10: The Secret Mission (2017) Movie Script

The scout helicopter
has been shot down.
The location is very difficult
to do military operations.
It will endanger the hostages.
Find a way to infiltrate the island.
I need time, within 12 hours.
Find a way that we
can do this operation.
Any means, any means, because
the President is under pressure.
Sir, line three, the President.
Yes sir.
Sexy & Master at Martial Arts
We are not a modeling agency,
we are the country's intelligence
agency that is highly classified.
We gathered you here
to do a mission.
Mission to save our country.
Because our country is in trouble.
We've been established since 1965.
And our job to recruit
civilians to be Intel.
Our Secret Mission: Papua, aceh,
and involves the secret
service of intelligence.
We've been operating for over
50 years. We operate diligently.
And covertly. Therefore, we need
models that are talented like you.
To infiltrate an island that is
under the control of terrorists.
They have kidnapped the daughter
of an ambassador named Kelly.
Here Major Cathy will train you.
And Captain Dalton.
You guys think we are
capable of counter terrorism?
That is why we chose
and gathered you here.
Are you guys serious?
This is a joke right?
We are serious. We chose you
for your specific skills.
And you all need to know.
We have agents in over 60 countries.
Including the United States.
There are many that disguise
themselves as businessmen,
tourist, female workers,
even Indonesian migrant workers.
But for this mission,
we need models who are
skilled like you all.
You've inherited a kung
fu dojo for five years.
You became a model because
you needed the money.
To pay for your mother's medical bill
who's struggling with brain cancer.
Make sure you can join this
mission if you need that money.
As a citizen, I have the right to
refuse to be part of this mission.
My boyfriend is my ATM.
You're Wandha right?
Master of Pencak Silat who switch
profession to become a model,
because you are
tired of living poor.
And what made you even more desperate was
when your fiance left you for someone else.
You are a master in Krav Maga.
You learned it from your boyfriend who is a part
of the Israeli Intelligence Agency in Mossad.
You're lucky to have the
opportunity to learn from him.
Your boyfriend's last
name is Lars right?
He's gone not because he left you.
We've detained him for being a spy.
And soon he will be fried if
you participate in this mission.
An ex national karate athlete.
Two time champion of the
national sports week.
And you've also been a stunt double
for an action film in the UK.
You have a dream of becoming
a film star in Hollywood.
An ex taekwondo athlete.
You damn playboy.
You were taught that
your future was bleak.
Finally two years ago,
you decided to marry a Regent.
But sadly, you've been deceived.
Because the Regent
already had five wives.
You're an Aikido master. Too bad there's
no aikido championship in Indonesia.
You don't care.
If you want your brother who's found guilty
and sentenced to four years in jail,
because of one joint of weed to be freed,
make sure that you join this mission.
A secretary that was
raped by her boss.
Train very hard for revenge.
Mira. You are an archery athlete.
Who shot your ex boyfriend dead.
The punishment for
murder is life in prison.
Suck it.
You miserable waste of life.
Your trial will soon be
taken to the supreme court.
I'm ready to take part
in this secret mission.
Vina. A Parkour master.
Who lived in an alley and now
homeless as an urban dweller.
Because your home is tore
down for a mall construction.
And finally Gita.
A master of marksmanship.
Because when you were 7 years old, your father
who is a police captain taught you to shoot.
A father who wanted Gita to be a
cop, but she wanted to be a model.
Gita decided to leave the force 6
months after her father's passing.
And pursued her dreams
of being a model.
Within 5 days, we will get it done.
Yes sir.
Sir, the US Navy Seal.
Yes sir. We will get it done before
the Navy Seal reach our borders.
We will try to hold them at bay.
I'm naming this mission Project TEN.
Ten women, the pride of
our nation is formidable.
You all will be trained
to be the best agent.
You will receive three
days of training.
Your training will be tough and after
that, you'll be ready for the mission.
I don't care.
Dealing with terrorists
or any other.
And I don't want to
throw my life away.
You and your friends can handle it.
Even though your good at kung fu,
three moves and I'll make
you fucking kiss my ass.
okay girls,
listen up. Prepare yourself.
You girls think that life is like a
fairytale. Just like your imagination.
Well, if that's the case,
I've got news for you.
Better wake up and
smell the fucking shit.
There's a lot of
suffering in this world.
But not a lot of people who have a big heart,
who are brave enough to lend a hand to help.
You have to give
sacrifice for the country.
You all have to be independent
women that are fierce.
If any of you back
out of this mission,
you're just a bunch
of useless cry babies.
We are running out of time John.
There is no more
time for negotiation.
We only have 5 days and it
needs to be taken care of.
Or we will do a full on military
operation with any means necessary.
We have good news for you all.
We provided a reward of 7, 500, 000.
For those of you who
can get the job done.
I don't care.
Tomorrow I'm heading back.
You know my issue.
If I end up in prison,
it's better than this mission.
Who knows, maybe we can pull it off
and get the 7,500,000. Not bad right?
That's good.
In my eyes,
you'll always be a murderer.
Bitch. Watch your mouth!
You want some?
Watch your trashy mouth.
You're the one that's the bitch.
Come at me.
I'll kick your ass.
Bring it.
Good evening. You all look
amazing in your SIS uniform.
As Colonel John said this afternoon,
it's impossible to do a military
operation for this mission.
According to our Intel,
it will not only endanger
the lives of the American,
but also the lives of the
citizen that is on that island.
Are were just going to let the
terrorist kill them one by one?
This is the map where Kelly is held.
We give you 7 days.
Gift us our demands.
Or we will kill them one by one.
And this American will
be the last to die.
Don't you dare get close
to the island again.
Or attack us.
The terrorist will kill every civilian
they have in captivity everyday.
If the government doesn't
heed their demands.
If the Navy Seal takes charge,
definitely the civilians in that bunker
will only have a 50/50 chance of survival.
Because the Navy Seal
will only focus on person.
It may seem that this mission is weird
and unprofessional to involve you all.
Any reason that we and the government
gives, will not seep in well by you all.
A wonderful morning.
This is the exact
reason we chose you.
And we are certain
that we didn't make a mistake
involving you in the mission.
You say that you can fight.
You just like everyone else
calling yourself an athlete.
You must love what you do.
All this time, you do things only
for money, wealth and luxury.
That girl is trying to kill us.
Crazy bitch.
Their weak point is here,
if TEN assault from here,
it will be easy for
us to infiltrate.
Cathy, you've got visitors.
You crazy bitch, are you
trying to get someone killed?
I've told you that all I need is
3 moves to take you bitches down.
Let us continue Cathy, Dalton?
We will enter from here,
our defenses must be impenetrable.
Oh, okay.
Yes, General.
We've lost three already.
Increase their training John.
Yes sir. It will be done General.
I am running out of patience.
Now you listen here.
Humans are just a single
dot in the vast universe.
Pointless and insignificant.
But we humans make our
existence meaningful.
By helping each other.
And you are fucking nothing.
Heh, I'm the one who
challenged you to fight.
You, you, and you, all three
fight me. The rest back away.
I don't want Cathy to make
them individual warriors.
I want Cathy to make them into
a solid team that can
get the mission done.
It's time to prove that you are
not a bunch of whining girls.
Our country needs smart formidable women,
not a bunch of slutty women like you all.
Joana, get back in the water.
Get back in the water Joana.
I'm ready to fight until I die. Because
I'm not a whining girl like you.
Feel the pain.
The feeling you have is nothing compared to the feelings
of the hostages that know their lives are numbered.
The pain is only in your head.
Now get back in the water.
Yes Major.
Damn that woman. Up against
three of us and still undefeated.
Tomorrow it's my turn to fight her.
You have a death wish Non.
Cathy is crazy.
She is famous in the agency.
She spent 3 months in the ocean.
Jumping out of a plane.
Is not wrong to try.
I want to smash her teeth in.
Maybe you've heard what Cathy said.
We humans are just a
dot in a vast universe.
As if our existence have no
meaning and full of mystery.
But it's something
for us to hold on.
To not fear death
in the line of duty.
As an agent, our duty is
not only to kill the enemy,
but to uphold the
kindness of others.
The point is that she wants these
who have no meaning in life,
to do something and
becoming meaningful.
I fought to earn
money for my mother.
I hope your mother
will get well soon.
Maybe Cathy's right.
We not only live in
an enclosed circle.
But we live for something that
we truly don't understand.
At least goodness
will come out of it.
From the effort we do.
Good evening Colonel.
Good evening Wandha.
Thank you.
By the way, I like your
fighting style. Exquisite.
It's too bad that you're ambitious
in defeating your opponent.
Therefore you lost your strategy and forget
to measure your opponent's abilities.
I'm a Silat fighter.
For us, self defense is
art, not for fighting.
Especially not for killing.
I let Cathy beat me down,
not because she's better than me.
Since I was 10, I was obsessed
with becoming a cowboy.
In the end pushed me
to becoming a soldier
and started to take interest
in the intelligence agency.
But your not like any
Intel agent in the films?
They are often antisocial.
Like Cathy.
Since I was sent to Libya,
for a government ops in
preventing a civil war in Libya,
I start to forget about family and marriage
and start to distance myself from my family.
It has been five years
since I've seen my parents.
And I don't want to
end up like John.
His wife was killed on
an attack against him.
I hope that we will be
successful on this mission.
I'm not sure Cathy can
beat you in a fight.
You guys just don't want
to embarrass Cathy, right?
You all are fighters that don't
want to embarrass your opponents.
Why did SIS choose us?
They could easily find
people like Cathy.
Cathy is a good agent and
formidable and we think.
Cathy's fighting skills in
nothing compared to you all.
We are going to do a
stealth and quick operation.
An operation that can only be done
by agents that have fighting skills.
It's not that I don't have faith in men,
and building a serious relationship,
maybe I just haven't found the right person
because the hardest part is not the choosing,
but sticking to our choices.
How are your kids John?
They are still in hiding.
They are traumatized.
This is the world we live in.
We will never be in peace.
We hunt or be hunted.
My wife was killed because
of my sins in Hong Kong.
I have shot and
killed a mob boss that
managed the biggest narcotics
distribution in Asia.
And Indonesia's biggest supplier. The gang
hunted me and my family down in Jakarta.
And my wife was knowing and willing
to take the risk of marrying me.
At first it felt hard.
But in the end, I come to the understanding
and moved on with my life as faith deems it.
Everyone should realize
with the choices they chose.
That's how it should be.
Are you ready to die
for this country?
Are you ready to
sacrifice for our mission?
Then if you're brave enough to fight
me, that means you are ready to die.
One more John. Are you sure we
can rely on them for this mission?
I'm sure.
Maybe they're not
experts in firearms.
Stupid bitches.
But they are formidable people.
Their fighting skills
are beyond Cathy's.
Cathy only needs to ignite them and
train them to be natural killers.
With a single order,
they can become vicious killers.
Tomorrow morning we will infiltrate
the island and free the hostages.
We only need 7 hours
max to get the job done.
One weeks since the hostage taking of
an American by Indonesian terrorists,
and the solution still
hasn't been found.
The terrorists have
also taken hostage
hundreds of civilians on an island
and using them as a human shield.
We are calling this operation net.
When you disembark on the yacht.
You will then separate into three squads heading
to the point where the hostages are held.
You will face
geographical conditions.
The forest around the island.
The village.
And the jungle near the building
where the hostages are held.
1 km to the north is a steep hill.
Vina and Terry,
they will rendezvous with Sasha.
Because I need a team that can
move fast through the forest.
And straight to the
terrorist base first.
You will lead a team from the south.
That consists of Kalina and
escort Gita to her position.
Team three will be lead
by Joana from the west.
Tomorrow at dawn.
You'll be crossing into that island.
Cathy will deploy with Dalton.
This operation must be swift and stealth,
using your fighting abilities.
As an advantage to
take down the enemy.
Focus on your goals
in saving the hostage.
And save those people
from the terrorists.
Understood. In the name of god.
In the name of our nation,
we begin this holy task.
Begin prayers.
Colonel, TEN is ready.
We are going to the island.
We begin our assault from the water.
Hey bro, where's your partner?
We split up.
Okay. Good luck.
Why not use a bow?
Less effective.
This country is freed not only
because of sharpened bamboos,
but the people know self
defense using the bamboo.
Operation is a go and all
are ready to mobilize.
Colonel, maybe you heard the story
about a wolf that hunts a deer.
The wolf pounces on the deer and
behind them a hungry tiger lurks.
Don't let the tiger crash the party.
Right General. I'll make sure
the operation is a success.
You fools. You never think to
find logic towards the truth.
This country will punish you all.
Me and the others will
never forgive you.
I'm ready to die for that.
There's no god buy my god.
Don't worry. You are safe with us.
Hey, why do you do this to me?
Look, I just do what I have to do.
It's all about the money.
Anyway, when everything is over,
you will be back to the states.
But you?
Are American.
When you grow up, you'll find
out more about your country.
Alert. Alert.
I've found two dead bodies.
Darto and Boris.
Somebody killed them.
I've found her in the village.
She should stay with me.
They've killed our people.
Everyone stay alert.
Don't let them reach our base.
Whoever you find,
kill them!
Nice baby.
Net four has reached
big ship location.
I repeat, net four has
reached big ship location.
Net one, net two, positions?
Net three on your eleven o'clock.
Net four. We are in position.
Now we wait on Dalton
and Sasha's signal.
Net one. Net one.
Once the job is done,
we will go on a holiday.
Ibiza, Miami, tomorrow land. Any military
personnel can't get into this island.
Only people like us that can quell with
these terrorists and save the hostages.
One American life saved,
and it's payday time for us baby.
Secure the perimeter around the island.
Don't let anyone get near the island.
They are not military.
They are mercenaries.
We outnumber them. There are plenty of
places to bury them behind the building.
I've never imagined in all my life that I
would take part in a mission like this.
I can't wait to take them down.
Drop your weapon!
Quickly drop them or we will shoot.
They got Sasha.
Everyone stay in position.
We attack on my order.
They got Dalton too.
Move it.
All nets standby. We'll commence
the attack when the light breaks.
I did not invite you here.
I just want this kid's father
to send me the fucking money.
Mr. Boyband, has come to this
island because he has a death wish.
They must be paying
you a lot of money.
That you would risk your life.
How rude of me.
I did not introduce myself.
My name is Paul.
I run this island.
And you may understand that we
are not like the idiot terrorists
and their freak shows
in Syria and Iraq.
I'm here to take revenge on my country
and a man that ruined my life.
We must forgive our enemies
but only after they have paid.
you're not trained civilians
like spice girl here suggests.
You're military.
This is none of your
fucking business.
Willis Gilroy, the bastard
American government official
will feel what I felt.
He framed me.
He took everything I loved.
He took everything I had.
Judgment day has come for Gilroy.
Whatever you say now.
You are in our country.
You should give up.
Before my squad kills
you and your people.
Mr. Boyband is a hero.
I like him.
Shows much and he has a cute accent.
Willis Gilroy ruined my life!
Lenny, her mother is
supposed to be my wife.
He framed me.
And because of him,
I ended up behind fucking bars.
Fuck you.
That kid's father, Gilroy,
is a devil hiding behind
an intellectual mask.
I've been planning this
kidnapping for years.
And Mr. Boyband,
you're in my way!
So what we are gonna do.
Is we are going to swap.
We are going to exchange
the kid with Gilroy.
Once the exchange is completed,
I will leave your country.
Speak to your commander.
Tell him we are swapping
Kelly for Gilroy,
and everything will
be put to an end.
Up to you.
Talk or she dies.
We have failed. They have
captured Sasha and Dalton.
We must commence the attack.
Go with plan 8.
We can't proceed stealth as planned.
I will send reinforcement.
You only have 8 hours and it's impossible
for you to succeed on this mission.
No Colonel, there is no time. They will
react harshly and execute the hostages.
It's better to fail than
to fail on the mission.
Forgive me Colonel,
as of now, I'm in command.
Good luck Cathy.
We are not military.
We don't have a commander.
My grandmother once told me
piss makes good medicine.
You're going to learn that my
grandmother spoke the truth.
Don't do it Dalton.
I'm ready to die.
Fucking teenage spice girl
wants to be a hero too.
So you want to die bitch?
No! No! Stop!
Release them.
I will call the general to take
Gilroy to this place please.
Release them?
You little piece of shit.
You're in not position to negotiate.
Do you understand, Mr. Boyband?
Boss, we are being attacked.
Prepare the squad.
Prepare the fighters.
Kill these three if necessary,
starting with the little kid. No
worries. It's gonna be so much fun.
Now. If your government
or the American government,
does not meet my
demands within 7 hours,
I will kill all hostages and I will
personally take care of you two.
How did these military
pigs get on this island?
I paid you a lot of money.
They are not military.
They are civilians.
I don't give a fuck!
If you call them Donald Trump or Marilyn
Monroe. They can shoot and kill!
Just like you!
You are rebels and need
money, aren't you?
Yes sir.
What are you waiting for? Go!
What are you waiting for?
Why are you sitting on your ass?
Go! Go!
okay girls, everybody ready?
It's party time.
You're fucking stupid!
Why sacrifice your life
for a dickhead
American like Gilroy?!
He's a pig. He goes slaughtered.
Put your gun down and
we can talk about this.
Give me the fucking kid,
or I'll blow your brains out.
Come on Paul!
And I will personally
take care of you two.
You're going to die!
Are you gonna die! Come here!
You're fucked.
Mr. Boyband, come here.
For your bravery in putting your
lives on the line for the mission.
Will you quit after this mission?
No. We are ready for the next
mission for our nation and country.