100 Degrees Below Zero (2013) Movie Script

Last year, lakagigar last erupted
in 1783, ultimately killing
Over 6 million people. The
ash cloud is beginning to
Spread east toward the
U.K. and Europe beyond...
Are these figure just
Yes, the eruption began
only 15 minutes ago.
And yet, it's exactly as we
12 kilometer high plumes, 2000 tons of ash
per second, the multiple earthquakes.
This is going to carry on for a few days,
we'd better start revising the model.
We'll need data from the
other sites as well.
Call the monitoring stations, I want
facts, before I call the authorities.
You really think this is it?
If the data holds to the
model, I think it is.
Oh really? Again?
What's up Perkins?
Isis erupted again. It's an
annual event, apparently.
First it was Ian, a year ago.
Then Greenverner.
And now lakagigar.
Wonderful language skills you got there.
Be careful, you'll get a posting there.
So how bad?
Probably the strongest yet.
It only happened about an hours ago, and
it had already reached 17 kilometers.
17 kilometers? You know,
that is really bad.
What's the spread?
Winds aren't too strong.
Alright keep me posted.
Oh one moment. What's
happening with that
little storm system in
the northwest Atlantic?
It's gathering strength.
Temperature is down 12 degrees.
Pressure is down
by 240 milibars.
If that crosses the ash cloud,
it would rather a mess.
Yes it will.
Alright, if there is even a possibility
of a major grounding, the sooner the
People know the better.
Spread the good news.
Will do cornel.
Thank you control. This is 165
What was that all about? An ash
Not much I hope.
Morava nb1765. Reduce altitude
to 30,000 ft. and report.
Roger that control. 1765,
reducing altitude.
Ah, there it is. The coast.
Ah, the septedial. This blessed
What's that?
Shakespeare darling.
Oh, right of course.
Lucky you are so handsome.
Why are they having you reduce
Oh, I'm sure it's just
an air traffic issue.
Control, this is 1765.
We are at 30,000 feet.
Roger, 1765. Stand by for
further instructions.
Roger that.
Four years ago my team
built a model predicting
Icelandic volcanic
activity and this
Morning's eruption hews almost exactly to
the parameters established in that model.
The amount of ash and lava,
the 5.5 magnitude earthquake.
Consequently, we believe the second
phase we predicted will shortly begin.
A series of linked eruptions throughout
northern and central Europe.
Oh god.
What we are going to see is the seismic
activity of one volcano triggering the next
Along the fault lines at the
edge of the tectonic plate.
I've never heard of such a thing. -You
cant be serious. -No no no no no
Germany, Italy, France,
It could be a matter
of days, if not hours.
Oh my oh no, dr. This is a
complete disaster, this can't be.
A disaster of this nature.
Your figures must be mistaken.
Please, please no one wants to
cause a panic, but you should
Begin making arrangements to move
people from the affected areas.
And what exactly are the
affected areas?
Approximately 83% of
the European landmass.
You ok right? I mean this isn't
a 747, champagne, caviar, and
All that fancy stuff.
No, this is fun. It's romantic.
Just the two of us.
Well my ex didn't like
flying in small planes.
Her loss. What about you?
Not wishing this was a fighter
I'll let you know young lady.
I've flew e-3's.
Right. You know what I meant. You
sure you don't miss the air force?
I don't miss the air force. I've had
enough danger for one lifetime now.
Now it's just quality time. Quality
romantic time with my new beautiful wife.
you're sweet. But you don't
have to keep selling. I'm already here.
I'm not selling. I just find
it unbelievable sometimes.
kids are going to love you.
They will.
Well, I won't take it personally
if they are resentful.
1765, you're on route
to Paris le Bourget.
Roger that control.
I'm afraid all non-emergency air traffic
is being grounded immediately due to
Atmospheric conditions. You'll
have to land at London city.
Control. We can be in Paris
is less then an hour.
That's a negative 1765, reduce
altitude to 25,000 feet and report.
Roger that control.
1765 reducing altitude.
I don't see any clouds.
It must be coming in faster then
Our temperature is dropping.
Look at the outometer
There is a barometric
May be it's just as well we are
You think the kids are going to
be ok?
They'll be fine. This must
be all over the news.
Still you should check in.
I'll give them a call when we
I wonder when that could
is going to reach us.
Hopefully not until dad and
what's her name get here.
Ok, so we have 4, we have 5 stops
until we get to gala Dulles.
No we got to take a bus to the
Or should we just take a train?
Hello? Ryan?
It's like the freakin' end of
the world coming. Can you stop
Being a perve long
enough to pay attention.
There is nothing perverted about
admiring a beautiful woman.
It is when you do it to every
single woman that walks by.
It's Paris. You know?
The whole reason I'm going to grad school
here is to experience another culture.
Right. And I thought cause every
single woman in America shot you down.
Anyway, it's probably not
the end of the world.
Just an ash cloud.
It's like that ia-ge-fur... Whatever how
you pronounce it, went off years back
They just cancelled flights
and that was the end of it.
Do you think it's going
to affect dad's flight?
Let's hope not.
Man, you know, I really have to
visit that thing before I graduate.
What? You haven't been
to the Eiffel tower?
Oh my god, Ryan what is wrong
with you?
Such a loser.
You know Tyran, you might
consider being nicer to me.
You really think that
mom and dad would have
let you transfer to
the parson's program
If I wasn't already here in
Their little girl.
awll awone
in a fowegn country.
No way. Especially with your
I don't need a baby sitter. I'm fine.
In fact, I'm doing great.
So glad to hear it.
That's why I want to get to the airport.
Not on time but early.
I want dad to see that I'm not
this little girl no more.
And this semester
has matured me.
So he'll pony up for the summer
I just want him to be proud of me.
Even though he is midlife crisising.
Agh, Tyran?
The ink is not even dry on the divorce and
he runs off to marry some random chick.
Mom left him. What do you want him to do?
Sit around crying
Around and apologizing for
the rest of his life?
Yeah. Sounds about right.
How many times did mom
spend crying and alone.
The guy is a pilot, of course
he's going to have to...
You know what? We're not doing this.
You and
I are not having our
own little version
Of the same fight mom and
dad had for 20 years.
They divorced. Dad remarried.
Yeah. Some chick he knew 5 minutes.
Who's my age. That's gross.
She's older.
Well, we are still doing alright on time.
They probably haven't hit England yet.
Alright, I just don't
wanna take any chances.
You know how dad is about
If we're late we're grounded...
For life.
Control. This is 1765.
We're at 20,000 feet.
Roger 1765, switch to
119.725 for London city.
Roger that control.
Good luck 765.
Thank you control. This is 1765.
Incredibly, reports are coming
in of yet another eruption of
The European continent,
Breaking news from Europe. The
4th volcanic eruption has
Shooken up the Greek island
of Santorin.
Long thought to be inactive,
Explosion was accompanied
by violent earthquakes and
Voluminous ash which, due to the
mountain's great elevation, is
Already over 30,000 feet high and spreading
more than twenty miles to the northeast.
...Terrorized and ruins, with more then
3,000 appear dead. Haven been caught...
Volcanic ash. Formed some 300,000
years ago by what scientist call...
Come populated but as the ash
clouds from multiple eruptions...
There is already over a billion
tons of magma ejected.
Two billion tons of ash.
That's within parameters.
But the sulpher dioxide, more than
two billion tons so far and already
A 7 percent drop
in temperature.
Don't you see what's happening here?
We have to revise the model.
There's thirty three percent more ash
in the atmosphere than our model
Predicted and it's spreading
faster than predicted as well.
We're revising our projections as
we speak, but it is essential,
For you to prepare for the new
Which is what exactly?
That temperatures will
also drop faster than
predicted, it's going
to get very cold, very
Quickly. In about 20 minutes,
I'll have the exact-
You've already been mistaken doctor,
how do we know you're correct now?
New data is just coming in as
we speak, but I don't think you
Should wait for the revised
model to take action.
I dunno. Geez...
We'll have to get back to you
Thank you sir.
Yes doctor.
Get me colonel Dillard at the
Gelsenkirchen airbase, will you?
Right away.
London. City control. This is Aravanb 1765.
We're on scheduled landing.
We've got you 765. Make your heading 122.5
degrees, reduce altitude to 12,000 feet.
Roger that control. I'm sure they
are going to be late anyway.
Tyran probably got side tracked
by a couple fancy boutiques.
You know you should go easy on her.
She's in a tough age.
she's always at a tough age.
Girls. We're complicated.
What I'm paying for that school.
Jesus! Look at that thing.
Oh. Maybe that's a good
thing we're landing.
But then how are we going to get
to Paris?
One crisis at a time.
London control. This is 1765.
We're at 12,000 feet.
Yes I'll be on my way colonel and I
will explain more in detail when I
Arrive at the base but in the meantime
I don't think we can afford to
Wait for the authorities to take
Doctor, I do not understand.
The multiple eruptions and earthquakes are
linked colonel, there's far more magma,
Ash and sulpher dioxide being
released than predicted.
The result is something, something
we've never seen before.
The model I sent you should help
explain it, do you have it open?
Yes, yes I've got the model
Then you should be able to see
the fault lines, which exist
Along the edges of
the tectonic plate.
Would you please get me a warmer
jacket and a clean shirt?
Sorry about that colonel, as I
was saying.
Do you mind if I put you on
speakerphone for a moment?
Of course not.
As I was saying it was a massive
tectonic shift in the mid-Atlantic
Rift under Iceland that caused
a chain reaction earthquakes
And volcanic eruptions
across the continent.
But currently, the ash clouds
from these separate eruptions
Are merging and spreading as
one through the atmosphere.
And because the cloud are blocking out
the sun, temperatures are falling.
Yes, but...
Due to the pre-existing storm
system in the north Atlantic,
The glacial melt has
increased exponentially.
Look, how can that be?
Temperatures falling?
Glaciers melting?
Surely that means temperatures
are rising.
No, because the chemical make up of
volcanic debris sends increased sulfide
Levels into the atmosphere,
thus increasing precipitation.
Alright, alright. How long is it going
to take before this cloud dissipates?
Click the blue tab on the model,
will you?
Well the cloud is projected to block
the sun for the next eighteen to
Twenty four months at least.
And all that time,
Temperatures will continue to plummet.
Is it snowing there yet?
No. No no it's not.
Good, it's only a matter of
Doctor, how much snow are
we talking about here?
Given the enormous amount of
moisture rising into the atmosphere.
Look, we're still working
on the model for that.
It should be ready by the time I
reach the base, will that do?
Yes of course. Wait one moment doctor.
Let me quite clear about this.
What you're saying is that this storm
will persist in a matter of years.
What is going to happen to Europe? I mean,
how much of Europe will remain habitable?
I don't wish to engage
in hyperbole colonel.
I'm receiving new
data just right now.
I'll really have to
get back to you.
Have we heard from headquarters
I think we should give them a
little call.
And um, I'd like to review
the emergency protocols.
If this thing is going
to go pear shaped
I think we awt to be prepared.
See to it.
...The tectonic shifts causing earthquakes
and volcanic eruptions in Iceland
And the European
continent are also
Affecting the arctic circle. Scientists
in Murmansk report glacial breaks as
Long as ten kilometers,
while experts from
The Byrd polar research center estimate
the rise in sea level from rapidly
Melting polar ice will flood coastal
cities in Scandinavia and beyond.
Residents of those areas are advised
to move inland as quickly as possible
To ensure their own safety. To allow
government officials to make preparations
Against this global phenomenon.
London city airport will be closed in
forty-five minutes, all personnel should
Whoo, it's cold as hell out there.
We didn't pack for this weather.
There's no signal. We could
try the staffline phone.
We should call the kids.
Well, why don't we wait and
figure out a game plan here.
Why don't you call the?
It got a little nippy huh?
Yeah, it'll be warm in the
Oh my god it's dad!
He must be calling from the
Hi dad, hey look we're just
getting the metro right now, soo.
Hey Ryan hold on a second. Listen, we won't
be landing in le bourse, we had to land in
London because the ash cloud.
Has it gotten there yet?
No, it's not but it's coming.
It's cold and
dark in the middle of the
day, are you guys ok?
Yeah we're fine. How are you guys doing?
How's Tyran?
She's great, wanna say hi?
Hey dad.
Hello Taryn. Would you put
me on the speakerphone Hun.
Listen guys, we are going
to be grounded here in
London for a few days
because of the weather.
So why don't you hold
up in the apartment and
after it clears up we'll reconnect.
How is that?
Ok yeah, sounds good. Hey
tell lacey we say hi!
Oh hi guys, can't wait to meet
Us too, us too.
Alright guys we'll talk in a
couple days.
Awe he's so sweet.
Kiss ass.
You're a kiss ass.
"kiss-ass"? I'm just trying to
be nice.
So what's the plan?
The plan is to get a nice hotel room
and start our honeymoon right now.
You know if the planes are going to be
grounded, the roads and the trains are
Going to be packed. Maybe we
should head to Paris right now.
- Right now?
- Yeah.
Right now?
Good idea.
Ok, I'll go rent us a car and you
book us a ticket on the Eurostar.
Sounds good. May be on the way there we can
get some winter gear for us and the kids.
That's a good idea.
Let's go to the market before
we go home, if there's a
Storm coming, it'll be good to
stock up.
I guess that's the ash cloud.
I guess it is.
Whoo, did you feel that,
it just got really cold.
Yeah weird, let's get going.
Cmon! Cmon!
Oh god, Ryan!
Ryan, Ryan are you ok?!
I think so, nice going t.
Soccer kicks footballs ass.
Ok cmon, it's not safe.
Cmon, we gotta get outa here.
Any luck?
No but I've gotten to hear "do you really
wanna hurt me" eighty seven times.
I will never look at boy
George the same way again.
This weather's a mess, why don't we just
get a motel for the night and we'll
Get an early start
in the morning?
Steve, why is it me that's
pushing you to see your kids?
Shouldn't this be all your idea?
Well, I guess it should be. I guess I have
to get used to thinking like a good parent.
It'll be a little difficult considering I
was always told I was such a bad husband...
Well... It takes two to
make a marriage work.
It does...
Or not work.
Listen I love you, and I
know you're a good man.
Thank you honey.
God, I can't believe it's
Check the radio, see what's
going on.
Potentially the worst snow storms
since 1908, when more than
26 inches fell over three days in April.
Currently in
London the temperature is below zero and
dropping steadily. Dozens of cities
Around the nation are without power,
but we will continue to broadcast
As long as are able.
This can't be right.
How certain are you?
The projection is based on
current data.
16 inches of ash will cover Europe?
The sun
will be blocked out by
this cloud for 2 years.
Earthquakes, after shocks. Temperatures
will fall below zero and remain there.
And snow will continue to fall more or
less continuously for the next 22 months.
My god man. This is an
unmanageable catastrophe.
Well it's a situation colonel, like I said,
I don't like to engage in hyperbole.
Hyperbole! Hyperbole!
Good god man if these
projections are correct.
Europe on the large
portion of the
Northern hemisphere, have just
entered into a new ice age.
At least the hail stopped. Do you want
to head home or go to the market?
Let's do both. Let's go
get some boat, jackets.
Let's stock up on food
and water and hold
Up in the flat like dad said,
Ok. Sounds like a plan.
Ryan, what are you doing,
you're such a cluts.
I didn't anything. You
think it's the metro?
help me!
Come with me.
No no no it's fine.
Come with me.
No no no. My brother. Ryan!
My brother is there.
He's probably dead. I can save
Let me go!
You are panicking. Come with me.
Let me go!
Come on.
Ok. If you insist.
Ryan! Are you ok?
Taryn? You ok?
I asked you first.
Ah! It sucked. I think I hit my
I got hit on by some
crazy French guy in the
middle of this earthquake.
Whatever it is.
another earthquake.
We got to get outta here.
Let's go.
Do you think the earthquakes are related
to the ash cloud? Or the volcanoes?
I don't know. We should keep
Where are we going to go?
I don't know. The embassy?
They've got to have some kind of
Emergency plan to protect
american citizens.
It's so cold.
What are we gonna do? Ryan I'm scared.
I'm really scared.
Be scared later.
Taryn! Taryn!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
You think it's over?
I don't know it fells like
it's just the beginning.
Oh man, look at that. Totally
Do your phone work?
There's no signal.
Maybe at the embassy?
Let go to place de la Concorde.
at least the
earthquake has stopped.
For now.
Come on, let's go.
Preliminary reports put the temblor
at 8.4 on the richter scale.
Hospitals are overwhelmed with
with wounded, and thousands
Are still unaccounted for in
the sudden wreckage littering
Paris. While the city has
seen minor earthquakes in its
History, never has there been
anything of this severity. Even
The Italian quake of 1908
was only 7.5 magnitude...
Ok Im calling the kids again.
No, no I've got another idea.
Ok who are we calling?
Colonel ralph Dillard, we served together
in desert storm. He's with NATO now
But he's commander of Gelsenkirchen,
he'll know what's going on.
Ralph, Steve Foster here.
Steve. This is not a good
time to talk I'm afraid.
No I understand that sir, I'm in
England and my kids are in Paris.
Paris? Have you spoken to them?
Yeah about three hours ago but
not since the earthquake sir.
My dear fellow I'm so sorry.
No no no that's alright they're smart
kids they're probably alright I'm sure.
Oh yes of course. I didn't mean
... Oh
We're heading to Paris right
How are you getting there?
We're going to the euro tunnel
to put the car on the train.
Have you made a booking?
No we can't get through.
Alright, I may be able to help you there.
What's your eta?
Little over an hour or so depending
on the weather and traffic.
Alright. I'm in Germany but I got
a friend of mine in Truckston.
Thanks ralph.
What about the kids?
What's that?
The kids, we haven't spoken with
'em since before the earthquake.
They don't know we're coming, and
we don't know where they're at.
Well the good news is the mobile system in
Paris is still working. It's crowded but
Keep trying and you may get
What's the bad news, more
The earthquakes are the
least of our problems.
Then what's the bigger problem?
Look, Steve. This ash cloud combined with
a freak storm and some circumstances
That I don't fully understand.
Anyway the long story short... The
Cold is going to get colder. And
the snow is going to get deeper.
Tell me there's a way
out of this, colonel.
Steve. Europe is finished. This
is a global crisis. Now think
Back to your emergency protocols.
They are executing
Operation, down under..
We are going to
evacuate all Plato
personal & their families
To Australia. I will have c-160's leaving
every 2 hours for the next 10 hours.
If you can get here, I premises you, I
will have a place for you on those planes.
Colonel I don't know if I can
get to Germany in 10 hours, it
Might take me that long
just to get to Paris.
How about Evreux?
That's a good possibility.
If you can get over there I'll
get a mi8 pick you up there. Go
By Paris and bring
you here, alright.
I'll do my best.
Well you got 10 hours to
find them and get you.
After that I can't help.
Now listen Steve, I owe you big. This
is the best I can do. I've got an
Awful lot on my
plate at the moment.
No I understand colonel, when I see
you in 10 hours, we'll be even.
Well, I look forward to see you.
Good bless.
Thank you colonel, out.
What exactly did you do for him?
Nothin' he wouldn't have done
for me.
Where's Evreux?
It's an air force base about 65
miles north of Paris. And I'll
Tell ya, that's a
lucky break for us.
Well considering.
Speaking of lucky breaks, just a couple
of miles to go to the euro tunnel.
Ok I'm calling the kids again.
Oh no. It's too late. It's
already been abandoned.
Maybe not.
Let's check around back.
See. Somebody must still be
I don't know. It look pretty
dead to me.
Ok. Worst case scenario.. It's
warmer in there then it is out here.
Maybe there's supplies. A working phone.
If all that
Fails we climb to the
top and use your phone.
Ok, for the record...
Duly noted. C'mon.
We're Americans. We need help.
Which way?
I don't know.
That way?
Ok, how about that way?
Ok, that way?
What? It's dirty. It's creepy. It looks
like it's going to fall apart any second.
Look at the bright side.
What bright side?
Let's just go that way.
At least they have power.
Look at the lights.
Yeah sure. This isn't creepy at
All we need is a scratching sound and
a little girl in the corner singing
ring around the Rosie
Ryan! Where are you?
Taryn! Taryn! Call down I'm
right here.
There's a light at the end of the hallway.
They must have emergency power.
Let's go check it out.
Oh god what a mess.
It's dead. What are you doing?
Looking for something useful. Maybe someone
left a hat or a jacket, or something.
Let's head up to the room. Maybe
your cellphone will get a signal.
You crazy. I'm not going up to
the roof.
We are just looking for...
You are an american.
Who are you?
I'm Ryan foster, this my sister Taryn, her
dad is major Steve foster. Us air force.
But we can't get a hold of him,
and our house got destroyed.
And we're freezing
and we figured
The best place would be the us
Yeah sorry to let you
down but this place has
been red tagged. Everyone
left 15 minutes ago.
We set up a red cross
station at the Louvre.
I don't even know how you guys got in here.
Probably the security left with them too,
Crap. I got to get outta here
and you too it's not safe here.
No no no, wait wait wait. Do you have any
jackets or coat, or something for us?
The red cross has all that for
No I mean we are talking about right now.
We're freezing.
I can't help you.
Is your phone working?
No. Look we gotta go. I
just came back for these
files, and I have them.
We have to go. C'mon.
But I can't go out like this.
Look it's better to be outside then inside.
You don't have to
Worry about things
falling in your head.
Let's go.
Hey wait!
Move your asses.
Hey! We don't know where we're
I think we are suppose
to stand on the doorway.
This is stupid. Let's go.
You all right?
I don't think I broke anything.
How are you?
Yeah. Lucky I landed on you.
Ryan, kicking it is not gonna open it.
It has a metal door.
It must be some kind
of vault or something.
Alright then we climb out.
Ryan? Don't tell me we're
trapped down here.
We're not trapped down here.
Yeah but is that true?
That's what I'm working on.
We gotta get out of here.
I'm going to boost you up ok?
Just step right here. Boost up,
you climb out, and just go.
And the what?
You get outta the building as fast
as you can before it comes down.
Yeah but what about you?
We'll figure something out?
We'll figure something out? What do
you mean we'll figure something out?
What are you gonna do? Climb up?
Jump up? Light
a bat signal? We have
to get out of here.
That's what I'm talking about!
Let's go! Come on!
I'm not leaving you.
Taryn, just go. Alright?
Get out of the building.
I'll be right behind you.
You will not. Don't lie to me
What do you want me to do Taryn?
If we stay here we die.
Alright, get out of here. Save
You're out of your freaken mind if you
think I'm going to leave you here.
What am I going to tell dad?
I'm gonna climb up and
figure something out.
I'll come back and get you ok?
I'll be right back. Ok?
I'll be right here.
Hey I found something.
Great, a latter?
Ok just stand in the corner I'm
going to drop this down, ok?
Perfect. Do you have the
other end tied to something?
Give me a second.
I'm all set.
You sure?
Thank god.
oh my god. We
gotta get outta here. C'mon.
Help! Help! Somebody help!
Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! What happened?
You've been electrocuted.
You're going to be alright.
I don't know how to work this thing.
What do I do with this thing?
I don't know what to do?
Help! Help somebody! Help me!
What happened?
I don't know. He's had a
million volts of electricity.
He's been electrocuted. Please.
Put those back. Put those back!
Ok ok don't yell at me.
I gotta check his heart beat...
It's there but it's irregular.
Ryan! I thought you left.
No no the tremor hit me
in the head, knocked
me out and the
screaming woke me up.
Can you walk? Ryan! Come on.
You ok? You ok? Ok we gotta go.
Wait, now where?
The Louvre. If he was right about the
red cross that's where they'll be.
Where is it?
Union river. By the pound north.
What's up?
We're not gonna make it,
we're not gonna make it.
I'm going to talk to this guy.
Excuse me I have a reservation.
Departure hanger?
What's that?
You can't board without a departure hanger.
The machine is over there.
Can you just check, it's Steve
foster, foster, f- o-s-t.
I can here you. I just don't
I don't think you understand,
colonel Dillard called
Personally to make a
reservation for me.
If you have a reservation, you
get your departure hanger over
There. Not that it'll do any
And why's that?
They are hours behind. Those people
where meant to be on the 9am.
And they have been here all day.
I hear that the next train might be
the last because of the weather.
I hear that the next train might be
the last because of the weather.
What the hell are you doing?
We're not gonna get a pass, the whole
system's falling apart and we're running
Out of time. Let's try to use the
service tunnel. Call the kids.
Is that your phone? No way!
It's still working?
Yeah it's dad, hello dad, where are
you guys, did you hear what happened?
Taryn thank god, listen it's
They alright?
Uh, your father's busy driving are you ok?,
is, is your brother with you? Is he safe?
Ryan is here. We're fine. We're
fine but the city is horrible.
Ok listen everything's going
to be fine, we have a plan.
Ok, what's the plan?
We need a place to rendezvous.
Ok listen, we need a place we can find you,
what do you see around you, what's nearby?
Nothing. Nothing it's all gone.
What are they asking?
They need a place to meet us.
The embassy?
The tower.
The Eiffel tower, it's still
They say the Eiffel
tower's still standing.
Perfect, tell 'em to
go to the tower and
find a safe place to
stay and look out for a
Helicopter. We'll be there, it'll
take some time but we'll get there.
Corporal I'm major foster, us air force.
I need access to the service tunnel.
Sorry sir, this tunnel
is for emergencies only.
This is an emergency corporal,
I need to get to France.
So do all those people.
My children are stranded in Paris
corporal, I need to get to them.
My mom's in Reykjavik. We
haven't spoken since yesterday.
I understand sir.
What's the problem?
He's not gonna let us
Look at that!
When more people realize
they won't get through.
It's getting ugly out there. And
it's only going to get worse
We're running out of time.
They're going to close this
Tunnel and we're never
going to get out of here.
Ah the hell with it. Hold on.
Alright, we're on our way.
Whoo I'm freezing my ass off.
We need coats.
You're telling me.
Hey look, best case scenario.
They're not gonna
be here for another 3
hours, probably more.
So why don't we go find coats and
somewhere warm where we can rest a while.
Ok but I don't want to want
to miss them at the tower.
Neither do I. We get
pneumonia out here, we're
not going to be doing
anyone any favors.
They're still in England, right? They have
to find the helicopter where ever the hell
That is. Then fly to Paris. It's
gonna be a while. And it's cold.
Ok. Where do you want to go?
Uh, I don't know. This way?
At least it's in the
direction of the Louvre.
What is it? What is it? What is
The army is rounding up people
probably for evacuation.
Well that's a good thing right?
Not if it stops us from
getting to lacey and dad.
Whatever is going on here. Staying at a
refugee camp is not gonna save us ok?
Wait Ryan? The cold. It's freezing. I don't
want to die out here in the streets.
Here. Here. Let me think.
Where are we?
Avenue George. I know what we
can do.
Run to the Fourreur industries.
They actually teach you something
useful in fashion school, huh.
Let's go.
I don't think there's anyone
It doesn't look like
there's anything here.
I guess we are not the 1st people to think
of Fourreur's would be a good stop huh.
There's gotta be something.
Hey. Maybe downstairs. There's gotta
be a stock room or something right?
We're going to shop. I'm not
going back out there like this.
Here try this.
Oh, better?
Oh, we got lucky.
Relatively speaking.
Of course you don't speak
Typical Americans.
We're sorry. We didn't think-
You didn't think I'd mind being
The lootters already took most of my coats.
But you won't get these.
Sir, please we don't meet any harm.
We just-
You know how it is out there.
It's freezing.
It's only getting colder.
We need these coats.
Then you buy them like anyone
Ok yeah. Fine sure. How much?
Price is determined by need.
And your need is great.
So the price is
will be great also.
I'd say... 20,000 euros.
A piece.
20,000 euros? That's ridiculous.
Yeah. Who's robbing who here?
Please sir. Be reasonable.
Leave my money or leave my coats.
or leave both.
We're making good time,
as long as the roads
ahead of us are as good
as they were in England.
And no more earthquakes.
Don't jinx it.
It's not the snow I'm so
worried about, it's the wind.
Right, my lips are sealed.
This really is what you do isn't
What's that?
Keep cool in a crisis, rise to
the challenge, find solutions.
Well, that is what I was trained for,
unfortunately I wasn't trained in raising a
Family, but it's going to work this
time I promise you, no it will work.
Yeah it's gonna work.
It's gonna work, I'll make sure
it works.
Australia will be the
true test of that. All
four of us livin' in a
little tent together?
Australia, I wonder what
that's going to be like...
I'll certainly get
to know your kids.
I'm sure they found some place in
Paris to get some cold weather gear.
Yeah I'm sure.
Knowing Taryn, she probably spent 3000
dollars on some skimpy little ski jacket.
You know I think you're a much better
father than you give yourself credit for.
Well thanks.
I'm sure they're just a couple of
chips right off the old block.
Well let's hope, right now our
mission is to find 'em, make
Sure they're safe and,
get them out of Paris.
Roger that major..
Look, easy here. Here take my
credit card.
Cash only. Mona mi.
We don't have that kinda cash.
Who would? Please just...
We gotta get outta here.
I'm trapped.
I can't lift it. It's too heavy.
Oh my god the ceiling!
It's not gonna hold.
Ryan hurry!
You gotta get me out.
I'm going to go for some help,
Help? Where? Ryan, you
can't leave me here.
Tyran, I have to. I can't
lift this by myself.
We need help, ok?
Look, I won't be a minute,
Ryan! Ryan, you can't leave me
Just hang tight. I'll be right back, ok?
I promise.
Hey help! Help! Hey.
Sir. You got to help me.
Hey. It's you.
My sister... Um she's
downstairs, she's trapped.
S'il vous plait. Please.
Ryan, you didn't bring anybody?
It's crazy out there but I
brought this.
I'm going to lift it up as high as I can.
You run as fast as you can out, ok?
Ok, do it!
1... 2... 3.
I'm trying.
Go. Go. Go.
Ryan, thank you so much.
Sorry I called you a pervert.
that's the 1st thing you
think of to apologize to me for?
Shut up.
How bad is that?
Damn these were 200 dollar
Right but are ya gonna die of
It hurts but the cut is not that deep.
I'll be fine.
Ok, good. We need to get a cross the sea.
The tower is on the rive droite.
Wow Ryan. That's impressive.
No not really. That's the only bit of
French I've learned since I've been here.
That and "it's ok I'm a doctor."
Alright. Well let's find somewhere
warm and dry until they get here.
Yeah. I could so go for a
nice cup of coffee right now.
Mmm coffee. How about a hazelnut crepe?
Chocolate a Claire? Foot rub?
Sarcasm isn't helpful right now
Yes doctor?
I want you to check my work.
I think perhaps I've made a mistake because
what I'm looking at here is unprecedented.
I can't send it to NATO until
I am sure it is correct.
Of course Dr. Goldschein.
Ana have you ever heard
about uh an ice cyclone?
Is there any record
of such a thing?
Not that I know of doctor.
Well, check the figures.
Otherwise I wouldn't want to think what an
ice cyclone could do in a city like Paris.
Was that an earthquake?
Maybe just a passing tremor.
Still, I'll feel safer when
we're above sea level again.
About ten minutes and we'll be
up top.
Just a few miles to go now.
Then how far to Evreux?
About two hours tops, depending
on the road conditions.
I wonder which is going to be
worse, the main roads or the back.
What was that? Was that another
I don't know but I didn't
like the sound of it.
Another one, but, it's getting
What is that?
Holy cow!
What is that?
That's the english chanel coming
Just go!, just go.
Go faster!
I'm going fast, I git I I I got
it at max!
Look, its right in front of
us you see it? Cmon cmon!
No just, stay in the
gah I see it I see it!
Come on. Come on.
It's coming in everywhere look
at that!
I see it.
Look at that! It's getting
closer to us!
Honey I see it.
Just keep going! Go, it's coming in
behind us, it's getting closer, cmon!
There's the exit! There's the exit!
Brace yourself! Brace yourself!
How many dead?
Over a thousand. The trains were
full to capacity. Over full.
Well, I suppose that
it's just a drop in the
bucket compared to the
millions are gonna
Die before this is over.
And it was the 1pm departure?
that's the one I booked Steve on.
he was a good man.
Anyway. I might be able to do
something for his children.
Paris. They're evacuating
Paris, aren't they?
Yes sir. They've rounded up the survivors
and put them in temporary shelters.
Right. Download pictures of the kids.
Send them to who ever is in charge.
And see if they can get them
But sir, why all this
effort for 2 Americans?
With all these sevilliance-
Because I owe the man.
He saved my life once.
We flew together for years.
E3 centuries,
desert storm, and a lot
of other operations.
95 we were in Alaska.
Took off on a perfectly
clear day and injested
an entire flock
Of Canada gees. The plane went
down like a stone. Everyone on
Board were killed or
seriously wounded..
I was unconscious, Steve was wounded but
he found me, pulled me out of the wreckage
And carried me on his back 3
miles back to headquarters.
We don't forget things like
There is a chance they made it
through before the quake of course.
Yes. Yes you are quite right.
He might have.
Alright, I'll try to get him on
his c-
But 1st sir, did you get a chance to
look at Goldschein revised model?
No no. I've been dealing
with operational matters.
What now?
Oh my god.
This is like a sick joke.
If I said our luck was holdin' up
would you consider that a jinx?
Well yeah, but now it's too
Well we are ahead of schedule.
Oh Dillards calling back
Hello? Colonel Dillard?
Hello, Steve? Steve this is
Um, uh, this is lacey
foster, Steves wife.
I can't understand what
you're staying. Hello?
Colonel, I think that's you, we are in
France, a couple of hours from Evreux.
I can't hear you. Listen there
has been a change of plan.
Paris is unsafe. Don't go to Paris.
Storm coming.
Hello? Colonel Dillard?
the kids...
Are directly... Danger...
Now, I will arrange to have
the kids picked up.
If you can get to Evreux,
the helicopter...
I can't, something about a storm and the
kids and Evreux, and... I don't know.
Look, I hope you understand this
Colonel, can you hear me? Can
you repeat?
Can't understand a word you're saying.
Got to go now. god bless.
Uh lost the signal.
Now what?
We'll have to just stick to the
plan that's all we can do.
This part of the city seems
It must have been evacuated
There's gotta be an unlocked
door somewhere around here.
If we can get inside someplace, preferably
someplace with food and power we outta be
Safe and warm until it's time
to meet up with dad and lacey.
Ok, breaking and entering,
great plan Ryan, great.
You wanna be law abiding
or you wanna be warm?
Come on, come on come on.
Damn he saw us.
Where are we gonna go.
We can't run. He'd follow, probably call
others, we'd just get further away from the
Tower, uh, maybe we
can reason with him?
He doesn't sound too reasonable,
He doesn't look that reasonable
Look Ryan, we don't know this guy, we
don't know where he would take us.
Dad is risking everything to be at the
tower, we need to be there when he arrives.
You're right c'mon!.
Alright easy, easy, look
we don't mean any harm.
You need to come with me. Everyone
is being evacuated. We have shelter
Outside the city with food
and medical supplies.
No we can't do that we're meeting
our parents at the Eiffel tower.
No no, you come with me. Your parents
are probably in the shelter already.
No, no, no. You don't
understand our parents...
No you don't understand.
A national disaster
has occurred. We need
to get everyone to
A place of safety.
Safety? Where? This isn't just
some storm, don't you get it?
I am not asking. Come with me
Look we can't we're sorry.
I have my order and now you have yours.
You come with me for your own safety.
Alright alright just don't
shoot us for our own safety.
Get back, get in.
How much further?
Ten or twelve miles.
Are we good on gas?
Oh yeah we're doing great.
Alrighty then. Nap time.
Whoa, you alright?!
That wind came out of nowhere -
must be 60/70 miles an hour!
Well what can we do?
We might have to pull
over until it passes.
Can we spare the time?
Not really but... We
might not have a choice.
Argh, argh.
Oh Steve!
Hold on!
You alright?
Yeah. You?
Yeah. Yeah... Ok.
Oh come on.
looks like
we're on foot from here soldier.
Oh foot?
yeah. It's alright.
It's only a couple miles.
Ha, a couple miles.
How are we gonna find the base?
It's fine. I have all the
coordinates in the GPS on my watch.
Ready for a little hike soldier?
Come on. Let's get the gear.
There you go,
Southwest. This way.
You will see. The shelter is probably
the best place for you to be.
Most likely your parents are
already there waiting for you.
Sir, we know you're just
trying to do your job
but we really need to
get to the tower, ok.
Our parents are coming
in from out of town.
No one is coming in from
out of town, mister.
Of that I can assure you.
Our dad is an air force pilot.
Or use to be.
And is sending a
helicopter to pick us up.
You need to let us go.
I am sorry mad' masel but...
Look out!
Oh my god.
Everyone alright?
Yeah I'm fine.
Is he alright?
I don't think so.
Oh my god, we're stuck!
He's got them on safety lock.
Do you smell that?
Oh my god, it's leaking!
Quick, we gotta get out of here.
Come on. Come on!
What about her?
you ok?
I'm a little dizzy.
We need to get out of here.
The Eiffel tower.
The Eiffel tower.
Short cut. Come come.
Can we rest for a second, it's
been hours.
C'mon honey we gotta keep moving, we
gotta keep the blood circulating.
My legs are on fire, but the
rest of me's numb with cold.
We gotta keep movin' honey c'mon.
Here, lacey
We're here!
What really, oh I can't believe
And still on schedule!
Don't jinx it, cmon.
Steve! Steve!
Well, it beats walking.
You alright?
It's creepy, there's nobody
Let's hope someone's still here.
Anybody here?!
Colonel Dillard sent us!
Foster! Over here.
C'mon, get in!
Lieutenant Carl Redding
sir, glad you made it.
Thank you Lt. This is my wife
Well now that you're here why
don't we get the hell out?
Good idea, I'll get the
doors and you start her up!
Well actually, I heard you're a
hell of a pilot, why I don't I
Get these doors and
you fire it up!
You got it!
Main rotter.
Oil pressure 10% n1, I should go
help him.
Main rotter?
Turning by 25%.
Ignition at 58%.
Oh! I'm ok.
He needs my help again.
We need to make up for lost
Oh. Good job.
How long until dad and lacey get
Honestly it could be any time. They
still have to get the helicopter.
I really hope we don't
miss them at the tower.
That would really suck.
We're not gonna miss them.
We are making good time.
Ok, well we don't need any
She's the one that knew
where the tunnel was.
Geez, we couldn't have left her back there.
That would be like murder.
It's getting worse
by the minute.
Nice bike.
We'll take that.
You can't take our...
Nobody said you could speak.
Yeah. I understand.
Good. So... We'll take the
And the coats too.
What? You can't take the -
The coats! Now!
Don't look so sad. You're
lucky you keep your shoes.
Or should I take them too?
No please.
Take off.
Man, not another earthquake.
Oh, this is getting' old.
Ce que se pasee?!
I don't know! The water in the
The water... It's freezing, it's
causing the pipes to burst.
Let's go.
You ok?
Oh my god.
Damn it, it's locked.
I'm gonna try the stairs let's
This is really bad.
I've never seen anything
like this before.
Can we get above it?
I'm worried about navigation. Half
the instruments are out as it is.
But it's worth a try.
Oh wow. We gotta get over that.
Uh oh.
Don't say uh oh. No uh oh.
Main rotter warning.
Dammit. Engine stall. Must be
the ash.
Are we gonna crash?
Not if I can help it.
We're falling.
Honey, I got it under control.
We're falling.
Honey, I got it under control. I've
trained for this exact scenario, alright?
It's called an auto rotation.
We keep the rotter angled.
The blades spinning. We'll have a
controlled decent. Understand?
Yeah. I think so.
Just got to give the
engine time to recover.
Are we gonna land?
We might have to.
Are we gonna crash?
We might have too.
Honey, it's ok.
I'll try one more time. Just
give the engine time to kick in.
Are we dead?
I don't think so.
Did we crash?
I don't think so.
are we going to be ok?
I think so honey.
Next time we'll take a cruise.
You got a deal.
They did say they were coming
in a helicopter, right?
Where are they going to land?
Not down there.
Yeah and not here. Ryan,
what are we gonna do?
Maybe, maybe if we can
find a way to get to
the top they can drop a
rope ladder or we can
Find a way to climb on
board... I don't know!
You don't know?
After all this we're just gonna
die here?
We would have been better
off in a refugee camp Ryan.
You know dad he's
like freakin captain
America, if anyone can
pull this off he can.
You still believe that, after all
this, why do you idolize him so much?
Because he's a hero! And I'd be
lucky to be half the man he is.
Well, he'd better not be late,
otherwise he's grounded, for life.
C'mon, a thousand more
oh, oh.
I don't like the sound of that.
C'mon t. This thing has been standing
since 1889, it's not gonna fall over now.
But it wasn't built to last.
Have a little faith c'mon!
You ok?
Yeah you ok?
Let's keep going.
Ok, maybe we should head back
Okay, let's keep moving!
Paris. Where's the tower?
We would be able to see it if it wasn't for
all these storm clouds and all these ashes.
Oh, there it is.
Let's just get there
1st and find the kids.
One crisis at a time.
Hey it's them.
I don't know it's a helicopter!
Hey hey, over here.
Come on kids, where are you?
Do you see them?
Maybe they are underneath it?
Maybe, but it could be
unstable down there.
Hey hey, over here.
Oh there Steve, Ryan Ryan!
There is no way he can here you
Oh thank god!
Incredible right?!
Hey hey, hey!
What the?
Hurry hurry!
I see it but I don't know
what the hell it is.
May be this is what Dillard
was talking about.
May be.
All we can do is get there
before it does.
Read my mind.
Ryan, if we don't make it out of
here, I just want you to know.
Yeah yeah yeah no I love you too
No no no I mean I love
you but I quit school.
What?! When?!
A couple months ago, I didn't
want you to be disappointed in me
You're so much like
dad, in a good way.
Hopefully that will be the
worst news I get today.
Dammit. I missed it.
Try again.
It's alright try again.
Can you get any closer?
I'm trying. What if the wind
slams us right into that thing.
T you ok?
That freakin' hurt.
I don't like this anymore Ryan.
Me either let's get outta here.
They got it.
Now what? They can't climb this
It's alright. We'll have to
We need a hook or a rod or
I'm on it!
You're ok? Ready, go!
Ok get ready.
You ready t?
You got this. You got this. Go
Everybody alright?
Cut that line.
Hold on!
What was that?
We got hit.
How bad is it?
It's not good. We got 100 miles to go.
Only an hour to get there.
Are we gonna make it?
We'll find out soon enough.
Cornel how come we don't
leave if everyone is here?
Because not everyone is here.
You're willing to risk all of our lives for
people who may or may not make it on time?
The storm is only getting worse.
We should leave this minute.
Who the hell are they anyway.
We should get out of here.
The plane leaves on time.
Not a second before.
Make final preparations for take
Come on. Come on. Just 10 miles.
We can make it. We can make it.
All set sir. Departure on your
Very well.
There's the base.
I think we are going to be ok.
Don't jinx it.
Don't be superstitious honey.
Hold on. We're going down.
Let's just hope the snow
is as soft as it looks.
I love you daddy.
I love you too baby. Hold on.
Wait a minute. There they are.
Everybody hang on! This is it!
Looks like they didn't make it
Well we better check it out.
Listen man. If half and hour
is gonna save the life of that
Family that's what
I'm going to do.
Sir. You have 25 minutes
Cornel Dillard, you know
where I got my orders.
Look, I wish you got speed sir.
In 26 minutes we will be airborne
with or without you sir.
You'll do what you have to do
But just bet in mind, that could
be your family out there.
Right. I need volunteers.
Good lads. Come on.
Hold it.
Alright. Double time.
Anyone alive?
ralph is that you?
Quick! Get them out.
Steve hang on.
Get it outta the way.
You alright?
sorry I'm late buddy.
I see your flying had improved.
I learned from the best sir.
You can't count either.
She's with me. You got room
don't you?
Yes we got room come on.
They're waiting for us. Quick as
you can.
Oh my god.
They actually made it.
Yeah, I think better run that
preflight check one more time.
Just to make sure.
How's school Taryn?
Ah yeah I've been meaning to
talk to you about that dad.
Oh yeah?
Didn't exactly go as planned.
Well it is a time for new
beginnings, for all of us.