100 Yards (2018) Movie Script

Welcome to "Sports Now,"
live coverage of pro draft 2018.
With less than a minute
left on the clock,
all eyes are on Miami
for their picks.
Who are you guys looking to
on this pick?
Oh, I'm going Rich Porter
all day long.
I mean, in this draft,
he's the guy.
He's the man.
He's got all the tools, guys.
Listen, he's got
the athletic ability.
He's got the mobility.
He's got ambidextrous
arm strength, guys.
There's no other choice
right here.
What about these reports
of his throwing temper tantrums
or having emotional outbursts?
His maturity is going to be
the biggest challenge
to his career at this point,
but I think he's up for it,
He's been through a lot
in his life,
and I think that, once again,
he'll have to prove his way
through this situation.
But with the right coaching,
with the right team
surrounding him,
I think
he can grow into this league
as a player and as a person.
All right.
Here it is.
Let's go to the podium
for the official selection
of this year's draft picks.
For our first-round pick,
Miami selects...
Rich Porter, quarterback,
West Colorado.
But the real question now is,
where is Rich Porter?
Rich Porter.
This is Coach Hardwick
with Miami.
A time like this, I thought
you'd be glued by your phone.
Anyway, I hope you love good
weather and beautiful women
because you are playing
for me now, so call me back.
Hello, Mr. Porter.
This is Andy
from the Cebu Rescue Unit.
I am calling because
we may have finally found
the remains of your mother.
We need a family member
to come down
and I.D. the body to confirm.
I understand this must
be difficult for you,
but you would only need
to come up for one day.
Please call us
to schedule soon.
Thank you, Mr. Porter.
Rich, it's your agent again.
Listen, I know
you're dealing with a lot,
and I'm sure you have
a good reason for disappearing.
I'll work on buying us
some time here Stateside.
In the meantime, I hope you
find what you're looking for...
wherever you are.
It's not her.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm positive.
I'm sorry, Mr. Porter.
I know you came a long way.
I'm not leaving
until I find her.
I know you understand.
It just helps me cope
to help others.
I want you to have this.
It's our birthstone.
What the hell
do you think this is, huh?
You fall asleep
in my meetings again,
I'm gonna have Jeremiah start
over you. You understand me?
Yo! Go, Miah!
All right.
Today is Media Day, gentlemen,
which means I want everyone
on their best behavior.
We have
some very special visitors
coming from the hospital today,
and I want all of us
to make them feel welcome,
especially in front
of the press.
Media? Who's coming?
Sorry, Barnum.
No one big enough to recruit.
Just an ordinary day.
All right.
Listen up.
Now is the time
that we show the world
that we are
the toughest men on this planet.
No pads, no helmets,
- but raw aggression.
- Mm!
- Whoo!
- Yeah.
Fear nothing.
Regret nothing.
- Regret nothing!
- Achieve everything!
Achieve everything!
We are the Cebu Saints!
Look sharp, Barnum.
Media's here.
So, that's about it --
conditioning, conditioning.
See, last year,
we gave up too easily.
I admit
we burned out too quickly.
We got tired. Don't expect
to see that this season.
Catch the ball!
- That's how you catch the ball.
- I'm trying. I'm sorry.
No, I don't want to hear that. I
threw this right to your number.
Now catch the damn ball.
- Wake up!
- Any other questions?
I guess the change of scenery
didn't help much, did it?
Ray McQuinn.
What business
do you have here in Cebu?
Well, you know, Rich Porter's
still a big name in the U.S.
Folks wanna know what happened
to Miami's top pick.
You know what happened.
Well, Miami's pissed.
His agent's pissed.
Commish is pissed.
I'm just here to ask
a few questions, nothing more.
No. You're not cashing in
on Rich again.
I'm just trying to write a piece
on why he's here
and not playing ball.
He is playing ball.
And you know why he's here.
And playing here
would solve things. Is that it?
Both of you throw away
professional careers
to come out here and play
with this ragtag team of...
Christ, I don't even know
what you call it.
It's a bit odd.
Wouldn't you say?
That will be all for today,
Thank you for coming.
I came to write
a positive piece.
You're the one
that stabbed him in the back.
And for what?
For what?
A headline and some cash?
You nearly ruined his life.
You make me sick.
So, is that
no on-the-record comment, Coach?
Yep, and you can
quote me on that.
I'll be in touch.
Mr. Porter.
Would you mind taking a photo?
He's a very big fan of yours.
What's your name, kid?
All right.
You're welcome.
Heads up.
Ray's here.
- Hey, jackass.
- What?!
You want to know why Ray's here?
No, I don't,
'cause I don't care.
Well, you should.
- What is your problem?!
- You are!
Big-time reporters are here,
and you're acting like
you don't care at all.
You have any idea what
this could mean for us? Huh?!
Be the captain of this team,
not the tumor.
You think I'm afraid of you?
God help you if you ruin
my chances of getting picked up.
How you doing, Rich?
Go home, Ray.
Listen, buddy, I understand
why you're pissed.
- I do.
- I said, "Go home."
I'm just trying
to make things right here.
You know what?
You come around here
one more time, and you're done.
Everything okay?
- Yeah. Good.
- You sure?
Yeah. Yeah.
Okay? Ready?
Be careful.
You're my hero.
I'm sorry,
Mom. It should have been me.
No, honey. No.
- Mom, I'm so sorry.
- Stop.
What's wrong?
It's a migraine.
I'm stressed.
I know what you need
to feel better.
Where are you gonna go now?
I gotta go see a guy
about my mom.
Do you want me to come with you?
- No. It's okay.
- All right.
I guess we'll celebrate later,
Celebrate what?
Our one-month anniversary.
Right. Um...
N-- I just --
I didn't realize that...
- That we were a thing?
- No, no, no.
I didn't realize
that that day is today.
- Oh. Okay.
- Yeah.
I guess we'll hang out later,
I'll give you a call.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Hello.
- Hi. Henry?
Rich Porter.
Sorry I'm late.
Yes, Mr. Porter.
Please, sit down.
So, are you a friend of Manny's?
No. Actually, an officer
at the station recommended you.
I'm usually the last resort.
Mm. Well, they said that you
were the best on the island.
How can I help?
My mother, Karen.
She's one of the missing persons
of the typhoon.
I'm sorry to hear that.
When did you last hear from her?
I last contacted her
a week before the disaster.
What was she doing here?
Helping orphanages, feeding
the poor, that type of stuff.
Are you a believer?
Do you think
your mother's still alive?
I'm just looking for closure.
No, I don't think
she's still alive.
Well... if she was in Cebu
during the disaster
and you haven't heard from her
by now,
her body was probably found and
buried by one of the churches.
How much is your retainer fee?
I wish I could help you.
If this is about money,
I don't care. I'll pay.
These are just some
of the missing persons
I'm already looking for.
I'm sorry, but I can't take
any new cases at this time.
This is for you.
It's a list of all
the organizations in the area,
including those
that aren't online.
Free of charge.
I saw you looking at
that picture when you came in.
I figure you know who that is.
One of the great judges.
A warrior of God
who fought entire armies
and won great battles alone.
Yeah, but Samson
wasn't always strong.
It was just his hair.
It was his fear of being alone
that made him weak.
He lost his strength from a
woman that he thought he loved.
But his strength
eventually returned...
when he truly relied on God
and called out to him.
His strength was his faith.
It had nothing to do
with his hair.
When you need to call on God
for strength...
...I hope you see that he's
closer than you think he is.
I'd like to know
where he is right now.
Ask him.
He hears,
and he will answer you.
He loves us like that.
After all, he is a god
of second chances.
There's a number on that,
so if you find any new leads,
don't hesitate to call.
I didn't know
you played the piano.
Were you any good?
What are you doing here?
I told you I was coming over.
I thought I told you to wait
until I called.
I know,
but I made you something.
A couple of the shells fell off,
Just so that
you feel more at home.
Thank you.
I appreciate this.
Is everything okay?
That guy in the parking lot --
Who was he?
Just one of my old friends.
What happened?
He just wrote some stuff
about me that he shouldn't have.
Is that why you're always sad?
Why do you care?
Do you want some wine?
Are you selling me out to Ray?
- I'm leaving.
- You're what?
I can't stay in Cebu
like this anymore.
You're giving me nothing, and
they're willing to pay me big
for some information on you.
So you were just using me?
I used you?
You don't even know
when our anniversary is.
The only time you ever call me
is when it's late at night,
and you're wasted.
You know, I thought that
you were gonna take me places
and that you really loved me,
but no.
You're not going anywhere.
I am going somewhere!
You're a pathetic loser
who's not good enough to go pro,
and finding Mommy
isn't gonna help you.
You wanna piss me off!
Don't you?!
What, are
you gonna kill me, too?
You know
what I'm talking about --
your brother.
Get out!
Get out!
You're the one
that stabbed him in the back.
And for what?
For what?
A headline and some cash?
You come around here
one more time, and you're done.
Ray, I need your help.
It's Rich.
He's lost his mind.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Barnum, swim past him
once you get him in position.
Where the hell's Porter?
Morning, Coach.
Media Day was yesterday.
For Rich's sake,
a little cooperation
would be appreciated, sir.
Move! Move!
Look, I'm sorry.
My alarm didn't go off.
- I ne-- She set me up!
- Why?
She's trying to fish money
out of Ray.
What happened to your hand?
- You were drinking, weren't you?
- No.
Try again.
I can smell it on you.
I didn't drink
until after we fought.
Let me get this straight.
You got into an argument.
You broke up.
You hit the wall.
She hit her own face
to frame you.
And then you got drunk?
Little trick I learned.
I didn't see her hit herself.
She must have done it after.
If she hasn't pressed charges
by now,
that means she's probably
scheming something.
You believe me, right?
Of course I do.
You can be an idiot...
...but you're not a monster.
I got you a cell.
Doesn't mean I'm gonna use it.
That's fine,
'cause I'm only gonna call you
when it's an emergency like
this one, and you better answer.
- Yeah, we'll see.
- Hey!
Remember who got you that
work visa and this apartment.
I'm all you've got,
so don't piss me off.
I know Miami called.
You plan on going back?
I made you a deal, didn't I?
I intend on standing by that.
Appreciate that.
I play for you
until I find my mom.
Then I'm done.
Let's go.
I don't want you
to be late for work.
- Line up!
- Hey, you heard the man.
Let's go! Line it up.
Let's run some routes.
All right, guys.
Listen up.
We're gonna run Tango Option 26.
Come on, Coach!
You plan on making this hard
at all on me today?
Barnum, get out there
and give him some pressure.
Lorne, get on the line
and block.
Let's go!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!
- Hey! Hey, that's enough!
- That's enough.
- Easier hitting a woman?
- I never touched her!
- Barnum, get off the field!
You didn't think
I would have found out?
I already told you.
I never...
Be strong.
Mr. Porter?
Mr. Porter?
Mr. Porter?
What happened?
Oh, you fainted during practice,
and you blacked out for a while.
Your coach sent you in.
I'm Nurse Brittany Kim.
What was the last thing
you remember?
Getting hit hard.
Do I have a concussion?
Uh, well, we're not sure yet,
but we're doing some scans
to check for brain trauma.
I feel fine.
Hey, Richard.
I'm Dr. Santiago.
How are you feeling?
I'm ready to get outta here.
The reason you blacked out
was not because of a concussion.
So then I don't need
to sit out long.
You suffered a seizure
this morning.
A seizure?
You were out for nine hours.
Have you been experiencing
headaches, memory loss, nausea?
Get to the point.
We found several lesions
in your brain.
Damaged tissue caused by tumors.
So, what are you telling me?
Are you saying
that I have a tumor?
We believe you have a form
of glioblastoma multiforme.
It's a tumor in the brain.
There's a number of treatments
and therapies
that we can try first
to reduce the tumor.
Permanent brain damage
or death can result.
We know this is difficult
for you,
but you need to get treatment
right away.
Mr. Porter, we're not fi--
Yeah? What is it?
How'd you get the key?
I'm his landlord.
You might want
to keep the deposit.
- Rich!
- Rich!
Any idea where he might be?
Where are you?
I need you to go back
to the hospital.
I made all the arrangements.
It's one of the best hospitals
in the country.
You have nothing to worry about.
The league would have caught
this early during the physical.
Okay, look, we're taking you
back to the hospital,
and you're gonna stay there.
Don't worry.
We'll clean up your place
and move all your things.
- I'm not giving up on her.
- No one's saying
you should give up on her.
I'll take these.
You make phone calls
on the other half.
And if you find something,
let me know,
and I will check it out.
We're in this, too.
- I got to pack.
- We'll help.
We're all outside.
Why do you keep saying "we"?
It's nothing.
Mama, what happened?
This is your room.
It's small.
- So, I have to stay here?
- Yes.
We are quite far from the city,
and treatments are frequent.
Plus, we can't risk
you being alone again
if you have another seizure.
Wait. Do I share a room
with someone?
Yeah. We are undergoing
lots of renovations right now,
so there are
no single rooms available.
Visiting hours will be
from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Is this you?
Kid, do you speak English?
What, is he deaf, too?
Mr. Porter, this is Darrell.
I believe you two are teammates.
I have to room with a kid?
Yes. The children's ward
is shut down,
and we are pairing patients
with GBM.
Also, your coach thought
- that since --
- No, you don't understand.
I'm not rooming with a kid!
Can you keep your voice down?
My time and patience
is growing thin with you,
so I will be frank.
This is your room, you are
to be paired with Darrell,
and you are to stay here
at all times.
Don't leave
without my permission.
And don't ever yell at me again.
You understand?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
All right.
Make yourself at home.
Treatment starts at 3:00.
There's not even any TV.
I'm gonna die.
I got to run some errands,
so do me a favor
and just don't tell
Nurse Ratched.
What? Oh.
Yeah... you too.
Uh, can you take me here?
St. Matthew's Orphanage.
Just wait here, okay?
Thank you.
Well, I do remember her,
but she doesn't work for us.
She worked as a missionary
that helped the orphanage.
She would only come by
from time to time.
Do you have an address?
She was with a mission group
from the States,
but I'm not sure
where she took residency.
These children are going through
the hardest time of their lives.
They're learning at a young age
on what it's like to have faith.
They will all go far.
My mom did all this?
From what I recall,
she was one of the best at it.
She was really creative on how
to connect with the children.
I'm sorry
I couldn't be of more service.
That's okay.
Thank you for your help.
- God bless.
- Thanks.
Let me see.
These old tires
aren't sitting right...
It might need a new paint job.
Checking it out.
Thank you.
You speak English?
About those things
that I said...
I forgive you.
Don't be afraid.
Of what?
I'm not.
Why are you shaking?
Do you want to play a game
with me?
I remember this game.
Electronic football?
Does this thing even work?
Something new.
What is this?
"'The 100 Yards of Life.'
The magical game that can heal."
"10-yard pass.
To move forward 10 yards,
try a new dish
that you've never had before.
Time limit is three days.
If you don't do this task
in the given time limit,
you receive a penalty, and
you must move back 10 yards."
You should try balut.
It's high in protein.
Uh, you know what?
I think I'll try to find
something new in the cafeteria.
"10-yard power run.
Join a support group
and make new friends."
What are you doing?
I joined the Cebu Saints.
"No-huddle play.
Give up a bad habit.
Every week you give up a bad
habit, you move up 5 yards.
Every time you do the bad habit
is a 5-yard penalty."
You getting it?
Got it.
So, this game
really heals people, huh?
It has.
- Do you like it?
- Yeah.
It's gonna be fun.
Hey, why the Bible verses
on the back of the cards?
Because it's by God.
It's how the magic works.
What are you doing?
I always pray for my patients.
You had a seizure again,
causing you to black out.
How are you feeling?
Like I fell and hit my head
on the toilet.
Well, Darrell
brought you breakfast.
Mm. Thank you.
- He said you wanted to try it.
- It's balut.
What did I tell you?
It's from the cafeteria,
like what you said.
They make this at the cafeteria?
Well, it's protein-rich.
And you should have it
while it's hot.
All right.
How do I...
I don't know what I'm doing.
Duck embryo, one week old,
feathers and bones
partially formed.
One important thing.
What is this?
Here's to "100 Yards."
All right, so, you have three
more to check, and I have four.
I have seven more to check.
You have four more
to make calls on.
Rich, stay in the hospital.
I mean it.
I can't sit here while I need
to be looking for her!
- Rich, hey, calm down.
- I'm losing my mind.
Listen to me.
I got this, okay?
Just find something to do at the
hospital to keep yourself busy.
We will find her.
I promise.
Do you wanna play with me?
Do you have anything else
that we can play?
Oh, yeah.
Tess, let me just start
by apologizing in advance.
I know this isn't easy.
I'm sure you understand
that we just need more details
before we can move
on something like this.
All right.
Let's, uh...
Okay, let's start with --
And, please,
as many details as possible.
When you were attacked,
how did you get away?
He finally just, uh...
He got tired and let me go.
But you said you escaped, right?
I did.
I clawed at him.
And he got tired and fell over.
But you realize
Rich had no scratches on him?
I don't remember.
I'm trying to block it out.
And tell me again -- Why did
you not go to the police?
Because I was scared.
You can't trust anyone here.
Tess, do you remember
packing your clothes?
- What are you talking about?
- When you saw me,
you had a bag
filled with your clothes.
I'm just trying to put it
together in my head.
How did you have time
to pack your clothes
if you were struggling
for your life, trying to escape?
How did...
What the hell are you doing?
You said you wanted a story.
"The bigger the story,
the bigger the pay" --
That's what you said to me.
- What have you done, Tess?
- What do you care?
You had no hesitation writing
the story about his brother,
and now you want one on me.
Do you really think that
Rich is gonna be your friend
- after all of this?
- I need you to leave.
You know, there are
plenty of other reporters
who are willing to pay
for the full story.
The door.
So, you're treating Rich Porter?
He's a handful.
He has a temper,
from what I hear.
Yeah, but I try my best
to be patient with him.
I do see a lot of pain in him,
Like Dom?
Scary how much
he reminds me of Dom.
Be careful.
Getting too involved with him.
It's not how
you're gonna find your peace.
I know he's not Dom.
I'm just doing my job,
and I won't give up on him.
- Okay?
- Okay.
There you go.
Thank you.
What'd you do with them?
You're not allowed to be
drinking during treatment.
You're not allowed
to go through my things.
I need it to sleep.
That's an excuse.
We have many other methods
to help you with sleep.
That's no excuse
to go through my stuff.
Is this what you do
with your fianc?
Go through his things?
See if he's messing around?
Don't talk about him again.
Go ahead and drink all you want.
I'll be right there.
It's okay.
I got him.
I got him.
So, oh, you're so handsome.
Where are you staying?
- No.
- Huh? "No" what?
Come on.
"No" what?
- No, Tess.
- Tess?
Come on.
Where you staying, huh?
Where you staying, huh?
Aah! Oh!
- Hey!
- What?!
Thanks for letting me
borrow your phone.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Get in the car.
- Hey.
I tried to drink myself
to death,
but I didn't have enough cash.
Do you have about 10 bucks?
That should about do it.
Let's go.
No. No.
All right.
Get in.
We're here.
Thank you.
No more.
You understand?
If you leave one more time --
I really do need to start
playing the piano again.
Your mum taught you
to play the piano?
I was really good.
And when Logan was born,
I wrote him a song.
I called it "Logan's Song."
She loved it.
So, where's Logan now?
He's dead.
I'm sorry.
What happened?
We were on our way home.
He had this, uh, model car.
Something that we'd both
built together.
I wasn't really paying attention
to him much.
I was getting text after text
from friends and girls.
Kept trying to talk to me.
And I kept just putting him off.
I eventually put my phone down
to listen
to what he was saying to me.
And he was talking to me
about how I was his hero.
And I looked over, and I smiled.
It was the last thing
I ever heard him say.
Not a moment later,
I hear him scream.
And I look up,
and there's an animal
in the road.
All I could see
was trees and glass and...
I looked around to see if...
if Logan was still in his chair.
And I saw him.
I got him, and I wrapped him up.
And he was cold.
And he -- he was cold
because he just...
he wasn't there anymore.
They said it wasn't my fault.
But I know
that if I was paying attention,
none of this
would have happened.
I killed my family.
And now I'm gonna die.
You're not going to die.
- Think about your mum. She --
- They're gone.
All of them are gone,
and I'm to blame.
I'm scared.
I don't --
I don't know
what I'm supposed to do anymore,
and I'm scared,
and I don't...
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have done that.
Hi, Mommy.
Bring this to the kitchen.
But I don't need you
to watch me, too.
- Rich.
- Look, about last night...
- No.
- ...I was...
I didn't do any of these things.
It's a gossip magazine.
It's not even credible news.
Yeah, but it's still
really serious,
which is why I need to make sure
that you don't go in the city,
- at least for now.
- Why?
You think --
You think I did this?
Of course not.
Okay, I'll be right back.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Rich Porter?
- Hey, we're talking to you.
- I don't want any trouble.
Hey! You think you can come here
and abuse my sister, huh?
She's a liar.
Take that!
Dumb thug!
Where's the knife?
Hold it! Get Rich out of here --
now! Let's go!
I'll take care of this.
Just go.
Get out of here.
I'll cover you. Go, go, go.
Hurry, hurry. Get in the car.
Hey. How you doing?
Hey. How are you?
She's a con.
She's a con.
She fabricated everything.
She was your source.
What the hell's going on?
She was playing Porter
the whole time.
And now she's playing me
against him.
We know
you wanted the story, Ray,
but we didn't send you there
because you said you needed it.
We sent you there because
you said you would write a story
that would fix his image
for the league.
Now it's blowing up
in our faces.
The story's not over.
Just give me a week.
Give me a week,
and I'll get you what you need.
What's up, dude?
- How's the water?
- Good.
Nice. All right.
I need to know who you are.
Just a dying man
trying to figure things out.
And a man
who's hiding something.
I lost contact with my mom
a little over a year ago.
She went missing.
And I know
that she's here somewhere.
That's the reason why I'm here.
I'm not running from anybody
or anything.
She's the only thing
that I care about.
Did you do those things
to that woman?
I promise you.
She's just trying
to get a payday.
How can I believe you?
He's having a seizure!
Darrell! Darrell!
Stay with me.
Help! Help!
Buddy, stay with me.
Stay with me.
He's having a seizure!
- Why is he doing this?
- It's all right. It's okay.
- Why is he still...
- Come on. Let's go.
- Darrell!
- We've got him, all right?
It's gonna be okay.
Does it hurt?
It does now.
I didn't even notice it before.
about last night, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You weren't yourself.
Earlier, those men...
The police got one of them.
And the other --
They're still searching.
But don't worry.
They'll get him.
When the knife came at me,
I thought that's how it ended.
All I could think about
was leaving everybody behind.
Coach, team, Darrell...
...and you.
And that terrified me.
- It's okay.
- I was so scared.
It's okay.
How is he?
- He's fine...
- Is he okay?
...thanks to you.
Let's go see him.
With two minutes remaining,
Papua New Guinea
is rushing down the field
for another touchdown.
We need to stop them.
Yeah, we got to stop them
on the third down.
Otherwise, Papua New Guinea
is gonna run the clock.
That's it, baby! That's it!
- Yeah!
- Kelly Barnum
has recovered the fumble,
and it's Saints' ball.
Hey, how you doing
with the game?
I have to finish my painting
and make the first step
to my dream job.
What's that?
To be a quarterback like you.
You know, I can teach you how
to throw a spiral, if you want.
- What was your next card?
- Um...
go out on a date with a special
someone or with a new crush.
I have to pair up two friends
for one of my cards.
- Maybe we can help each other.
- Yeah, yeah.
Let's look for someone
we can ask out here tonight.
- Uh...
- Hey, lady!
Want to go out with Rich Porter?
Don't worry.
We'll do that later, bud.
Anyways, Coach has me set up
with a meeting
with a sports agent tonight
for when we recover.
Maybe I'll put in a good word
for you.
Tell him that you're
an up-and-comer.
Yeah? All right.
And the Saints
offense takes the field
with less than a minute
All right, let's watch us win.
Come on, Miah!
Come on! You got this!
I can't handle the pressure,
- I can't.
- We got this, bro.
- Focus.
- That guy!
That guy over there.
I'm gonna kill you!
Where's the ball?
Have faith in yourself, bro.
- Come on.
- Yeah, yeah.
All right.
Let's win this thing, yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You want that slant?
- Yes!
It's yours.
- Option 29, slant and go.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
All right.
"Saints" on 3.
- 1, 2, 3.
- Saints!
This will be
the last play of the game.
And the ball's up.
Joey Kalay catches the ball
on the slant for a touchdown.
Saints win.
Saints win!
- Yes!
- Whoo-hoo!
That's what I'm talking about!
- Whoo!
- Thanks, buddy.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Um, Coach set me up
with a, um...
I think we got set up together.
'Cause Darrell asked me to come.
He said it was for a game
or something.
You hungry?
So, you hid in a dirty locker
for an hour?
I had no choice.
I was a freshman being stuffed
into a freshman's locker...
so that when he would
come by and open it,
I would jump out
and scare the crap out of him.
That was like a ritual
to be welcomed on the team.
We all had to go through it,
That's so cruel.
Oh, but so funny.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thanks.
You're welcome. Would you like
some wine with that?
Uh, no, thank you.
Thanks, though.
You must feel invincible.
Just being in love.
I think it's...
got to, single-handedly, be
one of the best feelings
in the world...
to be able to have
that one person, your soul mate.
Someone you would walk
through the pits of hell
just to be with them
at the end of the day.
Makes you feel invincible.
I want that.
I just don't know
if she's out there for me.
Or if I can...
even make someone
feel invincible.
I bet your fianc
feels that way.
I'm sure he does.
I'm sorry.
Hello, Richard. I'm Dr. Ng,
your neuro-oncologist.
May I have a word?
You responded very well
to the chemo treatments --
shrinking the tumor
down to an appropriate size.
Based on the test results,
we feel we can move forward
with preparations
for your surgery.
What about Darrell?
I can't discuss that right now.
Why? Just...
At least tell me
he's gonna be okay.
Every patient responds
differently to treatment.
Unfortunately, for some,
surgery is not an option.
I know you two are close.
Darrell, he may not make it
to Christmas.
I'm going to speak
with his mother next.
"The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
He makes me lie down
in green pastures.
He leads me besides
still waters.
He restores my soul.
He leads me
in paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.
Even though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death...
...I shall fear no evil,
for you are with me.
Your rod and staff comfort me.
You set a table before me
in front of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil.
My cup overflows.
Indeed, goodness and mercy
will pursue me
in all the days of my life.
I will dwell in the house
of the Lord forever."
Is that Logan's song?
Do you know?
You all right?
I've had time to accept it.
My first love, Dom...
...my fianc...
...he took his own life.
...I kept thinking
that it was my fault.
Like I could have done something
to help him, you know?
But then, I realized
that he just lost hope...
...in himself...
...in the world.
He was sick.
And it could have been
anyone else.
that's why I became a nurse.
To help illness, any illness,
and to...
...and to help me
forgive myself.
It's not easy, I tell you.
I'm trying.
I am.
...we just got to have faith.
And that's when
we start healing.
I don't know where God is
or if he's even listening.
You know, when Jesus
was crucified,
his disciples
felt the same way.
I mean, 'cause they felt
that he wasn't there.
They couldn't see him.
They couldn't feel him.
Then, one day,
they went fishing.
Caught nothing the entire day.
And there was this man
on the shore that shouts,
"Cast your nets
on the other side,"
and that was what they did.
And they caught so much fish.
And then they realized
that it was him.
Still watching and still
helping from a distance.
And then one of his disciples
was so happy
that he jumped off the boat
and swam towards him.
How far did he swim?
100 yards.
So don't give up on yourself.
All right?
Are you in pain?
"Smile at everyone I see
for one whole day."
How's that going?
Much better
now that you're here.
Been sober for a month,
and I have not complained today.
All right.
You're in the red zone.
Oh, I am.
That's 'cause I'm awesome.
I'm almost done
with my painting.
One more, and we'll be tied.
What are you painting?
My friend who helped me make
this game, "100 Yards of Life."
All right, so, this card
- reads that...
- Don't!
Red-zone plays are secret.
How about we get you
in the red zone?
That was perfect.
That was perfect.
All right.
Give me another one of those.
Are you sure
you haven't thrown before?
Here it comes.
Good job.
That was perfect.
They could be brothers.
- Thanks.
- All right, you ready?
- Here we go.
- I'm happy for that.
I didn't know
what to think about Rich,
but Darrell loves him.
Rich is a good kid.
He's just misunderstood.
- And Darrell, he's so bright.
- All right, here we go.
When he was about 8, his cancer
took a turn for the worse.
He had a seizure that put him
in a three-day coma.
When he woke up from his coma,
he was a different little boy.
What about you, Berry?
Any family?
My team is my family.
And, right now, I got a boy
fighting for his life,
just like you.
That was perfect.
And I think we're tied now.
That's what I'm talking about.
Hey, little man.
We got you a little something.
Christmas came early.
Yeah, well, I knew a guy, who
knows a guy, who knows Santa.
Well, who's it from?
It's from the board
of hospitals in Cebu.
What's it say?
They heard about the game,
and they want to sponsor it
to hospitals
all over the Philippines.
And when you get better,
you can present the game
to foundations
all over the world.
It's gonna help so many people.
People like us.
And when we're both out
of the hospital, I promise --
We'll help heal the world
All right?
Come here.
- We did it.
- No.
You did it.
How are you feeling?
All right.
- I can walk.
- Hmm?
I can walk.
Slowly. Okay.
You okay?
Let's just take a seat, okay?
It's okay.
You need to come check this out.
That's impossible.
I saw him do it.
You got an address?
Okay, got it.
I got a lead on your mom.
Can I go with you?
Okay. Come on.
All right.
Let's go back.
Wait. No.
One more. Please.
No, it's late.
You're exhausted.
One more?
- I need to keep looking.
- You need rest.
I'm taking you
back to the hospital.
I'm not giving up.
We're not giving up.
But being stressed right now
isn't good for you.
We can do this another time.
I don't have any more time!
I'm losing everything.
We fight together as a team.
I can't lose you, kid.
What about Jeremiah?
He can throw for me.
I'm not talking about
the football team.
I'm talking about life.
Your mom was a good friend
to me,
and I want to find her, too.
But, right now, you need rest
so you can fight
your own battles.
Every road leads to a dead end.
You honestly think
I'm gonna find her?
We have to keep the faith
that we eventually will.
This game is far from over
for you, young man.
God is closer than you think,
and I need you to see that.
Can't sleep?
The woman that helped you create
"100 Yards of Life"...
...was she a volunteer
at the hospital?
This is her.
This is my friend.
Can you tell me about her?
Hi. Um...
- Mm.
- Mm!
I know what you need.
What are you doing, Tess?
- Were you following me?
- I'm doing my job, Tess --
trying to find the truth.
The truth?
All you care about
is the big story and money.
What is that in your hand?
- Is that drugs?
- We are not having
- this conversation.
- 'Cause it looked to me
like you were about
to accidentally drop it
in somebody else's house.
This is none of your business.
No, it is my business, Tess!
It became my business when
you lied to me on the record
and I put that lie in print.
It became my business.
I do what I need to do!
Does that include
faking a facial accident
and fabricating assault?
Does it include that, Tess?
Does it?
It's easy for you to stand there
and judge me
with your fancy watch.
You have no idea
what my life is like.
You get to fly home first class
to your beautiful home
and nice car.
I have nothing.
And I do what I need to do
for my family to survive.
You didn't have to do this,
You wouldn't pay me
for the story,
so I went to a magazine
who would,
and they gave me
really good money.
But you made it up.
You lied.
And now you're here,
trying to plant evidence
to support that lie.
It's just a story.
Tess, it's a life!
It's a good life.
Christ, it's a life
you're trying to ruin.
Don't you get that?
What about my life?
He never laid a hand on you,
did he?
Hitting myself with that stone
was easy
compared to the life
that I have to live.
I deserve the life
that Rich threw away.
I need it.
Please, just go home.
They'll never believe you, Tess.
Not in a million years.
Hitting myself
with that stone was easy
compared to
- the life that I have to live.
- What's going on?
Well, I guess I got
what I came here for.
The truth.
Tess Sulay.
You're under arrest.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Any statement you make
may be used against you
in a court of law
in the Philippines.
Did you send Juan?
He saw my face and reacted.
I tried to stop him.
I didn't want you to get hurt.
Just my reputation, right?
- I did horrible things.
- You did horrible things to me.
And for what?
Your own gain?
But you know what I realized?
I realized I never really
treated you that well.
I'm sorry I wasn't able
to give you what you wanted.
And I'm sorry
for pushing you into doing this.
I'm sorry.
I was just hurt and confused.
I ruined everything.
And I hurt people that I love.
Because I'm selfish.
And because when I felt like
I was losing you...
...I fought...
...but I was just scared.
I'm ready to pay.
You already did.
I'm not pressing charges.
You're free to go, Tess.
What about the drugs?
The police
never found any drugs.
Bye, Tess.
We'll be waiting for you
when you wake up.
And we'll have ourselves
a good, old-fashioned barbecue
waiting for you.
And balut.
Mmm. My favorite.
Good luck, kuya.
I'll see you soon, toto.
I wish my mom was here.
I'll be by your side
the entire time.
I promise.
Making me feel invincible.
The surgery went well.
We managed to successfully
remove the tumor from his brain.
there were complications.
What happened?
During surgery, his
heart stopped for 7 1/2 minutes
until we revived him.
But he's okay, right?
He's alive, but due to the loss
of oxygen to his brain,
he slipped into a coma.
It is too early to measure
the amount of damage
he sustained
during those critical moments.
But we do not know
when or if he'll ever wake.
They said you died,
but came back.
You saw it, too, didn't you?
It's beautiful, isn't it?
The colors, smells, the sounds.
Did you see them, the people
glimmering with light?
I'll see them again, too.
When I came back
from that place,
I could see them.
People who were here
but became angels in the next.
That's where I learned
that the world was sick,
that we just can't see,
but we feel it.
And now I know
why God sent me back.
To help heal
more of his children
that he loves so much.
To serve.
Your mom knew how.
Now it's your turn, Rich.
Please help them
any way you can.
In this world, there's
no such thing as goodbye.
It means...
I'll see you soon.
He's awake!
What about Darrell?
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on Earth
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom and
the power and the glory forever.
You saved my son's life.
I knew you were a man
with a purpose to serve others.
Just like Darrell.
He won.
Now serve with your new life.
Help others in need.
Be good to everyone...
just as my son was.
Philadelphia selects...
Kelly Barnum, linebacker.
The 100-yard triumph.
Familiar to American football,
when a team battles
for every yard
until they reach
the 100-yard mark, a touchdown.
The same saying
goes for another game,
one developed by a child
and played by those
who face true adversity.
A game that requires
everyone to fight as a team
and to fear nothing
in order to achieve everything,
fighting for every yard
in order to truly live.
This game
is "The 100 Yards of Life."
A game played not only to heal
the physical ailments
of the body,
but the metaphorical cancers,
as well.
Anger, regret...
...addiction, grief, and fear...
...are some of the many ailments
that hold us back
from truly living our lives.
More importantly,
it helps us to understand
the second chances
that are given to us.
Former Colorado quarterback
Richard Porter
witnessed the power
of this game firsthand...
...coming to the Philippines,
facing darkness,
only to find light
after making the triumph,
along with a dozen others
the game touched
at St. Thomas Hospital.
Now Richard Porter is
no longer pursuing football...
...but something much bigger.
Oftentimes in life,
we believe when the clock
starts to run out,
we think the game is over.
But it's only
the second quarter.
Come in.
So, I got you...
Thank you.
I think someone needs a haircut.
Thank you for making me
feel invincible.
- Hello?
- Hey, Rich.
This is Henry.
I received a call
from one of your leads.
Are you sitting down?
I know you.
I'm your son.
I'm sorry.
I don't...
Shh. It's okay.
I'm here now.
Can I play you something?