12 Hour Shift (2020) Movie Script

(ominous music playing)
(footsteps pattering)
Cathy: (exhales) It was a long
one today, I'll tell you that.
There's cake in the break room.
Somebody's birthday,
I don't remember who.
It's just one of them
sheet cakes from Kroger,
but, it's pretty good
for a grocery store cake.
(lighter flicks)
You don't really look like
you eat cake, though, do you?
- I eat cake.
- Cathy: Mm.
You know, my mama always said,
"Never trust a skinny woman.
While we're eating,
they're plotting."
(Cathy chuckles)
Well, if you eat cake,
how do you stay so little?
You are skin and bones, girl.
Mm-mm, smoking
don't make you thin. I smoke.
You know, I never know
if someone being quiet
is a sign of ain't got
nothing to say,
or they ain't got
nothing going on up here.
You seem to have it
altogether, though.
- Money-wise, I mean.
- How do you know that?
'Cause you come in here
wearing some nice shoes.
I've seen you wearing
those Candies.
Those aren't cheap.
Well. (exhales)
- (car horn honking)
- Have a good shift, Mandy.
Hey, Cathy.
Go fuck yourself.
(upbeat music playing)
- (elevator bell dings)
- Mr. Kent: Oh, you're here.
Okay, I'm very dizzy, okay?
And I spoke to Karen,
she's not listening to me.
I need to talk to a doctor
right away.
What if I fall down
and break a hip?
What if I fall down
and I crack my head
- and get a staph infection?
- Did you check in at this desk?
Mr. Kent: Yes.
- Mr. Kent...
- Karen.
I told you we will call you
when we have a bed ready.
You need to sit down.
You know, it is hot in here,
so I'm gonna wait outside
until you're ready.
And it better not rain.
I don't like to be wet.
Karen: You starting now?
You should know,
you scheduled me.
- Oh, yes.
- I'm about to work a double.
Well, you may wanna
start with 202.
And you should probably go
and get a soda.
I don't drink soda.
Karen, you know that.
You got about 30 minutes.
(indistinct chatter)
(Mandy sniffing)
(moans, sighs)
(woman singing opera)
- (upbeat music playing)
- (laughs)
- Chug it, chug it, chug.
- (crowd cheering, laughing)
(woman singing opera)
(man singing opera)
This is good to go.
Can you believe our insides
look like this?
Like, that's our guts.
Seems to me like it would
all just come
bubbling out of us sometimes.
Like, "Oops, my pancreas
just fell out."
Mandy: Regina.
- Regina: Hmm?
- Give me the money.
Okay, but first, uh...
let me show you something.
This is what I like to do.
(soda can clanking)
I like to use the soda
to keep 'em extra cold in here.
I always say, "Keeping it cool
is the key to my job."
I made that up.
And then I can drink 'em
when I'm done,
like it's a celebration.
- I really don't care, Regina.
- Look, we're family, right?
I mean, how many cousins
your age you got?
- Cousins by marriage.
- Regina: Right.
And who knew we're into
the same stuff?
You know,
the blood and organs and...
We're not. The money, Regina.
Regina: 'Cause Nicholas needs
a kidney, like, right now.
But I got held up.
You know Wayne?
He... he needed help
with his science homework.
You know they teach
evolution in fifth grade now?
- In public school?
- Regina!
Ah. (chuckles) Sorry.
Now, was there a kidney,
in that sack?
Was there?
I know what a damn kidney
looks like.
Like a bean? Kidney bean?
Jesus. Grumpy ass bitch.
(suspenseful music playing)
boy: Hey, bitch!
Regina: Fuck your mom, asshole.
(man singing opera)
(car engine starting)
- (car engine revs)
- (tires screeching)
(monitor beeping)
Are you my mother's nurse?
Was it you who told me that
she was possibly in a coma?
Were you here earlier?
I just got here.
Any idea when the results
will be back from her tests?
The doctor won't be back
until tomorrow
- to go over test results.
- But are the test results here?
I... don't see them here, ma'am.
So am I just supposed
to stay here all night?
- (telephone ringing)
- (sighs)
You don't have to.
I'm sorry. (sobs)
It's just have a baby at home.
And I help run my...
my husband's business.
You know the... the Catfish King
over on South Grand?
It's just I feel so guilty
not staying
in case she wakes up.
She might be confused.
She's got dementia
or Alzheimer's
or whatever they're calling it
these days.
If she doesn't know
where she is, she can be...
she can be real difficult
and she's...
she's very strong and...
Is that your mother's
overnight bag?
Some of her personal things.
I grabbed real quickly.
You know, I just love
that Catfish King.
Mm! I love those hush puppies.
- Still pretty good.
- Mm-hmm.
But don't you worry,
the good Lord will be
with your mama all night.
Promise you that.
(pills rattling)
Ain't no way you're waking up.
Janet: Room 218 needs cleaning.
Dorothy: I already cleaned it.
He pissed the bed.
He urinated a moment ago.
That's why I cleaned it.
Dorothy, clean the sheets.
(gurney rattling)
(indistinct chatter
over guard radio)
(Janet exhales)
- What is that about?
- State Pen.
Tried to kill himself.
He'll make it, though.
Dorothy: Poor thing.
They gotta leave him
handcuffed to the bed
even though he's passed out?
He murdered someone.
Don't you read the paper?
(indistinct chatter over P.A.)
She only reads the Bible.
And those Good News bulletins
that folks leave
on your front porch
when you don't answer the door.
(clicks tongue) Okay.
Emergency dialysis.
67-year-old male.
Three times in a month.
That's you.
Mr. Collins?
Yep, but not critical,
so just prioritize.
(indistinct chatter over P.A)
Mr. Collins:
I don't like this room.
- (monitor beeping)
- You hear me?
I said I don't like it.
You can leave when you're done
with your dialysis.
Sad sweat.
That's what it smells like.
(monitor beeping)
You ever smelled sadness?
- Only every day.
- (chuckles)
You know, they only gave me
three months.
- (machine whirring)
- Two and a half now, maybe.
I'm here half the damn time.
I do wanna go home, though.
You turn on that TV?
My husband likes a clean car,
what can I say?
newscaster 1: (chuckles)
Well, you know what they say
about Arkansas,
if you don't like the weather,
just wait a minute.
My grandma did always say that.
- newscaster 1: Mine too.
- (door creaks)
newscaster 1: Well, thanks
for the weather update, Wendy.
Let's get back to the real news
of this evening.
The local Eighth Grade
Science Fair.
Now, these kids show
some real aptitude.
- Mr. Collins: You know...
- (indistinct chatter over TV)
...sad thing about dying is that
the minutes really slow down.
You forgot to appreciate
all those other minutes
and all you got are these
shitty ones.
Hey, Mandy, they're bringing in
an OD, and I'm too busy.
They could use some extra hands.
(indistinct chatter)
(door closes)
Hey, male, 30s.
OD'd, no identification.
Found at a motel.
Heart rate is 38.
Respiratory rate, critical.
Administered Narcan.
- Nothing.
- Derrick: You know him?
Uh. Sort of.
Okay. He needs his whole
system flushed.
- You okay?
- Yeah. I'm fine.
Oh, shit, he's having a seizure.
Code blue,
someone get a line set up.
Oxygen's going down, code blue.
You're late.
But there's nothing I like
better than cash in my hand.
There's a few things I like
a lot more than cash in my hand.
Me too, actually.
Or maybe not.
202 is too tricky.
I have another idea.
Mr. Collins. Dialysis.
Just gotta keep
prying eyes away.
Well, look at you
taking initiative.
I like my initiative too.
Well, I guess I could have
your crazy ass cousin
do another pickup tomorrow.
That girl is not my cousin.
You better tell her that.
(man singing opera)
(woman singing opera)
(man singing opera)
(woman singing opera)
(woman singing opera)
(rock music playing)
(bottle opens)
Regina, where the fuck
have you been?
Regina: Geez, Nick,
I told you I was running late.
I reckoned you guys
would be in here playing poker
- or whatever you do.
- Mikey: Nah, I already won.
Yeah, that shit ended hours ago.
- kept me waiting.
- Geez, sorry.
I came right here.
- Our cousin said...
- Our cousin?
No, no, you're my cousin.
She's your cousin.
And she's your cousin
by marriage.
Mm-hmm. And that makes her
your cousin too.
that's not how family works.
(woman yelping)
Regina: What's happening to her?
Nicholas: She's getting her
belly button pierced.
Stop moving, it'll hurt less.
Uh. Mikey,
get her a drink, okay?
It don't look like
she likes it much.
And how is that any
of your fucking business?
Mandy said one of those things
is a kidney.
"One of those things"?
You don't recognize a kidney?
Telling you, public school here
is a lot of...
- What the fuck is this?
- Oh. (chuckles)
I use those to keep it
a little bit cooler.
You know, I always say,
"Part of my job
is to keep things cool."
That's sweet,
but where are my fucking organs?
Uh. Under the drinks.
No, no, there's nothing here.
- Is this a fucking joke?
- Regina: No, no joke.
Uh. I... I don't know.
Let me check my car.
Regina, I...
I realize you're new here.
You've been with us,
what, a couple of weeks?
- A month.
- Nicholas: Okay.
But your sole purpose
is to bring me
the fucking organs.
I'm sure I left them in my car.
I need the fucking organs
right fucking now!
I've got a guy who needs
an organ tonight.
An important guy,
more important than...
than my cousin.
You had one job to do
and that was to bring me
the kidney from the hospital.
It's really...
it's really very simple.
I know.
This is an emergency, Regina.
- (woman yelping)
- Shut up!
- I... I'll check my car.
- You do that.
And if it ain't out there,
I can think of another place
where we can find ourselves
a kidney.
(Regina grunts)
Maybe that's
what you're good for.
- Parts.
- I... I'll check my car.
- Somebody get this.
- Somebody come get this.
(soda cans rattling)
Shit. Shit.
(car engine stars, revs)
It's at the hospital.
I'll be right back.
It takes 30 minutes
to get there.
She's not back in an hour,
drag her back by the hair.
Can do.
(clock ticking)
Hey, will you turn it up?
I wanna know if it's gonna rain.
You deaf?
You know, it's Karen's birthday
next week.
You gonna pitch in for flowers?
We're all chipping
in three bucks.
- Probably not.
- Everybody's doing it.
When are you done
with your probation?
Bite me.
Hey, EMT Derrick said you knew
that trash OD downstairs.
Who is he?
Wendy: Hoppity the Bunny
is what his name is,
and that Beanie Baby sold
for over 500 dollars
right here in town.
newscaster 1:
Wow, better stock up on those.
Our top story this evening
is the police force
Y2K Preparation Convention.
Looks like our whole force
is out there.
That and then some.
Tonight began the first night
of a three...
Don't tell the next shift yet.
Maybe not Mr. Collins.
I like him.
I wanna think of someone else.
- What about that prisoner?
- He has a guard.
I ain't scared of that.
Well, he is gonna get the chair.
I guess that could work.
- It your birthday next week?
- Yeah.
They getting me
some flowers or some shit?
- Yeah.
- That's depressing.
(indistinct chatter over P.A.)
(monitor beeping)
- Ma'am.
- Just checking in.
- You here all night?
- Uh. Unfortunately so, ma'am.
- Mandy: How's he doing?
- (sighs)
- You're the expert.
- Mandy: Hmm.
Do you need anything?
- I could use a coffee.
- You know, I'm not allowed
- to do that for you.
- (chuckles)
But I could watch him
for a while if you wanna go
grab one. Go on.
They don't... they don't want me
to leave his side.
Oh, he is not going anywhere.
- Yeah. (chuckles)
- (chuckles)
Thanks, but, rules are rules.
Get me some goddamn drugs.
I'll see if I can get you
that coffee.
- (monitor beeping)
- Mandy: How you feeling today?
- Did you find that coffee?
- Nope.
- (door opens)
- (pants) We made a mistake.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
- Regina: Whoa, is that Andrew?
- Mandy: What mistake?
He OD?
What's it about this family
that makes you guys
all into junkies, huh?
Must be your daddy or something.
Is Andrew gonna die?
- I never liked...
- There is a reason
we meet down
by the soda machine, Regina.
You can't be seen here.
I didn't want
to come in here, okay?
You know, surrounded
by all these dying people.
This is how you get one of those
flesh-eating bacteria diseases
like they got on TV.
- What are you talking about?
- Oh, you think it's an itch?
and then you scratch it...
and your whole face
comes right off.
And it always begins
in a hospital.
- Why are you here?
- We fucked up.
- Mandy: Shit.
- Told you that it wasn't here.
Well, where the hell is it?
I don't know.
I don't know,
I... I don't know. I... I...
Maybe you lost it
on the way there.
I didn't touch the cooler
between here and the warehouse.
I checked my car.
I checked everywhere.
Look, if it's not here,
there is nothing I can do.
- We are laying low.
- Look...
I'm a little bit desperate here.
Nicholas is gonna have my ass
if I don't bring him a kidney.
Maybe more than my ass. He...
he is gonna take my kidney.
He said so. How many...
how many do I need to live?
- One.
- How many was I born with?
- Two.
- That's not too bad.
Look... Mm-mm.
I don't wanna point
fingers at you.
It's your job to make sure
I get the package securely.
And apparently, I didn't.
Just help me out.
Why, just explain it to me.
- How do you murder people?
- Mandy: I don't murder them.
It's killing someone.
(clicks tongue)
That's murder,
whatever you do to them.
I don't know what you do,
but how... how do you do it?
- Mandy, just tell me. Come on.
- Bleach.
- I use bleach.
- Hmm. And then you wait?
Someone else does the removals
on the next shift.
I don't even know who.
Maybe you know
how to do it right.
You went to school, you know...
you know what thing sits where,
- whatever it sits in there.
- Yes, I know how to do it.
So you could do it all,
you could do it real fast.
- Like, all in one night.
- No. It's too hard.
- Uh-huh.
- Mandy, help me, please?
I'm fucked. (grunts)
Regina, you lost thousands
of dollars worth of organs.
- What about Andrew?
- What about Andrew?
Regina: I mean, is he gonna
make it outta here alive?
- Yeah.
- Regina: Really?
He didn't look too good.
You never really liked him,
I... I know he's family too,
not like you and me.
I never did like him
when it all came out
that he did that...
that awful stuff
to you when you was kids...
- (mumbles)
- Shut it.
Don't you dare go in that room.
Get the fuck out of here.
Do you understand me?
(Regina mumbles)
You are gonna have to solve
this problem by yourself.
- (Regina mumbles)
- Yes.
(groans) Mandy?
Is it 'cause I said
all that stuff, about Andrew...
about your fucked up childhood?
(man singing opera)
Well, look at you.
How dead are you?
(gurney rattling)
Wendy over TV:
This is Wendy with the weather.
That big storm looks like
it's coming in tonight.
Straight from the north
and hitting us right here
in Northeast Arkansas,
and it is gonna be a wet one.
Tune in here
for flash flood warnings.
Remember the basics.
- Close the windows to your car?
- Mandy: Why?
It's gonna rain.
I don't leave the windows
to my car open.
Karen: Then they're closed.
Wendy over TV:
High humidity of 87 today.
Get that package out all right?
- Karen: And the other?
- (clicks tongue)
Mandy: I'll keep you updated.
Wendy over TV: Next week,
we got another hot one for you.
- This is a nasty ass cake.
- Yeah.
They always get...
gross cake.
Wendy over TV: Stay tuned
next for American Life.
Thank you.
Guess I fell asleep.
Mandy: It's easy to get
tired on these night shifts.
- You, uh, work for the prison?
- Nah, I'm just hired security.
They don't even give me a gun.
(both chuckle)
I mean, not that...
not that I need one. (chuckles)
I do parties.
And nightclubs too.
And sometimes, I do the...
do the show circuit,
the stadium shows.
I just did a Marilyn Manson...
show. Do you like them?
- Mm. No.
- No, yeah. Just a bunch of...
vampire-looking kids,
but it was... it was cool.
Yeah, that guitarist used to be
on The Wonder Years.
Yeah, he got one of his ribs
taken out
so he could suck his own dick.
(chuckles) Yeah.
- Hi!
- You here for his blood work?
Uh-huh, yep, mm-hmm.
He's probably gonna be
a vegetable.
It's a waste, he's pretty cute.
Maybe he's an asshole
in real life.
Cute ones always are.
Excuse me.
Could you direct me to room 222?
I keep getting lost.
(inhales) I'm busy.
- It's just around the corner.
- Well, I can't seem to find it.
Then I guess...
I'll show you.
You will.
(indistinct chatter)
Just keep going.
It's on this floor.
(woman sighs)
- You are not very helpful.
- I'm busy, can't you see that?
Well, I need to know
where I'm going...
I'm like the other nurse.
You know, I'm also busy.
This is my patient.
Mrs. Eliza Patrick.
And Mrs. Patrick needs me.
Who is your supervisor?
I'm sorry, I don't have time
to talk to you.
Who is your supervisor?
I want to tell them about
your poor customer service.
(sighs) You're the one
who can't find her way around
one story of a building.
I'm gonna tell
everyone about that.
Are you my nurse?
- Yes, ma'am, I am.
- I need to get up for a bit.
Nah. I think that's a bad idea.
Mr. Collins: Nurse!
- Can I get a nurse in here?
- woman: Where are you going?
To help this screaming man.
- Mr. Collins: Nurse?
- What is your name?
Well, I'm gonna report you,
(monitor beeping)
Mr. Collins:
I think I must be done.
- Been here for over two hours.
- Probably so, then.
What's happening to you in here?
- Dialysis.
- (indistinct chatter over TV)
- Are you a nurse or what?
- Obviously.
Look at my outfit. (chuckles)
Mr. Collins:
Could you turn that TV up?
Can't hear anything.
What happened?
man: She tried to stand.
I saw her from the hallway.
I didn't think she'd wake up.
- She's stronger than she looks.
- Mandy: Mrs. Patrick?
Your daughter just stepped out.
We need to get you
back in the bed, okay?
Where is she?
Call her daughter, please,
and tell her she's awake.
Come on now.
- Mandy: That's right.
- EMT: Up we go.
(monitor beeping)
Where is Shawna?
Mrs. Patrick. Eliza.
Listen to me, okay?
We're here to take care of you.
(alarm beeping)
- Stay here a minute, will you?
- Okay.
(monitor beeping)
Mandy: Shit.
What the fuck?
- Mandy: It's bleach.
- Dorothy: Oh, my sweet Jesus.
Did you say bleach?
- Dorothy: Mr. Collins?
- Mandy: He's gone.
Dorothy: Oh, no! Oh!
What the fuck happened to him?
- I don't know.
- Have you lost your damn mind?
I can't cover
something like this.
- No. Dammit. It wasn't me.
- You sure?
- Yes.
- (Karen sighs)
- Somebody call the cops?
- Yep.
- You going home?
- They told me to wait
and give a statement.
- (sighs) We are fucked.
- I know, Karen.
(Karen sighs)
(clicks tongue)
This is gonna set us way back.
We can't do anything
for weeks now.
Do you think I don't fucking
know that, Karen? Damn.
Well, if you didn't do it,
who did?
You know,
he was really depressed.
Ain't nobody drinking bleach,
- Then I don't know.
- (Dorothy sobs)
Is there any more cake? (sobs)
- What?
- Oh, my God.
(sobs) Oh, good.
(indistinct chatter)
(Mandy sighs)
Oh, goddammit. What the fuck
are you doing here?
- Why are you wearing that?
- (chuckles)
This is not funny, Regina.
You need to get
the fuck outta here.
We just had an a...
What did you do?
- Uh... Well, I was...
- What the hell did you do?
I was just helping you out.
Did you pour bleach
down that man's throat?
I just did what you do.
- That is not what I do.
- Hmm?
Why, I need that man's kidney.
I need it tonight.
Just give it to me
and I'll leave.
I'll go, you won't ever see
me again.
Oh, my God. (chuckles)
You're so stupid.
You are such a stupid bitch.
Excuse me?
- Fuck you.
- You are so dumb.
Do you know what dialysis is?
Mr. Collins was on dialysis
because his kidneys
are so shitty
he can't flush out
his own system.
So even if I was stupid enough
to help you,
that man's kidneys are useless.
You killed an innocent man
for no reason.
Do you understand that?
(clicks tongue)
I'm not leaving
till you give me a kidney.
You are gonna leave.
And you are gonna leave
right now.
The cops are coming here.
And when they get here,
I'm gonna tell them
who did this shit,
the girl posing as a nurse
standing in the storage room
like an idiot.
You wouldn't turn on me
like that.
You brought me
into this whole thing.
Oh, like hell I wouldn't.
Then I'll tell them everything.
All the bad stuff about you...
about your little operation.
Hell, about all the drugs
you do in here.
If I leave here
without a kidney...
I'm dead.
(clicks tongue)
(gentle music playing)
- (snores)
- What happened to this guy?
Alcohol and morphine.
- Is he dead?
- Mandy: No.
Is this, like, a prisoner
or something?
Mm, he's perfect.
Just bleach him
and take his kidney.
Probably deserves it.
What did he do?
Haven't you heard?
Murder. I murdered a cop.
I hate cops...
but I love blondes.
- We didn't know you were awake.
- Jefferson: Come on.
Take one of my kidneys,
and I'll take one of yours.
Mandy: Fuck.
Hey, you ever do it
on someone who's awake?
I... I mean,
he could still work.
No, stop trying to help.
Give me an hour, wait outside.
Okay, fine,
but we have to hurry.
An hour.
(jittery music playing)
Lucky you got family checks
on you.
I could've used this tonight.
Hope you enjoy it.
Mandy, you're next.
He needs a statement.
- I was just, uh...
- Mandy, wait right there.
It'll just be a minute.
Ma'am, would you mind
closing the door?
Okay. Sit.
(keys clatter)
- (beeping)
- Hour's up.
(man singing opera)
Fuck you. (sniffs)
(car engine revving)
Mikey. Shit.
Shit. Shit, shit, shit.
No one else in the unit
at the time that you know of?
- No.
- No, sir.
Nothing strange to report
when you saw Mr. Collins last?
- Nope.
- No, sir.
Although he was always
a bit surly.
We'll notify the family.
(sighs) His poor family.
They were never around.
Well, it doesn't make it right.
No, ma'am, it does not. (sighs)
Have a good night, officer.
Uh, No, I'm staying
here till morning,
just to make sure
you ladies are safe.
Just gotta take care
of you ladies.
I wanna keep an eye on things.
Make sure that
no bad guys get in. (chuckles)
Yeah, we got another officer
coming by to ask
y'all some questions later.
He's like a detective, you know?
I'm just sorta night shift.
You know, I... I think y'all
got nothing to worry about.
It was just
an out-of-the-ordinary
- type situation.
- Well, you can say that again.
It was just
an out-of-the-ordinary
type situation.
- (laughs)
- Oh. (chuckles)
I get it.
(both chuckle)
But I'll be here, all night.
You two will be safe.
- Are we done here?
- Yes, ma'am.
That's all my questions.
I got a lot of patients
to get to.
Mr. Kent:
Karen, Karen, Karen, Karen.
Are you sure you don't have
a room for me?
- Karen: Mr. Kent.
- Hmm?
We have to get to
the priority problems first.
I mean, look at you.
You're walking around,
you're standing up. I...
I don't know even know
- what's wrong with you.
- I'm dizzy.
You don't need a room.
- Mandy: Hey.
- Karen: Hey.
- You get interviewed?
- (chuckles) By that cute cop?
- Mandy: Yeah.
- Karen: He funny, ain't he?
I like 'em funny, and rich.
But he ain't rich.
Mr. Kent.
Go sit down and wait your turn.
You are nosy as hell.
It's too stuffy in here, so.
Someone expired in the ICU.
The coroner just left.
And the body is in the morgue
waiting to be transferred.
But I thought we agreed.
Extenuating circumstances.
I'll explain later.
Well, damn, bitch,
you could've warned me.
You know, I got a bad heart,
I can't take this shit.
- Trust me.
- (scoffs)
Trust you about as far
as I can throw you.
(keyboard clicking)
Mr. Kent.
Mr. Kent?
We have a room for you.
Where the hell did he go?
(Mandy sighing)
Regina: Shit.
(woman singing opera)
Hey. Isn't it a little late
for you to be out here skating?
(woman singing opera)
Have you been to Jesus
For his cleansing power
Are you washed in
The blood of the lamb
Are you fully trusting
In his grace this hour
Are you washed in
The blood of the lamb
Are you washed in the blood
In the soul-cleansing
Blood of the lamb
Are your garments spotless
Are they white as snow
Are you washed in
The blood of the lamb
Have you been to Jesus
For the cleansing power
Are you washed in
The blood of the lamb
(tray clatters)
Freeze, motherfucker!
Oh. (chuckles) Sorry.
Heard a noise.
- Uh. It was me.
- Yeah.
- (grunts) What happened?
- (door closes)
Man, y'all sure do get dirty,
I could not do that.
You want some help
with this guy?
Stephen: Sorry, I'm trying
to be a gentleman and all.
(Stephen grunting)
One, two. (grunts)
- (body thuds)
- (both sigh)
You guys probably get a lot
of back issues, huh?
Some people do. (chuckles)
You look like you work in a...
butcher shop. (chuckles)
Stephen: Hey, you want a soda?
I just got an extra one
from the machine.
I'm good.
No offense, uh,
this room is real creepy.
- And smells, so. (chuckles)
- Uh. Yeah.
- Totally.
- (chuckles)
Oh, sorry. (chuckles)
Probably not allowed
to touch that, huh?
- Yeah. Better not.
- I mean, oh, okay. (chuckles)
Just trying to be,
make a joke, you know?
It's pretty disgusting.
Not that I'm not used
to seeing...
disgusting things. I mean, I...
I really am.
You'd be surprised what happens.
This one guy, he, um,
yeah, I mean, he, uh...
Guess I don't really have
any stories. (chuckles)
You know, just stuff happens,
you know? Yeah.
It's kinda like, you
know, like Cops,
- if you've ever seen that show.
- You know...
- I think I will take that soda.
- All right. (chuckles)
I'm so glad you're here,
to take care of us...
to make sure we're safe.
- Just doing my job.
- (chuckles)
I'll let you get back to yours.
- (chuckles)
- Mm-hmm. Bye.
(door closes)
(upbeat music playing)
(thunder rumbling)
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Mandy: Dorothy?
I gotta go get that cute cop
'cause I swear to God, there's
a dead body over there! (sobs)
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. (pants)
There's another one.
- A dead body, can you hear me?
- Where?
- Dorothy: Huh?
- Where?
Over by the storage shed!
I don't know what I was...
I just went out there,
just looking for somewhere
outta the rain to smoke.
Oh, God, I shouldn't even
be smoking!
And then...
and then there was a dead body!
Do you know what that means?
There is a murderer
loose in the hospital.
Oh, my God. (whimpers)
Oh, my God, we're gonna die.
We're gonna die. Oh, God.
Oh, God. (pants)
(thunder crackling)
- So, are you a doctor?
- No, I'm a nurse.
Now go sit down.
I'll be with you in a minute.
(clicks tongue)
- We have a problem.
- Yeah, no kidding.
Mikey: Y'all found
someone to help me yet?
Mikey: Just let me know
when you do.
- (sighs)
- (Dorothy panting)
Y'all... y'all stay safe.
- Okay. (pants)
- What the hell?
I guess we have multiple
I need your help.
Mandy, what did you get into?
I'm just gonna apologize
in advance.
Karen: Wait, so this bitch
might be wearing scrubs?
She might be snorting up all
the Valium in the building,
for all I know.
She's fucking nuts.
I don't like it when
people call women nuts.
It's just an excuse
to belittle their problems.
And mental health
is nothing to belittle.
This bitch is actually nuts.
Say what you want,
doesn't mean I like it.
- Excuse me, ladies?
- Not now, all right?
So, what's your plan here?
Mandy: Find this crazy bitch
and get her the fuck outta here
before she tells on both of us.
You're sure this was her?
Mandy: Yeah, I'm sure.
Karen: Why would you bring
this cousin of yours into this
if you knew she would kill
people and rat us both out?
I sometimes have
too much faith in humanity.
That is what I like about you.
But just so you know, if either
of you get me in trouble,
I will ask God
to strike you both down,
'cause he listens to me.
- Regina: Come on.
- (elevator bell dings)
- (pants) Ah, shit.
- We're going on a walk.
All right.
- (Regina grunts)
- Karen: Hey, Dr. Wilder.
(elevator bell dings)
- (thunder rumbling)
- (rain pattering)
Y'all look mad.
Damn, bitch, where's your shoes?
That guy pooped on them
when he died.
Oh, Lord, you're right,
she is a murderer.
Y'all are murderers first.
- Look, I... I can explain.
- Mm-hmm.
- Are those your panties?
- Yeah.
It's all I had to put
the kidney in.
And I didn't hear from you
and it had been over an hour...
I was caught up
in the mess you created.
Well, I was all alone...
and then Mikey came and there
was a cop waiting around...
- Did they see you?
- No, never, I was just hiding.
And then that kid came,
so I went over there
and I just... I...
(clicks tongue) ...got it.
Stop. You need to get
the fuck outta here.
Those cops are gonna be
looking for you
or anybody that did this shit.
And there's some creep outside
waiting to rip your tits off.
Well, it's fine now
'cause I have a kidney.
Now I can see Mikey.
He won't rip my tits off.
- That ain't no kidney.
- What isn't?
That is not a kidney.
That's a bladder.
- Oh, Lord Jesus.
- But how do you know that?
I don't know if my heart
can take this right now.
I saw where you opened
that kid up.
You didn't even go in the back.
No, my... my...
my kidneys are right here.
Those are your ovaries.
That is a bladder.
Damn, you're nuts!
Maybe you should think
about this shit
before you go murdering someone.
I hate you.
- (thunder rumbling)
- (electricity crackling)
Shit. They're coming for me.
It's just the storm.
Stephen over radio:
Ladies and gentlemen,
I have to inform you that we
are in a lock down situation.
(siren wailing)
Oh, that is not necessary.
Stephen over radio: Do not exit
or enter the building.
Shit, I gotta get
the fuck outta here.
I just, I'm gonna go run.
- I'm just gonna run outta here.
- Stop.
(indistinct chatter over radio)
I got you a kidney,
like I said I would.
It's down by the soda machine.
Go down there, get it,
and get the fuck outta here.
But there's cops outside.
Karen will walk you out.
- Mm-mm.
- And I'll distract the cops.
I... I'm not going anywhere
with that murderer, no.
I'm pulling rank.
All right, all right,
all right, fine.
I will walk you out.
Will you kindly...
- distract the cops?
- (sighs)
Just get them
to the waiting room
and we'll sneak out the back.
Fuck, can't believe I'm taking
pity on your redneck ass.
Okay, give me ten minutes...
and if I catch...
your skinny ass,
impersonating a nurse again,
I will rip your bladder out.
- Okay. Thank you.
- She said, "Thank you."
- Regina: Ten minutes.
- Yeah, ten minutes.
We're just gonna wait here
for a minute.
(woman singing opera)
woman over radio: Hospital,
code red. Shelter in place.
Let's go to the nurse's station.
We're gonna go
to the nurse's station.
Why do we have to go
to the nurse's station?
- We just have to.
- Why?
People are there.
(woman singing opera)
(Mandy groans)
Throw that away.
woman over radio:
Hospital, code red.
- You look sweaty.
- Shut up, let's go.
Wait. (pants)
- I just wanna go home.
- Janet: It's late
and I can't get a hold
of anyone.
Well, then I'm going on a break.
We don't have time for you
to take a break, Dorothy.
Mandy, I need you out front.
Someone needs to be out there
to keep the public
from getting in.
It's like no one understands
what lockdown means.
I was just, um...
I was just going out
- for a smoke break.
- (chuckles) Is that a joke?
And you, little missy, need to
get back to your own floor.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Janet: Uh-huh.
- Mandy: I'll take her.
- Why would you need to do that?
- (clicks tongue)
- Dammit, Mandy.
There is too much going on.
Just go before I write you up.
- (Janet sighing)
- It's just been a long night.
For everyone. It's been
a long night for everyone.
woman over radio: Hospital,
code red. Shelter in place.
Double go.
(upbeat music playing)
(woman singing opera)
(thunder rumbling)
- Hey, you can't be back here.
- Help.
Help, really scary guy...
...in the waiting room.
Probably the murderer
that you're looking for.
Huge, very huge, hulking.
- Okay, you stay here...
- Karen: Nope, no, no, no.
Definitely both of you
'cause... (pants)
...he's huge.
So can you just, like...
Yes, waiting room.
(indistinct chatter)
Shawna: Oh, it's you.
Finally, I... I was calling
about my mother.
(high-pitched buzzing)
(grunts) What can I do for you?
Oh, hi, we're on lock down.
You can't be on this floor.
Uh. Excuse me, who are you?
Excuse me!
We are on lockdown!
Eliza: Did...
did you speak to my daughter?
- What?
- You said you were gonna
- get her back up here.
- That... that was someone else.
My daughter needs
to know that I'm sick.
That's the reason
I'm in this fancy hotel.
Uh. Wha... wha...
what kind of sick?
I feel nauseated.
Can I get a warm towel?
- I'll get a nurse.
- You look like a nurse.
Who are you?
You are not supposed to be
in here.
(Regina splutters)
- Regina: I'm a new nurse.
- In what unit?
- Uh. Today's my first day.
- Where do you work?
Third floor.
I just came down here
'cause, uh, I know this...
this woman.
Does she know you?
She's sick. Obviously.
Doesn't remember a damn thing,
but we are such good...
- friends from church.
- I do go to church.
Well, what... is her name?
Uh. Patrick. Uh. Mrs. Patrick.
That's my married name.
Okay. Fine. Sorry, Mrs. Patrick.
I didn't realize that you
were such good friends.
You know we're on a lockdown?
You're not supposed
to leave your floor.
There was a dead body.
I found it. I was smoking,
please don't tell.
You need to go back upstairs.
Did they not announce
it up on third?
- No, no, no.
- Dorothy: Yes, they did.
You gotta get back up there.
Where are your shoes?
- Help me! (screams)
- No, no.
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no.
- (Eliza heaves)
- (screams)
- (exhales)
- I threw up.
Can you get that
warm towel for me?
You better not have
given me a disease.
Dammit. (grunts) Goddammit.
Regina: You're strong.
(Regina grunting)
Dammit! Dammit! (grunts)
Eliza: Ma'am, are you okay?
(sobs) Help me! Help us!
Hey, girl. Are you new?
(woman singing opera)
Janet: Where do you think
you're going?
Just heading back
to the third floor.
No, ma'am. No elevators
'cause of lock down.
- You gotta take the stairs.
- Mm. Okay.
And make sure
that someone from your floor
comes down to assist the cops.
- Sure.
- We can't do everything.
Regina: Yep, thanks.
(elevator bell dings)
Could you tell if he was armed?
I don't know, don't murderers
always have weapons?
Well, I... I mean, he was...
he was here just a minute ago.
Uh. And like I said,
he was really, really...
He was really horrible-looking.
- Maybe he left.
- Or... or maybe he went back
into the hospital
and murder more people.
Murder people? What is going on?
Are we in danger here?
No, ma'am, everything is fine.
Just remain calm.
woman: Well, I need to know
what's going on.
- I'm going. Good luck.
- Okay, good luck to you.
(chuckles, pants)
Well, hello.
You look fucking gross, Regina.
- You know, I've been...
- (grunts)
I've been looking for you,
I was looking for you too.
Hmm, you know,
I'm supposed to drag you back
- to Nicholas by your hair.
- (grunts)
That's a little extreme,
don't you think?
Now, I've got legs.
I can just walk.
Don't you want a damn kidney?
Oh, it's a little late for that.
it's not my fault.
My stupid cousin...
she lost it, but...
but she got me another one.
- Oh, yeah?
- Regina: Mm-hmm.
No, do not try all that
sexy shit with me, Regina.
You are covered in blood
and puke.
Not impressed.
- Told you.
- That's a great cooler.
- Can you open it up?
- A lot of work went into this.
You wouldn't believe the trouble
we went to to get you this.
Now, what the fuck?
What the fuck indeed, Regina.
- Come here.
- (groans)
- Oh, wait.
- Mikey: Come here!
(breathes sharply)
Thanks for these.
Maybe the nicest thing
you ever did for me.
- (knock on door)
- Stephen: Mandy?
This is the suspicious woman,
I don't think so.
It is Mandy, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- (exhales) This isn't her.
What are you doing
with my patient?
- Excuse me.
- Mandy: Uh...
Goddammit! Again?
All right, now go over
with me again
where you were around 2:00 a.m.
- You saw me.
- In the morgue.
What were you doing
in the morgue?
You have no business
being in there.
I was checking
a deceased patient's records.
Officer Myers,
this woman is on probation.
That is an internal probation
and he doesn't need to know
about it.
It's relevant
and now it's extended.
If you were checking records
in the morgue,
why were you covered in blood?
Oh, that's what happens
in a morgue.
- But you changed?
- Mandy: That's what we do.
Don't wanna walk around
covered in blood.
That's right.
Come on, Janet, you know me.
What were you doing
with those vials?
Checking them,
seeing what you had him on.
- And why would you do that?
- Hey.
That's enough. I think
we're gonna have to go down
to the station
and talk this thing out.
- Oh!
- Unless, you can explain to me
what's going on.
That's my brother.
That's my brother
in that room in a coma.
The drug addict.
I was worried about him.
- (sighs)
- She's lying.
She has never mentioned
a brother, not once.
I'm not lying, Jesus. I'm...
His name is Andrew McCandry.
My half-brother.
He has OD'd three times
in the past two years.
And this time...
may be his last,
according to what
I just read on that chart.
Did you check his files?
- Yeah.
- Mandy: That's right, isn't it?
Yeah. That's right.
I'm sorry,
I really do trust you.
I just wanted to make sure
he was getting the best care.
I care about him and...
So much I care about him. (sobs)
Fuck, I believe you.
Thank you, Officer Myers.
But you still gotta come down
to the station with me.
I got a lot of questions
for you, Mandy.
I just answered
all your questions.
Officer: Stephen.
Ma'am. Uh. We got an issue.
A new one.
Oh. Mandy, come with me.
I can still get you a kidney.
I know how. (grunts)
You are so fucking stupid,
do you know that?
Every teacher I ever had
told me that already,
so shut up!
These nurses...
they just go for someone
on the verge of death
so no one notices.
Me and you can take one
of these dying fuckers
and just drag him on outta here.
Use a whole damn body
if you want.
It'll be fresh as hell.
You'll probably make Nicholas
real happy.
Well, you don't just get
a kidney.
You get all the organs inside.
I know the exact dying asshole
you can use.
(doors opens)
(thunder rumbling)
Just having a lover's quarrel.
I've been there.
It's raining, huh?
Yeah, it's really pissing out
there tonight.
- (inhales) I know you. Don't I?
- Mikey: Regina.
Didn't you say had someone
you needed to see inside?
- Mm-hmm.
- Let's leave the man alone.
Good seeing you again, blondie.
Stephen: Call it in.
- Where's his pants?
- officer: Charmaine,
we've got a 10-74
at the hospital.
(indistinct chatter over radio)
Looks pretty dead to me.
(man singing
in foreign language)
Hey, hey, you're not permitted
to leave.
Hey, Mandy! Mandy, hey!
Go downstairs, wait for backup.
Hey, hey.
What the hell's wrong with you?
Janet: Mandy!
- Someone get in here!
- Co... come on!
(man singing
in foreign language)
- Whoa.
- Mandy: What the fuck?
Please, dear, don't curse.
She's alive, someone get
a stretcher.
A... all right, everybody
just calm down.
- I didn't do it.
- What the fuck is happening?
- What did you do, Mandy?
- I was with you.
Hey, hey, stay calm.
- I'll go get help.
- No, no, you stay here
and I... I... I'll call it in.
We need to get that
woman off the ground
and help her now.
She is bleeding, badly.
Shit! Fuck! Mandy!
You are not permitted
to go anywhere.
I took an oath to help people,
Officer Myers.
I'm not just gonna leave Dorothy
on the floor dying.
And I'm telling you
not to fucking move.
I'll come clean with you.
There may be someone
in the hospital
doing all of this
and I know who it is.
- Shit.
- (grunts)
I fucking hate cops.
But we already went over this.
Get the fuck off of him.
I couldn't find any bleach!
- (spits, grunts)
- Mikey: Oh, man!
- (grunts)
- Mikey: Ooh!
What the fuck? What the fuck?
Fucking bitch!
Both of you get the fuck outta
I gotta get some organs. (pants)
There is a kidney in the cooler.
It's gone!
- You are lying.
- That's the truth.
Are you telling me you lost
two kidneys in one night?
- She said you lost them.
- She did.
I'm the one who got them
for her.
- How could I lose 'em?
- This is too much talking.
We taking this guy with us
or what?
No, you are not. You are gonna
go back to Nicholas
and you are gonna tell him
this shit is off.
He can go to hell
and so can you.
Come on, what the fuck
did Andrew ever do for you
except give you an addiction,
huh? (grunts)
What the fuck is happening?
Get off of her!
(Regina grunting)
(pants) Fuck.
(Regina grunting)
- Stephan: Freeze!
- (gun clicks)
You freeze.
Fuck! (grunts) Fuck.
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
- I don't wanna shoot you!
- You already fucking shot me!
I don't wanna shoot you again!
- You fucking asshole.
- (gun clacking)
I have hostages.
Just back away from the door
and let me through.
Stephen: Don't hurt 'em.
Patch me up, now!
- Okay. Okay.
- Mikey: Come on.
- I'm coming.
- Mikey: (groans) Fuck.
Don't try anything weird.
The bullet is in there.
You need to get it out.
Mikey: Yeah, I know that.
You think this is the first time
I've been shot?
- (Mikey groans)
- I'm coming in!
I swear to God, I will shoot
both these bitches!
We're gonna go out the backdoor
and you're gonna let us!
No, you're not!
I will shoot them
if they try anything!
And we're taking this fucker
with us.
- Get him in the wheelchair.
- No fucking way.
Regina said we can have
all his organs, let's go!
You are not taking my brother.
Save him or save yourself.
It's your choice.
We are taking him regardless.
Mandy, what's going on in there?
(woman singing opera)
Okay. I'll do it.
Get that gun out of my face.
Regina, get the wheelchair.
Let's go. Go, go, go, go.
Damn, get the thing out
of his face.
(Mikey grunting)
Come on, hang on. Dammit.
(grunts) Goddammit.
All right.
Uh. We're gonna head downstairs
and when we get outside,
- I'm taking him with me.
- Stay where you are!
Jesus Christ, shut up!
- (gun fires)
- (grunts)
- Shit!
- Regina: What's happening?
Don't these people need, like,
machines to breathe and shit?
I swear to God,
what did you do, lady?
It is just the lights.
Backup generator takes care
of all the vital stuff.
Now... (sighs) ...we are going
to go down the hall,
carry him down the stairs,
and you can go out
the backdoor, okay?
All right, but I'm taking
Regina with me.
- Mandy: Regina is staying here.
- Mikey: No, she does not.
That is the deal.
You get Andrew, I get Regina.
You know,
I don't have time for this shit.
Fine, fuck it, whatever.
You push him. Go! (groans)
Wait, I wanna give him
a sedative.
Mikey: Why?
So he doesn't wake up
in the middle of you
operating on him.
- Fuck!
- You got this?
Yeah. Yeah.
Nurse, hurry up!
- (vial clattering)
- (groans)
Jesus Christ,
what the fuck is going on?
- Mandy: I'm nervous.
- Regina: Junkie.
Mikey: Oh, my fucking eye!
- Mandy: Go.
- Bitches!
Why take Andrew? Leave him.
Mandy: I don't want him
taken away for organs.
Why the fuck are you so nice
to someone
who just treated you like shit?
- You treat me like shit.
- Regina: We gotta go.
- Hold on! (grunts)
- Regina: Get up!
- He's got my knife.
- Mikey: Crazy cunts.
Mandy: I'm going out the front.
I can't do that,
they got cops outside. (pants)
- Janet: Mandy?
- (Regina panting)
Did you hear that noise,
what the fuck is going on?
Janet, run!
- (gasps)
- (Regina screams)
Mikey: (groans) Goddammit.
Sorry, ma'am.
Go in that room
and lock the door.
Regina: (yelps) Shit.
Someone turned out
my nightlight.
What is happening here?
Do you know why the lights
went out?
And is this blood on the floor?
Y'all just need to stay cool.
- (grunts)
- (Regina groaning)
- (Mikey grunting)
- (Regina screaming)
- (pants)
- You assholes took my eye!
Mandy: Janet, Janet.
Come on, come on.
That's right, put your head up.
What's going on?
Mandy: Okay, lift up
for one second, one second.
- (inhales deeply)
- Okay.
(Regina groaning)
No! That's my friend!
From church!
Mikey: (groans) Dammit.
Get the fuck outta here!
He's in there. Run.
- Mikey: Get the fuck over here!
- No!
You think
you can just run away
- and I wouldn't catch you?
- (grunts)
Well, now I'm taking
both of y'all,
you and the fucking
wheelchair boy.
There's gotta be something
useful inside each of you,
unless yours is blackened
from painkillers!
Mikey, don't hurt her.
- (Karen grunts)
- (pants)
Okay, y'all go!
Go, this ain't gonna last long.
Oh, shit.
(door opens, closes)
(both pant)
(door opens)
(woman singing opera)
(thunder rumbling)
- Oh, come on.
- (thunder rumbling)
What the fuck, ladies?
I know you're out here
(indistinct chatter)
Come on, bitches,
it's cold out here!
Where you at?
You out in that rain?
Ooh, you better be running
in that rain!
You better be singing
in that rain! Enjoying it!
But I know you're not...
not with all them cops
out there...
'cause I may do some...
illegal shit...
but it ain't nothing
compared to you two lunatics.
But I got plans for y'all.
(electricity buzzing)
Better come on out...
'cause both y'all have
an appointment...
to have all your little organs
taken outta
your skinny little bodies!
- (machine rattling)
- (Mikey grunts)
(all grunt)
(machine thuds)
(both chuckle, pant)
- He's dead.
- No.
Are you a good witch
or bad witch?
There cops out there?
Yeah, and we'll scream
if you try anything.
- No, you won't.
- Are you here to kill us?
No. But I need your help
getting outta here.
Mandy, do something, help me.
No, you're a fucking psychopath.
This is all your fault.
- It's yours. (pants)
- Just take her.
Thank you kindly, ma'am.
She sure is a pretty one.
- Blonde hair and blue eyes.
- (whimpers)
(Mandy grunts)
I wasn't gonna hurt her.
I was just gonna use
her to get outta here.
- (siren wailing)
- You better hurry up.
- You girls are crazy.
- Go home, Regina.
Get the fuck outta here.
Is this gonna give me a disease?
No, just go home.
You can't wear that.
Take it off.
- (Mandy groaning)
- Am I... am I fired?
Mandy: Oh, yeah.
Yeah. I... I won't tell no one.
I know you won't.
(woman singing opera)
See you around, then, cuz.
Yeah. See ya.
newscaster 2:
More on that in the next hour.
Our top story this
morning concerns
the three deaths reported
at the local hospital
over night, with two additional
people in critical condition.
What's now being considered
a combination of a suicide,
a potential homicide,
and a freak accident
is currently
under investigation.
The police are
on the scene now,
but due to the Y2K
preparation weekend,
much of the police force
wasn't in the area
when the events
began to unfold.
But the official statement
from the chief
is that the delays
in police arrival
did not contribute
to additional...
- (scoffs)
- ...deaths and injuries.
It's been a tragic year.
We extend our condolences
to the families
of those injured or killed
in the hospital last night.
The investigation
is still open,
but we've been informed
that the area is secure.
We'll be hearing more
from the police later today.
I told Officer Myers all that.
And he said I was free to leave.
(indistinct chatter)
I was real sad
about Mr. Collins.
He just couldn't handle
being here anymore.
No one deserves to go that way,
but I... I think it was suicide.
Uh, uh. Sir,
you are not listening to me.
He was a madman.
He... he clearly killed
all these people.
I mean, what kind
of hospital is this?
Karen: Ma'am, uh,
can I get you a drink of water?
- Yes, you can!
- You wanna come with me?
She's right. He was crazy.
We may have some
more questions for you,
but I think I've got
all your information,
so you should be okay.
- Is everybody dead?
- No.
Janet may not be able
to talk for a while,
but that cute cop
ain't doing so good.
- Cute ones always die.
- You mind helping?
My shift just ended.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
Don't you dare touch her.
I don't want anyone
in this hospital near her!
Are you going home?
No, they want me to stay
until things get settled.
That's a long shift for you.
Yeah, well,
I'm getting overtime.
- Uh... I'll see you later.
- Yeah, see ya.
How you doing?
Mr. Kent: That was very strange.
Why is this so small?
And this so big?
Who's gonna do something
with these bags that I found?
Who's gonna help me with this?
Someone gonna do something
with these bags that I found?
I found this one,
looks like they're
chock-full of organ meat.
I found this
at the soda machine.
I went down for a nice drink
and then I went down
again later,
'cause no one's seen me
for a while,
and then I found this one.
It looks like someone
was keeping them there.
Oh, oh, now you're gonna
pay attention.
- Got the organs in my hands.
- Whoa, whoa.
Okay, thank you.
This has about seven
or eight different ones inside.
Yeah, and I had... I kept
the soda far away, it's fine.
I'm a little dizzy.
You need to be very careful
with your hands.
(elevator rattling)
(elevator doors rumbling)
(exhales deeply)
(cell phone beeping)
(upbeat music playing)
(uneasy music playing)