12th Fail (2023) Movie Script

This is Chambal.
Yes, that one, notorious for bandits.
And this small village
is called Bilgaon.
And this fellow sitting on the roof
is Manoj.
And very soon he's going to decide...
"I'll pass India's toughest exam,
and become a senior police officer,
"and clean up the country of corruption."
Look at the irony!
He's busy making chits
to pass his finals - cheating.
Anyway, let me begin this true story
on the day Manoj's father
was suspended from work.
"I won't accept defeat,
I'm not that easy to beat..."
What did you think?
You insult Mr. Chauhan
and walk off scot-free?
What has he done now?
Didn't he tell you?
He's been suspended.
I'm here with the suspension letter.
I won't accept it.
-It's official. You have no choice.
-You can't force me.
Ramveer, don't talk to him like that.
He's our guest.
Come, son. Give it to me.
Kamlesh! Get your grandfather's rifle.
This bastard thinks
he can suspend my son!
Please, Grandma!
I'm just doing my duty.
Prepare to do God's duty instead.
How dare you suspend my son
without cause?
Please hear me out!
Out with it.
Yesterday, Mr. Chauhan
called for Ramveer and asked...
Why haven't you signed
this seed-distribution file?
The farmers never got their seeds.
The Mayor siphoned them off.
So how can I sign your phoney claim?
How dare you accuse the Mayor?
Type up his suspension letter.
You crook! You and your Mayor
sell seeds on the black market.
You rob poor farmers
and I'm the one getting suspended?
-Mind your tongue!
-You mind my shoe!
This is the first time
someone's flung a shoe at Chauhan.
Here's the second time!
Type his suspension letter right now!
What do you say now, Grandma?
Can you imagine?
Hitting our boss with a shoe?
And twice?
Hey, Ramveer!
These thieves don't deserve a shoe.
They deserve a bullet.
Kamlesh, shoot him!
Have you gone mad?
-Leave me!
-Shut up. Don't interfere.
Blow his brains out.
-Grandma, the police!
-Let go of it.
What happened?
Grandma's gone berserk.
They shot at me!
Just stick the notice up!
Put it up!
Ramveer, don't spare these traitors.
Your father sacrificed his life
for the country.
Remember that.
Grandma's plan to send us to jail
was foolproof.
No one dares lay a finger on my son!
Nonsense like this
has gone to his head.
I've decided. I'll go to the High Court.
I won't spare them.
If you leave home,
how will we survive?
Don't you eye my pension.
I'm not giving you a rupee.
That pension is not just yours.
It's also his father's!
Don't worry, Ma.
I'll pass my school exams
and become an office boy.
Here you go.
How many chits did you write?
I have to pass this year.
With all these chits,
you'll be Chambal's top scorer!
Nice job, bro!
Listen carefully, you lot!
Tear up all your cheat sheets.
You idiots can't even copy
the answers right.
Remember last year?
Even though I let you cheat openly,
what happened?
175 out of 200 of you failed.
There's a new system this year.
I'll write all the answers on the board.
And you morons just copy them down.
-Fantastic system!
-The first answer...
Oh, shit! We've had it!
The new Deputy is here.
Does that mean no cheating?
Nothing will happen.
What's going on here?
It's an age-old tradition, Deputy sir.
You are our esteemed guest. Welcome!
Can we talk in private?
This way...
Our Principal can handle him.
He'll fix it. Don't worry.
Please come.
What do you think, Deputy sir?
You think any of these dullards
can become engineers, doctors,
or officers like you?
Even if they studied day and night,
they'd never pass the 12th grade.
But with a little help from us,
they'll pass.
At least, they'd get a menial job.
So, you're doing a public service?
No, not me.
The Mayor. After all, it's his school.
And that's him calling.
Hello? Mayor sir?
Yes, DSP Dushyant is here.
Here, speak to him.
The Mayor.
You're making a mistake, DSP sir.
This is Chambal.
The kids of bandits study here too.
If one of their kids fail,
they'll burn your house down.
Never mind all that.
Do have a seat.
We were expecting you.
Here's something to sweeten your day.
Told you, he's a badass.
He fixed it.
Take a photo.
His son fails
and he doesn't give a damn.
No, he's off to the High Court
to reform the country!
So what if he failed?
The whole village failed.
He'll pass next year.
Exams aren't the Kumbh Mela
that they'll come once in 12 years.
Had he passed,
by now he'd be an office boy.
Now where will the money come from?
Your son is suspended.
Wherever it comes from,
it won't be from my pension.
Your son is abandoning us.
And you only care about your pension.
Do you even care about us?
I care about the whole country, Pushpa.
Please wait.
Let me go.
Let me fight.
You'll fight on an empty stomach?
No vegetables today?
Close your eyes, Ma.
Where the hell were you?
Why are you hitting us?
Your father's gone.
You weren't even home
to say goodbye to him.
Close your eyes, Ma.
-Go on!
Just close them!
Now open them.
Where's this from?
Our troubles are over.
-We are earning now.
We're running
a makeshift rickshaw service.
I'm the driver. And he's my assistant.
I'm glad your grandfather died
in the war,
or he would've died of shame.
Rickshaw drivers!
It's great fun, Grandma.
All I have to do is shout,
Amidst flora and fauna,
our next stop is Jaura!
Amidst flora and fauna,
our next stop is Jaura!
Amidst flora and fauna,
our next stop is Jaura!
Where are you going?
-No rickshaws beyond this point.
-Says who?
Are you new?
It's the rule.
Whose rule?
The government's? Or the Mayor's?
Same thing, kiddo.
The Mayor's bus never runs empty.
Get off.
But there's no room in your bus.
Shall I make room?
Driver saheb! Make some room.
[In the service of people]
There! It's done.
Move it! Don't waste my time.
Let's go.
Let go of my passenger.
Do you know who owns that bus?
I'm not scared of anyone.
You'll end up dead.
You won't listen to me?
This is the first time anyone has hit
the Mayor's man with a shoe.
Here's the second time!
You're a dead man now.
Start the engine.
How much did we make today?
44 rupees.
Let's buy ten rupees of sweets for Ma.
She'll be so happy.
Hey, what's that?
Stop, stop!
Hey, get down.
-Go, sit in that bus.
-What's the problem, sir?
-Why are you getting off? Wait.
-Sit in that bus.
-What's the matter?
-Sit in that bus.
You'll find out in a minute.
-Make it quick.
-We've done nothing wrong.
Take them to the police station!
-Police station?
-What did we do?
I'll tell you what you've done.
Arrest them!
In you go!
-Is that him?
-Yes, sir.
-He's the Mayor's man.
-Shut up!
I get it. You're all the Mayor's cronies.
That uniform lets you do as you please?
Hot-blooded like his father.
Like father, like son. Morons!
-Don't insult my father!
-Or what will you do?
Speak up!
-I'll shoot you with my Grandpa's rifle.
-Really? Go on then.
Go. Get your Grandpa's rifle.
Either you shoot me tonight,
or I'll shoot your brother tonight.
Get the rifle.
Frozen now?
Go, Manoj.
-Get the rifle.
-Don't be scared. Go!
-Get the rifle, Manoj!
Dushyant sir!
Dushyant sir!
-Where do you think you're going?
-I must see Dushyant sir.
-Look at the time.
-Please. It's urgent!
-It's very urgent!
-Shut up!
Stop pushing me.
I just want to talk to him.
Dushyant sir!
Be quiet, he's asleep.
Dushyant sir!
Jackie, sit.
Who's this boy?
Sir, they've arrested my brother
and taken our rickshaw.
Come tomorrow. I'll look into it.
-Sir, but...
-I said, tomorrow!
Let's go, Jackie.
Get out.
For us, it's tomorrow?
Why did you come on time that day
to stop us cheating?
If you'd come the next day,
I'd have passed. Found a job.
Earned for my family.
That day you cared about honesty!
Your men will shoot my brother tonight,
and now you say, "Come tomorrow"?
I spit on such honesty.
Tell me everything.
Go sit over there.
Prop your leg up.
Jai Hind, sir.
What did he do?
Tell him.
Sir, I was riding in their rickshaw.
They were smuggling alcohol.
He's lying.
Carry on.
I said, "I'll call the police."
He ran his rickshaw over my leg.
-This leg?
-Yes, sir.
You can go.
Go, go home.
Sit down.
I thought you went to get the rifle.
That was smart, brother.
You saved my life.
I think that's Dushyant Singh's car.
-Namaste, sir.
-Hello, sir.
Get in.
Get in. I'll drop you home.
You're pretty tough for a little guy.
What's your name?
Sir... Manoj.
Manoj, talk to him about our rickshaw.
Sir, may I say something?
Our dad is an honest man. Like you.
But his honesty gets him suspended
wherever he goes.
So I started believing honesty
was pretty worthless.
-Not entirely worthless.
-No, no, sir!
When I saw you, I realised...
if an honest man has power,
it makes all the difference.
You cheat, but your words are wise.
Sir, you can stop here.
Thank you, sir.
What nonsense were you talking?
Ask about our rickshaw. Go!
Sir, one last question.
Sir, I want to be like you.
What should I do?
Stop cheating! That's all.
Let's go?
Become like him?
What do you mean?
I'll become a big cop.
Like him.
Great idea. Do it!
Don't worry about money.
I'll manage that.
You focus on your studies.
Next year, as expected,
Deputy Dushyant Singh was transferred.
The Mayor's school went back
to its age-old tradition of cheating!
Only one student didn't cheat.
Because Dushyant Singh's voice
echoed in his mind.
"Stop cheating! That's all."
For the next three years,
Manoj studied like a man possessed.
To make ends meet, his mother sold
the family's only valuable possessions,
one after the other.
Come, my little one...
On the day Manoj passed his B.A. exam,
his grandma said...
Shut the door.
Bolt it.
Get the trunk out.
So much money?
It was tough hiding it
from your mother.
Don't worry about expenses.
Come back a big police officer.
Your grandpa would be proud
seeing you in a police uniform.
-Take care, son.
-You, too.
-Phone every month.
-I will.
You must study hard.
A surprise for you.
It was hard to find.
-Is this the right book?
-Oh, yes!
Start studying on the bus.
-Eat your food on the way.
-I will.
-Call us as soon as you get there.
-I will. Take care.
Tell grandma I'll call her soon.
You can sit here.
Sweetie, come here, let him sit.
Where are you going?
To Gwalior. To his father.
Me, too! To the city
to become a big police officer.
Gwalior! We've reached.
Everyone, out. Last stop.
Gwalior. Get off.
Wake up! We've reached Gwalior.
My red bag was here.
Where is it?
-Was that your bag?
The lady sitting next to you...
she took it.
That was my bag.
How could she take it?
She's gone.
She got off an hour ago in Barua.
She got off an hour ago in Barua.
[Pratiksha Coaching Centre, Gwalior]
It was tough hiding it
from your mother.
She got off an hour ago in Barua.
Come back a big police officer.
Your grandpa would be proud
seeing you in a police uniform. Go!
What time does
the coaching class start?
Don't you read the newspapers?
Why? What happened?
The state government stopped recruiting.
-No more PCS exams.
The government is broke.
No money to pay salaries.
How can the government do that?
It's the government.
It can do anything.
Off you go.
The boy from that small village
was lost in the big city of Gwalior.
Famished, for days he sat outside
a restaurant.
A war was raging inside him.
A war between his pride and his hunger.
The day his hunger
got the better of him,
he walked in.
Uncle ji?
I'm starving. Could I have some food?
I'd happily do some work for you.
I have no money.
Boy, give him a plate.
That was the day I saw Manoj
for the first time.
He polished off the plate
in under two minutes.
Never seen such a feat before!
Sir, it was delicious.
-What can I do for you?
-Let it be.
No, no. Just tell me, I'll do anything!
You're a student, right?
Pay me later.
I'm not a student.
They cancelled the PCS.
Everything I brought from the village
got stolen. I have nothing.
Tell me what work I can do,
or I won't budge.
Stop pestering me. Go!
If you'd said so earlier,
I wouldn't have eaten.
I'll pay for us both.
Why? Who the hell are you?
It's not just your exams
that were cancelled. All of ours were too.
What's done is done.
Oh... so what do we do now?
I don't know...
Go back home.
I can't.
Why not?
Grandma gave me her life savings,
so I'd become a DSP.
What will I tell her?
That her money got stolen
and I ran back home?
It's like a Greek tragedy.
Namaste, Papa. I'm on the train.
I'll call as soon as I get to Delhi.
Yes, I'll phone. Don't worry, Papa.
Okay, see you.
-Are you going home?
-No, to Delhi.
Why Delhi?
To prepare for the UPSC exam.
What's UPSC?
You don't know the civil service exam?
The IAS, IPS exam.
The Indian Police Service exam?
You came to become a DSP, right?
An IPS officer is far senior to a DSP.
Senior to a DSP?
A DSP has to slog for some
20 years to become an IPS officer.
I will become an IPS officer.
-You're kidding me, right?
-No. What time is the train to Delhi?
And the fare?
You'll pay it by washing the train?
Please take me with you,
I'll pay you back.
Where will you sleep in Delhi?
On the streets?
I'll manage. Just take me with you.
Can't clear the food bill,
wants to clear the IPS exam.
Yes, I will become an IPS officer.
-This guy was really stubborn!
-Please take me along.
My gut warned me,
"Pritam Pandey, walk away!"
But before I could,
my tongue slipped...
Let's go. But on one condition.
I pay for your meal.
Give me the change.
Hurry, hurry!
I could see how happy he was,
that he'd be senior to a DSP.
But once we entered
Delhi's Mukherjee Nagar...
our hero's resolve was totally rattled.
-Morning, Tutul!
Where's the champagne?
Champagne's drunk at night, no?
I brought bread and eggs for now.
Come on.
Are you okay?
There are millions of students.
How will I manage?
I can tell you how!
There are three exams.
First the Prelims, then the Mains.
After that you have an interview.
Our brother Gauri knows the ropes.
He's been around for eight years.
Any problems... he solves them.
I've known him since I was 15.
His final result is due next week.
I bought a special red shirt
for the occasion.
He'll soon become an IPS officer.
I'll miss him terribly.
He always has a crowd around him!
But never turns anyone away.
Make way.
-English is a qualifying paper.
-He helps everyone.
Gauri sir, new students
need some guidance.
So bring them inside.
-Come in.
-Clear? It's the qualifying paper.
That day I met Gauri sir
for the first time.
Amazing fellow!
He spoke to us in spite of
so many students being there.
He explained how
the UPSC exam worked.
Played Snakes and Ladders?
That's all the UPSC exam is.
Pay attention.
You are here.
The starting point is the Prelims.
200,000 Hindi-medium students
take them.
Only 1000-1500 make it
to the next ladder, the Mains exam.
That's it?
Shat your pants?
Out of 1500, only 150-200
make it to the Interview.
So close to the finish line.
But here sits the poisonous cobra
that bites 8 out of 10 applicants.
Out of 200,000 Hindi-medium applicants,
only 25-30 become IAS or IPS officers
each year.
Only 25-30 out of 200,000?
The rest, 199,970, go back to zero.
Like the game of Snakes and Ladders.
So, restart.
I've failed five times in five years.
I hit restart five times.
That's when I realized what was missing.
So I got this police uniform,
determined to return to my village in it
and salute my parents.
Fired by that motivation, I gave
my best interview in my sixth attempt.
But I heard we only get four attempts?
You have a problem if I get six?
You heard right.
The open category gets four attempts.
Since I'm from a backward caste,
I get six.
Anything else?
Brother Gauri.
Can I talk to you... in private?
-Are you English medium?
Hindi-medium students speak openly!
Tell me.
Tell him.
Go on!
I'm a little short on funds.
Can you help me get a job somewhere?
When I came here, I cleaned toilets
for three years.
-Can you?
-I'll do anything.
-All right, consider it done.
-Thank you, Gauri sir.
The toilet needs daily cleaning.
UPSC students study here.
They shouldn't waste time finding books.
I'll pay 280 rupees a month.
And a room to sleep in.
But if you're five minutes late,
I'll cut the entire day's wages.
I'll be five minutes early, sir!
All right.
Hariram, show him the room.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much!
Pass me the glass!
To your first job!
-No, no. Not for me.
May I have a little?
-Are you sure?
-Not for me.
Here, Tutul.
This is the first time I've bought
such an expensive bottle for anyone.
It's good.
Blowing up dirty money
is very satisfying.
What do you mean?
My father is a contractor
for the Public Works Department.
He takes a lot of bribes.
He wants me to do the same.
Ah, so that's why you aim
to become an honest officer!
Honest officer, my ass!
First, he sent me to Gwalior
for the PCS exam
to become a Deputy Collector.
Double the dirty income!
Then that got cancelled,
so he says go to Delhi for UPSC.
Become an even higher-ranked officer.
Triple the dirty income!
I don't want to do that.
Then what do you want to do?
No one's ever asked me that.
Man, I'd like to be on TV.
But I don't have the balls
to tell my father.
Tell your mother then.
I would have...
if she was alive.
Then came the day of the final results.
Tutul wore his new red shirt,
with Gauri's uniform in his hands.
But Gauri couldn't find his name
on the list.
He kept looking...
Eventually, it dawned on us...
Gauri had failed his last attempt too.
That day, I realised
I was following a loser.
For that year's topper was
an English-medium student Deep Mohan.
I switched teams.
-Thank you.
Manoj and I went different ways.
What will brother Gauri do now?
Night was spent scratching the head
Blind feet find no path ahead
Tutul, switch on the light.
[Restart Tea Stall]
Bring on some light,
Dispel the night!
When blues you spurn,
Tables will turn
Then with all your heart
Let's restart.
My attempts are over, not yours.
So what if I didn't make it?
You will.
If any one of you becomes an officer,
it'll be my victory too. Got it?
What say, Manoj?
-Guidance will be free. But, Tutul...
-Yes, sir?
Charge them for the tea.
Got it, Gauri sir.
Let's go.
Restart from zero!
This is no school exam.
It's the UPSC Prelims.
They can ask any question
from any subject. Got it?
But there's no reason to fear.
Learning comes from everywhere.
Read the newspaper,
listen to the radio.
Need more information?
I'm here!
Zeros you must not shun
They turn one to million
Your Prelims are tomorrow.
It's your first time.
Don't get nervous.
Zeros you must not shun
They turn one to million
Make wheels of the zero
And march on like a hero
Got it, everyone?
All the very best!
Rock the exam!
Go, get 'em!
Night was spent scratching the head,
Manoj Kumar Sharma.
Blind feet find no path ahead
Bring on some light,
Dispel the night!
Fail. You've failed.
You've failed. Next!
-You've failed.
-Check mine.
Manoj hit restart in his life.
He worked in the library
for another year.
He studied hard, and whenever he could,
he'd help Gauri.
One day, the Hindi-medium Manoj
landed up in the English-medium world.
And met my guru, IAS officer Deep Mohan.
The interview is about who you are.
Right? So, be yourself.
For example,
the final question they asked me was...
"What do you think
about the walls of this room?"
And I said,
"Sir, I don't think about them."
What timing, Chhotu. Come!
-Sir, he's not a tea-boy.
He's a UPSC student
and my friend Manoj.
I'm so sorry, Manoj.
It's okay.
Naval, take the tray. Serve the rest.
Give it to him.
-I'm so sorry I called you that.
-Never mind.
I owe you one.
If you ever need help, come to me.
Deep Mohan was pitying Manoj.
Nice coffee.
But Manoj didn't realize this.
He kept studying all year long...
fighting a lost battle.
And me?
-You smell better than coffee...
Oh, aromatic coffee!
Such deep lyrics!
-Three coffees, buddy.
-Right away.
Welcome, Naval.
Listen, bro...
Thank you...
for my first all-night party.
Hey Manoj! How the hell are you?
First class!
Gauri sir! I'm off.
Eat something first.
You'll faint. Here, catch!
Where are you off to?
To the library! I'm late.
Where did you find him?
At Gwalior station.
He hadn't even heard of IPS.
But said, "I'll be an IPS officer."
I brought him to Delhi.
Poor guy failed miserably
in his first attempt.
I feel bad for him.
People like him come in herds
from every corner of India
wanting to become IPS officers.
Then instead of studying, they spend
all their time in menial jobs.
Hello, Gauri sir.
I mean, no disrespect...
but you're just wasting
the country's resources, man!
You can't become IPS officers.
Just accept it and move on!
You're right.
You're absolutely right.
We come in herds,
stuffed in buses and trains.
We come with nothing.
Our fathers have nothing.
They're vegetable vendors,
truck drivers, street sweepers.
They all slog under the scorching sun,
just like my father.
They can't afford to send their children
to expensive schools.
They don't have the money
for coaching classes.
But you should know,
we don't come empty-handed.
We bring our will, determined
to become officers one day.
Even if we have to sweep libraries
or clean toilets.
We never give up.
Our will is rock solid.
And this will isn't bred
in some fancy school.
It is born from the hopes and dreams
of millions of Indians.
Our will is our wealth.
Winning and losing
is all part of life, Naval.
But from us millions,
when even one makes it,
the whole herd wins.
Get up, son.
Isn't it your second attempt today?
Yes. What time is it?
You still have time.
Go, shower first.
No, I need to revise.
You remind me of my UPSC days.
I sat for the exam four times,
from this very library.
And 30 years later, you're here!
Go, shower. Freshen up.
Check Manoj Kumar Sharma.
Most students have failed, Papa-ji.
I'll pass next time.
What happened?
-What did your dad say?
Can I borrow your phone?
I need to give Ma the news.
-What news?
-I passed!
-Are you serious?
-Oh, my God! Congrats!
That's amazing.
My Manoj has made it!
-You've restarted?
-Yes, brother!
Now find the best coaching
and prepare for the Mains.
Come here. Congratulations!
You've been in the same clothes
since Gwalior.
I'll buy you some new ones.
He cleared the Prelims.
That's no joke.
-Brother, the phone?
Of course, here. Call her!
I first met him in Gwalior.
He hadn't even heard of IPS.
But he was hell-bent
on becoming an IPS officer.
I brought him here.
Hello! This is Manoj.
Get Ma! Hurry!
Search all of Mukherjee Nagar,
there's no better coaching than us.
Yes, I've heard about you.
Professor Arora will be awarded
the Padma Shri next month.
Look at this.
We capture the moment our students
become IAS and IPS officers.
No one else here does this.
And we're also the only ones
who coach in both English and Hindi.
That's why we're called "A2Z".
I know! That's why I've come to you.
Ma'am, is a higher discount possible?
I've already offered you 10%.
Ma'am, please.
Money is a slight problem right now
I can work. Cleaning, chores...
Anything you need doing.
I really need the coaching.
Please, ma'am.
Okay, fine. Give me your deposit.
1200 rupees.
Ma'am, I only have 680 right now.
I'll pay the rest in installments.
-You are unbelievable!
-Please, ma'am. I really need this.
Fine, we'll work it out.
Go help that guy over there
with the photos.
Hello, ma'am! Hello, sir!
I'm Zai Arora. The Z in A2Z.
Professor Arora's daughter.
He's going to be awarded
the Padma Shri next month.
-Oh, nice!
You see this?
We capture the moment when our students
become IAS and IPS officers.
We offer coaching in both English
and Hindi.
That's why we're called A2Z.
Ma'am! You've made a mistake.
Deep Mohan didn't study here.
Please fill up the form.
I'll just be back.
What the hell?
Ma'am, you're mistaken.
Deep Mohan is self-taught.
I know him.
Have you ever met a movie star?
The biggest celebs? Have you met them?
You think they chew the same tobacco
they sell you?
It's called advertising.
We paid Deep Mohan 150,000 rupees.
If you top, we'll pay you too.
Now be quiet and help him.
Bloody idiot!
-What was he saying?
Didn't Deep Mohan study here?
Of course, he did.
See? That's him.
See... how happy he looks.
What were you saying?
I said Deep did not study here.
I know him.
She's lying.
She calls it "advertising".
Are you lying?
Of course not!
Sir, Deep's father sat
where you're sitting.
Show me his admission form.
-Very good idea, Papa.
Show his admission form.
I can't. It's a private document.
If you don't want admission,
please just go.
Let's go, Papa.
I don't want to study here either.
Here's my form. Return my deposit.
The deposit is non-refundable.
How can that be?
-When did you give it?
-Moments before you got here.
Here's your 680 rupees.
Don't show your face again.
We don't want to see
your face either, madam.
Yes, sir.
Have a good day, sir.
Wait... please don't worry.
We'll find a good coaching academy.
You're also looking for PCS coaching?
No. For the UPSC Mains.
Where did you coach for Prelims?
I didn't. I'm self-taught.
You passed without coaching?
Wow! What's your name?
Manoj Kumar Sharma. And yours?
-Let's go, dear. Thank you.
If you need any help,
I'm at the Vidya Library all day,
Sure. Thank you!
You passed without coaching?
Wow! What's your name?
Hello! Get out, please.
Yes. Thank you.
Manoj was ecstatic.
It was the first time
a city girl had spoken to him.
Manoj kept thinking of that girl.
Whose name he didn't even know.
You're an engineer?
No wonder you managed without coaching.
I thought you'd gone home.
No. We looked around and found
a good coaching academy.
Tell me which one. I'll enroll too.
Hi! I'm Shraddha.
So, this is where you study?
Please have a seat.
-Your father?
-He went back to Mussoorie.
I see.
Where do you live in Mussoorie?
-You know Company Garden?
There's a small road
that goes up the hill from there.
My house is 50 steps away.
Did you study in Mussoorie too?
My father wanted me to be a doctor.
But one day, I decided to join
the civil services.
So Papa said, "Go to Delhi.
"Learn from the best."
He came here specially to settle me in.
Where did you study engineering?
-Hey, boy!
Did you sell the scrap?
I'll do it right away.
I don't pay you to gossip.
Do it right now!
Yes, sir.
Do you work here?
Yes, work in the day
and study at night.
I read that President Abdul Kalam
used to study under a street lamp.
I have a whole library.
Here, last week's notes for you.
Will you be at the library tomorrow?
I have the day off for Diwali.
-Would you like to go to Delhi Haat?
Please sit down.
Around 2000 of my students
have become civil servants.
IAS, IPS and PCS officers.
All high-ranking officers.
Like you, they would stand up
as a sign of respect.
To be honest,
out of those 2000 students,
barely 20, about 1%,
make me stand up for them.
Know why?
Because... no matter what
I know their integrity isn't for sale.
I trust our Country, our Constitution
is safe in their hands.
Becoming an IAS officer
is not as important
as it is to understand
that you should not be respected
for your rank,
but the rank should be respected
because of you.
A day will surely come
when you visit me,
that day, I will stand up, not you.
Before we begin... there's someone
called Manoj Kumar Sharma.
Who is Manoj Kumar Sharma?
Please stand up.
You? Please come here.
Don't worry.
Why did I call you here?
You know what you've done?
Did you write this?
Yes, sir.
Relax! You've done well.
I read all these yesterday.
And there was one outstanding essay.
Manoj's essay.
The topic was "Terrorism in India".
He covered everything.
The Naxal insurgency,
Jammu-Kashmir, the Northeast...
Usually, I give one chocolate,
but he deserves two.
Let's give him a big hand.
Take your seat.
Now, let me explain
the concept of terrorism.
And how it is different
from other forms...
For you.
Old wounds hurt no more
Old wounds hurt no more
This heart is no longer sore
She knocked for coffee at my door
Now Pandey's solus days
are sore no more!
-Wow! You write very well, Pandey-ji.
-Well, here's my inspiration!
What the hell is 'solus'?
Time for round two.
Truth or dare?
Yes! Sing that song.
Manoj! No... something else, please.
You have to sing.
I recited my poem.
Surely, you can sing your song.
-Go on.
What kites say
to the endless blue
How long should I wait
to hear it from you?
What the wind murmurs
to the cloud
Will I ever hear you
say the same aloud?
You sing really well.
Thank you.
Round three.
What the heart says
through its flutter
Why is it something
you cannot utter?
If lips speak so bravely
to the flute
Why are you content
to stay mute?
What flowers hear--
Will you have a cup of tea?
-I'll get it.
What flowers hear
from butterflies
Why must I only read
in your eyes?
Why are you content
to stay mute?
Won't you say something?
Where were you?
Just a second.
Happy Diwali!
Shraddha, how can I accept it?
Like this.
Thank you.
Did you know Abdul Kalam
would study under a street lamp?
I really wanted to read this book.
Thank you.
Your tea. It'll get cold.
If lips speak so bravely
to the flute...
Last Diwali, I decided
not to be a doctor.
I chose to join
the civil services instead.
Last Diwali?
Yes. I was interning at a hospital.
A patient arrived.
An 18-year-old girl...
in a nylon saree...
with third-degree burns.
A domestic violence case.
And as usual,
on the police report, they wrote
"Cause of death - accidental."
I thought if I had power,
I'd never let them get away with it.
Then I thought...
why can't I have power?
I can absolutely have it.
I can also become a Deputy Collector.
I told Papa and he said, "Go to Delhi!
"Learn from the best!"
Do you recognize this rocket?
Fireworks from your childhood?
Set it on fire and combustion occurs.
The gases generated move downwards
which propels the rocket upwards.
Whether a firework rocket
or a space rocket...
the technology in both rockets
is the same.
The principle is the same.
And who can tell me that principle?
-Why don't you answer?
I don't know the answer.
Say whatever you know.
Shraddha, are you explaining
rocket science to Manoj?
No, sir. He knows the answer.
He's just shy.
He's an engineer.
An aeronautical engineer.
He has also read Abdul Kalam's book.
Manoj? Are you an engineer?
I thought you had a BA degree
in History and Hindi?
Am I mistaken?
No, sir. I am a BA student.
So what's the confusion?
Sir... it was a misunderstanding.
Engineer? Him? From what angle?
It's easy to mock others, right?
Misunderstandings happen.
It's okay. Let's move on.
Please take a seat.
I was holding an engineering book
and she...
Shraddha, I was going to tell you.
But I didn't get a chance.
No... I had the chance,
but I didn't have the guts.
Take your drama outside!
We're studying here.
Why are you sitting in the dark?
Saheb is calling.
You all right?
-The boss is waiting for you.
-Right now?
What is this?
From where?
Selling scrap paper.
Really? Only 4,800?
Last year's scrap sold for 6,200.
The scrap weighed 400 kgs.
12 rupees a kilo makes 4,800.
So you pocketed 1,400?
I gave you the account, as is.
See Hariram? How easily he lies.
If this is how he behaves now,
once he's an IPS,
he'll loot the whole country!
Son of a thief!
How dare you call my father a thief!
We are not thieves!
Manoj quit the library.
He stopped attending class too.
Stubborn fellow!
And where did I finally find him?
Malka Ganj, Lane no. 6.
Plot number 72.
Up an iron staircase
and behind a broken blue door.
How are you, brother?
Is this where you live?
Why did you quit the library?
You're a mess.
I'm so happy to meet you.
Forget me. Go, meet Shraddha.
She's going to Mussoorie
for her Prelims.
Apologise to her.
I'll apologise once I've cleared
my Mains.
And how the hell will you do that?
How will you study in this darkness?
Like this.
Don't be stubborn.
Move in with me. Study.
Or you'll go back to zero.
How will you face Shraddha then?
I'm good here...
What about the hopes
your family has pinned on you?
This is the time to study hard.
Not to do all this.
I kept after him, but he wouldn't listen.
I was convinced he'd go back at zero.
But seeing him write the English exam
so furiously...
even the English-medium students
felt insecure.
How did it go?
I got through English.
The rest is a cakewalk.
The interview call is certain.
Can you believe my luck?
I got an essay I already knew.
-Which one?
-The one on terrorism!
In class, I wrote a great essay in Hindi
on that subject.
So I just translated it to English.
Which question was on terrorism?
Not a question, the essay.
Look at page two.
I wrote in great detail.
Reason, impact,
how to solve the problem.
Difference in Punjab terrorism,
Kashmir terrorism, Insurgency, Separatism...
Okay, but where the hell is it?
Second page. First question.
Learn to read English, bro,
please forget the IPS.
It's not "Terrorism in India".
It's "Tourism in India".
Check this one too. It won't change.
You've failed.
That was your qualifying paper.
There goes your second attempt.
And he thought
the interview call was certain!
After that day, Manoj was not seen anywhere.
I kept looking for him.
Then one day I got to know
that he has left the city
and gone somewhere.
45, 46, 47...
48, 49, 50.
I'm here to meet Shraddha.
-Who are you?
-Manoj. Her friend from Delhi.
There's a wedding in the family.
They've all gone there.
I see.
May I have the address?
-The address?
-Or a phone number?
Why don't you come in?
Hello? Kishan here.
Someone's here to meet
Miss Shraddha.
Shraddha-ji, your friend from Delhi
is here.
Yes. Here...
Hello, Shraddha!
How did you get my address?
You gave it to me. You've forgotten?
Company Garden... 50 steps up the hill.
Why have you come?
I'll bring you some water.
To apologise to you.
Can we meet for five minutes, please?
How did you do
in your Mains exam?
I messed up the qualifying paper.
How come?
I wrote on terrorism, instead of tourism.
How could you make such a mistake?
I thought you'd be so happy to know
that my English exam went well.
In the excitement, I didn't double check
the essay topic.
And instead of studying again,
you've landed up at my house?
Yes, I...
I wanted to tell you something.
What is it?
Speak up!
I love you.
Now you also say it.
Say what?
Just... "I love you."
Then I'll turn the world
upside down for you, Shraddha.
Please give the phone to Kishan.
He's gone inside.
Call him back.
Shraddha, but...
Yes, Shraddha-ji?
All right.
She says you should go back to Delhi.
My dear friend!
You're looking good.
Where have you been?
Thank God you're here.
What happened?
It's been so long...
Is Papa okay?
Yes. He wrote a few days ago.
You've grown so tall!
Should I have shrunk down?
Where's Ma?
-She'll be back by evening.
She goes to graze the cows.
The ones that we sold.
And Kamlesh?
He lives far away in Jaura now.
He's a daily-wage earner.
Brother, are you a DSP now?
Where's Grandma?
Where's Grandma?
Tell me!
-Why wasn't I told?
-Grandma told us not to.
Why didn't you tell me?
-We haven't even told your father.
-Why not?
Grandma forbade us.
She said, "They are both doing
important work.
"Don't bother them for nothing."
She used to say,
"My Manoj will only return
in a police uniform."
Come, my child... sit.
Yes, Ma.
Pass me the oil.
Are you cooking dinner?
Good girl.
Sit here, my son.
We're all okay.
Kamlesh is earning good wages.
The cows that we had to sell...
I'm caring for them again.
It makes me so happy.
Rajni manages the house by herself.
Doesn't let me do a thing.
Money isn't a concern either.
Please stop lying, Ma.
The next time you're home,
you'll be in uniform, won't you?
It'll be okay, my son.
Don't cry, Ma.
Along with studying,
Manoj sent money home.
He worked all day at the flour mill,
and studied through the night.
-Brother Gauri?
-Look who's here.
Sir, I'll go now. I'll bring breakfast.
Please sit.
I'll get water.
What brings you to Delhi?
I've come to take you home.
Let's go.
What is this hellhole you're living in?
Let's both go home.
We'll sell government seeds
on the black market
and make lots of money.
What are you saying, Papa?
My mother died and no one told me.
Because I was busy with my fight.
I believed if I fought dishonesty,
honesty would win.
But your mother was always right.
I'm just a fool.
I've ruined my family, for honesty.
I've decided.
Let's go back home.
I'll fall at Chauhan's feet.
Get my job back.
-Sign any file he gives me.
Come, son, pack your things.
Enough fighting for honesty.
It's worthless!
-Not entirely worthless.
-It is!
People like us will never win.
Nor will we accept defeat, right?
Don't you remember?
I won't accept defeat,
I'm not that easy to beat
I won't accept defeat,
I'm not that easy to beat
I won't accept defeat,
I'm not that easy to beat
I'll write a new rhyme,
On the pages of time
I'll sing a new song...
-Sing a new song...
-It'll all be okay.
It'll all work out.
It'll all work out fine.
Papa, don't worry about money
or our home.
I'll take care of it.
Keep fighting. I'm with you.
After that, Manoj worked day and night.
He'd grind flour for 15 hours a day,
study for six
and sleep for three.
Then one day...
What good is a date palm tree
for a traveller?
It has no shade for the weary
and no fruit they can reach.
You must've heard of the poet Kabir Das?
From a 1000-year history of Hindi poetry,
if I had to choose a poet,
who wrote fearlessly and freely
about everyone alike,
king, priest or commoner...
who spared none
and saw through them all,
I would choose Kabir.
A revolutionary poet...
She had called.
She was asking about you.
Why didn't you tell me?
I forgot. Must be drunk.
Welcome back, Shraddha.
Make some space for her.
How were your Prelims?
-Excellent, sir.
-Very good. Take a seat.
We're studying Kabir's poetry.
Stop drinking, Pandey.
Stop acting like my father!
-Hi, Pandey!
-Hey, Shraddha.
Where's Manoj?
Inside. Go, meet him.
Hi, Manoj!
-How are you?
-I'm fine.
How are you?
I'm sorry, Manoj.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
I shouldn't have been so rude.
I was shocked when you showed up
suddenly... it was hard to...
I called back a minute later, but...
But... you were gone.
I'm really sorry, Manoj.
I was very rude to you that day.
Thank you for being rude.
This is no time for love.
I have to focus on studying.
I have responsibilities.
Pandey told me.
About your family...
your father's struggle.
About your grandma.
I better go.
Manoj, can we go and talk somewhere?
Can we talk after my Prelims?
But that's two months away--
All the best, Manoj!
Thank you.
Shraddha couldn't meet Manoj for months.
He studied day and night
while working in the flour mill.
Then came the Prelims result.
I failed for the third time.
Papa, I didn't make it. I worked so hard.
I'm trying...
-Pandey, listen!
-I am working hard, Papa-ji.
I finally cleared the Prelims.
I don't give a damn!
Papa, I still have one last attempt,
I'll get through.
-Where's Manoj?
-I'm on the phone!
Where's Manoj?
How the hell should I know?
He cleared his Prelims.
Does he even know?
Where is he?
Stop here, please.
Tell me.
-What're you doing here?
You cleared your Prelims.
Obviously! I knew it.
-Can you stop this noise please?
-Yes. Sorry.
Let me just... sorry...
Move a bit, please.
After the exam,
I checked every answer.
We need to score 98 to pass.
Out of the 200 questions, I got 164 right.
Watch me, I'll clear the Mains, too.
The Mains don't have multiple-choice
You'll need to write many essays.
If you don't make time,
prepare adequately--
I know all that. I'll manage.
How will you manage?
Pandey said, you work 15 hours a day.
How will you... manage?
Manoj, I have a request.
Stop working here.
-I will lend you some money. Return it--
-No, I don't need money!
If you don't need money,
why work here?
When I returned from Mussoorie,
you said, you'd meet me after the Prelims.
You'd focus on studying.
You said that, right?
Then focus, dammit!
What the hell--
You won't understand.
We come from different worlds!
Sorry, I...
Shraddha, my mother is all by herself...
managing everything.
My father is in court fighting corruption.
My elder brother...
is a daily-wage earner
in a distant village.
I have responsibilities.
I understand, Manoj...
but how will you study
in this darkness?
Papa always said...
"I don't fear the darkness outside,
but the one within.
"The darkness of compromises
one makes for comforts."
-But Manoj--
-And you already know...
Dr Abdul Kalam studied
under a street lamp.
I have my own bulb.
He did have his own bulb.
But in the Mains exam,
out of 20 questions,
he could barely finish 12.
And when the results came
the outcome was no surprise.
Manoj Kumar Sharma
failed his third attempt as well.
But despite that,
in the middle of the night,
she was sitting with him
at the Restart Tea Stall.
Holding his hand.
I couldn't bear it.
My man Naval cleared the Mains.
What a party we've had!
Brother Gauri, it was epic.
-Congratulations, Naval!
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Congratulations, Naval!
But shouldn't you party
after the final selection?
I've celebrated often after the Mains.
Brother Gauri, don't worry about Naval.
His selection is a given.
Ask me why?
Because in his life,
he has no Shraddha to distract him.
Shraddha, don't be upset.
But the fact is, if you two had not met,
Manoj would've cleared his Mains.
If you can't be nice,
at least be quiet.
But am I wrong?
I'm saying it for Manoj's own good.
Listen, if you remain a nobody,
she'll walk away.
The way Tanya walked away.
She just left.
No one wants to be with a loser.
Get it?
Look at me.
Let's say, you meet this woman
ten years later and she asks,
"Dear Manoj,
what are you doing these days?"
What will you say?
"I am working at a flour mill."
Or "I'm running a rickshaw
between Morena and Jaura."
-Will she want to be with you?
-You're drunk. And talking nonsense.
-I'm trying to drill sense into him.
All girls are the same.
No one wants to be with a loser.
She'll be gone in minutes.
-See? Gone in minutes.
Shraddha, listen...
Remember what you said?
That you'd turn the world upside down
if I said, I love you.
I love you.
Now go and turn the world upside down.
Stop him!
Hey, where do you think you're going?
Deep sir knows me.
-Sir... I'm Manoj.
-Sir, he just ran in...
-Relax. Who are you?
-Sir, Manoj.
I got coffee to Tanya's terrace.
You called me a tea-boy. Remember?
-Oh... Manoj.
-Yes, sir.
Leave him.
Tell me.
Sir, I need your help.
It's my last attempt.
Not now, Manoj. I'm busy.
-Please, sir.
-Some other time?
You had said, you owe me.
Please, sir.
Just five minutes.
Please, sir.
Come in.
Check the pointers
and draft the letter to the Home Ministry.
-Okay, sir.
-Don't miss anything.
Yes, sir.
I have to deal with something.
You first, sir.
Sir, I get through the Prelims
but the Mains are a challenge.
It's my last attempt, sir.
Rote learning is enough for Prelims.
You just have to check the right box.
But it doesn't work for the Mains.
I'll manage it, sir.
3 hours, 20 questions.
That's 9 minutes to write an answer
within 200 words.
So, you'll take 40 seconds to analyze,
strategize, construct--
Sir, a little slower, please?
I'm saying out of 9 minutes,
you will take 40 seconds to analyze,
strategize, construct your answer.
Giving you 8 minutes 20 seconds
to actually write it, within 200 words.
-Do you understand?
-Yes, sir.
4,000 words per exam.
Nine exams in total.
That's 36,000 words, Manoj.
You only think you can manage it.
But I can, sir.
-Yes, sir?
Get me a pen and paper.
-Now, show me.
-Sir, tea or coffee?
Sorry, sir.
You have 8 minutes and 20 seconds.
Write 200 words.
What topic, sir?
-What's your full name?
-Manoj Kumar Sharma.
"Manoj Kumar Sharma."
That's your topic.
But that's too easy, sir.
Then start writing.
Your time starts now.
Guys, where are we?
So get this done.
Right now! And give me a minute.
-Sir, just a minute...
It was too easy for you, right?
Manoj Kumar Sharma.
On a topic you know so well...
you couldn't write
more than 90 words.
How on earth will you write 200 words
on International Relations,
Internal Security,
Social Justice, Governance?
I don't mean to demean you.
But you can't do it.
"You can't do it."
Get out of your air-conditioned cabin...
work all day at a flour mill, Deep Mohan.
Then pass your judgements.
Manoj, drop that.
Stop all this.
What happened?
You can't do it.
If you keep serving tea,
and grinding flour,
you'll never make it.
But I don't have a choice.
You don't get it. Come here.
Clear my room out.
-Move Manoj's stuff into it.
No more serving tea. I'll manage.
No, Brother Gauri.
He must get his meals on time,
look after him.
And you! From now on,
all you'll do is study.
No more grinding flour.
I'll send your family money.
No, Brother...
I'm not doing you a favour.
It's a loan. I'll take back double
from your first salary.
-No, Brother!
-Shut up!
Another word and I'll bury you
right here.
What do you think?
It's just your fight?
It's our fight!
Even if one of us wins,
the whole herd wins.
And if you still don't get it,
I'll give you one!
Restart. Restart.
Tutul, move his stuff to my room now.
-Right now?
That was the first time in his life
Manoj had a table to study on,
an electric stove,
and a bed to sleep on.
And the next morning...
Excuse me?
Does Manoj Kumar Sharma live here?
He was given a stopwatch.
My father gave it to me.
It has only one rule.
Start when you sit to study.
Stop it when you take a break.
No cheating.
It should run for 16 hours a day.
16 hours of studying.
-How many hours?
-16 hours, ma'am.
Then write.
Here... start!
Don't like the life that you live
Live the life that you like!
Shraddha sent you these notes.
And here's dinner.
She said to eat it in 8 minutes
and 20 seconds.
-So that you digest the timing, too!
Thank you, Tutul.
Don't like the life that you live
Live the life that you like!
Don't give up before you fight,
Give yourself chance to strike!
Strike, man, strike
Strike, man, strike
Question papers from the last 10 years.
-I'm going to Mussoorie.
For my PCS Mains, idiot!
Is it July already?
Restart. Restart.
I love you!
Night was spent scratching the head
Blind feet find no path ahead
Bring on some light,
Dispel the night!
When blues you spurn,
Tables will turn,
Then with all your heart,
Hey, Manoj?
Wake up!
There's good news. Shraddha called.
She cleared her Mains.
Her interview is next month.
I also spoke to your mother.
She received the money.
Thank you!
Remember, double the amount
from your first salary.
Freshen up and get back to studying.
Restart. Restart.
Let's hear it!
Restart. Restart.
Start from zero!
Restart from zero!
Come on, man!
[You can't do it.]
Restart. Restart.
Shraddha is waiting. Come! Run!
-The power supply is back, run!
-Where to?
-Just come.
Congratulate your parents as well.
He's here.
Manoj, I've cleared the interview!
Meaning, Shraddha has become
a Deputy Collector!
Got it? Or do I need to spell it out?
His motivation had now become
his inspiration.
He was turning pages
of his answer book,
as if he was turning the world
upside down.
And I?
I failed my final attempt too.
-Papa, I really worked hard...
-Shut up! It's my money wasted.
I'm sorry, Papa. I...
Please don't shout.
I tried my best.
I gave it my all. Please...
-But maybe it's not for me...
-You're absolutely useless!
-Please don't say that.
Do what you want.
I don't care anymore!
Pandey, give me your phone.
I need to call Shraddha.
-Did you pass?
-Yes! I did.
Well done.
You want to call Shraddha?
Here you go.
You could've asked about me...
I failed.
It's all over.
But you don't give a damn, do you?
You didn't even know
what the U in UPSC meant.
I brought you to Delhi.
I gave you a place to live.
These clothes you're wearing, I gave you.
And you won't even ask about me?
You want to call Shraddha?
With my phone?
I didn't buy this phone for the two of you.
You and your girlfriend can go to hell!
Not a word against Shraddha.
If you have the balls,
go confront your father.
Don't you dare drag my father
into this, Manoj!
We're all extremely happy, Ma'am.
No, He's not an officer yet.
There's still the interview.
After that he will...
Your son is here.
Quickly... it's your mother.
Tutul, get sweets.
-Yes, Ma!
-Congratulations, son!
Thank you, Ma.
-How's Papa?
-He's very happy.
He's been happier since he met you.
He's gone to the Gwalior High Court,
to appeal again.
One minute, speak to Rajni.
-Congratulations, Brother!
-Thank you, Rajni!
My little brother, becoming too big!
Thank you, Brother!
Listen, I need to make an urgent call.
Already busy like an officer!
Not at all. I know you'll understand.
I'll call later. Bye.
One minute, hello!
-Manoj? Hello?
-I want to speak to him.
He hung up.
He's a busy man now.
-Hello, Shraddha, I cleared my Mains!
This is Shraddha's mother.
Sorry, I thought it was Shraddha.
This is Manoj from Delhi.
-Yes, I've understood.
-May I speak to her?
She's not home. I'll tell her to call you.
Yes, Aunty. Please tell her.
I'll be waiting.
Of course.
Why did you lie to him?
Hello? Manoj?
Thank you, Shraddha.
Sorry, it took me so long.
Never mind.
You're coming to Delhi, right?
For my interview?
I won't be able to, Manoj.
Why not?
Someone called Papa and said I...
I was sleeping with you in Delhi.
Why would anyone do that?
It doesn't matter.
What matters is Papa chose to believe
a stranger.
How can she tell him?
Shraddha, let me talk to your father.
Let me explain--
Forget all this.
Just focus on your interview.
-Pandey, where the hell are you?
Someone has called for you, finally.
Come and get your friend.
Hello? Who are you?
Just come and get your friend.
Mukherjee Nagar police station.
Your friend is in big trouble.
Manoj, no one else showed up.
Only you!
Yes? Your name?
-Manoj Kumar--
-Manoj Kumar Sharma, sir. My friend.
Your friend was drunk and shouting abuses
on the phone in public.
I wasn't abusing, Manoj,
I finally told Papa...
-No IAS for me.
-No dirty money!
-Shut up!
-But you said--
Tell me, what has he done?
He was shouting in a public place
and was abusive.
I told him to calm down,
so he started shouting at me.
At a police officer!
Did he hit you?
He wouldn't dare.
I would've clobbered him.
-Did he abuse you?
-He was creating a racket.
Did he hit anyone?
Should I have waited for that?
Under which IPC section
have you arrested him?
He was drunk. A public nuisance.
Hurling abuses!
That's a non-cognizable offense.
Did you get a magistrate
to issue an arrest warrant?
-He has damaged public property!
-Manoj, he's lying!
He paid a fine of 3000.
He must pay 2000 more.
Show me the evidence.
Show me the evidence.
Arresting someone for a
non-cognizable offence without a warrant
and claiming property damage
without evidence are both illegal.
I'm sure you're aware.
He has to pay the fine.
It's not a fine. It's a bribe.
It's called corruption.
Don't cross the line...
I've barely begun.
-I'm from Chambal. Get it?
You're asking for a bribe
in front of an eyewitness.
Your senior sitting there,
who can hear you
is an eyewitness.
I've cleared my Mains today.
My interview is in a month.
If I become an IPS officer,
the first document I sign
will be your suspension.
Remember that.
What's going on?
-Sir, this--
-Let him go with a warning.
Sir, he's taken a bribe of 3,000.
-Give it back.
-But, sir...
Give it back!
Let him go.
Manoj, that was amazing!
This is the first time
I've seen a cop return a bribe.
Give me your phone.
Want to speak to Shraddha?
Talk to her the whole night.
Tell her what just happened.
Non-cognizable, section, IPC...
What is this?
You called her father?
What the hell is this?
Bro, I made a mistake.
Don't show me your face again.
-Got it?
You shouldn't have told Manoj
what your father said.
You really hurt him.
He believed a stranger's word, Mummy.
He really hurt me too.
Doesn't he trust me at all?
It's not that, my child.
He trusts you.
No, Mummy. He used to trust me.
You remember?
How nervous I was when I told Papa
that I wanted to quit medical school
and join the civil services.
Everyone dissuaded him.
But what did he do?
He said, "Go to Delhi.
"Learn from the best."
He set me up to live independently.
Why? Because he trusted me.
Not anymore.
I still trust you, my child.
No, Papa. You don't.
I don't need your permission
to go to Delhi.
I'm a Deputy Collector.
Not a child anymore.
It's a big day for Manoj.
I want to be there for him.
Like you two are there for each other!
But I would never do that.
Because I'll never break
your trust, Papa.
Please, Papa. Please.
You must wear a tie.
A tie won't get me through the interview.
Not that again.
All the English-medium guys wore a tie.
I didn't.
Don't make the same mistake.
Brother Gauri, a tie won't get me selected--
-You have to wear it.
-You look so graceful.
-Thank you.
Talk some sense into him,
maybe he'll listen to you.
He can't ignore a Deputy Collector!
-And get him a haircut.
-Thank you, Brother Gauri.
The IAS or the IPS haircut?
I would drink all night.
And sleep all day.
I was just wasting away.
At that point, Manoj came back
into my life.
I've come to thank you.
If it wasn't for you,
I wouldn't have made it this far.
Thank you, my friend.
Don't thank me from the doorstep,
come in!
-No! I have to rush for my interview.
You came to see me
before your interview?
All the best, my friend!
-All the best!
-Thank you.
-Hi, Shraddha.
Shraddha, I'm really sorry...
I should never have called your father.
If you hadn't called
he wouldn't have said,
"I trust you! Go to Delhi."
Then I did well!
He booked a private taxi for me.
What? Then I did really well!
By the way,
you lie so convincingly.
You should become a TV reporter.
-Me? On TV?
-Good idea.
How are you feeling?
The shoes are tight.
They pinch.
They're just new. It'll be fine.
What's this?
No! Not now.
Read it when you're alone.
This way.
This way.
Have a seat.
Tauheed Raza.
Rahul Gupta.
Alpana Bharti.
Khushiram Chaudhary.
Priyanshi Shrivastav.
Manoj Kumar Sharma.
Manoj Kumar Sharma.
Manoj Kumar Sharma.
Manoj Kumar Sharma?
Manoj Kumar Sharma?
Yes, sir. It's me.
Did you take a gap year
in the 12th grade?
No, sir. I failed the first time around.
Take him.
I've been here for 40 years.
I know how it works.
Your chairman is Dr. Mehta.
He's biased against Hindi-medium
students as it is.
Don't say you actually failed the 12th!
Just say your grandmother passed away
that year.
Got it?
Go. Do well.
Namaste, sir. Namaste, ma'am.
Please sit.
This is Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma.
He's from Bilgaon.
That's in Chambal.
Notorious for dacoits.
Mr. Sharma has graduated
in History and Hindi Literature
in the 2nd division.
He has a 1st division in 10th grade.
And a 3rd division in 12th grade?
And... oh?
You failed the 12th grade?
Mr. Sharma?
Mr. Sharma!
Yes, sir. I failed.
Just say your grandmother passed away
that year.
That year, they stopped us
from cheating in our exam.
Our village had a new Deputy,
Dushyant Singh.
He stopped us from cheating
and the whole school failed.
"Stopped us from cheating."
Is this guy for real?
Anyway... thank you for your time.
You may please leave now.
Didn't you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Manoj, wait outside please.
Manoj, whether you're an IPS officer
or a flour mill worker,
I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.
Will you marry me, Manoj?
Sir, you are being called inside.
Yes, please sit.
Are you feeling okay?
I'm feeling good.
So tell me, why tell us about the cheating?
You could've lied instead.
It didn't feel right, ma'am,
to hide cheating by cheating again.
Then why cheat in the first place?
I didn't know it was wrong, ma'am.
-Our teachers helped us to cheat.
-Gosh! But that's wrong!
Yes, ma'am. Very wrong.
How did you pass the next year?
-The teachers helped you cheat again?
-Yes, ma'am.
And everyone cheated.
Except for me.
Had I cheated, I'd have passed
with a 1st division, like in 10th.
You turned a new leaf rather quickly.
Not really, sir.
Took me almost 19 years.
If I hadn't met Dushyant sir,
I would never have changed.
Everyone got 1st division, I got 3rd.
But I was the happiest.
That day, I realized...
an honest 3rd division is more fulfilling
than a dishonest 1st division.
Teachers helping cheat?
That's appalling!
Ma'am, our Principal calls it
'an age-old tradition'.
And this tradition will go on forever.
Why do you say that?
Because ma'am,
no one wants it to change.
Those in power never want to let it go.
If the poor remain uneducated,
only then will the herd
blindly follow the powerful.
The uneducated
are the most dependable vote bank
who are easily manipulated
based on caste and religion.
That's why, in 1942, Dr. Ambedkar said,
"Educate, Agitate and Organize!"
If the citizens were educated,
it could be a real problem for leaders.
Mr. Manoj, I think
you're in the wrong chamber.
With such provocative statements,
you should aim for a career in politics.
Sorry, sir.
Could you explain 'provocative'
in Hindi, please?
You talk big,
but don't understand simple English.
I don't think you fit in here.
No, sir. I do fit.
-Yes, sir.
Because language is just a medium.
That's just an excuse for you
to cover your weakness.
No, sir.
Mr. Sharma...
you've said, you fit.
Now convince me you fit.
May I have some water please?
Go ahead.
No, ma'am, may I have a steel glass?
I'm not used to these.
Don't waste our time.
-Is the water clean?
-Yes, sir.
So drink it.
-The glass makes no difference.
-Exactly, sir!
The water needs to be clean.
Irrespective of the glass it is in.
Same way, the officer needs to be clean,
irrespective of the language he speaks.
That's just clever talk.
We have a lot of IIM and IIT toppers.
Why should we select a 12th fail?
They may be toppers, sir,
but they've never seen
what I've experienced.
They haven't seen cheating
in a village school.
Given the opportunity, I can promise you
there'll be no cheating
across villages.
No rickshaw wrongly confiscated.
No free run for the corrupt.
I'll do better than them.
-Yes, sir.
You really feel a 12th-fail is better
than an IIT topper?
Maybe not better, sir.
But I am more deserving.
More worthy.
How can you say that?
I think you're delusional.
Sir Edmund Hillary was the first
to summit Everest.
Everyone has seen his photo.
But Ang Rita was the first Sherpa
to summit Everest without oxygen support.
I've seen his photo, sir.
In my opinion,
his was a bigger achievement.
I too made it here
without oxygen support, sir.
Mr. Sharma, let me tell you
one last thing.
If Sir Edmund Hillary had not found the way,
your Sherpa would've never reached
the peak.
Anyway, I'm done with you.
Anyone else?
Which attempt of yours is this?
Last attempt, ma'am.
What if you don't get selected?
I'll accept that.
But, I won't accept defeat,
I'm not that easy to beat.
I will not rest
till the goal is reached.
It's your last attempt.
How will you reach it?
My goal isn't to become an IPS officer.
The goal is to reform my country.
If I don't get selected,
I'll become a school teacher
and teach village kids not to cheat.
If they learn young,
they'll lead honest, happy lives.
This thought struck me one day
when the lights went out
and I was studying under a street lamp.
if I cannot be the Sun
that lights up the Earth...
If I cannot be the Sun
that shines upon the Earth,
I can still be a lamp
and light up my street.
Be a lamp.
You may go now.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you.
Waste of time.
Such arrogance!
A month and a half later...
Shraddha dragged Manoj
to check his final result.
He didn't even want to go.
His "waste of time"
still echoes in my ears.
I won't pass.
In that case, we'll work
at the flour mill together. Okay?
Sir, are the results out?
I don't work for you, lady.
I don't know.
Hey, move that damn rickshaw!
No time to mourn
Dreams that are slain
Tears won't betray
My heart's pain
No use to woe on,
With a smile I'll go on
Tell fate I'll return,
Tomorrow is my turn!
What happened?
You check. I know I won't make it.
-You look, I can't.
Waste of time.
Such arrogance!
He's raw. He just needs training.
What do you think, Miss Qureshi?
People with noble intentions
are hard to find, Dr. Mehta.
He'll be good for the image
of the police force.
What about you, Mr. Yadav?
You've been very quiet.
The system needs bold, honest people.
If such candidates don't get selected,
what's the point of this process?
Broken strings play
A melodious sound
A flower breaks through
The stony ground
Spring and birdsong
Replace winters gone wrong
Morning rays bring
A new song to sing
Breaking news!
A 12th fail, a toilet sweeper,
a flour-mill worker
and my friend, is an IPS topper,
Manoj Kumar Sharma!
Pritam Pandey reporting live
on TV for the first time.
He's done it!
My Manoj has become an IPS officer!
Aunty, Manoj has become an IPS officer!
He's become an IPS officer!
My friend Manoj
has become an IPS officer!
What are you staring at?
Hey Manoj!
You've become an IPS officer?
Yes, Ma. I have.
The next time you're home,
you'll come in uniform, won't you?
Yes, Ma.
-You've done it?
-Yes, Papa. I have.
-I've got to run.
-Where are you going?
That corrupt Chauhan should know
he's messing with the father
of an IPS officer!
Where did he go?
To tell that corrupt Chauhan
he's messing with the father
of an IPS officer.
One from this angle.
Now take the wide shot.
Get a close-up.
Smile, please.
Did you get it?
Now, go for video.
Congratulations, Mr. Manoj!
Congratulations for this, as well.
Here's 150,000 in cash.
Just say, you were coached
at A2Z. Okay?
Camera on.
Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma...
on this momentous day, tell everyone
which coaching class you went to!
I don't think you recognize me, ma'am.
Three years ago, you asked me
a question.
Do you think movie stars chew
the same tobacco they sell you?
-Today, I'll tell you what's wrong with it.
-Stop recording!
Bloody idiot!
Where are you going?
She's vanished.
No one wants to hear you preach.
So what? Preach again--
Restart, restart.
What's your result?
The first invite for my wedding, sir.
Thank you!
You don't remember me.
You had once told me to stop cheating...
I stopped cheating, sir.
-The makeshift-rickshaw boy?
-Yes, sir.
Well done, sir! Well done!
This is Chambal.
Yes, that one, notorious for bandits.
And this small village in Chambal
is called Bilgaon.
And the twinkling lights that you see...
that's Manoj's wedding procession
on its way to Mussoorie.
This is a country of the brave and young,
of the passionate and the free.
What do I tell you
of this wondrous land?
A jewel of the world!
Now let me introduce you
to a few exclusive guests.
You recognize that face?
You got it... our beloved Mayor.
Here's his notorious crony Chauhan-ji.
And his vicious lapdog Albel-ji.
Shall we leave?
All together in one makeshift rickshaw.
See, what change
just one honest officer can bring?
Got it?
Or do I take you back to zero...
and restart?