10.5 (2004) Movie Script

I'm tired of being blamed
I've got so much to say
try and make it last forever
school is getting old
I'm sick of being told
of what to say
and what to do
it's getting hard to tell
I don't wear it well
never mind
it's just another day
just another day
it's getting hard to tell
I don't wear it well
never mind
it's just another day
just another day
where are we?
It's still climbing. 7.0.
Where's the epicenter?
Downtown Seattle!
Dr. Hill.
How big is it?
I'm on my way.
We haven't seen
activity like that
since Denali.
The Seattle Space
Needle is down.
S-waves are off the chart.
The structure,
designed to withstand
a 9.1 quake,
was toppled by the 7.9 quake...
Let me call you back.
That rocked Seattle
this morning
when a massive
underground gas pocket
ruptured 50 feet
below the street,
causing the ground supporting
the entire downtown area
to cave in.
Yeah, we've got a
lot of wires...
Everything from pacific
to the shoreline
has been blocked off
due to flooding.
Hikers are stranded
at Point Defiance Park,
and reports of
structural damage
to the Tacoma
Narrows Bridge...
Aftershock. 4.6.
We need to narrow
down that hypocenter.
Might take a while.
We're measuring several
active lateral skips.
Let's focus on the Gorda
and Juan de Fuca plates,
and if you get me
infrared numbers
in the next 30 minutes,
that'd be great.
Forget the Gorda plate.
The rupture zone
wasn't anywhere
near Lake Shasta.
The epicenter was about
162 miles east of us.
I'm betting the Ellensburg area.
This is local.
I've got subduction
from the north American plate.
Local faults were ruptured,
yes, but they were activated
by something deeper.
Trust me. Central Washington.
I found evidence of
several faults there
last may. Sub-asthenosphere.
Forget the hypocenter.
We're not going
to find a rupture
with the equipment we have.
Let's get some graphs
of the affected areas,
all right?
Thermo and infrared.
We're also looking for
interacting faults.
Someone call navstar.
We're going to need
satellite photos,
You got it.
Denver call yet?
We're still waiting on usgs.
Good, then we still
have some time
to narrow the rupture lock zone.
Could you get me the geo-lab
in central Washington?
What are you doing, Sam?
What do you mean?
I mean, what are you doing?
This is my operation.
You don't just come in
here and take over.
All right. What was your plan?
It's not about
who has a better plan.
It's about chain of command.
You work for me, remember?
Jordan, people want
answers right now.
And they're gonna get answers.
Come on, where are my thermos?
Let's go. Let's go.
Yes. We're on it.
Well, you're in a
world of hurt, Roy.
You're done, buddy. You're done.
Okay. Show me what you got.
Hang on to your
jock strap, Roy.
Playing for all the
marbles today, Roy?
Yeah. Is there any
other way to play?
You're down by two.
Clock's ticking.
What are you going to do, buddy?
I don't know, Paul.
What do you think
I'm going to do?
That's easy. You're
going for three.
You always go for the long
shot when you get desperate.
Who's desperate?
Yes, you are, Roy.
You're very desperate.
You're just trying to
get into my head again.
Trying? I've been in
your head since Harvard.
Just because we're
old roommates,
you think you got
me down, huh?
I own you.
Own this.
Three points.
I was right. You
were desperate.
You always go for
the long shot.
But I won.
You were lucky.
Dumb luck.
Mr. President,
there's been an earthquake.
Seattle, sir.
How bad is it?
The Space Needle collapsed.
Come on, girl.
We're gonna hit traffic.
Relax, Clark. She's coming.
You said she was coming
a half an hour ago.
You're not starting
this again, are you?
Starting what again?
This is the first camping trip
you've taken your daughter on
in what, four years?
I'm around right
now, all right?
And whose idea was it?
Oh, come on...
Stop fighting! Please!
We're not fighting.
Your mother and I are
having a conversation.
Thank God for divorces.
Wait a minute.
You're going camping
dressed like that?
With this as your luggage?
I need my music.
Your music?
You didn't help her pack?
Okay, let's just go.
You guys are giving
me a migraine.
Have fun.
Oh, yeah.
Don't take it personally. She's
like this with everyone.
She hates me, doesn't she?
You'll have to ask her that.
Are we going? Let's go!
We are going. Just a minute.
Oh, I almost forgot something.
Look, I don't...
I figured she'd need this.
Thank you.
Go easy on her, Clark.
It's been a while.
I'll call you as soon
as we get there.
Wanna be true gangstas
pretenders to the throne
yo, it's all about respect
just kick it
so just forget the rest
yo, yo
it's all about respect
you'd better pack your bags
This is governor Williams.
There's been an earthquake
in Washington state.
They're asking for
California's help.
I'll be right in.
Local hospitals
have moved their patients
to outgoing facilities.
Most of pike place market
has been flooded.
As many as 200 people
were seriously hurt
when the downtown
monorail collapsed.
Memorial Stadium is down,
and congestion on the I-5
has caused many commuters
to overflow into
downtown neighborhoods.
Traffic in and out of Sea-Tac
has all but halted...
This quake is worse than
the Northridge quake, sir.
That area is going
to be feeling
the side-effects from this one
for the next five years.
How does this affect the
rest of the nation, Daniel?
Well, sir, right now, it's
the story of the week.
People are glued to their TVs,
but I believe eventually,
the financial impact of this one
is going to send a ripple effect
across the rest
of this nation.
And how is the governor
handling this?
He's doing his best to
put out fires, sir.
But how is he handling
this personally?
He's a bit overwhelmed, sir.
They weren't prepared
for this sort of scenario.
Then let's give him a hand.
He has to know he's
not alone in this.
We're going to do
everything we can
to help those people
through this tragedy.
Uh, Mr. President,
you have a meeting scheduled
with the German ambassador.
Sir, he's not going
to be pleased.
Uh... you've rescheduled
twice already.
And I'm rescheduling it again.
My people come first, Sean.
Get to somewhere safe.
Don't panic.
Kind of try and
keep an ear tuned
to the radio, or, of
course, television.
Jordan... look, um...
I'm sorry
if I overstepped my bounds.
It's just, I...
I walked in there, and
I just can't stand...
Being out of control.
I know. You're a
control freak.
It's one of the things
I love about you.
Oh, well, I hope
that's a compliment.
Sam, I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry I came
down so hard on you.
All right?
Do you accept my apology?
Oh, don't, don't,
don't, don't, don't.
What's the problem?
You recommended Marshall...
Come on, Sam.
He's not even published.
We both know I have
twice the experience.
I was perfect for the job.
No, you weren't.
I know you're brilliant, Sam.
I know you can run circles
around Marshall, but...
It's not just me, Sam.
It's everybody you work with.
Oh, really?
Let's hear it.
People think...
People think you're
too focused.
Too focused? I'm too focused?
In a nutshell, Sam,
you're not a team
player, okay?
And frankly, your theories
are a little bit on
the radical side.
Oh, I see.
You scare people.
I see. Uh-huh.
You want it too bad, Sam.
You can't see the
forest for the trees.
Oh, well, I never heard
that one before,
but you know what? I will
try to be less competent.
I don't want to
intimidate my colleagues.
All right, what
do we got here?
Gunshot wound?
Just missed his aorta.
Bullet's still lodged.
You give the heparin?
Two minutes ago.
Let's keep our eye
on that pressure.
So, did you and Jill make up?
That's none of your business.
Oh, that means no.
Thank you very much.
Step aside now.
He's all yours, Zack.
I got it.
Keep pressure on that artery.
This guy's a bleeder.
Yeah, I'm on it.
She still wants me to
take the Porsche back.
Can you believe it?
Sponge. Are you going to?
No way.
It took me three months to get
a turbo 911 in that color.
You can't reason
with her, huh?
She wants a new house.
How do you reason with that?
Well, you guys just
really need to talk.
Nah. I'm gonna wait this out.
She'll crumble eventually.
Yeah? You sure about that?
Okay, let's flush
the pericardium.
You don't want me
to stop the bleeding first?
Why not?
Look at that EKG.
See the rate?
I'll cauterize the vein
after I've got the bullet.
The bullet can wait.
Let me stop the bleeding,
just to be safe.
Bullet's lodged in a vein.
Owen, relax. I've got
it under control.
If you need help, all
you have to do is ask.
Don't need help.
Don't do the Maverick thing.
Don't do it, Zack.
Don't do it? Oh. Why,
it's already done.
Sponge, please.
Boy, we sure saved this guy
some bleeding and some
scar tissue, huh?
We need to talk.
Thousands more are
still missing
in what many are calling
the biggest disaster
to hit the west coast
in over a century.
Most of the transportation
in the Seattle area
has all but halted
as workers attempt
to open up access...
The faults were activated
by a larger fault.
We centered the epicenter nine
miles South of Ellensburg.
Did you confirm it
with the university?
UCW is down,
but we got confirmations from
both Denver and Spokane.
State of emergency
for the entire Seattle area...
You were right, Sam.
It's worse than I thought.
To provide aid and relief to
the victims of this tragedy.
Every time you come
in to assist me,
it's the cowboy thing.
It's the one-man Zack show.
What's your point?
We're a team.
We're supposed to be
working together.
I had it under control.
What if you hadn't?
Would you have asked?
It's never happened.
I don't know.
If you were wrong today,
and that bullet was
lodged in the aorta,
that patient would have bled
to death on my table...
I'm not gonna concern myself
with alternate realities,
because the only reality
of the situation
is that I was right,
and I saved that poor guy
some serious
internal bleeding.
Who are you trying
to impress, Zack?
I don't even know what
you're talking about.
Then why are you always
showing off in the O.R.?
Look, what would
you have done?
Procedure would have
taken twice as long.
The guy would have lost
an extra pint of blood.
Come on, why don't you tell me
what's really on your mind?
Why don't you just
ask for help?
Because I don't...
I don't need help.
Everyone needs help
some time or another.
No, no, not me.
One of these days,
you're gonna screw up
and cost someone their life.
Tell Jill I said hi.
Finally the angels
have come for you.
It's me.
What do you want, Owen?
Zack says hi.
That's not why you're calling.
We need to talk.
Well, you should
have done that
before you went out
and bought that car.
Come on, baby.
Can't you just let it go?
No, I can't, Owen.
I think I deserve a
reward now and then.
What's wrong with that?
What about me, huh?
What about the kids?
We're falling all
over ourselves
in this house.
I like that house.
It's too small,
and you know it.
There was a quake in Seattle.
It's on the news.
I'm on the phone.
A lot of people bit it.
I know. I know. I
heard about it.
The University of Washington
and the University
of Puget Sound
have been closed until
further notice.
Over 2,000 people are
reported missing
in the downtown
Seattle area...
Oh, lord.
What happened?
Uh, the quake.
We had a quake?
No, in Seattle...
See? Right there.
That is exactly
what I'm talking about.
What are you talking about?
You are too wrapped
up in yourself
to see anything around you,
including us.
I didn't call to argue.
Then return the car,
and that's final.
Jill, hang on...
The military has
sprung into action...
Just stop or you're
both in trouble.
So, are we good now?
Yeah. Why?
Well, no reason.
It's just, we've only been on
the road less than an hour,
and we've already had
to make a pit stop.
Well, do you have
to be somewhere?
No, I'd just like to
be at the campground
before it gets dark.
I don't see what
the big rush is.
We're not in a big rush.
Well, if there's no rush,
then why are you
pressuring me?
Look... why don't
we just drop it?
Fine. It's dropped.
We've got seismic activity
in Northern California.
We're getting activity
all over Northern California.
Berkeley's reporting
an 8.4 aftershock.
8.4 aftershock?
That's bigger than
the original quake.
That doesn't make sense.
Well, we're getting reports here
it was felt as far as
South of San Bernardino.
Are you sure it was
an aftershock?
Yeah. We can't find
the hypocenter,
and there doesn't appear to
be any new rupture zone.
What about everyone else?
Portland? Los Angeles?
Same. There's nothing.
Bob, we will do
everything in our power
to help you out
during this crisis.
I know how difficult
it must be right now.
You can count on our support.
Excuse me, Governor. You
have another call on line 2.
One moment.
I'm sorry, I'm going to
have to put you on hold.
Rachel, I hope
this is important.
I'm talking with the
governor of Washington.
I think that it is.
This is Governor Williams.
Outside of Redding?
Just now?
Are you sure?
An entire train
just disappeared
outside of Redding.
Just disappeared?
In the same location as the
other seismic activity.
Take me in closer.
Sure. No problem.
Now, closer in on that line.
Here we go.
Make me a hard copy.
Yeah, you got it.
120 people were on board
when the train vanished.
Rescue teams are now
searching for survivors.
Dad, can you please
put my music back on?
Hey, this is serious.
Lighten up. They said it
was just an aftershock.
People were probably
hurt in it.
Look, I realize
that you're going
through your own
thing right now,
but do you think you could
consider someone else
once in a while?
Oh, okay. Is this your
version of parental advice?
Who are you to give me advice?
I am your father.
Oh. Why don't you
try being my father
and be there once in a while?
What do you call this?
This is something
on your to-do list.
You can't get off that easily.
I don't know why I even try.
How did I know you were
going to say that? God.
Governor, do you want
to issue a statement
regarding the missing train?
No, not yet. Not until
we have all the facts.
Where's Rachel? Rachel?
Jimmy, we already talked
about this this morning.
We've been waiting
for two years now.
I thought you wanted
to have a family.
Yes. Yes, I do,
but not now. Now is
not the right time.
All right, then when?
You know,
it is never going to be
a perfect time, Rachel.
Rachel... I love you.
I love you.
Jimmy, this is such a bad time.
Can we please just
talk about this
when I get home? Please?
Rachel! Rachel, where are you?
Jimmy, I've got to go now.
Rachel, where are you?
Yes, coming.
Rachel? Oh, there you are.
Any news in the
last 10 minutes?
No, nothing yet.
What about the relief effort
for the Seattle area?
Let everyone know
I've already been on the phone
with the governor of Washington.
And we're doing
everything we can.
And the fact that they're
calling this aftershock an 8.4?
It isn't sitting too well
with a lot of people.
When I have more answers,
I'll call a press conference.
Till then, the last
thing we need to do
is add to the panic.
We'll get through this.
Let's take it step by step.
All right?
Jordan? Can we talk?
What is it?
What if that wasn't
an aftershock?
It could be its own
distinct quake.
Two separate earthquakes,
back to back?
Do you know what the odds
of that happening are?
The odds of an aftershock
being larger than
the original quake
are worse.
So where's the hypocenter?
I don't know.
You're not making
any sense, Sam.
Maybe it's deeper than we think.
Deeper than we can measure.
Deeper than we can measure?
It's just a theory
I'm working on.
What's the theory?
I don't want to say just yet.
Might as well say.
You're thinking it.
All right. You know
I've been working
on the San Andreas fault and
other possible fault lines
interacting with the
North American plate,
like the San Jacinto fault,
the Pinto Mountain fault,
the Blanco fracture zone...
I read your book too, Sam.
While I was researching
those faults,
I discovered something
that led me to believe
there may be a few others.
Deeper ones.
How deep?
Below 700 kilometers.
700 kilometers is the deepest.
They don't get any
deeper than that, Sam.
I'm convinced they do.
Two here.
Four here.
How come no one
else found them?
We don't have the equipment
to measure that deep.
It's like galaxy predicting
or measuring anti-matter.
You can only extrapolate
based on what we can see.
So you're thinking that
these theoretical faults
are interacting
with each other.
Interacting with each other
and other known faults, yes.
It's a possibility.
I'm not gonna lie to you, Sam.
It's a stretch.
Calling that 8.4 an
aftershock is a stretch.
Just because we can't
find the fault line
doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
You should know that.
I know that, but I can't
take this to USGS.
Jordan, look at the pattern.
What if I'm right?
What if these two quakes
were building on each other?
A chain reaction.
I'm speculating here, but
if my theory is right,
there's a very high probability
that more will follow.
Think about it. 7.9.
We've got 8.4.
What's next?
An Ontrack passenger train
was reported missing
moments after communication
was lost with it.
Rescue teams...
This is a nightmare.
Have settled on
a rural area...
Two earthquakes
occur 800 miles apart
on the same day?
I'm not an expert,
but I think it's fair to
ask some questions here.
Well, technically,
they're calling
the second event
an aftershock.
Who's "they"?
And have we confirmed
this information yet?
This information comes from a
number of different sources.
Nothing has been
confirmed yet.
Right now, most people
are just speculating.
And that's exactly what
we don't need right now,
There's a lot of scared
people out there...
And they have a lot of questions
about what just happened.
Someone has to
have the answers.
We need a face to
this disaster team,
someone everyone can look to.
Mr. President, we're
dealing with two governors
and their
administrations here,
not to mention the mayors
of the affected cities.
This might take some time...
We don't have time to cut
through the red tape.
By the time the left hand
has figured out what
the right is doing,
this will have exploded
in all our faces.
Get me Nolan.
He's perfect for the job.
What about the governors, sir?
Have they come forward
with someone?
No, sir. Not yet.
Well, I have. If they have
a problem with my choice,
they can give me a call.
They have my number.
Could you get Mr. Nolan on
the phone for me, please?
Yes, sir.
Yes, Mr. President.
I understand.
Roy, we're gonna need
a base of operations.
I'll start setting up a
disaster management center
We'll need to gather
the best in the field.
Seismologists, geologists.
We need to figure this
out as soon as possible.
I understand.
Who do you have
in mind for this?
I'm working on a
list as we speak.
All right.
You'll report directly to me.
How do you want
to approach this?
Let's set up a
press conference.
Let's hit this
disaster head-on.
Good idea.
People need to know
you're in charge.
You up for it?
I'm up for it, Paul.
You'd tell me if you
weren't, right?
No, sir, I would not.
The ball's in your
hands, buddy.
If anyone can pull this off,
it's you.
I understand. Thank you.
I won't let you down,
Mr. President.
You're okay.
Get some coffee, Zack. We're
gonna be here a while.
What's going on?
You didn't hear about
those two quakes?
Yeah, well, I saw
something on TV.
The hospitals can't
handle the overflow.
All the injuries
from the two quakes,
they're helevacing
them down our way now.
Should be here
within the hour...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Owen,
I just got off a double.
I need you here.
You got it.
Thought so.
But at this point,
they don't even know
where to start exactly.
At this point,
they're simply
trying to save lives
and make sure
that as few people
get injured or die
as possible, so...
Is that why dad's working
at the hospital?
Helping all those hurt people?
There's a lot of
people that need help.
I just hope the
ground stops shaking
so Dad can come home.
Me too, Calvin.
Me too.
What's going on?
I don't know.
In the wake
of these two
devastating events,
Northern Washington and
Northern California
have been declared
federal disaster areas.
President Hollister has
appointed Roy Nolan
the head of the Federal
Emergency Management Agency.
Mr. Nolan will be
coordinating the efforts
of a special
investigative team
to explore the causes
of these two incidents.
I just thought that
you, of all people,
would know something.
Zack, I'm sort of
busy at the moment.
Something I can do for you?
Yeah, you can tell me what
the hell is going on.
Dad, please. Come on.
No, I can't.
It's an official
state of emergency.
I'm sorry.
I never ask you for anything.
Just level with me, Dad.
Come on.
I don't have time
for this right now.
I'm very, very busy.
Right. You'll...
You'll let me know when
you do, though, right?
I'm not making any promises.
I'll let you know
as soon as I can.
Okay, good. Wouldn't want
to hold you accountable
for something.
What was that?
Nothing. I've got to go, dad.
Dad, got to go. Bye.
What's going on?
I don't know.
They say, "jump,"
we say, "how high?"
Roy Nolan, the head of FEMA,
asked for us specifically?
That's right. Why?
I don't know.
We'll ask him when
we get there.
Where? Los Angeles.
Los Angeles?
But I didn't get a
chance to pack.
Your husband Jimmy's
on the phone again.
Donna, could you
please just tell him
I'm sorry, but I'll
call him back later?
He's called four
times already.
Just tell him that
I'll talk to him
when I get home. Thank you.
Great. This could take hours.
What if I have to pee?
We just stopped.
Oh, excuse me for not
being on your schedule.
All right, we can fix this.
Dad! What are you doing?
Thought you said
you had to go.
Well, yeah, but...
We don't even know
where this road goes.
Then I suggest that you
sit tight and relax.
When Mom hears
you're doing this...
Oh, I missed doing this.
Oh, my God! I can't
believe this.
There's a road.
Well, which way should we go?
I don't know. We
could try that way.
No. That way.
All right.
Whoo. Hey.
We need to know what
we're up against.
Now, are these aftershocks
going to continue,
and if so,
how big are they going to get?
Each and every one of you
are here today because
you're the best.
This nation is counting on
your expertise and knowledge.
You'll have access
to some of the most advanced
equipment possible,
and if there's something that
we don't have that you need,
let me know.
Any questions?
All right.
Let's get to work.
Sponge, please.
So what did your dad say?
He share any secrets?
Same thing he always says.
What's his problem?
He's into avoidance.
Out of sight and out of mind.
That's the way it
works with him.
If it's not right
in front of him,
he doesn't have
to deal with it.
That includes me. Suction.
It's okay, though.
I'm getting used to it.
He avoided my mom's funeral.
He avoided every
birthday and Christmas
of mine since then.
Sorry to hear that, Zack.
Nothing to be sorry about.
I've accepted it.
Dad avoids.
Well, I wish my mother-
in-law would avoid me.
Dr. Hill?
I think these are for you.
Thank you.
Was there something else?
I just wanted to introduce
myself. Zoe Cameron.
I'm doing my graduate work
at ucla.
If there's anything I
can do to help you,
just let me know.
I'll be around.
Okay. Thanks, Zoe.
Look at this.
What is it?
Look at these dark spots.
Dust clouds.
Yeah, but from what?
They all seem to be originating
from this spot here.
What's that? What's
right there?
Mount Renault.
What are you thinking?
Can you get me
a measurement on Mount Renault
before and after
the last quake?
Yeah. Right away.
Bear with me. I'm
onto something here.
The aftershock in
Redding was a fluke,
an anomaly in the Pacific
Plate subduction zone,
exacerbated by the wet weather
this region has
been experiencing.
Maybe this wasn't
an aftershock.
Excuse me?
What if if this was a quake
with its own epicenter?
A quake?
We're listening.
Let's look at what we know.
Our first quake was here.
Ellensburg, near Seattle.
Our second quake, here,
outside of Redding.
How can you be so
sure it was a quake?
See these dark spots here?
These are dust clouds.
Where do you think
they come from?
Mount Renault.
Prior to this "aftershock,"
as you're calling it,
this mountain
measured 1,756 feet.
Afterwards, 1,736 feet. The
mountain dropped 20 feet.
Aftershocks don't do that.
It takes a quake, a
very deep quake,
to unsettle a
mountain like this.
So you're saying
that the second quake was
caused by the Seattle event?
It's possible that this
was a chain reaction
caused by the same fault...
An undiscovered super-fault
that could potentially
connect all the faults
along the West Coast.
If you look at these
last two quakes,
you'll notice something
similar about them.
The tectonic activity was
side to side on both quakes.
This fault is deep,
and I believe it's
only a matter of time
before it ruptures again.
So, according to your
hidden fault theory,
we could be looking
at the big one?
It's not out of the question.
We have to look at all
the possibilities.
It's our job, right?
That's why we're here.
This theory of yours
is, uh... certainly interesting.
Does anybody else
want to speculate?
There's a definite pattern here.
These aftershocks were felt
all the way down
to San Bernardino.
That's an enormous
area of activity.
If I'm right, these ruptures
will continue South,
interacting with
other fault lines,
increasing in magnitude.
I think the public
deserves to know
what they're up against.
We're not going to
create a panic situation
based on an unproven theory.
Then let me prove it.
Thank you, Dr. Hill.
That will be all.
This was a waste
of valuable time.
Mr. Nolan, I have something
I'd actually like to show you
that makes sense.
Sam, can you slow down?
They don't want answers.
They want excuses.
There's a way of
going about this.
You're not doing it.
They don't want to
solve the problem.
They want to
pacify the public.
I'm not going to be a
part of it, Jordan.
Can you relax?
Will you just calm
down, please?
It's right there
in front of them.
All they have to do
is open their eyes.
I'm on your side.
You acted like it back there.
You have to build a consensus
before you posit a radical
theory like that.
That was not the
right time or place.
Now, I believe the
second was a quake.
But you don't believe
there's a fault?
I'm gonna hold off
on everything
until we have all the facts.
You do that, Jordan.
Twilight zone.
Those birds overhead.
That is weird.
What are they doing?
I don't know.
They can't seem to
make up their mind
which way to go.
Dad, what's going on?
I don't know. Roll
up your window.
Maybe we should turn around.
There's something up ahead.
You wait in the car.
What happened?
I don't know.
Looks like the
bridge collapsed.
Doesn't make any sense.
Watch your step.
Where's Browning?
It's gone.
Wait. Listen.
It sounds like country music.
It's the radio.
No. I shut it off.
Dad, I've heard that
stupid song before.
Yeah, it's definitely country.
It's coming from down there.
Well, where are you going?
I'm going to go down
there and check it out.
What for?
'Cause if there's
anybody down there,
they're going to need help.
Dad, there's
nobody down there.
What if there is?
It's all right. I'll
be back in a minute.
Okay, well, then I'm
going with you.
One of us needs
to stay up here.
Would you please just do
what I'm asking you to do?
Well, do you see anything yet?
No, not yet.
It's definitely getting louder.
Everything I love is gone
I think I'm right on top of it.
There's definitely
something here!
Dad, let's just go!
Just give me a minute,
would you, Amanda?
What? What do you see?
Amanda, get back in the truck.
Why? What?
Don't argue with me. Just
get back in the truck.
Okay. I'm going.
What did you see down there?
They were dead, weren't they?
The family at the rest stop.
They were buried.
That's why this road ended.
That's why we
couldn't find a town.
They were buried alive.
Yes, they were. Why
are you lying to me?
Come on, let's get in the car.
Do you understand that
could have been us?
Sweetheart? Come here.
Did you bring your thing?
Is it in your bag?
Is it in your bag? In here?
Breathe it in deep. Do it.
Do it again.
Is that better?
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Dad, I just want
to go home, okay?
That's what we're going
to try to do, sweetheart.
We're going to
try to get home.
Thank you.
The families of everyone
aboard that train
need to be notified.
This is not a
recovery mission yet.
We're still calling
this a rescue mission.
All right.
Yes, governor?
My ex-husband and daughter
are up north, camping.
Um, I haven't been
able to reach them.
I understand, governor. I'll
look into it right away.
Thank you.
That's a hard sell, Roy.
More quakes? Can you actually
predict something like that?
Well, under usual
circumstances, uh... no.
But you thought you
should bring it up?
I just want you to be aware
of all the possibilities.
I appreciate your candor, Roy.
So where is the
idea coming from?
One of our team
members, Dr. Hill,
she believes in this
theory pretty strongly.
She's done some
cutting-edge research
in the field
and documented her findings.
What about the
rest of your team?
Negative. They're
not on board.
Do you believe it?
Much of her theory is
based on extrapolation.
It's based on...
You know, what we can't see.
I wish I could bring you
some hard evidence on this,
but I can't.
What's your gut tell you?
I don't know anymore.
That's not good enough, Roy.
We can't just go around
spouting theories
we don't even believe
in ourselves,
scaring the hell
out of the public,
but if there's a chance
her theory is right and
lives are in danger,
that can't be ignored.
What do you want
me to do, Paul?
Get the evidence, Roy.
I'll get right on it.
I don't want a word of this
to anybody outside
of your group.
We don't need to create
a panic situation.
I understand, Mr. President.
I don't think that
was an aftershock.
Well, until I find
some evidence,
it doesn't really
matter what I say.
What kind of pattern is this?
That's a side to side.
It was taken minutes
before the event.
Well, what about
this, right here?
That's pre-activity.
Wait a minute.
This isn't side to side.
It's a lateral skip.
What do you mean?
See how closely
they're spiking?
Side to sides
have at least twice as
much space between them.
I'm sorry. I'm not
following you.
Aftershocks are
supposed to have
the same pattern of movement.
This is completely different.
This is another quake.
Thank you.
Any time.
Mr. Nolan, can I
speak with you?
We looked into the event
outside of Redding.
It had an epicenter.
You found an epicenter?
We found evidence of it.
If there's a fault,
it's too deep for
our equipment.
There's nothing we can do
short of going to the site.
Can you prove this?
We can measure magnetic field,
radon activity, variances
in water level,
total absence of
earth movement...
Yes or no.
Yes. Yes, I can prove this.
If this whole notion of yours
turns out to be a
wild goose chase,
this won't be good for you.
I know.
And you still want to go?
Okay, you'll answer
to me and to me only.
Is that understood?
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Governor, we've just
lost an entire community
at the base of Mount Renault.
Which towns have
been affected?
Browning has been
completely buried.
We're trying to get rescue
teams out there right now.
What's the delay?
The dust is too heavy
for us to fly in,
and I-5's been shut down
from, uh...
Sacramento to Oregon
due to structural damage.
I want every possible
survivor out of there.
Contact Washington, D.C.
I'm going to declare a
state of emergency.
Yes, governor.
What's on the other side?
Sam, where are you going?
Nolan gave me the okay.
I'm going to Redding.
You're going to Redding?
Mm-hmm. Something
wrong with that?
No, I just didn't think
that he'd, uh...
Have faith in me?
Not everyone's as close-minded
as you are, Jordan.
Sam. Wait a minute.
So, uh... can I come?
And actually get
your hands dirty?
That's not you
anymore, Jordan.
Whoa, whoa. Wait.
I've been a little caught up
in office politics lately...
Yeah, a little.
All right, I deserve that,
but I can still help you.
If you come, we're
doing this my way.
You're sure you want to
take orders from me?
Get your stuff.
Foxtrot, this is Tango,
calling Unit 415.
Riverside, do your read? Over.
How close do you think we are?
15, 20 miles.
You really think
we're going to find
your fault line here, huh?
I'm certainly going to try.
Just out of curiosity, how?
I thought you said
you read my book.
You just don't quit.
If you think
I'm doing this to spite you,
you're wrong. Dead wrong.
Actually, I was about to say
I admire that about you.
I wouldn't be
here if I didn't.
All right.
The largest rupture should
have happened here.
There's got to be an
easier way than this.
I'm sure there is, but
it's not as much fun.
After we take the
soil samples,
I want to measure
the magnetic field.
I guess we'll look for Radon,
get the strain gauge.
Oh. It's good to see
you haven't forgotten
Don't start in on me, Sam.
Mr. Nolan, we have reports
that towns are missing
in Northern California.
Well, for whatever reason,
I can assure you,
my people are getting
to the bottom of this.
Mr. Nolan, we've had
reports that entire towns
in the Northern
California area
have been without
Now, what is your assessment
of the damage caused
by this second quake?
Well, we don't have
the numbers yet,
but, uh... I promise you,
we're going to meet
this crisis head-on,
and once my people have
evaluated the data
and have made an
accurate assessment,
we'll start putting
the numbers out.
Mr. Nolan, you must have
a general idea by now.
Well, like I said, we
have to be very careful
with the information
we release,
especially right now.
Translation, it's bad.
How can you tell?
Look at him. Look at him.
He's ducking and dodging
like a featherweight.
Fall into the ocean.
These theories are
completely unfounded.
I know it makes
great news to say
that the big one is coming,
but I'm not interested
in sensationalizing
this tragedy.
I'm interested in
damage control.
He seems like he knows
what he's talking about.
But that's his job.
You know, my mother
never stood a chance
when they argued.
From all the data
I've received,
this threat is behind us,
and that's the end
of this conference.
He knows something
he's not telling us.
I don't feel good about this.
I don't understand.
We should have found
something by now.
Maybe we're in the wrong area.
No. This is where
the activity was documented.
If we don't find
any evidence, Sam,
we don't have a leg to
stand on with Nolan.
I know.
Our credibility goes out
right out the window.
I know. I know.
You don't have to remind me.
There's something
we're missing here.
Yeah, it's called evidence.
We're starting too big.
What do you mean?
We've checked all the
obvious rupture areas,
the bigger ones,
and come up empty.
You think we'll
have better luck
with the smaller points?
Think about it, Jordan.
If this fault is deep,
how much activity
is actually going to
make it to the surface?
Recordable activity?
Okay. Now, see these
larger areas?
They're not part of our fault.
They're from the faults
affected by our fault.
That's why they're
on the surface,
but these smaller areas
are not part of
the San Andreas
or San jacinto faults.
They veer away from them.
Exactly. That's why
they're so tiny.
These deep faults
sometimes never leave
a rupture point.
The ground soaks up
all the activity
before it ever gets
to the surface.
So then these tiny points
would represent the
end of the road.
You try screaming
through 700
kilometers of earth
and see who hears you.
Why do I get the feeling
you've tried that?
We're lost, aren't we?
Why don't you just go back
to sleep, sweetheart?
I did that already.
Look, I...
I really don't want to
fight with you again.
I... I thought this trip
was supposed to be a fun time.
Oh, I forgot.
What are you doing?
Calling Mom. Is
that okay with you?
Yes, it's okay with me.
It's just that I
tried that already.
God. Figures.
Hang on.
What was that?
I don't know.
We're sinking.
Sinking? What?
You mean, like quicksand?
Yeah, maybe.
Oh, my God.
Don't you have
four wheel drive?
It's in four wheel drive.
It's just not helping.
Oh, my God.
Dad, what are we going to do?
I don't know. We've got
to get out of here.
Dad, I can't get
the door open!
Mine won't either.
We can't stay in here.
Calm down. Calm down.
We're gonna get buried in
here just like that family!
Amanda, we're not gonna die.
I'm gonna open your window.
What? No. No, no.
I don't want to.
Get out. It's all right.
Come on, Amanda.
You can do it.
Go on! Climb out, sweetheart.
Go on.
Climb out!
I don't want to die!
Climb out, sweetheart.
Come on, dad, let's go!
Dad, come on, follow me!
Get away from the car!
I can't find you!
Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad,
where are you?
Dad! Dad...
Come on, dad! Please!
Don't do this. Don't do this.
Dad, please.
Dad, where are you?
Dad, I've got you!
Dad! Dad!
Dad. Come on. I've got you.
Come on.
Dad, come on. Dad,
I've got you.
Dad! Dad, come here!
Dad, I've got you. Come on.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Dad, don't leave me again.
I won't. I won't.
Come on. Let's
get out of here.
We're wasting our time
with this.
Right here.
We should be right on
top of a rupture point.
Well, it's a nice theory, Sam.
Have you ever been
right and you know it,
and you're just waiting
for everyone else to catch up?
That's the kind of talk that
gets you in trouble, Sam.
If I was wrong, that would
make you feel really good,
wouldn't it, Jordan?
It's not about right or wrong.
I just don't think
you're going to find
anything here, okay?
Why did you come
out here with me?
Sam, we need a new game plan.
I don't have
another game plan.
This is my game plan, Jordan.
Hey, I'm not the enemy here.
Look around.
What we want is not here.
Fine. You want to go?
Let's go.
Come on, Sam.
No, it's been uphill
since day one with you.
I'm not doing it anymore.
Sam, can we just talk
about this like adults?
What's wrong?
Look at that.
What do you think happened?
I don't know.
I don't see any wounds.
But it's weird.
It looks like they
just dropped dead.
They probably did.
These animals were poisoned.
All I can think of
is ruptured gas pockets.
Poisonous gasses.
Oh, no.
Come on! Come on!
Shut your door.
You're not actually
Yes, I am. Roll
up your window.
Sam, these gas pockets
are usually pretty deep.
I know. Really deep.
I know. You brought
the gas masks, right?
Tell me you brought
the gas masks.
If you're right,
this could prove
your depth theory.
Jordan, the gas masks.
Where are they?
Gas masks. I'm
trying to remember.
Jordan, where are they?
I'm feeling kind of dizzy.
Where are they?
Jordan, stay with me.
Don't go to sleep.
Jordan! Dammit!
Wake up!
Put this on.
Did you hit me?
I thought I lost you.
Thanks. I owe you one.
We need to get these
samples tested
and cross-referenced
with the Gorda plate.
We're looking for
depth analysis.
I also want to get
some thermo images
analyzed with the
known rupture points.
Sam, I want to apologize
to you about before...
For not believing in you.
Thanks. I knew
you'd come around.
Now if we can just get
everyone else on board,
we might stand a chance here.
Okay, your plane is ready.
Your flight arrives in San
Francisco at 6:00 P.M.
The press conference
with Mayor Spaulding
is scheduled for one
hour after that.
Thank, you, Donna.
Are you sure it's wise
to travel right now?
I can't hide in here forever.
Besides, the people
of this state
need to see their leaders,
now more than ever.
What is it, Donna?
We've, um... We've
been trying all day.
We haven't been able to
contact your family.
I see.
We're not going
to stop trying.
I appreciate that.
Governor, forgive me for
being forward here.
We both know that Clark
is not going to let
anything happen to Amanda.
I know that.
It's just there's so many things
that could have gone wrong.
I should have said no.
I should have stopped them
from taking that trip.
They would be safe right now.
You had no way of knowing
this would happen.
You said it yourself.
They both needed
this time alone.
I know. I know. I...
They're going to be fine.
I hope so. Thank you, Donna.
Dad, I lost my inhaler.
We'll figure something
out, sweetheart.
How? When?
I don't know.
Just one step at a time.
Dad, we're never going
to last out here.
Look, all you've got to do
is break it down in your head.
Do you see the bend
in the road up there?
All you think about
is getting there.
Yeah, and then what?
We'll worry about
the "and then what"
once we get to the
bend in the road.
See how breaking
it up in your head
makes it easier?
Yeah, nice try, dad.
This still sucks.
Yeah. It still sucks.
What's that?
It's an extrapolation.
I factored in the
last two epicenters.
Now, throw in these
gas pockets.
This fault is deep. It's
worse than I thought.
Can you show me?
This fault not only
interacts with San Andreas.
It interacts with every
major fault line
all the way to
Baja California.
So if you're right,
the next quake...
Should be right there.
San Francisco.
San Francisco?
How concrete is
this information?
I told you. It's a prediction,
or as close to one
as you can get.
It's not enough.
I have soil samples
and gouge proof
that two fault
lines interacted,
and we have
personally witnessed
ruptured gas pockets,
indicating how deep this is.
I understand that this
quake may have been deep.
I'm not questioning
that, Dr. Hill,
but you're asking
me to believe
in a fault line that we
can't even prove exists.
You're asking me to
evacuate millions of people
based on, uh...
On what? Some dirt samples?
Some ruptured gas pockets?
Look at the thermo
activity map for yourself.
Every major fault
line is in jeopardy.
Yeah, people should be
evacuated, right now.
If a quake hits San Francisco
with anywhere near the
magnitude of our last two,
we'll be facing a
huge disaster.
And if you're wrong,
and you do admit
there is a possibility
you are wrong,
an evacuation like this
will cause enormous panic.
Lives will be lost.
Our job is to... To
calm people down,
not get them worked up.
No, it's our job
to arm the people with
the facts, good or bad,
and that's what
I'm trying to do.
Facts that contradict the data
collected by this task force.
Mr. Nolan, I pray that
I'm wrong, I really do,
but I don't think I am.
That fault line is unstable,
and it will rupture again.
And more than likely,
it will happen
in a very populated area.
We need to prepare for this.
I'm sorry, Dr. Hill.
There's not enough to go on.
I can't support this theory.
I appreciate the effort,
and we'll certainly take
everything into consideration.
But you're not going to
do anything about it.
Yes, I'm going to do
something about this.
I'm going to do my job, just
like you're doing your job.
I'm going to pass
this information
over to my superiors
and let them decide.
You mean the president
and his advisors?
Why don't you get them
on the phone right now
so they can hear
Dr. Hill's explanation?
It's not that simple.
There are other considerations.
You could make a mistake
and have to own up to it.
That's enough, Dr. Fisher.
What are you going to do
when it comes out that
you had information
that could have saved
millions of lives
and you sat on it?
I'd stop right
there, Dr. Fisher,
before you step into something
you can't get out of.
It was all for nothing.
You did your job.
That's all anyone
can ask of you.
Did I? Maybe you're
right about me, Jordan.
Maybe I don't know how
to build a consensus.
I don't know how to get
things done that way.
There wasn't enough time.
I have to convince him.
Thanks for backing me up.
That man's a fool not
to listen to you.
I couldn't help
overhearing in there.
You said San Francisco's
next, right?
That's right.
How certain are you?
I'd bet my life on it.
Oh, no.
I understand you've declared
a state of emergency.
This flies in the face
of the statement
just issued by FEMA.
Are we in danger
of another quake?
I don't have that answer,
but our state was hit
by a tremendous quake
earlier today,
and we are responding
as best we can.
We're pooling all
of our resources
to rebound from this tragedy,
and yes, we are receiving aid
from the federal government.
Do you know how many
people are still missing?
Do we have an estimate
of casualties?
No. We're still
tabulating those numbers.
I'm not going to lie to you.
I believe they're
going to be high.
That's the bad news.
The good news is
I'm confident that we can and
will overcome this obstacle.
Next question?
How long do you expect
it will take the state
to recover from this tragedy?
As long as it takes,
but we will recover.
There's no doubt about it.
We will get back
on our feet again.
Governor Williams, how
are you responding
to the millions of
dollars in damage?
The issue right now is people,
and trust me when I say it is
our first and foremost priority
to see that everyone is
safe and accounted for.
We will be doing everything
to bring our loved ones home,
even if I have to personally
oversee the rescue
of every individual
involved in this tragedy.
You have my word on that.
Governor Williams.
Is it true you've lost contact
with your own family?
Yes, it's true, but there
are many, many people
in the states of
Washington and California
who have lost touch
with their loved ones.
I think we all
have been affected
in one way or another.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thanks.
Right this way.
Oh, my God!
It's a 9.2!
Where's it located?
San Francisco!
This is Troy Keller
from Sky-Cam one.
This is unbelievable.
I'm looking at this
with my own eyes,
and I can't believe it.
The bridge is shaking.
It's moving.
Governor! Governor!
Over here!
Oh, my God!
This way! Hurry!
We've got to go!
It's too late!
It looks as if the entire bridge
is going to fall into the bay.
The entire structure
is going to give way.
It's breaking.
It's breaking up!
Cars are tumbling
into the water.
This is incredible.
Come on!
Come on, let's go!
Look out!
My God. My God.
There it goes.
Those struts are
falling inwards.
The whole structure
is collapsing
into the water.
If there are
any survivors down there,
it's nothing short
of a miracle.
The Golden Gate
Bridge is no more.
Mr. Nolan, it's the president.
Also, as you mentioned...
You had the evidence,
and you didn't contact me?
You're right.
I should have acted sooner.
I'll take full responsibility.
This isn't about blame.
We need take a
pro-active stance
on this situation,
and if this Dr. Hill believes
we're still in danger,
I want to hear it.
I understand.
Don't start
second-guessing yourself.
Be the man that I put
in that position.
Well, I've got to be honest
with you, Mr. President.
At this point, I don't
know where to begin.
Begin with your gut.
We'll go from there.
Dad, I'm starving.
Yeah, me too, sweetheart.
Here. Let's try up here.
Are you getting anything
on your radio?
Wait. Hold on. Wait. Wait.
I think I am
getting something.
The quake was measured
at 9.2 in magnitude.
Reports of missing people...
San Francisco.
Are still flooding in
after the golden gate
bridge collapsed.
Most of downtown San Francisco
was leveled.
Both Governor Williams
and Mayor Spaulding
are believed to have
been inside City Hall
when it collapsed,
burying all inside.
They are still
listed as missing.
Oh, my God. Mom.
Everything's going to be okay.
Zoe. Did you reach your family
in San Francisco?
I told them to leave,
but I haven't heard
from anyone since.
They're okay.
They are.
The phones are jammed.
You may not hear from
them for a while,
but they will call.
Dr. Hill? Mr. Nolan would
like to talk to you.
Right. They'll call.
You warned me.
I should have listened to you.
Mr. Nolan, this isn't over.
What we've experienced so far
is nothing compared to
what's still on the horizon.
I'm listening.
Since the quakes originated
deeper than anyone thought,
it's hard to place the
exact hypocenter,
but we can make
an educated guess
based on the areas of activity,
specifically, the
ones corresponding
to these last three quakes.
Let's follow the chain reaction.
We started with a 7.9
outside the Seattle-
Ellensburg area,
to an 8.4 outside of Redding,
and then this 9.2
in San Francisco.
That leads us to our
next rupture point.
The San Andreas fault?
We could be looking
at a seismic event
larger than modern man has
ever witnessed before.
If this rupture occurs,
it could take out the
California coastline.
How much time do
you think we have?
Factoring in the
magnitude and space
between these last
three quakes,
along with the intensity of
the subsequent aftershocks,
I think we're down to days.
Days? I would love
to see your data.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
please. Let her talk.
There's nothing we can do
to prevent the main
fault from rupturing,
but maybe we can stop it
from interacting
with San Andreas,
causing an interruption,
if you will.
How do you propose to
cause this interruption?
We'd have to stabilize
the fault line.
And how would we do
something like that?
Fuse it.
Fuse it?
Technically, we could
fuse the fault line
if we generate enough heat.
Melt the layers of sub-strata
in the tectonic plates.
And how on earth
do we generate enough
heat to do that?
There's only one
way I know of.
A nuclear explosion.
The heat generated from
the nuclear explosions,
positioned at just
the right points,
could fuse the fault
line together.
This is crazy.
Okay, let her talk.
Thank you. The main fault
would still rupture,
but the chain reaction
would be interrupted,
stopping at San Andreas.
How do we find these points?
We'd start by isolating
the areas with the most
activity along the fault line,
and then choose the sites
with the most risk of rupture.
You're talking
several nuclear
explosions here.
Have you stopped to consider
that we might be dealing
with radiation?
Fallout? Among other things.
We're all familiar with Nevada's
nuclear testing program
in the '50s.
The blasts will be
contained underground,
and if we're careful,
the surface damage
should be minimal.
And what if something
goes wrong?
Is there a risk? Absolutely...
But if it works, we just
saved 50 million lives.
Are you sure?
Yes, Mr. President.
You want to use
nuclear warheads?
It's the only way to
fuse the fault line.
This has never
been done before.
What guarantees do we
have that this will work?
I wish I could give you
some guarantees that
this will work,
Mr. President, but I can't.
It's a long shot, Roy.
I believe it'll work.
I'm not comfortable
with this sort of gamble.
The stakes are just too high.
What are the other options?
If I had other options,
believe me, I'd be
presenting them now.
You have no other
contingency plans?
Not in this situation, sir.
Trust me. We've gone through
every scenario imaginable,
and none of them help.
This seems like such
an extreme measure.
This is an extreme
situation, Mr. President,
extreme measures are needed.
With all due respect,
I need you to make
this call now.
We don't have time
to analyze this.
I'm just supposed to have
blind faith in this theory?
Well, Dr. Hill's
been right so far.
I see no reason why we should
start doubting her now.
I'll give you a call when
I've made my decision.
Yes, sir.
From the devastating 9.2 quake
which hit earlier
this morning.
Efforts to coordinate the
massive emergency...
Excuse me, Mr. President.
California governor...
Sir, I've just checked
with the Pentagon.
They can't confirm the
safety of this plan.
With all due respect,
Mr. President, it is outrageous.
Outrageous is all
that we have left.
We're out of alternatives.
If this works,
it could save
millions of lives.
May I speak frankly, sir?
Please do.
I know Mr. Nolan is a very
good friend of yours...
What I mean to say is,
are you letting your
relationship with him
affect your judgment
in any way, sir?
I trust Roy.
You would risk the possibility
that these nuclear warheads
could complicate our
current situation
and cost us more lives?
What are you suggesting?
That we do nothing?
I'd rather have faith
in something and be wrong
than have faith in
nothing at all.
Call Roy back.
Tell him we're going
with Dr. Hill's plan.
I'm authorizing
the evacuation of the
entire West Coast...
And the placement of warheads.
Yes, sir.
Set up a news conference.
There has been a
massive mobilization
of troops along the West Coast,
causing great concern
across the country
that something major...
Many are speculating
that the deployment of troops
has something...
The National Guard
has been mobilized
in some more heavily
hit areas...
The president is asking
that all Americans
work together
in this time of crisis.
Have been raised to
an unusual level
around the massive
military operation,
raising concerns
that civilians...
The White House has
refused to give out
any information
before tonight's speech,
raising the level
of anxiety...
Officials at the
highest levels
have neither
confirmed nor denied
the movement of nuclear
warheads across the West Coast.
At a time when the
geographical future
of the Western seaboard
seems uncertain...
The economical damage is
still being tabulated,
but many believe
it may take years
to get the area back on track.
President Hollister's
speech, set for tomorrow.
Millions are hoping
beyond hope...
Ladies and gentlemen,
the president
of the United
States of America.
Over the last day,
our Western seaboard
has experienced
three devastating earthquakes.
These natural disasters
have shaken the foundations
of our cities, towns,
and other rural areas.
Federal relief has been given,
and you have my word that
more help is on the way.
Now, we have reason to believe
that another major
population is at risk.
If we are correct
in our assumptions,
then the entire Southern
California area
will be hit by a fourth,
and potentially
catastrophic earthquake
that could have a domino effect
on the entire coastline.
We must decide,
as a nation,
how we're going to
handle this crisis.
Are we going to allow
this earthquake
to shake the foundations of
our spirit, our community,
and the ties that
bind us all together?
Or are we going to come
together as a nation,
neighbor helping neighbor,
until each and every
person is safe from harm?
I believe in my heart
that we have the
strength and courage
to survive this calamity...
Join me now as we face
this challenge...
And God bless you all.
This is the third
quake in a row,
each increasing
in magnitude...
It is feared that
tens of thousands
may be buried...
I'm sorry...
I can't feel my legs.
I can't feel my legs!
It's okay, Rachel, it's...
It's okay.
Where else do you hurt?
I just feel cold.
I feel cold.
It's okay. It's okay, Rachel.
It's all right.
It's all right,
it's all right.
It's okay, Rachel.
It's okay.
It's bad, isn't it?
It's not good, Rachel.
It's not good.
Stay with me.
Rachel. Rachel, stay with me.
Rachel, focus.
Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...
Focus. Focus.
It's going to be okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
It's an aftershock.
It's subsiding.
Owen. Yeah?
Maybe you should think
about getting your
family out of here.
What about you?
I'll stick around, I'll
help evacuate the people.
I don't think I could
live with myself,
leaving these people behind.
Cover me?
How are you today?
In light of the tragedies
along our Western seaboard,
he has declared martial law,
and authorized the evacuation
of the entire West Coast.
The details were not given,
but the president suggested
that the Los Angeles
area may be next
in a string of
deadly earthquakes
that continue to threaten...
The entire Western seaboard.
It's me, baby.
Did you see the news?
I can't believe
this is happening.
I'm scared, Owen.
It's hard to believe
we were fighting over
a car just yesterday.
Seems like another
lifetime ago,
doesn't it?
What were we thinking?
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm sorry for
everything I said.
We have been acting childish,
haven't we?
I know I have.
I'm sorry, too.
You've got to get
moving, Jill.
What about you, Owen?
What are you going to do?
I'm going to stay
and help evacuate.
No! No, Owen!
We're not going
to go anywhere without you.
It's going to be all right.
You can just get that
out of your head.
We're not going.
It's going to be all right.
You've got to trust
me on this one.
I'll see you soon, all right?
That's a promise.
Okay, okay, I'll
start packing...
Don't worry about
all our stuff.
You can buy more stuff.
Just pack up what you
need and get out.
I love you, baby.
I love you.
The entire west coast
is being evacuated
east of Barstow in
Southern California
and Fresno in
Northern California.
It is asked that the people
in these evacuated areas
take only what they can carry.
Tamika, Calvin...
Stop it. Give it to me.
Give them to me, I said.
What's wrong, mom?
Nothing, nothing is wrong.
I just need you two
to settle down, okay?
Can you do that for mommy?
Sit down. Just...
I'm sorry...
We didn't mean to upset you.
It's not your fault, baby.
Now, listen to me...
I need you to pack.
We're going to be
leaving the house
for a while.
Where are we going?
Someplace safe, baby.
Well, aren't we safe here?
Just go pack, okay?
Go on, go help your sister.
Thank you for joining us
and giving us the
latest update on that.
We will return in just a moment
with another update on the
relief center operations.
Oh, God, help me!
All right, all
right, all right.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
We're not going to
get out of here.
I don't believe that.
I don't believe it.
You're not going to
die, Rachel, trust me.
It's okay.
Somebody's going to find us.
It'll be okay.
I had a fight with
Jimmy this morning.
And he tried to talk to me
before this happened...
And I didn't take his call.
If I could just
take it all back,
and tell him I'm sorry...
"I'm sorry, baby. "
If I could just tell him
that I love him,
and that I want to have
a family with him...
You're going to see Jimmy...
You're going to see
Jimmy very soon,
and you can tell him
all of these things you
just told me, okay?
Thank you.
Thank you, thank
you, thank you...
Rachel, Rachel...
Rachel, stay with me.
Rachel, stay with me!
Look at me.
You can do it.
Stay with me...
Mr. Nolan,
your son's here to see you.
I need to talk to you, Dad.
What the hell are you
still doing here?
Hospital needs my help
to move people out.
You need to leave this city.
Now! Why?
What is happening?
Talk to me, dad.
It's the worst-case scenario.
Listen, I'll arrange
for a helicopter
to get you out.
No, I can't just leave
my patients behind.
Don't argue with me, Zack.
What is going to happen
to all the people
who don't get evacuated
out of here?
What happens to them?
We're doing everything we
can to get them to safety.
But it's not going
to be enough, right?
How many casualties?
And I want the
real numbers, dad.
Don't give me the
press numbers.
I can't leave, then.
I don't know if
you're being stubborn
or just ignorant.
Why, because I'm refusing
to bury my head in the sand?
Sorry, dad.
Not all of us have
problems facing the truth.
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
I think you know exactly
what that means.
Let's drop it.
Why are you avoiding me?
I don't have time
for this right now.
How many times have I
seen you since mom died?
Did I do something
to offend you?
We're finished here.
Recon four,
we're four klicks South of
Go ahead, Mr. Nolan.
You're on with Dr. Hill.
I don't know about this terrain.
Are you sure we can't set
up about two miles south?
The drill sites
need to be exact.
We're manipulating
the rupture points.
Just wish we had a
little more elbow room.
Do you think you
can pull it off?
Oh, I know we can.
The question is, can we
pull it off in time?
Copy that.
We've arrived
and we're setting up now.
Roger that.
We've got a tight timeline,
so let's keep going.
Okay, come on,
people, let's go.
Come on. We don't
have all night.
We've got a lot of work to do.
Dr. Hill,
how deep do we have to be?
The warhead needs to be 324
feet below the surface
at this site.
Well, that's easier
said than done.
We're drilling through
layers of bedrock.
I wish there were
an easier way.
That's where the
plates conjoin.
We'll get it done.
Mr. Nolan.
We're at 200 feet.
Keep drilling.
They've got 200 feet.
What have you got?
Okay, everybody. Listen up.
We're going to first clear
rooms 1 through 22,
followed by 23 through 44,
and then 45 through 85.
After that, we can
move on to the 100s.
I want everybody that
can walk on their own
to go first,
followed by those
in the wheelchairs,
and then the patients
in the gurneys.
All right? Let's move.
Owen, pediatrics is all clear.
You're sure?
Checked the whole wing myself.
All right, let's get these
patients out of here.
Let's do it.
Coming through,
coming through.
Let's take it back
a couple inches.
All right?
I'm good this side.
All right, easy.
We're clear.
All right over here.
Take it out.
We're unloading
the warhead now.
Okay. Get it in place.
More! That's it!
That's it.
It's secure, Dr. Hill.
Take it up.
All right, take it up.
All right, gentlemen.
Arming cable is attached, sir.
Give it a sec.
Keep it clear. Keep it clear.
There's no turning back now.
Let's just hope this works.
We're losing the jetty.
270 feet.
275 feet.
We are at target depth.
Set it down.
Okay, cap it off.
Back it up.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Dump it.
Okay, guys, let's seal it off.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
The shaft is
sealed, Mr. Nolan.
Prepare to set the warhead.
Yes, sir.
Standing by, sir.
Sir, can you take
a look at this?
Initiating it now.
There's still unnatural
I got it.
Locked in.
Switching remote
detonation capability
over to you, Dr. Hill.
I don't know if I'm
ready to do this.
Me either.
On my count.
Three, two, one...
God help us.
We're good to go, Mr. Nolan.
One down.
Five more to go.
Next location, here we go.
Governor Williams' office.
Oh, my God, oh, my God.
I got through. I got through.
Yes, yes, this is Amanda,
Governor Williams' daughter?
No, no, no, no.
Hello? Hello?
Damn it!
Sweetheart, sweetheart.
It's okay, it's okay.
We're going to get
through this thing.
We made it this far, right?
Come on, let's
just keep walking.
Hey, I've got somebody here!
Joe, give me a hand.
Let's go!
Let's move it! She's alive!
We are presently flying
over the freeways
of Los Angeles,
and it is an
unprecedented sight.
All roads are leading
out of the city.
Obviously, many people
are evacuating to the
evacuation camps
on the borders of
Nevada and Arizona.
People are grabbing...
What about dad?
He'll meet up with us later.
Dad's not coming?
Not yet, baby.
He still has work to
do, helping people.
What kind of people?
Sick people, okay?
People that can't
help themselves.
Grab that bag.
People at the hospital?
That's right.
People at the hospital.
Now, get in. Get in.
Calvin, buckle up.
Mom, are we going to die?
No, honey, of course not.
Why would you say
something like that?
I saw something on TV...
You just forget about
what you saw on TV.
Now, the only thing
that matters
is right here, right now.
All right?
Mama's not going
to let anything
happen to you, okay?
Let's go.
Excuse us, please.
Clear it out! Excuse us.
Have you seen my husband?
I don't know where your
husband is, ma'am.
I'm looking for my husband.
I already tried that!
I'm sorry.
We need help over here!
What's the status on
Governor Williams?
How is she?
She's alive,
but still listed in
critical condition, sir.
That's the good news.
The bad?
We can't get the people out
of the cities fast enough.
Then bring in more
helicopters, more trucks,
whatever it takes.
Mr. President, we have
tapped all of our resources.
If the National Guard
is not enough,
then activate
enlisted servicemen.
They've all been
activated, sir.
The reserves?
We are fully deployed.
Then come up with
something else.
We will save those people.
Mr. President, at some point
we have to face
the inevitable.
And what is that, Daniel?
That some things are
just out of our hands.
I don't believe that.
Keep trying.
Mr. Nolan has arrived.
We're arriving at
site number three.
We're halfway home, Dr. Hill.
Ease it in.
Switching remote
detonation capability
over to you, Dr. Hill.
Got it.
What's the status
of our warheads?
They've placed three
of the warheads.
Are they having any problems?
Not to my knowledge, sir.
If they have any setbacks, I
want to know immediately.
We can't afford any
delays at this point.
Understood, Mr. President.
Governor, are you awake?
How are you feeling?
What happened?
Just relax.
You've suffered a
concussion to your head.
You broke your left leg.
Where's Rachel?
Just lie back, lie back.
But where's Rachel?
Rachel... Rachel
didn't make it.
She saved my life, Donna.
They did everything that
they could for her.
I need to talk to
her husband, Jimmy.
I took the liberty
of telling him
that you were going to call
when you felt better, okay?
My family, Donna.
I need you to find my family.
Your daughter called
in earlier today.
She did? What did she say?
We lost the connection...
But the fact that she called
tells us that they're okay.
Okay? So you just
have to rest now.
Just relax, okay?
I'm sorry
for bringing you
out here, Amanda.
I should have been better
prepared, sweetie.
I screwed up.
I've screwed up
everything with you.
I... I...
I can't seem to get us right.
Dad, that's not true.
Yeah, it is.
I should have stuck
it out with your mom.
I should have made that work.
I'm sorry for the whole thing.
You don't have to
apologize to me, okay?
The important thing
is that you're
here with me now,
and that's all that
matters, okay?
Now, come on.
We have to keep moving.
We have to go.
You turned out pretty
good, Mandy...
With or without me.
Dad, wait... Do you hear that?
I think it's a car!
Yeah, I hear it.
I can't tell which way
it's coming from.
It's coming from over there.
Let's go!
Hey, wait! Stop!
Mandy, wait, wait.
Where is it?
It's that way. Come on!
Come on. Come on.
Come on, I saw it.
Stop. Hold up.
Stop the truck!
Thank God.
You got room for two more?
Sure, hop in.
Right here you see I-10,
and people are abandoning
their vehicles.
It is a spectacular sight.
The military...
Everyone's out.
I've got two criticals.
You want to come with me?
Yeah. Sounds good.
Clear a path, please.
We're coming through.
We've got a critical
coming through.
Everything's going
to be okay, sir.
We're almost there.
Help me get this
guy on the truck.
What are you doing?
Please, please!
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
Please, you've got
to give me a ride!
It's my family. Please!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
it's patients only.
Please, let me on the truck!
How are we all
doing back here?
Everyone okay?
Are we going to
get out of here?
Sure we are.
It's just going to
be another moment.
Where are you taking us?
How does barstow sound?
Barstow? What's in barstow?
They have an emergency
evacuation center set up.
We're all going
to be safe there.
Thank you.
Let me in!
Hey, what's the hold up here?
This city's going to blow.
We're not going to make
it out before the quake.
We're going to die
in this parking lot.
Come on, people,
just stay cool, and we'll
all get out of here.
See? We're on our way already.
What's happening
out there, Donna?
The president has
ordered an evacuation
of the entire west coast.
Oh, my God...
There's a strong possibility
of more quakes.
How much time to do we have?
The usgs can't
tell us for sure.
Now, their guess is
less then 24 hours.
They'll never get the
people out in time.
Please, governor.
Everything that can
be done, we're doing.
We have the National Guard,
the Highway Patrol, the
local law enforcement.
They're all working
to keep the traffic
flowing eastward.
It's not going to be enough.
What about the trains?
We could use freight
and commuter cars...
It's already done.
The airports?
We can increase the flights.
Open military airports...
It's done.
Cruise and freight ships...
We could...
Carla, Carla, please, please.
We are doing everything
that we can.
Oh, come on, now!
Damn. Status?
We lost another drill bit.
Earl, get a backup
in here, now!
It's on its way, sir.
How far down are we?
We're about 273 feet.
Let's move!
Dr. Hill...
It's solid layers of rock
all the way down.
We've gone through three
drill bits already.
Keep trying.
We have to be at a
depth of 432 feet
on this fault line.
It's critical.
We'll do what we
can, Dr. Hill.
Where are we?
About 200 feet left to go.
How much time do we have?
Maybe a couple hours.
You should probably
get some rest, Sam.
I can't.
You'll run yourself ragged.
There's a cot in
the other room.
I tried it out for you.
It's not bad.
I'm good.
I'll wake you up if
anything happens.
How's that?
I promise.
All right.
Thank you.
Also, as you mentioned,
there are so many people
that have been affected
that these relief sites
might very well be overwhelmed
with the amount of people
that will be trying
to find some sort
of refuge there.
Is there any particular...
Mr. President, the tent
cities are filling up, sir.
How close are we
to full capacity?
We've already passed it, sir.
Then we have to
make it bigger.
Get me the governor of Nevada.
Hey, Dad?
Yeah, honey?
Did you ever meet anyone?
What's on your mind, Amanda?
I don't know.
After you and mom?
No girlfriends?
One-night stands?
This is not exactly the
kind of conversation
you have with your daughter.
Yeah, you're right.
Never mind.
I shouldn't have asked.
Guess I never really
got over your mom.
Do you still love her?
Well, why did you leave her?
Mom says it's because
you're jealous of her job.
No, Amanda, believe me,
I have... I have no
interest in being governor.
Well, then, why?
Because I was scared.
What's to be scared of?
Thought she'd become
someone else?
Sounds kind of
stupid, doesn't it?
No, dad, it doesn't
sound stupid.
But F.Y.I.?
She didn't.
I'm beginning to see that.
Here we go.
Oh, my... Look at this place.
And the people are
still coming in
by the thousands.
Local, federal, and
military resources
appear to be strained
as people from everywhere
work together in this crisis
to evacuate.
The scene here can
only be described
as controlled chaos.
Cars and trucks
keep flooding in by the hour,
bringing in more
and more families.
Despite the numbers,
there is a spirit of
camaraderie, of family,
throughout the camp
as everyone tries to pitch in
and make this impossible
situation work.
Keep moving.
Keep moving.
God, look at all these people.
And still the people
continue to come by carload,
by busload, by truckload...
Keep moving.
Sir, we need to use a phone.
All the lines are down,
except for official channels.
Excuse me.
Sir, my wife is
Carla Williams,
the governor of the
State of California.
We really need to find
out if she's okay.
There's a
communications center
about 50 meters down.
They'll be able to
help you out, sir.
Thank you.
Come on, keep moving!
All circuits are busy.
Please try your call again.
I'm sure Jill and
the kids made it.
Try them again.
I've been trying.
Too many people on
their cells right now.
Do you want to wait
around here and see
if you can find them?
Nah. Patients need us, right?
It's okay, Owen.
I can't bail on you.
Yes, you can.
I can do this alone.
Owen, it's your family, man.
You've got to go.
Go. Get out of here. Go.
You sure?
Don't start with
that cowboy thing.
Don't try and be a
maverick, Zack.
Yeah, I'll work on it.
Thanks, Zack.
No problem.
You want some water?
Excuse me, I'm looking
for a Jill Hunter.
She should have signed in
with my son and daughter,
Calvin and Tamika.
Just a second.
Hey, buddy, wait your turn.
It's a line-up, you know.
Hey, where you think
you're going, man?
They should have
signed in hours ago.
Sir, I've got people in front.
I'm a doctor. I need to
find them right away.
Check the block assignment
tables, over there.
Thank you.
Next, please. Step forward.
Hi, there.
Could I ask you for a favor?
I need to speak to Roy
Nolan, the head of FEMA.
He's my father.
Dr. Fisher?
There's a radio
call for Mr. Nolan.
Who is it? It's his son.
All right, transfer it over.
Hi, there.
I need to speak to my father.
I'm Zack Nolan.
I'm sorry, he's not
here right now.
He's in the field.
Okay, um...
Can you tell me where?
I really need to speak to him.
Where are you? You in Barstow?
Yes, I am. Yes.
Tell you what.
I will get a message to him.
I'll tell him that
you called, okay?
Okay, thank you. I
appreciate that.
Thank you.
What's wrong?
It's so surreal, Jordan.
I can't even think anymore.
I know the feeling.
It's been a whirlwind
since this started,
and then I...
Just paused for a second,
and it all just
crept up on me.
What if I'm wrong?
Don't start
second-guessing yourself
now, Sam.
What if people
lose their lives
because of me?
Your plan's the only solution.
It's the only one that works.
I want to believe that,
but I don't know.
Well, we do our best,
and the rest is fate.
That's not good enough.
At some point,
you're going to have
to let it go, Sam.
Even if you could predict
every single earthquake...
You can't save everyone.
I know.
You have to let it go.
Can I get a hand
over here, please?
Excuse me, I'm looking
for major Hamilton.
Thank you very much.
Major Hamilton?
I'm an E.R. surgeon
named Zack Nolan.
Can I help you?
Yeah, absolutely.
We're running heavy
triage here.
That means "set limits. "
Are you familiar with that?
Uh, refresh my memory.
Priority one is
stop the bleeding
and keep them breathing...
Everything else can wait.
Okay, gotcha.
If you think your patient
will take over three hours,
pump him full of morphine,
and give him to God.
Let him die?
Can you do that?
Hi. I'm Dr. Nolan.
How are you doing today, sir?
You just hang in, all right?
How's everything?
You saved my family's lives.
My brother just called me
from Phoenix.
If you hadn't predicted
that quake...
They would've died.
I don't know how to thank you.
It's okay.
Jimmy, I know
you've already heard
the news about Rachel.
I'm... I'm so sorry.
I know this is
devastating for you.
I can't imagine how
painful it must be...
But I was with Rachel when
the building collapsed.
She saved my life, Jimmy.
She wanted me to
give you a message.
What did she say?
She wanted me to tell you
that she was sorry
about the fight
you two had had,
and that if she
could take back
all the things that
she said to you
before she left,
she would...
And that she loved
you very much.
She just...
She just wanted
you to know that.
Right here.
What's your problem, man?
Excuse me, excuse me.
Sir, sir, sir.
Can I help you?
I'm looking for my family.
Well, I need to see
your registration.
I didn't have
time to register.
Well, then, I can't
let you pass.
You'll just have to
stop me, won't you?
Sir, hey!
You made it!
Of course I made it.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay. You okay?
God, I missed you two.
Keep the pressure
on that, okay?
Dr. Nolan.
We have two more cranial
injuries coming in.
Okay, bring them in.
That looks like a
four-hour job to me.
Well, maybe for you,
it is a four-hour job.
For me, it's a
half-an-hour job.
Bring them in. I'll be ready.
You better be sure.
Wouldn't have said
it if I wasn't.
We're placing the last warhead.
How are we on time?
It's difficult to
tell at this point.
Whoa, hey, look out,
look out, look out!
Tell me this is an aftershock!
It's not an aftershock.
It's starting!
All right, we need
to stay calm.
You have to get that
last warhead in place.
I know, I know.
Give him a hand!
We lost the warhead.
Unit two, unit two, come in.
Sergeant, requesting
It looks to be only about
half-way down the shaft.
The warhead needs to be
324 feet below the surface
at this site.
It's a couple
hundred feet down.
That's not optimal.
I don't think we
can get to it.
Keep trying.
Oh, no...
What's wrong?
The arming cable's
been severed.
We can't arm it from up here.
Sergeant, get everybody
out of here.
Can we do without it?
No, we need all those warheads
to go off at the same time.
Otherwise, the explosion
will be localized,
increasing the damage.
We'll just have to
live with that depth.
Can we arm it manually?
Mr. Nolan, this
is major Bennet.
Yes, there is a
manual override
on the bomb hull.
Can you walk me through
the arming process?
You'd have to go down there.
Mr. Nolan...
Mr. Nolan, you won't
have enough time
to escape the blast radius.
Just answer the question.
Can you walk me through this?
I'm going in.
Let's move it out.
All right, good. That's good.
Come on, hurry up!
Okay, get out of here.
But, sir...
Mr. Nolan?
Mr. Nolan!
I'm here.
Still descending.
Let us know when
you get close.
Will do.
I'm right on top of it.
All right, I'm there.
Mr. Nolan, first I need
you to open the panel.
You should see
three switches...
Do you see the L.E.D. Display?
I need you to punch
in this code...
Nine... nine...
Mr. Nolan?
Mr. Nolan, are you there?
Mr. Nolan?
I'm pinned down.
I'm stuck against the wall,
about two-thirds
down the shaft.
I can't complete the sequence.
Damn it!
I can't reach it.
It's okay, Mr. Nolan.
Stay calm.
Just take it slow and easy.
We can do this.
Damn it.
I'm sorry.
It's not your
fault, Mr. Nolan.
We'll think of something else.
Damn it.
We need to call the president.
I blew it, Paul.
No, you didn't blow it.
Don't give up on me now, Roy.
No offense, sir, but...
I had a little run-in
with a nuclear
warhead down here.
Looks like it won.
How bad is it?
Well, I dropped the ball, sir.
No, Roy...
You're just down by two.
What do you mean, Paul?
Do what you do best.
Make the long shot.
Not this time, friend.
Not this time.
Is there anything I
can do for you, Roy?
Just one request.
Name it, buddy.
Dr. Nolan? Zack Nolan.
Can you come with me, please?
Why? What's wrong?
It's your father.
Close him.
Dad, it's Zack.
Can you hear me?
Hey, what happened?
What's going on?
Well... I had a little
accident down here.
What kind of accident?
The kind you don't
walk away from, son.
Is it...
Zack, I need you to
be strong right now.
There are a lot of people
that are depending on you,
just like they were
depending on me.
I hope you're out of the L.A.
area, Son.
I'm in Barstow.
I didn't think you'd
listen to me.
You're stubborn as hell,
you know that?
You got that from your mother.
Because I thought I got
it from you, you know?
Dad? Dad?
Can you hear me, dad?
Zack, you still there?
Yeah, yeah, I'm here,
dad, I'm here.
I miss your mother, Zack.
I've missed her for so long,
I got used to it.
Never let yourself get
used to missing someone.
It makes you numb.
It kills a part of your soul.
I wanted to be there
for you, Son,
but... every time I
would look at you,
I'd see her.
I was so busy
thinking about what I lost...
I couldn't see what I had.
I should have said
this a long time ago,
I love you, Son.
I know you do, Dad.
Zack, take care
of those people.
Dad, wait for a second, okay?
Dad, are you there?
Can you hear me?
We lost the connection.
It's happening!
Dad, I love you too.
What do you want to do, Sam?
Let's go ahead.
The last one isn't armed
or at the right depth.
We have to take our chances.
Activate the sequence.
The warheads are armed.
Begin the countdown.
Are we ready?
On your command, Dr. Hill.
Fire warhead number one.
Fire warhead number one.
Fire warhead number two.
Fire warhead number two.
Fire warhead number three.
Fire warhead number three.
Fire warhead number four.
Fire warhead number four.
Fire warhead number five.
Oh, my God! Nolan did it.
It's going to go!
Three points.
I got you. I got you, Son.
Don't worry about it.
It's stabilizing.
It's stabilizing.
What happened?
I don't know.
Zero movement.
It's holding.
The San Andreas fault...
Is stable.
No further signs
of disruption.
You did it, Sam.
It worked.
It actually worked.
We interrupted the
chain reaction!
It's stable.
The fault line is stable.
Well done, Roy.
Well done.
What's wrong, Sam?
Look right here.
Those are aftershocks.
Then why aren't they
decreasing in magnitude?
Dr. Hill.
You're a hero.
Uh, Mr. President, I'm
not entirely sure
that this is
completely behind us.
What do you mean?
Did we or did we not
avert this disaster?
Well, Northern California,
Washington, and Oregon,
are almost certainly
out of harm's way.
That's 60 million people
you're talking about.
That's incredible news.
I'm not so confident about
Southern California.
The San Bernardino warhead
was only at a depth
of 200 feet or so.
It went off, didn't it?
Yes, it did, but
it needed to be
another 200 feet down
to be optimally effective.
I'd feel a lot more
comfortable confirming this
before we start letting
people come back.
How much time do you need?
Another 24 hours.
I just need to make sure
the fault is stable.
You've got your 24
hours, Dr. Hill.
I'll be waiting for your call.
Thank you.
I've got another
internal bleeder.
I need 10 minutes.
10 minutes.
That's five hours of surgery.
I need 10 minutes
and I can save him.
You know the rules.
You have to let him go.
I cannot just let him go.
I will not let him go.
Dr. Nolan, you have
to make a choice.
I can't make that
choice and I won't.
You've got to make a decision.
I can, and I just
need some help.
I thought you'd never ask.
I've got this one here. Owen!
Sorry I took so
long to find you.
You're on with the governor.
Oh, thank you.
Mom? Mom?
Oh, baby, I am so happy
to hear your voice.
Me too, Mom.
Are you okay?
I'm better now.
Where are you?
We're outside of Barstow
in one of the
evacuation camps.
Thank God.
Is your dad with you?
Yeah, Dad's right
here, and he's fine.
Some camping trip, huh?
It's five-star
hotels for me now.
How have you and dad
been getting on?
We're good, Mom.
We are good.
Wow, is this my Amanda
I'm talking to?
Yes. Yes, it is.
Hi, Carla.
Hi, Clark.
There's so many things
I want to tell you.
Me too, Carla.
Me too.
We can't get any closer
without risking radiation.
Let's circle around that Ridge
and take another reading.
Something here
doesn't make sense.
What are our coordinates?
34 degrees, 51 minutes north
by 116 degrees,
47 minutes west.
Jordan, get me a
map of this area.
What are you thinking, Sam?
This can't be.
Why? What's wrong?
That's supposed to
be the Kern River.
Can I get a confirmation
on our coordinates?
Kern river?
Yes, Dr. Hill.
It's the Kern River.
Where are you going
with this, Sam?
The Kern River is
supposed to drain
into the Whitewater Reservoir.
Which way is the
Whitewater Reservoir?
Uh, let me see here.
It's south of you.
Yeah? And?
This river's flowing north.
It's supposed to be going south.
It changed direction?
How's that possible?
I don't know.
How does this relate
to our rupture spot?
I don't know, magnetic pull?
I've never heard
of magnetic pull
affecting a river.
Ocean waves, yeah,
but not the direction
of a river.
Jordan, just give me a
minute here, please.
This isn't right.
God, look!
What the hell's going on, Sam?
The quake disrupted
the water table?
That quake disrupted more
than the water table...
It opened up the fault line.
So then the river...
Is draining into the fault line.
That's why it
changed directions.
Which is why the
San Andreas fault
activity isn't decreasing.
The explosion
wasn't deep enough to
fuse the fault line.
It's rupturing as we speak.
Pull a thermo-map of the
Redding quake area.
Why? What's happening?
Just do it.
The plates are moving.
Patch me into the White House.
You're sure?
You're absolutely positive?
Yes, Mr. President.
The fault line affecting
Southern California
is still unstable.
The San Bernardino warhead
wasn't deep enough
when it went off.
We need to keep the
evacuation moving east.
We need to get everybody
out of there.
It's only a matter of time.
How much time?
We could be looking at hours.
It could be minutes.
How big do you think
this quake could be?
I believe it will
change the geography
of Southern California, sir.
I understand.
Thank you, Dr. Hill.
I want all of our resources
focused on this evacuation.
Everything we have.
Just keep those people
moving out of there.
Yes, sir.
Dr. Hill, Dr. Fisher,
follow me.
You can set up your
command center
in the communications tent.
If we just had more time.
Sam, Sam...
Come on, let it go.
It's over.
I can't.
Please, let it go.
You've done all you can.
Owen, you sure you
don't want to go
be with Jill and the
kids right now?
Yeah, I want to be with them,
but she wants me
to be with you,
and one thing I've
learned in our marriage
is I give the lady
what she wants.
Guys, we've got another
critical coming in.
Oh, okay, I'm on it.
Are you sure?
Trust me, he's sure.
Hey, Owen, thanks for helping.
Thanks for asking for it.
It's okay.
Everyone, just stay calm.
This is it.
U.S. Geological Service
reporting massive
seismic activity
in Southern California.
The San Andreas fault
is opening up.
The rupture has ripped
through Los Angeles
and is pushing eastward.
8.9, sir.
Fissure eruptions
throughout Southern
Sam! Come on. Let's
go this way.
Hey, secure your patient.
9.2, sir.
The rupture
has reached 25 miles
east of Los Angeles,
devastating Pomona,
Let's get everybody
ready to evacuate.
Stay calm.
I'm afraid, Mommy.
Don't worry.
Mommy's not going to let
anything happen to you.
Hang on to me.
U.S. Geological
Service reporting.
The chasm continues to widen,
now 45 miles east...
It's 9.8 and growing
in magnitude.
The rupture is 60 miles
east of Los Angeles,
moving in a
10 and still climbing.
All right, that's it, Owen.
We can't do anything anymore.
Go be with your family.
Yeah. Be careful, Zack.
Keep going. Go!
The rupture has
reached Barstow.
The evacuation centers
are in danger.
The San Gabriel
valley is flooded.
Oh, my God!
Come on, let's go!
All right.
Has reached the
evacuation center.
It's cutting tent
city in half.
God help us now.
It's still climbing.
Oh, my God...
Jordan, the water!
Sam! Sam!
I'm coming.
Hold on to me.
Grab my arm.
Hold on.
Come on!
Come on. Run!
Jordan, come on!
Come on, get up!
Get up. Come on!
We've got to go!
Come on!
Come on...
Oh, my God.
It stopped...
It's over.
I think it's over.
Yeah... wow.
It's over.
It's finally over, sir.
Though this event
was a tragedy,
it was also a wake-up call.
We are not the masters
of this planet.
We're just one of
the many species
that have inhabited this place
that our ancestors
call Mother Earth.
And though our cities
and buildings may fall,
as long as we hold true
to the virtues sacred
to every one of us,
as long as we have faith
and the will to prevail,
we will endure.
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