118 (2019) Movie Script

Yeah Goutham
can you enquire if theres any
major accident in Medchal area?
Ok Goutham
Ok Amar
carry on
Please say Sir
I checked in Medchal area, there
wasnt any accident.
Whatever vehicle number you gave,
it is fake
Take proper care about the money bundles...
you nasty fellows
New notes are shining. Give me
one bundle from some vehicle bro...
Ill be at your feet even in my next life
Lets look into that.
But, we shall distribute the money
in all the constituencies by evening,ok?
Ambulance, right bro? Therell be no
traffic too.
Money will be over by afternoon
Yeah Goutham
-Give one week holiday for our men,
we got the material enough for a month
Ill share location on WhatsApp,
ask Joint Commissioner Sir to
come with force,
who are you...?
You hit my man coming to my area?
You know who am I?
How many times would you go on
introducing so for every person, bro?
Wait for just 10 minutes
I'll introduce you to the entire world.
He is the brother of Home
Minister Sidda Reddy
This is too good
If an ordinary person,
we at the most run scrolling.
Youre saying Ministers brother right?
Youll be on headlines now
Finish him, guys
I thought journalist means,
will give just breaking news.
But, these also break the bones
stop man
Just forget this here and go taking
as much money you need
From my childhood I hate
stopping something in between after I start
To hell with this bloody curiosity
What are you watching,
go man
Sir, I beg you.
Please hit after completely listening to me
Ive blocks in heart
and stones in kidney.
Im fearing to be going to the hospital.
Ill definitely die if you hit
Please leave me Sir,
Ill leave politics and run away
Natco scientists are warned as theres a risk of heart
attack by drinking coffee in the early morning...
Oh no, I wont drink
Good morning, Pandu
Good Morning Sir
Is the breakfast ready?
Yes ready Sir
Dont drink Coffee Sir
It seems theres a risk of heart attack
by drinking coffee early in the morning
I read in the paper.
This Pandu will be good only if your heart is good,
Thank you Sir, thank you
Where is salt in this, man?
I should eat your salt as your servant,
no problem even if you dont eat.
Still, stones are forming in kidney
by eating salt it seems.
I read in the paper
Then do one thing Pandu,
from tomorrow...
Shouldnt I put salt and chili in anything?
Ask them not to put that paper
Ok... Looks like Sir is hurted.
Hi Goutham,
Great job
-Thanks man
-Thanks, Dude.
Still, you should get sweat by doing trekking
but how did you get a doubt that
something happened there?
Look at that girl
She is seriously sitting in front of
the computer and doing work
shes playing Solitaire
How dude...?
Often, look into the girls eye dude.
Unable to withstand my growth,
They are filing false cases on my brother
Trying to demolish my political life and to ruin my future.
Hey, Goutham...
Congratulations Goutham
Thankyou Sir.
Either they know the language or not, whole nation from
the streets to Delhi are stuck to our channel.
That Siddha idiot is caught correctly during the election time
(One day truth will come out.)
you gave a great gift for us to
celebrate our 10th Anniversary today.
Let's rock it tonight.
Congrats Goutham
Thank you Sir
We at Police department will have so many restrictions.
But it isnt so for you.
Ask me for help you need,
Im there for you
Sure Sir
If anyone proves that my brother did a mistake by chance
Come with a 7o clock blade
And Ill die cutting my throat
Ill die
I am saying it in front of the media.
What dude, arent you still ready?
Whats the time?
Its 8:30
Damn, I got late
Why are you so tired?
By chance, did you ring anyone without
my knowledge in the night yesterday?
You go and Ill come getting ready,
Get ready fast.
-5 Minitues
Why are you dull, dude...?
I got a dream yesterday night, dude
A dream?
A girl in the dream
A girl?
Some two people are hitting the girl in dream,
They are torturing her.
They pushed a car from top of
the hill into river.
I felt like I was seeing all this
being by her side
Her face and her look...
In fact it is dream great time to
believe me.
Who is that girl?
I didnt understand at all
What, dude?
Why do you take so much tension for the dream
that comes in the night and vanishes by morning?
They say it a dream as it never happens.
I understood one thing,
Even devils do come along with
humans to the guest house in the outskirts for relaxing...
Not a devil,
I got the same dream once before also
The same dream?
Im saying the same...
Do you remember?
6 months back,
marriage of our Ravi took place in this same resort.
It was the same dream then and the same girl,
The same room then and now
Whatre you talking dude...?
Whats the same room?
I too dont understand the same...
Same room, room number
I didnt bother much when the
dream came for the first time,
but when it came for the second time,
Same room and the same dream...
Im unable to believe, dude.
Even if you cant believe,
Im believing and saying,
thats definitely a matter of devils.
You go home, have a cleansing from
evil sights and take a rest
Dont ever look back at this resort again.
your favorite black coffee
Hey dude.
We thought these strange dreams
are just my experience alone, right?
Come on, look at this website once
Mystic dreams.com
Many are sharing their strange
dreams experienced on this
A company faced a big problem.
Not getting a solution for the software they are to develop,
when all were struck and in panic,
solution of this problem was found
through the dream of a small employee just joined
With that, he got a car and promotion...
Life changed in one shot, dude.
Dude, you always do anything with logic.
Whyre you thinking so seriously
about this with no logic at all?
But, why is this same dream
coming to me again and again?
Drink the coffee first,
have it
I welcome you all to the magical world of dreams...
The magical symphony visuals and thoughts by the billions
of neutrons existing in our mind are these dreams
Whos this fellow?
-A grand opera consist,
I shall meet him
Yes, hes correct for you
Will there be so much in a human brain?
Thats for a human
Not for someone like you
Good morning Doctor,
Do something
Morning Sir
Yes morning...
Who are you?
When did you come?
-Its been half an hour Sir
Ok, whats the problem?
I had a dream Doctor,
a very peculiar one
I went to stay in a resort...
Room number 118.
Like beating some girl in that dream...
Doctor, all seemed very strange
This is what called...
A miracle
a miracle of science.
The brain...
This case is the perfect example for this
This brain of ours is like a hard disk
How much GB Sir?
Hmm... as you said a hard disk
In this hard disk like brain,
everything like what you are, your name,
incidents that happened in your life,
your thoughts will be stored.
Even the dreams you got are stored in the same
But not everything can be remembered.
Unnecessary data
trash will automatically be deleted.
Ive never seen that girl,
but why is she always coming into only my dream?
-Night mare.
A night mare
dreams as you got would never be deleted
You know why?
As the dream you got first while staying in that room
is strongly stored as it was interesting.
After 6 months,
same room
same atmosphere...
Your hard disk re-winded your old dream and played it
We are now trying to picturise the dreams.
If we succeed in that,
we can clearly know about even
the brain activities of a Coma patient.
Not just that,
but there is also the next level.
No need to be either a Doctor or a
scientist to know that
Even common man can experience
the dream and be a part of it.
Do you want to see?
Do you want to experience the dream?
No, dont need all this, Doctor.
Should I take my dream serious or not?
Just say that
Take it easy and carry on with your life.
Ive already said, right?
This is just a thriller film created by your mind,
thats all
come out
I can identify your perfume
smell even when youre in a Million people
I agreed Sir,
you are Sherlock Holmes.
Will you go with any girl who has this perfume on?
Maybe anyone uses this perfume,
But when the smell comes after touching your body
and that makes it more special.
Do you know that?
Moon is in hands, but moonlight is in the clouds
Flower tree is before eyes, but the flowers are on the branch
How long just to see, whats wrong if touched?
Dont you see the pain of this bachelor?
Calculating about the wedding date
Wont you let me romance?
Oh my God, whatve you done?
Gave a cheque and stopped signing
Oh my God, you depressed me
Gave I-phone and locked the screen
Ill promise you with hand in hand
Id never let my feet walk away from you.
I filled your face in both my eyes
Its you in me even when eyes closed
Love is a birth where two are one
The Moon...
Moon is in hands, but moonlight is in the clouds.
Flower tree is before eyes,
but the flowers are on the branch
How long just to see, whats wrong if touched?
Dont you see the pain of this bachelor?
Calculating about the wedding date
Wont you let me romance?
Oh my God, whatve you done?
Gave a new bike and hid the key
Oh my God, you depressed me
Gave ATM and put a no-cash board
Nothing happened to you, right?
I am fine sir.
Did you get any information about the lorry...?
I informed JC
And theyre tracing out.
They will not leave them.
By the way, where are you?
I am in the city outskirts.
I'll reach office in one hour. Ok.
That same river...?
that same car in the river..?
Yes, dude.
I can't beleive this.
Even i can't be believe this
I never believed this dream is real.
The lake coming into my dream exists, car exists.
The most important thing than all these
is the girl coming into my dreams
You think that girl exists?
Maybe yes
To know about that girl,
the only clue we have is that car.
Maybe we get to know about the
girl if we can find out whose car is that
But, how will you get the car out?
How will you get the car out?
Yes... Joint Commissioner is my friend,
What if we take his help?
Hello Control Room...
This is JC Ravinder.
Ford Icon and silver color,
Please check in all near by stations
is there any missing complaint
lodged on this car? fast.
Tell me.
Are you seeing the news, Rony?
You said not to take tension
and see now, theyve brought the car out
You stay silent and
Ill take care of it
Tell me
Police brought that car out
You are ten minutes late Rony...
I saw that news even before you.
Ill make it all stop here without any further enquiry
Dont do such crazy thing.
If you try to stop them,
they will try to find out more.
Just keep watching them and try to know what they want to do
Ok Sir
I spoke with CM.
That Siddha Reddy wont mess with you again,
So, you carry on with your case.
-Okay, Sir.
we got the car details.
This is a complaint registered in Malakpet Station.
And you know,
this isnt just about a car missing
but also about a girl missing case.
Thank you Sir
We will call you if we get any information.
Keep this car on the back side
Ok Sir
Dude, Ill just be back
I came with full details
And along with phone details too.
Name of that girl is Esther.
You remember... someone is just gone,
He is the Church father
she used to live at his orphanage home.
Shes missing from October 6th
As I like you a lot,
Here I brought the photo of your dream girl, see.
Give it.
What, isnt she that girl?
Pinnamaneni's Wedding Invitation.
card is super.
Baby Megha,
show it to Goutham
See this.
Your marriage is in a few days
And thats your wedding card.
If you tie the knot with this same dull face,
our relatives will think you dont like this marriage.
Look Megha,
you may be his dream girl once.
But now the dream girl is different.
Sir will be in this same mood,
till he gets that girl.
You went to station saying to have some details,
You didnt get?
We got,
we even got the photo
But that girl isnt her.
Story is back to the start again.
Now, the lake in my dream is true...
Car in the lake is true...
Even the girl missing along with car is true...
there should be some connection in
between the girl from my dream and this missing girl,
Yes, right?
Give this file in the office, sister
Ok father
Esther was four years when she
came to our orphanage.
She grew up here, studied here
and she was teaching the children here
and used to often help me
Then, that car father?
Car... Car... It belongs to our orphanage.
She used to take it when she needed it.
Did she particularly say to meet
anyone on the day she went missing?
Does Esther have any close friends?
She was very reserved
Ok, then any enemies?
We are into Gods service, son
Can we see Esthers room father?
books, clothes and mother Mary.
There are no any big items
Thus we converted her room three
months back into the class room and using that.
Ive got some work and if you may please leave...
Ok father
thank you
thank you father
Will they convert room into class
room if vacant for 8 months?
Will they make it a College if vacant for a year?
He definitely decided that the girl
will not come back.
I feel some doubt looking into his eyes,
you think theres some link to
the Church father in this?
why are you so much disturbed
from when you met the Church father?
If Id got some details about Esther,
Id have got a clue about my dream.
But nothing is found.
How now
What to do..?
is it?
Are you fine now, madam?
Goutham, Megha...
Come... Come on,
How are you Vijay?
Thats the question we shall ask
You dont listen whatever we say.
Its good that you stay with us,mom?
We were tensed a lot when we got the sudden call,
mother in law
Nothing dear...
BP went a bit high
And fell unconscious and thats it
None listens to me when I say not to tell you.
What did the Doctor say?
-He said no problem.
He asked to take BP tablets regularly.
She always forgets even when we say.
How, if you forget mom?
Three of you came in the Sun, go and eat first
Grandma, it seems grandpa wants to talk to you
How are you now, sister?
Im fine dear
What Goutham,
how are you?
Im fine uncle,
how are you?
Im fine dear.
What Megha, are the marriage works on at pace?
Yes, theyre going well uncle
Are your mom and dad fine, dear?
Yes, theyre fine uncle
Its on the way, come even to our
Yadagiri Gutta while returning back
ok uncle
What Goutham, youll come right?
Yes, well come uncle.
Megha too wants to see Yadagiri Gutta
and Ill get her
ok.. come..
I said a gate came in my dream, right?
This is the symbol on that gate
I understood right then,
that your third eye saw something.
Is this the one?
Uncle, where is this printing press?
It isnt there now, son.
Its been six months since its closed down
I said right, this is the gate
God is very great.
If some Pakistan or Afghanistan had come into your
dream, youd have taken us even to there
Maybe we get some clue going in, come on
What happened..?
Hey dude, I said it right?
That the girl from my dream
would be there, see
This girl?
Name is Aadhya
Whats there like missing?
There is a number below that
address, try it
Yes... Not reachable
Who is it?
Aadhyas father?
Please come,
Did you get anything about Aadhya?
I know that
shed come back some day.
I unnecessarily felt tensed.
Please come and be seated
Sorry Sir,
we came to know about Aadhya
Its been 8 months since she went missing.
There isnt any place not seen and
no man unasked about for her.
Shes my daughter whom I loved like my life.
Its just a missing case for the Police.
Aadhyas mom...
She used to keep chanting
Aadhyas name from the day she went missing.
Maybe she lost the hope to find Aadhya,
she left me alone four months back and died.
And Im here like this alone...
Sir, can we see Aadhyas room?
I know that every thought
about Aadhya will make you sad,
but if you can give us information about her,
it will help us
She used to work as a software Engineer.
She didnt like
and quit her job.
She likes to travel
She used to say, wants to see the
whole world flying like a bird, with me.
Traveling so,
she was doing any work on her way
with whole heart and was very happy.
When did you meet Aadhya for the last time?
5th October...
5th October...
was her moms birthday.
She brought a cake for her mom
and we are celebrated.
Aadhya asked that day.
At times in life, when we dont know
what decision to take
should we go on doing what our
heart likes or to do whats good for us.
I said her that we shall definitely
do what our heart likes.
Thats it, she went missing from that day.
I dont know what exactly happened
and why she asked so
Maybe it was good if I had asked that day.
It was my mistake, my mistake...
Sir, cool down Sir
The faith that shed be back
some day is keeping me alive
I feel that faith is true seeing you.
Will you bring Aadhya back, son?
keep doing whatever you are doing.
In whichever way we can help that old man,
hed feel very happy.
That girl should be safe at least for her father.
We shall somehow know how that
girl is and what she is doing.
We got Aadhyas missing date by coming here.
Even Esther went missing from
the same date as per the Police records
October 6th 2017.
We dont know what happened to Esther
But, as per my dream,
Aadhya may have come to stay
in that resort room number 118.
she may have come to meet those who stayed in that room.
Who was in that room on that date?
Hi Sir
Yes, Sir...
how can I help you?
Yes... I need some information
Can you say on whose name is
room 118 booked on the 6th October?
Definitely Sir,
Rural development summit took place on that day.
Ill check the details
Hey dude, I came here on that
rural development summit day
Did you come here?
Yes, but I wasnt here even for 5 minutes.
Yes, got a call that our Siddarth met with an accident.
I went back immediately
Damn! I forgot about this in that tension
Sir, there was none in room 118 that day
Can you please check once again?
I checked perfectly Sir,
none stayed that day
none stayed that day
Can you at least check your CCTV footage?
Oh, sorry Sir. Well just have 6 months data.
October 6th means its already been 8 months.
But the guy who covered that days
event is my friend
Hello Sir,
someone is enquiring about room 188 and October 6th
No Sir
Forward the video.
bit more
just go back once...
Hey, Aadhya
Correct dude, what you guessed was correct.
Aadhya came to resort that day
Just forward a bit,
why did Aadhya go missing so fast?
Forward a bit
What you saw is the edited version.
All the rushes are in another hard disk.
Hard disk is missing.
there is no chance to miss the hard disk.
I'll check and call back to you.
Thank you Sir
What shall we do?
Come, Ill say
Why did you bring to this room,
what is there?
Hey dude, Im asking you
Hey, give that pencil from the table
I wont come
-Hey, give it
take this
Were staying here this night
Are you mad...?
why to stay here now?
Aadhya came to this resort in the video we saw.
I got the same dream, both the
times I stayed in this room.
So, definitely something has happened to Adhya in this room.
To know what happened,
I should get that dream again.
For that to come,
I should stay here tonight
Why do you lift both at once?
Will you give one to the devil?
No dude,
I had two pegs that day.
Same condition setup... Im setting up to make it ready
You are the... real investigative journalist.
I too had a full then and Ill continue.
Why are you looking at the time?
I slept at 11 P.M that day.
Time now is 10:50, see you
Is it any first night see the time and go?
Its third night.
by chance the devil wont come to my
room by getting confused, right?
Hey, go to sleep, dude.
Did you get the dream?
Whats your nuisance when
Im tensed not getting sleep?
Youre dead in my hands,
if you call again. Cut that.
You know, from how long am I knocking?
I was so tensed that devil finished you.
Did you get the dream?
No, it didnt come.
You didnt get?
All went correctly and you also
had two pegs in time, right?
What may have happened,
why didnt that come?
What did I miss?
Date Aadhya went missing was October 6th 2017,
date I got my first dream was December 3rd 2017,
it was 29th May 2018 when I got the dream second time.
I didnt get the third time.
That date is 17th June 2018.
The similarity in between
these three dates isnt there on the fourth date.
Theres something special
about the set of three days.
Maybe, all those three are on the same week day, right?
No, the day Aadhya went missing was Friday,
first dream was on Sunday and
second dream was on Tuesday.
Something common for three days,
come on, come on...
Open the 10th Anniversary photos once.
Ravis marriage photos are there check it once
give it once
yes, I got it.
What, got it?
Guys, its full moon day
Full moon
Yes Megha,
Aadhya went missing on 6th October
and that was a full moon day.
Both my dreams came on the full moon day
Why my 3rd dream didnt come
is because yesterday wasnt a full moon day.
If I can particularly be in that room
on the next full moon day at this resort,
Ill get the dream again.
Then, when is the next full moon day?
June 26th.
June 26th.
So, we have to wait for another 10 days
So, you decided to go to the resort
on the next full moon day
Yes Megha
say one thing Goutham.
You are getting dream on full moon day too is a theory, right?
is it just a theory?
You saw it, right?
All the three days have exactly
matched to full moon day
If seen so, did only two full moon
days come in these 8 months?
Two full moon days...
Yes Megha
Your brain works very sharp in anger.
You know how important point did you say?
Thank you...
Hmm... Im here.
What is that much interesting
topic she said for you to kiss and lift her?
After Aadhya went missing,
leaving aside the two full moon days I got the dream,
six full moon days have come.
As per my theory,
even those staying in that room on these six days
should have got the similar dream as me.
If it had come...
We have two benefits
First, I can prove my full moon as correct.
Second is the most important,
we can know where Aadhya is with
the information from the dream
Eight full moon days and eight dreams in them...
Same dream coming to six more
along with you,
looking for any clue in those dreams,
you searching for Aadhya...
How dude?
How do you get all such ideas?
Whats this lucky number 8?
Im Aadhya talking
who is that speaking?
Im Aadhya speaking...
Nothing happened to you, right dude?
Are you ok?
Im Aadhya speaking.
Im safe and please dont search for me
Hello, hello...
Hello, hello...
Come on,
come on pick up... Huh!
Hi Goutham
Sir, Ill send you a number.
Can you please trace the location
of that number and send me?
Sure Goutham
What happened, dude?
No idea where she is...
And why she called...
The number you gave is traced
at Chudi bazaar beside Charminar
we are tracking your number too with that number.
Its showing 800 meters right from the place you are at.
Yes, go straight.
Yes, straight
Just come a bit back...
Come back a bit
Yes, youre on target... Yes
200 Meters to your left,
100 Meters to the right is target
It seems like some warehouse Goutham
Hey Goutham,
Target is moving out
Go 500 meters forward in the direction you are going
Keep going Goutham, Keep going...
Go straight, straight
Straight and take a right,
100 meters to your right
Yes, yes Goutham
600 meters to your right
Yes Goutham, now you are a bang on target
Enough of the trouble taken till now.
That girl called saying not to take trouble, right?
Why are you so tensed?
Something is wrong
Lets imagine what you said is correct
Till now she never met me and
doesnt even know who I am
And how does she know that Im searching for her?
No chance for her to know
If, by any chance she was in a trouble and got chance to call,
shed have first called her dad
If not shed have called the Police
Why did she call me?
How did she get my number?
Aadhya didnt make that phone call
Then who did?
Someone doesnt like us to know about Aadhya
They made that call to deviate us
I understood dude.
What I believed is correct in Aadhya's matter.
The point where we stopped this trial,
lets again start from the same point
Its me,
I need your help
Please say
Some people have to be taken care of
Leave it to me and Ill take care
You stay right here
and Ill go bring the room details
Six full moon days came till date from Aadhyas missing date
And none stayed in that room for three full moon days in those
In the other three full moon days
Velayudham from Chennai,
Javed Ali from Hyderabad
and this girl Namrata Ram on
the last day checked out by 8Pm without staying in the night
We dont have any work with this girl
We shall first meet,
Javed Ali
Javed Ali
He cant listen,
He cant listen,
What do you want?
We got to meet Javed Ali
Hes our boy and is been to Dubai
When will he return?
In a week
my address and phone number are in this
Can you ask him to call, once when he has back?
Its a bit urgent
What so?
Whats so, so?
Start for Chennai
but theres a function once youre back and dont forget that
I called in the night saying to see your father, right?
Im Prasad - Yes
Hes my friend Goutham and came from Hyderabad
Hello Sir
-Hello, please come
Father, someone came from Hyderabad to see you
Come Sir
Talk a bit carefully, dude
If you give even a bit of tension, old man seems to breathe his last
Still, what help would he come for you?
Hello Sir
- Come and be seated.
Hes become so having a stroke five months back
Sir, you stayed in Hyderabad Paradise resorts in January.
Do you remember?
Sir, you stayed in Hyderabad Paradise resorts in January,
you remember?
Sir, do you remember this girl?
Dad, whats wrong? Dad
What happened, dude?
Dad, whats wrong?
Give that water
Whys he frightened like that as if he saw some devil?
Have some water dad
Aadhya came into his dreams
What sir,
came saying to talk about something and...Go Sir
Go outside Sir
Come dude
- You wait man.
Its fine if he didnt had the dream. But he had it.
I may get some information.
Please try dude
Sir, please Sir, one minute please
Sir please, go out Sir
Dad, what is it dad?
Dad, why dad?
Do you remember about anything from the dreams?
You remember anything about that girl?
That one?
This one Sir?
Hey, what man...?
Red colour.
Red, red color it seems
Sir, you remember anything else?
Anything more
Lord Vinayaka...!
- Elephant it seems.
Two, he says two elephants
What is he saying..?
What is he saying..?
Anything else...
Enough dude.
This red, elephant and Om... Whats all this?
Ill find out
Hey, Goutham come on
I got the chance to see your waist in sari. Its good
Nothing mom
Catch this
Two elephants dude... Red...
He says red color
Aadhya... Prabhavathi...
Sir, do you know who this girl is?
I dont know dear
Whos Prabhavathi?
Cooperative society...
Its like cooperative society.
Name of the village... Should finish with Ram
Ram... Ram...
Abhyudaya milk cooperative society,
Do you know the girl from this photo?
No Sir
Ok, wheres the school with this uniform?
Oh, this one?
Its Venkataramana School Sir
8 Months,
No idea Sir. Its just been 5 months
since Im transferred here
Mr. Murthy
Do you know this girl?
Computer lab was put up in the term before you, right Sir?
- It was this girl
She left being here for 2 months
She wasnt seen after that
your school girl is there beside Aadhya
They left the village and have gone somewhere.
Mr. Murthy
- Sir.
Do you know any information about Aadhya?
Dont know Sir
This school, Prabhavati!
- Hello,
Hello Sir.
- I should tell few things about Aadhya to you
Please say Sir
Not in phone,
Come to the food court beside highway.
Ill come there at 3:30
its 4:15 and looks like some guy is playing with us
Ok, move on
Mr. Murthy
Hey dude, Mr. Murthy we met at school
- Yes.
Whats wrong?
Mom, mom... Are you alright?
What exactly happened?
- Nothing happened to me, son`
They suddenly came from back, hit me,
searched for something and made the
whole house shabby and left Sir
Nothing happened to mom as our time was good, Sir
He called us
Mother in law, what happened?
whats happening?
Whos this?
Murthy Sir,
clerk of SV School.
He tried giving me some information about Aadhya
They killed him
Theyve come till murder
It's not a small issue
I think someone is trying to scare us
its better that you stay away from this for few days
Ill talk to JC about this
they came till the house means
theyre frightened that youre bringing out
something about them which the world is not aware of
If you stop now,
what happened to Aadhya may happen even to me tomorrow
Or may happen to someone else
I feel to say that you stay away from this
I think you should finish what youve started
Yes, you are...
Im Javed Ali speaking.
It seems you came to my house for me?
Yes Sir, waiting for your call
Can I meet you?
- Yes, you can.
Thank you.
March 2nd, Paradise resort...
Yes, I stayed
But, I didnt get any dream
One second Sir
Sir, can you recognize this girl?
Whats this? How many times do I clean?
Im tired cleaning it
I cant clean forever
Im talking here, right? Go
Go inside.
Why not look and sweep?
Shes into sweeping the whole day Sir
Sir, these drawings
My son,
He always is into drawing something.
Oh, so you stayed with family?
Wheres your son?
- Hes inside
Sir, sir...
Please stop
Sir, why to my son?
Nothing will happen and dont be tensed
Did you draw this?
Did you see this girl?
Thanks Mr. Javed...
Hey dude,
look at this...
It looks like some symbol
Yes, a symbol
Yes, but what symbol
A known symbol
Sir, an educated guy, will say if whatever we asked
but he won't say when we asked uneducated
Yes, you did a Post Graduation
If I had done that, why will I cook and serve you here?
Discussion here is for symbol and not for sambar
There are two beers in the fridge,
make omelets and bring, go
There is no stock of beer and the hen hasnt laid egg`
That God hasnt put a brain for you
Whose recommendation is this guy, dude?
I drew a lots of sketches as such in childhood
What are you talking, dude?
What if not ?
That kid drew crazily seeing in Pogo
channel and will you know searching in Google?
Not like this but you shall see like this
Whichever way you see, they are crazy lines
This is St. Marys symbol
- St. Marys?
All my studies were in Christian school
In fact, even our school symbol will be like this
Even the orphanage of Esther was St. Marys, right?
Sir, Im Gourav from Sai video
Please say
I should urgently talk to you
Will you come to the office?
Yes, Im coming
Dude, come on lets go to Sai videos.
This idiot sir,
sold hard disk for money
Luckily I got data in my backup system
I retrieved it Sir
Santosh, play it
Who is this person with Aadhya?
That fellow bought hard disk from this idiot.
Say rascal
One day, when I was waiting in bus stop, he came to me
and said one hard disk is in your office
And gave me 5000 asking to get that
The same day, I gave him the hard disk in bus stand
Do you know anything about him?
The same day, when I was going
in bus, a car came and overtook Sir
He was there in that Sir.
Something like Bhavana foundation
was written behind that car, Sir
Bhavana foundation...
Sir, can you Google Bhavana foundation address
-Yes, go a bit forward
Hey, freeze... Freeze...
Shes here means,
I think she knows something
Hey, my bike.
Ill deal that NGO matter.
Shall I recruit an officer to be with you till then?
No problem Sir, but thanks
I have an only one hope in this situation
Church father
Is father there?
He went to Vizag.
When will he come back?
Hes leaving to Vatican from there.
You must be knowing about Esther
who worked with you, right?
Did she have any friends outside the church?
Was anyone coming to meet her?
Did she ever speak about a girl Aadhya with you?
About Aadhya...?
She didnt say anything to me
and I don't know anything.
Please, if you want to ask anything, talk to Father
Thankyou sister.
Im Aadhya talking.
Im safe and please dont search for me
Please, if you want to ask anything, talk to Father
Please, please... Please
It was you calling me on the name of Aadhya, right?
I... I...
Say, it was you, right?
I remember that voice well. It was you
Everything father said about Esther was false.
I dont know why he said so
After you came and asked about Esther that day
he planned this Vatican trip
One day...
without saying any details saying to need help,
asked me to talk like Aadhya and made me call
When is father going to Vatican?
Why did you lie to me, father?
Why did you make that call like Aadhya is alive?
Where are Aadhya and Esther?
For her
To save her life, whom I brought like
my daughter from her childhood
Thus, I dont see any other way out than
to send her away from here
But after sending to Vizag,
I thought everything was fine for few days
But, when you came searching for her to the church
I understood
That, this isnt going to stop with this
Theyd kill knowing that Esther is alive
Thus, she should be sent from here
To send her away to Vatican city...
- Father
Oh damn...
-Come on.
Leave me.
Leave me.
They killed Father... without any mistake
Father put great efforts to save you
He even lost his life
Its my responsibility to send you safely to Vatican
Tell, what exactly happened to Aadhya?
Dhannaram Venkataramana memorial school
When I went to that school to teach
English classes for poor students...
I met Aadhya for the first time.
Computers are ready...
My name is Aadhya. Ok?
Ok teacher
Dont call teacher, but call sister
Ok sister
-Very good.
Hello, Im Aadhya
Im Esther
Village and the people there...
Though all these were new to her,
with her friendly personality, Aadhya became
close not just to me but all in the village
Then, a medical camp was organized in the school
We, going to teach the children without our knowledge
became a part of that Medical camp
Sister, I got badges even for you. Wear them
Oh, are we too the volunteers? - Yes
Bye sister - Bye
Ill give a complaint about this
What the hell is doing here?
What are these arrangements here?
is this the respect you gave to the doctor...?
it's none of your business
-Hey, why do I need to talk you?
Get out - Get lost
Esther, Ill look this way ok
Aadhya becoming a sister to all children there as...
and when she met was surprised seeing Prabhavathi
helping all with a responsibility above her age factor.
Hey Prabha, come here
Who all is there in your house?
My dad isnt there, I and mom are there
All the problems of your mom go vanished seeing you
Why sister?
Because you are so sweet
This is my house
Hey prabha, embroidery is super
Thank you sister
Dr. Prabhavathi,
what is this?
She wants to become a Doctor, madam
Hey Prabha, will you become a Doctor?
I will
-Is the food ready,
Dr. prabha?
Ready sister
Sister, see this
Hey, when did you do this?
-In the night, did you like it?
Its too good.
-Thank you, sister
I told you before, right
and again...
Sorry, vaccinations are over... Ok.
- I'll send to you, you go.
Madam, ask all your school children also to get vaccinated
Oh no, we are frightened
You shouldnt say no.
Vaccine is for our health
Sister, Prabhavati refuse to take the vaccination.
Prabhavathi, come here
- Sister, no please
why are you crying?
- Please sister
Prabhavathi, will you become Doctor after growing big or not?
Then, how if you fear for such a small injection?
No, no sister please
- Come on, listen to me and get it done
Please sister, please
- Ok, we will do one thing
Sister will give you vaccination, ok?
Doctor, please give
Sister will inject and you wont have any pain then. Ok?
Look into my eyes, keep seeing so
Thats it. Its done
Is it done? There wasnt any pain at all, sister
I said right? You made so much
noise for such a small matter
This trip has changed my life, Esther
Mom and dad brought me up without knowing
any problems at all
Look at Prabhavathi.
Her dream is to become a Doctor
But you know, how much trouble
is her mom taking to just send her to school?
And to make her a Doctor means...
To get all such educated, we shall all do something together
You know...
My dad asks what my goal in life is
I think this is my goal
Good morning...Sister.
-Hi... Good morning... Good morning
Wheres Prabhavathi?
Don't know, sister.
Amrutha... Even Bhavani hasnt come
Don't know, sister.
Madam, what happened to
Prabhavathi? She hasnt come today
Shes saying burning sensation all over the body from morning
and is also in high fever
I handed over to the neighbors while going for work
When I returned and saw fever is gone very high
When informed the medical shop person,
he gave few medicines
Madam, will you please get a wet cloth?
I have burning sensation all over the body
Doctor, there is no problem right?
Sister... it's an emergency, get fast.
She is not responding.
Oh God....Prabha.
-She is no more... sorry.
what happened, Aadhya?
How is Prabhavathi? Aadhya...
What happened Aadhya...?
What happened to Aadhya?
Prabhavathis death changed over Aadhyas life
All the bottles look same but the composition is different madam.
One is Dengue vaccine and the other is totally different madam
Ill give a complaint about this
What the hell is doing here?
I should talk about the vaccine given
to children at Dhannaram Medical camp
How many?
How many died?
-How did you ask, how many died?
Did you know before that theyd die?
Why didnt you stop, when you knew?
-Because theyd kill if stopped
It isnt so easy to answer the question like you asked, madam
These days, cancer isnt any disease
Business source growing very fast in the world
what was used in that camp was
a vaccine named Bollorexy
Its viral vector used for Gene therapy
Gene therapy?
Sending vaccine through viral vector
to edit the DNA in a person is called as Gene therapy.
To alter the DNA structure evolving
along with human from about 300 Million years means...
When some say it is directly a big risk for the human race
And some say no and if this is
success, many diseases with no cure till date
like HIV and cancer can be avoided forever
This debate is on amongst many worldwide
If this really is successful
need with medicines in future would rapidly go down
Future is genetics
Eyes of all big Corporate Companies are now on this
Because profits are in Billions of Crores
Manufacturer of this vaccine taking lives
of many girls you knew is this Alanta Company
It is very difficult to take a permission for these type of vaccine.
It's illegal in a lot of countries.
Thus, all these Companies select third world countries
and to conduct pilot tests illegally
on the names of trusts and NGOs
are directly testing selecting girls aged 15 to 18 years
This is a big system, a chain of corruption
If we know, who more are involved into this,
our hearts would stop
You are saying to fight against them
Kill your heart and youll at least be alive
Stay out of it
I too asked Aadhya to leave all these and go far away
But she didnt listen to me
She with all the evidences gathered
went to the school head master
This District Collector is my old student.
We will meet him tomorrow morning and explain all this
Ok Sir
Hey, what.. it seems you are trying to
get the details about the camp?
I will kill you if you involve again in this matter.
Please move aside. Will you please move aside?
What happened?
-Head master slipped in the bathroom and died, madam
Aadhya... Aadhya, Im very frightened
You leave all these and immediately go to your place
How do I go?
Though was saying no and crying,
I gave injection to Prabhavathi with my own hands
Knowing it all, how do you say me
to be silent without doing anything?
Aadhya, listen to me, they would kill you.
-No problem.
No problem
I cant live with this guilt, Esther
I cant forget those kids dying in my hands
Esther, you do if you wish to
Ill look into it - Aadhya
One of my friends has influences here in powerful places.
I called him, said the matter and asked what to do
It seems, there is an event this evening at Paradise resort
He asked us to come there
If we go there, hed say what to do
Evening 7o clock
7o clock...Ok
- Yes, 7o clock
We bother went to Paradise Resort for meeting
my friend with a hope to find answers for Aadhya's questions.
Adhya, you sit right here. Ill go see, where he is
My friend saying to help me didn't come there.
He didn't lift my call too.
After sometime, I got a call that he met with an accident.
I going there with great hope there,
didn't know what to do listening to what has happened.
When looked for Aadhya to say what happened,
she wasn't seen there.
Another girl is there with her... come on, search for her.
Did you find her...?
Okay, come.
That night, not knowing what to do, in fear...
I left Aadhya right there and came running away in fear
Three days... Aadhya risked her life
for a kid whom she just knew from three days
We shall give support to Aadhyas goal Sir
Whoever is behind this... Whatever big maybe this issue...
We shall pull everyone out Sir. We shouldnt spare anyone
What you said is correct Goutham.
But, we need evidence, right?
They killed Murthy and Raghuram,
disturbed coming to your house
and left you alive means a confidence
that you dont have the evidence
What can we do with no proof? Try to understand Goutham,
you cant do anything
-Why not?
Why cant we do anything?
For every dream I get and
every clue I get in my dream, theres some reason
Lake that came in my dream took me till Esther
Trinethra symbol on the gate... This took me till Aadhya
This came in the dream of Mr. Velayudham
and made us know about Prabhavathi
Sketch drawn by Javed Alis son...
St. Marys symbol took me back to the Church again
Everything... Everything is happening for a reason
Aadhya is trying to tell something to me.
Bloody hell, Im not able to find it
Im not getting Sir
Where exactly is that girl?
Im missing out on something
Im not seeing properly, no focus
Focus Goutham... Focus
This symbol...
I saw somewhere...
I saw somewhere...
Did you observe? Lotus symbol...
Its in Adhyas bracelet. See, even this
Buddha symbol is there in bracelet
See, flower and Om... Even these are there in her bracelet
There is something in this bracelet,
there is something in the bracelet
To know where this bracelet is, we should
know about Aadhya
To know where Aadya is,
I should get that dream
Tomorrow is full moon day
and if I stay in room number 118 and I get
that dream again,
Ill know everything dude
What dude, why do you say should get
the dream again and again?
Will you know where Aadhya is, just by getting the dream?
Thats a dream and this is real... Think of it
Even a common man can experience a dream and be part of it
Come fast
Oh sorry, sorry Doctor
Oh my God... I just...
I just dont believe it
When I came the last time,
you said anybody can go into the dream
and can be the part of that dream
Can I go into that dream?
Can I feel everything happening there?
Huh! This fellow is saying like from the film Inception
Is that really possible, Doctor?
Definitely, yes
Name of that is Lucid Dreaming,
the position in between sleep and the state of awakening
Though you are in dream
your consciousness will be with the awakening
To be more simple,
your body will sleep and your mind
will be awake in the dream
You can see and hear everything
happening in dream like you are directly seeing them
You can feel air, fragrance and everything.
But, there is some risk in that
Its easy to go into Lucid Dreaming
But to stay in that for more than 10 minutes is dangerous
No problem Doctor, Im ready
Why all these Doctor?
Will I get the dream only then?
No, its just for my observation, you just dont worry
Ill now give you a medicine
That will bring down your anxiety, cool
down your heart and takes you to sleep
Do you remember what happened when
you came to this hospital?
Yes Doctor
Focus that again completely
-Just look at your watch
Is the seconds hand running in that?
Its running
-But, that wont run in the dream
That is the indication to say that you are in dream
For a test, Im setting alarm for one minute
That is the warning for you to come out from the dream
Just close your eyes
Slowly slip into the dream
Come fast.
Sorry doctor.
Amazing Doctor, everything was so real
The surroundings, I could feel it
And one more thing,
Dont try to change anything happening in your dream
Once done, its done
Look, just a few days left for FD approval
All my pride and investments lie in it.
You better make sure what youre doing
There wont be a need for you to call me once again
Ill call you next time with the news that...
that fellow is finished
youre bleeding Goutham
Listen to me, lets go to hospital
No Megha...
I dont have so much time
I shouldnt let go this chance
- Goutham
Whatever happens inside, till I come out by myself
none of you should come in
Hello siddharth.
- Hello madam,
Siddarth youve called met with an accident
We joined him in Laxmi hospital nearby
- Siddarth
Hello Siddarth,
where are you? Im waiting for you
Hello Sir, Im not Siddarth. He met with an accident
We joined him in Laxmi hospital
Ok, Im starting right away
I got call that our Siddarth met with an accident
and I left immediately
One of my friends has influences here at powerful places
Dear Aadhya
I need to talk with you.
Come dear
What are you thinking so, dear?
You need Tea, Coffee or anything?
Give the bag. Give it, give
Post mortem, original lab report, patient card details...
If all these come out, well permanently be in
- Rony.
Do you know, what you exactly tried doing?
Its my dream
Alanta genetic research and development Company
I have spent a lot of money on it
When everything was going well
you came and with your childish stupidity spoilt everything
You are too much in the center of everything
Youre going to pay for it
The day I decided to bring out what youre doing,
I knew that one such day will come
But I didnt expect that it is this day
I understood after seeing him here
That I cant do what I wished to do
Even now, I wont ask you to let me go
What value does a life saved so, has?
I wont fear death, Sir
But, I just have one request
Please. sir
At least now, stop all these
Youve understood me very wrong here, Aadhya
Innocent people... Whats there in their life?
Theirs is a waste life
At least Im giving them a honorable reason to die
Six months back,
Rony, how many?
40 members Sir
- 40 people.
What did you think, Dengue fever?
Ive done that.
For some to be good, some shouldnt be there
Collateral damage
theyll have to die
This medicine will come into the market within one year
We might have to do more tests
till we reach the top
You wont be there to see all these
Im sorry Aadhya
- Sir.
Take care of her - Ok
Make it clean
Make it fast
And make sure there are no tracks left behind
Dont leave traces
Ok Sir
You can kill me
But, you cant kill my thought to stop the mistake youre doing
That will be wandering somewhere around here
That wont die
That has no death
Here is your evidence
Your pen drive
Push the car of that girl into the river on the outskirts.
There shouldn't be any evidence found
Take her.
Aadhya came to meet me to this resort
Siddarth called me here to help her
If I had met Aadhya that day, Id have saved her
-What happened to Aadhya?
Dude, where?
- Goutham stop
Goutham Im calling you
- Goutham
Goutham, please stop
Sir, bracelet
Constable, give that bracelet
My name is Aadhya.
By the time you watch this video
I may not be in this world
Everyones life will have a reason
And I now came to know the reason for my life
Theres justice for many girls like Prabhavati,
Ramya, Saranya and Kavitha in this pen drive
When such can be stopped in future
from happening with this evidence,
my soul will rest in peace
Mom and dad...
Said me to do what my heart likes
My heart said this is the right thing
Im doing it
Im proud to be your daughter
Love you dad,
love you mom
Death of Aadhya exposing the biggest scam
of the country is become a huge sensation.
ECTV investigative journalist Goutham has solved cleverlya
RNK hospital Dean ONG Rao, Dhannaram Sarpanch Devraj and Paradise
Resort manager Sasikanth behind this were arrested by the Police.
Supreme court has ordered to appoint a committee to inspect
the medical trials to happen in the country in future.
Supreme court banned Alanta Genetics
being the reason behind so many deaths.
Police are in search of that company CEO VN Shah.