard
for not
being there for us.
I know that.
It's obvious that you were
always putting us first.
You bet your sweet
babookie I did.
Do you know
a Theodore Toblosky?
Light it up, T.J.
It's magic time.
Look, is that them?
It's them!
It's them!
It's my dad's truck!
Mom, Dad!
Nicole, Nicole.
Thank God. Thank God!
Put this on.
Are you all right?
Is everything okay?
Okay, kids,
let's get in the car.
No, no.
We have to go to the station.
Hector said that Ritter
was going to turn that thing on
and start another
giant earthquake.
I need to get you and the kids
to safety, okay?
Well, if he turns it on,
are any of us really safe?
We have to go!
Sir, if this is a chance
to save L.A., I'm definitely in.
Me, too.
Okay. Get in the car.
Let's go!
Come on! Quick.
Yeah, I just talked to him.
It's not good.
-Which way?
-This way!
Ritter! Ritter!
Turn it off.
Don't be an idiot!
All right. USGS.
You're under arrest.
Hey, Ritter,
turn it off.
Get out of my way.
I know my rights.
I did nothing wrong.
We've got
to shut down the pumps.
No, no, we have to
turn it up all the way.
We use your hydraulic pump
to expand the original
fissure point here.
Amplify the initial fault
to constrain the epicenter.
It's my theory.
It's a good plan.
I need your help.
If we can centralize
the pressure
building up in the crust...
Hold on.
The create a bigger
earthquake plan...
Excuse me, miss.
Didn't you just say
that idea was nuts?
That was an hour ago.
Now it's all we've got...
And it's not "miss."
It's Doctor.
I'm sorry.
I still don't follow.
The fault lines
are radiating,
and the epicenter
is losing pressure.
And you want to
fracture it more?
We use your pumps
at maximum pressure
to localize the venting
of this fissure.
That's insane!
This place will become
The forest will break
into a million pieces.
No, I think
that's the point, right?
What are you doing?
We need to
maximize these pumps.
Turn it off Jack.
Don't do it!
Would you just get this guy
out of here?
Right now I'm not 100% sure
who I should be locking up.
I repeat,
The City of Los Angeles...
Wait, wait, wait.
Get out of my way!
Mandatory evacuation order.
Coastal areas
are under a tsunami warning.
Coastal areas
are under a tsunami warning.
This... this isn't happening.
My God!
What have I done?
Are you saying
you could stop this earthquake?
No, no, certainly not.
We might be able
to move it, though.
To right beneath our feet.
I see all kinds of gases
in the backflow system.
These outflow pipes
aren't going to hold.
Well, then,
that's good, though.
We want everything down there
to fracture.
Let 'rip!
You ready?
Damn it!
What is it?
It's not building
any pressure.
The emergency shutdown valve...
If the system got overloaded,
it... it must have engaged.
It definitely got overloaded.
Okay, we have to we have
to open the valve manually.
You saw what happened
to Paxton and Hicks
when they tried to
open that valve.
I'm not going
down there again.
We don't have a choice, okay?
Look, we've got
at least 10 minutes
before all hell breaks loose...
Five minutes minimum.
Come on!
Diosito mio!
Do you think
he stopped it?
I have no idea.
Hey, guys.
Who wants to go
for a helicopter ride?
Look, I don't know about this.
Maybe I should rethink
this whole thing because...
Lieutenant, what's the worst
thing that can happen?
We can turn a pristine
national forest into a volcano
or is that
another little problem?
It is.
We're going to lose
the entire city,
so what's a few thousand trees?
It's kind of like whining over
a scratched tail light
on a totaled Ferrari.
I love you.
Jack, isn't there
any other way?
I'll be right back.
You bet your sweet
babookie you will!
You ready?
I guess.
Wait, wait!
I'm the one
who altered the drill
and ignored the warnings.
It's my fault.
His fault.
You know, it's funny
because he started
all the shifts in the faults.
Never mind.
Let me go
instead of Hector.
I'm cool with that.
All right,
knock yourself out, hot shot!
Let's go!
Come on!
This doesn't change anything.
You still deserve to die.
It's going to be hot
down there.
The release valve's
about 20 yards away.
It's on the right here.
Damn! Hot!
This ain't
going to be easy.
No, sir.
All right.
Let's go!
Damn it!
Pressure valve
is still on.
Help me turn it again
and I'll hold it open.
Look, I wasn't serious
about you being dead.
Hey, once I get back
in that helicopter,
I'm a dead man anyway.
Let's do this.
Come on!
Come on!
Now get out of here!
You know I don't like
to pay you overtime.
Where are they?
They should have
opened it by now.
We can't wait much longer.
Wait, just give him a minute.
I know he's coming.
There he is!
Dad, look out!
Dad, look out!
Where's... where's Ritter?
He didn't make it.
Come on,
let's get out of here!
Wait, wait, wait.
Here, boy!
Come on, come on.
Come on, boy!
Terminating aftershocks
are being felt
Los Angeles County.
Wha-what does that mean?
It means it worked...
We did it!
We did it!
I knew it would work!
Pretty miserable day?
Not so bad.
I got to second base.
Looks like
I'm out of a job.
I'm sure I could find
some stuff
for you to do
around the house.
We've got to stop
for cheesecake!