10x10 (2018) Movie Script

Hey, people. How's
the job going?
Here you are. -Thank you.
Cathy, how are you?
- Good and you? -I'm fine.
You want as usual? -That.
- Come on, I'm coming right now.
I brought this for the Mouse.
For my Mouse? -That.
Thank you. How do you feel? -We have to go
through some more search, but thank you.
If you need help with the kids.
- I will not forget this, Cathy.
Here it is. Dennis specialty.
-Thank you.
Do you need anything else?
- No, it's great. Thank you.
Focus on breathing.
Get down on the mat
when you are ready.
And relax with your
head leaning sideways.
Now is the time to determine
intentions while you are there.
Anything you want to do.
And focus on that.
Breathe nicely and deeply.
And then stop it in
front of her mat.
We raise our hands and we
approach them to our center.
Firmly put beauty
into our heart.
And find peace
within our exercise.
Alondra, hi. Is it all
right for tonight?
One Warrior poses let's
go to Warrior two.
Gently look over your fingers.
Open your chest and
your hips aside.
Excellent. I'll let you know,
I do not know. All right, hi.
Not good with the physical
things but also mindful.
My husband is
always in business.
One day I noticed these
- Oh, God.
Casey is beautiful. Do you know how to
go in home visits? If you understand me.
I do not know the
details, I'm sorry.
But he has an internet page so he can you
can find it there. - Exactly, thank you.
I'm sorry. Jesus.
I forgot about you present.
I'm Jennifer.
It would be nice to stay in contact.
-Of course.
On Instagram I'm Jennifer Raaz.
And your Instagram? -I I'm Cathy.
Cathy @ flowers.
Excellent. I'll follow you.
- Super. -Take care. -Hi. -Hi.
Not! - I'll kill you here too.
I want you to listen carefully. This
are concrete walls of thickness
1.2 meters covered products
for noise absorption.
I know because I did them alone.
I'm talking to you because
it makes no sense to
scream. Shake your head
if you understand me.
I'll take your tape out
of my face and I want
to you say your name.
Kim if you understand.
Not! Help!
Help me. Please help me.
Help me!
Help me!
False evidence indicates
that the victims are
not died of unnatural
death or bickering.
The bodies of the victims represented
are a challenge for investigators.
The case should be reopened.
I see you found the ventilation.
I can leave if you want. You can
continue scream and we'll see how much
long will need someone for you he
or she can hear or go to work.
Please do not touch me.
I got some money. I have
a $50,000 in savings.
That's a lot of money for a person who is
you deal with your kind of job. -Take it.
I do not want your money.
Animals can smell death.
Did you know that?
It was recently a story about the bull
who was waiting in the slaughterhouse.
At the entrance are
3-meter steel walls.
The end of life lurks
in the air around him.
Do you know what he did?
Like an animal superhero he skips
the wall and fled the city.
Of course they caught him.
They killed him.
They tried to eat it.
But his flesh
turned into poison.
It was poisoned with fear.
They'll find my car.
They will take them to you.
I promise you if
you do immediately let
me tell nobody anybody.
I want you to tell me your name.
My name is Cathy Noland.
My God.
Today is long the
case came to an end.
Toxicological finds exhumed the body
did not prove another way of death.
Family members were
destroyed by this remark
and announce the fight
against that decision.
In other news...
Help me!
Shit. Good.
Come on.
Help me!
Please do not kill me. Please.
Please do not kill me.
Oh, shit.
Fuck. - Jebemti!
Somebody help me! Help!
Help! Somebody help me!
Where did you mean to go?
Do not get close.
Do not come near, fuck.
How do you know what I'm doing?
You said that was a lot of money for
you someone who is doing my job.
How do you know what I'm doing? -You
can not A lot to make selling flowers.
The food is better
while it is hot.
That's a good way to get
to know each other.
Tell me some things
I'm interested in.
Your name for the start.
My name is Cathy Noland.
Why not start from scratch?
I just want you to know
a little bit better.
Was there any others?
Who are you, fuck you?
I'm the one with the gun.
As far as I know, the
gun is stronger than the
knife, so sit down.
I guess you're trying
to figure me out.
I think you're smart.
You figured I wanted you
kill me to do it already.
I just asked you one thing
since you came today.
What is this thing?
My name. Tell me your name
and then we can
actually start talking.
My name is Cathy Noland.
Alondra. What are
you doing here?
You remember I called earlier
to see if you need me today?
You said you'd call. You
did not call me so I came.
Why is so much mess? -I'm sorry,
Alondra, I forgot to call you.
You do not need me today.
No, no, leave it.
Is everything OK, Mr. Lewis?
- All right, thank you.
Blur, Mr. Lewis.
- Alondra, please.
This is just one of those days.
Now she should go.
Good. I'll come tomorrow
with Summer after lounging.
Let me get you.
John Lamptey has passed healthcare
review with the insurance company.
No kidney disease was found. He was
told he was completely healthy.
Investigators are later
detected kidney failure.
No indictment. Lack of
evidence prevented a retrial
for Charleston's three. Members families
have left the courtroom in tears
while reading the
verdict in the case
three dead patients in a
hospital in Charleston.
Are you ready to
tell me your name?
I already told you. -Only
tell me what I want to know.
My name is Cathy.
-Date of birth?
February 15. -Where
are you born?
In Orange County in California.
Where did you go to school?
Medium in TNYU. -What thing?
English. - And later? -Several
years I worked in the library
so I came to Atlanta and she
opened her own business.
A church? -Ha? -Are you raised
in the church? -I am not.
Do you have brothers or sisters? -I have
not. - Learning parents? -What is this?
Answers to questions.
My parents are divorced.
My dad is dead.
I did not ask you that but
what they were dealing with.
My mom is retired nurse,
and dad worked for
football team. What did he do?
- He was in the staff, he did not play.
Organizer or something. A lots of
he traveled. - Which team? -What?
I was wondering which team.
- Detroit Lionse.
So you were born in California, and
dad worked for Detroit Lionse?
I said he had traveled a lot.
I followed you.
I followed you to the moons.
I know you lie almost for
everything I asked you.
Why not go? Scratch?
Where are you born?
In California. -I repeat. Where?
- Orange County, California.
Try again. -California!
Next you go to your head.
Where are you born?
Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Where did you go to school?
Where did you go to school?!
Easter High.
- Are you in the church?
Good church girl?
I can not hear you.
And I know your heart was broken
when the dad left the house.
Who are you?
- There are questions.
That broke your heart?
That. - Your mother was medical a
sister, and a daddy team doctor.
He left the mommy for
the cheerleader.
And it has touched your
sister twin to suicide.
I heard how much you loved her.
We all had the people we loved.
But you are a survivor.
You went back to school and did it like
something. Why are you doing this?
But there was no English, right?
Like a job in the library, right?
What did you then study?
Answer me! -MEDICINA.
What exactly did you study?
- The patient.
Why not talk about the
biggest part of the puzzle?
About the only thing I want to
know since we came here today.
What's your name? -Cathy. My name is Cathy.
- You do not call.
My name is Cathy.
Cathy was calling
your dead sister.
Come on!
My name is Natalie Ann Stevens.
You must wonder why
I keep you here.
But you know what, Natalie?
I think you already know.
Oh, no.
Are you hungry?
Come on.
Finally she sleeps.
The most beautiful
girl in the world.
Come on.
Police, where it is problem?
-Halo? Police?
Can you hear me? hear
me, the police? Halo.
Oh, no.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
My name is Cathy and I'm kidnapped.
Can you locate the signal? Halo.
He put me in a car trunk,
I think it was Dodge.
Hello, do you hear me?
Where is? Where's the
fucking cell phone?
You want us to finish with this?
You worked in the hospital, nurse Stevens.
Where were you doing?
St. Mary's Greenmay.
And after that?
Little Angels in Charleston.
And how many of these patients died
inexplicable death under your care?
Which? - You know who it is from
Charlestone Troy Was My Wife?
Number three. Alana
Mathews Lewis.
Do you remember it?
That's why you moved
away, did not you?
Three people died and people
died they became curious.
Nurses were examined.
It was four years ago.
There was also a trial. All sisters
are freed. We were innocent.
Why did you go then?
- I needed a new start.
This trial has ruined my life. -Yes did
those three people get a new start?
What about my wife?
First I dropped the story, but then
some things did not make sense.
For example, a wedding ring my wife.
He never took it off.
Then John Lamptey. He
died of organ failure,
but a month ago it passed at the doctor.
-MR. Lamptey died
from undiagnosed diseases kidney.
-Alana was drunk
although I know it was not a lot of shit.
And her blood was full of THP.
Rape for rape. alanine the
blood was full of it.
The court did not find the hospital's
failure. I'm sorry for your loss.
You're not here because I
think you killed my wife.
Here you are because I know you are
he killed and I want to know why.
I do not get enough a good
explanation, Natalie,
why did my wife die,
then you will die.
Summer is now four years old.
She's so excited to be he woke
up at five o'clock, did not he?
This is her beautiful mom, Alan.
She's tired because she is he
still has to watch the match.
I'm very tired.
Let's paint it.
Greet your family. -Hi.
She's four, old. She
stayed awake all night.
Like mom, she's
sleeping all night.
Look at your dad. We are you! It's
very cold and we're freezing.
Snow falls and
Summer is dropped.
It's a bit tough.
Happy Thanksgiving Day, mom and dad.
We love you.
Happy Thanksgiving Day, relatives.
-Make a camera.
Say, Get the Gifts! - Put gifts.
- We miss you. - A lot of gifts.
See you soon.
Please do not. Please,
I'll tell you.
I'll tell you everything.
You were right. Sister and I
we were raised in the church.
We have learned the
ways of the Bible. They
had we have God in our
hearts, we were happy.
We were loved. God protected us.
But not the man who it was
supposed to protect us.
My dad has been having fun for months
with her sister's best friend.
She always lied. Mom found out.
She gathered her
courage to face him.
But it's cowardly packed
the jackets and went.
He left us and left with shame.
The locals stopped talking to us.
They stopped looking at us
eyes like we are invisible.
What does this have to do with my wife?
- Sake Sunday we would sit there,
we would listen to churches the
bells they call people on the mass,
and we were holding for hands.
We lost everything.
We did nothing wrong.
We were good people and we were
punished for the father's sins.
And my sister, my dear sister...
I found her in the stables,
hung on beams.
I have dedicated my life her.
To serve people.
Patients in the hospital
they talked to me,
They trust me, they
told me my secrets.
Things they did.
Bad things.
Did you know that John was
Lamptey had two women?
Do you remember Jane Spencer?
She dropped from the second
floor after calling the police
and said that her husband was joking. It
is was a lie. She did not even touch it.
He was arrested and charged
for an assassination attempt.
It all confessed to me after I did he
caught hitting the seams on his face
that her wounds look up.
Wanted to take it for divorce.
That man loved her.
- My wife liked me.
Your wife...
Your wife did not
wear a wedding ring
because she spread her
legs to another man.
You're lying.
- She was at all four as a fucking bitch.
Do not talk anymore. -Come on.
She was perfectly dressed,
drunk at the hotel bar.
He did not have any documents
to yourself when it crashed.
You really believe it was
in a working meeting?
I saw that guy. stealth she was
visiting her at the hospital.
Feathery, tall guy. Convenient.
-Shut up.
He told me they were doing it constantly.
That I can not help.
The Bible says we need it
be honest in marriage.
Your wife was a sinner.
Your wife was a whore.
You did not even cry.
- She was a sinner.
Tell me, who is wrong?
You, Natalie?
Or your wife?
I did it.
I want you to say that.
I killed her.
And now you know the reason.
Stop. You are an idiot.
What is it? What do you want me to do?
I tell? My name is Alan.
You're an idiot.
What is it? What do
you want me to say?
Do you enjoy that, sir?
I came here first with a woman.
Is your arm good?
That. I did not even notice it.
I was doing some housework.
Where's your house? -Over
it bridge, 5 km away.
Do you have a driver's seat, sir?
- Does the problem? - Please, please.
Of course.
All right, Officer? Investigating a car.
Your car corresponds to the description.
Your car is very small clean, Mr.
Lewis. -Is it?
I see.
All is well.
Can I look in the trunk?
Of course.
That's yours? -enino.
We apologize for the interference, sir.
-No problem.
What should I say to my
daughter when she is
with me? wonder what
happened to her mom?
You did not have the
right to take away my
wife before but I had a
chance to talk to her.
You have to give
it to the police.
I think that will be a problem.
Why did you have to
ruin everything?
My name is Cathy!
You think I'm going to
give up my life because
of you? I'm Cathy now
and I'm so happy.
You expect me to give up everything?
Because of you?
Where's the gun?!
Dad. -MR. Lewis. -Not!
Do not move!
Please do not hurt her.
- Get away, fuck!
Dad! -Summer!
Be very calm, Summer. Do
exactly what the lady says.
Why did you so complicate things?
It was all that easy.
And now this? -Please, he
did not hide anything.
It is not. You did not either.
Neither did I. Natalie, listen to me.
-My name is...
My name is Cathy.
She's a kid! -For everything
this is your fault here!
Please. I'm begging you.
Do not hurt my baby.
Your kid.
You think this is your kid?
You were released, Roberta.
Cathy, listen to me.
You do not have to give it to the police.
I will not tell anyone.
I do not believe you. -You
can to return to old life.
I can not. I called the
police, they would locate
cell phone. He'll be here.
I'll tell them something.
This can only end in one way. I
am very sorry. -Only one thing.
This house shoots everything.
I pray? -You will hear
all you've just said.
You're lying.
Summer, get away!
Summer. Honey.
Oh God.
Let's get outta here.
There you are.
Come. - Dad, there is not.
Come on in.
Close the door. Be here.
Honey. Come.
I'm sorry, Summer. I'm sorry.
I love you.
You are my child.
My child.