12 O'Clock Boys (2013) Movie Script

I wanna know what we're
doin' about these little scumbags...
on these dirt bikes
in our downtown.
I want to know. If anyone out
there has seen this, please call.
I mean, these kids are just little
bastards. These aren't, like, nice kids.
And the problem is...
I'm gonna throw it out there...
'Cause they're African-American.
Nobody wants to say it because
nobody wants to take action.
'Cause you got young black
kids... They're misbehaving.
They're riding on the sidewalks
all up and down Pratt Street.
Fifteen, 20, 30.
Vroom, vroom. Everywhere.
And we don't do
anything about it.
You gotta do something.
You gotta do something.
I don't care if they get hurt. Frankly,
I don't care if one of them dies.
Here, done.
Oh, he...
He on the bike.
Right, I know.
Hey, yo. Keep watchin' out
right there, yo.
- I do the same thing. I hate when
I do that. - Yeah, I keep doin' it.
Like I get...
Fuck, yeah.
She be chokin' up, like...
Come on! Hop in!
Hop in, 'cause they...
They call
'em the 12 O'Clock Boys...
because they drop the bike
straight back.
Like the hands on the clock.
If you get to 12 o'clock,
you the shit.
You know you in the pack.
That's when you can
really shine.
It's a dangerous and illegal Baltimore
tradition... dirt bikes on city streets.
Weaving through traffic,
20 people riding through Baltimore city...
...YouTube sensations
post their renegade riding online.
Police have a
no-chase policy to prevent accidents,
outraged at the recklessness... - A 6-year-old boy is in the hospital...
...claims to
show city cops chasing dirt bikers.
...on the
street, but defend their right...
The dirt bikers are so worried
about being nabbed by the police,
so they're taking
even more chances.
We're not out
there trying to terrorize anybody.
'Bout to go get some gas
for the bike.
Pullin' out. See the police down
there, probably waitin' for me.
Shut up!
The boy comin' up with the
dirt bike. He comin' up wheelie'n'.
Hittin' it down. Goin' straight.
He smacked the police car.
Next thing you know,
got his bike.
Hell. He didn't even have
no papers either.
Right. Ain't had no
papers on his bike. Papers.
Now, how did you run into a
police car when you got brakes?
I know. People just
be geekin' these days.
Maybe that's it now, sucker.
I'll still go on.
Some people fall and hop off
their bike and takin' an out.
But if I fall, I'm gonna
still hop back on my bike.
No matter if I fall and break my thumb...
anything. I'm hoppin' back on this bike.
Sunday, we ride with the pack...
wheelies gang.
I don't even care.
I'm ridin' down there.
Have you
ever done it before? No.
It's our tradition, our culture.
This is what we do.
Can't nobody take it from us.
This is our release.
Baltimore City, Sunday!
Swept through the crowd,
so fuck the police.
Any of y'all gonna try to
stop us. This is our shit!
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Bravo! Bravo!
I definitely don't wanna ride down this
bitch with this bike on the truck...
with the police down here.
Another police right there.
Just sit back, look casual.
I'm tryin'.
Go, go!
Hurry up! Hurry up!
You may wanna...
I'm tellin' you what's goin' on.
You keep tellin' me some other shit.
I'm tellin' you what's what.
We just intercepted my man. His bike broke
down at the park. Police ran right up on him.
Scony pulled in front of him
to tow him.
He grabbed right on to the back of
the grab bar, and they got outta there.
I got his bike in the back
of the truck now.
And a fuckin' bird is on us,
watchin' us now.
I don't ride on the street no more like
that, so I play the supportive role.
Police must be down here chasin'
See the police
over there? Yeah.
Coverin', watchin' them
at the gas station? Yeah.
Watch it. Watch it, guys.
See that shit?
That's Shahib he chasin', man. He
chasin' Shahib 'cause he got a girl.
Gettin' it. Gettin' it.
Gettin' it.
Gettin' it! Gettin' it!
Get it! Get it!
Now you see how... I'm tryin' to
school these young niggas on the back.
I tell 'em,
"You gotta be relaxed. "
If you panic, that would have
been his ass. He'd have fell.
The police would have
laughed at him,
and left while he was
all on the ground all fucked up.
All right, I'm on my way up there,
'cause I'm at your house now...
with these niggas' bike on the back
of the truck... I'm on my way up there.
Right. I know. The chopper
keep following me now.
I'm gonna get this bike
the fuck off my fuckin' truck.
Sittin' ducks right now.
Kai, many of you who drive on city
streets have seen these dirt bikes before,
but it is difficult for police
to enforce the law.
...see cops chasing dirt bikes,
but police say their policy
is not to chase.
Baltimore police are not allowed to chase
dirt-bike riders because it's too dangerous.
Instead they use police
helicopters to track the bikers.
They fuck my kids.
Well, let's fuck them. So we...
She ain't
leavin' off this block, bitch.
It's gonna be a bad fuss with this
motherfucker, 'cause they my motherfuckin' kids.
She out of order, gonna
fuckin' try to run the kid off...
Bitch gonna run her mouth.
She don't know who in the car.
- Bitch, you don't know where you at!
- Here we go.
Come on and do that, Mom!
This bitch right here
is not leavin'.
I'm tellin' her, don't hit the girl's
head. Just mark the face, bitch.
Prepare your
stuff! You ain't leavin'.
They callin' the po po.
They can call
the C.-fuckin'-I.A.!
Get out of the
way. I'm callin' the police.
They're callin' her bluff.
It ain't really
safe in Baltimore.
Then kind of it is
and kind of is not.
'Cause every, like, every other
night, you gonna be hearin' about,
oh, somebody tell
and got shot.
Or somebody got stabbed or...
It's always somethin'.
I like Baltimore
because we don't get no floods.
We don't get no hurricanes...
and none of that
like all them other states.
That's why I like Baltimore.
I don't wanna be in the front
or in the middle of the pack.
I'd rather be in the back
or on the sidewalk.
'Cause you... You're stuck in
the middle and the police come,
you gonna get hit
off your bike,
or you gonna fall
and they gonna run you over.
I got a lot of money.
In my pocket.
And money! Money!
And money. Money!
Money. Money.
Pug my brother.
Oh, please.
Yep. He's my brother.
And I already know
what you all gonna do.
You all gonna videotape
him too small, too big.
Every time I open my door,
he gone.
I have to call his phone five or six
times a day. "Where you at? Where you at?"
He everywhere where he don't have no
business to be. He too little for that.
Even though he up there in age a
little bit. But he's too small in size.
Somebody could have snatched
him up. They crazy out here.
They crazy.
But it's about to seriously be
about me. It's about to be my show.
My reality show. No.
Coco's Show.
Coco and the Kids.
No. It's about there be a
Baltimore reality show. Oh, really?
I was a exotic dancer...
before I got pregnant with Pug.
His father was so proud
to have his first son,
he went out
and bought Pug a pit bull.
Pug been lovin' pit bulls
ever since.
Pug in the tub.
He's tryin' to figure out,
"What do I wanna do in life?
Who am I?
What do I wanna be?"
That's what those little eyes
are sayin'.
He's not... Where are you?
Well, get up here then. You
shouldn't even be down there.
You always somewhere.
Okay, I see you now.
Why you always leavin'?
Shut the door.
You hardheaded. You always
leavin'. Get over here.
Oh, you about to get
slapped. Get over here.
You be 13 tomorrow.
Act your age, please.
I do. Act your age.
You don't have no business
goin' nowhere.
When I tell you to stay somewhere,
that's where you supposed to stay at.
Do you know you can get
locked up for certain things?
You need to really get yourself
together and stop worrying about bikes.
Bikes is not everything.
You have to have a education
to be able to ride a bike.
Growin' up in the
city, you will see it all.
You will learn the right way to do
all the wrong shit in Baltimore City.
I have a Ph. D. in it. If you
walk outside on the corner,
you see motherfuckers hustlin', shootin',
sellin' drugs, killin', sellin' pussy.
One of the first things you see that you
actually wanna do is ride a dirt bike.
It's one of the first things
you see that's positive,
sittin' on a step
with your buddies, sayin',
"In a couple more years,
I'm gonna have that dirt bike.
I'm gonna be wheelie'n' like
this nigga. I'm gonna be doin' it.
I'm gonna be wallin' out. I'm
gonna be the next 12 O'Clock Boy. "
Pug just got on
a bike, knew what to do.
He could tell you every bike, and
how to work it and all of that.
He's an interesting person.
Like, you know, some of the things
that you ask him about an animal,
he can just come out
and tell you, like...
He can tell me stuff about an animal that
I can never imagine to even know about.
I don't know where it came from. It's
like he had a little gift from birth.
That one named. Look at you. You
about to just make up something.
No, the black one. You remember
when you said that name was...
You're our little puppy
Baby, baby
Pup, pup, pup
Baby. Yes, you're our puppy babe.
You a crybaby.
When I met his father,
I thought that we was gonna
be together for a while.
But he was back and forth,
in and out of jail.
After I had my fourth child by him, I
just got tired of it, and I just let it go.
When I first had Pug, Tibba was
so happy to be a big brother.
Tibba was like
the man of the house.
He was like the father that
my children didn't even have.
Tibba was the only one
that Pug would really listen to.
A 125, that's a big bike.
That's a big, big bike.
If you can handle them bikes,
you should be on 'em, you know.
He don't wanna take his time
on learnin'.
If you keep it that fast, you gonna
bust your motherfuckin' head, basically.
You gonna hurt yourself on the
bike. Them bikes is dangerous.
That's all I was sayin'
though. Yeah.
I just want him takin' his time.
Take his time.
The dirt-bike pack
And I just happened
to be the head.
My people already know me.
Wheelie Wayne.
Dirt-Bike Wayne.
The Greatest.
Whatever you wanna call me.
There's no way around us two.
Bike life... we started
that type thing.
They say anything about bikes in
this city, they gonna mention me.
We took the dirt-bike thing
from just lookin' at it as a bike.
We took it
to a whole nother level.
We had bikes, and we were
just filmin' ourself,
playing with the camera.
And then one day I just
jumped up and was like...
"We gonna make us a group.
We gonna make a tape. "
You know me, Weedy,
original 12 O'Clock Boy.
Twelve at everything.
But it's control and balance is
what make it a 12 O'Clock Boy.
Rock it again!
Rock it again! Oh, shit!
I can do it.
Just lift it up.
This isn't high school. He shouldn't
have told me. He shouldn't have told me.
Dirt-bike niggas,
we don't wear no helmet.
Once they got it on tape, you can sit in
the house and just watch it and rewind...
and rewind and keep rewindin'
and playin' and watchin' it.
You had to have a copy.
We got kids who were lovin' us.
We got big muthas
who was lovin' us.
Everybody was just tryin'
to buy a copy of it.
When you look at
that footage, it's gonna be...
between eight
and 15 rides.
When you come out now,
you see what?
Fifty, 100 rides.
This is what we do.
That's what we do. Train on
target. Your boy, Gucci, man,
It's what we do. We can take
my bike, get the fuck away.
I'm recording him,
he recording me.
This is my nigga.
We plan to work tonight.
Not one of these niggas down
here will let me get a ride.
I'm tryin' to be on YouTube.
- Charge up, nigga
- Charged up
I just throw 'em back
Reelin' with ya, rollin' on
We, yes, them triple stacks
And that was just like...
It's like a blessin', for real.
When YouTube first
came out, it just killed the game.
It just spread like wildfire.
Sober niggas have no idea
how it feelin'
We charged up, nigga
On your phone in school, you
supposed to be doin' some fuckin' homework.
You lookin' at your
favorite Wildout Boy.
I was the most popular
as far as hits in YouTube.
When we first put my skit on the
air, I got more hits than anything.
It was, like, Japan, New
Zealand, Miami, Barbados...
We got people hittin' our page. People who
ain't even know that Baltimore ever existed...
is watchin' us
across the world right now.
It's dangerous. It's
fun. It's exciting. And it's powerful.
You don't know how it was
when I was ridin' Sunday with the pack.
I seen you,
dude. You lyin'!
Nigga be ridin'. I can
see it... You lyin'!
You ain't...
See, he lyin'!
him I did. I keep up with the pack.
Yeah. All right, then, he
need to mind his business.
He don't know what I did
under my... in my engine...
to ride with the pack.
You right. You right. You right.
- Stop your talkin' about the dirt
bike, please. - All right.
I do not want to keep hearin'
about the dirt bike.
I might have a black one.
'Cause I got on
mismatched shoes.
Why is that? I forgot. I just
hurried up and put 'em on.
Big face and he is small
I like 'em all
I don't really care
As long as he's a freak,
freak, freaky
Freak, freak, freaky
He tough
Back to business.
Stop! I'm about to beat
your little "B."
Little big head, fat head,
little watermelon head.
Sy, get off. Sy, no.
Sy, get off him.
No, I know. I know.
Yo, is we cool or what?
All right, we cool.
All right then.
Is we cool or not cool?
All right.
Just makin' sure, shorty.
Boom, boom, boom,
boom, boom! Boom, boom!
This is how we do, man, all day.
Fuck the police.
And he be tryin' to get girlfriends
by swingin' his arm on his four-way.
Yes! Shut up!
Do you think that works?
Last time, it was like
he was gettin' beat up 'cause...
Everybody see he can't fight.
Yeah, he can't.
That's what everybody say.
See, he was runnin' 'cause he
actin' like the helicopter lookin' for him,
so girls can think,
"Ooh, he's so bad. "
You all right?
You know why you all right.
Look like he asleep.
I lost my son.
My oldest son.
From an asthma attack.
Shit. I don't know
if he all right or not.
I thought...
So I'm tryin' to figure
out why I ain't storm out the door.
Because you not
Huh? I said, "'Cause you not dead. "
What you sayin'?
Why you sayin'...
It's not the time!
Stop! Stop!
Uh-uh! Uh-uh! Uh-uh!
You go on! Get out there!
Keep them
the fuck off!
Get off of me!
Get off of me!
Pug, wake up!
I just wanna
get away. You know?
I don't wanna go!
Sunday, early in the mornin',
I look out the window
and just look for that sun.
If I see that sun,
I know it's gonna be a good day.
When I get downstairs and walk in
that backroom and see that bike,
it's just like you
my girlfriend,
like I'm talkin' to her, like,
"Yeah, we gonna tear
the streets up today. "
Once I start that bike
up, it's like a nervous feeling.
My leg starts to shake.
It's just a feelin', like,
"What could go wrong this day?
This... This could be
my last time on the bike. "
Maybe police chasin'.
You maybe get hurt.
I think about everything. I think
about everything in the mornin'.
But once I pull off, all that
feeling just goes out the window.
And it's just me, the world,
the bike and the streets.
I've been bikin' all my life.
So I know kids, like, every
time you see 'em, they know you.
They know
exactly your name and all that.
They'll never forget you, 'cause
I never forgot a person, never.
Still know that guy to this day.
I was young, plain to see.
I was, like, seven or eight years
old, rolling round the block.
Ever since then, I always wanted a bike.
I just had to wait till I get older.
Turned about 14. Got my first
little four-wheeler.
I used to ride around here
and learn how to wheelie.
One time, I heard the pack.
I was in the house. I heard it.
And I knew it was them. I just ran
out back, tryin' to get my bike.
Went. That was my first time
tryin' to find the pack.
I was right behind 'em,
but I never caught up with 'em.
I just had to wait till
I get older.
When I turned 18, that's when I had
the opportunity to ride with 'em.
The first time was so fun.
It was so fun.
It was just, like, the
funnest day of my life.
And then I went home and just fell
asleep, and that day was the best.
And I got... I just couldn't wait
till another Sunday, that's all.
I just couldn't wait. Another
Sunday. I just wanted to ride again.
Come on, slow.
Come on, slow!
Yeah, I ride!
You fightin'.
What's that?
You want a run on the bikey?
Ride on the bikey!
What alley?
The alley.
That one?
There go the bikes.
Here we go.
Lord, see right here.
Oh, man, see right here.
Hey! Hey, man!
Yo, we gonna come out!
I'm gonna come out too!
Hey! Come here!
- They're free.
They get on that bike,
they feel powerful.
Whatever's goin' on in
their life, it's all gone.
You can escape...
and ride.
Uh, I been on
this earth for a decade...
and a couple years.
So what that makes me...
I'm a grown-ass man.
Niggas would beef. They
would fight, stab and kill each other.
East and West.
When Sundays came,
it was time to ride.
All of that shit was nothin'. We ride
as one Baltimore pack. One fuckin' flock.
Yeah, basically, 'cause that
gang stuff is, like, gettin' real high-end.
Even though they against each
other, they still have love for us,
for the whole sport.
When you ride a bike, for some reason,
it seem like it make you neutral.
"K." "K" looking
all crazy riding ahead.
Man's clutch is goin' up.
That be like...
His stomach's
so big, he look pregnant.
I might ride
down with the pack...
for the first time.
But I wasn't tryin' to ride with 'em yet,
'cause I think they gonna leave me on this.
I need a better bike.
They got a gut side to show off.
But I ain't gonna "show"
show off.
I'm gonna just... just pop
my little clutch, yeah.
Just take it up
for a little bit.
And since they are
too dangerous to chase,
Alex DeMetrick reports police
are finding new ways to stop them.
Adopting a strategy of watch,
wait and track with surveillance cameras...
and the department's
Foxtrot helicopters,
riders can literally be followed home, often
without ever noticing they're being watched.
This new system, I can look
right down, put the crosshairs on 'em,
and I can tell 'em quickly
what alley he's in.
Officers will also be
able to use thermal imaging...
and zoom in on suspects
from miles away.
Animal, whenever you
want it.
Whose gonna ride past?
Give each other five.
Any nigga want it,
they can come get it.
Hit me up on Facebook.
However you want it.
12 O'Clock Wheelie Boyz, man.
We out. No, it ain't
that. It ain't that.
We're biker boys. It ain't.
Yo, everybody got the name.
For real. They just call us
the 12 O'Clock Boys.
My mother know.
I know Wheelie Boy.
Yo, the boys.
The boys! The boys,
2920 Erdman.
The big house that's
sittin' on top of the hill.
Who's your
brother? Which one?
Um, heavyset. Tall.
What's his name?
He died.
He's on the back of my shirt.
Oh, yeah, you... Oh, yeah.
Okay, I remember that.
You all was down
there today, weren't you all? No.
I know everybody. Well,
how you know my big brother?
It was a cookout I was at.
How you know?
How do I know your big brother?
I just know him.
- You just know him? - Yeah, I know
him. 'Cause I'm good like that.
Listen, though. I'm not gonna
put your business out there, okay?
All right?
Which way they went?
Which way they goin'?
They drivin' up to that road.
Up on that road?
I think they're headin' on
straight down.
Tryin' to link back up
with the flock.
It's torture though.
They did that dumb shit. They
tried to hit the block again.
Where the police... main police station...
Like, we was right there where they were.
If he ready, they at Dunbar.
At Dunbar? Yeah.
They get this kick out of ridin'
past the main police headquarters,
right on the edge of the block where the strip
clubs and the main police headquarters is.
They get a kick of goin' down there and
fuckin' with them. That's where they went at.
And, uh, the pack got split up.
The bikers come this way?
They came this way, the pack?
Yeah, yeah.
Straight down.
Which way?
I got a flat right there, yo.
Get that shit on tape.
Bird on 'em.
That guy is hard.
Ooh, I'm glad.
Where you at?
All right.
Go ahead.
Hey, chill out.
Chill out while there's coppers.
You talkin', I was swallowin'
my guts, not to say nothin'.
You know, I was ready to blank.
They been illegal,
they probably stay illegal,
but chasin' 'em
is not gonna solve the problem.
These resources could be goin'
somewhere else.
I mean, they firing
firefighters and police.
Fuck the police.
Fire all the motherfuckers.
Hire some more firefighters.
They actually save lives.
They harass you. They wanna treat you like
you ain't shit, like you don't know shit.
I work every fuckin' day. You ask
anybody. I work six, seven days a week.
And I make real good money. I pay these
whores. I pay their fuckin' salary.
So fuck all the dirty cops.
I'm gonna say that till I die.
What's up, man?
What's up?
What's goin' on?
Take these little dudes...
like, "I want some. "
I mean, for real, I have fun
watching 'em ride, so...
I enjoy this shit.
Wherever they build warehouses
that's far from a highway,
we take advantage of the situation
and jump out there and ride.
It's away from traffic and everything,
so we're not endangering anybody...
or breakin' any rules
or anything like that.
We just go back there and ride.
Dirt-bike riders
are dirt-bike riders. Period.
These little niggas back here,
they gonna always love dirt bikes.
Pug is one of them little type of
dudes where he gonna be a monster.
Another Chino,
another Greatest One.
That's what people don't realize.
They, like, "Oh, he's so small. "
Don't matter your size.
It matter your skill.
Put Anne in. Put Anne in.
How much you gonna
sell it to me for?
Stack for what? That.
I don't want that.
I don't want that.
I want that.
That's my wife.
That your wife there?
You guys all
set? Yeah.
Back it up a little bit.
When I got hit...
Stop, yo!
When I got hit, I hit a tree
and got knocked unconscious.
I broke my collarbone.
I fractured all of my face.
And my teeth came out.
I like...
I like the rush of it.
It's something you love,
you're gonna do it anyway.
In two weeks,
I'll be back out.
Police on the lookout...
for a dangerous
dirt-bike rider...
who nearly killed
six-year-old Corey Adams.
Witnesses say he's in his 20s,
with braids.
The dirt-bike driver
popped a wheelie,
lost control of his bike...
and slammed into
the six-year-old.
The driver got off his bike, shook
the unconscious child, then drove away.
And that six-year-old boy
is in serious condition tonight.
His family tells us he was hit so
hard his teeth were knocked out.
He did undergo surgery
earlier today.
Is that my brother's
Yes, I am, I am
I ride for you, nigga
I die for you, nigga
And if I'm caught, I do
that time for you, nigga
I ride, ride,
ride for you
'Cause you my dog
I know you'd do
the same for me too
'Cause I'm your dog
You niggas know
what it is.
All you bitch-ass
Get that,
get that.
That's what we do
right over here.
Come here, bitch.
Get that.
goddamn bitch.
I'm not broke yet.
How you doin'? What's your name?
Coco. Coco? My name is Cowboy.
How old am I?
You don't suppose to ask
a female how old they are.
Why? But, no, I'm not 27,
but thanks for the compliment.
I'm 30.
I'll be 37.
You look good.
Thank you.
How old are you?
You 40?
Yeah, I can tell.
Soul ]
Hey! That's my song.
That's that Sade.
Sometimes I need
a breather. Hey.
How many tons
of love inside
Girl, you can rape
me. I'm over age, y'all.
I can't say
When I was led to you
I knew you were
the one for me...
Honestly, I can't
even speak on the summer.
I just live day by day.
I can't even speak
on the future...
or what's gonna happen
people die within
a blink of an eye.
So I live the day
how it go.
Pug got suspended from school
because he was fightin'.
This, like, the fourth time that
he done been suspended this year.
Like I say, I know
he goin' through stuff...
because his brother
passed away and all that,
and I'm goin' through stuff too.
But he thinks it's just all about
him and these bikes, and it's not.
I'm not havin' it. I'm not
losin' no more children.
And I'm not havin'
no more funerals...
for nobody bein' hardheaded.
See, all I gotta do is go to the
police station and drop him off,
and they'll keep him
down there for 12 hours.
He'll be hurt about that.
See, I never had that problem
out of Tibba.
Tibba sat up there
and listened to what I said.
You know, Tibba wasn't
a street runner.
But this one right here, I
don't know where he came from.
He just wild.
This is how
you slap somebody.
You spread your fingers out,
right? Spread 'em out.
Make sure they back.
Let 'em feel all palm.
Bom! Just slap 'em.
They, "Whoa!"
Leave a print
on their face.
Let us pray. O most
precious Heavenly Father,
we just thank
and praise you, Lord.
Gospel, Up-tempo ]
This a, um,
baby map turtle.
They're chill.
They be, like,
on a branch or stick...
just gettin'
somethin' to eat.
And this one. A baby
alligator snapping turtle.
And when these get big,
these get up to 150 pounds.
So y'all don't know
where he might be at?
He won't answer his phone
for nobody.
He been gone since
9:00 this morning,
and it's 6:00
this evening.
So he haven't ate nothin'
or nothin'.
This don't make sense because he didn't
have no business leavin' the house.
Don't you dare.
Don't you dare.
Go back... Get down!
Get down and go back
around back now.
I can't even let that boy
on the porch.
I turn my back, he gone
all the way across the street.
You keep hanging with
these dudes and stuff.
I don't know them people.
We live in a little
dangerous neighborhood.
All this east-side stuff
They shootin'
everywhere you go.
Oh, yeah. This is CR85, '06.
This right here... YZ85, '04.
So this what we got
so far right here.
These. Yeah, man.
My little man Pug right
beside me. We comin' hard.
No power, no power. Always be like this.
See, that's what he
wanna do. He wanna ride.
That's what he gonna do.
He gonna ride.
He behind it.
He behind it.
You behind that?
I'll see you tomorrow,
all right? All right.
All right.
None of that dirt-bike shit ain't
gonna get you nowhere in life,
'cause you damn sure ain't
gonna have no education...
or no high school diploma
if you don't stay in school.
And you surely won't have a job
as a veterinarian.
You could be a professional
dirt-bike rider...
and a veterinarian
at the same time.
I don't wanna be a
veterinarian. I wanna be...
No, you said you was
gonna be one,
and that's what the fuck
you gonna be.
- No, I wanna be a dog catcher.
- Hell, no.
But, see, I'm puttin'
the whole body shield on him.
What the matter you?
I'm telling you, I'm getting
him... That shit cost $200.
I don't give a goddamn if it was
$1,000... so your bones won't break.
About time you do get in it,
somebody else... God forbid.
Something else gonna happen
to somebody else.
'Cause shit is real
out here,
and them polices
are not playin'.
We'll put together
and get the baby something.
We may not meet Sunday, but we'll
get something.
Albert Lemon, C.E.O., Regional
Security Protection Agency.
Former Baltimore city
police officer.
How you doing? Everything
good? Everything's good.
- There you go. There you go.
- Exactly.
I believe, we lose
at least...
at least 10 to 15 lives
every summer...
in reference to dirt bikes.
I want to get to the subject
about Officer Lemon.
It's kind of disturbing that he
made the accusations that he did.
You know what I'm sayin'?
And I was right there.
I seen him in his patrol car
and what he did.
I responded to a
call to back up another officer.
While en route to the call, there were
several individuals riding dirt bikes.
And the dirt bike begins
to do doughnuts around us.
Then the driver
flips us the bird...
and began traveling on Belvedere
Avenue on the wrong side of the road,
continued up the sidewalk.
Then he bounced off
the sidewalk...
and crashed head-on
into an oncoming vehicle.
I then observed him fly in
the air about 50 to 100 feet.
A crowd began
to come on the scene...
and observe and start
ranting and shouting.
You know, "That Officer Lemon,
he was chasing him.
He was chasing him.
He was chasing him. "
It really hurt me
a lot to see him get chased...
and then get
mauled down like that.
And he didn't care.
Like, Lemon didn't care.
Marvin had just learned
how to ride bikes.
He jumps on the curb.
I tell Marvin, "Don't try
to outrun him,"
'cause I know
he can't ride that good.
Lemon comes
and jumps the curb,
and he chased Marvin
on the curb.
Lemon bumped
his back wheel,
and he went into the back
of that black sedan.
He flew about 50... He was
higher than the power lines.
His body was like...
like a doll.
And when he hit the ground,
he was gone.
He was gone.
He was done.
I don't feel sorry
for Lemon at all.
At all. Like nothing.
He brought it on
The next day, in their rioting
in the community,
you know, spray-painting my name on
vacant buildings, on people homes...
"Kill Officer Lemon,"
"Officer Lemon is a murderer. "
But if we can't chase,
we can't chase.
We don't want to risk the lives of
innocent people by chasing them...
unless they committed
a violent act.
But, at the same time,
the act of them riding around,
doing wheelies at high speed,
is a violent act in itself.
And I
showed him how to ride.
He used to be, like,
in the streets.
But when he got his bike,
he started changing his life.
His family was
kind of happy for him.
He wasn't doing something
that was extra positive,
but he wasn't on the corner
as much, 'cause he had his bike.
He was riding his bike
all the time.
He was young.
He was young.
He was about 20.
Nickname was Giggles.
And Lemon knew
exactly who he was.
This summer... I'm
not gonna say it's my summer,
but I'm gonna
fuck this summer up.
2010... my summer
was bullshit.
2011... my summer
was bullshit.
And 2012... this is gonna
be the shit.
Last year, I was Pug.
This year, I'm Biker-Boy Pug.
The thing about Pug,
he's a real cool dude.
I think he gonna grow up
to be somethin'.
It look good when
you see a little guy,
real small, wheelie'n' a bike.
We look at it, like,
yeah, that's good.
Because he gettin'
in training now.
Imagine him when he get older,
what he gonna be doin'.
I ain't gonna talk,
but y'all niggas wanna see this.
- Lotta niggas wanna know about
that little nigga Pug. -
I'm trying to tell you.
You can't just ride,
call yourself a 12 O'Clock Boy and
raise it up while a Wheelie Boy,
and then stop.
Some niggas
do that shit.
"Oh, my leg
got hurt. "
"Oh, I got fucked up
on a dirt bike. "
I feel you, but you should've
been paying more attention...
as you got fucked up.
Only time I used to be scared is when
I didn't really knew what I was doin'.
Now I'm gonna
fuck the police up.
There can be two helicopters...
the news and a police helicopter...
and five police cars.
I'm gonna burn their ass up
on a 150.
Fuck they talkin' about?
Comin' through. Say there,
bitch, you like that?
Call me.
Go on, bitch!
Shit. Just calm down!
Loud Rap ]
Make that bitch moan like
Next Sunday, I'm straight out.
Get off. Get off!
Quit hoppin' on my bike.
Yeah, beat him.
Fuck off.
Beat him with that broom.
Did you all blow
the shit out? That ain't mine.
We're about to get wasted.
I need it
for the pain medicine.
You fall before
you get nice.
Don't you, Jamal?
Fall before you get nice?
My shit was
just like yours.
They hit me though.
They ain't hit you.
Pug, why you didn't tell
me you got chased by the five-0 today?
I want to know
what happened.
He don't tell me the good
stuff, 'cause I'm the aunt.
Tell me what happened.
That's good to hear.
No, I just need to know
that you safe.
'Cause you know I don't like you to be
in no trouble. I worry. My nerves bad.
Other guy in the back
say, "Get up.
I wanna chase you.
Get up. "
I thought they're not
supposed to chase kids on dirt bikes.
It's illegal for them
to chase anybody on a dirt bike.
I remember, years ago, a little
girl got hit near the projects.
They're not supposed to do
that shit. It is illegal.
Right. It's illegal to
chase 'em on dirt bikes.
Because it's dangerous
for pedestrians.
Like, you know
what I'm sayin'?
Hang on.
Who that?
You in trouble.
I gotta go to court.
They done sent me a letter
for me to go to court...
for you not goin'
the fuck to school.
And I been callin' to your
phone. No, the fuck you haven't.
You ain't go to school
none in June but one time.
Don't tell me, Pug.
I got the letter.
I called everybody
at school.
It's your ass that's the
fuck I gotta go to court for.
You worry about other shit.
Your ass should've
been goin' to school.
Then the fuck I wouldn't have
to be dealin' with this shit now.
He punished. I'm done
with this. I mean it.
Let me finish cleanin' up
the house and laundry.
You sure?
Yes. He punished.
Don't ask me is I'm
sure. I know I'm sure.
Don't go nowhere, yo. I
ain't gonna rip your bike.
All right.
What he say? He
said he gonna take my shit?
Where's he goin'?
Said he's going
around the block.
Y'all say I
know all these niggas.
By next summer,
we all gonna be there.
Fuck next summer.
I gotta tell you about
one police car that got into it.
That dumb ass
sittin' on a curb.
How you get caught?
'Cause it was the police
car in front of him.
But there was a task force.
Look at his poor
ass. That's my little nigga.
They about to come out
with this. Ain't that right?
Ain't that right? You
about to fuck the city up.
You right.
Yo, Pug done get robbed.
Yeah. First 250. Full stick.
Pug, where your fuckin'
dirt bike at?
Where's your fuckin'
dirt bike?
Somebody stole it.
Where they steal it?
When I was ridin'
in the park.
You mean to tell me...
You let somebody
steal your fuckin' bike.
How the fuck he steal it?
I let him hold it.
Didn't I tell you don't
let nobody hold it?
I should slap the shit out
for letting somebody hold
your motherfuckin' bike.
Don't keep fuckin' taking me
for a motherfuckin' joke.
I'm sick of this shit.
Clean this motherfuckin' yard
up and get this shit the fuck up.
All your fuckin' company
about to go the fuck home.
So when you were gonna tell me
somebody stole the bike?
I was gonna go
get it back.
Well, when you gonna go get it
back? How you gonna go get it back?
I'm gonna get it back.
You don't
appreciate shit, Pug.
I don't have money
like this. You punished.
How are
you gonna get it back?
I'm gonna take it
back. He's dead.
Don't make me act
like Coco.
What you got?
No. This is
University Parkway, dummy.
Yeah? So I should turn around?
He so fucked. Bitch.
Get in this right lane!
Get in this right lane!
Hey, old man.
Can we cross?
Can we get in?
Can we cross, sir?
Thank you. Thanks, bitch. Ugly ass.
How the fuck I'm-a get a job,
and they keep...
Pet stores and all them CVS, all that
shit, keep giving me their bullshit.
"Oh, you have to be 16." "Oh, you
have to be 15 and nine months. "
Fuck that bullshit.
You got a lot
of vocabulary now.
I know. Right? Where'd you
learn all that language?
Good vocabulary,
ain't it?
Where'd you learn
all that language?
School, nigga.
There go the helicopters. Flock
must be over there. Go, go, go.
- Twelve, yo! Hey, yo!
- Yo!
Fuck them! Fuck them!
Fuck the police!
Yeah, fuck them!
Fuck the police, yo!
Fuck them!
You got your whole
life to see the bikes.
Why not?
Tomorrow or today
not promised.
You could die any minute.
Right or left?
He got killed runnin'
from the police that day.
Dropped him
right off his dirt bike.
Right there on North Avenue.
Something wrong
with his mind frame.
I don't know
what's wrong with it,
but his mind frame is nothing
like how Tibba's mind frame was.
I'm doing everything
that I'm supposed to do.
I'm gettin' him bikes.
I'm lettin' him wear
the best clothing there is.
He have all these animals
and pets and everything...
that he just left here
with me to deal with.
He's just roaming the streets,
not listening,
and I can't deal
with it no more.
So when I go to court, I
might just let them keep him...
or put him on
a home monitor.
'Cause this got to stop.
Because he gonna get me
in a world of trouble.
If I go to jail,
they takin' all my kids.
It's sad, but I'm-a
get it straight though.
Trust me on that one.
I'm-a get his ass evaluated.
That's what I'm-a do.
Were you at Chesterfield?
I have a grandson
that live up there.
What's his name? He want
me to call him Jo-Jo.
- Did you pass?
- I think so.
You should know so.
Come on, Pug.
Talk about your grades.
They... They good.
They not excellent.
They good though.
They good enough to get you by? Yeah.
Are you sure?
Mmm. So what does
your future hold for you?
being a veterinarian.
That's wonderful. You
like animals? Mm-hmm.
That's good. Give me a smile on that.
Look at that fox.
Damn. He came from over there.
That was crazy.
But it takes a lot
to keep one person straight.
What they say? It takes a
village to raise a child.
It really does.
She can raise Pug by herself,
but she shouldn't have to.
One person trying to raise a
motherfucker like that? It's a lot.
Every city has a Pug.
Every hood has a Pug.
This is what
the ghetto produces...
hostile environments,
anger, stress, depression.
You know, dealin' with
all of this shit...
on a day-to-day,
on a regular basis,
you gonna have
a negative fuckin' outcome.
It's a recipe.
To jump on a dirt bike and
leave all that shit behind...
with first, second gear,
third gear...
All that shit
don't mean nothin'.
Yeah. We gonna ride, nigga.
We gonna ride.
Fuck who's sayin'
we can't ride.
I changed over the years
Because back then,
if that bitch would've
slapped me on my face,
I would've beat that bitch up.
I know I would've.
What was it today? Yeah.
My principal wanna
put me out anyway.
She says if I get
in trouble again...
or if I touch
any of her students...
I'm gonna be walkin' out
with silver bracelets.
She don't like me.
Why not?
'Cause I'm the shit.
'Cause you're the shit? Yeah.
What makes you
the shit?
I don't think
I'm the shit.
My principal
don't like me because...
I don't know.
She never did.
One day, this little boy tried to
lie and say I took his money, right?
So we all go
to the little...
Me and Bootsy
and the little boy.
He say me and Bootsy, we rob
and we takin' money with a gun.
Bitch, how we bring
a gun to school?
So we tell our side
of the story.
She say, "I don't
believe you anyway.
You always in my office. "
That's some fucked-up shit
to tell somebody, ain't it?
All right, Pug.
Around about 2:00, 3:00,
we go to the house.
We make sure everybody upstairs
or everybody asleep.
And then,
grab the bike.
My man got the van
for that.
Put the bike in the van
and be gone.
Let me get a picture
of my bitch.
My new bitch.
That sound about right.
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