10 Minutes Gone (2019) Movie Script

I'll take care of things
from here.
- Thanks, babe.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
So I thought through
every angle
and reverse-engineered
each option.
If our primary is compromised,
I set up
two backside positions
leading down the alley,
where we jammed
those surveillance cameras.
I'm gonna have
two getaway cars positioned
at the north end of the alley,
just off of Fifth Street,
and one on the first floor
of the parking garage.
We all good?
Can I get you guys
anything else?
Let's settle up.
Your money's no good here.
- We good?
- Yeah.
- Take care, all right?
- Take care.
See you guys.
Looks good, fellas.
You sure about this girl?
She took me in
when no one else would.
Trust me. She's been working
this game in this place,
and she's got ties
all over the city.
She's our ace in the hole.
- [scoffs]
- Like you always said.
All right.
No fucking around.
Let's go over this again.
[clock ticking]
FRANK: Three-card monte
is a confidence game,
a street hustle,
in which
the object of the game
is to find the money card.
The psychology of the con
is to increase
the mark's confidence
until he believes that
he has a special ability
to cheat the dealer
and win easy money.
The people involved in it
are known as "shills."
They conspire with the mark
to cheat the dealer
when, in fact, they're simply
conspiring with the dealer
to cheat the mark.
It's almost time.
How are we looking?
We sacked
all surveillance cameras
within a six-block radius.
We'll have at least
a 30-minute window
where all of this is clear.
As long as the Sullivan brothers
don't fuck up their end,
we'll be ready to roll out
as soon as they come in?
Well, that doesn't give me
much confidence.
Heard one of your boys
had an image problem.
More like hard-core rotten luck.
Could've happened to anyone.
Yeah, but it happened
to one of your guys.
His brother's a rising star.
He's pulled some major scores.
Is that right?
Yeah, that's right.
As we discussed.
Five hundred for the hardware
and the five-man crew.
The other one mill
will be delivered
upon receipt of the case.
Looks about right.
All of these are clean.
You can dump 'em anywhere
once you finish your next job.
None of 'em can be traced back.
Care to inspect them?
Do I need to?
None of us would be here today
if we didn't believe in
honor amongst thieves, right?
All right, so who are they?
REX: Griffin is the best hacker
I've ever seen.
All he needs is inside access
to the system.
I guarantee you
it's gonna be disabled.
Marshall and Baxter
are toughest guys on the circ.
They will not hesitate
to throw down
if they get backed
into a corner.
Frank and Joe Sullivan.
Frank's the best lock man
outside of New York.
He's never taken a pinch,
unlike his brother.
I was reluctant
to allow a jinx like Joe
onto one of my crews,
but Frank stepped in
and vouched for him.
Then you don't mind personally
guaranteeing delivery.
Yeah, if everything goes
according to plan,
they'll be hitting the bank
right about now.
Right on time.
At least we got a break
in the rain.
- Let's go, baby.
- Let's do it.
How can I help you?
I'd appreciate it if you'd
get your ass on the ground.
[cocks gun]
- [gasps]
- [screams]
Move, move.
Don't shoot, don't shoot.
Drop the gun.
Drop the gun!
Drop it!
Get on the ground.
On the ground!
Ladies and gentlemen,
on the ground.
I thought I told you
to get your ass on the ground.
Thirty seconds,
a new personal best.
You, sir,
need a new security system.
You got the keys?
Vault keys!
There's not much left in there.
We've been flooded out.
- On the ground!
- Okay, okay.
Come on, let's go!
Get out of there!
Come on out!
Let's go!
You make sure your face
is on the ground.
If I see your eyes, I will
put a bullet in your head.
Move! Move!
Come on, move it!
Get down! You too!
The alarm goes off,
I shoot you.
I don't get what I want,
I shoot you.
That's me.
The keys?
Face on the ground!
FRANK: How we looking?
You guys are up.
GRIFFIN: Face on the ground!
BAXTER: Everyone flat
on the ground, phones out.
Three minutes, Frankie.
Goddamn it!
Stop breaking my concentration.
Figured while we're here.
Ah, we're home free, brother.
- All right.
- Oh, yeah.
We're ahead of schedule,
so let's...
[alarm blaring]
Let's head for the primary.
Go, go!
JOE: Keep your faces down.
FRANK: Marshall, Baxter!
Where the fuck are they?
[alarm blaring]
JOE: Shit! We gotta go!
Go, go, go, go!
Who's been hit?
Head shot, head shot.
I need backup on Courtside.
They have body armor.
We got a runner!
Get the chopper!
What the hell is going on?
What's happening out here?
- Get back!
- I have family they're holding!
They need your help getting out!
- Get back! Get back!
- We need help inside!
I said get back!
Officer down! Officer down!
Take 'em, Marshall!
Let's go!
Freeze, you son of a bitch!
Let's go, Marsh!
Two suspects.
We gotta get to
the Fifth Street exit.
How the fuck did the cops
get here so fast?
I had it timed out.
Could've been a guard we missed,
a secondary alarm.
Bullshit. I had this
planned out perfectly.
No sense in worrying
about that now.
At the end of the day,
whoever gets the package
gets paid.
Know what? Fuck this.
Let's clear the area
and go straight to Claire's.
That wasn't part of the plan.
I'm not trusting anything
we had set up with Rex.
Let's get to Claire and
get the fuck out of the city.
[labored breathing]
[distant siren wailing]
[ringing in ears]
Shit! Joe.
Oh, shit, Joe!
Oh, fuck, Joey.
[siren approaching]
[engine starts]
- Can we do this in person?
- REX: Where are you?
What the hell happened?
This was a cakewalk.
- In and out in 10.
- Maybe...
Maybe we lost track of a guard.
Bad call,
letting Joe run point.
The guy's a jinx.
You should've let me
buy him out!
It could've been
a solid payday,
instead of this fucking mess
right here.
Security detail changed.
Some civvie
was playing Dirty Harry...
- Where is the rest of the crew?
- I don't know.
Got my bell rung.
You don't know.
That crap ain't gonna cut it.
He's your brother!
This is the kinda shit that
put him away the last time.
Joe's dead.
I'm sorry, Frank.
You know,
this is still business.
What's the rest of the damage?
I don't know
who's still in play.
What is it?
It went straight
by the numbers.
The alarm went off,
and we cleared the vault.
Where's the package?
Joe had it.
Then all hell broke loose.
I got hit in the head
and got knocked out.
How did you get out?
We took the secondary getaway
on Fifth Street.
It doesn't answer my question.
Where's the case?
I don't know, Rex.
Probably whoever hit us has it.
They knew exactly
where we were gonna be,
then they left me there
to take the fall.
It won't take long to ID Joe.
Where are you?
Clearing out of my safe house.
Get to the holdup on Crenshaw.
You were supposed
to do that anyway.
Look, if someone's
setting me up,
then Crenshaw's probably
already compromised.
Get your head on straight.
Call me the second you hear
anything about the case.
You understand that?
I got a guy on vice,
said the bank's a fucking mess.
They shot the place up
pretty bad,
took out a bunch
of damn cops in the process.
None of this
connects back to me.
I'm on it.
Cops aren't holding anyone,
but Joe Sullivan's
on his way to the morgue.
- Where's his brother?
- I just got off with Frank.
It's a rough break,
but he's a pro.
Does he have the case?
He couldn't tell me
a goddamn thing.
This isn't what I signed up for.
You've already made the deal
for the hardware.
Which was contingent on
the acquisition of that case.
Now, without that,
all of this is worthless.
I've never had a job
go down like this.
It wasn't the crew or me.
It was the caper
that went sideways.
Who else was after this thing?
Besides us?
Every law enforcement agency
in the country.
Whiskey, neat.
You drinking to forget?
Drinking to my brother.
I'm looking for
his girlfriend Claire.
She's not here.
If she is here,
she's in danger.
I don't have much cash.
Take it and get the fuck out.
Joe's dead.
That can't be right.
Supposed to be
a really easy job.
What the hell happened?
Somebody shot him.
What do we do?
I can give you this cash.
For what?
Joey asked me to look out for
you in case shit went wrong.
What happened in there?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I got knocked out.
But you got away.
I woke up next to a Dumpster,
where we parked
the secondary getaway vehicle.
But those ten minutes...
What were you after?
Some sort of metal case.
I don't even know
what was inside it.
How can you not know
what's inside?
It was just a job,
all right?
It paid well,
but it was just a job.
It's a bust anyway.
What difference does it make?
It matters to me.
That ten minutes
took away the life we had.
Look, he asked me
to get you out.
I can give you some money,
but we have to go.
Who else was there?
You met them.
There were five of us
on the inside.
One of 'em planned the outs.
The outs?
Escape routes, new identities,
that sort of stuff.
Maybe one of them.
Can't you just...
- We're wasting time.
- What the hell are you doing?
We have to move.
Don't you understand?
It's not safe for you here.
The cops are gonna be after
whoever's close to Joe.
Now put this on.
Is that who I think it is?
Why would Rex
send his cleaner here?
Oh, fuck.
Where's the back door
to this place?
Through there.
We gotta go. Now.
My window to get to Crenshaw
has closed.
Rex must think
I ambushed the deal.
You got someplace else
to go outside of town?
I've got a brother
that lives up in Minnesota.
Good. If anybody asks,
you've been there all week.
Now get in.
- [engine starts]
- Oh, shit, she's back!
Get down, get down!
All right.
I didn't think
it would be so tight.
My out's blown.
We should get outta here.
Tell me we have eyes
on Baxter and Marshall.
Still can't reach anyone,
and Frank hasn't been
to Crenshaw.
From this vantage point,
it looks like the cops
have locked down
about six city blocks,
the secondary fallback.
Every cop in the country's
after this thing, right?
How do we know
they didn't tag the score?
Because if they did,
then I doubt we'd be
standing here right now.
CLAIRE: What is this place?
Joey designed secondary
escape routes for both of us.
His plan was foolproof.
If someone hijacked it,
it was one of us.
So why are we here?
Baxter was one of the guys
covering the lobby
this afternoon.
You think it was him?
He's smarter than he looks.
And he always kept dirt
on everyone.
If this guy killed Joe,
aren't you taking
an awful risk going in alone?
I can handle Baxter.
You stay put.
- Let me come with you.
- Not a chance.
The only reason
I got roped into this
is because Joe needed a score
to prove that
he could still deliver.
Now lock the doors.
Like it's gonna help
in this neighborhood.
- [gun cocks]
- Psst!
Jesus, man!
That sidearm for me?
Just staying safe, man.
How'd I know you weren't
gonna bring the five-oh?
Anyone else here?
No, it's just me, brother.
Hey, I know you weren't tight,
but respects for Joe.
It's all over the news.
We in some gnarly shit, Hoss.
What the hell
happened back there?
- We got a rat in the crew?
- Hey, we cool, man.
I covered my post.
It was all clear
till things went postal.
What happened there
in the vault, huh?
Joey and I were
ahead of the clock.
You were the one
with eyes on Marshall.
You tell me exactly
what you saw.
Sitting on the guards,
when the fireworks started,
you know how he rolls.
Charlie Bronson
had to check it out.
- And Griffin?
- Trolling the security station.
- Then what?
- I got the hell outta Dodge
when the alarms chimed.
Been here ever since.
Griffin was supposed
to kill the alarms.
Yeah, man,
but something tripped.
After all these years,
I dodged every bullet.
I wasn't gonna wait
for no cops.
They were waiting for us
right out front.
Shit! We got heat!
[alarm blaring]
Baxter, it's a setup!
Bring 'em up!
Damn! Let's go!
Keep your faces down!
We dumped the car
in the river,
and Marsh and I
went separate ways.
I had my eye out
on the ball.
You think Griff
or Marsh made a play?
I won't know that
till I find 'em.
Any idea where they're at?
Can't help you there, dude.
Why you camping here
instead of Crenshaw?
This is my hood.
If we did get punked,
the big kahuna
might send out Ivory,
and I don't wanna be a part
of any of that shit.
[phone chimes]
That's probably Rex's boys
trying to squeeze me to come in.
- Who is it?
- [lighter clicking]
Is it Rex?
Sorry, dude.
CLAIRE: Frank!
- [screaming]
- Shut the fuck up, man!
- Shoot him, Frank!
- Shut up.
Drop it or I drop her.
- Hey, Baxter.
- Huh?
- You like dancing?
- What?
Hope not.
Oh, my God!
- Shit.
- Damn it!
Frank, hurry!
I thought I told you
to stay in the car.
- I heard shots!
- And what were you gonna do?
- My leg!
- Shut up!
Help him up.
Get up now.
- Help him up.
- Okay, okay.
Let's go, come on.
This was planned to perfection.
It's all there.
I gave you the best crew
money can buy.
It's just a simple
fucking bank job,
if you know what you're doing.
Not just one bank.
One branch, one location,
one vault.
So why did we break into it?
Twelve years ago, there was
this world-famous jewel thief
that stole what was
equivalent today
to 30 million
in raw gemstones.
Now, his fence
was told to stash it
in one of those
safety deposit boxes,
pending the sale of the merch.
When the fence was killed for
shopping around the jewels...
the thief fled
to a non-extradition country.
Why now?
The Mann Chandler Bank
was flooded a few weeks ago
when the Ohio River overflowed.
Now, their customers
were told to come in
and collect their property,
or their safety deposit boxes
would be moved
to a different location.
Now, I was hired to bring in
the best crew to retrieve that,
since he couldn't
step foot onto U.S. soil.
Who else knows about this?
Look, I hired you
because I was told
you didn't ask those questions.
Your job was to tell
the fucking truth!
Look, I can't wait any longer.
Now, I know you and Frank
are tight and all,
but that case
buys a lot of loyalty.
But even more favors.
He never gave me a reason
to doubt before.
Everyone's got their price,
even Frank Sullivan.
And everyone's an asset,
until they're not.
Take it easy!
Give me the real
or the next one's in your gut.
I didn't do it, man.
We got history, I swear.
Then why did you try to kill me?
The alarm wasn't my fault,
man, okay?
Griff got antsy.
When the shooting started,
I followed Marshall
out the door.
M-Maybe we missed a teller
or a civvie had a phone.
It just happened so fast.
Marshall was pinned down,
gunning away.
I got a few shots off.
I thought if he can make it out,
so can all of us.
- [click]
- God!
Where's Griffin?
I don't know, I don't know.
I swear it's all I know.
Did he hijack us?
No, man.
One out of four.
That's all you got left.
When the alarm went off,
I got the hell out.
You know
I'm no good to you dead.
CLAIRE: I don't believe him.
What's with her?
You don't remember Claire?
Claire, you remember Baxter,
don't you?
Of course I do. Hardest part
about working in a bar
is figuring out who's drunk
and who's just stupid.
Tell us where they are,
or I'll blow another hole
in you.
It's too late, bro.
They're probably
in the wind already.
Where's Marshall?
The guy's no sucker.
If you want to find him,
he's probably
where he's always at.
How about Griffin?
I'd be surprised
if he's still in the state.
[Claire shouting]
That was close.
Let's go.
CLAIRE: What the hell
is going on, Frank?
Someone's playing me.
You heard what he said.
Yeah, and I don't buy it.
If Marshall killed Joe,
he could shoot you too, right?
I don't know.
It's all a blur.
I don't know what happened
when I was out,
but when I came to,
Joey was already...
He was what?
He was gone.
Did he say anything?
But he did ask me
to get you out
if something happened to him.
He really looked up to you.
CLAIRE: What the hell
is this place?
FRANK: They call it
the Raw Deal.
High stakes, no rules.
They pay the police
to turn a blind eye.
If Marshall's still here,
this is where he'll be.
You wouldn't have another one
of those for me, would you?
You take the driver's seat.
If he is still here, we might
need to leave in a hurry,
so be ready to rock and roll.
Got it.
DOORMAN: Hey, Frankie,
how's it going?
How's it going, bro?
You all right?
Marshall upstairs?
- Up there playing.
- Cool.
[soft chatter]
Need any drinks here?
Thanks, baby.
Hey, I'll take care
of you later, okay?
20 more to you, sir.
- 20.
- 20?
I'm all in. Come on.
- I call.
- What have you got?
All the way
down the hole here.
Beginner's luck.
Pair of jacks.
- Kings and jacks.
- Read 'em and weep.
Ah, sorry about that.
Beginner's luck.
Hold up.
What do you got?
Three 10s.
What, are you two guys
working together?
Hey, don't be a sore loser,
all right?
Come on.
What's wrong with all of you?
All you fishes done for the day?
Who's next?
I'm bulletproof, baby!
Hello, Marshall.
That was some
fucked-up shit today.
Goddamn right.
And here you are playing cards
like you got
a pretty sweet hand.
- Ah!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
easy, easy.
Calm down, calm down,
calm down, calm down.
I got your attention now?
Why you fucking with
my sunny disposition, Frank?
calm the fuck down!
Would you guys relax?
Relax, okay?
Put the guns down.
Just talking here.
See, these are my boys, Frank.
These are my boys.
And they've always been my out,
and if you ask
any single one of them,
they'll tell you
the exact same thing.
That I've been here all day,
that I won some,
I lost some,
but I'm still ahead of the game.
I'm still ahead of the game.
What's your alibi?
I been busy hunting down
you sons of bitches.
Now where's that goddamn case?
Hey, I held up my end.
No, that's not how
Baxter tells it.
Baxter waited till the end
to show his rat-ass face,
and I got the scars to prove it.
You left your post.
I had those guards
wrapped tight.
Swept the lobby two times.
Two times, Frank.
And you and Joe
are running long,
and before I know it,
two cops are in my eyeline.
- [gunshot]
- [alarm blaring]
And I went out first because
those two fucking pussies
couldn't hold their own.
Who tripped the alarm?
The guard?
Someone from the bank?
I didn't miss
no motherfucking guards.
What kinda Mickey Mouse job did
you and your brother cook up?
Joe's dead.
Well, then Griffin's laughing
his way to Mexico right now.
- Griffin?
- Yeah, Griffin.
That cocksucker showed up
when the shitstorm went down.
Now I figured he was
just sick of waiting too.
But as soon as
the alarm went off,
he busted ass
right after you and Joe.
- [alarm blaring]
- Keep your heads down!
[alarm continues]
And now I take this thing,
with no payoff,
and Griffin's playing us
like a bunch of chumps,
and you're in here
trying to take care of me?
You couldn't take care
of a two-dollar whore,
you or your dead
fucking brother!
Keep talking shit
about my brother.
I'll blow a hole in that nasty
little fuckin' mouth of yours.
Me and my boys had plans
after this, Frank.
And now...
we are going to have
to take it out on you.
Go! Go, go, go!
[tires squealing]
Get up! Get 'em!
Come on!
Oh, my God!
What happened back there?
[gunfire continues]
Are you okay?
They're fuckin' dead!
Come on! Fuck!
Get up. Come on, grab the cash.
Let's get outta here.
Come on, come on!
Hello, boys.
Haven't heard from you,
Must've got lost
on your way to the Crenshaw.
Yeah, we were just
heading there.
Little late for that now,
don't you think?
Doesn't have to go down
this way, Ivory.
That depends on you.
- Anything yet?
- Nothing.
[phone vibrating]
IVORY: I've got eyes
on Marshall.
Where was he?
Holed up
down at the Raw Deal.
Thought he was covering
his tracks with five-oh.
Hey, that's not
what was going on.
We were just playing it cool.
Did you hear that?
Yeah, let's just
keep this simple.
Go ahead.
IVORY: He's all ears.
MARSHALL: Look, man...
I don't care
what you have to say.
Who's got the case?
Baxter and Joe are dead.
Me and Frank
don't have the case.
That means Griffin
did a snatch and grab.
You sure about that?
Yeah, I busted my ass
to get out of there.
Cops were out front,
the alarm went off,
shit was fucking haywire,
all right?
Nothing went according to plan.
All the pieces were in position.
That's all I know.
Then I guess your markers
are getting called in.
Marker called.
Do you have any tracking
on Frank?
I had eyes on him earlier.
He's got someone with him,
a girl.
Sanitize the site,
so you can
lead this to the case.
I'm on it.
Cops still don't know anything.
They're scrambling
all over the city.
Anyone else think
this isn't a big coincidence?
Joe comes to town.
Now half the crew's dead,
and Frank's MIA?
[phone vibrates]
- Is that Ivory?
- Doesn't say.
Let's play it back on this.
ROBOTIC VOICE: Follow these
directions carefully.
Case is secure.
Same deal as before.
10 p.m.
- Place, TBD.
- [beeps]
Things are getting out of hand.
It's time to wipe
the board clean.
Liquidate everyone.
CLAIRE: Joe and I came up here
all the time.
You can see the whole city
from here.
It's a different kinda jungle.
This city hasn't worked out
like I planned, but...
I don't quit easy.
You don't seem like the guy
your brother told me about.
Reputations have a way
of opening and closing doors.
I was done way before
ever taking this one on.
You really didn't know
what you were stealing?
It's better that way.
Joe said we'd be set.
Must be pretty big
for all this heat.
He was betting it all.
He never listened to a word
I ever said.
He couldn't have gotten on this
if you hadn't vouched for him.
That's because he spent
seven years in the joint
for a job he did in Phoenix.
No one would touch him
after that.
He just wanted
to be his own man.
And he was desperate.
He needed this.
Thing I don't understand is...
I've done over a dozen
of these jobs with Rex.
Nothing like this
has ever happened before.
It must've been Griffin
on the double-cross.
It's a pretty good way
to avoid splitting the take.
Griff doesn't take chances.
He'd be on his way
out of town by now.
And there's only one guy who
knows how to get him a new ID.
[engine starts]
WOMAN: Yeah, is that
what it is, huh?
'Cause these tits were good
enough for you last night
when I threw you $50.
Hey, I paid for the room
in full!
- Not the whole night, darling.
- Oh, yeah? Was it?
- Time's up. Get outta here.
- You got a problem with that?
Time's up! Get outta here!
Hold it with that,
tough guy.
- Hi.
- Rooms are 69 a night
or 20 bucks an hour.
I appreciate that,
but I really need
to find my brother.
He's supposed to be
staying here.
You see, he's gotten himself
into a bit of trouble and...
Love to help you, darling,
but lots of people come and go.
I think what the lady's
trying to say is
he'd be here to see the doc.
The doc.
Did he have an appointment?
He doesn't make appointments.
And you already knew that.
He don't take
credit cards either.
Well, fortunately for us,
I brought cash.
All right.
Rate is $500
for an operating room.
Doc's been a bit busy today.
I need you to stay in room 307
till his assistant
comes and get you.
- You got cameras in every room?
- Wait a minute.
Now, that would violate
our clients' privacy, right?
CLAIRE: Oh, my God!
What the hell?
I don't walk into a room unless
I know how I'm getting out.
Room 309 and 311.
Let's go.
- Step back.
- What if they start shooting?
Hey, Griff, that you?
What do you think you're doing?
You can't come in like this.
Take it easy with that, man.
I don't even know you.
Hold this.
What do you want me
to do with this?
- Watch the door.
- Okay.
Busy day for you, huh?
For you or for me?
It's pretty quiet.
Kinda dead, actually.
Friend of mine
took a slug earlier.
Maybe you worked on him?
A lot of people come in here.
I just do my job.
I don't ask questions.
Griffin O'Brien.
Tall guy, kinda handsome?
Yeah. Yeah, he said
it was ricochet.
Where is he?
You know I can't tell you that.
Eyes on him.
- Hands up.
- Just be cool.
He said if I disturbed him,
he'd shoot me.
Then you better pray that
he's not feeling trigger-happy.
Now open that goddamn door.
[keys jingling]
Mr. O'Brien?
It's Dr. White.
I'd like to check your bandage.
FRANK: Open it.
Goddamn it.
Gone with the wind.
- Where?
- He got winged pretty bad.
It took me two hours
to patch him up.
No, no, no!
I don't give a shit
what condition he was in.
There's only a half a dozen
of you assholes in this city,
but you were the only one
who could provide a new out.
CLAIRE: Frank!
Hold on!
Come on.
- Jesus.
- What did you do?
CLAIRE: He went for a gun.
I had to shoot him.
I'm sorry.
He had nothing to do
with you people.
All right, enough games.
Where'd he go?
Even if I knew,
I wouldn't tell you.
Is that right?
We'll just see about that.
Sit down.
Sit down!
Put the mask on him.
Turn it on.
That's it.
Now, nice deep breath, Doc.
You know why I'm here.
Two inches thick!
There you go.
That's it. Now...
I'm gonna ask again,
and you're gonna answer
'cause, as we both know,
if we don't stop
pumping this with oxygen,
you're gonna hallucinate like
a son of a bitch before you die.
Now, where is he?
- Where is he?
- [Doc groans]
- Where? Where?
- Hold still.
I sent him to Montreal!
Montreal? Bullshit!
Where is he?
What's that? Shit.
You see that woman?
You know who she is?
You better start talking,
or I guarantee you
she's gonna turn you inside out
before she kills you.
Fuck it. Put it back on.
The train to Montreal
stops in Toronto.
After that, he's on his own.
CLAIRE: The train for Montreal
stops in Toronto.
Come on.
We gotta get outta here.
Good luck, Doc.
Let's go.
This way.
There's a fire escape
through here. Come on.
We gotta get as far away
from this place as we can.
Come on.
No, wait.
[phone vibrates]
Talk to me.
Looks like our boy Frank
might've been right.
The doc did a patch job
on Griffin and sent him packing.
Train to Montreal,
boards 10:00.
What? No matter what happens,
Griffin doesn't make that train.
Fuck him!
Hey, you need to go
send someone to intercept.
He's left the underground.
No way Frank's gonna
catch him anytime.
We are totally off plan here.
I'm not comfortable
with any of this.
There's always a degree of risk
when the stakes are high.
This is making me insane.
Go to the bar downstairs
and have a few drinks.
Tequila. Try tequila.
It'll calm you right down.
That's what you need.
[phone vibrating]
HANNAH: You are
all over the news, Richard.
This isn't
what you promised us.
Look, we've got
bigger problems than that.
You know that if the FBI
figures out
what we were after,
every one of us will be
on their most-wanted list.
Look, our middle man is starting
to ask too many damn questions.
Tell him what he wants to hear,
just as long as he
completes the job.
I think someone
from his crew is angling
trying to get a payday
on this thing.
Then what do we need him for?
Clock is ticking.
Make the deal
with whoever has it.
And you'll live
to steal another day.
Your Cincinnati rep
reminds you that all premises
are nonsmoking areas.
The Cincinnati
Police Department
reminds you to keep
your luggage with you.
I thought I told you
to stay in the car.
Like you can search
this whole station by yourself.
Not that you'd listen.
Who knew so many people
still took the train?
CLAIRE: Didn't he say
his destination's for Toronto?
It's a stopover
on his way to Montreal.
These are all end of the line.
The next one
leaves in an hour.
Platform four.
Over there.
Cardinal line
now arriving on track three.
See these folks?
Employees get to ride for free.
No more paper trail.
If Griffin wanted to blend in,
all he'd have to do
is get one of those uniforms.
Oh, shit.
What if he's already
on the train?
No. It's way too early.
He'd jump on
at the last minute.
I got an idea.
- I'm sorry...
- Excuse me!
CLAIRE: It's important.
Excuse me,
I really need your help.
My son just got away from me,
and I don't know where he went.
I lost my son.
I can't find him.
His name is Griffin.
He's eight years old.
Calm down and tell me
where you saw him last.
He's wearing jeans
and a blue jacket.
He was over there.
your attention, please?
We're looking
for an eight-year-old boy
wearing jeans
and a blue jacket.
His name is Griffin,
and his mother
is waiting for him
at the information desk.
Thank you.
I got you,
you son of a bitch.
Oh, there he is.
I see him.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Ladies' room. Move.
Don't say a word.
Let's keep it simple
this time.
Ivory, you got the wrong idea.
Really? 'Cause I saw
what you did to Baxter.
You made quite a mess,
and I had to torch the place,
and now Rex is in a real jam
because of you.
I got cracked in the skull.
Do you know how crazy
that shit sounds, Frank?
Straight up, you thought
you'd get away with it?
[phone vibrating]
Meet at platform seven.
Union Station.
If you're not there with
the 500,000 in 30 minutes,
the case leaves with me.
I can't believe
you're considering this.
What other option
do you think we have?
Have you ever considered
that we could be getting set up?
That could be the feds
for all we know.
I doubt the feds
are really that smart.
[phone vibrating]
IVORY: Got your boy
Frank Sullivan
standing in front of me.
We're at the station.
You're on speaker.
You didn't report in.
Now you're taking down
your own guys?
One of us is bad,
and it ain't me.
I'm just trying
to get even for Joe,
get back what we set out for.
No, you're passing the buck
when you screw up.
Even if you're being straight,
it was my crew.
It didn't go down that way.
Come clean,
or Ivory's gonna take you apart,
piece by piece.
I don't wanna see that.
Look, Griff has it.
It has to be him.
He's the only one left.
I had eyes on him until
your cleaner brought me in here.
Check his burner.
Got it.
Check the last message he sent.
If I don't get the goods,
I have no problem walking away
with loose ends.
That means you and your girl.
Are you fucking kidding me?
She has nothing
to do with this.
Not from where I'm standing.
You're a tough mick, Frank.
Squeezing you
might be a waste of time.
It doesn't mean
that I'm not gonna give it
the old college try.
Griff was making his way
down onto the platform.
If he sees Ivory,
he's gonna bolt.
Send me in there.
I can flush him out.
You good with that, Ive?
IVORY: I've got it covered.
REX: On my way.
Let's load 'em up.
We're rolling out of this place.
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
Careful, Richard.
Be very careful.
You just couldn't get past
that blind spot, huh?
For fuckin' Frank Sullivan.
You've already paid me
$500,000 for the crew.
If those jewels are worth
$30 million on the black market,
then I am the best fence
in town.
Hey, what do I need you for?
Smile, boys,
we cut out the middleman!
Let's go.
Your Cincinnati Union Terminal
welcomes you to Cincinnati.
Limited from Chicago,
now arriving
on the upper concourse.
Regional buses are accessible
on the lower concourse.
Regional line with outbound
service to Indianapolis...
Keep this floor traffic moving.
Cincinnati Police
remind you to travel safe
and report
all suspicious persons.
If you see something,
say something.
CLAIRE: No, I know.
Frank, get over here.
Griffin is right behind you.
Griffin is the least
of our troubles.
Ivory's got a gun
pointed at my head right now.
When I go after Griffin,
you get through that door,
and you get as far away from
here as possible, understand?
Experience a day at the zoo.
Smoking is allowed
in designated areas only.
Cincinnati Police remind you
to travel safe
and report
all suspicious persons.
If you see something,
say something.
Your Cincinnati Union Terminal
welcomes you to Cincinnati.
[people screaming]
Get down, get down!
Attention, attention.
All passengers and personnel
are requested
to evacuate the terminal.
Are we talking
or fighting, Frank?
You want the whole score
to yourself, that's one thing.
But after what you did to Joe,
fuck you, we're fighting!
I'd never do that to you, Frank!
What are you talking about?
You brought me into this gig!
Heat's coming down,
crew's gone,
and here you are
making a run for it.
What do you expect, Frank?
You lost your goddamned mind?
Why, Griff?
Why'd you do it?
I didn't do anything, Frank!
What's in that bag?
You tell me, asshole.
As far as I'm concerned,
it was a bust.
You were in control
of the alarm system.
I didn't trigger
the fucking thing.
Soon as I came out
of the security room,
the cops were already there.
We were fucking set up, Frank!
I went out the back garage.
[gun cocks]
Drop the gun, Frank.
Drop it.
We were a crew, man.
Oh, we were family, man.
Marshall? Baxter?
Both of those motherfuckers
tried to kill me.
They kept pointing
the finger at you.
How the fuck was it
supposed to be me
if I was still in
the fucking security room
when you came out of the vault?
I got cracked
in the back of the head,
I woke up,
and Joe's dead next to me.
Who else is it gonna be?
You're the last man!
Joey's dead?
You didn't know.
You didn't know.
Shit, I'm sorry, Frank.
I'll be a son of a bitch.
If it's not you, then who?
What the fuck happened, man?
Jesus Christ! Griffin!
Don't even think about it.
Now move.
Over there.
You got what you want.
I don't even know what it is.
This isn't gonna go down
the way you want it to, Frank.
Where is it?
You'll never know
if you shoot me.
For once, I'm glad
you didn't listen.
Try to stay focused, Frank.
You Sullivan boys are saps.
Must run in the family.
You gotta be shittin' me.
All wrapped up,
neat with a bow.
But you couldn't leave
well enough alone.
Gotta give it to you though.
All I had to do was point you
in the right direction
and squeeze.
[glass shatters]
You'd have plenty
with Joe's share.
His share?
500 grand doesn't begin
to cover the markers he owed.
You've been playing me
this whole time.
I did save your ass
from Ivory, didn't I?
I just didn't expect you
to come calling earlier today.
But I rode along,
watched you hunt down
the rest of the guys.
Let's settle up, okay?
Your money's no good here.
It was ours.
He was giving it all away
with his stupid even split.
So I cut it my way.
Joe told me whoever delivered
the case at the end of the day
gets the full 500 grand.
How'd you know
which out we'd take?
A girl like me,
I'd heard about Joe's reputation
for always chasing
the big score.
Even when he worked
all the angles,
the chips never fell his way.
911, what's your emergency?
There's an armed robbery
in progress
at the Mann Chandler Bank
Please hurry.
They just shot my manager.
[alarm blaring]
[siren wailing]
Charlie 326, show me arrival
and hold the air.
Hey, we got a report
of shots fired,
and we are not waiting.
JOE: Fuck this.
Let's clear the area
and go straight to Claire's.
That wasn't part of the plan.
I'm not trusting anything
we had set up with Rex.
Let's get to Claire and
get the fuck out of the city.
- Fuck.
- [glass shatters]
- Get over there.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Toss me the case.
- We don't have time for this!
I will not hesitate
to kill him.
Now throw me the case.
The key. Where's the key?
It's no good without the key.
- I don't have the key.
- Bullshit!
You worked it all out,
every detail.
I don't have it.
It wasn't part of the plan.
Can he open this?
I brought you in on this thing.
For pennies on the dollar, baby.
No, thanks.
Now tell me, can your brother
open this or not?
You greedy bitch.
I wasted 10 years of my life
in that bar.
And for what?
A finder's fee
every time guys like you
took down a big score?
Everything good?
Everything's perfect.
I just didn't count on
you surviving.
But I figured I could always
use someone to help me
cover my tracks.
The big kahuna
would send out Ivory,
and I don't wanna be
a part of any of that shit.
It's probably Rex's boys
trying to squeeze me to come in.
Sorry, baby.
It's a bitter little world.
Why didn't you just shoot me
when you had the chance?
Never walk into a place you
don't know how to get out of.
Sound familiar?
I've got what
you're looking for.
Case is secure.
Same deal as before. $500,000.
10 p.m. Place, TBD.
Get up.
How long ago
did Griffin leave?
What are you talking about?
- Frank!
- Hold on!
I'm not going
to ask you again.
- Jesus, like 30 minutes ago.
- Where?
I don't know. All I heard was
something about Union Station,
and that's all I know.
- Jesus.
- What did you do?
He went for a gun.
I'm sorry.
I just didn't count on
you lasting this long.
Fuck it.
We're in the construction zone.
You're wearing Kevlar?
So much for
honor among thieves.
We'll call this a down payment
on the next one.
Sorry about your brother.
It's time to get back
on the clock.
[tires squealing]
[engine revs]
[siren wailing]
[tires squealing]
[tires squealing]
There's no need to remember
Better just forget
And there's no time
for anger
When you're six days late
on rent
You got no one to turn to
'Cause your parents
are obscene
Two years living on your own
And you're only 17
But you gotta make it anyway
It's harder than you thought
'Cause you're dancing
for a living
Giving everything you got
And you
Yesterday you were
on the fence
Tomorrow you'll get clean
One too many children
You know what I mean
Your life is like
a car chase
And you can't get away
And that's the way
it goes down
When you're alone in LA
And you
No, you
You can't stop
And the boys sing
Na na na na
Na na na
Na na na na na na na
And the boys sing
Na na na na
Na na na
Na na na na na na na
Yeah, come on
It's two weeks till November
And you're not thinking yet
But you're running
out of juice
And go down in someone's bed
There's a ring
around this town
There's only shades of black
And now you're doing junkies
for the time you never had
But you're gonna
get your piece now
No matter what it means
'Cause you got what it takes
to burn this place
And you're only 17
And you
And the boys sing
Na na na na
Na na na
Na na na na na na na
And the boys sing
Na na na na
Na na na
Na na na na na na na
And the boys sing
Na na na na
Na na na
Na na na na na na na
And the boys sing
Na na na na
Na na na
Na na na na na na na
Yeah, come on
Na na na na
Na na na
Na na na na na na na
And the boys sing
Na na na na
Na na na
Na na na na na na na