11 A.M. (2013) Movie Script

Do not boast about tomorrow,
for you do not know what a day may bring
[Proverbs 27:1]
Static time machine?
In order to create
an artificial blackhole,
we need at least a 100 LHCs
The LHC project costs $9 billion
If there are a 100...
Even a time machine
has to be reasonably priced
I'm just a businessman
I've seen this before
It's the Great Blue Hole
in Marshall Islands
Russia's core energy
research lab is located nearby
It may look state-owned,
but I'm the owner
A bad M&A deal,
might I add
Gravity works differently
in the blue hole
When particles collide in there,
it has the effect of
2-300 times the LHC
In other words...
It'll cost a fraction of creating
artificial black hole on land
Using a worm hole inside
the black hole to time travel
is a known theory
Worm hole is so sensitive that
even the tiniest speck could
shut down its entrance
In order to prevent that,
we need 'negative energy',
and we developed a technology
to transform it from regular energy
Using core energy,
a bad deal, as you say,
to sustain the worm hole
Your wife died 2 years ago
Died of cancer
Is your time travel research
related to her death?
To get the cure
from the future perhaps?
Cancer is probably cured
in the future
And stem cell technology
may be perfected too
Allow me to take you there,
where such technology exists
Walk proudly on your feet
Time travel... is possible
Produced by LEE Woo-jung
LEE Jung-suk, CHOI Yoonho
Directed by KIM Hyun-seok
Mr. President wants the time machine
to be called 'Trotsky'
Things would've been
different for Russia,
if Trotsky came into power
instead of Stalin
3 years later
I have seen the future!
Remember all those
pop girl bands?
Girls' Generation,
Miss A, Suji...
I've seen the future
I know I can never
be with them
Yuna got married last year
Before I can soak it in,
Suji got engaged
Suji, please be happy!
You're so right about that, Doc
My accuracy haunts me
I hate artificial UV rays,
I want to feel the real sun
That's the natural light
It amplifies concentrated light
from the surface
Don't belittle me
'cos I don't have Ph. D
Know why I didn't get it?
Because my name is Doc
If I had it,
I'd be Doc Doc!
Imagine the repercussion!
Maybe I should get it...
I wonder why they built
this underwater
Because nuclear fusion requires
cooling system
So they just built it in the water
Russian way of thinking
If we didn't have this,
there'd be no Trotsky project
And we wouldn't be together
That's one way to look at it
There's no 4th string
I requested classic guitar string,
but they sent acoustic one
It's Christmas
Now that I think about it,
we've been together for 7 years
It was Christmas then too
Been that long?
I remember crashing
a KAIST University party
That night,
you dropped to the ground
and cried
You took advantage
of a crying girl
I wonder if there are
anymore bawling girls
HQ wants full evac in 2 days
Come on...
They can't wait another month?
They waited 3 years
I barely managed to
get you the extension
But couldn't stop
the Russia staff from leaving
And the contract renewal?
Well, I have to talk to
the HQ further,
but not likely...
We succeeded, almost!
You call traveling only 1 day
in the future a success?
The Wrights' first flight
was only 36.5m!
And first radio wave
was through a wall!
This is only the tip
of the iceberg
And we accomplished
all this in 3 years
In the end, those are
just simulation data
What are you doing?
Consulting a friend...
about our simulation data,
what's up?
You have a friend?
So immature
What'll happen to us now?
Evac crew will arrive in 2 days
So is it a vacation
or a full withdraw?
Whatever it is...
think of it as HQ's treat to let you
spend Christmas on the surface
Einstein said once,
"I understand the world,
but not why it is the way it is"
I don't understand you fully,
but I trust you
Let's do a test run tomorrow
Then have a vacation
with fuzzy feeling of success
After the Russians left
last month,
core energy was neglected
There's no telling
whether it'll work properly
Moon's taking care of it
It's still dangerous
Humans will be in it
We're not sending
a monkey into the orbit
This is the only way to
renew the contract
- Then I'll take Young-eun's place
- Of course you can't!
Coca-Cola CEO and SVP
never fly together
You'll time travel to tomorrow
for 15 minutes?
Core energy can sustain
the worm hole only for 15
I'll write it up upon return
and then evacuate
How can you verify that
you were in the future?
How about bringing back
CCTV feeds?
I don't think
it's an ethical method,
but you decide
what we should do
Then take a hatched mayfly,
and take it to tomorrow
Okay, it's settled
So long since I last went up
You had a surface assignment
last month
Sure, but it was an overnight
in Vladivostok
What shall we do on our vacation?
Come with me somewhere
Curiosity killed the cat
Will it succeed?
You can see the future, Doc
I only see my future
For example, we'll never ever
become good friends
Why does a sock always
Disappear in the washer?
Well, you see...
There's a black hole
in the washer
The time machine
I'm trying to make,
uses the same principle
Or not?
It's the renewal contract
with the president's signature
When you leave,
I'll put it in your cabinet,
and let it open in 24 hours
Go to tomorrow and sign it,
and then come back
Kill 2 birds with 1 stone
Better than the mayfly method
May God be with you
It's the uniform
Texture's nice
Come on
You got 15 minutes
Take care of the lab
Don't worry, even if it fails,
I'll send Young-eun back
Stop saying nonsense
If she comes back,
it means it worked
Think about that
Anyway, I trust you
You got 15 minutes
Do not go over
You'll need this more than me
Why did he give a cross
to a Buddhist?
I saw dad in my dreams
The basis of this research
was from him
The lost sock
in the washer theory?
Still believe that
he's in the future?
Main hall roof closed
Tomorrow's waiting
Trotsky anti-gravity
shield activated!
Artificial blackhole formed
Negative energy detected
Worm hole stabilized
Got an e-mail from Dr. Jung!
From the future?
It's a scheduled e-mail
That's what I thought
I got it too
Young-eun, you okay?
Did it work?
Let's go!
By the time you see this,
I should be in the future
When you decided to leave
med school for physics,
your mom scolded me
over the phone
Bad influence or something
Anyway, you were
my private student,
but you felt like
my teacher at times
That didn't come out right
Without your research,
we wouldn't be here
Enjoy your 1st vacation
in 3 years with Young-eun
Merry Christmas!
And to you too!
He's never sent me an e-mail,
but he sent a greetings card?
I can't get used to this
He must've felt so nervous
before the test run
Let's all write him back!
Smile now!
Doc, smile!
Good, one, two!
Have a safe trip back!
This was taken after we left
The power's off
Main power stays on
even during vacation
What was that?
Was that core energy room?
Set the return program,
I'll get the contract
3 minutes passed,
hurry up!
Warning: Resilience over limit
Replace TTC Trans
Who was that?
I gotta swap the TCC Trans
Where's the contract?
That's not important right now
What happened to the lab?
I don't know
I don't know
I'll copy the CCTV files
Board the Trotsky!
Mr. Jo
Downloading 100% Complete
Manual override failed
Young-eun! Young-eun!
Blackhole energy is detected
Are they back?
Where's Young-eun?
So she's stuck in the future?
What do we do now?
Gotta bring her back
2 full days to recharge core energy
Wait, we're talking about
just 1 day in the future
If we wait 24 hours...
Yeah, it'll be tomorrow
And Young-eun?
- Should be there?
- My head hurts
The lab will be empty,
she'll be fine
Don't sound like it's
someone else's business
The president is ready
to hear the good news!
Due to core energy recharge issue,
the test run was aborted
What happened, Mr. Jo?
I just received the report too
We're looking into it
What about the evac crew?
Please have them on standby
until we're ready
That's a shame
I'll report to the president
What are you doing?!
So the lab won't be empty?
The vacation's just cancelled
So we'll be in the lab tomorrow
That's not right
No one's in there
Sensor calibration must be off
F parameter of Fc is normal
Let's see
2 people?
I'm alone here
It's 1 again
- Young-eun!
- Young-eun!
She was in the TCC
Her body temperature is low
Because she passed
the worm hole like that
What happened?
Did something happen?
What the hell happened?!
Someone tried to kill me
Tried to kill you? Who?
I don't know,
the lights were out
I think the lab will explode
Pressure walls crack
due to explosion...
If it's near the core energy,
will it affect the power?
Power's not the problem
How long can we stay
in the safe room?
10 people can last 48 hours
I doubt it'll come to that
Idiot, he saw the future!
Dr. Jung, shouldn't we evacuate?
What about 'Trotsky'?
You said it'll all burn!
Let's not overreact
It hasn't happened yet
Boss, this is our future!
We can change it
It's not up to you
to decide for us all
CCTV files?
Unethical my ass
We gotta know what happened
to the lab to prevent it
So this contains what'll happen
in the next 24 hours?
We need to find the source
of the explosion
What's with the music?
That's weird
This is LP Virus
Young-eun made a mutating virus
for sensitive files
It morphs images into sounds,
it's impossible to hack
But why's it here?
So someone infected
the CCTV files
The cams are connected to
the main system...
Hence, the main system is infected?
There's no problem so far
By whom?
This one's okay
The virus didn't reach it?
Pull it up on the screen
Time of the fire?
It's around...
5 a. M...
Where... is that?
Can't tell
It's filled with smoke
There's one more!
It really will explode
That's all?
90% of 936 files are infected
Other files are affected by
random errors
Those 2 were the only ones
we can see
But we did get
the explosion time
Tomorrow 11 a.m.
That's enough to prevent it
Recover the files first,
got the vaccine?
It should be on Young-eun's PC,
we need her password though
That PC has
AC2 security measures
You know,
it's impossible to hack
Then figure it out,
make it work!
Sook, can you do it?
If I have the security algorithm...
but I'm not an expert...
1 day is hardly enough
Young-eun had be able to
hack the security
We can try
when she wakes up
If she wakes up,
she can unlock her PC
What is it?
It's world's first
MP3 player from 1997
Bought it off eBay,
you love stuff like that
It contains LP Virus,
but if you listen to the music,
it'll sound like old LPs
People will die
and lab'll explode?
You're betting everything
on recovery of those files
We have to try
So you'll avoid
direct orders from HQ?
It's breach of our contract
Didn't you breach it too?
We know what Mr. Jo
was doing for you,
he was too incompetent
to send any vital data
contract renewal was
never part of the plan, right?
I saw the contract
in the future,
it was an agreement
of some sort
I think you're gravely mistaken
The energy base and lab are
all company's resource
Conduct full evac right away!
Sook, send all
research data to HQ
Moon, log out of
energy system
Don't move!
Once we transfer the data,
all our work goes to waste
Since I represent the company,
I have the full authority
Mr. Jo's right
Don'tjust think for yourself,
but include us too
I know, eh?
I've never thought of
this project as my own!
- Boss!
- Dr. Jung
Okay, let's have a vote then
As he said,
this project belongs to us all
- Evac for me
- Mr. Doc
My life comes first
Doc, wise choice
I agree,
another vote for evac
We got the upper hand
Shall we prep for evac?
No, I can't give it up
- Goong Sook!
- It's 'Sook'
I got fond memories here,
I want to finish it
I don't believe it
We can recover the files
We'll find the source
That's 3 to 2, our favor
Of course not,
my evac vote is a given
Only my team's votes count
He has the right
to have a voice here
- Thanks, Doc
- Don't push it
- Young-eun!
- Right!
An absentee vote
Since she's Dr. Yoo's lover,
he should cast another vote
That's nonsense!
No, let him
You know Young-eun the best,
so vote in her shoes
You're making a huge mistake
Call the evac crew!
If you wanna die,
leave me out of it!
When was the fire again?
Around 5 a.m.
But the fire started
some time before
Let's say it started at 4:30,
if we can't recover
the files by then,
we'll go to the safe room
and request evac team
I'm getting my Ph. D
Someone will burn to death at 5,
and the lab will explode at 11
10 hours till the explosion,
and all we can do is...
find the passcode?
Moon and Doc are searching for
potential explosion sources
Better luck finding
a needle in a haystack
Thanks, for siding with me
Young-eun sided with you
What are you doing?
Go to the smoke booth
Come on...
What if this is the source
of the explosion?!
I don't know what's
in those videos,
but what we can't see
is not a confirmed future
And what we saw
is set in stone?
I'll follow your lead
until 4:30
Do whatever you can
to find the source
But if the time runs out,
I'll do it my way
Yeah, go ahead
Sector C is no problem
Airlock area no problem
Get off my back
If the shock absorption is the problem,
the lab'd be destroyed,
when Trotsky took off
Sector G clear
The time of the fire?
5... in the morning,
or so
Will you still love me, tomorrow?
I'll find out...
when I get there
Did something go wrong?
This sector could be it
This wasn't maintained
after the Russians left
Sook, go to your room
Don't come out
for anything, okay?
The fire was in a big space
so it's not your room
I feel the safest
when I'm with you
Could this be it?
It's a bit corroded...
Are you okay?
Can you get up?
I'm fine
I'll do it
AC2 Security System Activated
Why are you here?
To wake Young-eun up?
It's past 4:30
I'm sorry, Young-eun
Young-eun, wake up!
- Let go of me!
- Are you mad?!
She's our only hope
Or we can just evacuate
- What about Trotsky?
- We'll build it again
It's our last chance!
Our lives come first!
Do you even
care about this project?
You must've joined our team
to stay with her
Even if this project succeeds,
you can never travel to the past
She and I traveled to the future
and came back
You're just back
to the starting point!
Like an elastic
that returns to its original form!
The past is outside
the boundary of event horizon
You can never go back
You know that
Just don't want to admit it
You got it?
Sook! Sook!
Where's the virus vaccine?
LP Virus
- She just woke up!
- Let go!
Young-eun, the lab will explode,
we need to recover the files
Where's the vaccine?
There isn't one
I never made the vaccine
Who makes the virus
and vaccine together?
Then do something
Only you can
recover the files, get up
- Get up
- Woo-suk!
I had too much canned food
I requested evac team
They won't be easy to handle
Moon's in there!
He's inside!
Moon! Moon!
- Moon!
- Boss!
- I'm over here!
- It's not working!
Who had emergency training?
Since the Russians are gone,
Moon's the best we got
But he's the one in danger
Isn't there a cargo elevator
back there?
Not for a while
What are you doing?
I'll lower this from up there
How will you reach him?
No, the pipes won't hold!
Then what can we do?!
We can'tjust stand and watch
Don't look at me
Want me to go up?
- No!
- It's okay
It's too dangerous!
Don't do it!
- Sook
- Stick to the wall!
Oxygen production lab's
next to us, remember?
Drop the firewall
when they arrive
Who lowered the firewall?!
Raise the firewall, Mr. Jo!
We'll all die
I'll take the responsibility,
just raise it!
You can't make that call!
Raise the wall!
Sook! Sook!
Backup generator is active
It can only supply the command
and supercomputer
There's no heat,
it'll get cold
Pressure wall may be damaged
Why did you lie?
There was a vaccine
You can't open the CCTV files
They said not to
What are you saying?
I met someone there
The evac team?
They tried to kill me,
and you believe them?
It's someone I have to trust
Step aside
Don't open it!
Now that...
you're gone...
the time...
will move so slowly...
Nov. 15, Vladivostok
Medhelp Clinic, 4 weeks!
Vaccine program loaded
Restoring system
Recovering the files
may take some time
Let's check the ones recovered
We just need the source
My god...
Exactly as it happened...
I guess it's supposed to
No need to check
what already happened
It's in the past
Why am I wearing a coat?
It's now
Concentrate from here on
Put it on the screen
What's that?
Is that blood?
Let's stop this
We need the source!
Look at that
We can change it!
If we can travel back,
when would you go back to?
Before Ji-yoon's death?
You said,
"you can't go back"
Hawking's theory could be wrong
Event horizon is just a theory
We haven't found the source yet
Young-eun's on it
The sanest person here...
is Young-eun
Ever wondered why the lab
exploded exactly at 11?
We're so shell shocked that
we overlooked a simple fact
Trotsky's arrival!
Since it left yesterday at 11,
it arrives at 11
Which means...
shock absorption should activate,
but due to fire,
the pressure wall is weak,
and Trotsky arrives in that spot
Due to black hole's pressure,
something gets overloaded
Upon Trotsky's arrival,
core energy extractor'll explode first
There's no way to prevent this
sectors B and C will have
a chain reaction
Let's give up B
and focus on C
If we do that, we can save
research lab and supercomputer
Let's start shutting it down
Shut it down?
It's easier said than done
Ever notice the size
of the hallway?
4.5m wide, 5.5m high
It'll take all day
Then what,
do we just sit around and wait?
Welding is your specialty,
please take care of it, I'll help
Dr. Jung
You're younger than I am,
but I respected and trusted you
This time,
I'm doing it my way
They'll lose their minds
as time approaches!
We can give up at 10:59!
Lose your ego!
I know you don't care
about others
That's why those around you
are all lonely
You know me so well?
Dad wouldn't have done this
Dr. Suh?
He'd have gone farther
He was not selfish like you,
and was never a nuisance
They all leave
before I can become one!
This should be safe, right?
It's called 'safe room'
for a reason
So... when does
the evac team arrive?
Well, they're delayed
due to a storm
You knew, didn't you?
The cargo elevator was removed
and a retractable wall was put there
No, wait...
So why didn't you open
the retractable door?
It could've saved her life
Moon, hear me out
I didn't know what it was for,
I just signed it
The Russian mechanics did that
Was it to stop the fire from
reaching the supercomputer?
Moon, that's not it
It's a shame what
happened to Goong Sook...
'Goong Sook'?
It's 'Namgoong Sook'!
Say it right!
Dr. Jung knew about it too!
I thought you'd retract it
But you didn't!
Killing you...
won't bring Sook
back from death
Supercomputer damaged
This is more important
than Sook's life?!
Humans come first!
Moon, no!
Just leave it
You feel calm,
when there's nothing to lose
11 a.m., lab explodes
5:05 a.m. Fire in ancillary room,
Sook dies
8:50 a.m. Supercomputer damaged
9:40 a.m. Mr. Jo...
Where did it all go wrong?
What if that crazy fuck Jung
didn't conceive this
time travel idea?
Did his wife
really die of cancer?
I heard it was thyroid cancer
Isn't that treatable with
radiation therapy?
He stole from the president
with his bullshit dream
And made us...
Everyone's crazy
At least we're not
I kept this file
away from the others
Let's sedate Dr. Jung
That's why those around you
are all Ionely!
I understand you,
but not why
You never tried to understand me,
and never wondered why!
You... only know yourself!
You're hurt
Let me give you a painkiller
I'm fine
It's in really bad shape
You need first aid
to continue to work
I'll help from here on
I wish I could just fall asleep
If only everything's back to normal
when I wake up
I proposed to my wife
7 years ago today
Why did I cry then?
Maybe to seduce you?
What happened to us?
Thought I'd be asleep?
I want to sleep,
but I can't
Doc's trying to escape
He'll try to use the mini sub
to open the airlock wall,
but Trotsky will arrive soon
The pressure of the black hole
will demolish the lab
I don't want my name
in the history book,
I wanna live a long life
Doc! You mustn't open
the outer wall
I'm sorry
I'll use the virus to
shut down the main system
It'll affect the
airlock system too
LP VIRUS Infecting...
So that's how
CCTV files are infected
It's all happening accordingly
As scheduled
Main system error
Unable to open outer wall
How do I die?
I know you hid some files
Is it Ji-wan?
I shouldn't have closed it
I can't reach the HQ evac team
Go to the airlock
Doc may try to open it manually
Let go!
Let go!
My future... is only death!
Let me go!
Doc, please come to
your senses!
Ji-wan, did you see yourself die?
I... I saw how I died!
It's 11!
I saw this coming
11 a. M...
Young-eun! No!
Young-eun... She...
did she die or something?
I didn't see her die
in the CCTV files
Don't be so nonchalant!
She loved you so much!
She has Electra complex
She's not sane
She believes that
her dad's in the future
Son of a bitch!
Don't talk shit about her!
Don't bet everything on love
How are you
different from Moon then?
Shut it! You have
no right to say that!
Do you know why
she fell into depression
It's all in the past
But aren't you trying to
correct the past with this?
Why don't you put safety net
when she jumps to her death?
Do you know who she talked to
before her death?
It was me
She didn't have
anyone else to talk to
Pitiful bastard
Why didn't you tell me?
Would it change anything?
Nothing can change the past
We're seeing the proof
of that right now!
Even if you go back,
you can't prevent her death!
Why didn't you tell me!
You're a killer!
Do you know how many of us
died for your greed?
Die, you fuck!
I understand the world,
but not why it is the way it is
I understand the world,
not why it is the way it is
I understand the world,
not why it is the way it is
It's so lonely being with him
Yes, Ji-wan
I understand you,
but not why
Ji-yoon... our team,
you killed them all
Because you never
think of anyone else!
Who was that?
If we're here...
did something go wrong?
You'll be confused
when you go back
But remember one thing
Do not open the CCTV files
Or it'll start a chaos
She's alive...
I saw her
Find her and get to the airlock
Get up,
let's go together
This is the end for me
Don't be so feeble
You can't change the future
We can
I'm sorry
Another Woo-suk is
somewhere in the lab
We gotta stop him
from going back
Or this tragedy will
continue in a loop
Downloading 100% Complete
Dr. Jung!
Young-eun! No!
Young-eun! Young-eun!
Young-eun! No!
There's nothing
we can change now
We must survive this!
How do we open the outer wall?
There's one last explosion
It's up to our fate
This is my protege
Hi hi
Other profs wouldn't take him,
so I did
Keep this to yourself,
your dad is
neither dead or missing
He developed a time machine
and went to the future
Don't worry
Official Letter of Admission
Excuse me!
Where's the Natural Science?
Natural Science
Excuse me,
this is KAIST, right?!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Hello again
You don't even go to our school
I saw dad in my dreams
Still believe that
your dad's in the future?
I never once believed that
He got caught
embezzling the funding,
and jumped off the bridge
I may've believed you
if I was in grade school
But I was in middle school
See you tomorrow
See you tomorrow
1 month later
The string broke again
The mood was getting there
When we...
Escaped in the mini sub...
How did the outer wall open?
I assumed the final explosion
collapsed the wall
Do you really think that?
Did Woo-suk...
change the future?