100 Degree Celsius (2014) Movie Script

Life is a gamble between
fortunes and misfortunes
There are people who
are fortunate and prosper
And others whose lives
are shattered by misfortunes
I still don't know
in which category we belong
By 'we' I mean
Nila, Nancy, Ganga and I
I, Revathi Nambiar
am a TV channel reporter
4 isolated women
This is the story of our
fortunes as well as misfortunes
lam Nila
Lucky to have married the man
I'd been in love with for many years
Love is like a mountain climb, the thrill
ending when you reach the top
It's a just small misstep to fall
into the depth of a hell called divorce
I am Bhavya
No...Now Nancy
I never regretted convening
from my religion to that of my lover
Not only that, today prayers
are the only relief in my life
I used to think the mother-in-law tortures
seen on screen were only injest
But just one month of married life
I realized they were all a reality
Shibin who is in the USA
hardly ever calls these days
Divorce is his latest demand
I try to console myself
that my faith will save me
Girls are beautiful, be happy and laugh
only for a brief period in their life time
It was only a brief life span
like that of a colorful butterfly
Among us, the owner of such
colorful days belonged only to her
She was our most
favorite person in life
Now, coming to me
My profession gave me
the wings to freedom in life
In fact, what rescued me
from a first broken love affair...
...was the thrilling chase after stories
and scoops for the TV channel
A live-in relationship with a colleague
and moving on contentedly in life...
...I was proud of my mature decision
Get out woman!
I know we have the freedom to
move out of this relationship any time
We had agreed upon it
But I can't
Please, don't hurt me
I will go
Just give me 2 minutes
Each one of us had
a hidden volcano inside us
But when the 4 of us
came back to the apartment...
...we carried on with
the little joys in life
I know we have the freedom to
move out of this relationship any time
We had agreed upon it
But I can't
I will call later
Ours was a much
stronger lover-affair
We got married without
our parents knowing
I even convened for his sake
What an affair it was!
5 long years...Romeo and Juliet
Now do you know what he says
He has no sexual feelings with me alone
Modern love, no restrictions
Living together for 5 years
It was only to get what he wanted
without spending money...
...which he tells me 5 years later
Nowl am neither here nor there
My loved one's hobby is to send me
pictures of him with other girls in town
And you want to be in love?!
Like this we made Ganga
back out of that affair
We even got her
a different phone number
Although it was difficult at first
she accepted and adjusted by and by
What happened?
Will it work?
No! Our channel will do nothing
based on your information
The other party is tightening
screws in higher places
ls there no other way?
Your 'quotation' job is dirty
But ours is dirtier than that
I often wondered
which was better
Forget it sister
Please see my name
doesn't come in
If that viper comes to know
I am finished
That was the day when Xavier,
Nancy's husband's cousin...
...came forward to
solve her problems
Hey! Come sit
Chechi(sister), it's not
Shibi'chayan who's kicking up a fuss
lam not saying this
becausel am his cousin
He's a simple man
He still loves you
It's his mother
I'll talk to her and set it right for you
Don't be so stressed
I'll talk to mother
and son and solve it
Even if he's oblivious to your sorrows
I understand you very well
Be cool
Since he is so intently pursuing this
Appears his target is his brother's wife
That's good to deal
I will talk things over and call you
But you must attend my calls
Okay, see you
"Sometimes, in my heart"
Anna(older brother)
Will this work out?
Of course! Work out?
You bet it will
Otherwise, I will
make sure that it does!
We were right behind them
He will make an effort for sure
This is a bait for you
Stop worrying my dear
All guys with helping hands and
sympathetic words to lone women...
...behaving like gentlemen
have only one intention
- Look, he's just fishing
- High hopes!
It was Ganga's birthday
I had a special guest
My classmate Lovely
and her husband Sreekuttan
They are here!
Hi! How are you?
- Revathi
- Sree
My roommates
Come, let's go
She used to be Revathi's roommate
while in college hostel
Her husband works in Dubai
Now they are here on vacation
Lovely and Sreekuttan?
An inter-caste marriage, eh?
May be a love marriage
Revathi would have been the mediator
- When is your interview?
-After noon
Where are you
staying for tonight?
We'll look out
for a room in a hotel
Oh! You come to my place
and want to live stay at a hotel, eh?
No chance!
You will be our guest
and join us here
But you are only women staying here
It won't be correct
That won't be a problem
Please, agree my girl
There! The birthday babe is here
Birthday celebrations are on its way
and you will be our guests
Your hotel idea stands canceled
Let go
Let me go
By evening...?
Come on
Don't move
What's up?
Carry on
He's so romantic, isn't he?
She's so lucky
We are not
destined for all that
No need to feel jealous
Sleep now
Get up
Come soon
- What happened?
- Come fast
Look there
He's dead
What will we do now?
Let's inform his people
Or we'll go to the police
' No!
. But Why?
We can't inform the police
Nor his people
They are not...
...husband and wife
Her actual husband is in Dubai
Did you know this earlier?
- Tell me
What do we do now?
What to do now?
Do whatever you want
You solve the problem you created
Don't involve us
God! What do I do now!
I know a man with
a criminal background
He's a hired thug
You can call anyone
and do whatever you want to
What are you doing?
Anybody else knowing this
will only land us in trouble
Let us put it into a car
and then think of what to do
What are you saying?
And after that?
What else can we do with it?
We are wasting time...just listen to me
Come with me
- Slowly
- Wait a second
He's fast asleep
Hold it
Keep it down
No noise
Let it be
Hey, wait...wait
Hold on
Take it
Let me go see
- God!
- What is it?
It's that Azad living
on the top floor
What do we do now?
Quick carry it now
Blasted thing is always faulty!
Let's take the stairs, sir
- Sir?
- What is it?
I heard a sound
What sound?
- Maybe my imagination
- Midnight harassments!
- Let him go
- He'd have gone
I will leave at 5 in the morning
I sleep in the car always
Just listen
Disconnect now
Let me pee and I'll call you back
lfl say I'll come
I mean it really
Okay, agreed
Wait for me, woman!
Doesn't she ever sleep?!
I have always wanted
to go pee in a ladies toilet
Let me see what it's all about
Hey! Nice set up
Ladies, forgive me
Call that thug
We have no other option
It's impossible for us to deal with it
- Call him and explain
- Shall I Call him?
Be quiet!
- What?
- It's ringing
What is this?
Stop it
Wait till I get back
Tell me madam
I'm listening
As I said earlier, 50 grand
if it's okay, I'll be there in 15 minutes
Is it okay?
Don't stress yourself
I am Sura, and know
how to keep my word
I will deal with it
perfectly, okay?
lfl cross the compound safe,
no need to worry about this anymore
Everything turned
topsy-turvy on a single night
No one gave a thought then
to what exactly was happening
But the next morning
Couldn't you have
stayed in a hotel room with him?
God knows what is yet to come
You have ruined all our lives
Any further problems and
I will tell the truth, I'm warning you
Get out woman!
I said get out
Lovely and Sreekuttan's love affair
began during their college days
Later, it died a natural death
like all other campus affairs
Years later, it was by
pure chance Sreekuttan's wife...
...Nanda introduced
Lovely back into his life
Many meetings later...
...love blossomed
Stronger than before
Didn't I tell you?
It was God's will
Why else would
my wife's lost phone...
...be found by you and she
introduces me to you
Who is it?
Is food ready?
Why did I go along with
Lovely that particular day
Our peace of mind was
gone forever after that day
She cheated us right?
But why the heck did she do it?
I wonder, what miseries
are in store for us now?
I tried calling Sura
who had gone with the dead body
- Shall we go?
- Ready
You know what?
Just because you were
a friend, I wanted to help you
Now everyone is alienating me
You are the sole
reason for my miseries
I curse the moment
I thought to help you
Thanks a lot
My dear, please
come there a moment
The TV channels
are not coming on
Please come and have a look
I called him again the next day
But the calls never went through
My stress levels kept increasing
not knowing what happened to the body
Come on
It's okay
You could have
told us the truth
Who knows what
the consequences will be now
This is enough
to ruin our entire lives
- Yes?
-Where is the Sub Inspector?
He is in there
Please sit
So, it's been 3 days
he's missing, right?
Did you enquire
at his regular haunts?
Take it easy, we have
all the details
May be he's gone
on a tour with his friends
- Any female...?
- No!
Definitely not
Okay! Okay!
Let us investigate
I'll let you know if we find anything
Sura, he was only
an informer for my news leads
But, instead of hearing
terrifying news we expected...
...we began to see unexpected
happy things happening
Didn't I tell you
this was a very simple case?
I am ready to help
anyonel am fond of
Aren't you happy now?
You will be happy, I know
Is this the girl I was refusing
to accept all these days?
My husband and I will come
this very evening to take her with us
So get everybody be ready
Let me share some secrets
with my daughter in law
Come my dear
From today you are
like Nancy to me
Very close friends
Since we are close friends
will you give your phone number?
We'll call you at night
Shall we give him your number?
Will you really call?
Rakesh, pass this tape on inside
Nothing anywhere
I called all stations to get a crime story
Nothing spectacular
Only a case of man missing
One Sreekuttan, 30 years old
The wife has filed a complaint, that's all
Man missing cases
are not dramatic enough
Only death will have news value
Why don't people
commit some murders?
At least then can
we fill our episode slots
Get that bit about that old Minister
We'll adjust with that for today's news
Since Sreekuttan's case had been filed
Will the police now come looking for us?
Not reachable
I am very scared
What's happened to him?
It's been so many days
He's not answering the phone
Xavier is calling
Probably his parents are here
Just a minute
You are leaving us
You must never ever reveal
what happened here to anyone
Come here
Has Sreekuttan disappeared
like this earlier also?
No sir
Not heard so far
- Is he a trouble maker of sons?
- No, he's a good man sir
Okay, let's go
Do you suspect anyone?
Any phone call
Did someone come to meet him
No sir
- Did you know this?
- It's been so many days now
We will investigate
in our routine way
If you get any info
please inform us
Com e lets g o
Nothing we feared happened
On the contrary unexpected
developments occurred
You must forgive me
I realize only now
how badly I behaved
It will never happen again
I want only you...only you
Only you and I hereafter
I won't ever go after other women
I swear
Please, my dear sisters
Tell her to come back to me
Once Nila also left, Ganga and I
were scared to live there alone
Ganga shifted to the college hostel
and I shared an apartment with a friend
Although within us
we were still terrified
As days passed our
tensions gradually lessened
We slowly slipped
back into normal life
Four of us in
4 different places
We returned to our busy routines
It was the day Lovely's husband
Johnson returned from Dubai
Dead body?
What happened?
Remember Revathfi?
Her father is ill
Give me the key
I will drive, you get in
Move aside
Move...give way
Do you have any clue, who
could be behind this murder?
Sir, please answer
Here it is
Move aside
Move I say
I'm telling you
to move aside
Don't you understand
what I'm saying?
Next time I will take
my mom with me, okay?
Sura, the man who lies here
murdered is understood to have...
...close links with political
and business bigwigs
The question arises if it was just
revenge among thugs or something else
Police have started
thorough investigations
DySP Unnikrishnan Namboothiri
informs that culprits will soon be caught
DySP is here with us
This a challenge to restore
peace in the lives of common man
We have already begun all steps to bring
to light the culprits who so ever they are
We understand from
higher officials that...
...the murderer will soon
be apprehended
Let's go
Hello, you don't know me
I called to get to know you better
Even if you don't know me
I know you very closely
And everything about you
Including the most secretive things
you've kept hidden from others
Your ability to smile
and be normal...
...when inside you are
quavering in fear...hats off!
You and your friends...the other night
Such courage, right?
Apan from the 5 of you
another person who knows...thug Sura?
The Lord called
him back quite early
Didn't I warn you
that I know everything?!
Suppose I tell this
to someone?
Then your lives
will come to a full stop
Your lives, your family
Everything will be finished
But you poor things!
I hate doing this to you
I have only one condition
Only one
Just do what I ask you
If you obey me
I won't ever tell this to anyone
Otherwisemokay, I won't!
By the way, if you dare tell
your friends or the police...?!
If you dare tell...!!!
- Any questions?
- Sir
There are an estimated 6 million
mobile subscriptions world wide
90% of the population and 80 % of people
living in rural areas have mobile coverage
Excuse me sir
Two thirds of people who access
internet do so from a mobile device
You are absolutely right
We are now planning into 3G
Balu, I'll be late
The team meeting
has not yet begun
No need, Balu
You don't have to pick me up
I'll come home by myself
I was a little busy
I'll come to you
and collect the cash
I'll call however late and
come there whatever the time
'Did you hear
what she said to my face?'
'What did she say
that was wrong?'
'Get out!'
'Get out with your kid'
Please, don't harass me
Don't call me
I have not done
anything wrong
Please don't create
problems in my life
The issue is not whether
you have done wrong
The issue is whether
I will reveal this out or not
If I decide to talk, your tender
flower-like life will wilt away
- Let me explain
- Stop it woman!
I don't want
to hear anything
Just listen to
what I have to say
Anyway, you are
in my hands now
Just sit quietly like
a white little rabbit
I will caress you
to my heart's content
My dear...dear
What is this child
doing in there?
- Don't you want dinner?
- Coming mother
Good that it was you
who picked the phone
If it was anyone else
I'd be forced to explain who I am
You rotten woman!
What did you think?
Being very smart
switching off your phone, eh?
Don't overdo it, okay?
Who is it my dear?
Yes, tell me
Don't play your tricks on me
Give it to me a minute
I want to ask him something
One minute, please
Okay disconnect
I can't hear anything on this
Yes mother, it's been like that
Something wrong with the line
Wow! You hottie
No need for all this show
Don't pretend to be so goody-goody
Try to be over smart and
your husband will know
Want to see?
No, next one
- How is it?
- No, next one
Show me
5 girls
Who do you want?
The last one
I like tender coconuts
Sure...tender coconut indeed
Wait a minute
Time 4 O clock,
Place Sip and Lunch
Table no 4
There will be a man waiting
Just listen and do as he wants
So be there on time
34 or 36?
34, I am sure
I meant your weight
Okay, don't tell me
Anyway, I am okay
I will soon know
My wife will soon go off
to Delhi for a conference
In any case she has
no interest in such activities
Like carrying cane
through the bushes
In Goa...3 days to ourselves
Just 3 days
I have reference videos of sex
Do you want to watch?
Watch it now
How is she bro?
ls the bird okay?
Young little bird
Just give it to her
Tell him you like me
You can go, I'll call later
You agree, don't you?
It is Aroma therapy
It will take about an hour
It's okay
I will wait at the coffee shop
Go away!
Is it over?
No it will take too long
Lets come next week
Why so?
Come let's go home
- Why?
-I have work at home
What work?
- Mother asked me to come home soon
- Then come, let's go
- Hey!
-Yes sir?
- Do you know Sura?
- No sir
Why don't you know?
Come, let's go
Sir, I don't know
Mol(daughter) take the books
and come quickly, okay?
Mol, wait here after
your reference work
I must go to the office room
and will be back in half an hour
An urgent matter
Look madam
Things are not what you believe
I can give an answer
within few days
The investigation
is at crucial point now
We can't reveal
what it is now, that's why
Please believe me
I will call you
You don't have to come here
every now and then, okay?
We called each other
to discuss about him
But his threats instilled a fear
that we'd lose the life we got back
So each one of us kept it
within ourselves...out of fear
We were literally under lock up
I am a little late
We'll go in the car
Let's go in the car
- Are you going?
-Ans College
Come under the umbrella
Don't get wet
What the...!
Come here
Umbrella, my foot!
Doesn't she like me?
Angel Hospital, morning 10AM
Token number 10, Dr Nirmala Mathew
A girl in a yellow dress, with the token
will wait at the hospital reception for you
She's pregnant
Pretend to be the girl's sister
and meet the doctor
And get it aborted
Just be like an ayah, a helper
and a companion to Neethu
Angel hospital
Were matters moving
into dangerous grounds?
I was beginning
to feel convinced it was
I wanted to find if
there was a legal solution...
...and confided in a person
A criminal lawyer who took pan
in our programs...Rani Varma
I held back only one info
That the victim was myself
Please sit, madam
If he has really seen it
and choose to reveal all...
...then Revathi's cousin
and her friends...!
...will get into the real trouble
if you look at legally...
Evidence plays a major role
In every case in court,
Evidence is most important
If you ask me personally...
I suggest your cousin and friends
accept to his terms and conditions
That is only safe for them
Aren't you Neethu?
Sit, I'll be back
Aren't you Revathi?
I often see you on TV
We have a celebrity
client package
It's quite normal
in professions like yours
If you have friends
or relatives in need of abortion...
...just call us, we can
easily adjust our rates
She is alright now
Come again, okay?
I want to meet you
It's very urgent
Take this
- What is it?
- Madam
Just a minute
Don't share with anyone
or you'll have to pay
What is it?
What's happened to you?
Vinu wanted some more time
When Rythin heard this, again confusion
How do I take it forward?
Nila, do you know how
many times this is happening?
One minute
Listen, you must apply
for leave tomorrow
Asmall favor
I want your help
I will call you
in the morning
Let it be a secret,
Don't tell anyone
We wanted to tell
and yet we didn't
Fear refused to let us talk
Emmanual silks, 3rd floor, 10:30 a.m
- Where are you?
-At office
A small problem
I want to meet you urgently
What is it?
The documents must
be submitted at the bank today
I forgot them at home
I will be there
in 10 minutes
Just come down
with the house key
I don't have time
to come upstairs
See you in the evening
- Here
- Thank you
It's a resort with
a private beach in Goa
It's ideal
3 nights and 4 days
The flight tickets
has to be booked
I want your ID proof
to buy the ticket
15, 16, 17,
Keep your ID proof ready
I will come and collect it
I won't go
I won't! I won't!
If you insist, I'll commit suicide
Hey! That's too big a threat my dear
If you die, I simply don't care
Not only your life
I'll finish everybody else's also
You will go
Please, I will do
anything other than that
Will you do anything else?
Will it be okay?
It's most valuable to a girl
What is more
valuable than that?
I need money
Come on, tell me man
How many mobiles does he own?
- 3
- Only 3?
- No sir, 4
No sir 5
Thomas, I think he needs
3 bottles of that medicinal concoction
The one that has
a good fragrance
What do you say?
Go ahead, you will
How many SIM cards
does he own?
No sir...5
Sir, it's not 4
It's actually 6
Sir punch me
but don't use the cane
He actually has 8
But I only know 6 of them
That's all I know sir
So, totally he has 8 connections?
I have 6 numbers with me
I want the remaining 2
Anyway, tell me
the 6 numbers you have
Write it down
Good girl
You've become good friends, eh?
Very close?
Become a little
more closer, okay?
Yesterday's program
was very good
- Thank you
- But we missed the beginning
There is a repeat
telecast today
You must watch, okay?
Since you work in a bank
You can deal with it very easily
Considering the number
of notes passing your hands
Tearing up 10 of them
is will hardly be noticed
I don't have an option
Just an exchange of money
Take it
Please wait
You really did exchange
the notes at the bank, didn't you?
You have a fantastic gift
Collect it before you leave
This is for you
One more money exchange
10 lakhs
I know it's difficult
But you will do it
Come in
Don't go to church, stay back
I'm on the way
I need 15 minutes alone
What happened?
Aren't we going to church?
I am...
Okay, you take rest
See you later
Shall we go?
Okay, agreed
That's my dream
Your problem
is the venue, right?
There's a stylish
open beach resort
I don't like to spoil
my meal just picking at it
I need time to taste
savor and enjoy what I eat
I have come all the way
How can I go back empty handed?
How many sovereigns is this?
I meant this
Should I remove it myself?
- Hello ma'am
- Come in
Please sit
I was here to record
a byte of our regional MD
I was waiting here
for almost an hour
I saw you leave
the restaurant
Mad am, tea
A little late
What do you want?
You can order
- What about you?
-Anything is okay for us
As you like
The reception is at 7, rig ht?
Sure, will be there
Room 411
3 fresh orange juice
I ordered orange juice
Yes, come in
Aren't you coming for
the party this evening?
Have it
One minute
It's from my office
This incident has shaken
the entire state of Kerala
Who was it who tried to smuggle in
such a large amount of fake notes?
Thanks baby
You can leave
- Sir it was not I
-You don't have to say anything
Sir, I am not
I don't know anything sir
Sir, I am innocent
Move aside
Get in I say
Those were moments
as if life had come to an end
The realization that it was
disaster waiting around the corner
Nancy called everyone
To meet directly and urgent
The next day, when we were
supposed to meet, a phone call came
Ganga had met with an accident
Doctor, how is
the accident victim, Ganga?
It was not an accident
It was a major operation
Here look this
What the Doctor had
given us was an agreement letter
A letter signed by Ganga
that it was not under coercion...
...but of her own full free will
she had donated one of her kidneys
What made her do this?
Excuse me
This is Ganga's mobile
I was the one who called
She asked me to tell you
that it was an accident
Thanks baby
But the beautiful 3 nights and 4 days
in Goa would have been a better for you
It's him
Hey! Can we meet tomorrow?
Green Park open beach resort
Let's enjoy my dear
9387944158, Mary Varghese
Thadathil house, Mavelikkara
This is the number Sura
was using just before he died
Who is this, who's called 1450 times
to a guy who was already dead?
Sir, it belongs to some journalist
Details are just being printed
Go bring it quick
Nothing more to do
You can wrap up everything
The DySP has got hold
of the last number to Sura
I warned you the other day
Don't worry man
I am already here
Don't stress yourself
I've come directly
to clear up everything
You will get your dues, Mr policeman
Isn't that enough?
Sir, these are the details of numbers
Your Minister's henchmen
killed Sura and threw him on the street
I must close this case for you
Yes sir
You do know, I have
a Mr Clean image
- I did not mean it that way
-Well, that's how it is...from today
I will wind up the case neatly
What do I get in return?
Whatever you ask for
Come in the evening
We'll talk in private
Okay, sir
This journey of mine...no, our journey
Perhaps one of the most
important one in our lives
To know the truth
behind some incidents...
...that had happened to us
and yet none of us knew of it
Ganga's phone love affair which
we had once terminated...
...has now materialized
into marriage
We must help her come out
without her people knowing
Let's not discuss it here
No one knows about it
if they come to know,
it will be a big issue
I'll be right back
I am not able
to contact Aravindan
In his last call, he'd promised
to take me away after the marriage
You think he won't come?
Just to fool me?
- Why don't you tell her?
- Let's not tell her
It's obvious she
does not know anything
'Public Cemetery'
We happened to get his mobile
when everything was over
But...we were stunned
to see the pictures in it
Romantic photos of Ganga
with the guy she was in love with
None of us understood
anything of this
He had betrayed Ganga the most
How did this happen?
Our mission after that was to
trace his messages and calls
That's how we figured out
what actually happened
Even though we thought
it had all ended
Ganga had continued
that relationship
The night of that incident
she had received a call from him
For cheating Ganga, and the rest of us
and to put an end to everything...
...we finished him off and it was
only on our way back we realized...
...we had actually killed Ganga's lover
What is your treat
for me, birthday girl?
If they knowl called
They'll kill you
I have a surprise
for you tonight
What's going on?
Go ahead
How was your
birthday party?
Revathi's friend who was
supposed to come, did not turn up
- So we all went out
- They gave me a fantastic treat
-After that?
Came back and slept soundly
Nothing special
What was the surprise?
Tell me
I will tell you later
If you ever tell your friends
or the police, I will reveal this
Table #4
A man will be waiting for you
How are you?
Why are you so tense?
No tension?
- It's nothing
-You sound strange
Aravindan, you must be imagining it
- Who called you now?
- It was from home
- I'll call you back later
- Okay
Ganga who was coming with us
all set to marry Aravind, did not know...
...that we had finished off her lover
Neither can we ever tell her in future
Unaware of all this she continued
to dream of her life with Aravind
Revathi Nambiar...1455
Must be really sick...stay there
- Sir?
- What is it?
Sura case remains unsolved
I came to tell you something
I forgot the other day
Aweek before he died,
he and I placed...
...a dead body on top of
a water tank outside city limits
Dead body?
Whose dead body?
I don't know
Why didn't you
tell this earlier?
It's only nowl have a doubt
That Sura's death has some
connection to that dead body
That's why I decided to tell you this
I know who chopped up your friend
But there is no case
I closed that file
But what about
that dead body?
Let it remain there man!
Does it affect us
in any way?
Let it be there
for the time being
If it becomes an issue in future
We'll look into it then
Now go away
Whether it was fortunate
or unfortunate the story does not end
The dead body of Sreekuttan
is on top of the water tank
Ganga waiting for her
loverAravindan, who'll never come
3 others with Ganga who
are forced to hide what they know
Sreekuttan's wife who waits
hopefully for his return
Sura's friend who
is suspicious about the dead body
Everything is safe for today
But tom orrow...?
"Green, yellow red adorned little one
I got for myself by a stroke of luck"
"Yearning gazes, brought flowers
in bounty into my heart in spurts"
"Come, be my friend
Sing along with me"
"Wear a smile upon your lips
and a cloak of warmth always"
"Forget the tears and sing
Let only joy be what you seek"
"Listen my dearest girl
Hear what I've got to say, little one"
"We are not here to dance
to the tunes of any tom dick or harry"
"if tears appear unasked
Close your eyes and mask"
"Never hesitate, but laugh away
whenever laughter comes your way"
"My dear little girl
Stop your coquetry"
"Don't kill me sweet one
with your coquettish ways"
"Kill me for all you want
But don't betray and abandon"
"There's always a second chance in life
Come on, get in and hang on again"
"I an in a battle of wits with my fate
To get back my unblemished face"
"Listen my dearest girl
Hear what I've got to say, little one"
"We are not here to dance
to the tunes of any tom dick or harry"
"if tears appear unasked
Close your eyes and mask"
"Never hesitate, but laugh away
whenever laughter comes your way"
"Green, yellow red adorned little one
I got for myself by a stroke of luck"
"Yearning gazes, brought flowers
in bounty into my heart in spurts"
"Green, yellow red adorned little one
I got for myself by a stroke of luck"
"Yearning gazes, brought flowers
in bounty into my heart in spurts"
"Come, be my friend
Sing along with me"
"Wear a smile upon your lips
and a cloak of warmth always"
"Forget the tears and sing
Let only joy be what you seek"