10 Year Reunion (2016) Movie Script

[upbeat orchestral music]
[Voiceover] All
right Carly, you first.
Let's get this time
capsule party started.
Okay, Patty your turn.
When Patty's countless
papers paved the way
to owning her own law firm.
Sealed with a kiss of death.
What does that mean?
It means these secrets
are going to the grave,
where they belong.
Sure you don't want to
throw that dress in there
while we're at it?
I love this dress.
Oh we noticed.
Amen to goodbyes, I certainly
will not miss these memories.
Now your turn Abby.
Ooh, not this
one, we'll frame it.
So what's on the disc, Abs?
Oh our favorite senior mix,
which you can all hear at
the party tomorrow night.
Yeah right.
Whoa no peeking, not
until our 10 year reunion.
We each have to
swear on this capsule
no matter where we are, or
what we're doing in 10 years
we're going to return to Harmony
and open this thing
together, swear.
Cuddle hug swear.
So where are you
going to bury it?
Um, I don't know.
I was thinking about tearing
up the garden out back.
Rose's mother would kill.
Well then wouldn't
you like to know?
Come on, Abs, I mean
you have to tell us.
We have a right to know.
Fine, I knew you'd make this
one of your ridiculous games.
I think we should
leave it to Abby,
she's the only one
we know we can trust.
You don't even trust yourself?
Okay in 10 years our
deepest, darkest secrets,
and our greatest
fears for the future
will finally be revealed.
Happy graduation, Harmony High!
Let the mayhem ensue.
Hi guys!
Woo, yeah!
I don't know who I am
I don't know where I've been
Started out as a dream
Saw it in a magazine
Saw me how to be me
Hey why don't you
put that thing down
and try joining the party?
Nope, she can't,
she has to document
these last few moments of
our high school career.
It's all we'll have
left of Harmony
in a few weeks' time.
Do you think Abby's okay she
seems a little off tonight.
[Voiceover] She's
only had two drinks.
She's such a
lightweight, look at her.
[Voiceover] Shane,
did you give her
one of your cheapo jello shots?
No, no.
- Did you?
- [Shane] No don't look at me.
I feel like you did.
You did it, Shane.
It's Shane's fault,
it's all Shane's fault.
Whoa, baby chill,
chill out, chill out.
[Voiceover] Are
you paying for that?
Abby are you okay?
Guys I don't think she's okay.
We need to help her.
Okay, oh my God.
Tres wasted.
[Voiceover] Whoa, whoa my God.
Oh my god.
[Shane] Abby.
I think she has
alcohol poisoning
her eyes should
not be doing this.
Can someone call 911?
Should we call...
[Voiceover] Abby, Abby, Abby.
Please someone [yelling].
[eerie music]
[Carly] Come on,
Patty we have to go.
I'm sure Rose and Erica
will keep you company.
Besides, Spence is in the
middle of that big case
there's just no way we can go.
Well does your
fiance have to come?
We could just have a girls trip.
Oh yeah, fun in Harmony.
You loathed that snotty,
stuck-up town, too.
Wait, I know what this is about.
You're hoping Shane
will be there.
Yeah, you mean Abby's Shane?
Come on, don't act like you
didn't have feelings for him.
Abby is the reason I want to go,
we made a promise to her.
What promise?
That we'd come home and dig up
that time capsule
she buried for us.
Oh wow, the time capsule.
I completely forgot.
All of our last memories
with Abby are still in there.
Fine, if it means
that much to you
to go chasing some
silly treasure.
Then I will go, for you.
But you owe me.
Okay, cheers.
[Carly] Is it weird
for you going back?
No, you know Harmony's
one of those towns
that never changes.
Well actually, Rose, said
we could stay with her.
But we haven't spoken
to Rose in years.
[Carly] I know.
[Patty] Seems kind
of strange, doesn't it?
Only because I thought I'd
be in a different place by now.
I mean, I take
headshots of bad actors,
you've got the fiance, real
estate, sustainable income.
Oh shush, your
headshots are amazing.
You know I had a hard time
believing in my work even then.
Yeah, but that's
always been your quirk.
You know at some point,
you gotta love yourself
enough to fight for life.
Fight for life, from what?
Your fears, you can't
let them get to you.
You gotta fight back.
Like this.
Like that?
Stronger, come on.
Give it to me.
You're such a dork.
[upbeat music]
[Voiceover] You are
so crazy, calm down.
You guys are really here.
Hi pretty ladies,
wait, wait, wait for it.
[All] Cuddle hug.
Oh my gosh.
Carly you have
not changed a bit.
Aww, it's good
to see you, Rosie.
Oh my God, Rose, would
you look at Patty's ring?
Oh my God.
It's almost as big as mine.
Yes, but mine didn't come
from a congressmnan,
Oh, ha, you are the
overachiever okay?
I was just born with legs
and good teeth, honey.
That's true.
What about you, Carly,
are you still with
that guy from the Cabo pics?
No, no that was ages ago.
[Carly and Erica] Aww.
You know Shane was just
telling us last night
that he and his girlfriend
recently broke up, too.
You don't say?
But don't worry there's
gonna be plenty of men
to mingle with this weekend.
And just think they're
going to have half the acne
and make 10 times the salary.
Thank God.
Right, bags, bags, bags.
For Patty, and for Carly.
No, no, no, I'm good
actually with water,
thank you though.
Oh, sparkling water?
Yes, I know what
you're thinking,
and no I'm not pregnant.
What about you Erica?
You want some kids?
Uh, hopefully soon.
And you're still in D.C.?
Six years.
My husband is
running for senate now.
That's why you're
posting all those photos
at all those fancy events.
Wow, see you really did it.
You're a lawyer, and
you look amazing.
Thanks to Carly and the
power of a great paycheck,
I discovered laser eye surgery,
an arsenal of cosmetics,
and a brand new wardrobe.
[Rosie] Nice.
What are you up to now, Carly?
Carly is doing
exceptionally well
as a freelance photographer.
She does headshots
for the local theaters
and shoots some of the
biggest weddings in town.
So our most artistic
is living her dream.
You know you should
post photos sometime
so we can see them.
You should but I
thought you were going
to go into photojournalism.
Didn't you use to
say that you wanted
to take photos that
would change the way
we see the world?
[Carly] Who says she isn't?
Oh, I'm so sorry, that
didn't come out right.
I didn't mean it that way.
No it's fine, I
know how you meant it.
It just takes time, you know?
Yes, life is a constant
Wise words from Wilfredo
my spin class instructor.
So what about you, Rosie?
What happened to ballet academy?
Oh, well you know, after
Chase and I got married
and he started working
for Harmony PD,
it just kind of fell to
the wayside a little bit.
You know I always knew
you guys would get married.
I bet your wedding
was beautiful.
Yes it was.
It was really nice.
And you know it kind of made
it feel like home again.
Anyway, you guys were missed.
It was definitely not the
same without you there.
Yeah, we were sorry
we couldn't be there.
We felt terrible.
Oh please don't, no.
I understood, it's okay.
Besides what matters is that
we are all here
together now, right?
Yes, cheers.
[All] Cheers.
To Harmony High's senior
sweethearts together again.
For a reunion to remember.
[All] Cheers.
Running low on wine.
Car, you still with us?
Yeah, just wishing
Abby was here.
Yeah who's gonna paint my
toenails 20 shades of hot pink.
Hey, when'd you stop
drinking anyway?
I didn't I just
felt weird tonight.
Really, why?
I know I'm not going to
die of alcohol poisoning
or anything, I just keep
thinking of her here,
and I just can't.
Car, you know Abby didn't die
of alcohol poisoning, right?
Of course she did we all saw it.
Carly, Abby died
of a drug overdose.
It was the Pink Lady pill
mixed with the booze
that killed her.
How did you not know this?
What are you talking about?
The Ecstasy pills
that we took that night.
[Rose] Hey is
everything okay over here?
Yeah, yeah we're
good, coming we're good.
Right, bring the
wine, because the boys
just got back from the pub.
Look I'm so sorry,
I even brought it up.
It's in the past, right?
We're here to celebrate not
dig up old skeletons, okay?
Come on let's go have fun, okay?
[Rose] Look who
I found hiding out.
Wow, hi honey.
Well I do declare the ol'
gang back together again.
Oh my God, I didn't
even recognize you,
without the hair and
the goggles, Pats.
[Patty] Thanks.
I guess I'm not the
only blind one in Harmony.
Who let you into
law enforcement?
Aww, he's a great Sherriff.
Good to see you.
How are you doing?
I see you haven't changed.
Oh no, I'm still
devilishly handsome, I know.
Yeah you are.
No big deal.
Shane, how are you doing?
You staying here too?
I am.
It's good to see you.
Good, yeah.
Okay, okay, let's
go sit, come on.
Okay everyone, let's sit,
let's sit, go, go, go.
Yeah, get in there, you.
Be nice.
Love this wine.
I know it's a good one, it's
a little stinky I'm sorry.
I appreciate this
wine, it's my favorite.
[talking over each other]
Regardless of the cheap wine,
it's so nice we're all here.
Except we're not all here.
Are we?
Guys, I'm, I'm sorry.
I just want to ask.
Am I the only one who
didn't know that Abby died
of a drug overdose?
How is that even possible?
Ya'll know that Abby
didn't touch drugs.
Well, apparently
that night she did.
Whatever Molly was laced with,
didn't mix well
with the alcohol.
I saw the toxicology
report myself.
Well then it was wrong.
At the funeral Abby's mom said
that she died of
alcohol poisoning.
That's because she
didn't see the original.
My dad had the coroner make up
a new copy for everyone else.
Why would he do that?
Because the coroner's
a family friend.
Why would he lie about
her cause of death,
that's insanely illegal.
And so is ecstasy.
My dad didn't want us getting
slapped with a law suit
from all the other parents,
I mean, the underage drinking.
It was bad enough.
Abby was just so against drugs.
Doesn't make sense that
she would take some
stupid pill in the first place.
Carly, it's a mistake that
we've all lived to regret.
But is this really the time
to be bringing all this up?
I mean [sighing].
Maybe being back
is getting to you.
Yeah, maybe you wanna
lay down for a little bit?
Yeah, maybe you
should get some rest.
You'll feel better
in the morning.
Okay, um...
I'm sorry, good night.
[dramatic music]
[eerie music]
[intense music]
[dramatic music]
Carly, it's Chase.
You all right?
I was outside locking the
gate and I saw you walking
around up here.
Did you see that man?
What man?
I saw someone in the garden.
The teenagers down
the hill [chuckles],
they come up and they hop
the fence and they play
hide and go seek.
Okay, I wouldn't worry about it.
You gonna be okay?
I'll be fine.
'Kay, good night, Car.
[Carly] Good night.
[water flowing]
You okay?
Hey, if it makes
you feel any better,
I didn't know either.
I just wish someone had told me.
I know.
Bottomless mimosas at
our table at Marigold's.
Who's in?
Okay, no, no let's talk
about my seamen dressing.
Oh, can I get another mimosa?
Thank you so much.
Oh wow, take it
easy, champagne Sally.
It's only noon.
So, Rose, you never told
us what you're doing now.
Oh, well, actually
I work at the school.
I teach Junior English
and I coach cheer.
Wow, I think that's
exactly what I wrote for you
in our senior
prediction, how funny.
But you knew that I was
planning to attend the ballet
academy after school.
I mean, we all had plans
to leave Harmony, so.
Yeah, I think I just knew
you were comfortable here.
Great money, family, Chase.
Some of us well, some of us
had to work a little harder
for what we wanted
in life, is all.
So, Carly, what did
you predict about me?
How much of it came true?
You know, I don't remember.
It's all in my time
capsule confession though.
Wow, now that you mention
it, I do recall Abby telling
me about your homemade
box of sinful secrets.
Oh my God, the time capsule!
I totally forgot about that.
I mean, a bunch of
old junk, who wouldn't?
This gal here, she is
on a one woman mission
to dig it up before the
reunion weekend is over.
Am I right, Car?
Unless one of you
already beat me to it.
I saw someone in the
garden last night.
Wait, hold on.
You saw a creep in
our garden last night,
and you didn't say anything?
No, I told Chase, he said
it was one of the neighbor
kids probably, but I thought
it may have been one of you.
Out in that garden
at night alone?
No way, that's creepy.
We made a promise to Abby.
Carly, Abby isn't here.
And, a lot's changed
since high school.
Well, what's in that
time capsule hasn't.
You guys, don't you see?
It's like a part of
Abby that's still alive,
a part of her that's
never been heard.
She would want us to find it.
Or, maybe maybe we
all agree that we let
whatever's buried, stay buried.
Check please.
[gasping] Oh my God,
Carly you scared me.
Those red ones are
poisonous, remember?
I spaced out, I guess.
My husband and I are
fighting over the phone.
Oh no, what's going on?
He wants me to
come to some dinner
that he has on Friday.
He knew I had this reunion.
Sometimes I think he
just doesn't care.
So what are you gonna do?
I'm gonna enjoy my weekend
and spending time with
my girlfriends.
Hey do you remember that
time we snuck my brother's
four-wheeler driving out
across town in the middle
of the night, and I had just
dumped that jerk, Chet...
Chett Bennett, yeah.
And Abby thought it
would be a good idea if we
cover his house in toilet paper.
Wow, yeah.
Abby was a good friend.
And I understand why
finding this capsule means
so much to you.
But I agree with Rose, who
wants to unearth old demons?
Yeah, I understand.
And if I find it, we don't
have to open your box.
Okay, thank you,
appreciate that.
Hey, I'm sorry to ask again,
but the night of that party,
did Rose and Abby have
some kind of fight
that I don't know about?
I don't know, I
mean, why do you ask?
I don't know.
I wonder if that's the reason
that Rose is so sensitive
about it.
I mean if they did it
wouldn't surprise me.
I'm sure Rose thought Chase
still had feelings for
Abby ever since they
dated for a hot minute
back in freshman year.
I think Rose wondered if
she was a consolation prize.
Why would she be
resentful of Abby?
She couldn't control
how Chase felt.
Yeah, but, come on.
Carly, I'm sure Abby still
had feelings for Chase, too.
I mean when have you ever
known Rose to be jealous
for no reason?
Mmm [laughing].
X marks the spot.
The lion statue?
[dramatic music]
Car, what are you
doing out here?
Oh, you know exactly
what's she doing,
and it's morbid, okay?
No, I'll tell you what's morbid.
I found Abby's toxicology
report last night.
And I really wish that
one of you had been honest
about how many pills Abby took.
You found what
toxicology report?
It was in your dad's
old filing cabinet.
You went snooping
through my dad's cabinet?
Carly, that's so messed up.
Why didn't one of you
tell me that what Abby
really died of, was
an overdose of PMA?
PMA what is that?
Para-Methoxyamphetamine, it
was in those ecstasy pills.
And at a certain
dosage it's lethal.
Well, it's not exactly
like we knew what was
in those pills.
From what they found in
her liver, she had to have
taken the equivalent
of four pills.
What if Abby was drugged?
Ugh, come on Carly.
Everybody loved Abby,
nobody in their right mind
would actually allowed her
to take that many pills.
If one of us would have seen
her, we would have stopped her.
What if one of the guys
drugged her to get her into bed?
No way, no Chase was
the only other person
who took one besides us anyway,
and none of the other guys
even knew we had a stash.
And we only had the other
four in case one of you
wanted to have fun with us, too.
'Kay, wait so you're
saying she took all of them?
No way, it had to
have been someone else.
What exactly are
you saying here, Car?
You think one of us drugged her?
Guess not.
I just don't see how else
it could have happened,
it doesn't make any sense.
Hey, I'm fairly certain
Abby had no idea what
she was taking.
It happens with kids
more than you know.
And I think as
together as Abby was,
she just made one great
decision that she had no
idea she was making.
Maybe you're right.
I'm sorry for
bringing it up again.
Still really miss her.
Aw, sweetie, we all do.
Come here.
It's okay.
[shower water splattering]
[dramatic music]
[tranquil music]
X marks the spot.
So, you think Abby
left this for us?
Sounds like
something she would do.
And, here we go.
Hey guys, welcome
back to school.
Rose, I really hope your
cleaning lady didn't find this
first, but now that you
found me, I have to wonder
if I'm even sitting in the
room with you guys as I speak.
My guess is not, since so
many of you would rather
see me dead right now.
[chuckles] Which, brings
us to confession numero uno
of the weekend.
I know what's in the capsule.
I already read our confessions.
All of them, I know,
lame, but in case some big
earthquake comes and
swallows it whole in the next
ten years, I wanted to
be sure someone had all
of the information.
But, now I realize maybe
burying our secrets wasn't
the best idea Harmony High's
valedictorian ever had.
I now worry our friendships
won't survive the next 10 years.
But if they do, and we come
back together for this,
please remember
why we're friends.
My best advice is forget
that capsule ever existed
in the first place.
But I realize you each
have a right to know, too,
so I won't hold you back.
That said, I did devise a
ceremony, a scavenger hunt
to make it a bit harder to find.
You may have already tried
digging up poor Rose's garden,
but your efforts will
have been in vain
because I have devised four
clues as we take a trip
down memory lane, each answer
to which only one of you
holds the key, like
the one around my neck.
This will ensure no one
else finds dirt on us, too.
Well if I am there by the
way, glad to see you back,
but shh!
Mums the word.
Now onto our first clue,
which you can find tucked into
the frame, but just so
you've all been warned,
you might not like
what you find.
Oh God.
One for our girl
with the golden hair.
Your sweet 16 surprise
is our fav memory there.
Sweet 16, that's when your
parents threw you that rager,
Oh yeah, I had the
tiered cake, the new car,
the caterers, all of it.
But Abby.
She was the best thing
about that sweet birthday.
She showed up at
my house like 8 AM.
And we walked down
to that giant tree,
you know the one where we
used to have the tree fort?
And Abby and she remembered,
too, and she just threw
this whole elaborate tea party.
It's just, surreal, seeing
Abby like that, huh?
Hey, where are you going?
Patty, did you
hear what she said?
About the capsule not
being buried out back?
No, that every one of us
would rather see her dead.
Car, I'm pretty sure she
meant that figuratively.
I think she saw
something in that capsule
that she shouldn't have.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, I was just gonna
put this somewhere safe.
Oh, okay, well, try to
hurry 'cause we still need
to get a game plan
together for tomorrow.
You wanna help find the capsule?
No, I meant
decorating the terrace.
You guys still aren't talking
about digging up that capsule,
are you?
Guys, you heard Abby
on the video just now.
She said to forget about it.
It's just a bunch
of bad memories.
Maybe she's right, Car.
Look, Rose, I don't want
to drudge up bad memories
for anyone, but I thought
that capsule might help
us find some good ones.
Like the one you had just now.
Yeah, that was sweet,
but what's in that capsule
isn't and it would ruin
the entire weekend,
and not to mention,
we don't even have
a key, remember?
Abby was the only
one who had one.
Yeah that's true,
we don't, but...
So you agree then?
Good, so please hurry because
I really need opinions
on these table tapestries, stat.
Were you really
serious about not looking
for the capsule?
Not a chance in hell.
You heard what Abs said, we
have a right to know, too.
Hey, you seem sad, or lost.
You were always so
happy in school.
Oh, I'm fine, what about you?
How's your life?
Well, I write training
manuals for accountants.
Woo, super exciting stuff.
As long as you're happy.
I am.
What about you?
Eh, most of the time.
Look, I know the whole
Abby drug thing's been
bothering you, I don't think
you're totally off either.
Something about that night
just doesn't add up anymore.
On that video, Abby said
all of us wanted her dead.
Maybe someone did.
Yeah, but see
everybody loved Abby,
that's what I can't
wrap my head around.
Maybe they didn't.
Earlier Erica insinuated
that something might have
been going on with Abby and
Chase just before graduation.
I'm sorry, I know she
was your girlfriend.
I kinda suspected that
something was going on
with them again, too.
How did everyone
know except me, I mean,
why didn't she tell me,
I was her best friend.
I don't know, I guess
maybe she was just too afraid
to admit it to herself.
I never lied to him for her.
Always told her if
she stayed with him,
he'd only be holding her back.
What'd you say about me?
[laughing] I liked you.
You were good for
her, I thought.
So were you.
Good for Abby, I mean.
Guess you were good for me, too.
[dramatic music]
[intense music]
[dramatic music]
[intense music]
Where's Erica?
Uh, I think she's helping
Rose and Patty pack up
decorations up front.
Okay, what's this doing here?
I don't know, it was
there when I came in.
Chase, seriously did you
leave that creepy message
on my mirror?
What are you talking about?
Hey, where's Rose?
Um she's down by the
pond feeding the coy,
you don't look so good.
You should take
this, it's for you.
[gentle music]
One for our beauty, with
the most beautiful heart.
Every time it got broken,
here we'd find a new start.
What's she talking about?
Every time I had a
breakup, Abby would plan
a night out, sneak me off
to Marigold and we'd take
pictures and stuff our faces
with triple berry cake.
Well, then I guess it's
a good thing that's where
we're headed.
Suppose you found that down
by the old tree last night.
Fine, you know, if finding
the capsule means that
much to you, I'm not
gonna try and stop you.
But my secret, it's mine.
And I want it to stay that way.
Patty, could you come with me?
We'll be back in a second.
It was, it was right here.
Look, yes, it's creepy
that someone was in your room
while you were sleeping.
But whoever it is, clearly
isn't trying to hurt you,
otherwise they would have.
Well that's reassuring.
Since whoever it is is
trying to cover up the tracks
of our friend's
potential homicide.
Just because someone
played paintball berry war
with your wall, doesn't make
them a homicidal maniac, Car.
Why else would someone
steal Abby's toxicology report
unless they felt it was
real evidence against them?
You stole it first, remember?
And maybe Rose took it,
because she didn't want her
dad to get into trouble.
Someone was threatening
me last night, Patty.
That's the bottom line.
Maybe it's the
speculative law mind in me,
but Chase used to pull crap
like this all the time,
Look, maybe it wasn't a joke.
But I still am not convinced
that Abby was murdered.
And if we're gonna go
there, we're gonna need
something a lot more
concrete to go on.
[Rose] Don't forget the spots.
[Erica] No, I'm gonna get it.
[Rose] Okay, you got it.
The watermarks.
Yes, exactly.
Hey, guys, can we twist
that before we put it up?
Like the other one?
Thank you.
Hey, can you stall Rose?
I need Erica's help
finding the next clue.
Hey Rose, can you show me
how you want the silverware
set up on the tables?
[Rose] Oh, sure, of
course, right this way.
Oh, excuse me.
You want my help, don't you?
Well, Abby did design
this clue for you.
It's gotta be by
our old photo booth.
We used to hide mascara
and lip gloss back there
so come on, I'll show you.
[Carly] Down here?
[Erica] Yeah, I think so.
You found it.
I think this one belongs to me.
One for our funny
brainiac of the pack,
counting stars as we
planned a big escape
always takes me back.
What's she saying?
There were a few
places we did this at,
I mean it really could
be any one of them.
'Kay, great, well
after we're done here,
we'll go check them out.
Sure, oh shoot, I have
lunch with my mother,
but we'll go afterward.
Oh, hey, Carly, can I
borrow you for a second?
We're going to
taste test my cake.
Would you mind doing the honors?
Yeah, sure no problem.
And hey, you know, I
just wanted to say sorry
about earlier, I don't want
to tell you what to do, okay?
You should go see
Abby's parents.
And tell them I said hi.
Thanks, Rose.
And, it's nice seeing
you and Shane spending time
together, and you shouldn't
feel bad about it,
just because Abby
dated him, too.
I can see that you
guys have something.
I mean, I never felt
bad about me and Chase,
even though they dated before.
You never worried
that Abby and Chase
might wanna patch things up?
No, why would I
have thought that?
I don't know.
I guess I just thought
it got a little weird
there at the end with
you and him and her,
but my mistake.
He never thought of
leaving me for her,
if that's what you thought.
You just, still seem
so bothered about the
night that Abby died.
What happened that
bothers you so much, Rose?
Just felt bad.
Buying those pills.
I know that I didn't
make very good decisions
back in school,
but I really am trying to
be a better person now.
Oh, by the way, did you
take the coroner's report
from my room last
night, the one I got
from your dad's office?
Of course not, I didn't
even know you'd taken it.
Her folks had a right to
know how she died, Rose.
We all did.
I can't change the past, Carly.
Now I've gotta get back outside.
Damn it.
[intense music]
Who's there?
[intense music]
Carly, it's me, oh my God.
Are you okay, what's going on?
There was a, someone
was trying to kill me.
Are you sure?
They were trying to
attack me back there.
Well, did you see who it was?
No, they were
wearing the suit...
The gardening suit?
Yeah, I'm not making this up.
Okay, let me call
someone on duty
and I'll have you file a report.
No, I don't want
to do that right now.
I'm gonna call a cab.
Yeah, okay, I'll take
you home, of course.
Come with me.
We have lunch with your mom
and I'm gonna get out of here.
No, no, no you
shouldn't be alone, okay,
I can take you.
You sure?
Of course, of course, yes.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Come on.
[tranquil music]
So, where do you wanna go?
[Carly] Abby's house.
[tranquil music]
Guys, you have no idea
how good it is to see you.
Bill was bummed he couldn't
get off work to come.
Oh, that's all right.
So what about you then?
How's the photography going?
Yeah, it's good.
That's great.
And what about you, Shane?
Last time I saw your
mom she was telling me
you were writing and
teaching training in France?
Yeah, it's been an adventure.
Sounds like it.
Abby would have been so jealous
of you seeing the world.
And the other girls?
Are they here, too?
Would have been
nice to see them.
Rose is always in
such a hurry now.
Yeah, they're all here.
We're actually staying at
her parent's estate house
right now.
Oh no, I remember
the days when you girls
used to have sleepovers there.
Sounds like a
recipe for disaster.
Yeah, sounds about right.
So, we actually wanted to
ask you ask you something.
About a necklace that Abby
would have worn around
graduation time.
She told me you gave it to
her as a graduation gift.
I did.
Do you still have it, by chance?
Oh no.
I'm so sorry.
We left it on Abby
at the funeral.
I thought you'd want her
to be buried with it.
You meant so much to her.
That's perfect.
Barely remember that
day, it's such a blur.
But thank you.
You know I'm kinda surprised
Abby didn't give anyone
an extra key.
You think there might be
one in all her old junk
out in the barn loft?
I don't know,
it's a possibility.
We could go check if
you wouldn't mind.
Of course not.
Okay, shout if
you need anything.
[Carly and Shane] Thank you!
So, why didn't you tell
me that you went traveling
the world?
I don't know, just didn't
feel right at the time.
Wow, Shane, and all those
times that we talked about
it, and you went and did it.
You ever thought about it?
Freelance work would be
there when you got back,
and the experience
could change your life.
Yeah, or I could
deplete all my savings
and ruin my entire career.
But you're young enough
you could start over.
Look, hey, it's one decision.
Doesn't have to be your last.
See, like that.
That was a decision.
I'm sorry was that wrong of me?
Um it's just you
were Abby's boyfriend.
I don't know.
The timing was bad back
then, yeah, I get it.
Doesn't have to be anymore.
Let's go and check
this place out.
All I see down here is
a bunch of sharp objects.
Yeah, well keep looking.
It's a tiny silver key,
it's probably on a chain.
Shane, I found something.
Shane, I found my clue!
It was here in the barn,
this must've been one
of the places Patty
was talking about.
Shane, Shane come
up, come up here.
[intense music]
Thank you.
[Chase] All right, just
start from the beginning.
What do you remember?
Okay, I was in the loft
and Shane stopped responding
so I crawled down
to check on him
and someone grabbed
me from behind.
They were wearing that
gardening suit from your house.
And it was the same
person that attacked me
this afternoon.
Okay, then, Shane,
where were you while
all of this was going down?
I was just walking around
looking through all the stalls
and then bam, somebody
hits me over the head
and I didn't wake up
until you found me.
Well, you're both gonna
have to fill out a report.
Carly, on earlier
today, as well.
Tonight we'll keep a
look out on the house,
make sure everything's
safe, but just,
you know, why were you guys
in the barn to begin with?
They were looking
for that capsule key.
I don't suppose you found it?
I did find our last clue.
But it's gone.
That psycho took it from me.
Who is it?
It's me, open up already.
Where have you been?
I told you I was
meeting with my mom.
And then Erica got really
upset about her whole
husband drama, so
I took her to get
mani pedi's for tomorrow.
Carly, what is this?
You have a knife?
Shane and I were attacked at
Abby's parent's house today.
What do you mean attacked?
The same person that
came after me in the suit,
came after me again
with a garden claw.
Why didn't call me earlier?
We called Chase.
But by the time
that he had arrived,
the person was gone.
You okay?
Shane is okay?
I mean, yeah, he got
knocked out on the barn floor.
But, it's not him
that they're after.
It's me.
What were you
doing in some barn?
Looking for the capsule
key at Abby's house.
I found my clue.
Oh my gosh, of
course, that's it.
Every time I fought with my mom,
she'd quit her job,
or found a new man,
I would go stay with Abby
and we would sleep up there
in that loft, and we would
talk about leaving this
town, and never coming back.
What did the clue say?
I never saw it.
Whoever came after me took it.
And you didn't see
their car, or anything?
So, did you get everything
taken care of this afternoon?
What happened,
are you all right?
Looks like I'm not
gonna make the reunion.
Bobby's insisting that I
come back tomorrow night
for that event.
What, you can't
leave, tell him no.
I can't Rose.
Before I came here I found
out that I can't have kids.
Honey, that's awful.
What about adoption?
A climbing congressman
without a proper blood line,
come on, he wants his kids,
he made that very clear.
Then he doesn't deserve you.
And it's my fault I can't
have kids, Rose, you know that.
Even still, it'll be okay.
We'll get through this.
I don't think I can say
goodbye to the girls like this.
Stop, stop, I'll
make up something.
You know, I was thinking.
Maybe we should just, maybe
we should tell 'em the truth
about everything, you know?
No, no.
Absolutely not, you will
not tell anyone, anything.
We swore, nothing.
You understand me.
I'm sorry, yeah.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go pack and leave
first thing in the morning.
Okay, that's fine, you
should just get some rest now.
And hey, I'm gonna
miss you, bestie.
[Abby] A final clue for
my bestie to take you all
to our buried treasure.
Where we took our first photo
by waters pure and clean.
Now dirtied by our
hopes and fears forever.
[dramatic music]
[water splashing]
[dramatic music]
[intense music]
[intense music]
Mmm, good to see
you're still with us.
[chuckles] Oh, come on,
too soon? [chuckles]
Sorry, sorry.
You think maybe you could
not wear that around us?
Where is everyone,
it's so quiet?
Rose went to Marigold's
to meet the caterer,
and make sure that
the food was fine.
Shane was up early,
so he went with her.
I'm just finishing
stuff up outside.
And Erica?
Mmm, I think she's gone.
Her stuff was gone when
I walked by her room.
No, it isn't right, Patty.
Erica wouldn't just
leave like this.
And she's not answering, ugh.
Okay, you know what, that's
it, we're going home.
We're packing up
and we're leaving.
We can't just leave, Patty.
What's it gonna take, Carly?
You're room was ransacked.
You were stalked and nearly
attacked by some freak
in a hooded suit and
now one of our friends
has mysteriously vanished.
And you're just, what,
hoping it'll all go away?
Can't just give up like this.
You're wrong, Carly.
We have never been
further from solving this,
than right now.
That last clue was taken
from you, remember?
Look, it's over.
Whether you wanna
believe it or not.
Hey, guys.
Just talked to Rose.
Apparently Erica went back
to D.C. for some event
with her husband.
Said to tell you she said bye.
So she's okay?
Oh, thank God.
Oh my God.
Yeah, why wouldn't she be?
Look, whoever was screwing
with you this week
is probably long gone by now.
I mean, no one came after
you last night, right?
So, we should all just
go to the reunion,
and have fun.
Rose worked really hard
on putting this together.
Thanks, Chase,
but you know what?
I think we're just
gonna head home.
This weekend has been a
bit too much for Carly...
No, Chase is right, we
should just stop by, I mean...
Thank you.
[upbeat music]
Hey guys, it's about
time you got here.
If I could just get you
to sign the guest book
right here please, and
Carly, can I get you to take
some photos for the website?
[Rose] Thank you.
I am going to go
get us some drinks.
That is the only way I'm
going to survive today.
You two really
are cute, aren't ya?
I guess it all worked out
for him in the end, huh?
Abs bein' gone now.
Better late than
never, I suppose.
What are you talking about?
Come on, we all know
that he only dated Abby
to get closer to you.
And we both know that she only
dated him to get back at me.
God, Shane would have
ditched Abby in a heartbeat
to be with you, but hey,
now he doesn't have to.
If anyone was causing
problems in that relationship
did you ever think
it might be you?
Why couldn't you just move on.
You had Rose.
Fine, you want the truth?
Abs and I secretly started
being friends again
senior year.
She was helping me
on my history paper,
and like a week or
so before graduation,
she told me she was
still in love with me.
And wanted to work things out.
I didn't love her anymore.
I said no.
No, because A, Abby wouldn't
have done that to Rose.
And B, we all had plans to
move to the city together
after graduation, so why
would she want to work things
out with you, she
knew you'd stay.
Oh, sweet Carly.
Only sees the pretty
picture behind the lens.
I always loved that about you.
You know, I loved Abby
too, but even Abby knew she
wasn't perfect, why do you
put her on this pedestal?
She wouldn't have lied to me.
Maybe she didn't.
Maybe you're just
lying to yourself.
I don't know.
What was all that about?
Chase says there's a
bunch of things that I don't
know about Abby, and that
Shane only dated her to
get closer to me,
and it's absurd.
Well, it's really
not that absurd.
Watching you and Shane and
Abby tiptoe around each
other the last two years
of school was kinda
the most awkward thing ever.
If I'd have known Abby was
gonna read those confessions
I wouldn't have chosen
the one that I did.
Which was?
I admitted to being
in love with Shane.
So when Abby said that
she felt everyone wanted
her dead, she was
talking about me, too.
Carly, no, that is not true.
You're a really
good friend to Abby.
She knew that, you do
not need to feel guilt
over her death.
Looking back, I think we
all realized bearing those
secrets might have
been the best idea.
May I have your
attention please?
And welcome to Harmony High's
10 year high school reunion!
It's hard to believe that
it's been 10 years since
we graced the halls
of Harmony High in our
knee-length skirts and
pressed polo shirts,
but boy have we come
a long way, huh?
You know what, I don't
want to talk to Shane,
it's too much, I just
wanna get out of here.
Is that okay?
Those are the best words
I've heard all weekend.
Yes, come on.
[Rose] Please, make sure
you sign the guest book
before you leave.
What's with the bouquets?
Can we stop by Abby's
grave on the way out?
I need to say bye.
[crickets chirping]
[dramatic music]
[Patty] Do you
remember where it is?
It's that way.
Hey, do you mind if I?
Oh, yeah, sure go ahead.
I'll be right here.
[tranquil music]
So you weren't perfect?
None of us are.
You were my best friend,
that's all that matters.
I just wanna put the rest
of these by my mom's grave.
Hey, mom, let's
get you fixed up.
Wait, there's
something else in here.
What is it?
It's from Abby.
It's a clue.
I thought there were only four?
Maybe this wasn't
part of the hunt.
Maybe this was for me.
Abby knew that I'd come
here after graduation,
after she died, I never did.
Maybe this is my
graduation gift.
[Abby] Happy graduation, bestie!
On this necklace
you will find first,
an extra key to our capsule.
And just know, if I'm not
invited back to Rose's
for the reunion, X marks
the spot to finding
our capsule.
Also on this necklace is
a very special amulet.
It's your grad gift.
Now to the random eye, the
dancing numbers and letters
mean nothing at all, but
for you it's the latitude
and longitude of Harmony,
so you can always find
your way back home to me.
When you get to the
city, take care of Shane.
You and him should
take a chance.
See what happens, I know
how you feel about him,
and I realize what I did
to him is unforgivable.
Miss you already, XO.
Wait, what is she talking about?
I don't understand.
Abby wasn't moving away with me?
Did you know about this?
I had no idea.
What did she do to Shane?
What if it was Shane all along?
If Abby did something
You really think Shane
would have drugged her?
I don't know.
But, it would make more
sense that he attacked me
in the barn over someone else.
But I thought you
said he was knocked out?
So he says?
We were separated.
And in all honestly, he could
have been in the kitchen
yesterday, too.
Okay, well none of that
matters now, Carly, okay.
Look, if you wanna talk
to the cops about it,
let's just do it
on the road, okay?
I really wanna pack up
and get out of here.
Come on.
Lock your door, lock your door.
What happened, you guys just
took off without saying bye.
What's wrong?
What did Abby do to you that
was so unforgivable, Shane?
And why'd you lie about it?
So you think I killed Abby?
And that I'm the one
who attacked you, Carly.
Did you?
No, that's ridiculous.
Okay, Carly, I've been the
one trying to help you.
Or you were trying to get
closer to her to silence her.
Look, would you just, okay
I know how much you love Abby.
I didn't want to say anything
that would make her look
bad, okay?
It's in the past now, would
you please just open the door?
Open the door.
[Carly] Just go, Patty.
[Erica] Hey, this is
Erica, leave me a message.
Hey, Adam's Hotel
in D.C. please.
Hello, could I speak to
Congressman Jackson's wife?
I believe she's at a
dinner event there.
Would you mind, it's
kind of important.
Thank you.
[intense music]
She didn't?
Would you believe
[mumbles] spilled wine
all over my dress?
Hey, where've you been?
You weren't leaving?
Yeah, sorry, Rose, you
know Carly really wants
to head home and honestly,
I can't really blame her.
So you were just
gonna leave without even
saying good bye?
Geez, Patty, some
friends you are.
Rose, for the record,
I know you were the one
who gave me the nickname
Ratty-Patty back in school.
So don't stand there and
argue you with me about
what makes a good friend.
Now if you'll excuse
me, we're in a hurry.
Geez, why can't anyone
just let things go?
I'm sorry, I didn't know
it would become a thing.
Everything you
did became a thing.
If you wore a thong,
as a necklace it would
have been a thing.
You knew what you were doing.
You just didn't care.
Now move, please!
Hey, I'm a different
person now, Patty.
Why are you and Carly so
obsessed with the past anyway?
Can't we just move
on from high school?
Rose, look at me, I did move on.
And last time I checked,
you're the only one
still in school.
[intense music]
[shovel scraping]
[intense music]
Carly, what are you doing?
You tried this once
already, remember?
There's blood on
this shovel, Rose.
Did Erica make
it back to D.C.?
Did you talk to her?
[heavy breathing]
Well, at least it's not Erica.
[heavy breathing]
Wait, where did
you find the key?
Abby left one, on
my mother's grave.
Along with a note
saying she did something
unforgivable to Shane.
I think it might be
Shane that poisoned Abby.
What, Shane?
Oh my God.
Shane what?
[intense music]
Carly would you just talk to me?
Hey, you found the time capsule.
You just stay back, Shane.
Guys, I didn't do
anything okay, I swear.
If you didn't do anything
than why is there blood
on my shovel, Shane?
What is it?
[Rose] Erica's dead!
Don't act like you don't know!
[shovel clangs]
[intense music]
You just bashed
him over the head.
We need to call 911.
He needs an ambulance.
Why are you looking at
me like that, screw Shane.
He killed Erica, I
had to do something.
Someone killed Erica.
You couldn't possibly
think it was me?
I do.
Whoa, Patty, put down the gun.
Sure, when the
county cops arrive.
Rose has the bloody
gardening suit in the back
of her car, Carly.
What, I do not.
I was just there, Rose,
I saw it with my own eyes.
Well, if it's there it's
because Shane put it there.
Please, you are so full of it.
Drop the shovel, and
step away from Carly.
Patty, I didn't do
anything, I swear.
Shane is trying to frame me.
We'll let the cops decide
that, drop the shovel!
[shovel clanging]
Come with me.
Carly, come on.
Carly, we'll call
someone for him, come on!
I get it, okay, I'm
not going anywhere.
Just get the gun off me.
This is Abby's.
My big confession is
that I slept with Chase
one night after helping him
study for his history test.
The truth is, I'm
still in love with him,
but I know in my heart
that we aren't right.
He and Rose are.
I'm so sorry for what I did,
and that's why I'm
staying at Harmony to try
and make amends with Rose
and let Shane move on.
Hopefully with Carly.
It's also why I purposely
failed my calculus final,
so soon everyone will find
out, I'm not valedictorian
after all, but Patty will be.
And she'll still get that
scholarship and finally
be able to go to
Carlson now with Carly
like she always dreamed.
I just hope by the time we
open these, Rose will have
forgiven me, you too, Car.
I'm sorry I didn't
tell you the truth.
You knew she slept with Chase.
That's why you
poisoned her to death.
I didn't kill Abby.
I was framed.
Shane could have just
as easily killed her,
he had just as good of
a reason, if not better.
She cheated on him.
I don't believe that, Rose.
Why not?
Because Shane loves me.
In all fairness, we should
read the other confessions.
Your turn, Rose.
If you did kill Erica
to cover your secret,
then it's only fitting
you read her secret.
My confession is one
Rose already knows.
But the truth is, I didn't
get mono last August.
Chett Banacheck got me
pregnant, and Rose took me
to get an abortion.
The abortion didn't go so well.
But I'm better now, and
the doctor said hopefully
the botched job didn't
cause too much damage.
You guys always helped
me to stay positive,
so thank you and hopefully
in 10 years I will be
happily married to a
wonderful man I actually wanna
have kids with.
All my love to each of you.
I didn't kill my best friend.
I loved her.
Sure, and we all know what a
great performer you are, too.
My big confession is I found
out Chase slept with Abby
after going through his
texts a few weeks ago.
And although I could kill
him, and Abby right now,
I still love him, so
instead I used my knowledge
as fire into manipulating
Chase into proposing to me.
This is why I'm saying good
bye to my promise ring,
and hello to a new
engagement ring.
In the end it will
be for the best.
Abby could never love
Chase the way I do.
At the same time I guess
I finally understand
what he and everyone else
loved so much about you, Abs.
And from now on I can work on
being better, like you, too.
Now does that sound
like someone who
wanted to murder Abby?
I'm sorry you did just
say you wanted to kill her.
It was figurative, Patty.
You're a lawyer, you should
be smart enough to know
the difference.
Now since you're
so sure it's me.
Let's open yours.
Mine and Carly's
don't matter anymore.
What matters right now
is that you get yourself
a really good lawyer, because
you're gonna need one.
My confession I hate
you, Abby Edwards.
For making valedictorian
and taking my scholarship.
You knew how much
it meant to me.
I asked you to fail one
silly test, drop your GPA
half a point, that's all I
needed to escape this town,
but you tell me it's unethical.
I'll tell you what's unethical.
Screwing the guy you knew your
best friend is in love with
or better, screwing
your friend's boyfriend
behind her back.
Rose may be nasty, Erica
shallow, and Carly naive,
but at least none of them
are a cheating, two-faced
bitch like you.
Best of luck at Carlson, Abs.
And go to hell.
I don't know about you,
Carly, but that sure sounds
an awful lot like a
murderess confession to me.
You're ridiculous, Rose.
Yes, I was mad at
her at the time,
but she was my friend.
I got over it, you were
the backstabber back then.
There wasn't even an
issue between me and Abby,
no one is gonna believe
your ludicrous theory.
I do.
You knew you'd be
valedictorian if Abby was gone.
And that her ride to Carlson
would be yours, didn't you?
That's just silly.
I got student loans to
pay for my schooling.
Your dad was never around,
your mom never made enough
to sign a promissory note.
Your mom never made
enough to pay rent.
I'm sorry, I really can't
believe that we're having
this conversation right now.
You were my best friend.
We're supposed to stick
up for each other.
Why did Abby's confessional
bother you so much?
You know that she was gonna
fail so that you could
get that scholarship.
That hit home, didn't it?
You didn't know she'd
do that for you 'cause
you didn't give her the chance,
you poisoned her that night.
I didn't mean to do it, I swear.
I didn't know that putting
all those pills in her drink
was gonna, I just wanted
her to get sick, you know.
Like ruin her graduation speech
the next day or something.
She ruined my life.
I just wanted everyone
to stop believing she was
so damn perfect.
I don't believe you.
I was drunk and I just
kept thinking what am
I supposed to do?
Stay in this miserable town?
And end up like my awful mother?
I needed that scholarship,
it was everything to me.
Abby didn't need that
scholarship like I did!
She had plenty of money,
you all always had
plenty of money!
Fine, fine.
You had a moment of
drunk desperation.
What about Erica?
When I went to go
take Erica to the salon,
she must have seen that note
in the back of my rental.
Because it was gone afr,
and by the time I realized
it was gone, she'd already,
she was taking the capsule
out of the pond, and
what choice did I have?
I mean, I had to re-bury
it in a place that you
guys hadn't found...
You had a choice!
You killed my best friend!
Carly, Carly, I had
already put the bloody
gardening suit in the
back of Rose's car so she
could take the blame
for Erica's death.
Why didn't you just believe me?
Rose was awful in school, she
deserves what's coming to her.
Carly, Carly, you I
never meant to hurt you.
You should've just
listened to me when I said
it was time to go.
Now, you're just gonna
be another statistic
in Rose's rampage.
Hey, Patty!
[gun shot fires]
Where are your keys?
Down on the bench.
[gun shot fires]
[heavy breathing]
[intense music]
[gun shots firing]
[intense music]
[gun shots firing]
[gun shots firing]
Oh, the [mumbles] in your trunk!
Oh, she must have
hit the gas tank.
Where is all the stuff?
We gotta get out of here!
No it's no use, it's stuck.
I'm not leaving you!
Someone has to make sure
she doesn't get away with
this, okay?
Get out now, you can get
in the bushes and she won't
see you and call for help.
[car exploding]
[heavy breathing]
535 Aspen, please hurry!
[dramatic music]
Hey, Patty.
I thought you were dead.
You killed everyone I loved.
Rose wasn't even a good friend.
You're sick, Patty.
Or by just willing
to do whatever it takes
to get to the place you've
all taken for granted
your entire lives.
[intense music]
[gun clicking]
[intense music]
What are you gonna do, Carly?
Kill me?
No, I'm doing exactly
what you've said I should.
I'm fighting for my life.
[heavy breathing]
We were your best
friends, Patty.
You and I were
never best friends.
I could never compete
with the perfect Abby.
I guess you were
right about one thing.
Go to hell, Patty.
[flesh squishing]
Ugh, it's okay, I'm
all right, I'm okay.
Oh my God.
I'm sorry that I
didn't trust you.
In your defense,
I told you not to.
So when you lied in
your capsule confession
to never come back...
I was afraid to tell
you how I really felt.
I'm not afraid anymore.
[gentle music]
[ambulance sirens]
[gentle music]
I will not be the real me
And turn the other cheek
Unleash my darker side
Just as well be mine
Wait and see
Like cigarettes and smoke
I keep my enemies close
They say two wrongs
don't make a right
I say that's all a lie
I would know
Oh, revenge is so sweet
Let it rain down on me
May the evil bleed
It's gonna go by
I know [mumbles]
An eye for an eye
My [mumbles]
Glory in me ignite
I'm [mumbles] depend
I'm a soul defend
It's every man for
himself in this cold world
Oh revenge is so sweet
Let it rain down on me
May the evil bleed
It's gonna go by [mumbles]
An eye for an eye
Oh revenge is so sweet
Let it rain down on me
May the evil bleed
It's gonna go by [mumbles]
An eye for an eye
An eye for an eye
An eye for an eye