12 Wishes of Christmas (2011) Movie Script

It's Christmastime of year
Everybody swing
Yeah, it's Christmastime
of year again
And the trimmings
on the tree
'Cause everybody here
loves Christmas
Here we go, let it snow
Ho, ho, ho
Gee, don't you ever sleep?
Oh, no, I'm late.
Gotta get that fixed.
Okay, Ashley, you're gonna be
really good today, right?
Right? We're gonna be
very quiet,
quiet as a little mousey, okay?
No barking,
no barking, no barking.
Good morning, Mr. Wayne.
What's good about it?
My hands are killing me with
all the work I've been doing,
knockin' some sheetrock
all night,
lookin' for a short.
Is it really necessary to be
knocking so early
in the morning?
I don't know if you noticed,
but we share a circuit breaker.
I had to cut the power
about 0200.
Ah. That would explain
my alarm clock.
I've gotta go.
Nice to see you.
Not so fast.
You got a dog in there?
A... A dog?
What makes you say that?
I could've sworn
I heard barking.
No, I mean,
I don't have... I don't...
You know this building
doesn't allow pets.
I am so late for work,
so I've gotta run,
but let's talk
about it later, okay?
Have a great day!
Oh, no!
Ladies and gentlemen,
the honeymoon is over.
So let's get down
to brass tacks.
There is blood
in the water, folks.
Uh, whoop!
So nice of you to join us,
Uh, Laura. I'm sorry.
My alarm clock,
and then my shoe,
and I just... Sorry.
Sorry, sorry.
As I was saying, 15 percent
of the Volara workforce
needs to be cut by
the end of the fiscal year.
That is December 31st.
Fifteen percent?
The cream always rises to the
top, ladies and gentlemen.
This is your opportunity
to shine,
not only for the company,
but for your job.
We need spettacolare!
We need di classe mondiale!
We need to make a major
splish-splash on Rodeo Drive.
I'm talking about
getting shelf space
in the most prestigious department
store in Beverly Hills:
Now, just how do we
make this happen?
You two, Frick and Frack.
Actually it's, uh... He's Michael.
I'm Richard.
Speak! Ideas!
We could, uh, cut our print ads.
Yeah. We could focus more
on social networking.
Wrong answer!
You're fired.
Are you serious?
Deadly. Pack up.
But I just got married.
And I just got a divorce.
Merry Christmas.
Anyone else have any ideas?
Well, here's my idea. The only
thing with enough chutzpah
to blow Dahlberg's away before
their Christmas deadline.
My very own latest creation,
Santa Baby,
the inaugural
Volara holiday line.
Your job: Make this reality.
Now, everyone, get to work!
And don't forget: 15 percent.
Since we don't have much time,
I set the Dahlberg's meeting
for tomorrow morning.
I want you to run point.
Call the warehouse.
Check to make sure the samples
are chosen already.
Then I want you to pick them up
along with some fabric comparisons,
and I want you to overnight them
to... hold on...
Cindy St. James at
Dahlberg's buyer department.
And that's... Hold on.
The address
Come on, come on.
That address is, uh
Yeah, it's 31 Wilshire Boulevard
at the Southbay Pavilion.
Are we clear?
Oh, my gosh, I gotta go.
I gotta go.
Okay, everybody,
y'all listen up.
I got a couple of
announcements to make.
Brooking Autos is gonna
donate a brand-new hybrid
for our fundraising raffle.
Okay, so come on, guys.
Now, don't be a Scrooge, okay?
Secondly, we have got some cute,
cuddly puppies comin' our way,
so we're gonna be looking for somebody to
spend a little extra time over Christmas.
Oh, Laura, honey, how 'bout you?
Can you spare little TLC
for our paw pals?
Oh, Apple, I'm sorry. I'm having
a hard enough time as it is,
getting here Tuesdays and Fridays.
Well, maybe next year.
Oh, gosh, look at Bella. I think
she needs to go for her walk.
She's looking
a little bit anxious.
Okay, I'm on it.
Thank you.
Hello, hello.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
I know, I know.
Hi. Did you miss me, Bella?
Oh, you're a good girl.
You're a good girl.
Okay, let's go.
Hold on.
I'm dying here.
How about I pick up a pizza,
and we catch the double feature of
Frosty and Rudolph on TV tonight?
Oh, I can't. Morgan's
taking me to Avenue tonight.
Ooh. You little hipster.
What's the occasion?
I don't know, but when a man
takes his girl to Avenue,
it can only mean one thing.
He cheated?
No! I think he's
going to propose.
How do you figure?
He said he has something
important to tell me,
and it's the next logical
step in our relationship.
I'll call you later.
Okay. Don't forget.
Bye. Oh! Bella!
Oh. Sorry!
I guess they really
want to say hello. Wow.
Rosie, looks like you found a new
best friend. Yeah, you think?
Well, when they do that,
it's a sign of submission.
If only men were more like dogs.
Oh, we are. We just don't like
to get our clothes dirty.
Okay, guys. Don't be shy.
How about some of
those raffle tickets?
Oh, yes. You can
put me down for one.
Great. You know what? Put
me down for one, too.
Got it. Okay.
All right.
Come on, Bella.
See ya.
I'll see ya.
What? Yeah.
She's pretty cute.
So as you might have guessed, there
is a reason why I asked you here.
We've been together
for a while, Laura,
and we've had our share
of ups and downs,
but we've always supported each other
through thick and thin, right?
Yes, we have, Morgan.
Well, I was thinking
that what I need to do now
is follow my heart
and a dream of mine.
So I'd like to ask you
a very important question.
Go ahead.
Laura Lindsey, will you
Yes, Morgan?
Will you
still love me if I quit my job at the
hedge fund and become a novelist?
I can't do it anymore.
The long hours, the stress,
the number crunching.
I put my two weeks' in
this morning.
But... What?
I just don't feel I was
put on this earth to do that.
Okay, wait, wait, wait.
I don't understand.
You're like this
brilliant finance guy.
You make a great living.
Are you sure that you
want to give all that up?
Here's the thing.
I met this woman.
She's a literary agent.
I pitched an idea to her,
and she loved it.
She thinks it would make
a great novel.
Oh, Morgan
I already wrote the synopsis.
It's called
The Lone Wolf.
I don't know what to say.
Tell me that you still love me.
Of course
I still love you, Morgan,
but this is a major life change.
What about us?
Our life?
We talked about getting
married and having a family.
I still want those things.
Well, you gotta give me
some sort of a time frame.
I mean, something to go on here.
You know, it's like I'm not being
fair to you if I don't do this.
I mean, how can I possibly fulfill
you if I can't fulfill me?
Oh, Morgan, but
that could take years.
Aren't I worth the wait?
Of course.
Angel was a sad
and lonely child
Oh! Uh, Mrs. Seagal,
Mr. Wayne.
I was just getting ready
for work.
We have evidence that you are
aiding and abetting a canine
within the confines
of your townhome.
What evidence?
Caught ya, red-handed.
Have you been looking
through my garbage?
Once it leaves the home,
it's public property.
I already told you
I do not have a dog.
I knew it.
It clearly states in your lease,
any animal found on the premises
will constitute an automatic
breach of contract,
which will result
in your immediate eviction.
Mrs. Seagal,
it's Christmas!
I mean, come on!
Don't you have a heart?
No, I don't.
Either you get rid of that dog,
or find another place to live.
Oh, Ashley, I'm sorry.
I'm gonna get you out of here
as soon as I can, okay?
I promise.
I'll have you out
in time for Christmas.
Aw. Don't worry.
We'll take good care of her till
she's ready to go home to her mommy.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
It'll be okay.
Okay, I'll be back soon.
Hey, sweetie.
It's gonna be okay.
So what does Dr. Stein say?
How much is that gonna cost?
Well, my insurance
will cover that, right?
All right.
Yeah, let me know.
Is everything okay? Yeah. It's just the
doctor with my daughter's new meds.
All right. Remember,
I do all the talking.
You just smile
and nod your head.
Sandra Boyd?
Cindy St. James.
Hi. Laura Lindsey.
I am surprised to see you here,
considering I haven't
received any samples.
Well, that's impossible.
We overnighted them last night.
You should've had them
this morning.
Well, I haven't.
Uh, can I impose and just
ask you to double-check that?
Give me a moment.
You did send the samples,
right, Laura?
Of course. I overnighted
them just like you asked.
Look. I have the receipt
right here.
Uh, here it is.
They went to
3-1 Wilshire Boulevard.
Wait a minute. "Three-one"
Wilshire Boulevard?
This is 311.
Sandra, I'm positive you told
me 3-1 Wilshire Boulevard.
Why would I say 3-1
when I know it's 3-1-1?
I... Maybe you
made a mistake.
I... I did what you...
Ladies, confirmed.
No samples from Volara.
Cindy, I am so sorry,
but apparently Ms. Lindsey has sent
the samples to the wrong address.
But if we can reconvene
later this afternoon,
I would be glad to bring them
to you in person.
I'm sorry. I'm booked solid.
It was nice meeting you.
She fired you?
For something
I totally didn't do!
That witch! I worked my
butt off for that company.
That's no way to treat people.
What are you gonna do?
I don't know.
Everything is
falling apart, Faith.
I wish someone could just come
in and fix my whole life.
Hey, do you remember
my cousin Jennifer,
the one who was getting divorced
and then she got laid off
at the same time? Yeah.
Well, apparently she hired
one of those life coaches,
and she claims that they really
helped turn her life around.
Come on! Really?
She said it was
the best thing she's ever done.
Somebody really likes Christmas.
Uh, hello!
Just a minute.
I'll be right out.
Hi there!
Hi. I have
an appointment with Noel.
Oh. I am she.
Um... Oh!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I-I thought it was
a man's name.
Oh, no! Noel, you know,
like the Christmas carol.
And you're Laura Lindsey.
Yes, I am.
Come right on in. Have a seat.
Ah! Okay, Laura Lindsey,
why are you here?
Well... Oh!
Sorry. Um
Well, I guess, uh,
I'm here because
my life hasn't turned out
the way I expected.
No, thank you.
I get all my best material
from these things.
Let me tell you what's wrong
with you mortals today.
You all expect too much.
You expect to be happy,
and then you expect the man upstairs
to straighten it all out for you.
Sure you wont have a cookie?
Did you know that you sleep
a third of your life away?
Then the other third is spent on a job
you normally can't stand to begin with.
Then the final third
is spent whining
about the hamster wheel you got
yourself stuck on to begin with,
going round and round
and round and round
till you turn green and
are ready to upchuck.
I bet that's why you're here.
You're wondering how to get off
that hamster wheel, aren't you?
Uh, yes?
That's good, because I'm gonna tell
you what I'm gonna do for you.
I'm gonna grant you
twelve wishes.
Oh! Does that come with
a genie and a lamp, too?
Oh, Lord,
I hope she's joking. No.
We don't deal with genies here.
That's about two doors down.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
No. Listen to me carefully.
This is what I want you to do.
Go home, log on to my website,
push the button that says
"twelve wishes."
Oh, okay! So this is like
one of those new age things
where I write down
what I want to happen,
and then I just
think positive about it?
No. This is
old age stuff, honey.
And whatever you wish for,
it will come true.
Look, I I really appreciate it,
but I just, uh
I'm not sure that
I believe in this stuff,
so What in the world
do you have to lose?
Not that much, actually.
Guess I'll just give it a try.
Oh. Do or do not.
There is no try.
Fortune cookie?
I love his work.
Okay. Well, it was...
It was really nice meeting you.
Oh, so good to meet you, too!
Thank you.
I'll just leave it...
Good luck to you, Laura Lindsey.
You're in for a wonderful ride.
Okay, thanks.
Oh, I want you to start
small, whatever you do.
And don't forget to read
the terms and conditions.
Very, very important.
Will do.
Ah! And be careful
what you wish for.
I will.
So this is what it's come to.
"These terms and
conditions of use"
shall be severable and construed to
the extent of their enforceability
"in light of
all the parties..."
I mean, come on.
Nobody really reads
the terms and conditions, right?
There they are.
Twelve wishes.
Start small.
Start small, start small.
That would be nice.
I wish
So then the weird thing is
I wake up this morning,
and there's a bouquet
of roses at my doorstep.
Morgan must've felt really
bad about the other night.
Well, I mean, I guess, but
You don't think the...
No. No, it's crazy.
I know, I know.
No. It's ridiculous.
It sounds like
that new age stuff.
You know, positive thinking
and ignoring negative
reinforcement, that sort of thing.
Hey, did you hear
an earthquake last night?
Maybe it was just a truck
driving by or something.
Oh, you know what I
really need for tonight?
I need some earrings.
What's the big deal
about tonight, anyway?
The big deal is that tonight
is the church Christmas party,
and the ex is
bringing his new girl,
who I might add always looks exquisite
in her Jean Broussard heels
and perfect hair.
Speaking of which,
look at my hair.
I have to look good, I have to
make him see what he's missing,
and look how flat my hair looks.
Faith, you look gorgeous.
It's beautiful.
You look like a million bucks.
I wish.
I'm gonna look in this case.
Hey! Um
Best Buddies, right?
Oh, hey. Hey, yeah!
Our dogs became best buddies
while we were walking them.
Yeah, that's right, right.
Oh. Laura.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, would you like to join me?
I, um...
Sure, yeah, yeah.
Okay. Okay. I was just gonna
get a quick cup of coffee.
Sure, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, it's nice to see you.
Yeah, you, too.
Hi. Hi. What can I get you?
I will have
a pumpkin gingerbread latte.
Two, please. It's Christmas.
You gotta splurge.
So, how long have you been
volunteering at Best Buddies?
Uh, on and off for
about a year and a half.
I just transferred from the
downtown location like a month ago.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, a couple years.
I guess about three.
I wish I could volunteer more.
Sometimes I get
tied down at work.
What do you do for work?
I'm an attorney.
Oh. Impressive.
Not really. Wills and trusts.
Boring stuff.
I am unemployed at the moment.
Yeah. But I have
a strange feeling
that my luck is changing
for the better.
All right. Thanks.
Oh, thank you.
I got it.
Oh, thanks.
Sure. Enjoy. Thank you.
Actually, I was wondering.
Maybe you can help me.
I'm looking for
"Manor Court Townhomes."
99 Oak.
You know where that is?
Yes, I do. Why?
Um, I have some will,
contract business.
I live there.
You're not a stalker, are you?
Does this look like
the face of a stalker?
Ha! Like half.
Half stalker, maybe.
Yeah. Kinda. On my
stepfather's side.
Oh, okay. That's good.
Actually, I have business
with, um, Mr. Harold Wayne.
Oh, come on!
Wow. That is
a very small world.
You know him.
Yes, unfortunately, I do.
What's... What's he like?
I'm sure deep down...
Way, way down...
He's a very nice man.
He just, uh
He doesn't seem to have
a lot of friends.
I don't think he has any family.
Oh. Excuse me. I'm sorry.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, Faith, what's up?
Hey, you. Guess whose hair
flowed like satin last night?
No way.
Yeah! No frizz to be found.
It was like I had it
professionally done.
And given the way it's been
acting this past week,
that is a small miracle.
Um, I'm right in
the middle of something.
Can I call you back?
Okay, bye. Call me back.
Is everything okay?
No. Um, um
Andy, I'm sorry.
It's really nice to finally...
I mean formally... meet you,
but I've gotta run.
You sure everything's okay?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
We'll see each other again.
I volunteer
Tuesdays and Fridays.
Tuesdays and Fridays, okay.
Okay, bye.
Thanks for the coffee!
I'm not really a stalker.
Okay, you better not be.
And then it was empty.
Like she'd never
been there at all.
I'm sure there are
a million explanations.
Okay, so what about your hair?
Have you ever heard
of a bad hair day?
Well, there are
good hair days, too.
Okay, and the flowers?
It's called feeling guilty
about blindsiding you
with his career change.
So you're saying that all of these
things are just coincidences?
Oh, Marilyn, I want you to
have longer strokes, okay?
And bend your knees
just a little bit.
You expect me to believe that
all these things are happening
because you typed them
into a computer?
I'm a realist. If I can't
touch it or taste it,
I'm not buying it.
You know, for a woman
whose name is Faith,
you are really running
a little low.
Good one.
Okay, all right, let's prove it.
What should I wish for?
What are you doing?
How about a little
peace and quiet?
I wish for the banging to stop.
It's not gonna work.
We'll see.
Ohh! Are you okay?
Remember, you have
to anticipate the fall.
What time are you coming over?
It's just there've
been some really weird things
that are happening,
and I want to talk
to you about it.
Yeah, uh, about that, honey,
I'm not gonna be able
to see you tonight.
What? Again? Why?
I got invited
to an industry party.
There's gonna be
a lot of publishers there,
which is good for me, but in turn
will be great for our future.
Your hammering Okay.
I'll call you later.
Broke a pipe and caused
a dangerous gas leak.
How was I supposed to know
there were gas pipes in that wall?
That's a code 7 violation
of line 23 on your lease.
You got till
the end of the week.
But it's Christmas!
"I wish better shoes."
Gotta get used to that.
That was fast.
"Laura, custom made for you!"
Jean Broussard"?
The Jean Broussard?
Oh, my gosh.
Faith is gonna hate me.
It is gonna be
a great Christmas!
Okay, y'all, the moment
we've all been waiting for.
And the winner of
the brand-new car is
number 0811.
I jump out of my bed
Throw my clothes on
and hop on my sled
I don't care if
I'm cold and it's wet
Everything is cool
at Christmastime
All right
Lots of presents
spread out under the tree
There's a big one
I hope it's for me
Doesn't matter
I still wanna see
Everything is cool
Everything is cool
at Christmastime
Mama's making
cakes and cookies
Pumpkin pie
and brownies too
Oh! Little change,
It's you!
Yes, it is.
What gave it away?
The hat?
I have been looking
all over for you.
I went to your office,
but it's gone.
I know. We had to relocate.
Tax problems.
All of my wishes
are actually coming true.
Well, I told you they would.
How is it all happening?
I'm not at liberty to tell you
right now, but I will say this:
I wouldn't be squandering these
wishes on trivial pursuits.
Well, you said to start small.
Oh, when was winning the
lottery a small thing?
Hey, after rent and taxes and
this little shopping spree,
there isn't all that much left.
Mm-hmm. Yeah, that's
what they always say.
Got new shoes, I see.
Wha... What?
I'm just saying you only
have a few wishes left
to make a real change
in your life,
so I would make every one
of 'em count, if I was you.
You know, why don't you
just give me your number,
and then that way I can
call you when I'm gonna...
Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin
mother and child
Holy infant
so tender and mild
So Jack Volara managed to get
another crack at Dahlberg.
Oh, that's great.
No, it's not great.
He says we all have to come up with
a winning idea for the meeting.
If things keep going like this,
I'm gonna get fired, too.
You're not gonna get fired, Faith.
You'll think of something.
I can't think of anything.
I have nothing.
I don't want to lose my job.
I like my job.
I need my job.
You're not gonna get fired.
Don't worry.
You'll think of something.
I better go.
I have a long night ahead of me.
Maybe I'll just... I'll just
help her a little bit.
Sandra, I need to talk to you.
Just a second, Jack.
I stayed up all night
last night,
trying to think of
an award-winning idea.
I couldn't think of anything.
You and me both.
And then this morning on
my way to work, it hit me.
It was like I was electrocuted.
I heard this voice in my head.
It said, "Faith?"
I said, "Yes."
It said, "Would you like an award-winning
idea that would nail Dahlberg?"
I said, "Yes."
And then it said two words.
Don't you wanna know
what those two words were?
More than you could
possibly imagine.
Fashion show!
It's bold and exciting.
It's expensive
and time-consuming.
There's no way
Volara's gonna do that.
You know what?
Think of something else.
Anyway, I think
Okay, good girl.
Oh, hey, Andy.
Howdy, stranger.
Hi. Okay.
Good girl.
Oh, so, hey, congratulations.
The raffle?
Oh, the car! Yeah.
Yeah. Your luck is
changing for the better.
Hey, I'll take you for a spin
in it sometime. How's that?
Okay. It's a date.
You have a boyfriend.
I do. Four years.
I should've known. The good
ones are always taken.
Oh. Oh, hey, did you
ever talk to Harry?
No. I knocked on his door,
and he slammed it in my face.
He thought I was selling
vacuum cleaners or something.
Oh, sorry.
I'll try again tomorrow.
Wanna hear a joke?
Sure, okay.
So there's this horse
who walks into bar,
and the bartender says,
"Why the long face?"
I know a few bad jokes myself.
Do you?
Do you wanna hear 'em?
I'd love to. Can't wait. Yeah.
Wanna spray me?
I do.
You can't.
All right, so
there's two snowmen,
they're sitting outside, and one
of them looks at the other one,
and he says, "That's funny.
It smells like carrots."
I don't even get that.
Because he has a carrot nose.
So it smells like carrots.
Okay, one more. Okay, one more.
Okay, what?
All right, what do you call people
who are afraid of Santa Claus?
I don't know. What?
Okay, that's really bad.
Yeah. So
Um, so...
Hey, babe!
Hey! Hi, Morgan.
Wh-What are you doing here?
I was just taking a break from my writing.
I thought I'd go for a walk.
Who's this?
I'm Andy.
How are you?
Hey. Okay.
Would you like to go for a walk?
Sure, yeah, okay.
Um I'll see you.
Yes. Okay.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, you, too.
More crap.
Pure garbage.
People, is this
all you have for me?
You have failed!
Maybe fifteen percent
is too low of a number.
Perhaps I should consider
letting fifty percent of you go.
But I know my number two
has something up her sleeve.
Sandra Boyd, wow me.
I'm working on it.
Don't embarrass me.
As I've said earlier,
anyone who doesn't
add value idea-wise
will be thrown to a rabid pack of
junk yard dogs and... Fashion show.
A fashion show.
A fashion show.
I love it!
That is pure genius!
We'll wow Dahlberg's by putting
on a Christmas Eve fashion show,
with which we will
showcase our holiday line
using live models!
That is a great idea, Sandra.
All right, we've got
a show to put on.
Let's get crack-a-lackin'!
Sandra, that was my idea.
What was I supposed to say?
The truth!
He put me on the spot.
I had to say something.
We're on the same team, right?
I can't believe it!
She totally stole my idea!
Do you know how this
makes me look?
Now I'm one of the employees
who "didn't add value."
You have to tell Mr. Volara the truth.
You have to tell him yourself.
He'd never believe me.
And even if he did,
there's no way he would
ever fire Sandra.
She's too valuable.
First she fires me for her
screw-up, and now she does this?
That is just too much.
That's it.
What are you doing? I am
gonna right these wrongs.
Oh, Sandra Boyd,
you will rue the day.
Mr. Volara, I'm
not sure why I'm here.
I may be tough, crude,
loud, even mean.
But I still believe in the team.
And team captains always give
credit where credit is due.
Sandra, I know you
stole Faith's idea.
I also heard that you lied about
giving Laura the correct address.
No. No, I did.
I have it right here.
I made a mistake.
You're fired.
You can't fire me.
I need this job. Please!
Cry me a river.
Get out of my sight.
Now, that realization also told
me that you, Laura Lindsey,
will help take my company
to the promised land.
Today is the nineteenth.
You have five days to make holiday magic.
Can you do it?
I, uh...
Let's just say that
magic is my specialty.
Then don't let me stop you.
We don't have a moment to lose.
One last wish.
Ah! Well, guess that's it.
You're not gonna believe this.
Nadine found a company
that's gonna publish me.
Wow! Really?
Really. I mean, isn't it fabulous?
I mean, it's incredible.
I was just sitting there,
and then all of a sudden, bam!
The phone rang
just out of the blue.
I mean, it's almost
like magic. Like...
Like a wish come true.
I am so happy for you, Morgan.
I know this is important to you,
and I support you
no matter what.
Oh, thanks. I mean,
that means so much to me.
We should celebrate. Let's go to
dinner at Avenue or something.
I can't. I can't.
Nadine's taking me
to meet the publishers.
But I'll definitely
call you later.
Uh, okay.
Hey, hey, hey.
This was a major win for us.
And I didn't forget about what
we talked about at dinner.
Hi, sweetheart.
You look so happy!
Well, I am walking
on sunshine, Noel.
Oh, good. Working on
the Dahlberg account,
little bit
of a hiccup with Morgan,
but aside from that,
smooth sailing.
Okay. So when the clouds roll in, we'll
see how it all pans out in the end.
What do you mean?
All of my wishes came true,
I used them all up,
and life is...
It's pretty good.
Well, you got the whole C and E cycle
you still have to work through.
C and E cycle?
Yeah, cause and effect.
Everything has a cause
and effect, for heaven sakes.
Didn't you read the fine print?
Everything, even wishes, has a
natural order of things, you know.
Like, "what goes around comes
around, comes around goes around."
And the fine print,
you're supposed to read...
You didn't read
all of that, did you?
No one ever reads the fine
print, for heaven sakes.
It's so long. It's a lot of words.
What is wrong with this world?
You give 'em one little thing
to do, and they just
Listen. There are some things you're
just gonna have to learn the hard way.
Well, you know,
why don't we just go...
How does she keep doing that?
Martini lunch?
Where's the final
model lineup? Thank you.
I'm still working on it. You were
supposed to have that to me this morning.
We can't move forward until we
book the models. Jack is waiting.
Okay. Take it easy.
If we don't nail this
fashion show, it's over.
And I am all out of wishes.
Okay, Laura, you're overreacting.
in the real world... You're gonna
lecture me about the real world?
You mean the world
where you just make a wish
and force someone to give you
flowers or give you a job
or get someone evicted?
Don't forget, I am
also the same person
that wasted three of those wishes
on a clearly ungrateful friend.
Three wishes?
I wished for your hair
to look fabulous at your party,
I wished for you to have a winning idea,
and then I wished for Sandra to pay
for stealing that idea.
You're welcome, Faith.
Is that true?
You didn't really think
that you did it
all on your own, did you?
I don't have time
for this right now.
I have a meeting with Jack
in ten minutes.
As of now, you're
officially off Dahlberg.
You did not just say that to me.
Yes, I did.
Well, I've got one
for you. I quit!
Wha... Faith!
I didn't mean for...
Come on. Faith.
Hi. Uh, peppermint
gingerbread latte?
You know, I'll just have a tea, please.
Thank you. Tea? Okay.
Laura, hey.
It's not what it looks like. Oh!
Laura, we're just friends.
Who kiss on the lips?
Look, if it wasn't for Nadine,
I wouldn't have a book deal.
No, Morgan, if it wasn't for me,
you wouldn't have a book deal.
I wished it.
What are you talking about,
you wished it?
I made it happen.
All of it.
The flowers, the publishing
deal, everything.
I wished for the things
that you wouldn't give me.
Laura, you know what?
I don't know what to say.
Don't say anything, Morgan.
It's over.
Laura, wait!
Are you coming home
for Christmas
Should I keep the fire bright
Are you coming home
for Christmas this year
To make the season right
Hi, Laura honey, it's your mom.
Brace yourself for some
Lindsey family gossip.
Your cousin Lainie
got engaged last night!
She told me she saw something on Twitter
about you breaking up with Morgan.
Honey, you know,
Morgan is such a nice guy,
and you're getting to that age
where it's time to settle down.
Maybe you should come
out here for Christmas.
I am not going home now.
My life is a colossal disaster!
Be up here all cozy
with Mom and Dad.
Eat some good
home-cooked food.
To trim
our Christmas tree
'Cause the only gift
I wish for this year
Is to have you
home with me
Oh, hey, excuse me.
Hello? Can you tell me
if Faith is in today?
And what makes you think
she wants to talk to you?
Where have you been?
No "Hello. How are you? How's
the halo hanging?" Nothing?
My life is a disaster.
Oh, how can that be?
You got all your wishes.
I just want everything to go
back to the way it was before.
Really? You didn't seem
very happy then.
Well, then can I just
have one more wish?
No, the terms and conditions
you agreed to.
Don't you remember?
I know, but it's...
Twelve wishes per person,
per lifetime.
No refunds, no returns, period.
But everything
is so screwed up now.
What can I do to fix it?
Come here.
Do you remember the dream you used
to have when you were a little girl?
The table was full
of delicious food,
and everybody sitting
around it was starving.
Oh, yeah. And all the
people had forks for hands.
Mm-hmm. But they
couldn't feed themselves
because their arms wouldn't bend.
That's the one.
Do you remember
what you did about it?
You taught them that if
they reach across the table
and feed one another,
then everybody could eat.
Oh, that's right.
You're a natural helper, Laura.
Listen. I think it's why you
joined Best Buddies to begin with.
Well, helping dogs is one thing,
but fixing people's lives?
Oh I need you.
Oh, no, you don't
need me, baby girl.
You've got everything you need
right there, right in your heart.
That's it?
That's the best you can do?
"Follow your heart"?
I mean, you're an angel,
for crying out loud!
There's gotta be some sort
of an emergency loophole.
Oh, there are no loopholes.
Besides, God loves to deal
with matters of the heart.
That's where he works the best.
Why don't you go
have a cup of coffee
and think about what I'm saying.
Okay? Oh.
Yes? Oh, yes, sir.
Gotta go. Angel meeting.
Thank you.
Thank you for calling
Okay. Hey, Sandra?
Yeah? The phone is for you.
Thanks. Hello?
Yeah, this is she.
What do you mean you're not going
to cover her after the first?
She's just about
to start her treatment.
Look, I can...
I am doing the best I can.
The insulin is expensive.
I just lost my job.
I'm sure that there is something
that we can work out.
I realize that
the Volara plan is better,
but that doesn't change the fact
that my daughter is still sick.
You got your wish.
I'm outta here tomorrow.
Okay, Noel.
I am gonna fix this.
I won't forget
I can do it.
Living without you
There you are, baby girl.
Hey, what?
You win a sports car
and you just take off?
I know. I'm sorry.
I've just been
so crazy with work.
I haven't had a lot of time to get here.
Well, don't worry.
Your friend's been taking
good care of Ashley for you.
My friend?
Do you volunteer here often?
Do I know you?
Handsome guy you left brokenhearted
in the parking lot the other day.
Tsk. No, it doesn't
ring a bell.
No, no, no.
Notice the jaw line?
You know, on second thought,
you do kind of look familiar.
I'll have you know I was so upset,
I slept in the parking lot.
Oh, really?
That is terrible.
Okay, you two.
I don't mind if you flirt,
just clean while you do.
There's no flirting going on
here. She has a boyfriend.
- Hands are off over here.
- Uh-huh.
Had a boyfriend.
Do you wanna tell me
what happened?
Oh, yeah, it's, uh...
What always happens?
You know, girl meets boy, girl
wishes for everything for boy,
and girl sees boy
kissing another woman.
So, there you have it.
Wow, Laura.
Sorry that happened.
No, no, don't be.
It's for the best.
Do you want to go somewhere,
do something?
You mean like on a date?
Well, if you're not ready for that
kind of thing, I totally understand.
Uh, no, yeah.
No, I mean yeah. Yes.
I would like to do that, yeah.
Really? Yeah. Do you
like ice skating?
Are you serious?
I haven't skated
since I was like twelve.
Okay, great. Well, I'll pick
you up when you fall down.
Okay. I'm gonna hold you to that.
All right.
Whoo! Okay. All right. I'm good.
Wah! Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
I'm good. I'm good.
Okay, look, so
So I have to ask you.
Why are you so into me?
Wow. That was really direct.
I know, I know,
but I'm serious. Why?
Okay. Uh
It's the way you are with the
animals at the sanctuary.
You're so kind and giving,
and I thought that anybody that
could be that sweet to a dog
is worth having around.
And you're really hot.
Well, thank you.
You're welcome.
I just thought we were
being candid, so Yes.
Uh, you know, uh...
We have this
fashion show at work.
We're recruiting a new client,
and it's on Christmas Eve.
Would you like to go?
Wow. Usually the girl waits
till the end of the date
to ask me out again, but...
Well, as we
have established, I am...
You are very direct.
Yes. Direct.
I like to just...
I would love to.
You would?
I would love to. Yes.
Okay, well, great. Great. Okay.
Are you hungry?
Should we get something to eat?
Oh, holy night
The stars
are brightly shining
how long you been coming here?
Oh, I guess about a year.
My best friend volunteers here.
She teaches a skating
clinic once a week.
So she usually
gets me in for free.
I see. Oh.
Make a wish.
Oh, no, thanks.
What, you don't
believe in wishes?
Oh, no, I do.
I just, uh...
I've learned to be careful
what I wish for.
Then I'll just have to make
a wish for the both of us.
Uh, okay.
So So what'd you wish for?
So you could wish
for anything in the world,
and you wish for a kiss, huh?
Well, I suppose
there are other things.
Oh! Really?
More important things?
You're terrible.
Well, since we're
talking about it, what?
What would you wish for?
You know your neighbor, Harry?
Yeah. Yeah, what is
the story with you guys?
Well, let's just say he's not
completely without family.
Well, if he had any kids,
I think I would know.
I mean, they'd probably
be about our age, and I...
No way.
Are you
Is Harry your father?
Yeah, I've been, uh...
I've been trying
to track him down for years.
Oh, my... I...
I-I-I can't believe it.
So, uh, I suppose
if I had a wish,
it would be to
have a relationship
with my old man.
Don't worry, don't worry.
I'll be out of your way
soon enough.
Well, where you gonna go?
Your guess is as good as mine.
Don't you have any family
you can stay with?
So, then you'll just get
another place, right?
Easy for you to say.
No savings?
Gone. Just like your dog.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I complained
about the banging.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
I had it coming.
I'm sorry about your dog.
I guess she was okay.
You know I have a spare room.
Why don't you just crash with me
until you get back on your feet.
You want me to live with you?
Never happen.
I'll even let you
bang on the pipes
if you feel like it.
Harold Wayne is a lone wolf.
Oh. Where have I
heard that before?
A one-trick pony.
A loner, a rebel.
An island unto...
Okay, I got it.
Got it.
Well, if you change your mind
you know where to find me.
Faith, I know you're home.
Will you just pick up, please?
Or call me back, or...
I really need to talk to you.
What good's a one-trick pony
without a stable?
My wife used to make cocoa.
Just like this
with real marshmallows.
These days, nobody makes it
with real marshmallows.
I thought you said
you didn't have any family.
That's a story
over scotch, not cocoa.
What happened to her?
I don't know.
Did you ever have any kids?
A son. I haven't seen him
for over 30 years.
I don't even know
what he looks like.
He's very handsome.
I mean, I'm sure
he's very handsome.
What would you say
if he contacted you?
Now? It's too late.
That's the last thing
either one of us needs.
Oh, that's not true.
I mean, he... he might-
You... The truth is, I...
Look, my life is
none of your business, okay?
I didn't mean to overstep.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna... I'll go fix
up a room for you, okay?
So I'll be upstairs
if you need anything.
Yeah, you had a bum washer,
and that's what caused the drip.
Hand me that one-inch
combination wrench, will ya?
Yeah, yeah, I'll trade you.
Are you... Are you licensed
or something?
No, I'm just good
at fixing things.
I got it! I got it!
Hey, are you okay down there?
Yeah, the wrench just bounced
off the plate in my head.
Oh, hey, you fixed it.
Yeah, I told ya.
Wow, I'm glad I didn't
waste a wish on that.
Nothing. Uh, listen.
I have something
I have to take care of.
Are you gonna be
okay here by yourself?
Yeah, yeah, I'll
hold down the fort.
Try not to fix
anything else. Okay?
On break.
What are you doing here? Look, there's something
that I'd like to talk to you about.
See, I took over
your position at Volara.
Oh, so you came to stick it
to your old boss for firing you.
No, no, no, no.
That's not why I'm here.
Look, I am sorry
about the address.
It really was a mistake.
And with Faith, I was
What I did was wrong.
You just need to understand.
My daughter is really sick,
and I couldn't risk
losing my job or my insurance.
Yes, I know.
That's why I'm here.
I want to help you
get your job back.
You wanna help me
get my job back? Why?
Because it was my fault that you
got fired in the first place.
I'm sorry, I'm not following.
I wished for Jack Volara
to side with us.
I wish for a lot of things.
That doesn't mean they happen.
Okay, regardless,
I think that I have a plan
to get you back to work.
I'm listening.
Okay, so tomorrow is our big
fashion show for Dahlberg.
All of the key executives are
gonna be there, including Clive.
Clive Dahlberg in person?
And you want me to
I want you to announce the line,
to introduce the clothes.
Jack would have a fit.
Let me worry about Jack.
You know more about this
than anyone.
You know all the designs,
you know all the fabrics.
Why are you doing this?
Because it's the right thing.
And your daughter needs this.
You get your old job back,
you get your old insurance.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Is it just me, or did the temperature
just drop another ten degrees?
You haven't returned
any of my calls.
You let work come between
our friendship.
I know.
You hurt me.
And you have
every right to be mad.
I deserve it.
I know.
But I'm here because I
really want to say I'm sorry.
Come on, Faith.
At least talk to me.
I made a lot
of mistakes. I know.
But I really want
to set things straight.
I mean, it's Christmas.
Right, and all wishes have
to be made before Christmas?
Something like that.
Why should I?
Because you're
my only true friend.
And true friends are always there
for each other, no matter what.
I heard what happened
with Morgan. I'm sorry.
How'd you hear?
What? Who posted it
on Facebook?
Your mom.
You know, I really need you
on the team at work.
I quit.
So un-quit.
I mean, this whole thing
was your idea.
You can't leave us now.
So you're not
taking me off Dahlberg?
Of course not.
Come on. We have
a lot of work to do.
I know they're uncomfortable.
They're gonna look
gorgeous onstage.
I like this.
Always feature that...
That shoulder, out. Off the shoulder.
I like that.
Excuse me, dear.
What is your name again?
Tammy. I don't like
this outfit at all.
You designed it, Mr. Volara. Uh
It's fine, Jack.
Don't worry about it.
I like it. We're less than five
minutes to show time. Where is Laura?
I'm sure she's finishing some last-minute
details. I will go check for you, sir.
Everyone, please stop talking
so I can concentrate.
Where's Sandra?
I don't know.
We can't leave people waiting.
What if she doesn't come?
She'll show. I know she will.
I hope so.
Jack is getting really nervous.
Hey, you made it.
Yeah, well, my father always
taught me, be on time.
Well, I saved a seat for you right in
the front row, with a friend of mine.
Oh, well, thank you. Okay?
It's just right over there.
You're here.
I'm ready.
You're gonna be terrific.
Let's do it. Let's do it.
Laura said she was
holding a seat for me.
Oh, you're a friend
of Laura's? Andy Keryck.
Nice to meet you.
You're Harold Wayne?
Yeah. Since the service, everybody
just calls me Harry. It's easier.
Keryck, huh? Name rings a bell.
Maybe I know your father?
They got a snack bar in here?
I could do with a pizza
and beer before the show.
Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.
It gives me great pleasure
to present to you
Volara Fashion's
inaugural holiday line
"Santa Baby."
Now please welcome
one of our experts,
someone who has been involved
in this line in every aspect,
Ms. Sandra Boyd.
Sandra? Sandra Boyd?
What is going on here?
There's blood in the water, Jack,
and Sandra's about to attack.
Thank you, Laura.
Before we begin, I would like
to thank a very special person.
Faith Williams, whose forward-thinking
concepts have been realized here today.
Welcome to Volara's
first live fashion show.
You girls ready?
You bet.
If you get too hot in this,
just think "Christmas."
I think it's gonna be fine.
First we have the lovely Tammy.
Tammy is wearing a fabulous
red-sparkle ombr halter dress.
Please notice the black satin sash
topped with a beautiful black bolero.
Girl's got no meat on her bones.
wearing a vintage-inspired
winter white damask jacket
trimmed in faux mink
over a ruby-crushed
velvet slip dress
with silver embroidery.
Uh, I knocked on your door
the other day.
Oh, yeah. Maybe that's where I
know you from. What'd you want?
Well, I have a client, a very
close client who recently passed.
Yeah, sorry to hear.
The thing is that my client
wanted you, Harold Wayne,
to have something
she felt was very important.
She did? Who's your client?
Mary Ann Richmond.
She's died?
She said that you gave this to
her before you went overseas
and it had been in the
family for a long time,
and she wanted you
to have it back.
She was a remarkable woman.
Yeah, she was.
How'd you know her?
She was my mother.
Your mother? Then...
Harry, where are you going?
I don't like being
sucker punched.
I tried to tell you, but you
told me not to get involved.
You gonna walk out on me again?
For the record, I never
walked out on you.
Then what happened?
I got called to duty.
Look, I... I was young.
I did something stupid.
By the time it was over
and I came home,
she had met someone new.
Someone who could take better
care of her than I could.
You didn't even try.
You didn't even...
She married a good man.
He gave you both a good life.
You look like an okay guy.
Must've done something
right raising you.
Look, that's all in the past.
We're here now.
That's all that matters to me.
It's Christmas.
Wouldn't it be nice
to spend it with your family?
Got nothing better to do.
How about that pizza and beer?
We only got like
30 years to catch up on.
Okay. Gotta be half pepperoni, though.
Give it some flavor.
No pineapple.
I hate pineapple.
No pineapple.
The creative genius
behind "Santa Baby,"
the one, the only
Jack Volara!
Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like
to express my sincere gratitude
to all of you for taking
your precious time to be here.
I hope you enjoyed the show.
And what can I say?
Merry Christmas and God bless!
We did it!
Consider yourself promoted.
I'm moving you up.
From now on...
I'm leaving the company, Jack.
Wait a minute.
At the height of our success?
It's your success.
This fashion business,
it isn't me.
It's not where my heart is.
It took me a little while
to figure that out,
but I really want to do
something else with my life.
You're a fascinating
woman, Laura Lindsey.
Thanks. And although I may not
be cut out for this business,
Sandra is.
I think we both know that, sir.
I want a ten-percent raise,
full paid benefits.
You got it.
Thank you so much.
I couldn't have pulled
this off without you.
Well, it was my genius idea
to have a fashion show.
Yes, I suppose
it was, more or less.
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Good tidings to you
wherever you are
Good tidings for Christmas
and a Happy New Year
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas! Ohh!
This is my daughter Molly.
Hi, Molly!
Merry Christmas to you.
Merry Christmas.
Honey, will you bring this
over there? Thank you.
Well, I realize that we almost
gave Volara a heart attack.
Yes, we did.
But everything worked out exactly
the way you said it would,
and I just want to say
I'm really thankful.
Oh, you do not have to thank me.
Oh, please.
You really don't.
I am so sorry
for what I did to you,
and letting you go was the
biggest mistake I've ever made.
Well, I am gone.
I was offered a job at the animal
sanctuary, and I accepted.
That's just what you wanted.
It is.
Thank you.
That's wonderful.
That's great.
I'm excited, yeah.
Do you need this stuff? I do.
You wanna help me?
Thank you.
I'm so glad everything
worked out for you.
Merry Christmas!
Did you get what you wished for?
Yes, I did.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
But she can't stay.
I'm gonna get in trouble.
Actually, I talked to
the owners of the building
and convinced them
to let her stay.
You didn't.
I did.
So I'll help you take care of her.
Thank you!
Now that I'm living
with Mr. Fix-it,
I'd rather spend more time with
you, if you know what I mean.
I think I do know what you mean.
Maybe Ashley wants to meet Uncle Harry.
Uncle Harry!
Harry's new best friend.
Get out of here before I make
pigs in a blanket out of you.
Ooh, let me get a picture
of the new couple, okay?
Now say eggnog.
Oh, excuse me.
Merry Christmas, honey.
Hi, Mom.
Merry Christmas.
Oh, honey, I see the picture of you
and your new boyfriend on Facebook.
He is so cute.
Wha... How did you...
A picture on Facebook?
Oh, honey, I know you have
company, so I won't keep you.
I just wanted to call and say
Merry Christmas,
and we hope we get to meet
the new guy real soon.
Hint, hint.
Okay, I love you.
Goodbye. Merry Christmas.
Okay, baby. We love you.
Merry Christmas.
I can't believe you did that!
Just excuse me for one minute.
I'll be right back, guys.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas.
Where are you?
Traveling. Got things to do,
people to see.
And by the way,
that was so nice what you did,
donating your money
to the animal sanctuary.
So did you get everything
you wished for?
You really helped me
put my life back on track.
Thank you.
Well, I may have helped,
but in the end,
it was all you, kiddo.
Well, it's funny how when
you focus on other people,
what you need has a strange
way of falling into place.
Kind of like one hand
feeding the other, isn't it?
Yeah. Some call it coincidence,
some call it destiny.
Where I come from,
we call it God.
And He is always
watching out for you,
always there to help you
whenever you need Him.
I know.
Just don't be too busy.
Hey, am I ever gonna
see you again?
Not unless you screw up
your life again!
I mean, you never know.
And if that happens,
you are on your own, kiddo.
I'm exhausted!
Thank you, Noel.
Thank you, Laura, and Merry
Christmas to you, sweetheart.
Merry Christmas.
All ready.
That looks really good.
What was all that about?
You remember that 12 wishes thing?
Well, customer service just wanted
to wish me a Merry Christmas.
Who's hungry?
O come, all ye faithful
Joyful and triumphant
O come ye, o come ye
To Bethlehem
Come and behold him
Hey, put this away.
Born the king of angels
You might be needing it for yourself.
O come, let us adore him
O come, let us adore him
O come, let us adore him
Christ the Lord
Jolly old St. Nicholas
Lean your ear this way
Don't you tell
a single soul