120 (2008) Movie Script

-It won't be any good!
-It's perfect!
-It won't be any good!
-I never pick a bad watermelon!
-Want a bet?
-Sure. For what?
You're on!
Giddy up.
-I have to piss!
-My tummy hurts!
I'm thirsty!
You're the one who's no
good. Giddy up..
Hold on. Get off now...
Oh, my poor little brother
isn't feeling well?
Open wide!
Come on! Open up!
Mustafa, you can't
just lay there moaning.
Welcome Keri, my son, are you well?
Doctor Kirkor despite all the warnings
our organization has given you...
...you are still treating Turkish patients!
See here, I won't warn you again.
My boy, what's the difference
if a patient is Turkish, English...
-A sick man is a sick man.
-Don't talk so much!
Look here! This is the
last time I warn you!
Mnire, I'm thirsty!
-Wait for me please.
-Yes sir Mr. Kirkor.
Hello there Mehmet my boy
Is your father home?
He is at school Uncle Kirkor. But
Mustafa is upstairs and...
...you are the only one who can
save us from his whining...
Don't worry, I'll take care of him.
-Hello Mnire my girl, are you well?
-I am fine, thank you Uncle Kirkor.
Why do you call him?
Are there no doctors left that
you have to call an Armenian?
It's not the first
time he has come here...
He has been looking after us
since we were babies.
I swear, if it were up to these
guys they would strangle us all.
They use every opportunity
they can to get rid of us.
...and you let an Armenian
into your house...
You're just like your dad Sellim.
It's like I'm listening to
Uncle Ali Riza talk.
What's this got to do with my father?
You haven't eaten your
dinner Mustafa bey my son.
So now I have to give you an
injection to make you stronger.
Mnire please...
Uncle Kirkor, if it's alright,
could Mustafa eat his meal.
...and if he doesn't get stronger,
then you could give him the injection?
Will he eat it though? What if he
doesn't listen to you again?
-I swear I will... Really!
-He'll do as I ask, won't you Mustafa?
I will.
Its bronchitis, like before.
Let him rest for a few days.
Be careful about what
he eats and the medication.
Otherwise this could
become pneumonia. Goodbye!
Goodbye Uncle Kirkor, thank you.
Let's go.
Sorry to bother you Aunt
Aliye, thank you for coming.
Don't mention it my dear.
I hope he is better soon.
-Mehmet! Don't make too much noise!
-Alright Mnire!
Have you seen anything
but good from that man?
We are the children of the war.
We are a generation that grew up, even as
babies, on the sorrows of war stories...
We did not experience any
wars first hand in Van...
But there was not a single household that
had not suffered the sorrow of warfare.
We learned from Grandfather
Rasih in the 93 war...
...from our brother Captain Mithat,
who died in the Balkan War...
My mother passed away, unable
to bear the pain of that war.
We have all seen the cold face of war,
but we have never felt it ''very close''.
Until that day...
They are dead, both of them.
That day I felt what enmity was
with my entire heart.
Not just enmity...
Hate that came up to our doors and the
war that quickly caught up our children...
Friends... We have a visitor
from our Istanbul branch.
He has brought us the greetings of
Mr. Gabriel, and some instructions...
Please Brother Amazaso.
-Hello brothers!
-Hello... Welcome.
When the Russian army attacks Turkey
we will start uprisings everywhere...
...and official buildings
will be bombed...
Our brothers in the Turkish army will
desert from their detachments...
...to join the Russian army...
-You have spoken to the doctor today?
-I spoke with him.
It was a very useful interview.
Our brothers in Van will continue to arm
and support our organization...
...when the army leaves the city
successive rebellions will begin.
May he rest in peace.
My deepest sympathy.
Let's go!
Select particularly those boys
who are of high school age.
You will train them to shoot...
But don't say they are ''learning to
shoot'' or that this is military training...
Give it a more family-like
atmosphere, like it is a sport.
In this way the young men will become
more familiar with the rifle.
And the Hunchak guerrillas will understand
that we aren't just kicking our heels.
They are getting more and more out
of hand with each passing day.
Find the headmaster of
the high school Mr. Jemal.
If he is free, tell him I would like
to drink coffee with him this evening.
Yes sir!
Inform Jemal Bey of the
Pasha's invitation immediately.
Ready! Fire!
Today, I was invited by the
army commander Kmil Pasha.
We had coffee together.
He has found a wonderful summer task
for you. Training with rifles.
First you will be trained, and
then there will be a competition...
When do we start, papa?
I thought you were too ill
even to go to the corner shop?
Ah, papa!
Your turn will come.
First the bigger boys.
He missed again.
Lieutenant Sleyman?
My brother missed again!
I and Lieutenant Sleyman knew each
other since we were children.
Even when we were just starting
primary school he would say...
''I'm going to be a lieutenant!'' then he
would say ''And I'm going to marry you!''
When the war finished he became a
lieutenant and then we got engaged.
When we were preparing for our
wedding, the Trablus (Tripoli) War began...
...and we said let the war finish
and then we will get married...
...and Sleyman went off to war.
You missed? Why did you miss?
Because you are still scared!
Don't worry, the rifle won't go
off right away! Give it here!
Now watch!
You can feel when the trigger
engages with your finger.
Press until the trigger becomes firm.
See, it doesn't go off
When you feel it become hard...
Then the rifle is ready to shoot.
Go ahead, try!
The Trablus War finished, and the Balkan
War started, Sleyman went there too.
...it lasted for two years...
Good job Mehmet! Do you
think we earned some tea?
Right away lieutenant!
Years later, that summer he came.
...and after all those years we
imagined living a summer without war.
...even though everyone was saying that
a great war would break out in Europe.''
Sometimes, I think you
love him more than me.
-Who, Mehmet?
-No.Your rifle!
-Thank you!
-Enjoy it.
We were happy. We were planning
to get married in the autumn.
The result of the firing competition
First place...
One of the reasons for last year's
defeat in the Balkan War was...
...as Mahmud Muhtar Pasha said...
''Pride and conceit!''
He would say ''Allah doesn't like pride and
conceit, and this is why we were defeated!''
As a nation we don't love
each other enough!
This is the actual problem.
At least we don't love each other as
much as the people of Western countries.
My request to you as an
older brother, as an elder...
Always love one another, protect
one another, watch out for one another, ...
Always remain friends. If you argue, don't
stop speaking to one another, never!
Always keep your hearts together.
Both for your own future
and for that of your county.
What is the latest
news in Europe, Governor?
I am sure you have the
latest news from Istanbul.
They say that it isn't very
good. Things are heating up.
God protect us, but
if war breaks out...
Then the division might leave the town...
Sir, war won't break out inshallah (God willing)
and the division will always be with us.
-Your Excellency...
-Of course, we mustn't fail to be prepared.
Well done.
-Well, good evening my boy.
-Good evening my pasha!
-Hello, good evening friends.
=Good evening Pasha.
My pasha!
Your Excellency, we are very
grateful for the rifle training...
...that you have provided for our sons...
However... This...
What does this signify?
Our boys will one day, inshallah, finish
school and then they will go to the army...
My hope is that they are
ready a little earlier...
It has nothing to do with the
war or the Hunchak guerrillas.
The training is not because of them!
-Good evening Headmaster
-Good evening Sermet bey.
May Allah give you repose.
-Good night Mehmet.
-Good night Ferit.
Didn't I say to you that if you couldn't
do something, you shouldn't try?
Get inside. You have totally
embarrassed me again! Get inside!
Mehmet? Mehmet?
The Art of War.
...to our beloved brother Mehmet. First
prize in the shooting contest in 1914.
With my love... Kmil Pasha Commander
General of the 19th Brigade.
-Who are they Sergeant Musa?
-Probably Armenians. They are emigrating.
They are saying that there
will be war again sir!
The Russians aren't content with
Kars and Ardahan...
Now they have their eye
on Van and Erzurum...
Oh, these are the good Armenians...
They aren't interested in rebelling and all that.
They just want to get away
and save themselves.
The guerrillas will join the Russians
to try to take everything here...
May Allah not leave us in need.
Even when the enemy is asleep
one must be aware...
And the enemy isn't sleeping sir.
Giddy up you nag.
If you don't get me to Van by
afternoon, then there'll be trouble!
Hear ye... Hear ye!
A general mobilization
has been declared!
All soldiers are to take up arms!
General mobilization has been declared!
All soldiers are to take up arms!
We are out of sugar.
Yes, yes we've heard. I would be surprised
if there is no mobilization! Giddy up!
-Mobilization has been declared, Papa!
-That's what they're saying!
-You're not frightened, are you?
We just came to town,
we were wandering around.
Fine, then take these provisions home,
and I will go see Ali Riza.
Thank you very much Sergeant
Musa, God be with you.
Thank you sir!
Give a little to the sergeant...
He has rights to it after all.
Ok papa.
Here, Mehmet. I'm tired, you
take the reins for a while!
Giddy up you old nag!
Hear ye... Hear ye.
General mobilization has been declared,
soldiers are to take up arms!
Soldiers are to take up arms!
You haven't been around for three days,
so you probably haven't heard.
Everybody in Europe is at each others'
throats; Germans, Russians, English, French.
The big war that everybody has been talking
about seems to have finally started.
That's why there is a general mobilization,
we have to be prepared for war too.
They are calling all the
young men to arms again.
So who are we going to fight this time?
They say apparently it is not clear yet.
Whoever attacks us...
At least it is clear who will attack
us; the Russians for sure!
The Russians for sure, my nephew
has just come from Erzurum...
He says the Hunchak bastards
are openly saying that...
...they will demolish Van.
We saw a convoy of Armenians emigrating,
Camels...ox carts, children...
They have destroyed the country and
now naturally they are running away...
Shall I tell you something Headmaster Jemal?
You should have no mercy
for the enemies of the Turks!
Wherever you find them...
-Selim! Selim!
Be right back, Papa.
They killed him.
Dear or dear... Are there no limits?
Where are you going brothers! You
belong here, we belong here.
-Why would you abandon your own land?
-Don't try to stop us.
We don't want war or land.
We are merely tying to find
somewhere for our children to live!
If you are thinking of
your children, turn back!
Up ahead are Turkish gangs,
they will chop you into pieces.
Turn back and wait for the blessed day.
Our Russian brothers will be here soon
and this will once again be Armenia!
Come on.
You are making a big mistake, believe me.
Those who listen to us will be saved.
If you want to live,
listen to us! Don't go!
So, Headmaster, you think that the
situation in the villages isn't very good?
We guessed that the Hunchak activities
had increased to such a degree...
That is why I wasn't surprised.
Look, we have reached such a state that
there is a murder nearly every day.
So, it seems that we are the next to leave.
You are one of the
people I trust in this city.
Thank you, you are very kind Pasha.
There is no need to
hide things from you.
Information from Erzurum,
from the Third Army.
They say that the Russians
could attack at any moment.
...and we are ordered to transfer
to the border as soon as possible...
Why worry about not smoking at a time
like this. Light one Headmaster!
This order is to be kept secret...
We don't want the Hunchak guerrillas
to learn about our departure...
...until the last possible minute...
But I am going to teach
them such a lesson.
That it will take them a
few months to recover.
I entrust the young men first
to Allah and then to you.
How much longer do we have
to wait before going into action?
General mobilization has been declared.
They say we should wait for the Andranik
Division to leave. We have to wait!
-What if they don't go?
-Don't worry. It won't be long!
Van will be ours, all ours!
It will be ours.
Stop talking so much and get
busy, come on, get on with it.
It will be ours, all ours!
One day we will be freed from
this torment, one day.
We will strike to the East and to the
West with lightning, hail one day.
We will shine in the black
clouds and strike with lightning...
We will send thunder, hail one day.
From Kars, Batum, the Caucasus...
...we will destroy the forts with
the national cannons, one day.
We are born as Turks, we will live as
Turks, and we will always be Turks...
One day we will be free from this
vile Russian grip, one day!
Bravo! Well done! Hurray! Bravo!
I swear, he is not just the great
Selim, but Yavuz Sultan Selim.
Allah! It is time for evening prayer.
We've lost track of time!
What is happening?
Ferit, where are you
going? It's late.
Come here!
What are you stupid or something? Huh?
Don't you ever use this?
Mobilization has been declared,
everybody is on alert
...the streets are full of
villains and thieves...
Our little friend isn't worried
at all, enjoying himself all night!
Where are you going?
Come here!
Sit down there and listen to me!
The situation isn't good.
War is about to break out.
We have to leave Van immediately!
Your uncle has written to us. He is looking
for a safe place for the family in Istanbul.
He asks us to come too.
He says ''Send Ferit ahead''.
Go, get out of here!
My dear, are you hungry?
There are some beans.
No, thank you mother,
I ate with Mehmet!
Look what you've done to this boy. He
can't think of anything but his stomach!
Is a war going to start?
If war breaks out... Does
Lieutenant Sleyman have to go?
Of course he will go.
He is the one they really need
and he will be one of the first to go.
-What about you?
-I'm not old enough yet.
But if they send me of course I will go.
Did I do all that training for nothing?
But I haven't had any training yet!
Don't be in such a rush...You are still too young.
By the time it is your turn
the war will be long over.
Don't think about such things,
it's time to go to sleep.
May Allah give you comfort!
Will Chubby Ferit go as well?
Sir, after the arrival of the
48th troop at the border...
Our transition will be completed.
Are there any questions?
Keep your eyes peeled...
They have managed to
take away much from us.
If they attack again they will be
attacking to take everything!
My father...
talks of nothing but Istanbul this, Istanbul that.
It's all he can think about...
Sometimes... I wish that I was
dead and free of all this!
If you are going to die
then die in the war!
Why are you wasting
your life for nothing here?
We won't be here much
longer at any rate!
My father keeps saying ''The
situation is very serious''
And He can't talk about anything else.
He says we have to move
as soon as possible.
Are you moving or running away?
Why don't you ask your dad
when you get home?
Give him my greetings.
Why don't you leave him alone? What
has he done? The way his father...
If the father is not a man what
can you expect from the son?
He should say ''I'm not going, I'm
not running away''...
He should say, there's been a call up,
why don't you join up...
Ferit! Wait, I'm coming too. Ferit!
Sometimes, you know,
sometimes you really are no good!
-Mehmet, we're going home!
-Don't get wet! Go under the leaves.
Come on, we should go too. Come
on. Let's go, come on.
Mustafa! Just look at you!
You've only just gotten better!
Uncle Sabri's son died in training.
-They all went to give their condolences.
-Why didn't you go?
I couldn't. I need some more time.
What does this mean?
What do you think? For Mehmet,
to give to him. A present.
-I'll be back!
-When will you come?
I'll be here at the first chance I get.
So many days...
So many days. I guess
you didn't have a chance.
And now you give me this gun...
When are you going?
We're not going anywhere Sultan
Mnire. We will be here.
...and that is what you said when
you went to the Trablus War.
I didn't see you for three years then.
That was different.
Believe me my dear,
nothing will happen!
What about the mobilization? And you are
transferring to the border and the war?
Even if you don't go
now, you will go in the end!
Take this...
A present from me.
Even my father didn't give
the slightest indication...
It was only days later that
I realized you had gone...
And without you the city was empty,
it had become another city.
I am afraid, but I am happy!
Because I am grateful that
there is no war yet.
And that, inshallah,
there never will be...
Do you know what saddens me most?
Forget spending holidays together. But years have gone by
and we have not been able to share a Ramadan meal.
That is fate. Next year, inshallah!
May Allah keep you safe my Sleyman,
Your Mnire.
-May you have a blessed holiday, sir.
-Happy holidays to you Commander!
-Headmaster, blessed holiday!
-And to you too.
-Happy holidays!
-Happy holidays!
Sir, there is a telegram for you.
The Russians have gone on
the attack towards Erzurum.
The war has started gentlemen.
We don't have enough
ammunition at the front.
Thank God there is fog everywhere
and the Russians cannot move.
Otherwise they would have
destroyed us by now.
We don't have enough
ammunition even for a week!
Lieutenant Colonel Ali Ihsan said we had
requested ammunition from Erzurum. Is there no news?
Erzurum is waiting for more from Istanbul.
Istanbul is waiting for more from Germany.
The Germans say it'll arrive tomorrow.
I don't get it as things are
being dragged out so long...
...then why are we asking for
help all the way from Erzurum...
...instead of bringing the
ammunitions that are in Van?
Just last month we asked for
reinforcements from Van.
They sent everyone including the
prisoners in the jail...
Other than 3-5 guards in the city, there
is not a man left who can hold a gun.
Now you suggest that we take
what ammunitions they have left?
I pray that Kmil Pasha
doesn't hear you...
...or he will make you go
get the munitions in Van.
...and carry them here on your back.
Today we spoke with
the governor of Erzurum.
Our division isn't letting the
Russians through, thank God.
However... As a result of 3 months of war
there aren't many cartridges left
And if replacement munitions
don't arrive quickly from Erzurum...
...they say that the situation
will be very serious...
Ibrahim Bey, the commander of the
Home Guard, and myself thought...
...we have decided to send the remaining
munitions in the city to the division...
We are going to send it but
there are no horses or carts left.
We will send it, we want
to send it but how?
-Headmaster, your tea!
-Thank you Ragip Efendi.
So, Headmaster? What kind
of measure do you suggest?
We should carry the
munitions ourselves!
That is all fine and well Headmaster.
How many people are we here...
Let's say we put the munitions
on our backs and set out...
...the front is at least a
five to six day walk...
What happens if we aren't strong enough and
the munitions lay wasted in the mountains?
Moreover, if we go, the school,
hospital, the province...
The city will all be
completely abandoned.
The most important thing is
the security of our city.
Our division broke the back
of the wretched Hunchaks.
However, they are watching us...
If we go, who will protect our homes
if, God forbid, there is an attack?
-Sir I have a suggestion, but...
-Go ahead.
I hate to say it but...
if there is no other way
I have a 16 year old son...
My only fortune in this world, my
only possession, the light of my eye...
I give you my son.
Let us gather all the boys of his age who
are at the school and in the city.
Doctor, what kind of suggestion is that?
I'll pretend I didn't hear it!
Headmaster, I leave our
young ones to Allah and you.
Protect them from danger
and accidents...
...the best that you can...
Are we the only ones who will protect
our homes against the Russians?
Are we to say to our children
''You are too little, stay where you are?''
At the moment, thank God, the
Russians are not yet at our door...
...the Hunchak guerrillas
have been broken...
No matter how difficult it is,
I can see no other solution...
Go home and ask your
wife about your idea.
Let's see if she is as generous as you.
What kind of a mother would agree to send
her child on such a dangerous duty, doctor?
What kind of a mother...
What kind of a mother...
We'll take the munitions ourselves,
the children are too young...
Doctor if you had suggested that you and I,
only us, were to carry the munitions...
...believe me, that would have
been much more reasonable!
But our children?
Let them take the children they say!
As if I found my son in the street...
I'm gonna load him with goods and
send him off into the mountains!
Send your own children!
Well, I don't understand either, but
let's wait and see what happens.
-Good evening.
-Good evening!
As if my son could save the county!
Open up!
Did you die!
Everybody in the city has
gone mad. Everybody!
We're leaving, start packing.
Don't waste time with trinkets. Just
take what we will need on the road.
We'll set up home in Istanbul again. We'll
set out tomorrow before the sun is up.
Get on with it!
Why are you just sitting there?
Get up now or I'll kill you!
I'm not coming Papa.
What do you mean ''I'm not coming''?
Stay out of it woman!
-How can you talk to your father...
-I'm not coming!
Ungrateful wretch! You
are no longer my son!
Stay here then! Stay and...
If war breaks out does Lieutenant
Sleyman have to go?
Of course he will go. He is
the one they really need.
-...he will be one of the first to go.
-And you?
If the division wasn't in the
city there is no doubt that those murderers.
the Hunchak guerrillas would
have killed Dr. Kirkor in our own house.
...and us as well...
Stay away from that!
Haven't all these separations
been enough?
How many more people
will I have to cry for?
If it were me, I would go, Mehmet!
That night, we experienced the
darkest moments of our lives
One side were thousands of soldiers waiting
hopelessly for ammunition at the front.
Sleyman... Every
house had a Lieutenant Sleyman.
left without ammunition in the
middle of the war.
In every house a son, a father. On the
other side those who had not yet had
their fill of childhood...the young saplings
that had not yet experienced Spring.
I could do nothing...
...half of my heart was pleading,
screaming ''Don't go boys, don't do this...''
While the other half was shouting
''Don't hesitate! Run! Go right now!
My duty is to protect you, not to throw
you out on a dangerous journey
Is it not our duty sir
to make sure that...
...the enemy does not trample
the graves of our brothers?
Yes, yes, this is our duty, yes...
That's my father!
Well, if it is your father, so what
nephew? What are you frightened of?
What's all this! This
isn't a barn you know!
-Is he here?
-He's here.
Come and get him
if you think you can.
Ok, ok, Ferit go home.
But you, come inside!
Ferit! Come boy.
You go home son. Your dad
and me are gonna have a talk!
Look here! I'm just gonna say this
once; leave the boy alone!
Don't interfere with him!
He has made his decision and
he is going with his friends!
He's not going anywhere!
Look here sir!
I'm telling you this for your own good
and this is the last time I will tell you...
How can he go? He's still just a child.
We are all small in your eyes man.
You think you are the only great person
in the universe, you and Allah...
Hah. If you still believe in Him that is!
Then you go with him!
Stay with him! I'll give
you whatever you want!
Money, it's always money with you!
Is it not enough that you made people
fall out just for the sake of money...
...so that you would get rich?
I haven't done anything brother,
really. I've done nothing!
Stop sniveling brother! Now you
remember who your relatives are!
What were you thinking when you
sold that Hunchak filth weapons...
...for a few pennies?
Now those weapons
are aimed at our children!
-See what your greed has bought you!
-What weapons? What money?
Say your prayers you wretch!
Say your prayers!
Are you still tying to fool us?
Where did you get all that money?
Where did you get all that money?
I swear brother I didn't
sell them any weapons!
Brother, I swear I didn't know
the weapons were going to them!
I swear on my children,
I didn't know brother!
If I had known would I have done it?
Would I brother?
-Get out of here now!
-Ok brother!
Leave the boy alone! Let
him do whatever he wants!
If I hear even a
whisper of something...
If I even suspect... I will rip you
apart with my bare hands, got it?
Now get out of here!
Ferit! My son!
My life! Don't leave
me, son, don't leave me!
Now! This is a very difficult and
serious patriotic duty...
Those who are willing, of their own accord,
to volunteer, take one step forward!
My children! My boys!
Any obligations you may owe me, any
before I have made, I relinquish them.
Bless you!
Bless you!
That day with a unified desire
on the part of our students...
120 boys were chosen for this great
journey. 120 children between 12 and 17.
First we turned to dressing
them for the weather...
...because this was to be a long journey...
Long and arduous. For days and nights,
they would be crossing snowy mountains...
Those families that could gave sheets,
curtains, blankets, whatever they had...
32 children who were 15 or over were
given rifles and were quickly trained.
Plans were made for our children on this
long journey. All details were considered.
The governor appointed some
soldiers to provide extra security.
''Our children need these more than we do''
they said and gave them to the convoy.
May Allah make it complete!
120 children...
...as if missing you is not enough,
now the worry of our children...
120 children...
...as if missing you is not enough,
now the worry of our children...
...has settled in our hearts.
Our prayers are with you.
Allah keep my Sleyman safe...
Keep all of you safe. Your Mnire.
Could you give this to Reyhan?
With Allah's will we will deliver the
munitions and in the same way...
...I will deliver this letter,
to Lieutenant Sleyman, inshallah.
-111 !
-Here! I am the last one Sergeant!
Children! My sons! Your
journey is long and treacherous!
You will cross impassable mountains!
Once you have started on your way
it will not be possible to turn back!
Be careful!
My boys...
You older boys look out
for the younger ones...
...you younger ones, listen
to the the older boys.
Try to keep hold of each other as much
as possible and do not leave the line.
If you have any difficulties inform
Sergeant Musa right away!
Now my boys!
Now my brave ones!
May Allah make your way clear.
May he bless our war effort.
-My little soldiers!
-Brother, please don't go.
Now lads! Forward march!
The most glorious army,
the most glorious soldiers...
...on to victory. The
most glorious army...
...the most glorious
soldiers, on to victory.
In one hand a shield, in one hand a dagger...
...on to the front.
Oh glorious soldier!
Even on the sea,
all is victorious...
Allah's name on our
lips, Allahu Ekber!
May our army always be victorious!
-39 Idris!
41 Abdullah!
43 zzetin!
44 Muharrem!
45 Ali Kemal!
47 Ferit!
Come on lads. Come on.
-I think the time is right.
-Not yet be patient!
Let them get a bit more tired, and
then we'll pick them off, one by one!
Let's get to the horses!
The Hunchak guerrillas were seen
near the Abadan village, sir.
Along the route the
children are walking...
-There were many of them.
-When were they seen?
Two days ago!
What a state we are in!
They call us a division, but we
don't have enough forces for anything...
Our ammunition is spent, desperately
we wait for a handful of bullets carried...
...on the back of our children,
that will only help for a few days.
This is what happens if you go to war
on the promises of the Germans...
Our own neglect, our own lack of will,
and own incompetence means that...
...our own innocent children have to undergo
these difficulties in the spring of their lives...
Put together a detachment of
the strong ones, but hurry...
Yes sir!
-Yes sir?
Be careful!
-116 Bahatin!
-117 Selim!
-118 Abdullah!
-119 Ramazan!
-120 Hakki, son of Enver?
The students brigade with 120 students
is ready for your orders sergeant!
Thank you!
At ease!
-What're you doing?
Get down!
Get down!
Give me that.
Down! Down!
Agop! Agop! Go! Go around them!
Stay down!
-Is anyone wounded?
-We are fine, sir.
-Sergeant Musa!
-My Sleyman!
My sister's fianc is
here. They saved us.
We have been saved thank God!
Now, lads. Head for the front.
Those are our men!
Our men!
They were in Abadan on the 23rd,
and they passed Tadan on the 24th...
They are coming my dear,
they are coming...
To make the route shorter,
they have left the main road...
...and are taking a shortcut
through the mountains.
Thank god!
They will come much faster
now they are carrying less...
The governor says they did remarkably well,
to cover eighty kilometers in two days.
Our little brothers were lucky those
days as the weather was so good...
No one was worried in Van anymore.
I'll never forget that evening...
...the evening of 24 January.
We experienced the first night
of peace of mind in ten days...
Come on lads. Forward march!
Mehmet, the weather is turning. Don't
let anyone separate from the line.
Everyone stay close.
-Pass it down the line.
-Yes sir Sergeant.
Friends! Everyone stay close...
Link arms! Don't stop!
Everyone stay close!
Everyone stay close.
Come on lads.
Come on.
Go! Go! Go!
Papa! Papa! Papa!
-Papa. Look outside!
-What's the matter dear?
Papa. Look outside!
Slow down, dear.
Don't be so quick to worry.
Papa, where are you going?
To the governor's office;
perhaps they have some news.
It's not long to morning now.
I can't let you go on your own
in this weather! I'm coming too.
-Is the governor in?
-He's upstairs.
Please come in Miss, I'll take that.
-Teacher Jemal is here, he wants to see you.
-Show him in.
Yes sir.
-Headmaster, welcome. Please come...
-Thank you.
...and sit down. My dear,
come sit here please.
Do you have any information
about the children?
I have been trying all night but...
...the telegraph lines are frozen... It is
impossible to get in touch with anybody.
We must pray that the
storm hit there earlier...
...and that the children saw it and
did not leave their places, inshallah.
There is nothing we can do, but
be patient and wait right now.
If you look at the matter from a
positive aspect, Headmaster...
...at least the children
aren't carrying anything!
Come on lads! Come on.
Those who are in the rear,
hold on to those in front of you.
Papa... Papa, let's go.
We waited. We waited the
whole day for some news...
All through the day, with the hours
seeming like centuries, we heard nothing.
My father and the others wanted to go
up in the mountains and look...
However, the governor refused
to let any parent leave the city...
Until we receive news about our
children no one is to leave the city!
Where will you go?
Where will you look?
Perhaps they don't even
know where they are...
Only Allah knows where they are.
Get up. Get up.
Get up. Get up.
My boy!
Where is my son?
Come on!..
Where is my lamb?
Where is my love?
120 of our children set out on the journey,
however, only 40 managed to return.
Selim. Ferit. Sait, Abdullah.
Sergeant Musa... They
left, but they did not return.
-Hussein, son of Riza.
-No change!
-Ismet, son of Rahmi!
-Izzetin, son of Muharrem.
-Idris, Son of Sadullah!
-No change!
Cezmi, Son of Talat!
Uncle, wait. Headmaster,
it is you. Pass.
-Ali Kemal, son of Ilyas!
-No change!
-Fahreddin, son of Mahmut?
-No change!
-Omer, son of Sadik.
-Ismail, son of Ethem!
-No change!
-Ibrahim, son of Ihsan!
-Ibrahim, son of Ihsan!
Hakki, son of Enver!
Hakki, son of Enver!
Hakki is my grandson,
his father is in Yemen!
Granddad, come over here! Make
way, let him through, make way!
Granddad, your grandson has passed away.
May Allah grant those who
remain a long life. Condolences.
What are you saying?
What are you telling me?
Believe me my dear,
nothing will happen!
Don't worry Mnire. With Allah's
will we will deliver the munitions...
...and in the same way I will deliver this
letter to Lieutenant Sleyman, inshallah''
What do you think? For Mehmet
to give him heart, a present.
Take this, a present from me.
Of the 120 children who left Van
in January 1915, only 22 remained.
98 died martyrs and they were
honored with eternal life...
...among the honored
annals of our national history.
My Sleyman... You went
along with your brothers.
May you be in heaven.
We commemorate with
gratitude all these heroes...
...even though we do
not know their names...
...who gave heroically of their sweat,
blood and lives without hesitation...
...to protect our county, our future,
for our children,...
... securing a peaceful, healthy
and bountiful life in Turkey.
Those self-sacrificing heroes should know
that none of their efforts were in vain.
And as long as the world
lasts they will not be in vain.
May they rest in peace and light!