100 metros (2016) Movie Script

The most important thing is winning.
The only thing.
Being the best.
What you do is okay.
It's correct.
But... Michael Jordan,
Nadia Comaneci, Jesse Owens,
Johan Cruyff.
They didn't try to do something
that was "correct".
You have to go out there and enjoy yourselves,
see your rivals' blood freeze.
Like a midnight call.
That's why you need us.
Because you don't want
a caped guy.
You want Iron Man.
When was the last time
you had as much fun as last night?
By night we're good.
But during the daytime we're
much better.
We're creating one of the best
campaigns we've ever designed.
And it's for you.
They've lapped it up.
It's bought me some time.
Tonight we'll have sushi to celebrate.
We've got to go to my dad's.
I don't know what he's done this time.
And I haven't been able to pick up
the kid's present, can you do it?
But don't forget it.
My God, Dad.
You're so fucking clumsy!
Come on, get lost.
- Ma'am, your dad's an ogre.
- Yeah.
Yes. I know, I'm sorry.
Dad, you just have
to tie it like this.
Does it hurt?
No, it's just a bruise.
You've brought him?
How are you, sir?
Happy as hell, you clown.
Give me that,
give it to me.
Leave that.
And that too.
I'm not leaving it.
You can't live in this chaos.
Leave my chaos alone.
What's happened here?
- What's the roof doing on the floor?
- It's falling down.
Get dressed,
you're coming with us.
Dad, you're coming with us.
Inma, don't put pressure on him.
What's this?
Raw fish.
This is what you teach your son?
It's been hundreds,
thousands of years
since man invented fire.
What are we? Creatures, animals?
Is this what your mom
and I taught you?
- It's good, Dad, try it.
- Come on!
And try that green thing.
It's called wasabi, it's really sweet.
- Really good.
- Ramn, enough.
And leave the phone,
we're at the table.
I'm working, Inma.
If you don't sweat,
it's not working.
Can I get my present now?
This is the first comic
with Iron Man in it.
And this is his first armor.
Take good care of it. It's valuable.
It's just an old comic book.
Here you go, honey.
Here's five euros and go buy a new one.
Is there bread?
In the kitchen.
I'll be in the study.
You can't be in the study
because my father's staying there.
Everything's turning out just great.
Manolo! Inma!
Why are you cutting the bread
on the tablet?
Cutting it, on the board.
All the useless things
you've missed, Pili.
And your Inmaculada
has got them all.
This isn't like the country.
Here we've got neighbors.
Maybe it's a little bit late for Noelia.
And while we're at it,
you could shave
and wash.
Now you're in my house.
My house,
my rules.
Tomorrow I'm going back to mine.
No, you'll stay here
until they fix the roof.
And maybe longer.
Have a good night.
Huge dick?
You're so dirty!
- Erase that.
- Hold on, I'll finish it.
- Come on, write.
- I'm writing.
I have this weird tingling sensation.
- You want to know why?
- Why?
Because you don't exercise.
You spend all day sitting.
It's as if I had pebbles
inside my sock.
- You could get help from my dad.
- You're crazy.
Hey, he's been a PE teacher
for 40 years.
And an ogre for 60.
You'd loose the muffin top.
I'm really busy.
I've got the Brazil convention.
- I though you liked my muffin top.
- I love it.
But I also like abs.
This couple has communication issues.
I thought you liked it.
I haven't exercised my whole life
because of you.
- Turn off the light.
- You turn it off.
You turn it off.
If you don't, you'll witness a crime.
- Really?
- Yes.
Don't touch there.
You know me.
Is this yours?
Is everything okay, Dad?
Child, you're already pregnant.
Why are you always sad,
are you dying?
I'll die whenever I feel like it.
I'm a real man.
What is being a real man?
Taking the right decisions
at the right time.
When I grow up I want to be
a real man, like Mom.
- You're so unlucky.
- Send me the quarterly accounts.
Yeah. Okay.
Hold on a second.
I'm off to work.
Dad will be taking you to school, okay?
Go ahead.
Don't hang up, hold on.
You could have made the bed.
I need you to do a couple of things
before work.
Do you mind?
Why don't you...
You're not going to work?
Work, work...
Where is...
Inma, the...
Okay, Ramn.
You can take the goggles off now.
So. That's it. Right, doctor?
And how's the tingling?
Do you still have it?
Well yes, a bit on the right leg
and not much more.
ut that's got to be stress related.
I don't get sick so easily.
I see. And can you do this easily?
Okay, Ramn.
I'll introduce a needle between the vertebrae.
Don't move.
Come with me, please.
The results from the MRI
and the lumbar puncture
give us reason to believe
it's a disease called multiple sclerosis.
You've had what's commonly called
a sclerotic relapse.
A relapse?
Our nerves,
both brain and spinal nerves are protected,
like electrical cables,
by a substance called myelin.
In sclerosis, our defense,
the immune system,
gets it wrong and attacks
and injures that protection.
So you can have a short-circuit.
A relapse.
From some you can recover pretty much.
And others can have side effects.
What kind of effects?
We have to take it step by step.
What kind of effects?
Each relapse affects
each patient differently.
That's why...
That's why it's called
the many-faced disease.
Is it...
Is it a degenerative disease?
- Would you like some water?
- No.
Inma, I'm sorry, I have to get to work.
Ramn, stress won't help you at all.
Your priority should be treatment.
Working on mobility.
Training your brain.
Considering rehabilitation options.
Am I going to end up in a wheelchair?
We don't know
what's going to happen or when.
You can have a relapse
every ten years
or ten relapses every year.
According to your report, Ramn,
right now you shouldn't be able to walk.
Come on.
Not being able to walk.
Inma, this is going
to change things a lot.
He should start getting daily injections.
He could have a relapse.
It won't be easy.
ut we're here.
Where were you?
I've been calling you for hours.
My battery died out, okay?
You're drunk.
I'm however I fucking want to be.
I'm fucking great.
I understand my body
better than anyone.
I know myself.
And what they've told you
are tall tales to sell drugs.
ut you believe everything.
Sure, I'm an idiot who believes scans.
I'm talking to you!
Inmaculada, it's 4 am,
what the fuck is going on?
If he's drunk, to bed and that's it.
Is this fucking parasite still here?
When is he fixing his roof?
Fuck all!
No, no.
Don't say anything.
I don't want to say it
but I will.
For your mother and for myself.
We don't like this guy.
We don't like Ramn.
He's got multiple sclerosis.
Do you want me to help you?
I'll never feel better than this
for the rest of my life, right?
What happens if tomorrow...
I have a relapse and my heart stops?
Or if I go blind
and can't see my kids' faces?
Or yours?
That's not going to happen.
We're the lucky ones.
I can't feel you, Inma.
- I can't feel your skin.
- Come here.
I'm here.
I'm here.
I didn't meet my grandparents.
And I don't care.
You know why?
Because what's important for me
is to meet my grandchildren.
For the weak,
the future is the unattainable.
For cowards, it's the unknown.
For the brave, it's an opportunity.
Your company must show the world
its full potential.
It's strength.
And to do that you have us.
That's our campaign.
The campaign designed by our genius,
Are you okay?
Sirs, the...
The company...
Ramn, today we've been lucky.
Those are corticoids.
They'll help you
but you'll get swollen and tired.
Later on we'll try with a drug
comparable to amphetamines.
Just what I needed!
That's good, a sense of humor.
Isn't' there a comedy department?
Well, yes, the payroll department.
Ramn, your body has rejected
the treatment.
We have to start with another one.
You'll receive it once
a month in hospital.
What am I going to do with my life now?
- Good morning.
- Hi.
It's still not visiting hours.
- I'm not visiting.
- Oh, sorry.
Do you have your card?
Okay, welcome, Ramn.
I'm Claudia.
Follow me.
Are you coming?
All this is the walking area.
Here we have the standers that...
- Hi, Paula.
- Hi.
They help you stand up.
- Hi.
- Hi.
The tilt tables.
You'll be really happy here, Ramn.
And this is the treatment room.
Sclerotics, always moody.
Should I make a guess? Mario.
This is your place.
Ramn, this is your monthly menu.
It won't agree with you,
the first few days you'll be...
Fucked up.
Thanks, Mario.
I'll come to insert the IV in a moment.
This is just the beginning.
You won't believe
how tired you'll be.
The good thing is
the amphetamines we get are good.
You've been lucky.
Most cases are diagnosed
before turning 30.
How old are you? Fifty?
Good luck getting as old
as you look.
Soon you'll feel you're 90.
Like that one.
- Or like this dick.
- Leave me alone.
And bring a book.
This guy is unbearable.
Shut up. You can't see a thing.
The best you can do
is get hold of a chair like this.
You'll end up in one anyway.
Steal it. What'll they do?
Go after you?
Not listening to this guy
is the best possible treatment.
If you give up like him
or you battle against the disease,
it'll win.
You know?
What you should do now
is understand it's your best enemy.
It's like having a bad
dance partner,
you just have to be careful
of not being stepped on.
You'll see that, in time, being careful
will lead to another perspective.
To a different way of living.
You're so boring with that crap.
What has the fucking disease
taught you?
That you can't fuck?
You'll see, in a year you won't be able
to walk a hundred meters.
It's the only certainty
in this fucking multiple uncertainty.
Friends, I'm leaving.
And don't worry.
See you.
Hey, Ramn, what's up?
Hi, Marcos, it's Inma.
Hi, Inma.
I was thinking the guys from work
could cheer Ramn up
by going out with him one night.
He's been locked up for weeks.
Let's see if we can make it.
Inma, I have a huge respect for Ramn
and I couldn't stand seeing him
like the last time.
Maybe he needs to relax.
Tell him I'll call. But this week I can't.
Inma? Did we get cut off?
No, we didn't.
I cut you off because
you're an asshole.
And a worthless guy.
I don't know how to do this.
You'll make it.
You'll see.
Let's go.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
I think he looks like you.
I hope he's nothing like me.
I don't know how I'll be able
to hold my own son.
I can't even hold a toothbrush.
Hold your son.
I can't, Inma.
Do it.
Inma, no.
Inma, please.
I want you to hold your son.
He's falling asleep.
Ramn, I want you to hold him.
Inma, you can't do that.
- Inma.
- You chose to have children.
Your children didn't choose
a bitter father.
Sad and bored.
I'm worried about him.
He's sad and bored.
I'm worried about him.
I need you to take him out
and about.
I don't want to leave him alone.
I know you don't get along
but do it for me.
Are you having one of those attacks?
No, I want to get the mug.
- Then say so!
- Sir, don't do it!
I want to do it alone.
But I have to tell my brain
to reach out with my arm,
then my hand,
and lastly my fingers.
And if I don't concentrate
the mug will be fucked.
I don't know why
I explain anything.
Wouldn't it be easier to tell
the brain, "Pick up the mug"?
Pick up the mug.
Leave the mug.
We'll begin our divining round.
Have your credit cards at hand, and call.
You'll receive professional advice.
Visa in hand. Hello?
Manolo, can I get the remote?
The remote.
I'm watching this.
Pepita, I've been hexed,
please look into it.
I'm seeing your partner left.
Is that true?
It's true, Pepita.
Sir, did you know that's my chair?
Are you five years old?
Are you five years old?
A hundred meters isn't that far.
A hundred meters isn't that far.
- How are you?
- Fine. And you?
Great. Where's Ramn?
- I don't know. Ramn?
- Ramn!
- Where is he?
- I don't know, he was here.
What happened?
Inma, I don't know what's wrong with me.
I can't walk!
- Do just like me.
- I don't know how to walk!
Do just like me. Your right leg.
Your right leg.
I just wanted to walk a hundred meters.
I told you not to leave my dad alone.
Are you never getting better?
What's up, big guy?
Will the same thing happen to me?
Come here.
You know all superheroes
have a weak spot.
For example,
Superman's is kryptonite.
Son Goku's is the tail.
- Remember which is Iron Man's?
- The heart.
That's why he has that light
in his armor, the reactor.
- That's right. High five.
- I'm too old for that.
What are you doing, you jerk?
Go back home or I'll get told off.
Everything's wrong since you got here.
Grab your tracksuit
and go back to your cave.
Look at yourself!
At that pace you'll never get rid of me!
This kid could overtake you crawling.
Are you going to faint?
Shut up, sir, you're worse
than this fucking sclerosis.
Why? Are you going back to your pigsty?
Yeah. I've already done
my hundred meters.
Call a taxi, father in law.
Don't stop, come on. Come on.
Don't stop, come on.
Another hundred meters, faster.
Don't give up, come on.
There's no bowling match today?
No, I have to babysit a 35 year old.
Come on, faster.
Next week you're going back
to your own fucking house.
All right.
And next week
I want you to be there.
Up there.
Come on, go on. Step by step.
- Dizzy, tough guy?
- Go fuck off now!
Come on.
- When did you start smoking?
- When I was 11.
You smoke weed in a pipe?
I'd offer you some, but it's the good one.
Men from your generation
can't smoke. Or drink.
Or live, or dance.
Our generation does.
Because that's what men do.
Does Inma know
you're a pothead, sir?
Not a word.
And let's go.
I'm not one of those who likes
to see sunsets next to another man.
What about you?
Worse, right?
I'm really fucked up.
The other day I had a relapse
that left me without taste.
You can tell.
Because of that sweater.
My mom made it, you idiot.
Your sense of humor
has also left you.
I've got 13 brain injuries.
I've got no sense of humor.
Have you told them
at work already?
Don't worry.
It took me almost two years
to tell them.
It was as if I'd rather have them thinking
I was depressed.
Or that I had cancer.
ut you have to say it.
You have to come out of this closet.
Good morning, gentlemen.
This is Ariadna.
Everyone, Ariadna.
We've got a new acquisition!
Ariadna, sit down,
I'll bring you an IV. Okay?
- Ramn, how are you?
- Good, thanks.
See you.
Hey, hi.
New girl,
would you rather be left
lame, blind, deaf
or mute by a relapse?
have a great time.
- See you, Gandalf.
- See you.
Come on, give it all!
One, two, three four! Photo! Photo!
Sexy, sexy, come on!
Photo! Photo!
Let's see that ass!
Let's see that ass!
Where have you brought me?
Shut up, caveman.
You're not used to leaving the cave.
Hey you!
You can't smoke in here.
I'm calling security.
Come on, faster, come on!
Little by little.
Step by step.
One, two, one, two.
That's it.
Little by little.
What are you doing? Out!
3.8 kilometers swimming.
180 on a bike.
And 42 running.
- Do people do that?
- Yeah. Me.
I'm doing a triathlon.
An Ironman.
I don't get it.
Didn't you want me to exercise?
Sure. Running.
All right. I'll be an Ironman.
Listen to yourself. Are you mad?
The best memories
come from the craziest ideas.
You're not selling me a car.
I have a year to get ready.
It could help me get my self-confidence back.
I feel confident for you.
ut you've got multiple sclerosis.
Are we really talking about this?
You can't control everything.
Why would someone with MS
want to do something like that?
Why would someone without MS
want to do it?
At least I have a goal.
- You want a goal?
- Yes, I want a goal.
Don't fight with my father.
You agree with him?
I can't believe it.
It's all my fault.
Inma, don't worry, It'll be my triathlon.
It's not your triathlon.
Because I'll be doing extra time
to better the pension you've got
while you're running.
Or I'll be taking the kids to school
while you're swimming.
Or I'll be breastfeeding Martin
while you're on the bike.
It's not your triathlon.
It's ours.
What's up?
Nothing, your dad says he'll do
an Ironman.
Okay, you can do an Ironman.
But only if you do the training.
Come on.
Here we go.
You're so immature.
Grow up once and for all.
You grow up.
You're so immature.
Are you attending a medieval duel?
Is there a gym around here?
Here. Is there a better gym?
We've got the countryside,
a road, the beach,
and the garden.
The garden.
I could catch something worse
than sclerosis in that garden.
Come on,
let's run a bit. I'm freezing.
You'll run tomorrow.
Today you're getting
a spade and a rake.
Already smoking so early?
You don't have any coffee?
It gives me the shits.
Everything's just great.
Search: effects of marihuana
on older people.
Can I have it for a second?
Just a second.
My house, my rules.
Come on, like that.
Pick up some pace.
When are we stopping with this
and starting to run?
You can't start running off the bat.
We'll start from the beginning.
This is the Big Bang of training.
Come on.
Those weeds over there.
That's it.
That's it. A bit further and again.
No stopping, no stopping!
How are you?
Great. How are you doing?
Who's that guy?
Who was that guy?
The builder who's doing the roof.
Mind your own business,
collecting potatoes.
Collecting onions.
Collecting! Fingers!
That's fucking chard!
Never mind, collect everything.
Pull everything out! Fingers!
Sir, I'm fed up with
harvesting your dead garden.
Okay, look me in the eye!
What do you see?
I'm a fucking meat-eater,
for fuck's sakes!
I don't like vegetables!
So now put your hands in...
Put them in the earth
and grab everything!
Fingers, fingers!
I don't need training!
And I'm fucking sick
of getting my hands dirty!
I'll let you know I'm here for Inma!
And I was doing it for you.
You're breaking my heart.
What heart?
Swim, run, pedal!
A fucking monkey can do that!
I heard you.
I said it out loud!
May God help us.
- Rice?
- No, flour.
And I'll change the sack.
There it is, put your hand in.
Come on.
- Rice.
- Flour.
And I'll change the sack.
There it is.
- Coffee.
- No, rice.
I can walk for miles,
but this is fucking excruciating.
This is training for your brain.
Have you been reading up
on sclerosis?
Put your fucking hand in.
See how you're getting better?
Come on.
We're going to prune a few plants
I've got to revive.
There they are.
I'm going to call the police
and report you.
Fuck off.
You think it's right to have
these poor plants like this?
They're freezing.
No. Drinking and smoking
is the worst thing an athlete can do.
I want some, of course.
How's the training going?
Considering the only thing
I've done is paint, sow,
and exterminate mole hills,
pretty bad.
Your father has no idea
what he's doing.
To do karate you first have
to catch flies with chopsticks.
Pass me the salt, slacker.
What's taking you so long?
God damn it!
Do you want some
of my lettuce, sir?
- No?
- No.
- We'll change plates.
- No.
Holy shit! Inma.
He's scared me.
What are you doing here, Dad?
Didn't you want to run?
Let's go.
You better start running both.
It's five am.
Knees up! Come on, that hand.
Technique, come on, higher!
Knees up! Higher!
Touch the tire.
Come on, turn.
That hand.
Come on, Ramn, that's it.
Straight, come on, that's good.
That hand. Technique.
The hand. Come on, be lively.
Very good Ramn, shit.
Straight. Unlucky.
- Fuck! Fucking shit!
- Okay, okay.
Manolo, this makes no sense.
I can't do it!
Let's see, Ramn.
If you finish a triathlon...
You can have anything
you want from me.
Is this some cheap
motivating technique?
It's a way of saying
you're pathetic.
Totally pathetic.
If that's what you think,
keep it to yourself.
You're my father in law.
Otherwise I'd tell you to fuck off.
I agree completely.
If you weren't my son in law
I'd tell you to fuck off right now.
If you want my respect,
you've got to earn it.
Old man!
Sclerotic. Look.
Give me your hand. Come on, get up.
Don't think you're such a great trainer.
Come on, Ramn.
Come on, touch.
Turn. Straight!
Come on, lift those knees higher!
That's it!
Turn. Straight!
Hello, my lovelies.
What are you up to?
You look fantastic.
My goodness.
Ramn is taking really good
care of you.
Knowing the way
isn't the same thing as going over it.
If you step out of the line, I'll hit you.
Come on, Ramn.
Straight and on the line.
Come on.
This is for two year olds.
We'll make it more complicated.
How can I go straight
if the line isn't straight?
You've been drinking, right?
When you get here, you turn around.
What are you doing?
It's important you can multitask.
Don't leave the line,
whatever happens.
Come on, Ramn.
- Come on!
- Jesus!
That couple is looking at us.
They're not looking at us!
They're looking at me!
They've never seen such a great ass!
Come on, Ramn!
Okay. Now...
Concentration, repetition, iteration.
Okay? Right foot.
Right foot. Come on.
Come on, those knees!
Come on, Ramn!
- We look stupid.
- Come on, up!
I can't understand your methods, sir.
They're homegrown methods, but they're effective.
What's this?
I've got rods from my hip to my ankle.
You know...
We're tied together but...
we're not boyfriends or fags.
ravo, get out.
He's called Bravo?
Yeah, because of Nino Bravo.
We love him.
He always barks
when I sing his songs.
He's my father in law.
I'm Ramn, but that's unimportant.
How are you?
He's a widower.
I'm a widow too.
My husband's in the sky,
and I'm in heaven.
I'm Noelia.
I love your name, Noelia.
You should hear
my phone number then.
Okay then...
Let's see what
the sea has for me.
See you.
What are you imagining?
- Nothing?
- Nothing.
What do you know
about seducing women?
I have to remind you
I nabbed your daughter.
You filthy dog, you stink.
Untie me.
Get away from me.
Welcome, foreigner.
I don't feel like talking.
It might not seem so,
but this is one hell of a party.
You get high on this stuff.
Yeah. And we can do this.
His nerves are dead.
He can't feel a thing.
Want to try?
No, thanks.
- Come on, just a little smile.
- What is there to laugh about?
I get diagnosed with this shit
and left to die.
I was going to be prima ballerina
at the National allet.
All my life forced to be on my toes
and now it turns out
I have to walk on my heels.
This disease is like having
a bad dance partner.
You just have to pay attention
to not get stepped on.
Please don't start
all that shit about hope
and the spirit of achievement.
I've had enough with this guy.
All hippy happy and fucking rose tinted.
Assholes, not again.
I'm not a blackboard.
You've smiled. A bit.
- You've smiled.
- Barely.
All that positive thinking shit
and self-improvement are great
for a cheesy song.
But don't you miss anyone?
Do you know where that guy is now?
But he's happy.
That's enough.
What can we do
with this fucking shit?
Who's picking it up now?
One day it'll seem the disease has gone.
You'll feel good.
And you'll want to prove to yourself
that you're better than before.
ut the disease is always there.
Do you think the wheelchair
is the worst part?
Wait until you shit on yourself.
- Are you finished?
- No, I'm not finished, athlete!
Do the kid a favor
and don't give her false hopes.
You're not a charity.
You're not Sclerotics United.
You're just a guy that runs.
For the time being.
Come on, I want you by my side!
Here, I want you here!
You're doing great, Ramn!
I'm serious, you're doing great.
Perfect, harmonic, round!
Fucking great!
Something's wrong with this car.
Shift down a gear!
What gear would that be?
I haven't touched anything!
- This car's a fucking shit!
- You've burnt the gearbox!
Manolo, you have no fucking idea
how to drive!
Fucking hell!
This is a fucking hipster car!
- You've broken the car!
- I haven't done anything!
I smell something burning.
Well yes, a bit.
But it's been smelling for ten minutes.
You've broken the gearbox!
What gearbox are you talking about?
The car's only a few months old!
I'm the one who's burnt!
First my tablet, then my phone,
and now you break my car.
Okay, it might be time
to get a driver's license.
You're unbelievable, Manolo.
Just keep the good part.
What's the good part?
These views.
Will I be able to do the triathlon?
Forecasting is always tricky.
Specially forecasting the future.
You want to know
what my life is like?
Tell me, what is your life like?
- Here? You're nuts.
- Go on, I'll hold you.
- Here?
- Yes, I'll hold you.
Come on, turn around.
That's it.
Come on, that's it.
Welcome to my world.
One foot on the ledge,
and the other on the void.
Fuck man, that's fucked up.
There's no reception in this house.
There's no need for it.
How do I call Inma?
On the phone.
It's been there for 50 years,
and never given me a problem.
It's exercise for the fingers.
This is like living in a cave.
What a mess.
You've run a Tour?
I even won a stage.
Winning a Tour stage
is fucking awesome!
We broke our backs on the bike.
We shat on ourselves going up hills.
You're full of surprises, old man.
Leave that where you found it.
That's another thing
we have in common.
I also piss and shit on myself.
That's good.
Try this one.
Take it.
- Medicinal?
- Yeah.
Rich in CBD.
- What?
- CD.
CD, right? Just an acronym.
Why did you hang your bike, sir?
Come on.
The bike?
I knew I wouldn't make it
through the mountains
and I'd loose the yellow jersey so...
I didn't want to.
So I said,
"I'm not riding the next stage".
- They kicked me out of the team.
- Not surprising.
Not surprising.
I never got on a bike again.
ut I kept the jersey.
And stop calling me sir.
I'm in better shape than you.
The thing is l...
Manolo, I called you sir...
Just to piss you off.
That was it.
But if you want me
to stop calling you sir now...
The problem is
each time I take a drag on this,
I find you funnier and funnier.
Because sir, I mean you, you...
You're really weird.
The weird thing is my daughter
married a guy like you.
That is definitely weird.
What's the matter, Ramn?
For fuck's sake, Ramn!
Is it another one of those attacks?
- Don't worry.
- Manolo, I'm having...
I'm calling an ambulance.
Manolo, I'm having a relapse
on one finger.
Look at it, look at it.
Look. Sit on it.
You can take it home.
Son of a bitch!
- Son of a bitch!
- And walk it four times a day.
You didn't see that coming.
Easy there.
Don't walk in the sun.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
I had everything under control.
And now I can't make any plans.
Every time my foot itches...
I'm scared my heart will stop.
Who can make plans?
You've been lucky.
You've met your grandsons.
I've also seen my wife die.
That's luck for you.
You miss her, don't you?
Missing her is nothing.
You've got a shitty disease,
with your limping and your hand.
But I think we all have
a degenerative,
incurable disease which is life.
If I knew that having your disease
all my feelings would disappear,
I'd trade places with you
in a heartbeat.
Well, I'm off to sleep.
What's up with that woman?
What woman?
What do you mean what woman?
The weird one at the beach.
Mind your own business.
Mind your own business.
You're an amazing man.
You're an amazing woman.
You're more amazing.
No, you're more amazing.
I know it.
You bastard!
You always have to win.
You're gross!
Remember when
my father caught us here?
I've got bad memory
but that's unforgettable.
It wasn't the best way
for you two to meet.
ut now you're great.
It's incredible how things change.
Since I was diagnosed with...
You weren't diagnosed.
We were diagnosed.
Thank you, Inma.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks for loving me this way,
faulty and misshapen.
Don't get all excited,
I'm doing it out of interest.
Don't forget it.
So you have to love me
when I can't do my hundred meters.
And I know you'll be there
because I'm going to need you.
Let's go.
- Where?
- Into the water.
You're getting into the water
with 2,000 other guys and not me?
Manolo, you've got Wi-Fi.
Welcome to the past century.
Take that away from my house.
Everything was better
the past century.
- Come in.
- Hello, gentlemen.
- Noelia!
- How are you?
How are you?
Christmas sweets.
Christmas Sweets Noelia!
Yes, my father's factory
makes them.
So he called them like you.
No. He called me like his factory.
He loved it a lot.
Manolo, thanks so much
for inviting me.
I'm really excited.
Sure, okay.
You know...
I'm going for a run, I have to train.
See you.
All right.
What happened?
Is she still here?
What did you do?
You set this up, didn't you?
Yeah, I asked her out for you.
I set up your Facebook profile.
How did it go?
You did what?
I'm going to rip your head off!
I did it for you.
Who asked you
to do anything for me?
I told you to mind your business.
I'm sure Pili would have wanted...
What the fuck do you know
about what others want?
What Pili wants!
Worry about yourself,
you've got it bad enough.
Everyone's dealt their hand.
ut you have to play it.
You want to play your hand?
How would you feel if you suddenly
lost Inma,
my daughter?
Would you keep on happily running?
Would you be so excited
to do your Ironman?
You can't always hide
from your problems by running.
Like you did with the Tour?
Or better yet. Tell me...
How did the roof fall?
There's the door.
Training is over.
- You've always hated me.
- Get out.
And another thing.
Life doesn't owe you
a fucking thing.
Get out of my house.
It'll be my pleasure.
How is it going?
How do you feel?
Any warnings lately?
No, nothing.
Good, that's good.
That means the drugs are working.
And how's your training?
I think I'm going back to work.
Are you sure?
I haven't got any sick leave left
and there are bills to pay.
I see.
Good. You're doing pretty well.
You're looking good.
Well, after the infusion
I feel like shit for a week.
And my right eye
works on optic fiber
but the left one on copper wire.
So with this eye
I receive delayed images,
and end up seeing things
that are already in the past.
It would be better
to see the future, right?
You'd make a killing.
I prefer the past.
You're a myth around here.
They can't stop talking
about your competition.
What do they call me?
Forrest Gump with sclerosis?
They say they want to be like you.
Do you think I could train with you
some day?
Do you have a proposal for Frankfurt?
ut I do have a proposal for myself.
Fire me, please.
I can't work.
I've been training for months,
and thought I could but I can't.
I can't work.
What's the matter with you?
I've got multiple sclerosis.
I'm sorry.
But I'm not paying severance
or giving you sick leave.
If you can run, you can work.
You can quit if you want.
Very good.
That's it, great.
Well, well, well.
you're back on the ballet bar.
What is it?
I can't see you.
She's had a very tough relapse.
What can I do?
Run for me, all right?
What have you wished for?
- Eating cake.
- Your wish has been granted.
How are you, Dad?
Great, I'm fantastic.
I'm training again.
A phenomenon, a huge guy.
You'll see.
The truth is...
I'm a magnet
for good athletes.
Ramn has a present for you.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
I'll sell it.
What is this?
What's this doing here? It's my bike.
What a shitty present.
Get on it.
I haven't been on this for 40 years.
How am I getting on it?
Shut up and get on it.
This is holding it, right?
I think I can't lift my leg that high.
Let's see. That's it.
What is this?
Is this the Giro?
No, hell, this is the Tour.
There's Paco Galdos.
Fuck, Mancebo, they're all there!
Kas team, Fagor team.
Where did you get this from?
That's my stage.
It was raining like hell.
We were soaking.
We ended up exhausted.
Holy shit.
That's me arriving.
There's mom.
Look, that's granny Pilar.
Change legs.
You know what?
I've been...
I've been thinking,
"Why don't I buy that Facebook thing?"
- Facebook?
- Sure.
Buy Facebook?
If you've got a billion euros to spare,
no problem.
I'll look it up,
make a couple of calls.
What the fuck?
What do you want Facebook for?
Personal stuff.
I'll take a profile picture.
Look this way.
ody and all, Manolo.
Will you look this way?
Isn't it a profile?
Ready, this one's perfect.
Let's see.
That one. Okay.
Give me blond hair and blue eyes.
What for?
When people apologize,
they always lie a bit.
If I can do an Ironman,
you can talk with a woman.
What would Nino Bravo do?
Fuck off! Leave me alone.
No. The last time I left you alone
you kicked that poor woman out.
Come on, it's time to swim.
Off to the beach.
You've only got two months to go.
Come on!
What would Nino Bravo do?
What would you do, Nino?
I've been dreaming of her for some time.
I only know she's called Noelia.
I've been living for her for some time.
I only know she's called Noelia.
Little merman, look!
We've got a sponsor!
Christmas Sweets Noelia!
I can't get up!
I can't move!
How are you?
How are your hands?
Can you move your fingers?
And your foot?
My right half is paralyzed.
You'll spend a few days
without drugs
before starting the new treatment.
You'll be very vulnerable to relapses.
I'm sorry, Ramn.
Everything's okay, son.
Don't worry.
Everything's okay.
Next year, you'll be ready again.
People say it's now or never.
People say shit all.
They haven't got a fucking clue.
You'll run again.
Look at me.
You'll run again.
We'll do those hundred meters again.
Here we go.
You know what you've got to do.
Go get them, greased elbows.
Wax on, wax off.
To infinity and beyond.
May the force be with you.
I wanted to say something memorable
and that was shitty.
You better cross the finish line.
The weather is unstable.
You could get real hot
or freeze to death.
Remember, giving up is not an option.
It isn't an option.
You've got 17 hours to finish it.
If you can't do it in 17 hours, you're out.
Okay? Come on, Ramn.
It's a disease called multiple sclerosis.
Go on, champ!
If you finish a triathlon...
You can have anything you want from me.
Come on, Ramn!
Come on, Ramn.
- What are you worried about?
- Me? Nothing.
- Nothing?
- No.
The marathon.
The marathon?
Don't worry, that's all that's left,
the marathon.
It's like having
a bad dance partner,
you just have to be careful
of not being stepped on.
And don't worry.
Will the same thing happen to me?
Are you picking everything up?
Haven't you seen the clock?
Yes, I've seen the clock,
but there are still people out there.
No one's out there.
Just because you say so!
I'm a family member,
I know they're out there!
Fucking assholes!
Run for me, all right?
Come on, up!
Come on, let's go, Ramn.
Come on, Ramn.
Inma, don't worry, It'll be my triathlon.
It's not your triathlon.
It's ours.
You'll see, in a year you won't be able
to walk a hundred meters.