12 and Holding (2005) Movie Script

(harmonic cinematic music)
- [Voiceover] I'll give
you that third birthmark
right on your ass, let's go.
I'm gonna kick your ass so fucking hard.
I'll take that hockey mask and
shove it right up your butt.
(innocent ambient music)
- [Boy With Mask] You see him?
- No.
Come on, Jacob.
It's cool.
(rock slaps mask)
- [Voiceover] Oh, you got him.
- Come on, come on.
- [Jacob] What the hell is that?
- [Rudy] Piss.
- Hurry up. Go!
- [Red Head] Oh, shit!
It's piss!
You and your ugly-ass brother are so dead.
- Anytime you're ready, dickhead.
- Stop throwing up!
You're dead!
(clumsy cienmatic music)
(silverware clinking)
(moist chewing)
(youthful jazz music)
- I'm past the deadline on my thesis, Lee.
I don't have time to debate.
She's your daughter.
- Ma!
I need help.
- You know what, Lee?
Any parent would be parent of the year
next to you, selfish prick.
Yeah, well.
- You're late.
- Yeah, well,
I began menstruating this
morning, and I had some difficulty
inserting the tampon.
It's a natural process.
You know I could conceive
and carry and birth a child right now?
- Big deal, you won't.
- But I could.
- [Jacob] Do you think I
should have Mom look at it?
- Our birthday comes once a year,
and you ask for a hockey mask.
You don't even play.
- Jason from Friday the 13th wears one.
He's bad-ass.
- I dropped piss on Kenny's head.
- What?
- Jeff and Kenny were here.
I dropped the piss I've
been saving on their heads.
- Why were you saving piss?
- Just in case.
Pretty smart, huh?
- [Jacob] No, it's stupid 'cause
now they're gonna come back
here and kick all of our asses.
- You're such a butt munch!
- [Malee] You guys!
It's your birthday!
Try to get along.
- Malee, take this up, please.
- [Boys] Cheese.
(camera whirring) (mom giggles)
- Okay, you got your
small gifts this morning.
Now for the big ones.
- Oh, my God!
Yes, this is too cool.
- Do you like it, Jacob?
- [Jacob] Thanks.
(classic rock music)
Copper head on a sunny pillow
Brown eyes open, go
straight to the window
As she opens her mind
Another dream tonight
Snow falls hard on a
- 10 acres.
- I'm not selling that land.
- I'm willing to pay top dollar.
All right, you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna write down a number.
- Look, our kids play in
those woods all the time.
You can't put a price on that.
- I believe I can.
Are my everything
(people talking indistinctly)
- [Kenny] Go, man, come on!
They're gonna tear down
the tree house tonight.
We gotta stop them.
- [Jacob] So?
It's just a tree house.
- You suck.
Leonard, you in?
- [Jacob] You don't have
to go if you don't want to.
- I'll go.
(fireworks popping and whistling)
- Let him go.
- [Jacob] Rudy?
- [Rudy] Unless you're coming with me,
I don't wanna hear about it.
Jeff and Kenny pick on you all the time,
and you don't do shit.
- [Jacob] It's my problem.
- No, it's my problem, too,
because we're brothers.
That's what brothers do.
- [Jacob] I don't feel that way.
- 'Cause you're a pussy.
(train horn honking)
- Rudy?
- What?
- Maybe we shouldn't talk.
Just listen for 'em.
And don't you fall asleep.
- I'm wide awake.
- [Kenny] Can you stop walking?
Wait up.
I've gotta get my lighter out.
- [Jeff] All right, hurry up, man.
Come here.
We're gonna burn it down.
- Hell yeah, man.
Let's go.
- [Jeff] Light mine, too.
- It's lit!
Move, you go first, you go first.
(Rudy moans)
- You suck.
- Got it.
- [Rudy] What?
- You hear that?
- [Rudy] Put it out!
- Aw, shit, man, they're in there!
- [Kenny] Where are you going?!
- [Jeff] Go, run!
- [Kenny] Get back here!
(Rudy screaming)
- [Rudy] Leonard, help!
(Rudy screaming)
- [Leonard] Come on!
(Rudy sobbing in agony)
- [Kenny] Come on, wake up!
Come on, you better get, shit!
Oh, my God.
(distorted speaking)
(people whispering)
- 'Cause you're a pussy.
- (crying) My baby, (crying), oh my god!
Oh, my, my baby!
- Jim, I, I've gotta leave.
Again, I'm just,
I'm so, so sorry.
(woman sobbing)
- You still interested
in buying that land?
- We can talk about it
later if you'd like.
- Build houses, condos,
7-Eleven, I don't care.
I just don't wanna
recognize it ever again.
- Okay.
- This hospital is a nightmare.
How are you feeling?
- My head hurts.
- You're lucky you didn't get killed.
- I told you I'm sorry.
- I've never been so scared in my Iife.
And (sighs) poor Rudy.
- [Male] Was it a friend or family?
- [Female In Black] Huh?
- [Male] The person who died.
- [Female In Black] Friend.
- I'm sorry.
Well, you're gonna like Dr. Chung.
This is only my second session.
She's really good.
- I'm not a patient, I'm her daughter.
- Oh, yeah, I can see the resemblance.
- You trying to make me sick?
(door knob creaking)
- [Voiceover] Miss Farland,
you can come in now.
- Mr. Maitland?
I'll be just a second.
You're upset...
And that's good.
And it's okay to cry, you know?
- Ma, I know it's okay to cry, okay?
I don't need you to tell
me it's okay to cry.
If I wanna cry, I'll cry.
- Fine.
(machines beeping)
- [Voiceover] You've gotta eat something.
- Leonard has a condition.
It's called anosmia.
- Oh, my God, is it serious?
- No, anosmia is when a person
loses their sense of smell.
It's not uncommon in patients
who suffer severe head injuries.
Unfortunately, it's also
affecting his ability to taste.
Again, not uncommon.
- Is it permanent?
- That depends upon the patient.
- What do we do?
He can't eat.
- Oh, he can eat.
He just can't taste what he's eating.
- I can't believe this is happening.
- Considering what Leonard
could have suffered, he's lucky.
And he is severely overweight.
Perhaps a loss of appetite
will be a benefit.
- It feels gross, this film on my tongue.
- Hey.
- I don't like apples.
- So, you can't taste it, right?
Maybe you'll like the crunch.
(chainsaw buzzing)
(melancholic orchestral music)
- Oh, my God.
That guy...
I, like, know him.
He's one of my mom's patients.
- So?
- Should we go over and say hi?
- I just wanna get out of here.
- You coming, Malee?
- Tommy Camacho.
Jacob Carges.
Rudy Carges.
Rudy Carges.
- He's not in class anymore.
- Now, how do you know?
- 'Cause he's dead.
- [Teacher] It is not
funny to joke like that
about a fellow classmate's
death, Mr. Carges.
Are you?
- His brother.
And I'm not kidding.
He's dead.
- I'm so sorry.
- Eight.
The state's requirement for upper body
strength is 10 chin-ups.
Leonard, you're up.
(boy giggles)
Come on, son.
Come on, son, fight it.
(Leonard farts) (students laughing)
Hey, that's enough.
All right, good job.
Who hasn't gone?
(boy chuckles)
(all playing out of tune)
- Did anyone practice over the summer?
Great, well, we still have
a fall recital coming up.
If anyone would like to perform a solo,
the sign-up sheet is on the door.
Class dismissed.
(clumsy cinematic music)
- Not you, Leonard.
Center, that's the position
you'll be playing in two years.
- Football?
- You don't like football?
- I love it.
It's just, I'll never make
the weight requirement.
- Oh, there's no weight
requirement in high school, son.
(Leonard panting)
These are your new bibles.
One on nutrition, the other exercise.
Now, you do what they say,
and you can play for me
once you come to high school.
- Thanks.
Coach, why are you doing this for me?
- Because I've never met a child
so out of shape in my life.
- [Ashely] I'm being stupid?
No, they are wrong, you call them back.
- [Jim] Ashley, I talked to the lawyer,
he wouldn't lie.
- What's going on?
- You know what, this is all your fault.
- Me?
- Yes, because if you'd
done what I said and gone to
the trial, this never would have happened!
- We both agreed it would be too painful!
We both agreed!
- [Ashley] No, you agreed.
- [Ashley] You agreed!
- Mom, what happened?
- Tell him, tell your son.
- The boys who killed Rudy cut a deal.
They got a year in juvenile
hall and five years probation.
- One year.
That's what his life is worth.
- Ashley, just calm down.
- [Ashley] One year.
- [Ashley] How can you
be so unaffected by this?
Your son was murdered!
- It was an accident.
It was an accident.
And those boys were juveniles.
- So that makes it okay?
(door slams)
(wind chime sounding)
- You're dead!
(thunder crashing)
- [Jim] You don't believe me.
- [Ashley] No. they're wrong!
- [Jim] It was an accident.
- [Ashley] One.
That's what his life is worth, one year.
- [Jim] Ashley. just--
- [Ashley] Your son was murdered!
- I can't believe how much you suck.
I want them dead.
I wanna kill them.
I could handle a year in prison.
Don't you miss him?
You don't even care!
- It's not that we don't care.
It's just--
- Life goes on.
- It does.
You have to deal with it.
You know 90% of people's problems are
due to their inability
to get over the past?
- How do you know?
- Mom tells that to all her patients.
I've eavesdropped on some
of her therapy sessions.
- That's cool.
Can I listen in sometime?
- No.
Anyway, she says if a
person wants closure,
they gotta deal with
their problems head-on.
Go see these guys and
tell them how you feel.
Juvy hall's only like
40 minutes from here.
Take a taxi.
You can't change
without someone's shadow
'Cause then it's gone
when you still shine
You can't change to
solve somebody's name
- I hate you!
You know that?!
- Hmm?
All this happened 'cause of you.
You deformed retard!
- Every night I lie in
bed and plan your murder.
- I'm shaking.
- I'm gonna take a kitchen
knife and chop off your fingers.
Then your nose, and then your tongue.
Then I'm gonna take scissors
and cut off your ears.
When they find you, it'll be like putting
a jigsaw puzzle back together.
- You kill me, you come here.
- So?
What do I have to look forward to?
You destroyed my life!
- What happened was an accident!
- There are no accidents.
You're gonna pay for what you did.
And it's gonna hurt like hell.
(phone receiver slams)
- [Malee] Don't I know you?
- You're Dr. Chung's daughter.
- Yeah, you remember.
We were never introduced.
My name's Malee.
- Oh, hey.
Gus. Hi.
What are you doing here?
I was in the mood for a picnic.
And I thought this would be
a nice place to have one.
- [Voiceover] Move that fucking truck!
- Right.
- Would you like to join me?
'Cause there's plenty of food.
- You know what, I don't go for lunch
for another 10 minutes.
- I'll wait.
Meet me by that cement
mixer when you're ready.
- So last time I saw you,
you were just getting
back from a funeral.
How are you doing?
- Okay.
Death is, like, so weird, you know?
I mean, it's sad...
But I also feel like I've
been given this sign.
A sign which is telling me life is short,
so you gotta do what makes you happy.
You gotta take chances and get crazy!
- And what are you doing to get crazy?
- I play the flute.
- Wellthat's totally nuts.
The flute. (laughs)
- No, not like that.
Like every year my
school has this recital.
And every year, I've been,
too chicken to play a solo
in front of people.
But I'm gonna do it, I'm
gonna do it this year.
- You know what, good for you.
That's great.
Good for you.
When is it?
- Why do you care?
- Oh, 'cause I'm gonna come.
- What?
- Yeah.
- You can't go!
- Sure I can.
- Nobody goes to these things.
I don't even think my mom's coming.
- Well, you're gonna need
somebody to root for you, right?
And besides, I Iove music.
And I owe you for this
terrific lunch, right?
- Are we having company?
- It is all for you.
Your favorites.
Oh, and I, made everything
extra spicy so you can taste it.
- Mom, it doesn't matter
how spicy the food is.
- So you're not gonna even try it?
- I'm sure it's delicious.
- Forget it.
Don't eat.
You can't just eat apples all the time.
Why not?
It's unhealthy.
("Wired Nights" by Sunset Valley)
We've gathered the
corn and ground it flat
Wrestled the meat and trimmed the fat
I think it was wheat, and we deserve
10 times better than that
- GUS: But why now. though?
I haven't fought fires
in over three years.
- Something stirred your unconscious.
If we can figure out what that
was, we can get some answers.
- Okay.
All right!
Let's do it!
You said that your nightmares started
around the time that you moved here.
- Yeah.
- Let's explore that.
Why did you move here?
- A friend of mine was
working construction.
He got a job offer over
at the Lindsay Acres job,
and, I thought it'd be
a good idea to come work
with him for a little while.
- Are there any recurring
elements to your dreams?
- Burnin' For You keeps playing.
- Burnin' For You?
- Yeah, you know, the
Blue Oyster Cult song?
- Dad?
- [Jim] Jacob!
- You okay?
- Fantastic.
You know...
For the past few weeks,
I sat in this house.
I couldn't move.
Everything reminded me of Rudy.
And then from out of nowhere,
I had a revelation.
I'm alive.
Your mother is alive.
And I became overcome...
With joy, because I
realized how lucky we are
to still have you.
- Me?
- Jacob.
I love you.
I went to work today for
the first time in weeks.
I was fearless.
It was as if I'd just
gotten out of college.
I went after accounts
I'd avoided for years
because I thought they
were out of my league.
And I was amazing.
I was magic!
But then when I came
home to share the news
with your mother, I found her asleep,
and then when I looked at the house,
I realized that her office,
for lack of a better word,
was also piled up, so I took to the house.
I have made it my duty to
clean this place from top
to bottom, even if it takes
me all freakin' night.
- Yeah?
- Will you join me?
Join me in this symbolic
gesture of cleaning out the old
and bringing in the new.
- Do I have to?
- No.
With a banjo on my
Thank you.
- A wonderfully rousing rendition.
Our next soloist is Malee Chung.
She will play the theme from Love Story
on the flute.
Thank you, Mr. Farmer.
There's actually been a change.
I'm not gonna play the
theme from Love Story.
This is a--
(Mr. Farmer mutters)
I can't hear you!
Anyway, this is a song
from the Blue Oyster Cult.
(smoke hissing)
One, two, three, four.
("Burnin' For You" by
The Blue Oyster Cult)
Home in the valley
Home in the city
Home isn't pretty
Ain't no home for me
Home in the darkness
Home in the highway
Home isn't my way
Home will never be
Burn out the day
Burn out the night
I can't see no reason to put up a fight
I'm living for giving the devil his due
And I'm burnin', I'm
burnin', I'm burnin' for you
I'm burnin', I'm burnin',
I'm burnin' for you
- Can I see that?
- Malee, you are always surprising me.
- That was great.
- Malee.
Wow, (chuckling) wow, wow, wow.
You (clapping) were awesome.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Be honest, because I'd rather
you told me I suck than lie.
- No, no, you were great.
- Hi, I'm Leonard Fisher.
It's nice to meet you.
- Hey. Gus.
- Gus, nice to--
- Excuse me.
- Okay, okay, I'm
leaving, nice to meet you.
- We'll see you later.
- You really enjoyed it?
- Yeah, yeah.
It's a good song.
- Yeah.
- What made you choose that?
- My mother, she was humming
it all last week, you know,
'cause she's a big B.O.C. fan.
- Right.
- Yeah.
- Was she here?
- No. No, she's got class.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
- Well, she missed out.
- You're so sweet.
Malee, I, I had a really good time.
I gotta run.
But thank you.
Really, thanks.
Bye, hon.
("Wired Nights" by Sunset Valley)
We gathered the corn and ground it flat
And wrestled the mean
and trimmed the fat
I think it was wheat, and we deserve
10 times better than that
Wired nights, wired nights,
wired nights, wired nights
Sleepy days, sleepy days,
sleepy days, sleepy days
- Leonard threw our candy down the gutter.
- [Parents] What?
- [Hayley] You suck!
- [Leonard] Shut up.
- Hey. Hayley!
Why'd you throw their candy away?
- It's crap.
- I'm gonna ask you this once,
and I want a straight answer.
Are you in a cult?
- [Dad] (chuckling) Grace.
- This is exactly what
happens when kids join cults.
The first thing they
change is their diets.
- I'm not in a cult.
The issue is that you have
stolen one of the most exciting
nights of the year from your sisters.
- If anybody had done this
to you when you were a kid,
we never would've heard the end of it.
- Exactly.
- Now, get upstairs.
- I wish somebody had done it to me.
Maybe then I wouldn't be such a fat pig.
(snorts like pig)
- What'd you say to him?
Just stop.
Why are you doing this?
- To remind you.
- How could we forget?
You've been coming here
for months to remind us.
- No one's forcing you to talk to me.
- Anything to get out of my cell.
- Is your cell small?
- Yes.
- So is a coffin.
- Look, I'd do anything to
bring him back, but I can't.
It's not easy being in here.
You saw Jeff.
- Oh, what happened to him?
- Pissed the wrong guy off.
Jeff's totally fucked right now.
- Good.
- Look, don't come back here ever again.
- Free country, I'll come if I want.
Don't expect me to show up!
Get off me, man!
- I am not taking your Halloween candy.
- Come on.
If I wanna keep this firm ass as an adult,
I gotta develop good eating habits now.
And this is not good.
Not good for me.
- All right, maybe just,
the spider ring.
- Okay.
- All right. (laughs)
- So, work is good.
- You know what, to be honest with you,
I can't wait till this job is finished.
Kind of creepy here, you know.
You know that a boy died here?
Right before we started this job?
- Rudy, his name was Rudy.
- Oh, you knew him?
- Yeah, he's one of my best friends.
You remember that funeral I went to?
- Yeah, that was him?
- Some kids threw a
flaming cocktail at him.
Can you imagine killing someone like that?
I mean, how evil can you get?
- Yes?
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Jeff Laskey is dead.
- What?
- He committed suicide in
his jail cell last night.
Carol Evey just called to tell me.
Justice is served.
End of story.
- What the hell do you want?
- I'm sorry about Jeff.
- Like you give a shit!
I bet when you heard, you started dancing.
("Reckless Burning" by Jesse
Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter)
(rings doorbell)
(doorbell chimes)
Pretty thing, I've got you
Right where I used to be
We ride across this city
Starting fires recklessly
And everything is closing
But tonight, we'll stay a while
(door opens)
- Hmm.
(glass bottles clinking)
(knobs squeaking) (water
rushing into shower)
(Gus screams)
Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la la la la la
'Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la La la la
- I was watching that.
- Well, finish your homework.
- So because you're an atheist,
I don't get to celebrate the holidays?
- Just because I don't turn our home
into a Jesus-themed disco once a year
does not mean I'm an atheist.
- All I'm asking for is a tree, Ma.
Maybe a stocking.
- How does nailing a sock to the wall
reconnect you with God?
- I don't know.
- Hmm?
- Forget it, Ma, okay?
- An iPod?
- Do you like it?
- I love it.
You guys went crazy this year.
(christmas flute music)
- May I be excused?
- No.
- I'm gonna take a shower.
- No, we have one more present.
- I thought we were gonna wait.
- No, do it now!
Come on, do it now!
- Your father and I have
seriously discussed...
Adopting for many years now,
so, we decided to adopt a baby.
- Hopefully a boy.
- Don't worry, white male infants are
the hardest to come by.
60 Minutes did a whole story on it.
Any adoption agency worth its salt
has at least a three-year waiting list.
By the time your parents get
a kid, you'll be in college.
You think they'll want to
start over with that baby shit?
- No, it's just like they're
trying to replace Rudy.
- Doesn't matter, man,
'cause it's not gonna happen.
- I'm thirsty.
Can you get us some drinks?
- Why me?
- 'Cause it's the gentlemanly thing to do.
- I'll get drinks.
- I'll go with you.
- Why are you guys all of a
sudden going to get drinks?
- Because you've upset
me, and I don't wanna
talk to you right now.
- Fine, I'll get the drinks.
- I need you to hide something for me.
- What?
(paper bag crunches)
- Promise you won't freak?
- I won't.
Holy shit!
- You said you wouldn't freak!
- That's a gun!
Where did you get it?
- I can't tell you.
I just need you to hide it for a while.
- Why can't you keep it?
- My mother's a total snoop.
She goes through my
stuff, like, all the time.
Please, Jacob. (Jacob sighs)
Somebody's life might depend on it.
("Love Everybody" by The
Presidents of The United States)
One, two, three
You gotta love everybody
Make 'em feel good about themselves
You gotta love everybody
Make 'em feel good about themselves
You got to love everybody
tonight, you gotta love
- Here's the deal.
You know how my company flies
me to Florida every year?
- Yeah, you and I go every year.
It's the guys' week off.
- This year I'm taking the girls.
Just the girls.
You're staying home.
- Why can't we all go?
- I'm not staying here all alone.
Besides, like you said,
you've been going for years.
Give your sisters a chance.
- Whatever.
I need money.
- What for?
- New clothes.
Nothing I have fits anymore.
- Your father and I aren't rich.
You can't get a new
wardrobe anytime you want.
- What am I supposed to do?
Go to school naked?
- Wear a belt.
- I'll give him some cash.
You can get some clothes.
- [Grace] No!
- Grace.
- What?!
- The X-men one's pretty sweet.
- The last batch was awesome.
- I gotta go.
- Wait.
Parole board feels I've
been a model prisoner.
They're giving me an early release.
- How can they do that?
- I don't know.
They just did.
You're pissed, aren't you?
I knew you'd be.
What happened was an accident, Jacob.
- So, you're gettin' out.
Gonna head back to schooI?
- Fuck school.
I'm going to New Mexico.
Live with my dad.
Works on a ranch out there.
- You can't leave the state.
It violates your probation.
- My dad won't tell anybody.
No one will even notice I'm out there.
- Your mom will.
- Jacob, the entire
time I've been in here,
you're the only one that came to see me.
She won't care.
("Burnin' For You" by Blue Oyster Cult)
I'm living for giving the devil his due
And I'm burnin', I'm
burnin', I'm burnin' for you
I'm burnin', I'm burnin',
I'm burnin' for you
- Malee!
Wow, my god!
You look--
- Different?
- Beautiful.
You look beautiful.
Well, I bet you are driving
the boys at school crazy.
- Boys my age are so immature, you know?
I'm more attracted to older gentlemen.
- Well you don't wanna date
somebody older than you, do you?
I mean, an age difference,
that can cause problems.
- What kind of problems?
- Well, I don't, you know, problems.
You know, I think when a
couple has an age difference,
they, they end up splitting up
because they want different things.
- You mean sex?
- No, no.
Well, yeah, yeah.
Let's say you're 12, right?
And a boy just a few years older than ya,
well, you know, he'll be more experienced,
and boys, they can be impatient
about that sort of thing.
- Are you impatient?
- No.
But I was when I was a kid, yeah.
- Why don't you have a girlfriend?
- Well, I did, but that didn't...
That didn't work out so well.
- How old was she?
- About my age.
- See that?
Age wasn't an issue, you know?
You still wanted different things.
I don't think it's about age.
I think when two people really connect,
they connect for other reasons.
And since soul mates are
eternal, they have no age.
- Take care of your mom, huh?
- [Leonard] Have fun.
(melancholic orchestral music)
(electric screwdriver whirring)
(knock on door)
- We're home.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- He's here.
Why don't you come out?
- [Jim] Jacob, this is Keith
Gardner, your new brother.
Keith, our son Jacob.
- It's nice to meet you.
(man speaking on television)
- [Leonard] Help!
- Leonard?
- [Voiceover] Just put
it in nice and easy.
See, it's kind of thick already.
What's wrong?
- [Leonard] It's on top of me!
I can't get up!
Mom, there's so much blood!
- [Grace] Leonard?
- [Leonard] I'm bleeding!
- Oh, Jesus!
Leonard, where--
Leonard, what are you doing?
Are you okay?
(door shuts)
Leonard, don't shut the door.
(electric screwdriver whirring)
Open the door.
Leonard, what are you doing?
Leonard, open the door.
- You get top bunk.
No offense, but I never thought my future
brother would be a brotha.
- I never thought my future
brother would have a Kool-Aid
stain smeared across his face.
- Fuck you, it's a birthmark.
- Leonard, what are you doing?
Open the door.
That's what this is about?
- I'm trying to save your life, Mom.
- I don't need you to save my life.
I need you to open the fucking door!
- I'm doing this because I love you.
(plates breaking)
- Because she's getting
older and she needs a father.
Call collect.
- Ma, is that Dad?
- Let me talk to him, okay?
- That's not good enough.
You can't just
He hung up.
- What do you expect, Ma?
All you ever do is yell at him.
- Oh, Malee.
You don't know what you're talking about.
If you keep this up...
I'll leave this place
and go live with him.
- Really?
I would love to hear his
reaction to that proposal.
- You're a bitch.
- What did you just say?
Come here.
No, no!
Come here, sit down.
You wanna call him, you
wanna go live with him?
Look at me when I'm talking to you!
Here, I'll dial the phone!
- What is wrong with you?
- There is nothing wrong with me!
You wanna go live with him?
Don't you realize that if
your father wanted you in his
life, the phone wouldn't be the
only means of communication?
I mean, wake up, Malee!
He's gone!
- I gotta get out of there, man.
I can't live in that house one more day.
I wanna come with you to New Mexico.
- No way.
You've never even been out on of the road.
- So?
- You don't need me to run away from home.
And you wanna go with me, of all people.
- That was an accident.
I can be helpful.
I can get everything we need ready.
As soon as you're released, we'll go.
Please, Kenny.
If this is what you want...
All right.
("Gotta Love Everybody")
You gotta love everybody
Make 'em feel
- Leonard!
Open the door now!
Let me out of here, god damn it!
Sally could barely rally
She livin' in cardboard alley
Convinced she was doin' fine
- [Grace] Leonard, damn it, let me out!
She was hardly handling
and panhandling
Off-times she was squeezing
out a dime at a time
From his limousine he could see
Beauty underneath the dirt
And this is what it said on the sign
It said you gotta love everybody
(car engine starting)
("Reckless Burning")
Pretty thing, I've got you
Right where this trouble lands
With reckless burning
(Latin music playing)
("Wired Nights")
Think it was wheat and we deserve
10 times better than that
Wired nights. wired nights.
wired nights. wired nights
(sniffs) (coughs)
Oh, my God.
I smell gas.
Don't you smell the gas?
(rock music playing)
GRACE: Leonard!
Leonard! The gas!
The gas is on. Leonard!
Leonard, the gas--
Okay, okay.
Sleepy days
- Leonard
Wired nights
Sleepy days
Leonard, wake up.
No, please!
No, please!
(romantic indie music)
(door opens)
- What the hell is this?
- I made dinner, my love.
- Right.
- And I have a surprise.
- You've been in here before, haven't you?
Oh, Malee.
Malee, you gotta, put on your clothes.
- Don't you like my body?
- Now Malee!
- It's okay.
I love you.
- Malee, stop.
Pretty thing, I've got you
Touch me.
Right where I used to be
We ride across this city
Starting fires recklessly...
- Where are you going?
- To call your mother.
- But we're soul mates.
- I don't even...know what to say.
(car engine starts)
- It's alive.
- What happened?
- Gas leak.
- My mom, is she--
- She'll be fine.
She broke her hip and a few ribs.
We're trying to get your
father on the phone right now.
- I have to see her.
- Shh.
You need your rest.
Everything is fine now.
(clears throat)
- Before we begin, I want to apologize--
- You know what? It's my fault.
I knew she had a crush on me.
I just felt bad for her, you know?
She's a very lonely girl.
If it's any consolation,
the whole thing was
kinda therapeutic for me.
Right. (chuckles)
- It's okay.
It's your therapy, not mine.
Well, so, how was it therapeutic?
- I don't remember the last time
I slept so deep and so sound.
Don't remember dreaming.
- Why do you think that is?
- One of the last fires I
ever fought was a brownstone.
Whole families wiped out.
During the inspection, I went upstairs.
And I found a little girl.
The whole right side of
her face was burned off.
But her eyes were open.
She was still alive.
You know that the pain
must've been excruciating.
You know?
She was begging for me to,
to kill her.
- And what did you do?
- I did what she wanted me to do.
I killed her.
I kept telling myself that
that was the right thing to do.
You know, it's, just...
But I've never been so sure.
- I'm sorry.
Gus, that's devastating.
What does all this have to do with Malee?
- When I saw her last night,
she had the same look on her face
as that little girl.
She just wanted me to take her pain away.
I heard it's supposed to
rain, so I packed a poncho.
- You're acting weird, man.
You're not gonna be a chicken.
- No.
I'm telling you, man, it's gonna be great.
You ain't gonna be a pussy, right?
- No.
- Wanna play some catch?
- Where the hell did you get that?
Did I say you could touch this?
Did I?!
Okay, everything, and I mean everything,
in this house is mine.
You got it?
You are not allowed to touch
a thing, including this glove!
What's wrong now?
- I was just looking at a picture
of you and Rudy when you were born.
God, I miss him.
- But you have Keith now.
- What the hell does that mean?
- You have Keith.
Two boys again.
Everything's fine.
We didn't adopt Keith to replace Rudy.
- Didn't you?
No, your father and I
discussed adoption for years.
Honey, we toId you that.
- Right.
Maybe if it was me that died, you wouldn't
need another kid to get over it.
- What are you talking about?
I wouldn't wish that
on any of my children.
- But one of us died.
And I bet if you could choose
which one, you wish it was me.
- You know what?
I know that you feel we favored Rudy.
- You did, admit it.
- I admit that he was easier to raise,
but that doesn't we loved him more.
Honey, Jacob, you were born
with a different set of challenges.
- My birthmark?
- Yes, and it's not easy being different.
- I'm not different!
You always made it seem like
there was something wrong!
There's nothing wrong with me!
- [Ashley] I know that--
- No, you don't!
It's like you don't
know what to do with me.
You never did.
- Well, I'm sorry that you feel that way.
You know, you do what you can as a parent
and sometimes you don't
always make the right choices,
but you are my son and I love you,
and I would do anything for you.
I would fight for you,
I would kill for you,
I'd die for you!
- Rudy used to say the same thing.
- And he was right.
And as un-Christian as it
sounds, I still want the
boy that killed Rudy dead.
And someday, when you grow
up, you'll understand that.
(thunder crashes)
- A week?
No, Dad, I can take a train alone.
I understand.
You, too.
He really hates me.
- He doesn't hate you.
- I'm just gonna go see him.
- That is not a good idea.
- He doesn't wanna see me, fine.
- I just want him to look
me in the eyes and say it.
I can handle it, Ma.
- You don't know him.
- That's the problem.
Aren't you sick of being
angry at him all the time?
- He hurt me.
- But you have to take me to see him.
You have to.
- Okay.
(alarm beeps)
(wind chimes chiming)
- You're late.
Put this on.
What the fuck is that?
- You didn't bring a disguise?
- No one gives a shit what I'm up to.
- [Kenny] Where are you going?
The main road's this way.
Yeah, but if we cut through
the construction site,
we'll hit the railroad tracks faster.
- Good point.
After you.
- I'm sorry, Mom.
I just wanted to help you.
- I spoke with your father.
He and the girls caught a flight.
They should be here by morning.
- Did you tell him what happened?
- I told him there was a gas leak.
- I meant the--
- I know what you meant.
I didn't tell him, I don't think I will.
- Are you mad?
- You know...
Even if I could manage the food...
Can you really see me running a marathon?
- You just have to run
to the end of the block.
It's not as hard as you think it is.
- Easy for you to say.
- No.
It's not.
- Okay.
I'll try.
(thunder crashing)
Ow, ow, ow.
(thunder crashes)
- [Kenny] Son of a bitch!
I knew you'd chicken out.
Where'd you get that shit?
Is that real?
(gun cocks)
- You killed him.
- Come on, man, stop joking.
(shovel stabbing dirt)
(Jacob shivering)
You can't change
without someone's shadow
'Cause then it's gone
when you still shine
You can't change to
solve somebody's name
Don't blink until you're made
(cement sloshing)
("Why Not Smile" by R.E.M.)
The concrete broke your fall
To hear you speak of it
I'd have done anything
I would do anything
I feel like a cartoon brick wall
To hear you speak of it
You've been so sad
It makes me worry
Why not smile?
You've been sad for a while
Why not smile?
I would do anything
To hear you speak of it
Why not smile?
You've been sad for a while
You've been sad for a while
(innocent ambient music)